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Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 • Vol XI, Edition 142

108 years prison for foster dad

San Mateo man claimed he didn’t know videotaped molestation was wrong
By Michelle Durand tion was possi- Defense attorney Richard Keyes community and victims are safe,” he child Dylan who he began adopting
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF ble. asked for both a new trial and pro- said. and Freddie, a teenager who
Tarquin Craig bation, both of which were denied. After the sentencing, Fitzgerald Thomas met through the Boys and
The San Mateo foster father who Thomas, 44, was A doctor appointed to evaluate said he was “very happy” and gave Girls Club in San Francisco.
told jurors he didn’t know sexually sentenced to 108 Thomas’ propensity to re-offend if credit to Detective Kimber Joyce Freddie’s own mother defended
abusing and videotaping graphic sex years to life in released concluded he was and others who helped put the case Thomas until finding a hidden flash
acts with young boys — including prison on 44 amenable to probation. together. drive containing the photographs.
the 9-year-old ward he was adopting felonies, essen- But prosecutor Aaron Fitzgerald During trial, jurors were shown Tarquin worked for Barclays
— was wrong will spend the rest of tially meaning he said Thomas should never be dozens of graphic photographs and Investment Firm as a software
his life in prison even though a Tarquin will die behind released. videos of Thomas and the boys,
court-appointed doctor said proba- Thomas bars. “We wanted to make sure the including 9-year-old Oregon foster See THOMAS, Page 31

for school bond
Burlingame school officials take
steps toward $27 million measure
By Heather Murtagh lot. On the other
measure had
Burlingame school officials will much more sup-
continue to eye a $27 million bond port. In 2007,
measure after survey results showed when voters
community support. passed a $48.3
Results of a 400-person phone million bond
survey completed by Godbe known as
Research was presented to the Mark Intrieri Measure A, the
Burlingame Elementary School needs were far
District Board of Trustees Thursday. greater than the amount, he said.
While potential voters showed sup- The district has known another
port for either a parcel tax or a bond measure could be needed, he added.
measure, the board voted not to go Bond measures are used only for
for the parcel tax, said Chief facility needs, whereas parcel taxes
Business Officer Robert Clark. are typically used for general needs
Instead, it will continue to discuss a such as teacher pay. Bonds require
new bond measure over the next 12 55 percent to pass and parcel taxes
to 18 months, he said. need 66.7 percent to pass.
Board President Mark Intrieri Between Jan. 18 through Jan. 24,
REUTERS called the decision a balancing act. Godbe Research interviewed 400
Facing a popular uprising,Egypt’s president fired his Cabinet early Saturday after protesters engulfed his country While a parcel tax could pass by a people, 200 on each topic.
in chaos — battling police with stones and firebombs,burning down the ruling party headquarters and defying slim margin, it wasn’t enough of a About half of those interviewed,
a night curfew enforced by the army.SEE STORY PAGE 31 support cushion to go for a May bal-
See TAX, Page 23

Councilman wants more Gettin’blue in Redwood City

oversight of city contracts Bluegrass Festival kicks off this weekend
By Heather Murtagh with a variety of concerts and films thanks to
By Heather Murtagh individually go before the City Council, nor
do contracts for services under $100,000. DAILY JOURNAL STAFF the Northern California Bluegrass Society.
Councilman David Lim is suggesting a The best part — everything is free.
change. Making the change won’t specifically Bluegrass isn’t for everyone, but as a rela- “It’s a great way to give Bluegrass a try,”
Difficult budget decisions are prompting at tively young music, not everyone has given it said Michael Hall, co-director of Bluegrass on
least one San Mateo official to ask for more save money but will, Lim argued, make the
council more accountable for higher salary a try. Broadway.
transparency when it comes to city contracts That can change this weekend as Redwood The event kicked off Friday night with a
positions and contracts.
— not necessarily cutting them, but requiring On Monday, the council will hold a plan- City is playing host to the fourth annual couple of Bluegrass performances downtown.
the City Council to have more of a say. Bluegrass on Broadway Festival in down-
Currently, salaries for employees do not See CONTRACTS, Page 23 town, offering free bluegrass entertainment See BLUE, Page 23
2 Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 FOR THE RECORD THE DAILY JOURNAL

Quote of the Day Snapshot Inside

“The great Bluegrass on Broadway Festival is so Challenger
much fun,bringing this true American art form NASA marks
right into downtown Redwood City....Fans and anniversary
of accident
musicians from all over the Peninsula show up
to listen,jam along and enjoy the music and our See page 17
downtown — Redwood City — is the center of
the bluegrass universe for the weekend.”
— Redwood City spokesman Malcolm Smith
“Gettin’ blue in Redwood City,” see page 1
Wall Street
Local Weather Forecast
World markets
Saturday: Mostly cloudy. Highs in the
lower 50s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph. sink as protests
Saturday night: Rain likely. Lows in the escalate in Egypt
lower 40s. South winds 5 to 10 mph.
Sunday: Showers likely and a slight chance See page 10
of thunderstorms. Highs in the lower 50s.
Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of REUTERS
precipitation 70 percent. Members of a winter swimming club run along an embankment to heat up
Sunday night: Partly cloudy. A slight chance of showers in before getting into the icy waters of the Yenisei River,with the air temperature
the evening. Lows around 40. North winds 5 to 10 mph. at about 8.6 degrees Fahrenheit,in the town of Divnogorsk,Russia.
Chance of showers 20 percent.

Lotto This Day in History Thought for the Day

Kansas became the 34th “Love is an irresistible
Jan. 26 Super Lotto Plus
11 18 21 27 47 13
Mega number
Daily Four
5 1 1 0 1861 state of the Union. desire to be irresistibly desired.”
— Robert Frost, American poet (1874-1963).

Jan. 25 Mega Millions Daily three midday

In 1820, Britain’s King George III died at Windsor Castle.
In 1843, the 25th president of the United States, William
5 8 31 46 50 4 8 0 2 McKinley, was born in Niles, Ohio.
Mega number
Daily three evening In 1845, Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven” was first pub-
Fantasy Five lished in the New York Evening Mirror.
4 0 1 In 1856, Britain’s Queen Victoria introduced the Victoria Cross
17 21 22 33 39 to reward military acts of valor during the Crimean War.
In 1919, the ratification of the 18th Amendment to the
The Daily Derby race winners are Hot Shot, No. Constitution, which launched Prohibition, was certified by
3,in first place;Gold Rush,No.1,in second place; Acting Secretary of State Frank L. Polk.
and Lucky Star,No.2,in third place.The race time In 1929, The Seeing Eye, a New Jersey-based school which
was clocked at 1:48.70. trains guide dogs to assist the blind, was incorporated by Actor Tom Selleck Host Oprah Actress Heather
Dorothy Harrison Eustis and Morris Frank. is 66. Winfrey is 57. Graham is 41.
State . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 In 1936, the first members of baseball’s Hall of Fame, includ-
ing Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth, were named in Cooperstown, N.Y. Actor Noel Harrison is 77. Author Germaine Greer is 72.
Opinion. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Actress Katharine Ross is 71. Rhythm-and-blues singer Bettye
Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 In 1963, the first members of pro football’s Hall of Fame were
named in Canton, Ohio. Poet Robert Frost died in Boston at LaVette is 65. Actor Marc Singer is 63. Actress Ann Jillian is
Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11-16
age 88. 61. Rock musician Tommy Ramone (Ramones) is 59. Rock
Nation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
Weekend Journal. . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-23 In 1979, President Jimmy Carter formally welcomed Chinese musician Louie Perez (Los Lobos) is 58. Rhythm-and-
Comics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping to the White House, following blues/funk singer Charlie Wilson is 58. Country singer Irlene
Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25-30 the establishment of diplomatic relations. Mandrell is 55. Actress Diane Delano is 54. Actress Judy
World . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 In 1998, a bomb rocked an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Norton Taylor (“The Waltons”) is 53. Rock musician Johnny
Ala., killing security guard Robert Sanderson and critically Spampinato (NRBQ) is 52. Olympic gold-medal diver Greg
injuring nurse Emily Lyons. (The bomber, Eric Rudolph, was Louganis is 51. Rock musician David Baynton-Power (James)
Publisher Editor in Chief captured in May 2003 and is serving a life sentence.) is 50. Rock musician Eddie Jackson (Queensryche) is 50. Actor
Jerry Lee Jon Mays Ten years ago: President George W. Bush promised to “act Nicholas Turturro is 49. Rock singer-musician Roddy Frame boldly and swiftly” to address the nation’s energy problems, (Aztec Camera) is 47. Actor-director Edward Burns is 43. Actor
and directed Vice President Dick Cheney to head a task force. Sharif Atkins is 36. Actress Sara Gilbert is 36.
Phone: . . . . . . . . . . . . (650) 344-5200 Fax: (650) 344-5290
To Advertise:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1903 Wilbur (1867-1912) and Orville Diminutive French actor Hervé
Classifieds: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Wright (1871-1948) wanted the big news Villechaize (1943-1993) is best remem-
Events: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . story to come from their hometown of bered for his role as Tattoo, Mr. Roarke’s
News: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dayton, Ohio. However, the telephone sidekick on “Fantasy Island” (1978-
Delivery: . . . . . . . . . . . . . operator in Kitty Hawk talked to a 1984). In the opening credits of each show
Career: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . reporter at the Virginian-Pilot and that Tattoo rang a bell and announced the
800 S. Claremont St., Ste. 210, San Mateo, Ca. 94402 newspaper printed it first, with inaccurate arrival of “the plane, the plane!”
information. The Dayton Daily News ran ***
the first accurate account of the flight. In 1929 aeronautical engineers James
THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME *** McDonnell (1899-1980) designed what
by Mike Argirion and Jeff Knurek
On December 17, 2003 the Wright he hoped would become the first mass
Unscramble these four Jumbles, Brothers National Memorial in North produced 2-passenger airplane, called the
one letter to each square,
Carolina hosted a centennial celebration Doodlebug. The plane was entered in a
NEW BIBLE Jumble Books Go To:

to form four ordinary words.

The President of the United States does of the first flight in history. The 100th flight competition with a prize of
OYLED his air travel on Air Force One. The Vice anniversary was remembered with an air $100,000, but did not win because of
President travels on Air Force Two. show and a ceremony honoring aviation damage sustained during the flight.
©2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc.
*** heroes. ***
All Rights Reserved.
Harrison Ford (born 1942) starred as the *** Howard Hughes’ (1905-1976) H-4
ISTUE President of the United States in the action The National Aviation Hall of Fame is in Hercules cargo airplane, completed in
movie “Air Force One” (1997). In the film Dayton, Ohio. The National Museum of 1947, was nicknamed the Spruce Goose.
Russian terrorists hijack Air Force One the United States Air Force is also in It was actually built from birch wood, not
and hold the President and his family Dayton. The International Women's Air & spruce.
NERRED hostage. Space Museum is in Cleveland. ***
*** *** Answer; There were two movies with that
A military pilot who is an “ace” has A mid-air emergency renders the pilots of plot: “Airport 1975” (1974) and
BELTAL brought down five or more enemy aircraft. a passenger plane unable to fly. A stew- “Airplane!” (1980). “Airport 1975” was a
Now arrange the circled letters *** ardess must attempt to land the plane. Do drama starring Charlton Heston (1924-
to form the surprise answer, as
suggested by the above cartoon.
In World War II aviation slang a “lame you know the name of the movie? See 2008). An airplane collision hurts the
duck” meant a damaged plane, “going answer at end. pilots and the stewardess takes the con-
A: A “ ” upstairs” referred to gaining altitude and a *** trols until the Air Force can get a pilot on
(Answers Monday) “dogfight” was combat between two Mach speed is named in honor of Austrian board. “Airplane!” is a comedy spoof of
Jumbles: FEVER BRINY UPKEEP MALADY planes. physicist Ernst Mach (1838-1916), known that movie, starring Leslie Nielsen (born
Answer: When the buck spotted the hunters, he ran
for — “DEER” LIFE
*** for his advances in the field of ballistics. 1926). When the pilots get food poisoning
The first album by the rock group *** a stewardess and a passenger must land
Jefferson Airplane was titled “Jefferson On average an ejection will launch a nor- the plane.
Airplane Takes Off,” released in 1966. mal sized pilot to a height of over 200 feet
*** and produce a full parachute in three sec-
The tail height of a 747 is 63 feet 8 inch- onds. Ejection seat tests are done from Know It All is by Kerry McArdle. It runs in
es, equivalent to a six-story building. zero velocity and zero altitude (sitting still the weekend and Wednesday editions of the
*** Daily Journal. Questions? Comments? E-
on the ground). mail or call
After their first flight on December 17, *** 344-5200 x114.
THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 3
County parks head shifts to assistant manager
By Michelle Durand months ahead — a nod to Parks Department will report to Public Works
Police reports

DAILY JOURNAL STAFF the county’s fiscal needs Director Jim Porter and Holland anticipates
Doggone it
A dog was stolen from a vehicle on El
including an estimated $82 the merge will be seamless to the public. Camino Real in Redwood City before
The head of the county’s parks department million structural deficit. Holland’s reassignment may not be the end 7:54 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 15.
is being transplanted into the role of assistant Holland’s priorities as the of county government revamps, either. In his
county manager, reinstating a position left new assistant city manager, announcement, Boesch said he, Holland and
vacant more than two years ago and ultimate- as listed by Boesch, include the team of deputy county managers will look SAN MATEO
ly eliminated. developing budget strate- at what other reorganizations might be neces-
Parks Director Dave Holland’s reassign- gies, moving departments sary. Theft. A bicycle was stolen on the 300 block
of Baldwin Avenue before 6:47 p.m. Monday,
ment takes effect Feb. 14 — his birthday — Dave Holland into new spaces, overseeing Holland’s new job is just the latest in a long
Jan. 24.
and perhaps fitting for his self-professed “love shared services and encour- career that began with forest entomology,
of San Mateo County.” aging the public to help set priorities and meet Accident. A vehicle hit a wall and the driver
moved to recreation and eventually managed was arrested for driving under the influence at
Holland’s new role is an interim appoint- budget challenges. regional forestry needs. After retiring, he
ment, “for the next couple years as we meet “We really need to have a relationship with the intersection of Amphlett Boulevard and
joined San Mateo County government where Folkstone Avenue before 2:16 a.m. Sunday,
the current fiscal challenges,” County the public and talk to them about how we deal he “put in a lot of sweat and equity in building
Manager David Boesch wrote in an e-mail with the deficit,” Holland said. Jan. 23.
the parks department up.” Theft. Rims were taken from a person’s vehi-
announcement to county departments on Boesch himself started as the assistant While the effort in the department gave him
Friday afternoon. county manager under former county manag- cle on the 2700 block of Norfolk Street before
some pause before agreeing to change posi- 11:50 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 23.
More specifically, Holland says his role is er John Maltbie. When Boesch was promoted
tions, Holland said his desire to help the coun- Suspicious circumstances. A woman heard
tackling the day-to-day operations to free after Maltbie’s retirement, he asked the Board
of Supervisors to leave the spot vacant. ty travel its tough budget road drew him. something break and thought someone broke
Boesch for the bigger budget picture. Over the Besides, he said, he’s not adverse to change.
next week, Holland said he and Boesch will Officials agreed not to fill it and ultimately, in into her house on the 1300 block of Delaware
the current budget, eliminated the position “I’m one of those alternative career guys,” Street before 2:56 a.m. Friday, Jan. 21.
better hammer out how they will complement he said.
one another’s skills and duties. outright. Theft. Money was taken from a purse on the
Boesch said Holland’s “experience and Now, it is the parks director job that will 4000 block of El Camino Real before 12:44
resourcefulness” in San Mateo County and remain empty. Boesch did not give a specific a.m. Thursday, Jan. 20.
timeline, only that it will be unfulfilled “for Michelle Durand can be reached by e-mail: Burglary. A burglary occurred on the 200
previous high-level management positions in or by phone: (650)
the U.S. Forest Service will be tested in the the time being.” The senior managers of the block of 39th Avenue before 5:33 p.m.
344-5200 ext. 102.
Thursday, Jan. 20.

Congresswoman: PG&E can’t find key records

By Garance Burke destroyed more than three hearings and the creation of a clearinghouse
Burglary. The front door of a residence was
kicked in on 15th Avenue before 1:04 p.m.
Sunday, Jan. 16.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS dozen homes. for all San Bruno-related documents. Robbery. There was a robbery with injuries
PG&E records showed Peevey’s announcement came after San on El Camino Real before 5:52 a.m. Saturday,
The utility responsible for a gas pipeline the pipe was seamless, but Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera, state Jan. 15.
that blew up in a San Francisco suburb cannot investigators found the Sen. Mark Leno, The Utility Reform Network Burglary. A vehicle’s window was smashed
find key records needed to set safe pressures spine of the ruptured line and the Consumer Federation of California and a GPS was taken on Fernside Street before
for nearly a third of its largest transmission had a type of weld that’s complained that state investigators had been 7:41 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 15.
lines, a congresswoman said Friday. now being examined in the operating largely in private.
Regulators ordered Pacific Gas & Electric search for a cause of the
Co. and other California utilities to produce Jackie Speier explosion.
such documents following last month’s reve- Officials have not deter-
lation that records about the exploded line in mined an exact cause but suspect the pipeline
San Bruno were wrong. may have burst under high pressure.
However, Rep. Jackie Speier said PG&E Deborah Hersman, chairwoman of the
President Chris Johns told her his staff cannot National Transportation Safety Board, said
locate any testing records for 30 percent of the such record-keeping mistakes pointed to the
lines coursing through urban areas. need for “a new perspective on safety culture”
“You need to know what’s in the ground, in the industry.
and I don’t believe they know that,” said “Our investigators were told that the pipe
Speier, a California Democrat who represents involved in the explosion was a seamless, fac-
the San Bruno area. “This tells me they have tory-manufactured pipe,” Hersman said in a
shoddy record-keeping.” speech. “But even a layperson could see the
PG&E spokesman Brian Swanson did not patchwork of welds marking the pipe.”
immediately confirm or deny the congress- The California Public Utilities Commission
woman’s statement. The company is still in has ordered all state utilities to present reliable
the process of reviewing and validating its records for transmission lines by March 15.
pipeline records, he said. Meanwhile, commission President Michael
In December, PG&E disclosed it had inac- Peevey said he would ask his fellow commis-
curate documents about the pipeline that sioners to vote on holding a public investiga-
exploded in San Bruno on Sept. 9, sparking a tion into the San Bruno explosion.
gigantic fireball that killed eight people and The proceeding could include fact-finding
4 Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 THE DAILY JOURNAL

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Dojo USA World Training Center
731 Kains Ave. San Bruno 650.589.9148
THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL/STATE Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 5
Golden Gate Bridge Local briefs Guests are asked to respond with
District approves electronic- for the toll or they can pay it at
the names of people planning to
attend by Feb. 4. For more infor-
Alleged motel attacker to trial
only toll collections kiosks in Bay Area stores. They mation contact DAILY JOURNAL STAFF REPORT venue. At
may also pay with a credit or debit or approximately 4
The Golden Gate Bridge, A Redwood City transient a.m., she told
card over the phone or on the Web. call 573-0328.
Highway and Transportation accused of beating and trying to sex- police she heard
District’s board of directors Health care ually assault a young woman who prying noises at
approved a proposal this morning Annual Millbrae was staying at a motel to study for the window
to collect tolls electronically only Rotary Lunar New Year district donates finals last month will stand trial on opposite the
on the bridge starting in September
banquet a community affair money for San Bruno felony charges that could send him front door and
to prison for life. got up to run
The vote was 13-2, district People are invited to celebrate A resource and recovery center
Maurice Banks, 44, has pleaded
spokeswoman Mary Currie said. the Year of the Rabbit at the for victims of the Sept. 9 explosion not guilty to charges of assault with
Maurice Banks from the room.
While fumbling
The district’s Finance Committee Millbrae Rotary Club Lunar New and fire in San Bruno received a the intent to sexually assault, caus- with the lock and chain, a man she
approved the plan Thursday by an Year 10-course Chinese banquet. financial boost of $100,000 from ing great bodily injury, assault, later identified as Banks entered the
8-3 vote. The fundraiser dinner will be the Peninsula Health District this attempted oral copulation, first- window, grabbed her and threw her
The district said two-thirds of held from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday, week. degree burglary, indecent exposure on the bed.
bridge users now pay the toll using Feb. 11 at Zen Peninsula The one-time gift will fund ten- and maliciously dissuading a wit- The suspect punched her several
FasTrak and only 33 percent pay Restaurant, 1180 El Camino Real ant improvements to a commercial ness. times in the face and strangled her
cash. in Millbrae. space that has already been identi- The charge of assault with intent into unconsciousness. When she
Collecting tolls electronically As part of the annual festival, the fied on San Mateo Avenue down- to sexually assault coupled with bur- awoke, her pants were pulled down
will save $19.2 million over 10 dinner acts as a fundraiser to sup- town. glary carries a life sentence under to her knees and the suspect was
years starting in 2012, according to port the club’s community health, The San Bruno Resource and the state’s one-strike law. standing over her demanding oral
the district. hunger and literacy service projects Recover Center will house a range Banks waived his right to a pre- sex. The woman said she consented
Eliminating 28 full-time and four including: of recovery resources, including liminary hearing on the evidence but ran from the room after he
part-time toll collectors and two • The annual kids’ carnival at case workers, mental health servic- and was held to answer on all turned his head. Police found Banks
vault employees will save $16.3 Rotary Park; es and educational information. In counts. He returns to court Feb. 15 three to four hours later at the
million in wages and benefits. The • Funding of the future Millbrae the future, the multi-purpose facili- to enter a Superior Court plea and motel.
base salary of a toll collector Community Youth Center; ty will also host community gather- set a trial date. The woman was hospitalized for
ranges between $48,672 and • Dictionaries and books for ings, disaster preparedness classes Officers arrested Banks Dec. 4 her injuries, which included frac-
Millbrae elementary schools; and volunteer trainings, according after responding to reports of a tured eye orbital bones and sinus
$54,080 a year, according to the
• Scholarships and mentoring to the district. woman screaming for help at the fractures that will require future sur-
for students at Taylor Middle and At the regular board meeting, Garden Motel at 1690 Broadway. gery, according to prosecutors.
Currie said some of the toll col-
Mills High schools; district officials also awarded $2 The woman told police she was Banks remains in custody in lieu
lectors may find other jobs as other
• Safe water and sanitation facil- million in community health grants using the motel as a quiet studying of $250,000 bail.
employees retire.
ities for underdeveloped communi- and honored three Community
The district faces an $89 million
ties in South America; and
deficit over the next five years.
Converting to electronic toll collec-
tion was among 33 initiatives
• Agricultural and water supply
facilities for Lithuanian farming
Health Champions for their leader-
ship, advocacy and service:
Supervisor Rose Jacobs Gibson;
Brown orders deep cuts to
approved by the board in October
when the projected five-year deficit
Tickets are $50 per person or
$475 for tables of 10. Reservations
leaders of the city of San Bruno,
and all first responders and their
government vehicle fleet
was $132 million. departments; and Ron Pass, com- THE ASSOCIATED PRESS workers to use
can be made by check payable to: their taxpayer-
Bridge users who do not use Millbrae Rotary Club LNYB, P.O. munity volunteer from
FasTrak will still have their license Ombudsman Services of San SACRAMENTO — Gov. Jerry funded vehicles
Box 23, Millbrae, CA 94030. Brown on Friday halted new-vehi- for their daily
plate read. They will be sent a bill Mateo County.
cle purchases by the state and commute.
ordered vehicles that are not essen- The executive
REGIONAL GOVERNMENT is the sole of the San Andreas Fault. tial for state business to be turned order comes
water treat- The Harry Tracy Water in. three weeks
• On Thursday, the San ment plant in Treatment Plant treats and delivers He also asked branches of gov- after Brown told
Francisco Public Utilities the regional water stored in the Crystal Springs ernment not under his direct
system serv- Jerry Brown half of state
Commission awarded Kiewit Reservoir System to residents and authority to consider cutting vehi- employees to
Infrastructure West of Fairfield, ing the businesses throughout the Northern cle and other expenses.
Northern give up their government-paid cell
Calif. the $174 million construction Peninsula. This reservoir system The Democratic governor said he phones. Both moves are to help the
contract for the Harry Tracy Peninsula serves as the Peninsula’s sole ultimately wants to cut the state’s
and the city state close a deficit projected to be
Water Treatment Plant Long source of emergency water should fleet of passenger vehicles in half.
and county of San Francisco. The $25 billion over the next 18
Term Improvements Project. The delivery from the Hetch Hetchy He wants to do the same with the
Plant is located just 1,000 feet east number of permits that allow state months.
Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant aquaduct be interrupted.
6 Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

p.m. Saturday, Feb. 5 at the school, 815
Epocrates offering up illbarn Theatre in Foster City
invites students to get a BackStage
Pass to its current show “Holes.”
Allerton St. in Redwood City.
This year’s eight award-winning presenters
to 5.4M shares in IPO Students ages 7 to 11 can get a back stage look
at what it takes to put on a Hillbarn production
are: Jon Agee; Isabel Campoy; Yuyi
Morales; Pamela Turner; Alma Flor Ada;
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 5. Elisa Kleven; Kathryn Reiss; and Maria
The evening starts at 7 p.m. with a back- Van Lieshout. Book signings and author pre-
NEW YORK — Health care technology stage tour of the legendary Hillbarn Theatre sentations throughout the day. All presenta-
company Epocrates Inc. plans an initial pub- which will show kids dressing rooms, the tions are offered with Spanish and sign lan-
lic offering next week worth between $46.5 technical shop, costume department and other guage translation. For more information visit
million and $53.6 million. areas. A pizza party follows the tour and then
The company plans on offering 3.6 million the 8 p.m. performance of Holes. Cost is $10 ***
shares at a price between $13 and $15 apiece, per child. Parents are not able to join the San Mateo High School Performing Arts
according to a filing Jan. 20 with the
It’s the ’80s again, the decade that everyone
BackStage evening, but Hillbarn adult staff Company presents the hit musical comedy loves to revisit, as the award-winning San
Securities and Exchange Commission. members will chaperone participants the “The Wedding Singer” Feb. 4 to Feb. 13.
Selling shareholders will offer an additional
Mateo High School Performing Arts Company
entire evening. “The Wedding Singer” features Nicholas presents the hit musical comedy ‘The
1.8 million shares and the company will not Based on the award-winning novel and Wetherbee as Robbie, Anna Crosetti as
receive proceeds from their offering.
Wedding Singer’Feb.4 to Feb.13.
Disney film, “Holes” jumps from the page to Julia, Eli Habeeb as Sammy, Alex Drinnan
Underwriters of its IPO will have the the stage at Hillbarn, performing now through as George, Rachel Burkert as Holly, Delaware St. in San Mateo. Tickets are $15
option to buy up to an additional 804,000 Feb. 13. Jeremy Venook as Glen, Emma Phillips as (20 percent group discount for 10 or more)
shares to cover excess demand. The under- Hillbarn Theatre is located at 1285 E. Rosie, Chelsea Meacham as Linda, plus and $10 students and seniors.
writers include J.P. Morgan, Piper Jaffray, Hillsdale Blvd. in Foster City. For more infor- supporting cast. Additional information and online ticketing
William Blair & Co., and JMP Securities. mation visit or call Choreographed by Robyn Tribuzi, with are available at For
The San Mateo company had revenue of 349-6411. music and vocal direction by Til Tribuzi, more information e-mail
93.7 million in 2009. It makes mobile drug *** “The Wedding Singer” sports a brand new or call 558-
reference tools used by health care profes- The ninth annual Orion School’s score that pays loving homage to the pop 2375.
sionals and interactive services for the health Children’s Book Author and Illustrator songs of the 1980s.
care industry. The products are used to access Festival is a day of celebrating books and Performances will be 7:30 p.m. Fridays and
information including drug dosing, drug Class notes is a twice weekly column dedicated to
meeting beloved Bay Area children’s book Saturdays with a 2 p.m. Sunday matinee at the school news. It is compiled by education reporter
interactions, pricing, and insurance coverage authors and illustrators from 10 a.m. to 3:30 San Mateo Performing Arts Center, 600 N. Heather Murtagh. You can contact her at (650) 344-
information. 5200, ext. 105 or at

South City approves more cops A press release put out by the city didn’t Morales, alleges negligence and ultrahaz-
expand further on the possibility of department ardous and abnormally dangerous activity
Four additional police officers and seed reductions and neither Cobarruviaz nor Bob against Pacific Gas and Electric, which main-
money for a community leadership coalition Bell, the human resources director and interim tains line 132, the 30-inch pipeline that
was part of a $400,000 plan approved by the city manager, could be reached for comment. exploded that day. Morales was one of eight
South San Francisco City Council Wednesday The city is looking at all departments for lives lost, but the explosion also injured many
night to curb a spate of deadly violence in the possible cost savings but no specific area, others and destroyed 38 homes and damaged
Old Town neighborhood despite resident pleas including police, has been singled out, said 62 others.
to focus more funds on local youth programs. Mayor Jeff Ira. Morales, who worked part time at a San
Accusations of harassment by police and money to sponsor the formation of a commu- Bruno ice cream shop and attended classes at
calls for programs to support youth were heard nity coalition on safe neighborhoods, which Wrongful death suit San Francisco’s Academy of Art University,
multiple times during public comments at the council unanimously approved. was visiting her boyfriend at 1701 Earl St. on
South San Francisco’s City Council meeting filed over San Bruno blast Sept. 9. When the gas line exploded, fire
last night. Residents gathered to discuss ways Police chief steps down Parents of 20-year-old Jessica Morales, who ripped through the neighborhood and the
to deal with increased violence in the last year. Redwood City Police Chief Louis A. was one of eight killed in the Sept. 9 natural home where Morales was visiting. She fled the
Police Chief Michael Massoni brought for- Cobarruviaz announced this week he is stepping gas line explosion and fire in San Bruno, filed home running toward a neighboring property,
ward a $400,000 proposal to hire four police down after four years at the department’s helm, a wrongful death lawsuit against PG&E 1711 Earl St., according to the lawsuit. Her
officers who would focus on the neighbor- saying the City Council and yet-to-be named Wednesday. body was found in a shed outside of the neigh-
hood, reestablish a second police officer as a city manager should have the chance to cut staff The lawsuit, filed with the San Francisco boring property, burned to death, at 5:50 a.m.
school liaison and invest $50,000 as seed and pick long-term department managers. Superior Court on behalf of Rene and Israel Sept. 10.
THE DAILY JOURNAL Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 7

Enjoy fun time with Mom, Dad or your favorite grown-up. The across clues are for kids and the down clues are for adults.
A Fishy Situation
Kids Across 18. Though most fish lay eggs, 8. Sea-savvy author of “Moby
1. What a fish makes when it these aquarium pets have Dick”
jumps in a lake their babies through live 10. Medieval Norsemen who
6. Popular ‘fast food’ treat in birth threw lavish feasts after
England: fish and ____ 21. Small lakes fishing and hunting
7. Good sports: Florida’s 23. What fish do in a school 13. What some bass wear
Marlins and San Jose’s 24. Streams where minnows every day
Sharks, for example and tadpoles often live 16. Despite their name,
9. Green slime in your Swedish fish are not fish,
aquarium Parents Down but chewy ______
This Week’s Solution
11. Fish, unlike humans and 2. Water sign: In astrology, it’s 17. Nemo’s relationship to
other mammals, are ___- a pair of fish Marlin in a popular Pixar
blooded 3. What fish release to make pic
12. Catfish have sleek ___, bubbles on a lake’s 19. Huck Finn’s fishing rod
with no scales surface 20. The Discovery Channel’s
14. The bony body part a fish 4. Lend your voice to a round “Deadliest Catch” got
uses to steer, stop and of “Row, Row, Row Your millions hooked on
keep its balance Boat” watching crab fisherman
15. The river where an 5. Freshwater fish species (or on the high _____
Egyptian might go fishing bird’s foothold on a tree) 22. Man-made barrier to a
16. What the dealer gives each 6. Oysters’ cousins (or slang salmon’s upstream
player in the game Go Fish for dollars) dreams Visit to join the KAPD family! 2/27/11 © 2011 Jan Buckner Walker. Distributed by
Tribune Media Services, Inc.
8 Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 THE DAILY JOURNAL
THE DAILY JOURNAL OPINION Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 9
Jail plans must heed past mistakes
much more is need-
By Adrienne J. Tissier ed.
Such tight quarters Guest trash talking
well-known English expres- also create dangerous
sion cautions against being difficulties segregat-
penny wise, but pound fool- ing those serving nfortunately, in “letters to the editor,” I have found
ish. This idiom is highly appropriate in sentences and those that much of the sarcasm in some directed at me, full
reference to current plans to build a still awaiting trial, of “bumper sticker” and “sound bite” interpretations,
the current threshold of a year or less, are inversely proportional to reality.
new San Mateo County jail. inmates with mental to help solve state budget issues. This
The Maguire Correctional Facility, as For example, I would like to address the woman who wrote
health needs and could swell the county’s jails by 300 to
it exists today, was completed in 1994 that the Obama administration is like Lenin and Trotsky trying
alleged rival gang members. 400 inmates as soon as summer 2012 to suck the people into slavery. Which benefits is she willing to
and is rated by California to have a In fact, from 2004 to 2008, four civil — if not sooner! forego or have reduced when the Republicans take control?
capacity for 688 inmates. In reality, the grand juries urged the county to imme- However, if the state bridges its Social Security? Medicare? Will members of her family want to
daily population of Maguire has never diately create plans to reduce inmate budget gaps, and does not force coun- give away unemployment insur-
been at or below that number, mainly populations and/or increase inmate ties to hold state prisoners, the addi- ance in the event of another reces-
because the county did not follow the capacities. tional space in a new jail can easily be sion? And tell me, subject to elec-
recommendations of a 1991 master County leaders past and present, used for emergency operations, transi- tions every two years, how can the
plan. including supervisors, two county man- tional housing or a host of programs Obama administration continue to
Fast-forward to 2010 and the conse- agers and two sheriffs, agreed that the that will help incarcerated men and enslave the nation? That’s conser-
quences of that misstep are apparent. county needs a new jail. However, the women avoid re-offending. vative trash talk, Ma’am.
Maguire’s average daily population last challenges remained financial and geo- In hindsight, the lessons of Maguire And, my old friend, Dwight
year was 892, with a high of 948 in graphic. are simple: adequate is insufficient, or Schwab Jr., Belmont: “Nancy
May. Today, San Mateo County is poised at least no longer sufficient. Pelosi, was able to strong-arm
Meanwhile, across Highway 101 in to finally take all those findings and Government at all levels must be more enough Democrats last March to
Redwood City, the Women’s recommendations and turn them into proactive and anticipate needs deep into pass Obamacare in the ‘dead of
Correctional Center — rated at 84 — is reality. After more than three years of the future. Fail that and failure is guar- night.’” I don’t know what time he
equally inadequate, with a 2010 ADP discussions, planning, research, public anteed. goes to sleep, but “dead of night”
of 103 and a high of 115 for hearings and negotiations, the county In terms of San Mateo County’s was about four hours of televised
September. and Redwood City have identified an planned new jail, this is a tremendous debate and a comfortable margin to
The overcrowded jails leave little appropriate site and funds for a $150 opportunity to be wise by the penny as pass it, also.
space for programs meant to help million new facility designed to not well as by the pound. To ignore histo- Another describing me as “old honest Keith,” writes:
inmates return to society as productive only house existing inmates, but also ry’s lessons would be irresponsible at “(Kreitman) is still crowing the elitist progressive line that
citizens. Right now, upwards of 70 per- offer program space and the flexibility best. despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary, ‘ the propa-
cent of San Mateo County inmates to absorb anticipated increases in ganda that Obama is a left wing socialist, fostered by Fox News
return to jail. Re-entry programs inmate populations. is of course, so absurd.’”
include Choices, Alcoholics Adrienne J. Tissier is the vice president A “mountain of evidence,” you say? True! We all know that
Such expected spikes are rooted in
Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, the very real possibility of Sacramento of the San Mateo County Board of socialists, like Obama, exercise their seditious trickery by pack-
GED courses, anger and stress manage- requiring counties to house offenders Supervisors and chair of the board’s ing the White House with a chief of staff from the corporate
ment classes, Project READ, animal sentenced up to three years, instead of world, and a covey if other corporate executives and Wall Street
Criminal Justice Committee.
husbandry and culinary training — but advisors and orders a review of regulations, seeking those that
may be impeding the business world, don’t they? Socialist like
Lenin and Trotsky did exactly that too, didn’t they? “Yeah
right,” he concludes. The only thing right about his letter is that
he is anther ditto head of conservative myth making and Fox

Homelessness: A new reality for many families News propaganda. The thing right about me is that I do inde-
pendent thinking to win the title, “Old honest Keith.”
Another wrote there were alternative health care laws promot-
By Lauren Zorfas of San Mateo ed by the Republicans, however: “In the mainstream print
County, I know the media, you can usually find Republican health care ideas on
fter reading the Jan. 11 home- challenges for the page 31, next to the hemorrhoid advertisement.” Well, I
less report by the National coming year will be searched the Internet and found nothing except that, since the
Alliance to End
Homelessness as well as predications
even greater than
last year. Those perspective Republicans have voted to repeal the 2010 bill, they are “now
beginning” to formulate an alternative. I even searched for the
hemorrhoid ads to look across the page for the health care infor-
from ForeclosureRadar that affluent challenges are not
neighborhoods in San Mateo County just in the number mation and found nothing. Nice try, fellow.
for justice more than ever before. I Finally, Another wrote: “Keith, tell us why the original ‘death
will be next to see an increase in fore- of additional clients
know, with the collective commitment panel’ language was removed from the original Obamacare
closures, I find myself reflecting on just who will be seeking
and support I have seen in our commu- package?”
how difficult it will be for those who our legal assistance in housing, but also
nity, we can look to justice to bring sta- What death panel? If he had gone on to the Internet and read
are sure to come face to face with the in the number of clients who will need
bility back to so many in our communi- the actual language of the provision, he would have found there
possibility of homelessness. our legal assistance to overcome myri-
ty. is no such thing. The actual provision was added to the act by
And yet, I am extremely encouraged ad legal barriers that cause their lives to
To help Legal Aid Society of San Democratic Congressman Earl Blumenauer from Oregon and
and hopeful; not that the economy is be at risk. supported by two Republican representatives, all who were
Mateo County carry on the fight for
going to miraculously rebound, but by At the same time, I am humbled by inspired by a provision in the Republican-initiated “2003
justice, visit
the knowledge that Legal Aid Society the generosity of those who understand Medicare Prescription Drug Bill,” which is still living law, by
of San Mateo County will do all it can as well as we do — that our clients are the way.
to help our fellow neighbors. I am in regular people, in fact, they are our It reads: “The covered services are: evaluating the beneficia-
awe of how hard our staff and volun- neighbors. Only last week, as a result Lauren Zorfas joined Legal Aid Society ry’s need for pain and symptom management, including the
teer attorneys fight for our clients and of a story in our local paper about a of San Mateo County as executive direc- individual’s need for hospice care; counseling the beneficiary
for the tireless hours they dedicate; and family in jeopardy of losing their with respect to end-of-life issues and care options, and advising
home, a stranger to Legal Aid walked tor in December 2009. For seven years
I am forever grateful for the strength of the beneficiary regarding advanced care planning.”
the partnerships we have formed with in and asked, “How can I help this fam- prior to Legal Aid, she was the supervis- Now, the only difference, Sir, between that still current 2003
other community based support agen- ily?” ing attorney for the Family Law provision and that provision, which Sarah Palin, the “Chicken
cies in San Mateo County. As the founders of Legal Aid knew Facilitator and Self-Help Services at the Little” who races around the country crying “the sky is falling,
As I begin my second year as execu- over 51 years ago, the fight for justice San Mateo County Superior Court. the sky is falling!” and scaring her followers, is that the 2003
tive director for the Legal Aid Society is not easy. I am committed to fighting bill applies only to terminally ill and paid for immediately. The
2010 Affordable Health Car Act was for seniors to “voluntarily”
receive counseling before they become terminally ill. The gov-
OUR MISSION: ernment was not involved in choice of doctors in any way.
It is the mission of the Daily Journal to be the most Other than reimbursing them for the time taken for such coun-
accurate, fair and relevant local news source for
those who live, work or play on the MidPeninsula. seling, but only once every five years, at that. Now, that is a
By combining local news and sports coverage, fact, not Palin paranoia.
Jerry Lee, Publisher BUSINESS STAFF: analysis and insight with the latest business, In my case, at the suggestion of my lawyer, I paid for my
Charlotte Andersen Mark Aspillera lifestyle, state, national and world news, we seek to own consultation years ago and signed an Advanced Directive
Jon Mays, Editor in Chief provide our readers with the highest quality
Jennifer Bishop Paul Bishop for Health Care, with a copy to my personal physician. When in
Nathan Mollat, Sports Editor Gloria Brickman Charles Clayton information resource in San Mateo County.
Gale Green Jeff Palter Our pages belong to you, our readers, and we early December, in the Mills Peninsula Hospital, my family was
Erik Oeverndiek, Copy Editor/Page Designer Shirley Marshall Kris Skarston choose to reflect the diverse character of this told I was “swirling around the drain,” and I was asked about
Nicola Zeuzem, Production Manager dynamic and ever-changing community. my thoughts for possible resuscitation, that decision did not
INTERNS, CORRESPONDENTS, CONTRACTORS: drop upon my children. That was already recorded in my own
Kerry McArdle, Marketing & Events Brad Baker Jack Brookes
Michelle Durand, Senior Reporter Jenna Chambers Diana Clock
SMDAILYJOURNAL.COM hand. That is only one reason how important such counseling is
Michael Costa Emily DeRuy Follow us on Twitter and Facebook:
and the conservatives politicizing that to make political points
Julio Lara, Heather Murtagh, Bill Silverfarb
Philip Dimaano Darold Fredricks
was a great injustice to elderly citizens. Another instance of
Miles Freeborn Brian Grabianowski conservative lack of empathy and compassion but typical of the
Susan E. Cohn, Senior Correspondent: Events Nick Rose Andrew Scheiner
Alex Shamis Michelle Sibrian irrational fears and myths fostered by the conservatives as polit-
Carrie Doung, Production Assistant Jeremy Venook Online edition at ical campaigning tools.
Letters to the Editor • E-mailed documents are preferred. No attachments Correction Policy
Should be no longer than 250 words. please. The Daily Journal corrects its errors. Keith Kreitman has been a Foster City resident for 25 years. He is
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Should be no longer than 600 words. month. Journal, please contact the editor at retired with degrees in political science and journalism and
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where we can reach you. staff. editorial board and not any one individual.
10 Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 BUSINESS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Dow 11,823.70 -166.13

Nasdaq 2,686.89 -68.39
10-Yr Bond 3.3290% -0.0560
Oil (per barrel) 89.49
World markets sink
By David K. Randall
and Matthew Craft Wall Street Big movers
S&P 500 1,276.34 -23.20 Gold 1,338.00
The yield on the benchmark 10-year Stocks that moved substantially or traded
Treasury note fell to 3.33 percent from heavily Friday on the New York Stock Exchange
NEW YORK — Escalating protests and Nasdaq Stock Market:
in Egypt jarred world financial markets 3.38 percent late Thursday. Bond yields NYSE
on Friday. Stocks fell while the dollar, fall when their prices rise. Ford Motor Co.,down $2.52 at $16.27
Treasurys and gold rose as investors The dollar rose 0.5 percent against an The automaker’s quarterly profit dropped 79
index of six other currencies as percent because of higher costs,a loss in Europe
sought to reduce their exposure to risk. and charges related to debt-cutting efforts.
The Egyptian government’s response investors sought safety. Gold rose 1.7 Sara Lee Corp.,down 47 cents at $17.17
to widespread street protests unnerved percent to settle at $1,340.70 and crude The food company is dividing into two public
oil rose 4.3 percent to $89.34 a barrel. companies, one focused on meat and food
investors. The military was deployed in service and the other on coffee and baked
an effort to quell the protests and the The Egyptian stock market isn’t open goods.
headquarters of the ruling party was on on Fridays. The market’s main index Chevron Corp.,down $1.38 at $93.37
fire. Thousands of people defied a cur- fell 10.5 percent Thursday. Shares of the oil company fell after reporting
The MSCI World Market index, the that fourth-quarter net income jumped 72
few, and Internet and cell phone service percent as deman for fuel increased.
has been cut off. broadest measure of the world’s stock Arch Coal Inc.,up 57 cents at $33.22
Earlier, riot police fired tear gas, rub- markets, slumped 1.4 percent. The coal producer posted fourth-quarter
ber bullets and used water cannons to “Traders are watching this flare-up in earnings that rose sharply from a year-ago
the Middle East and using it as a reason when weak coal demand hurt results.
disperse crowds that had gathered in the Monster Worldwide Inc.,down $5.44 at $15.95
largest challenge to Egyptian president to take profits,” said Doug Godine, The online job posting site posted fourth-
Hosni Mubarak’s thirty-year rule. The managing director at Signal Hill, an quarter results that missed Wall Street
investment bank. expectations.
fall of the Tunisian government two NASDAQ
weeks ago has raised concerns that Of the 30 large company stocks that Inc.,down $13.31 at $171.14
other authoritarian governments in the make up the Dow Jones industrial aver- The online retailer’s holiday-season revenue fell
Middle East could also be toppled. age, 28 fell. The two exceptions, short of Wall Street’s expectations,and its profit
Procter & Gamble and DuPont, were outlook disappointed.
“The safety trade is back,” said Terremark Worldwide Inc.,up $4.87 at $18.92
Jeffrey Frankel, president of broker flat. Verizon plans to buy the IT services company for
Stuart Frankel & Co. “Gold is up. Oil is The Dow fell 166.13 points, or 1.4 $1.4 billion in cash,a 35 percent premium to its
up. Anything related to overseas is get- percent, to close at 11,823.70. That’s shares.
the worst one-day drop since Nov. 16. Microsoft Corp.,down $1.12 at $27.75
ting hit.” The software giant posted net income for the
Prices of Treasury bonds, considered The Dow lost 0.4 percent for the week second-quarter that fell slightly from a year ago
one of the safest assets, rose sharply. after eight straight weeks of gains. on slower computer sales.

Chevron exiting coal mining

By Mead Gruver
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Chevron 4Q profit jumps 72 percent
CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Petroleum Chevron’s fourth-quarter net income • International exploration and
giant Chevron Corp. said Friday it plans jumped 72 percent as rising fuel production: up 27 percent to $3.9
to get out of the coal industry by the end demand lifted oil prices and produced billion;
of the year. a sharp turnaround in its refinery • U.S.downstream (includes refineries):
The decision came after the company business. Here’s how the company’s $475 million profit compared with
determined that new coal technologies businesses fared in the final three $333 million loss in year-ago period;
were developing too slowly to make months of the year. • International downstream (includes
staying in the industry a good strategy, NET EARNINGS:$5.3 billion refineries): $267 million profit
Chevron Mining Inc. spokeswoman • U.S. exploration and production: compared with $340 million loss in
Margaret Lejuste said. down 13 percent to $930 million; year-ago period.
One of the technologies is known as
coal-to-liquids, in which coal is ny’s open pit mine outside Kemmerer in Energy was announced last year.
processed into diesel, gasoline or other western Wyoming, which has been on San Ramon.-based Chevron also may
fuels. the market for about a week. sell reclaimed land from a surface coal
“Those technologies are so far into the “It’s my understanding there are a mine in northwestern New Mexico that
future, 10 to 15 years in the future, they number of interested parties who are has been closed since 2009.
made the strategic decision to focus on looking at the mine,” Lejuste said. The three mines together produced
other operations other than mining,” she The company also is closing a deal nearly 10 million tons of coal in
said of the company. with Tampa, Fla.-based Walter 2009.
Chevron intends to sell off three coal Energy to sell its North River under- Chevron also intends to sell its 50 per-
mines in Wyoming, New Mexico and ground mine in western Alabama. A cent stake in a proposed coal mine out-
Alabama. The sites include the compa- tentative agreement with Walter side Sheridan in northern Wyoming.

Ford stock falls after company misses expectations

By Dee-Ann Durbin reporting a profit for 2010, the compa- Lincoln brand.
and Tom Krisher ny’s stock fell more than 13 percent to “When a company consistently beats
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS close at $16.27. Investors were disap- expectations, analysts and investors
pointed that the results fell short of start pushing. They raise the bar to the
DEARBORN, Mich. — Ford Motor expectations. Ford also posted an 80-per- extent that eventually they’re going to
Co. is the most profitable it’s been in a cent drop in fourth-quarter net income, miss it,” Standard and Poor’s analyst
decade, since the days when Americans missing forecasts and ending two years Efraim Levy said.
were snapping up SUVs. But maintain- of better-than-expected results. Ford earned $6.6 billion, or $1.66 per
ing that momentum — and meeting the It was clear Ford won’t have much share, last year, more than double the
high expectations of buyers, workers room for error as it tackles nagging $2.7 billion, or 86 cents per share, it
and investors — will be a big challenge problems, from the huge loans it took made in 2009. That was the most it’s
in the coming year. out to fund its turnaround to its upcom- made since 1999, when it earned $7.2
Ford got a taste of that Friday. Despite ing labor talks to its stodgy, slow-selling billion.

Taco Bell fights back on beef lawsuit with ad push

By Sarah Skidmore ads to “set the record straight,” company It claimed Taco Bell falsely advertised
and Bruce Schreiner President Greg Creed told the its products as “beef.” The suit alleges
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Associated Press. that the fast-food chain actually uses a
The print ads say, in huge letters, meat mixture in its burritos and tacos
Taco Bell is launching an advertising “Thank you for suing us. Here’s the truth that contains binders and extenders and
about our seasoned beef.” They go on to does not meet requirements set by the
campaign Friday to fight back against a outline the meat’s ingredients. The chain U.S. Department of Agriculture to be
lawsuit charging its taco filling isn’t did not say how much it is spending on labeled beef.
beef. the campaign, but such ads in national Taco Bell quickly denied the accusa-
The fast-food chain placed full-page newspapers can cost more than tion. “The lawsuit is bogus and filled
print ads in Friday’s editions of the Wall $100,000. with completely inaccurate facts,” Taco
Street Journal, USA Today, New York The class-action lawsuit was filed late Bell President Creed said in an inter-
Times and other papers as well as online last week in federal court in California. view.
Weekend, Jan. 29-30, 2011

<< First timers soak in Pro Bowl ambiance, page 13

• Woodson evolving into leader for Packers, page 13

CSM softball ready and eager for 2011 campaign

By Nathan Mollat period every year. 10 a.m. Saturday against College of the and some question marks heading into
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF Despite the yearly Sequoias. Saturday’s opener. Offensively, the Bulldogs
turnovers, the College of “We look pretty good,” said CSM’s fifth- should be strong, as long as Alyssa Jepsen
The very nature of community college San Mateo softball team year coach Nicole Borg. “Offense looks good, (Notre Dame-Belmont) can retain the form
sports means coaches are every year forging a continues to be one of the defense is solid. As long as we throw strikes, that made her the Coast Conference Player of
team built on a core of returners along with an best squads in Northern we’ll get people out.” the Year in 2010.
amalgam of first-year and transfer players. California. The Bulldogs, The Bulldogs were 13-3 in Coast The biggest question facing the Bulldogs,
The athletic clock of community college who finished second in the Conference-North play in 2010 and finished however, is who will replace pitcher Lauren
athlete — two playing years — is constantly Coast Conference-North, 27-13 overall.
ticking and programs go through a rebuilding Nicole Borg open the season at home As is usually the case, there is good news See CSM, Page 14

Drag racing
A new team on top
By Julio Lara
could face
IRS scrutiny
By John Marshall
When you pit the top two teams in the
Peninsula Athletic League Ocean division
A political action committee looking to
against each other on the soccer field, some-
replace the BCS bowl system with a playoff
times the outcome rests on how the ball
filed a complaint with the IRS last year, claim-
ing three bowls were in violation of their tax-
Or in Friday afternoon’s case, how the ball
exempt status.
Now the National Hot Rod Association is
Protecting a 1-0 lead against Hillsdale 12
facing a similar accusation, though not from a
minutes into the second half, San Mateo’s
political group.
Ramiro Molina found himself some 30 yards
It’s from one of the organization’s mem-
from the Knights goal. With a bit of a window
to get off a shot, Molina fired a low, skipping
A longtime NHRA member filed an anony-
shot toward Chris Loo who went down to
mous complaint with the IRS, claiming the
make the initial save. But, summoning ghosts
drag racing organization has been operating
of England versus the United States in the
more like a commercial business instead of
2010 FIFA World Cup, the ball skipped away
furthering the sport and serving the 80,000-or-
from Loo and the crazy backspin it had
so members it represents as a nonprofit group.
pushed it across the line for a heartbreaking
“It appears to be operated for the benefit of
those who run the show, much the way a busi-
That craziest of goals turned out to be the
ness is operated for the people who own the
difference as San Mateo held on to beat the
business,” said Marcus S. Owens, senior
Knights 2-1 to move into first place in the
member of the law firm Caplin and Drysdale,
PAL Ocean Division.
which filed the complaint.
“It’s a big win for us — they were in first,
The complaint compares the NHRA to
we were in second and we had to win to get
NASCAR and the International Hot Rod
into first, so it was good game,” said San
Association, both for-profit auto racing organ-
Mateo coach Chuck Callaghan.
The win completes a season sweep for the
Hand-delivered on Jan. 12 in Washington,
Bearcats of their intra-city rivals.
D.C., it contends the majority of the NHRA’s
Hillsdale came into the contest rolling
revenue — roughly $122 million in 2008 — is
behind the play of probably the best offensive
derived from nontraditional sources for a trade
weapon the PAL has to offer in Guillermo
association. Instead of representing the sport
Garcia, who had 13 goals this season.
in Congress and before the government, the
With that in mind, the San Mateo backline
complaint argues the NHRA puts most of its
played inspired defense. In a lot of ways, they,
focus on holding public, televised events — in
and not the shaky nature of their scores, were
other words, races.
the reason why the Bearcats won the ball-
It also maintains that compensation for the
organization’s management is out of whack
San Mateo got the initial score in the 12th
with heads of similar tax-exempt associations.
minute following a handball to the far right of
That includes a salary of $771,632 for presi-
their offensive zone some 15 yards from goal.
dent Thomas Compton in 2008 and $319,073
On the restart, the Bearcats’ Ernesto
for one hour of work per week for board chair-
Calvillo bent a ball toward the Hillsdale goal
man Dallas Gardner, which the complaint
— Loo got a hand on the ball, pushed it off
says is well beyond industry standards.
the crossbar and the sphere ricocheted into the
The complaint also contends the NHRA is
area. San Mateo came away from the ensuing NATHAN MOLLAT / DAILY JOURNAL run by a select group of individuals rather than
chaos with a goal after Angel Mejia got his Hillsdale’s Dylan Magann, left, gets a face full of the ball and the boot of San Mateo’s Benny its members, which don’t have voting rights.
Angeles during the Bearcats’2-1 win over the Knights,moving San Mateo past Hillsdale for the
See SOCCER, Page 16 top spot in the PAL’s Ocean Division. See NHRA, Page 14

Warriors blow 16-point lead, lose in OT

By Antonio Gonzalez Bobcats 121, Warriors 113 around under new coach Paul Silas. They ugly divorce from Golden State last season —
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS improved to 11-6 since Silas replaced Larry banked in a 3 from the top of the arc.
assists and some big baskets in overtime to Brown, and at 19-25 they hold the final play- Jackson strutted his way back to the Bobcats
OAKLAND — Stephen Jackson scored 31 help the Bobcats to their third straight win and off spot in the Eastern Conference. bench, loving every boo Warriors fans show-
points, including a tying 3-pointer in the final fifth in the last six games. D.J. Augustin had 27 points and 12 assists, ered upon him. He continued by making his
second of regulation, and the Charlotte Stephen Curry had 27 points, and Monta and Boris Diaw scored 13 points for Charlotte. first jumper of overtime, and never relented.
Bobcats rallied for 121-113 overtime victory Ellis scored 21 for a Warriors team that blew a The Bobcats were lethargic for most of the Jackson’s shot capped a big comeback for
against the Golden State Warriors on Friday 16-point lead and is fading fast during its game but got a big lift from the one-time the Bobcats, who whittled a 16-point deficit
night. longest homestand of the season. Golden State Warrior Jackson. down to two late and gave themselves a chance
The former Warriors standout was booed has lost four straight games. The Bobcats took advantage of some missed to win. They scored 11 straight to close the
throughout, none louder than after his 28-foot- Things couldn’t be more different for free throws late by Golden State and perhaps a third quarter, and were within a basket for
er with 0.6 seconds left in the fourth quarter Charlotte. little luck, too. In a frantic scramble with the most of the fourth — not tying it until
banked in. He added seven rebounds, four The Bobcats continued their surprising turn- clock winding down, Jackson — who had an Jackson’s shot.
12 Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 SPORT THE DAILY JOURNAL

San Mateo nips Sequoia on buzzer beater

By Julio Lara for 29 from the field, but found themselves
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF tied at 15 because of their ability to rebound
the basketball. Leading the way on the glass
Seconds after the buzzer sounded in Friday was James Beekley, who had seven first half
night’s boys basketball contest between San rebounds.
Mateo and Sequoia, the Bearcats fans were in The second half was a back-and-forth affair
full chant on their home floor. with no team leading by more than three at
“Ed-die, Ed-die, Ed-die!” any point during the game’s final 16 minutes
When the dog pile at mid-court finally — and Matt Elliot’s pretty dish to Berterro
cleared, San Mateo’s Eduardo Trujillo under the hoop for a layup tied things up at 26
emerged from the pack as the Bearcats’ after three, setting the stage for a wild fourth
newest hero in their heart-pounding 34-33 quarter.
win over the Cherokees. The quarter began with a 3-pointer by Fanor
“That was the biggest shot I’ve ever had,” Padilla to put the Cherokees up. San Mateo
Trujillo said. “It’s crazy to make a shot like responded immediately with a long distance
call of their own by Donovan Washington to
tie things up again.
Trujillo is referring to his layup which came
Fanor put Sequoia ahead again with a pret-
with the buzzer sounding that gave his
ty floater in the lane at 31-29. From that point,
Bearcats the victory. The shot came after it seems the game would revolve around
Sequoia’s Julian Berterro had made a lay-up Trujillo. He’d miss the second of his two free
of his own with 8.3 seconds left to put his throws, with an air ball no less, that would
team ahead. But San Mateo came down the have tied things up again. But it was his layup
court and Darren Fong was fouled on his drive with 47.7 seconds left that gave the Bearcats
to the hoop. On the ensuing inbound play with the 32-31 lead. And then with less than a sec-
0.8 seconds to play, Trujillo was all alone ond left, after almost being subbed for,
under the basket when he put up the shot that Trujillo hits what he called the shot of his life.
got the friendly home roll as it sat atop the NATHAN MOLLAT / DAILY JOURNAL “That’s high school basketball,” said
cylinder. San Mateo players and fans form a dogpile on top of Eddie Trujillo, whose basket as time Sequoia coach Fine Lauese. “You win some,
It seems as though the universe conspired to expired gave the Bearcats a 34-33 win over Sequoia. you lose some. Overall I thought it was a great
make Trujillo the hero last night — after the game.”
foul on Fong and a timeout, the Bearcats tried said. “My point guard trusted me and I was points on 22 percent shooting in the first quar- Trujillo finished with seven points for the
to substitute for Trujillo after the allotted wide open. It was a fairy tale from there.” ter with the Cherokees leading 8-4 after one. night, five in the fourth quarter. Berterro led
time. Forced to stay in the game, the forward Considering the seasons both teams have Things picked up for the Bearcats in the the way for Sequoia with 13 points and eight
made the best of it. undergone, Friday night’s win must have felt second quarter behind six points off the bench rebounds.
It’s a was frantic finish in the game that saw like Cloud Nine for the Bearcats. for Jordan Wong. Wong was a spark for the “I’m happy about the win,” said San Mateo
five lead changes in the fourth quarter —four The storybook-finish masked the fact that Bearcats the entire night, finishing with 14 coach Julian Hudson. “We really lucked out.
in the game’s final 47 seconds. both teams struggled offensively for the night. points. I’ll take it. We executed at times and at times
“I was trying to find an open spot,” Trujillo San Mateo and Sequoia combined for 12 Sequoia ended the first half having shot 6 we didn’t. We just have to be consistent.”

Murray,Djokovic in Aussie final

By John Pye “First of all, it’s more like a personal dream
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS or a personal goal of mine,” Murray said. “The
historical thing, it’s not something that I’ve
MELBOURNE, Australia — Andy Murray thought about that much, but it’s something that
doesn’t have to worry about Roger Federer or obviously for me personally I want to try and
Rafael Nadal this time. He is hardly in the clear, win. But I also don’t want to get myself so
however, as he goes for his first major title. amped up that I play a stinker of a match.”
Murray won his Australian Open semifinal, On the women’s side, there will be a first-
defeating David Ferrer 4-6, 7-6 (2), 6-1, 7-6 (2). time Australian Open winner. Kim Clijsters
Next in line is 2008 champion and longtime goes for her fourth Grand Slam title Saturday,
friend Novak Djokovic in Sunday’s final. but first outside the United States. She takes on
There is also, of course, there’s that long, China’s Li Na, who can become the first Asian
long British drought. Fred Perry was the last to win a Grand Slam tournament.
British man to win a one of the four majors — Li already has broken new ground as the first
way back in 1936. More than 270 Grand Slam Chinese to reach a Grand Slam singles final.
tournaments have been contested in almost 75 Now she is hoping to go one better after elimi-
years since Perry’s victory, when Britain had a nating top-ranked Caroline Wozniacki in the
King and an empire. semifinals.
THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 13

First-time Pro Bowlers soaking it all in

By Jaymes Song look like they’ve Peyton Manning and Baltimore and will start for the NFC. “All these monsters of the game,”
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS had too much sun Ravens linebackers Ray Lewis and “I’m loving it. For years, and years he said. “All these are legends and
— but still grin- Terrell Suggs at the first meeting. and years, I’ve been trying to get Hall of Famers walking by me. It’s
KAPOLEI, Hawaii — Arian Foster ning ear to ear. “When you just see them, it’s just here,” he said. “It took eight years but hard not to be in awe of how much
usually gets where he’s going in a “You have no surreal,” he said. “(Then) you kind of now that I’ve got it, I don’t want to let greatness is in one room ... I’m hoping
hurry — at least on the football field. choice but to realize they have the same amount of it go.” one day I’ll be looked at like I look at
This week, the first-time Pro Bowl enjoy Hawaii. respect for you as you do for them. Mughelli, one of an NFC-leading them. But right now, it’s just a bless-
selection is in no hurry. You’ve got a That makes it all worth it.” nine Falcons, said the experience is ing to be around here.”
Houston’s All-Pro running back problem if you The new Pro Bowlers generally much better in person than watching It also took eight years for Denver
was one of the last players to leave the Arian Foster don’t,” Foster take guidance from the veterans as far on TV. He did attend the 2008 Pro Broncos receiver Brandon Lloyd,
practice field Thursday as he posed said. “This is like as how to act, where to go and what to Bowl, but that was to support team- who is cherishing every moment and
for photos, signed autographs and heaven. I’ll die and go to Hawaii. eat. But they really don’t know what mate Michael Turner. even went surfing this week.
chatted at length with reporters. That’s all right with me.” to expect on game day. This time, someone else is picking “There’s probably nobody as hon-
Foster is one of 35 first-timers The 24-year-old Foster earned a “I have no clue. This is my first up the tab. ored as I am to be out here and play-
selected for Sunday’s NFL all-star spot by going from undrafted member rodeo. I don’t know if these guys are “The first-class flight out here ing in this game,” he said.
game, including 23 from the AFC. of the Texans’ practice squad to the really going to come out and try to hit instead of coach didn’t hurt either,” he Kansas City running back Jamaal
The most is when 44 first-timers were league’s leading rusher with 1,616 hard,” Foster said. said. Charles remembers watching the Pro
selected to the game in 2000, includ- yards and 16 touchdowns this season. While Foster made his first trip in For Mughelli, walking into the Pro Bowl for years on TV. He said being
ing 26 on the NFC. Foster said it first sunk in that he his second year in the league, others Bowl hotel for the first time and see- in Hawaii is “a trip.”
And it’s usually not difficult to spot was among the NFL’s all-stars when have had to wait much longer, like ing Manning, Drew Brees, Michael “I watched other people and I’m
a first-timer. Besides being the last off he saw AFC teammates such as Atlanta Falcons fullback Ovie Vick and other NFL greats — past like, ’Why can’t I be up in there?”’ he
the field, they’re also the ones that Indianapolis Colts quarterback Mughelli, who is in his eight season and present — made him pause. said. “All it takes is hard work.”

Woodson finds voice for Packers

By Chris Jenkins Sunday’s NFC promise to attend the Super Bowl if about the team sticking together as natured way to talk some smack to
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS championship his favorite team, the Bears, were one — and then he cuts loose. the President himself this week,
game, Woodson playing in it. And after the Packers “And check this,” Woodson said, autographing a jersey for Obama
GREEN BAY, Wis. — For a guy went to the mid- beat the Bears to earn a trip to the his voice rising. “If the President with the message, “See you at the
dle of the locker Super Bowl instead, Woodson used don’t want to come watch us in the White House. Go Packers.”
relatively new at giving locker room
room to address the President’s pledge to fire up his Super Bowl, guess what? We’ll go It’s the natural next step in
speeches, Charles Woodson certain- the team. teammates. see him!” Woodson’s evolution as a leader.
ly knows how to bring down the He had been In a video clip posted on the Amid the shouts from his team- He was the Associated Press
house. thinking about Packers’ website, Woodson is mates, Woodson led a cheer: “1-2-3 Defensive Player of the Year last
Immediately after the Green Bay Charles President shown in the middle of the locker ... White House!”
Packers beat the Chicago Bears in Woodson Barack Obama’s room. He begins by talking calmly Woodson even found a good- See PACKERS, Page 16
THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 15
Wild-card Playoffs
vs. Coyotes
7 p.m.
@ Ducks
CSN-CAL CSN-CAL Seattle 41,New Orleans 36 Atlantic Division Atlantic Division
N.Y.Jets 17,Indianapolis 16 Sunday,Jan.9 W L Pct GB W L OT Pts GF GA
Baltimore 30,Kansas City 7 Boston 35 11 .761 — Philadelphia 33 12 5 71 174 130
Green Bay 21,Philadelphia 16 New York 24 22 .522 11
vs.Jazz vs. Bucks Pittsburgh 31 15 4 66 154 114
Philadelphia 20 26 .435 15
7:00 p.m. 7:30 p.m. Divisional Playoffs N.Y.Rangers 29 20 3 61 148 126
New Jersey 14 33 .298 21 1/2
CSN-BAY CSN-BAY Saturday,Jan.15 Toronto 13 34 .277 22 1/2 N.Y.Islanders 15 27 7 37 119 162
Pittsburgh 31,Baltimore 24 Southeast Division New Jersey 16 30 3 35 101 146
Green Bay 48,Atlanta 21 Sunday,Jan.16 W L Pct GB Northeast Division
LOCAL SCOREBOARD Chicago 35,Seattle 24
N.Y.Jets 28,New England 21

2 1/2 Boston
BOYS’BASKETBALL Sacred Heart Prep 15 6 18 16 — 55 Orlando 30 17 .638 2 1/2 Montreal 27 18 5 59 130 123
Conference Championships Charlotte 20 25 .444 11 1/2 Buffalo 23 21 5 51 137 144
Burlingame 72,Woodside 57 Crystal Springs 10 10 2 0 — 22 Sunday,Jan.23 Washington 13 32 .289 18 1/2 Toronto 19 25 5 43 124 153
Woodside 5 11 14 27 — 57 SACRED HEART PREP (fg ftm-fta tp) — M. McNa- Green Bay 21,Chicago 14 Central Division
Burlingame 23 16 14 19 — 72 mara 0 2-4 2,P.McNamara 5 4-4 15,C.McConnell 2 Pittsburgh 24,N.Y.Jets 19 Ottawa 17 25 8 42 108 160
0-0 5,Watterson 4 0-0 8,Terndrup 3 3-4 12,W. Mc- W L Pct GB
WOODSIDE (fg ftm-fta tp) — Chandler 7 6-10 21, Chicago 32 14 .696 — Southeast Division
Connell 5 1-1 11,Moran 1 0-0 2.Totals 20 10-13 55.
Rodriguez 1 0-0 2, Hoffer 3 0-0 9, Cziska 1 0-0 2, CRYSTAL SPRINGS — Lim 3 1-1 7,Martinez 1 0-0 2, Pro Bowl Milwaukee 18 26 .409 13 W L OT Pts GF GA
McRae 1 0-0 2,Ennis 4 2-2 10,Kelley 5 1-1 11.Totals Bell 2 0-0 6,Madding 0 2-2 2,Woodson 1 0-0 2,Gar- Sunday,Jan.30 Tampa Bay 31 15 5 67 154 154
22 9-13 57. BURLINGAME — Bailey 4 2-2 11, De- Indiana 17 26 .395 13 1/2
Quant 2 0-0 5, Feinberg 0 0-3 0, Grotz 7 9-12 26,
cia 1 0-0 3. Totals 8 3-3 22. 3-pointers — P. At Honolulu Detroit 17 30 .362 15 1/2 Washington 27 15 9 63 140 129
McNamara, C. McConnell, Terndrup (SHP); Bell 2, AFC vs.NFC,4 p.m.(FOX) Cleveland 8 38 .174 24 Atlanta 24 19 9 57 152 166
Ferrari 0 1-2 1,Puliceno 5 3-4 13,Shaffer 5 6-8 16.To- Garcia (CS). Records — Sacred Heart Prep 9-0
tals 23 21-31 72. Records — Burligname 6-0 PAL WBAL,16-2 overall; Crystal Springs 4-4,10-7. Carolina 25 19 6 56 153 155
Bay,17-3 overall;Woodside 3-3,12-7. Super Bowl
Sunday,Feb.6 WESTERN CONFERENCE Florida 22 22 5 49 131 131
King’s Academy 71,Menlo School 66 At Arlington,Texas Southwest Division
Capuchino 63,Oceana 37
Capuchino 19 16 15 13 — 63
Menlo School 20 16 12 18 — 66 Pittsburgh vs.Green Bay,3:30 p.m.(FOX) W L Pct GB WESTERN CONFERENCE
King’s Academy 16 20 23 12 — 71 San Antonio 39 7 .848 —
Oceana 13 12 12 0 — 37 Central Division
MENLO SCHOOL (fg ftm-fta tp) — Lacob 5 4-7 15, Dallas 30 15 .667 8 1/2
CAPUCHINO (fg ftm-fta tp) — Macareag 7 1-1 19, Osborne 1 0-0 3,Halprin 3 2-5 10,Miller 1 0-0 2,Ford W L OT Pts GF GA
Baker 5 0-2 12,Kramer 1 0-0 2,Luttrell 7 4-6 18,Alva New Orleans 31 16 .660 8 1/2
2 0-0 5, Avis 3 0-0 7, Huber 3 0-0 6, Harris 9 0-1 18. Detroit 30 13 6 66 166 143
1 0-0 2,Afeaki 4 0-0 8,Khotz 1 0-3 2.Totals 26 5-11 TEAM STAAL Memphis 23 24 .489 16 1/2
Totals 27 6-13 66.KING’S ACADEMY — Carlisle 8 6- Nashville 27 17 6 60 134 119
63. OCEANA — Sheridan 4 2-4 12, Brandon 0 1-2 10 26,Coverson 4 2-2 11,Butelo 1 2-2 5,Petiti 5 5-6 Captain Houston 22 26 .458 18
1, Nick 1 0-0 2, Chiefy 4 5-7 13, Bobby 3 0-0 9. 3- Eric Staal,C,Carolina. Northwest Division Chicago 26 20 4 56 157 139
20,Leong 2 1-3 5,White 2 1-3 5.Totals 22 16-25 71.
pointers — Macareag 4, Baker 2 (C); Sheridan 2, 3-pointers — Lacob, Halprin 2, Ford, Avis (MS); Assistant Captains W L Pct GB Columbus 23 21 5 51 130 152
Bobby 3 (O). Records — Capuchino 5-0 PAL Lake, Carlisle 4,Coverson,Butelo,Petiti 5 (KA).Records — Mike Green,D,Washington;Ryan Kesler,C,Vancou- Oklahoma City 30 16 .652 — St.Louis 22 20 7 51 130 146
14-5 overall. Menlo School 4-4 WBAL, 8-9 overall; King’s Acad- ver.
Selections Denver 28 18 .609 2 Northwest Division
emy 4-4,13-5. Utah 28 19 .596 2 1/2
1.Cam Ward,G,Carolina;2.Alex Ovechkin,C,Wash- W L OT Pts GF GA
San Mateo 34,Sequoia 33 ington; 3. Daniel Sedin, LW, Vancouver; 4. Zdeno Portland 25 22 .532 5 1/2 Vancouver 31 10 9 71 165 121
Sequoia 8 7 11 7 — 33 GIRLS’BASKETBALL Chara,D,Boston;5.Rick Nash,RW,Columbus;6.Hen- Minnesota 10 36 .217 20
rik Lundqvist, G, N.Y. Rangers; 7. Marc Staal, D, N.Y. Colorado 25 19 6 56 161 165
San Mateo 4 9 11 8 — 34 Eastside Prep 47,Menlo School 41 Pacific Division
Rangers;8.Patrick Sharp,C,Chicago;9.Dan Boyle,D, Minnesota 25 19 5 55 130 134
SEQUOIA (fg ftm-fta tp) — Langi 1 0-1 3,Padilla 2 Menlo School 10 4 14 13 — 41 San Jose; 10.Carey Price,G, Montreal. W L Pct GB
0-0 5,Elliot 0 0-2 0,Berterro 6 1-6 13,Beekley 1 1-2 L.A.Lakers 33 14 .702 — Calgary 24 21 6 54 144 152
Eastside Prep 16 8 10 13 — 47 11. Jeff Skinner, C, Carolina; 12. Kris Letang, D, Pitts-
3,Lauese 1 3-6 5,Friedman 1 0-0 2,Avila 1 0-0 2.To- burgh; 13.Claude Giroux,RW,Philadelphia; 14.Erik Phoenix 21 24 .467 11 Edmonton 15 26 8 38 122 168
tals 13 5-17 33. SAN MATEO — Washington1 0-0 MENLO SCHOOL (fg ftm-fta tp) — Lete 2 4-5 9, Karlsson, D, Ottawa; 15. Corey Perry, RW, Anaheim; Golden State 19 27 .413 13 1/2 Pacific Division
3,Trujillo 3 1-2 7,Lai 0 2-2 2,Talwar 1 1-2 3,Wong 6 Thygesen 0 2-2 2, Hooper 4 4-4 15, Edelman 2 3-7 16.Patrik Elias,LW,New Jersey;17.David Backes,RW,
7,Pay 1 0-0 2,Price 2 1-4 5,Huber 0 2-2 2.Totals 11 L.A.Clippers 17 28 .378 15 W L OT Pts GF GA
0-1 14, Skelton 1 1-3 3,Yamauchi 0 2-2 2.Totals 12 St.Louis; 18.Paul Stastny,C, Colorado.
7-12 34. 3-pointers — Langi, Padilla (SEQ); Wash- 15-24 41. EASTSIDE PREP — Martin 0 2-2 2, Hol- Sacramento 11 33 .250 20 1/2 Dallas 30 15 5 65 147 137
ington,Wong 2. land 4 2-2 10,Harvey 6 1-2 17,Burse 4 2-4 10,Smith TEAM LIDSTROM Anaheim 28 20 4 60 140 146
1 0-0 2, Carothers 3 0-0 6. Totals 3-pointers — Captain Friday’s Games
Hooper 3,Lete (MS); Harvey 4 (SP). Phoenix 25 17 9 59 149 145
Nicklas Lidstrom, D,Detroit. Indiana 124,New Jersey 92
Carlmont 52,Terra Nova 39 Assistant Captains San Jose 25 19 6 56 139 138
Terra Nova 10 9 12 8 — 39 Patrick Kane, RW, Chicago; Martin St. Louis, RW, Memphis 99,Philadelphia 94
Castilleja 36,Sacred Heart Prep 32 Los Angeles 27 22 1 55 143 124
Tampa Bay. Milwaukee 116,Toronto 110,OT
Carlmont 12 13 20 7 — 52 Sacred Heart Prep 5 9 7 11 — 32 Selections Atlanta 111,New York 102
TERRA NOVA (fg ftm-fta tp) — Titchener 4 2-4 11, Castilleja 10 12 6 8 — 36 1.Steven Stamkos,C,Tampa Bay;2.Duncan Keith,D, Denver 117,Cleveland 103 Two points for a win,one point for overtime loss.
Mailangi 2 0-0 6, Rocafor 0 3-4 3, Marshall 2 0-0 4, Chicago; 3. Henrik Sedin, C, Vancouver; 4. Shea
Manessis 5 1-4 11,Virgin 1 2-4 4.Totals 14 8-17 39. SACRED HEART PREP (fg ftm-fta tp — Mel. Hol- Miami 88,Detroit 87
Weber, D, Nashville; 5. Tim Thomas, G, Boston; 6.
CARLMONT — Cox 2 2-2 7, Patterson 1 0-0 2, land 1 0-0 2,Gannon 1 0-2 2,Meg.Holland 2 0-2 4, Daniel Briere,RW,Philadelphia;7.Dustin Byfuglien, Chicago 99,Orlando 90 Friday’s Games
Faulkner 2 0-0 4,Testa 6 7-9 21, Crawford 6 1-2 13, Donahoe 4 2-3 10,Hellman 1 2-3 4,Perdue 1 0-0 3, D, Atlanta; 8. Jonathan Toews, C, Chicago; 9. Marc- Oklahoma City 124,Washington 117,2OT No games scheduled
Todd 2 1-3 5. Totals 19 11-16 52. 3-pointers — Merten 0 1-2 1,Suzuki 2 0-0 4,Sheridan 1 0-0 2.To- Andre Fleury, G, Pittsburgh; 10. Jonas Hiller, G, Utah 108,Minnesota 100 Saturday’s Games
Mailangi 2,Titchener (TN);Testa 2,Cox (C).Records tals 13 5-12 32. CASTILLEJA — Nicholls 1 0-0 2, Anaheim. Charlotte 121,Golden State 113,OT
Modi 0 1-2 1,Rantz 1 0-0 2,Rose 1 0-0 2,Von Kaep- 11. Brad Richards, C, Dallas; 12. Keith Yandle, D, No games scheduled
— Carlmont 5-1 PAL Ocean,14-5 overall;Terra Nova Sacramento 100,L.A.Lakers 95
0-6,4-13. pler 10 6-11 26,Thornburg 1 1-4 3.Totals 14 8-17 36. Phoenix; 13. Brent Burns, D, Minnesota; 14. Martin Sunday’s Games
3-pointers — Perdue (SHP). Records — Sacred Havlat, RW, Minnesota; 15. Anze Kopitar, C, Los An- Phoenix 88,Boston 71
All-Star Game:
Heart Prep 9-6 overall. geles; 16. Matt Duchene, C, Colorado; 17. Loui Saturday’s Games
Sacred Heart Prep 55,Crystal Springs 22 Eriksson,RW,Dallas; 18.Phil Kessel,RW,Toronto. Team Lidstrom vs.Team Staal,1 p.m.
Indiana at Chicago,5 p.m.
16 Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

backline putting on a clinic. San Mateo’s second goal appeared to cally, a clear lane opened up for the striker.

Continued from page 11
Naoki Nakamura, Andrew Kwoka, Salvador
Gomez were instrumental in shutting down
the Hillsdale attack, which only managed
deflate the Knights. Their coach, Andy
Hodzic, noticed it.
“When you (allow) cheap goals, your emo-
After a dribble, Garcia picked his spot and
surgically beat the San Mateo keeper to his far
three shots in the first half. But chief among tions go down because you play hard,” Hodzic But the day belonged to the visitors and the
the defense was sweeper Casey Gilbert, who said, “and that’s what happened.” Bearcats held on to win the game.
head on the ball and snuck it into the net for played phenomenally for the San Mateo. “I told them it was a big game,” Callaghan
the early lead. For all their breaks and exceptional defense, said. “But not to put too much pressure (on
“They’re a first-half pressure team,” Mejia “Our defense played fantastic,” Mejia said. you got a sense that Garcia would find a way
“Like they never had (before). They come up themselves), keep themselves at an even keel
said. “So we had to get the advantage and to get his. Down two, the striker managed to emotionally, not to get too high or too low
make them feel like we’re winning. in big games and that’s what they did today.” cut the deficit in half in the 70th minute with
Mejia’s coach agrees. (and) be calm.”
Everybody was focused, ready to play, kept his 14th goal of the season. On the play, after
our heads up, but we had to win so that’s big “Our backline is just playing great for us. a touch following a throw-in deep in San
for us.” They have really good strikers so it was an Mateo territory, Garcia received the ball with Julio Lara can be reached by e-mail: julio@smdai-
Up by the a score, a large chunk in the mid- accomplishment to keep them at that one the back to goal. No. 10 then spun toward the or by phone: (650) 344-5200 ext.
dle of the game was spent by the San Mateo goal,” Callaghan said. outside as he shielded the defender and magi- 109.

of happened that way.” All that said, Woodson remains one of the guys. Jenkins joked

Continued from page 13
Rodgers knew he was the right choice.
“Anytime he speaks, I think he’s starting to realize he has a lot
of respect in the locker room and guys listen to him, they appreci-
that Woodson’s age (34) is the thing that makes him most qualified.
“Anytime you’ve got somebody that’s as old as him, he’s like the
senior citizen of the team,” Jenkins said.
ate what he has to say,” Rodgers said. “And he’s pretty good at it, In all seriousness, Jenkins says Woodson is doing a great job.
too.” “He’s a leader of this team,” Jenkins said. “Any time that you
season. And several teammates, including cornerbacks Tramon Outside linebacker Frank Zombo, an undrafted rookie free agent look at a guy who’s had as much individual success as he has, for
Williams and Sam Shields, have credited him with helping them who made the team, said Woodson commands respect in the lock- so long, and still seem him motivated to accomplish something as
get better. er room. a team, it just rubs off and you can’t help but look up to a guy like
But he hadn’t been particularly vocal in his leadership until now. “When he goes to speak, he’s got everybody’s attention,” Zombo that.”
After rotating captains during the regular season, the Packers said. “And you know that’s coming straight from the heart. That’s
took a player vote to elect six captains for the playoffs. Woodson just a guy who’s been through it all, everyone has a lot of respect
was selected, along with Aaron Rodgers, wide receiver Greg for. When he talks, everyone stops and listens.”
Jennings, linebacker A.J. Hawk, special teams standout Jarrett Woodson isn’t just winging it up there.
Bush and kicker Mason Crosby. “You don’t want to just go up there and rant,” Woodson said.
The other five captains then decided that Woodson should be in “You want to give it some thought because you’re talking to your
charge of talking to the team. peers, and at the same time you’re talking at a time where the
“The other captains kind of nominated me without any voting games are bigger than ever.”
process, they kind of pushed me out there to be the guy to do it,” Defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins said it’s working because
Woodson said. “And it was fine with me. I feel like I’ve played Woodson’s act is not over the top.
this game a long time, played it at a high level. I feel like the “I mean, he’s still the same person,” Jenkins said. “He’s not run-
things I can say to the team are things that mean something to ning through here every chance he gets trying to make a speech.
them, and I can give them something that maybe I’ve been He doesn’t do it way too often, but when he does do it, guys real-
through and just shed a little light on this process. So it just kind ly listen to it because you know that it has meaning to it.”
THE DAILY JOURNAL NATION 17 Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011

Military lays out plan to

Challenger accident anniversary
By Marcia Dunn establishing the Challenger Center implement gay ban repeal
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS for Space Science Education. By Lolita C. Baldor Still, he added, “there’s nothing
“The entire world knew how the and Pauline Jelinek that tells us that it’s not reachable, but
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Challenger crew died,” she said. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS we have to allow for the fact that we
Hundreds gathered at NASA’s “We wanted the world to know how may discover something between
launch site Friday to mark the 25th they lived and for what they were WASHINGTON — Military train- now and then.”
anniversary of the Challenger disas- risking their lives.” ing to apply the new law allowing Cartwright, the vice chairman of
ter, receiving words of hope from Rodgers and NASA’s space oper- gays to serve openly will begin in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he
the widow of the space shuttle’s ations chief, Bill Gerstenmaier, February and will move quickly, sen- expects the services will know with-
commander. placed a memorial wreath of red, ior Pentagon leaders said Friday. in the first month of training how
The chilly outdoor ceremony white and blue-tinted carnations at They said there is no intent to well they are doing and how quickly
drew space agency managers, for- the base of the Space Mirror delay but would not guarantee full they will be able to proceed.
mer astronauts, past and present Memorial. The 42-foot-tall gleam- implementation of the repeal this Cartwright and Clifford Stanley,
launch directors, family and friends ing mirrored slab of granite bears year. the defense undersecretary for per-
of the fallen crew — and school- the names of all 24 astronauts killed The hedge on scheduling came sonnel, said the military services will
children who weren’t yet born when in the line of duty over the years — despite assertions by President have a lot of latitude to determine
the space shuttle carrying a high 17 of those in U.S. spacecraft. Barack Obama in his State of the their training process and schedule.
school teacher from Concord, N.H., REUTERS FILE PHOTO Dennis and Pat Cassidy of Union speech this week that the Both men appeared unable to
erupted in the sky. The Space Shuttle Challenger Franklin, N.H., blinked back tears repeal of the 17-year-old ban will be describe what would be unacceptable
The accident on Jan. 28, 1986 — explodes seconds after takeoff from as Rodgers spoke. Pat Cassidy finalized in 2011. behavior from service members,
just 73 seconds into flight — killed the Kennedy Space Center at Cape recalled the joy she felt when Speaking to Pentagon reporters, such as those who might crack jokes
all seven on board, including Canaveral,Fla. McAuliffe was named as NASA’s Gen. James Cartwright said he about sexual orientation.
schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe. look to the future” not only in space teacher in space — she screamed expects the military services to move Instead, they said it will be up to
June Scobee Rodgers, the widow travel, but in space and science edu- she was so excited. When expeditiously to train the bulk of individual unit commanders to make
of Challenger’s commander, Dick cation. She was instrumental in Challenger was lost, she couldn’t their units, and that a year for com- sure their troops are professional and
Scobee, urged the crowd to “boldly stop crying. pletion is “a good goal.” respectful.






Violent history
alluring to tourists

Status of women
in modern society
By Philip Dimaano

t would seem that the core beliefs of free-
dom and equality have been firmly estab-
lished in this country as the basis for
which it was founded. Only upon closer
inspection regarding the standing of half the
human race can the actual discrepancies be
identified and brought to
light. The status of women
in American society has
fallen prey to the machina-
tions of popular culture
and the unwarranted
expectations of society.
It is still important to
note how far women have
come since the initial
efforts to bridge the gap of inequality. Women
were finally granted suffrage in 1920 with the
passage of 19th Amendment. As the 20th cen-
tury progressed, the role of the traditional
American housewife has varied significantly as
more and more opportunities have arisen for
women in the job market that were previously
inaccessible. While such advancements are

Good and evil

undoubtedly noteworthy, there are still numer-
ous issues afflicting the women of the nation
that both genders seem to overlook more often
than not.
There exists a proverbial “glass ceiling” that
seems to prevent women from attaining posi-
tions of higher management at certain points in
their career. Only recently have a small number
of women finally overcome this significant
obstacle by being recognized for their achieve-
ments on the same level as their male counter-
Over-the-top ending bedevils ‘The Rite’
parts. Even then, statistics provided by the U.S. By Christy Lemire creepier. Still, Michael is obvi-
Department of Labor indicated women as of
1987 held the only 2 percent of top-level man-
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ‘The Rite’ ously a caring and conscientious
agement jobs and 5 percent of corporate board Director: Mikael Hafstrom young man, and it makes sense
positions. Anthony Hopkins classes up Cast: Anthony Hopkins,Colin that he would be interested in
The plight of the teenage girl has been exac-
erbated due in large part to the prevalence and “The Rite,” as you can imagine O’Donoghue,Alice Braga, tending to others through the
he would most every situation. Ciaran Hinds,Toby Jones church. Trouble is, he’s not sure
tremendous influence of popular culture. There Rated: PG-13 for disturbing thematic
are modern-day musical artists who have made But even his otherworldly pow- material,violence,frightening what he believes.
a name for themselves through the degradation
of women with their lyrics. The practice of ers can only make this overly images,and language Michael Petroni’s script, “sug-
objectifying women through their songs has familiar demonic possession including sexual references gested by” a novel that was
become commonplace to the point in which it thriller engaging for so long. “inspired by” actual events, is
has become widely accepted by the general
population. Kids who have been listening to Despite the ads that would surprisingly reasonable and
such music since they were young become suggest otherwise, Hopkins is even-tempered with its discus-
blind to the actual intent of the lyrical content. actually a supporting player sions about the nature of faith.
The effects of this musical trend can best be
observed in any high school setting where here. The center of the film is (Rutger Hauer) in the family For a while, it is neither hyper-
teenagers have become the primary targets for Colin O’Donoghue, making his mortuary business. Swedish bolic nor preachy, but open to all
this form of music. Vulgarities such as “slut,” confident, impressive feature possibilities and levels of devo-
“whore” and “bitch” frequent the mouths and director Mikael Hafstrom
ears of adolescents to the point in which it can debut as Michael Kovak, an (“Evil,” “1408”) details the tion — or lack thereof. All of
be difficult to distinguish the terms being used aspiring Catholic priest suffer- painstaking process of cleaning this intelligent set-up, as well as
as either an insult or a term of endearment. I the moody, atmospheric way
am amazed when I see and hear boys and even
ing a spiritual crisis. and preparing a body for a
girls address other girls using such terms that Following his mother’s death, funeral with precise, clear-eyed Hafstrom takes advantage of
are incredibly offensive. Instead of a swift rep- Michael joined his father detail, which makes it seem even See RITE, Page 20
rimand as one would expect, such language is
more often than not disregarded or even
responded to in a jovial manner.
History has shown the considerable difficul- Dog yoga Burlingame Ave.,Burlingame.Call 558-
ties involved in changing the negative aspects Best bets 7200 for more information.
that are deeply ingrained in any society. The Do you want to see some real downward-
move to change such a perspective must be facing dogs? The benefits of pet Students should wear comfortable clothes
widespread and it must begin by teaching the ownership are scientifically proven to and bring a towel,a leash,a few treats,a toy Dog show
correct mentality at an early age. As children decrease stress and make the owner and a yoga mat to each class.It is a
smarter.And everyone knows the health prerequisite to have taken at least five Need a partner for Doga? The 108th
grow, their perspective of the world is influ- Annual Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog
enced by what they learn through their own benefits of yoga.Combine the two and yoga classes and your dog should be
you have ...DOGA.Join Annie Appleby,a updated on shots and be well socialized. show is under way 8:30 5 p.m.
experiences. Women must also take action Saturday and Sunday at the Cow Palace in
against the individuals that demean them and yoga and Pilates teacher,and her dog This is not a dog training class,but rather a
Madison at the Burlingame Recreation bonding class.One dog per owner at a Daly City.Meet 146 breeds and talk with
show how they wish to be treated as truly equal
citizens. Only through such a collective effort Center Saturday for the first of four time. over 1,000 breeders and owners.
can equality for every American citizen become sessions that teach you to bond with your There are two sessions:11 11:45 For information call (415) 404-4111 or visit
less of an illusion and more of a reality. dog through DOGA. a.m.and noon to 12:45 850
THE DAILY JOURNAL WEEKEND JOURNAL Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 19
By Susan Cohn
Custom Made Theatre Company’s Bay ABC’s ‘This Week’ 8 a.m.
Area Premiere of Spalding Gray: Stories
Left To Tell is a paean to the craft of an actor, Newt Gingrich; Ronald Reagan's children
playwright, screenwriter and monologist — Michael Reagan,Ron Reagan and Patti
who used both the singular tribulations and Davis.
the ordinary joys of his own troubled life as
the subject of his art. CBS’‘Face the Nation’ 8:30 a.m.
Gray achieved celebrity for writing and act- Sen.Mitch McConnell and Democratic
ing in the 1985 play Swimming to Cambodia, a National Committee chairman Tim Kaine.
monologue based on his experiences in
Southeast Asia while filming a small part in the NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ 8 a.m.
1984 movie The Killing Fields. For his play,
which he filmed in 1987, he was awarded a White House chief of staff Bill Daley.
Guggenheim Fellowship and the National Book
Award. Gray appeared in 38 films, including CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ 3 p.m.
“True Stories,” “Beaches,” “Kate & Leopold” Sen.John McCain,R-Ariz.; Alan Simpson
and “The Paper.” and Alice Rivlin,members of the
In 2001, Gray suffered severe injuries in a car president's deficit commission.
crash and the event sent his life spiraling down-
ward emotionally and physically. He died in ‘Fox News Sunday’ 8 a.m.
New York City in 2004, an apparent suicide,
leaving behind a lifetime of journals in which Rep.John Boehner,R-Ohio.
he had written his daily thoughts. Gray’s
widow, Kathleen Russo, conceived of Spalding
Gray: Stories Left To Tell, which is based on People in the news
extracts from these journals.
The Custom Made production uses a five- JAY YAMADA Sheen enters rehab,
person ensemble to speak journal selections Richard Wenzel, left, and AJ Davenport are among the five actors who represent different
that cover the arc of Gray’s life. Both long-time putting CBS sitcom on hiatus
themes of writer Spalding Gray’s life in the Custom Made Theatre Company production of
fans of Gray’s works and those hearing his LOS ANGELES — Charlie Sheen has vol-
writer’s voice for the first time will be drawn
Spalding Gray:Stories Left to Tell,at the Gough Street Playhouse through Feb.19.
untarily entered a rehabili-
into the extraordinary mind of this acutely mix together famous parts of his great works, show is appropriate for ages 16 and above. tation center, a decision
observant artist. 90 minutes without an inter- along with never-before heard private writings, Children under the age of five, including babes- that is putting his top-
mission. Directed by Brian Katz and Daunielle into a 75-minutes monologue. The result is a in-arms are not allowed in the theatre. 609 Sutter rated CBS sitcom on pro-
Rasmusssen. Through Feb. 19. sum greater than its parts. Not only are we St., San Francisco. Wednesday, Feb. 15 duction hiatus.
reminded of the genius of Spalding Gray, but through Saturday, Feb. 19 at 8 p.m.609 Sutter Publicist Stan
CAST MEMBERS: also we are treated to an even greater insight St., San Francisco. (415) 771-6900 or Rosenfield said Friday
Leah S. Abrams, Patrick Barresi, AJ into the man, his work and those he left that the star of CBS’ “Two
Davenport, Gabriel A. Ross and Richard behind.” *** and a Half Men” was
Wenzel. Can we talk? Comedian Joan Rivers appears entering an undisclosed Charlie Sheen
BACK STORY: as part of the RRazz Room Concert Series @ At facility and is grateful to
STAGE DIRECTIONS: Custom Made Theatre Company was found- The Historic Castro Theatre. 429 Castro St.,
all who have expressed their concern for him.
ed in 1996 by Leah S. Abrams and Brian Katz, San Francisco. Saturday, March 12 at 8 p.m.
The Gough Street Playhouse, 1620 Gough St. (800) 380-3095 or visit No additional information, including the
(at Bush Street), is attached to historic Trinity who currently serve as the company’s executive name or location of the rehab center, was pro-
director and artistic director, respectively. This show may con-
Episcopal Church. There is street parking or tain adult content and is not for the faint of vided.
ABC Parking Garage, 1399 Bush St. (at Polk CMTC is committed to producing plays that CBS, production company Warner Bros.
awaken the social conscience, focusing on the heart. If you are easily offended, it may not be
Street), is a 10-minute walk. the show for you. Television and executive producer Chuck
strength of the ensemble and creating an inti- Lorre said in a statement that Sheen’s decision
TICKETS: mate theatrical experience. to seek rehab has prompted a halt on produc-
$20 to $25. Thursday to Saturday 8 p.m.; COMING ATTRACTIONS: Susan Cohn can be reached at susan@smdailyjour- tion of “Two and a Half Men.”
Special Sunday showing on Feb. 13 at 7 p.m. or
For information call (510) 207-5774, visit Custom Made’s season continues with M. or e-mail info@custom- Butterfly by David Henry Hwang. A French diplomat carried on a 20-year affair with a
Chinese actor and opera singer, not realizing
AN ASIDE: that his partner was in fact a man masquerading
as a woman. Based on a true story, the play is
Custom Made Theatre Company Artistic interwoven with allusions to the Puccini opera
Director Brian I. Katz said, “Here, in Spalding “Madame Butterfly.” March 18 to April 16.
Gray: Stories Left to Tell, his collaborator and ***
widow, Kathy Russo, conceived a way for Boundary-pushing comedian Christopher
Spalding’s words to live on in a vibrant, creative Titus brings his new one-man show, Neverlution,
and unexpected way. Her loving concept was to to the Marines Memorial Theatre, interweaving
have five actors, of mixed age and gender, take his personal experiences with a call for a revolu-
on parts of Spalding’s psyche: love, family, tion against technology, politics, racism, child
career, adventure and, of course, journal. Then, worship and prescription drug companies. This
20 Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 WEEKEND JOURNAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

It’s Oscar Time Five funniest college comedies By Christy Lemire

“Old School” (2003):

e rang in the New Year and woke terrific in “The Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn
up with hopes for a happy and Town.” I have a LOS ANGELES — “Kaboom” follows the bounce off each other beautifully as three men
prosperous 2011. With the New hunch Geoffrey Rush adventures of a group of college students who in their 30s who form a fraternity. All the nec-
Year comes “tax season,” the “State of the will win — just a are all having sex with each other: guys with essary hijinks are in place — K-Y Jelly
Union,” and like clockwork — movie award hunch. girls, guys with guys, girls with girls, every wrestling, streaking, beer-bong guzzling and
nominations. There are the Golden Globes, the Best Supporting even a concert from Snoop Dogg — but “Old
imaginable combination. Since it comes from
Critics’ Choice, the People’s Choice, and finally Actress: It’s a toss up
between Amy Adams writer-director Gregg Araki, it’s full of lively, School” is smarter than the average college
… the Oscars. Why all the tension, the anticipa- funny dialogue, but it’s also an ambitiously comedy. Vaughn’s fast-talking shtick didn’t
tion, the hype? In part, nominations and awards for “The Fighter,” or
Helena Bonham different, out-there entry in the canon of col- seem quite so tiresome at this point, and
sell movie tickets. And then there’s the fact that lege comedies.
we all love prizes. Oscar is the biggest prize of Carter for (of course) Ferrell is delightful in full-on man-child
“The King’s With “Kaboom” opening in theaters this mode. It’s quick and light on its feet, and it
all, and so, we root for our favorite films and weekend and available through video on
actors and actresses of the year. It also gives us Speech.” doesn’t beat the same stupid jokes into the
Director: I’ve seen four out of five of the demand, here’s a look at the five movies in this ground. The best movie Todd Phillips has ever
a chance to look back on the great movies category that are the big men (and women) on
we’ve seen during the year and to look forward nominees, and in my book, it would be a directed (sorry, fans of “The Hangover”). Say
tossup between Darren Aaronofsky for “Black campus:
to some we have yet to see. the words, “You’re my boy, Blue!” and every-
We also get to play armchair critic and prog- Swan” and Tom Hooper for “The King’s one will know what you’re talking about.
nosticator, which is a process I love, because I Speech.” It might go to David Fincher because “National Lampoon’s
am an unabashed “movie freak,” and because I the Academy does seem to like “The Social Animal House” (1978): “Real Genius” (1985):
write this and other articles about movies. To Network” a lot.
Regarding Best Foreign Film: Why is it that Well, of course. Could we possibly start Val Kilmer shows off the whole spectrum of
keep everything straight I keep a movie log to anywhere else? It’s an absolute classic, one
we don’t get to see most of the foreign films his confidence and charisma in one of his ear-
jog my memory. However, the best ones usual- that defined the genre, with its wonderful
ly stand out. My bests are not always those of before they are nominated? There were a num- liest film roles. He’s the coolest guy on cam-
ber of great foreign films released earlier this ensemble cast including John Belushi, Tom pus — which isn’t all that tough at the fiction-
the Academy, and I haven’t always seen all the Hulce, Bruce McGill, Tim Matheson, Stephen
nominees, so I can only judge those I have year that have had limited exposure, and aside al and highly geeky Pacific Tech — as the
from what I have read about “Biutiful,” I know Furst and Karen Allen. It made sloth and
seen. That being said, here’s what I think about school’s resident quick-thinking, fast-talking
nothing about any of the nominees. No fun at debauchery look not just amusing but wildly
this year’s Oscar race — nominees, winners desirable. In real life, every fraternity wants to prankster and smart-aleck. Martha Coolidge’s
and losers (in the major categories only). all. It will, however, provide me with a guide movie hasn’t exactly aged well over the years
for films to watch for this year, so I guess be as brazen as the men of Delta Tau Chi —
Best Picture: Hands down it should and they all want to stick it to the rival houses, and and still looks very much of its time, with
probably will be “The King’s Speech.” There’s that’s OK. It bothers me nonetheless. Kilmer’s character taking a young prodigy
Regarding the remaining nominees and the the administration, with as much creativity
more competition since they expanded the and drunken gusto. John Landis’ film takes under his wing to help develop a super-pow-
nomination categories, but this film is just so award ceremony as a whole: Too many, too
place in the 1960s but holds up beautifully ered laser. But it wears its ’80s aesthetic
perfect, that if there’s any justice, it will win. long, too boring!
Why do I always succumb and watch it any- today as a battle cry for chaos, individuality proudly, has a great, infectious energy about it
The main competition will probably be “The and rebellious fun. Elmer Bernstein’s rousing and, ultimately, a sweetness that binds its mis-
Social Network,” which I admired for its exe- how? Because I’m hooked, and I can turn on
the television and do the crossword puzzles in score only amplifies the antics. fit characters.
cution, but didn’t like for what it said about
contemporary society. the “Pink Section,” without feeling totally
Best Actor: I’ve only seen two of the per- ripped off. I can also mark my predictions on
“Revenge of the Nerds” (1984): “Legally Blonde” (2001):
formances, Colin Firth and Jesse Eisenberg. their score sheet to see how close I come to OK, so it looks extremely dated, especially Reese Witherspoon is irresistibly adorable
My preference by far — of course — Colin winning a prize of my own — predicting all when the Tri-Lams give their synth-heavy as Elle Woods, the plucky sorority queen who
Firth. I am sure the others were worthy, but the winners correctly! concert during the big fraternity competition transforms herself into a star law student.
Jeff Bridges won last year, and beyond that, I The Oscar phenomenon is an integral part of at the end. But it’s goofy, raunchy, ridiculous Perfectly coifed at all times and an expert in
still think it will probably go to Colin Firth. our yearly pop culture cycle, and once in and ultimately sweet — and much better than varying shades of pink as a fashion merchan-
Best Actress: There was an outstanding awhile, it brings a really good film to wider the many sex romps that cropped up in the dising major with a 4.0 grade point average,
group of actresses this year, making it hard to audiences and/or gives high honor to films, early ’80s. Anthony Edwards and Robert
Elle represents a contemporary spin on the
choose. I think it will go to Natalie Portman actors and directors who deserve our praise. Carradine lead the underdog nerd house
against the idiot jocks of Alpha Beta, led by age-old ditzy-blonde character. She uses the
for “Black Swan,” and perhaps it should. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, keep going out to
the movies, particularly those treasured Indies Ted McGinley. (A much slimmer John full force of her charm and organizational
Personally, I really liked Nicole Kidman in
“Rabbit Hole.” Jennifer Lawrence was also and art theaters that need our support! Goodman is hilarious as the school’s football skills to earn an acceptance to Harvard Law
outstanding in the overlooked “Winter’s Bone.” coach.) A timeless David vs. Goliath battle, an School with hopes of impressing the man of
Supporting Actor: This was a tough one, inspiring tale of tolerance and inclusion, only her dreams but finds that, naturally, the
because there were several terrific performanc- Eve Visconti is a Foster City writer and a lifelong with big hair and booger jokes. It’s bad woman she wants to be was within her all
es. My personal preference is for Geoffrey movie buff. Her column appears in the Daily Journal enough that there have been sequels — please, along. Director Robert Luketic’s film has a
on a quarterly basis. Her additional articles on movies
Rush (of course), but Christian Bale was great and other topics can be accessed online at Hollywood, I beg of you, never remake the brain and a heart and, like its heroine, it’s a lot
in “The Fighter,” and Jeremy Renner was also original. more intelligent than it looks.

mously unorthodox Father Lucas. After wit- almost irresistible, even as he begins to show As we know from his indelible turns as

Continued from page 18
nessing the master’s methods, we — like
Michael — are left wondering what’s real and
what’s just mere theatrics. (Last summer’s
signs that he might not be so trustworthy.
“The Rite” makes its own turn — from a
film that’s smart and suspenseful to one that
Hannibal Lecter, Hopkins can be frightening
enough all on his own, just standing there
delivering his lines. He doesn’t need any tech-
“The Last Exorcism” daringly explored the feels hackneyed and overwrought. The preg- nological trickery and he certainly doesn’t
same notion.) nant teen contorts her body in impossible need his voice enhanced in any way. Hafstrom
locations in Rome and Budapest, make the In the middle of purging a demon from a ways and curses in languages she doesn’t even apparently didn’t think so, though, and over-
over-the-top climax feel like even more of a pregnant teen’s body, Father Lucas’ iPhone know. Michael begins to wonder whether he’s whelms what might have been a disturbing,
letdown. rings — and he takes the call. He knowingly seeing and hearing things, which he bounces final showdown between good and evil.
But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. jokes about spinning heads and pea soup. He off a journalist (Alice Braga) who has “The Rite,” a Warner Bros. release, is rated
Michael doubts himself, but his mentor at also pulls off a little sleight of hand to assuage befriended him while working on a piece PG-13 for disturbing thematic material, vio-
the seminary (Toby Jones) sees the potential a troubled boy who claims he’s been seeing about exorcisms. lence, frightening images and language
in him, and sends him off to Rome to study visions of a mule with burning red eyes. And inevitably, even old, reliable Father including sexual references. Running time:
exorcisms with Hopkins’ character, the infa- Hopkins makes the character charming, Lucas starts behaving, um, a little strangely. 113 minutes. Two and a half stars out of four.
THE DAILY JOURNAL Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 21
22 Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 WEEKEND JOURNAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

Bardem goes on an Kansas’violent origin beckons visitors By Heather Hollingsworth

emotional journey
By Sandy Cohen

LECOMPTON, Kan — One-hundred

and fifty years ago, the nation was on the
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS verge of the Civil War and transfixed by
the bloody fighting in Kansas over
BEVERLY HILLS — Javier Bardem has his own A-list cheer- whether the territory would enter the
ing section. Union as a free or slave state.
Sean Penn, Julia Roberts, Ryan Gosling and writer-director Now as Kansas celebrates its sesquicen-
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu are among the celebrities rooting for tennial, the region is promoting its ties to
him to receive awards recognition for his emotional performance the era — the battlefields, the former
in “Biutiful,” opening Friday. haunts of fiery abolitionist John Brown
In what Bardem calls his most difficult role to date, he plays and other scattered historic sites.
Uxbal, a hustler who deals in undocumented workers on the Visitors can stay at a hotel, The
streets of Barcelona. He has two young kids, a mentally unstable Eldridge, in the former abolitionist strong-
ex-wife, and he is dying. The film follows his struggle to provide hold of Lawrence that stands on the site of
for his children, look after his workers and create some kind of one destroyed in 1856 and again in 1863
legacy in the short time he has left. by pro-slavery forces. About 180 men and
Roberts has called the performance “a magic trick and a mira- boys were killed by William Quantrill and
cle all together.” Gosling called it “one of the best things I’ve ever his men in the second attack.
seen.” And Penn compared its “soulful gravitas” to Marlon They can stop at the Kansas Museum of
Brando’s work in “Last Tango in Paris.” History in Topeka and see the tombstone
Bardem, 41, was nominated for a British Academy Award last for an anti-slavery settler killed in the ter-
week and his supporters hope he’ll add an Oscar nod to it when ritorial fighting. The man seems to speak Visitors can stay at a hotel, The Eldridge, in the former abolitionist stronghold of
Academy Award nominations are announced on Tuesday. from the grave, the tombstone reading, “I Lawrence that stands on the site of one destroyed in 1856 and again in 1863 by
Already a winner for “No Country for Old Men” and a previ- am willing to die for the cause of freedom pro-slavery forces.
ous nominee for “Before Night Falls,” Bardem says the glory of in Kansas.”
such accolades is precious but fleeting. The real reward comes in
stretching himself emotionally and studying life, and sometimes
Christopher Phillips, who writes and If you go
lectures about the period, took students on
death, through the characters he plays. field trips of some of his favorite sites dur- KANSAS MUSEUM OF HISTORY: 6425 SW BATTLE OF BLACK JACK BATTLEFIELD:
For him, becoming Uxbal was profoundly challenging. The ing the seven years he taught at Emporia Sixth Ave.,Topeka; or Three miles east of Baldwin City;
role is “the most emotionally complex that I’ve ever portrayed,” State University. His message to his stu-
(785) 272-8681. or (785)
he says over a soda at the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Polo Lounge. LECOMPTON CONSTITUTION HALL: 319 883-2106.
dents was that “ultimately the Civil War Elmore St.,Lecompton, or FORT SCOTT:
“There are many layers and there are many open doors in his was more about the West than it was about (785) 887-6520.
life, places that he has to come in and get out of,” he says. “There either the North or the South because they JOHN STEUART CURRY MURAL: 300 SW THE ELDRIDGE HOTEL: 701 Massachusetts
are many departments going on.” 10th St.,Topeka; or 785- Ave.,Lawrence;
are fighting about the future of their insti- 296-3966. or (800) 527-
Uxbal is tough and street smart as he peddles illegal labor, but
tution as the nation grows.” JOHN BROWN MEMORIAL PARK & 0909.Rates begin at $135-$159.Hotel was
he also cares about his workers and tries to protect them. He’s
The fighting, as he explained to his stu- MUSEUM: 10th and Main,Osawatomie; built on site of hotels destroyed in 1856 and
tender with his children, but also temperamental and demanding. or (913) 755-4384. 1863.History of the Sack of Lawrence,
dents, broke out after Congress decided in
He extends warmth to his ex-wife, but withdraws it just as quick- MINE CREEK BATTLEFIELD: Pleasanton;
1854 to let settlers in the Kansas and
ly. He seeks spiritual solace and simultaneously exploits it.
Nebraska territories decide whether to
Embodying those emotions over the five-month shoot was
exhausting, Bardem says. allow slavery. Residents of the slave state pave the way for Abraham Lincoln’s elec- Kansas’ memory of itself,” said Phillips,
“You need a lot of focus and attention and concentration and of Missouri crossed into the neighboring tion. Southern states were beginning to who now teaches at the University of
also the ability to be vulnerable,” he says. “Sometimes you feel Kansas Territory in droves to cast illegal pull their statesmen from Washington Cincinnati. “At that moment, Kansas near-
like you’re in control; sometimes the role is in control of you.” votes for pro-slavery lawmakers. Anti- when Kansas finally entered the Union as ly went the other way, and those pro-slav-
Inarritu says he had Bardem in mind for the part from the slavery Easterners sent settlers, money a free state on Jan. 29, 1861. Less than ery people did all they could to make it go
beginning. and weapons. three months later, on April 12, 1861, the other way. And what would have hap-
“Nobody else could have brought to the character what he has Visitors can still walk through the Union and Confederate forces battled at pened had they done that at that moment?
brought,” he says. “This film could not have been done without Shawnee Indian Mission in the Kansas Fort Sumter, in South Carolina, as the war It’s always been fascinating to me.”
him. I think he did monumental work.” City area where the pro-slavery territorial officially began. Because of the bitterness over what
“Biutiful” is on the shortlist to become a foreign-language legislature met briefly and approved what “To the people out here, the war had happened in Lecompton, Kansans moved
Oscar nominee. anti-slavery activists dubbed the “bogus been going on for seven years,” said Tim the capital to Topeka. Most of
They shot it two years ago, but Uxbal made a permanent mark laws.” They mandated prison times for Rues, the site administrator of Lecompton’s 5,000 residents left, and a
on Bardem. crimes such as speaking out against slav- Constitution Hall in Lecompton, the sim- partially completed Statehouse was aban-
ery. ple, wood-frame building where the terri- doned. The building that eventually was
One of Phillips’ first stops was torial legislators — first pro-slavery and completed on its foundation was used first
Lecompton, where delegates to a constitu- briefly anti-slavery — met. as a college and later a high school. Now,
tional convention approved a pro-slavery Phillips marvels that the building still the town of about 600 operates it as a
document that was narrowly rejected by stands; anti-slavery forces twice set out to museum, using it to house items such as
Congress. Historians say the fighting over burn it. one of the desks used by the territorial
it helped divide the Democratic Party and “It’s this really distasteful part of lawmakers.
THE DAILY JOURNAL WEEKEND JOURNAL Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 23
BLUE Calendar
Continued from page 1 SATURDAY, JAN. 29 human resources, coaching and Opening and Reception. 5:30 p.m.
E-Waste collection. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. teaching are here to help you in your to 8 p.m. Pacific Art League, Ramona
Aragon High School, 900 Alameda search for a job. For more informa- St., Palo Alto. Celebrate the February
“The great Bluegrass on Broadway Festival de las Pulgas, San Mateo. Recycle tion call 522-7802. Exhibition opening. For more infor-
is so much fun, bringing this true American your old electronic items free! Bring mation contact marketing@pacifi-
working or non-working computers, Bead Head Jewelry Craft. 3:30 p.m.
art form right into downtown Redwood City,” televisions, printers, copiers, scan- to 5 p.m.Belmont Library, 1110
said Redwood City spokesman Malcolm ners, VCRs, phones and more. Free. Alameda de las Pulgas, Belmont. San Mateo High School Presents
For more information e-mail Join us and create your own beaded ‘The Wedding Singer.’ 7:30 p.m.
Smith. “Fans and musicians from all over the jewelry in this fun craft. For more San Mateo Performing Arts Center,
Peninsula show up to listen, jam along and information contact 600 N. Delaware St., San Mateo. A
Notre Dame Elementary School romantic musical comedy about a
enjoy the music and our downtown — ‘Community Shred.’ 9 a.m. to noon. rock star wannabe and wedding
Redwood City — is the center of the blue- For $5/box, the school will shred and TUESDAY, FEB. 1 singer in the 1980s. $15 for adults,
grass universe for the weekend.” recycle papers and documents and Controlling the Cost of Aging at $10 for students and seniors. For
An award winners jam hosted by Belle provide a certificate of destruction. Home. 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Mimi’s more information or to order tickets
This year’s event has a historic twist. Monroe and Her Brewglass Boys will start at All proceeds go to NDE’s sixth-grade Cafe, 2208 Bridgepointe Parkway, visit
Bluegrass, Hall explained, is thought to Outdoor Ed program and also an eco- Foster City. A hosted breakfast dis-
5:15 p.m. Saturday at Little India during the friendly non-profit. For more infor- cussion led by Andy Howard, Home Friday Flicks: Despicable Me. 7
have begun in 1939 at the Grand Old Opry in Bluegrass on Broadway Festival in downtown mation call 591-2209. Care Professional. Free. For more p.m. Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda
Nashville, Tenn. Many of the musicians from Redwood City.
information or to RSVP call 773- de las Pulgas, Belmont. For more
Dog Adoptions. 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 2552. information contact the library at
the beginning are getting up there in age, San Mateo Petco, 3012 Bridgepointe
sparking the interest of documentary film- the Tapestry Church, 1305 Middlefield Road. Parkway, San Mateo. Dogs were Armchair-Travel China. 10 a.m.
makers to capture opinions of those there A special film presentation, “Discover saved from death in high-kill Twin Pines Senior and Community SATURDAY, FEB. 5
Bluegrass” from the International Bluegrass Southern California shelters and driv- Center, 20 Twin Pines Lane, Orion School’s Children’s Book
from the start. These movies are part of an en to Northern California for adop- Belmont. Laura Guluzzy will share Author & Illustrator Festival. 10
exhibit in Kentucky, but Hall didn’t anticipate Music Association starts the events followed tions. For more information visit her trip to China to deliver wheel- a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Orion Elementary,
by performances until 2:30 p.m. by South chairs. Presentation is free, $8 for 815 Allerton St., Redwood City.
many Californians popping over to Bluegrass lunch afterwards. For more informa- Book signings and author presenta-
State often. He’s excited to debut some of County Special, Pearly Blue, Bean Creek, Outdoor Lunar New Year tion or to reserve a spot call 595- tions throughout the day, with
those films in California. Dark Hollow and Jack & Molly Tuttle. Book/Media Sale. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 7444. Spanish and sign language transla-
Millbrae Library, 1 Library Ave., tions available. Free. For more infor-
Sunday will feature the NCBS International The Northern California Bluegrass Awards, Millbrae. For more information call Small Works. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. 320 mation visit
Bluegrass Music Museum Film Festival from which will feature additional performances, 697-7607. California Ave., Palo Alto. Gallery
runs from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. An award winners House presents an exhibition of Kaplan SAT/ACT Review Session.
noon to 5 p.m. at the community room in the National Puzzle Day Celebration small-scale works by Bay Area 11a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Belmont
Redwood City Main Library, 1044 jam hosted by Belle Monroe and Her and Competition. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. artists. Exhibit runs Tuesday through Library, 1110 Alameda de las Pulgas,
Brewglass Boys will start at 5:15 p.m. at 846 Main St., Redwood City. The Sunday until Feb. 5. For more infor- Belmont. Get your SAT/ACT combo
Middlefield Road. Jigsaw Puzzle Competition is to cele- mation e-mail test results followed with a review
Movies to be shown include “The Eventful Little India, 917 Main St. All jammers are brate National Puzzle Day. $15. For and strategies session. For more
Life of Al Hawkes,” by Andrew Jawitz; welcome. more information contact Mary Albiz Craft Group. 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 information contact
at 364-3634. p.m. 20 Twin Pines Lane., Belmont.
“Unbroken: The Pearl Bluegrass Circle,” by The weekend culminates in a bluegrass and Bring whatever project you’re work-
Winston Hall and Donna Chance; “The Mast jazz concert at the Woodside Road United Flickr: Online Photo Management ing on and join in on the fun. All sen- Ella Fitzgerald: Still the First Lady
Methodist Church, 2000 Woodside Road, and Sharing Saturday. 10:30 a.m. iors welcome. For more information of Song! 11 a.m. Menlo Park Library,
Farm Inn Sessions (A Study in Songwriting),” Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda de call 595-7441. 800 Alma St., Menlo Park. Join us in
by Craig Havighurst; “Discover Bluegrass with the Woodside Road Players and the las Pulgas, Belmont. Learn how to our Black History Month Program as
Healing Stream Bluegrass Band. open a new account, upload photos, WEDNESDAY, FEB. 2 Alisa Clancy of KCSM Jazz 91.1 FM
‘Bluegrass Today’ Segment’ featuring A.J. organize and edit uploaded photos, Wednesday Movies. 12:15 p.m. celebrates Ella’s contribution to the
Lee and Max Schwarz; and “The Legends add description to photos, perform Twin Pines Senior and Community world of jazz and the songs she made
Concert, ROMP 2005,” courtesy of the For more information visit or simple searches, print and save the Center, 20 Twin Pines Lane, famous. Free. For more information
photos you like. Free. For more infor- Belmont. Free, but donations from $3 call 330-2512.
International Bluegrass Music Museum in call 596-9332. mation call 591-8286. to $6 are suggested. For more infor-
mation call 595-7444. Wildlife Show. 3 p.m. CuriOdyssey,
Owensboro, Ky. Music, Grief and Healing. 10:30 1651 Coyote Point Drive, San Mateo.
Before the movies, there is lots of music. Heather Murtagh can be reached by e-mail:
a.m. to 12:20 p.m. 700 S. Claremont Homeowner Retrofit and Rebates Come join us in our Wildlife Theater
St., No. 231, San Mateo. A workshop Talk. 7 p.m. San Carlos Library, 610 and learn about CuriOdyssey’s non-
Saturday features a film, an all-day concert, or by phone: (650) for all adults grieving or anticipating Elm St., San Carlos. A presentation releasable animals. Free with admis-
from 10 a.m. to whenever, and awards show at 344-5200 ext. 105. death with music therapy. $20 to $25 by the California Energy Upgrade sion to museum. For more informa-
donation is accepted. Registration program to help homeowners tion call 342-7755.
required. For more information e- improve their efficiency and receive
mail rebates. Free. For more information PEER: Gotham City Black and

CONTRACTS “If you save $30,000 on 10 contracts that’s

$300,000. That could be a couple of jobs,” he
‘Bluegrass on Broadway.’ 11 a.m.
Tapestry Church Main Hall, 1305
Middlefield Road, Redwood City.
call 596-2865.
Women’s quilting group. 9 a.m. to
noon. Calvary Lutheran Church, 401
White Ball. 7 p.m. San Mateo
Masonic Lodge Ballroom,100 N.
Ellsworth Ave., San Mateo. Join us
for vintage swing and fox trot lessons
Continued from page 1 Mayor Jack Matthews didn’t see long-term Enjoy this great festival throughout Santa Lucia Ave., Millbrae. If you as well as elegant ballroom dance
savings coming from the change but was curi- Redwood City. Free. For more infor- like quilting, come join our fun music. This event includes a no-host
mation contact Malcolm Smith at women’s quilting group. For more bar, a complimentary light snack buf-
ning session to discuss finances, policy goals ous to hear the discussion behind the idea. 780-7305. information call 588-2840. fet, and theatrical performances. $15,
San Mateo’s general fund revenue is pro- $20 at door. For more information
and other issues facing the city. San Mateo is Kaplan SAT/ACT Combo Practice Beginning Internet. 10:30 a.m. call (510) 522-1731.
looking at a $5.4 million budget shortfall, jected to increase by an average of just 2.5 Test. 11a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Belmont Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda de
percent annually over the next eight years, Library, 1110 Alameda de las Pulgas, las Pulgas, Belmont. Learn how to Yoga at Change: Sewing Circle. 7
which does not include $2.5 million in Belmont. Kaplan is offering a evaluate and search the Internet for p.m. 400 Ben Franklin Court, San
already-approved cuts. below the 5 percent historical average. SAT/ACT combo practice test at information. Free. For more informa- Mateo. Cost is by donation. For more
Despite the reductions and loss of employ- Belmont Library for all high school. tion e-mail information call 340-9642.
Lim’s suggestion doesn’t assume to create Free. For more information con-
huge long-term savings but a stronger aware- ees, the city faces significant increases in pen- THURSDAY, FEB. 3 San Mateo High School Presents
sion compensation cost. The employer contri- South Bay Salt Pond Restoration ‘The Wedding Singer.’ 7:30 p.m.
ness of expenses, particularly high ones. Job Seeking Skills. 2 p.m. Half Science Symposium. 8:15 a.m. to 7 San Mateo Performing Arts Center,
Right now, the city has a handful of bution rates for “public safety” employees are Moon Bay Library, 620 Correas St., p.m. USGS Campus, 345 Middlefield 600 N. Delaware St., San Mateo. A
projected to increase from 27.9 percent this Half Moon Bay. Joan Tabb, career Road, Menlo Park. For more infor- romantic musical comedy about a
employees making more than $200,000. And coach, will discuss how to use net- mation contact rock star wannabe and wedding
the human resources director was long ago year to 45 percent by fiscal year 2018-19. works and impress interviewers. singer in the 1980s. $15 for adults,
given a range to allow for contract changes Matthews sees the employee compensation Free. For more information call 726- Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. $10 for students and seniors. For
2316. 10 a.m. Half Moon Bay Library, 620 more information or to order tickets
without needing council approval, Lim said. as a major budget issue. A two-tiered system Correas St., Half Moon Bay. Learn visit
While a number of employees earn that is likely in the city’s future, along with a Low Carbon Diet Workshop. 2 p.m. about the popular social network
San Carlos Library, 610 Elm St., San sites, including how to create an Notre Dame de Namur University
amount for good reason, Lim said he wants a change in the retirement age, said Matthews. Carlos. Acterra, a Bay Area account, find helpful applications and presents ‘Voci!’ 7:30 p.m. Ralston
more transparent discussion of the larger con- He’s also open to sharing or providing servic- Environment Organization, presents stay safe. Free. For more information Mansion Ballroom, 1500 Ralston
a workshop on reducing your carbon call 726-2316.
tracts which would lead to the council being es to other cities to save money. footprint and being a part of the solu-
Ave., Belmont. NDNU’s Department
of Music and Vocal Arts presents
more accountable for them. “It’s a process that no one really enjoys,” tion to reduce Global Warming. Free. Yoga at Change: Daily Meditation. ‘Voci!’ an annual Valentine’s Day-
For more information contact smco- 12:15 p.m. to12:45 p.m. 400 Ben
In addition, San Mateo has allowed city said Matthews, who added the city is trying to Franklin Court, San Mateo. Cost is
themed concert. $20 general admis-
sion, $10 students and seniors. For
staff to approve contracts up to $100,000 offer the same amount of services for less. by donation. For more information more information e-mail
Dan Littlefield. 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. call 340-9642.
without the council’s approval. Lim would Matthews also wants to discuss the future The Wine Bar, 270 Capistrano Road
like to see this threshold lowered. He was of Caltrain and the emergency response plan No. 22, Half Moon Bay. A perform- Thursday Night Live Music. 8:30 For more events visit
from Pacific Gas and Electric. ance by alternative rock/folk artist p.m. Flight Lounge, 971 Laurel St.,
reminded of a contract to get rid of roots from Dan Littlefield. For more information San Carlos. Come and enjoy Justin, click Calendar.
the sewer that came before the council last go to Ancheta’s Band with an electric style
year. Another company’s contract could have The council meets 5:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. of reggae flavors indie-rock, funk and
SUNDAY, JAN. 30 jazz. For more information contact
saved $30,000, Lim said, an amount that was 31 at the San Mateo Garden Center, 605 Farmers’ Market Sundays. 9 a.m. info@flight
thought of as small. Parkside Way in San Mateo. to 1 p.m. South Caltrain Parking Lot
on El Camino Real, Belmont. Get FRIDAY, FEB. 4
fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and pas- A Morning with Oliver Chin. 10:30

TAX the property’s assessed value. tries, flowers and more. For more a.m. Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda
information visit de las Pulgas, Belmont. Celebrate the
Burlingame residents have historically sup- Lunar New Year with Oliver Chin as
ported the districts ballot efforts. Wiegand Gallery presents he reads his new picture book, ‘The
Mercedes Matter: The Hofmann Year of the Rabbit.’ Free. For more
Continued from page 1 In 2010, Measure B, a $180 annual parcel Years. Noon to 4 p.m. Notre Dame information e-mail
tax for 10 years, was approved. The measure de Namur University, 1500 Ralston
Ave., Belmont. Mercedes Matter is a
52 percent, thought the district needed addi- combined two previously approved parcel renown figure in American Art. She Job Seekers @ Your Library. 11
taxes totaling the same amount both of which was an original member of the a.m. to 2 p.m. San Mateo Main
tional funds to continue providing high quali- American Abstract Artists group that Library, 55 W. Third Ave., San
ty education. ended this year. Measure B goes into effect in included. William DeKooning, Philip Mateo. Volunteers with experience in
July and generates about $1.4 million for the Guston, Lee Kranser, Jackson human resources, coaching and
After hearing information about the meas- Pollock and others. $75. For more teaching are here to help you in your
ure, about 69 percent of those questioned district annually. information visit www.wie- search for a job. For more informa-
Measure A, a $48.3 million bond measure, tion call 522-7802.
were supportive of an $85 annual parcel tax
over 10 years. Such a measure requires two- was passed in 2007. Purchasing the now- The Saints Michael Trio. 4 p.m. Chinese New Year Celebration.
vacant Hoover Elementary School at 2220 Ralston Mansion Ballroom, 1500 11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. San Bruno
thirds support to pass. With the margin of Ralston Ave., Belmont. NDNU’s Senior Center, 1555 Crystal Springs
error, this support could dip as low as 62 per- Summit Drive for $4.85 million was one of Department of Music and Vocal Arts Road, San Bruno. Fan, Ribbon and
cent — short of the threshold, according to the larger purchases from the measure. presents ‘Viva la France!’ performed Sword Dances by Ming Wu followed
by The Saint Michael Trio. Free, by Chicken Stir Fry. Suggested dona-
the survey results. Getting that building ready to house a grow- donations suggested. For more infor- tion of $3. For more information call
A $27 million bond measure, on the other ing number of students is one reason a bond mation contact Claire Karoly at 508- 616-7150.
hand, had enough support to pass. Sixty two measure has been discussed recently. The dis- Yoga at Change: Drum, Dance,
percent indicated supporting such a measure, trict is in line to receive matching funds from MONDAY, JAN. 31 Chill. 4 p.m. 400 Ben Franklin Court,
Job Seekers @ Your Library. 11 San Mateo. Cost is by donation. For
which requires 55 percent to pass. Support the state, however, which could cover those a.m. to 2 p.m. San Mateo Main more information call 340-9642.
went slightly higher as those questioned were costs. The question becomes the timing, said Library, 55 W. Third Ave., San
Mateo. Volunteers with experience in Pacific Art League’s February
told the tax rate would be $12 per $100,000 of Intrieri.
24 Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 COMICS/GAMES THE DAILY JOURNAL

Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011 a known fact that when we do what we like, the results are
usually productive and can even be profitable.
Conditions will be far better in the next solar cycle than they
have been for a long time. Significant opportunities could now LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - It’s more than worth it to make a
develop that never have been there for you previously. Make concerted effort to shore up a relationship that is especially
the most of them. important. A rewarding experience can take place between
you and that special someone.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) - Unique, personal benefits
can be derived from exposure to friendly people. Find the time VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) - Be alert for a developing situa-
to involve yourself in some type of enjoyable group activity. tion concerning a special interest of yours. Opportunity is out
there, and it could be utilized to your advantage.
PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) - If you focus on singular goals
and do not get off on tangents, more than a few significant LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) - Your ego might get a huge boost
objectives can be achieved. Do what you can to make your from some important people who find you or your methods
life easier and happier. extremely appealing, and will tell you so. Savor each well-
deserved nugget of praise.
ARIES (March 21-April 19) - An old friend of yours who has
helped you out in the past may once again come through for SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) - You aren’t apt to find a better
you, by helping to bring about something you are unable to do day to go bargain hunting with a good friend who knows how
on your own. to help you discover that great deal you’re looking for. You’ll
find exactly what you want.
TAURUS (April 20-May 20) - Although others may do all that
they can to dodge challenging situations, you will feed on dif- SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) - Do not delegate assign-
ficulties as part of a balanced breakfast. It’s the way you do ments to others that you can do better. Anything that bears
things that makes everything so much easier. your personal imprint could come out better than usual at
this time.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20) - Your judgment could be much
keener than usual, especially in handling some significant CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) - Follow through on any Previous
matters. Equally important, you’ll know how to stay within development showing favorable signs of Lady Luck being on
your perimeter of security. your side. She is making a special effort to shore up what is Sudoku
near and dear to your heart.
CANCER (June 21-July 22) - Allocate as much time as
possible to working on endeavors that you truly enjoy. It’s Copyright 2011, United Feature Syndicate, Inc. answers

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PEARLS BEFORE SWINE© 1 Herds of whales
Calculus or trig
5 Greedy people 58 Antique auto
9 Freud, to himself 59 Kind of molding
12 At the summit 60 Afternoon refresher
13 Norse god 61 It has rings
14 Scare word 62 Suit option
15 “Great” dog A N T A NON E X I T
16 Wool fats DOWN S A R I T A D A I C E
18 Dirty politics 1 Traipses about P L OD E D E N N E T
20 Mirage sights 2 In the least (2 wds.) L A Y R A NG Y
21 Homer’s instrument 3 Euros, e.g. QU E E N O S L O
22 Eavesdrop 4 Asparagus units T R A D I NG O MA H A
23 Munchies 5 Fishing gear I S S M I L G A B OR
26 Deficit 6 Potato st. P A T A L E D E C K
30 Autumn mo. 7 Martini base 1-29-11 ©2011, United Features Syndicate
33 Clay cooking pot 8 Busybody
34 Mystique 9 Nile wader 29 “Cheers” bar owner 49 — monster
35 Woeful cry 10 Volcano shape 30 Nitpick 50 Reindeer herder
37 Lug along 11 Cartwright son 31 Pamplona shout 51 Big name in tennis
39 Shady 17 Clapton tune 32 Furniture mover 52 Newscaster Huntley
40 Polite chap 19 Stoic founder 36 Tolerated 54 Smoker or diner
41 Diva’s performance 22 Large aquarium fish 38 Idle of Monty Python 55 Mao — -tung
43 Mantra chants 24 Choir members 42 “I, Robot” writer
45 Baroness Karen 25 Filly’s footfall 44 Saddle horse
48 Arctic dwelling 27 Belly dance 46 Wise old saying
51 Sour instrument 47 Franklin’s flyers
53 Overpasses 28 — Lanka 48 John, in Russia
THE DAILY JOURNAL Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 25

110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment

110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment

110 Employment 110 Employment

104 Training 110 Employment
Putnam Auto Group
The San Mateo Daily Journal Classi-
fieds will not be responsible for more CAREGIVERS $50,000 Average Expectation
a must…
than one incorrect insertion, and its lia-
bility shall be limited to the price of one 2 years 5 Men or Women for
insertion. No allowance will be made for Career Sales Position
errors not materially affecting the value experience
of the ad. All error claims must be sub- • Car Allowance
mitted within 30 days. For full advertis- required. • Paid insurance w/life & dental
ing conditions, please ask for a Rate
Card. Immediate • 401k plan
• Five day work week
Placement Top Performers earn $100k Plus!!
106 Tutoring on all assignments Bilingual a plus
Paid training included
CALL (650)777-9000 Call Mr. Olson 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices
TUTORING 1-866-788-6267
The following person is doing business STATEMENT #227043
Spanish, French, CAREGIVERS as: Likota Partners, 950 Tournament The following persons have abandoned
127 Elderly Care Drive, HILLSBOROUGH, CA 94010 is the use of the fictitious business name:
Italian Mid Peninsula CNA’s hereby registered by the following owner: Integrated Healing Associates, 520 S. El
needed. Nikola Stefanac and Zlata Stefanac, Camino Real, Ste. 204, SAN MATEO,
Certificated Local Hiring now! FAMILY RESOURCE same address, Katherin Stefanac Baban, CA 94402. The fictitious business name
512 Princeton Rd., SAN MATEO, Nikola referred to above was filed in County on
Teacher Hourly & Live-ins GUIDE Marko Stefanac, 1326 Ashwood Ct., 05/07/08. The business was conducted
NEWSPAPER INTERNS The San Mateo Daily Journal’s SAN MATEO and Branislava Peric Se- by: Mary Ann Miner, M.D., 418 Aragon
All Ages! Call Mon-Fri 9am-3pm. twice-a-week resource guide for kelj, 739 Nevada Ave., SAN MATEO. Blvd., SAN MATEO, CA, and Nancy
Reliable Caregivers. JOURNALISM children and families. The business is conducted by a General
Partnership. The registrants commenced
Marx, Ph.D, 2638 Monserat Ave., BEL-
(650)573-9718 (415)436-0100 The Daily Journal is looking for in-
terns to do entry level reporting, re-
Every Tuesday & Weekend to transact business under the FBN on
/s/ Nikola Stefanac /
/s/ Nancy Marx /
This statement was filed with the Asses-
search, updates of our ongoing fea- Look for it in today’s paper to This statement was filed with the Asses- sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo
tures and interviews. Photo interns al- find information on family sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 01/28/11. (Published in the
so welcome. resources in the local area, County on 01/14/11. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/29/11,
107 Musical Instruction CAREGIVERS including childcare. San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/22/11, 02/05/11, 02/12/11, 02/19/11).
We’re currently looking for We expect a commitment of four to 01/29/11, 02/05/11, 02/12/11)
experienced eldercare aides-- eight hours a week for at least four
Music Lessons months. The internship is unpaid, but
Sales • Repairs • Rentals CNAs, HHAs & Live-ins FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME
with excellent references to
intelligent, aggressive and talented in- 203 Public Notices STATEMENT #242880
terns have progressed in time into
Bronstein Music join our team! paid correspondents and full-time re- NOTICE OF APPLICATION
The following person is doing business
as: Matthew May Photography, 225 East
363 Grand Ave. Good pay and porters. TO SELL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES The following persons are doing busi- Santa Inez 19, SAN MATEO, CA 94401
So. San Francisco Date of Filing Application: Jan. 11, 2011 ness as: 1) Maximilian Human Resource is hereby registered by the following
(650)588-2502 excellent benefits! College students or recent graduates To Whom It May Concern: Agency, 2) Rjaviniar Tutorial Place, 401 owner: Matthew May, same address, and Drivers preferred. are encouraged to apply. Newspaper The Name(s) of the applicant(s) is/are: Briarfield, Belmont, CA 94002 is hereby
registered by the following owners: 1)
Suzanne Ricca, 2145 Palm Park Blvd.,
Call Claudia at experience is preferred but not neces- LOURDES LEON LOPEZ PALO ALTO, CA. The business is con-
The applicant(s) listed above are apply- Maximiliano Cruz Diaz & Rowena J. Cruz
sarily required. ducted by a General Partnership. The
(650) 556-9906 ing to Department of Alcoholic Beverage Diaz, 419 Hazelwood Drive, So. San
registrants commenced to transact busi-
Francisco, CA 94080. The business is Please send a cover letter describing Control to sell alcoholic beverages at: ness under the FBN on 04/01/2009
PIANO your interest in newspapers, a resume
and three recent clips. Before you ap-
BRISBANE, CA 94005-1561
conducted by Husband and Wife. The
registrants commenced to transact busi-
ness under the FBN on N/A.
/s/ Matthew May /
This statement was filed with the Asses-
Multiple shifts to meet your needs. Great
ply, you should familiarize yourself
with our publication. Our Web site:
Type of license applied for:
41 - On-Sale Beer and Wine - Eating
/s/ Rowena J. Cruz Diaz /
This statement was filed with the Asses-
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo
County on 01/21/11. (Published in the
Credential, pay & benefits, Sign-on bonus, 1yr exp Place sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/29/11,
Master of Music Degree required. San Mateo Daily Journal County on 12/21/10. (Published in the 02/05/11, 02/12/11, 02/19/11).
15 years experience Send your information via e-mail to January 15, 22, 29, 2011 San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/08/11,
Matched Caregivers (650)839-2273, 01/15/11, 01/22/11, 01/29/11)
Burlingame, Millbrae area (408)280-7039 or (888)340-2273 or by reg-
Ms. Liu (650)200-3955 ular mail to 800 S. Claremont St #210,
SIGN ON BONUS!!! Date of Filing Application: Jan. 13, 2011 The following persons are doing busi-
Recruiting for San Mateo, San Francisco To Whom It May Concern: ness as: E B T, 817 N. Humboldt St.
110 Employment and Santa Clara areas. We offer excel- The Name(s) of the applicant(s) is/are: #308, SAN MATEO, CA 94401 is hereby
lent benefits! SALES/MARKETING HOP T ON registered by the following owner: Eli
CASHIER - Part time, Full time. Will *Medical / Vision / Dental / Life Ins. INTERNSHIPS The applicant(s) listed above are apply- Ben Tov, same address. The business is
train. Apply AM/PM @ 470 Ralston Ave., * 401K/Credit Union * Direct Deposit The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking ing to Department of Alcoholic Beverage conducted by an Individual. The regis-
Belmont REQUIREMENTS: for ambitious interns who are eager to Control to sell alcoholic beverages at: trants commenced to transact business
* 1 yrs experience * Own Vehicle jump into the business arena with both 116 W. 25TH AVE. under the FBN on
* Car Insurance * Valid Drivers feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs SAN MATEO, CA 94403-2208 /s/ Eli Ben Tov /
OUTSIDE SALES - Full or part time * Good Communication skills. of the newspaper and media industries. Type of license applied for: This statement was filed with the Asses-
commissioned sales work. We need out- Call today to set up an interview: This position will provide valuable 41 - On-Sale Beer and Wine - Eating sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo
going, cheerful persons to work here in 1-800-417-1897 or 650-558-8848 experience for your bright future. Place County on 01/11/11. (Published in the
San Mateo County. Call Randy, or send Resume to Fax resume (650)344-5290 San Mateo Daily Journal San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/15/11,
(510)798-5352. email January 14th, 2011 01/22/11, 01/29/11, 02/05/11)
26 Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 THE DAILY JOURNAL
110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment Drabble Drabble Drabble

Over the Hedge Over the Hedge Over the Hedge

203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME corte y mas informacion en el Centro de
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- STATEMENT #243023 Ayuda de las Cortes de California
EN that on Monday, Febru- The following person is doing business (,
as: Monchi Foods, 811 S. Eldorado St., en la biblio teca de leyes de su condado
ary 7, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. (or SAN MATEO, CA 94402 is hereby regis- o en la corte que le quede mas cerca. Si
later) in the Millbrae City tered by the following owner: Ramona no puede pagar la cuota de presenta-
Council Chambers, 621 Sullivan, same address. The business is cion, pida al secretario de la corte que le
conducted by an Individual. The regis- de un formulario de exencion de pago de
Magnolia Avenue, Millbrae, trants commenced to transact business cuotas. Si no presenta su respuesta a
CA, the Millbrae Planning under the FBN on tiempo, puede perder el caso por incum-
Commission will conduct a /s/ Ramona Sullivan / plimiento y la corte le podra quitar su su-
This statement was filed with the Asses- eldo, dinero y bienes sin mas adverten-
public hearing on the follow- sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo cia.
ing applications: County on 01/26/11. (Published in the Hay otros requisitos legales. Es reco-
1. 525 EL CAMINO REAL San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/29/11, mendable que llame a un abogado inme-
02/05/11, 02/12/11, 02/19/11). diatamente. Si no conoce a un abodado,
(RCH ASSOCIATES): puede llamar a de servicio de remision a
203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices MODIFICATION of a PRE- abogados. Si no puede pagar a un abo-
CISE DEVELOPMENT gado, es posible que cumpia con los
ADMINISTER ESTATE OF STATEMENT #242818 STATEMENT #242621 PLAN within the "PD" (Plan- TO SELL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES gratuitos de un programa de servicios le-
Juanita Gutierrez aka Juana Gutierrez The following person is doing business The following person is doing business ned Development)District, gales sin fines de lucro. Puede encon-
as: Cosentino Center - San Francisco, Date of Filing Application: Jan. 20, 2011
aka Juanita Elisa Gutierrez aka Juani- as: Virsal Janitorial Services, 485 Valley trar estos grupos sin fines de lucro en el
ta Garay 312 E. Grand Ave., SOUTH SAN FRAN- including DESIGN REVIEW To Whom It May Concern:
sitio web de California Legal Services
Dr., BRISBANE, CA 94005 is hereby CISCO, CA 94080 is hereby registered and a MASTER SIGN PRO- The Name(s) of the applicant(s) is/are:
Case Number 120819 YUEKCHEE J LEE Web site (, en
registered by the following owner: Virgilio by the following owner: C&C North Amer-
To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con-
F. Gulingan, 180 Riverside Dr., BAY ica, Inc., TX. The business is conducted
GRAM; and a MITIGATED The applicant(s) listed above are apply- el Centro de Ayuda de las Cortes de Cal-
tingent creditors, and persons who may NEGATIVE DECLARATION ing to Department of Alcoholic Beverage ifornia,
POINT, CA 94565-3059. The business is by a Corporation. The registrants com- (
otherwise be interested in the will or es- Control to sell alcoholic beverages at:
tate, or both, of: Juanita Gutierrez aka conducted by an Individual. The regis- menced to transact business under the for the construction of a 1155 CALIFORNIA DR. o poniendose en contacto con la corte o
trants commenced to transact business FBN on new approximately 59,000 el colegio de abogados locales. AVISO:
Juana Gutierrez aka Juanita Elisa Gutier- /s/ Timothy M. Walsh / #G & H
rez aka Juanita Garay. A Petition for Pro- under the FBN on 02/10/2011 sq. ft. supermarket (Safe- BURLINGAME, CA 94010-3560 Por ley, la corte tiene derecho a reclamar
This statement was filed with the Asses- las cuotas y costos exentos por imponer
bate has been filed by: Bernice Rodgers /s/ Virgilio Gulingan / Type of license applied for:
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo way) in place of an existing 41 - On-Sale Beer And Wine - Eating un gravamen sobre cualquier recupera-
and Peter Gutierrez in the Superior This statement was filed with the Asses- County on 01/05/11. (Published in the
Court of California, County of San Mateo. sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/29/11,
37,094 sq. ft. supermarket Place cion de $10,000 o mas de valor recibida
(Safeway) at 525 El Camino San Mateo Daily Journal mediante un acuerdo o una concesion
The Petition of Probate requests that County on 01/18/11. (Published in the 02/05/11, 02/12/11, 02/19/11). de arbitraje en un caso de derecho civil.
January 22, 29, 2011, February 5, 2011.
Bernice Rodgers and Peter Gutierrez be San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/22/11, Real. (Public Hearing) City Tiene que pagar el gravamen de la corte
appointed as personal representative to 01/29/11, 02/05/11, 02/12/11) Contact: Catherine Barber antes de que la corte pueda desechar el
administer the estate of the decedent. caso.
The petition requests the decedent’s will (650) 259-2341 STATEMENT OF ADBANDONMENT
The name and address of the court is:
and codicils, if any, be admitted to pro- 2. 1383 VISTA GRANDE NAME STATEMENT #235235 (El nombre y direccion de la corte es):
bate. The will and any codicils are availa- STATEMENT #242829 (ZHANG): DESIGN RE- Superior Court of the State of California
The following person has abandoned the
ble for examination in the file kept by the The following person is doing business County of San Mateo
court. as: Corefino, 901 Mariners Island Blvd. VIEW to allow construction use of the fictitious business name:
400 County Center
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME of an approximately 1,300 Times Salon Inc., 181 Southgate Ave,
The petition requests authority to admin- STATEMENT #242810 Ste 595, SAN MATEO, CA 94404 is DALY CITY, CA 94015 The fictitious Redwood City, CA 94063
ister the estate under the Independent The following person is doing business hereby registered by the following owner: sq. ft. addition to an existing business name referred to above was The name, address, and telephone num-
Administration of Estates Act. (This au- single-family dwelling. (Pub- filed in County on 9/18/09. The business ber of the plaintiff’s attorney, or plaintiff
as: ABC Logistics Company, 2250 Gel- Prospect Business Consulting LLC., CA. without an attorney, is: (El nombre, direc-
thority will allow the personal representa- lert Blvd. Unit 2103, SOUTH SAN FRAN- The business is conducted by a Corpora- lic Hearing) City Contact: was conducted by: Wendy Tu.
tive to take many actions without obtain- /s/ Wendy Tu / cion y numero de telefono del abogado
CISCO, CA 94080 is hereby registered tion. The registrants commenced to David Petrovich (650) 259- This statement was filed with the Asses- del demandante, o del demandante que
ing court approval. Before taking certain by the following owner: Geoffrey Au,
very important actions, however, the per- transact business under the FBN on 2443 sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo no tiene abogado, es):
same address. The business is conduct- 01/01/2011 County on 1/4/11. (Published in the San John McBrearty/Andrea L. Ware
sonal representative will be required to ed by an Individual. The registrants com- 3. 1651 EL CAMINO REAL McBrearty & Ware
give notice to interested persons unless /s/ Karen Watts / Mateo Daily Journal, 1/08/11, 1/15/11,
they have waived notice or consented to
menced to transact business under the (TSAKOYIAS): Conditional 1/22/11, 1/29/11). 3454 East Anaheim Street
FBN on This statement was filed with the Asses- Long Beach, CA 90804
the proposed action.) The independent sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo Use Permit to allow a mar- (562)494-4454
administration authority will be granted
/s/ Geoffrey Au / tial arts studio (instructional
This statement was filed with the Asses- County on 01/19/11. (Published in the Date: (Fecha) Aug. 20, 2010
unless an interested person files an ob- classes) within an existing SUMMONS John C. Fitton, Clerk, by (Secretano, per)
jection of the petition and shows good sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/29/11, (CITACION JUDICIAL)
commercial building. (Public T. Judd, Deputy (Adjunto)
cause why the court should not grant the County on 01/18/11. (Published in the 02/05/11, 02/12/11, 02/19/11). CASE NUMBER: CIV 498088 Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal
authority. San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/22/11, Hearing) City Contact: Da- NOTICE TO DEFENDANT: (Aviso Al De- January 15, 22, 29, February 5, 2011
A hearing on the petition will be held in 01/29/11, 02/05/11, 02/12/11) vid Petrovich (650) 259- mandado): Mia Lary and Does 1 through
this court as follows: February 28, 2011 20, inclusive. You are being sued by
2443 plaintiff: (Lo esta demandando el deman-
at 9:00 a.m., Dept: 28, Superior Court of
California, County of San Mateo, 400 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME At the time of the hearing, dante): Robert Hofmann
County Center Drive, Redwood City, CA FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #243057 all interested persons are NOTICE! You have been sued. The
The following person is doing business court may decide against you without
94063. If you object to the granting of STATEMENT #242756 invited to appear and be your being heard unless you respond
the petition, you should appear at the The following person is doing business as: Big Mouth Restaurant, 851 Cherry heard. Forfurther informa- within 30 days. Read the information be-
hearing and state your objections or file as: Unholy Horde Records, 1128 Chula Ave., #19, SAN BRUNO, CA 94066 is
written objections with the court before hereby registered by the following owner: tion or to review the appli- low.
Vista Ave., Unit 1, BURLINGAME, CA You have 30 calendar days after this
the hearing. Your appearance may be in 94010 is hereby registered by the follow- Ibrahim Najeeh Dababneh, 125 Pied- cation and exhibits, please summons and legal papers are served
person or by your attorney. If you are a ing owner: Peter Drozd, same address. mont Ave., SAN BRUNO. The business contact the Millbrae Com- on you to file a written response at the 210 Lost & Found
creditor or a contingent creditor of the The business is conducted by an Individ- is conducted by an Individual. The regis- munity Services Depart- court and have a copy served on the
decedent, you must file your claim with plaintiff. A letter or phone call will not pro- MISSING GREY MALE CAT named
ual. The registrants commenced to trans- trants commenced to transact business ment 621 Magnolia Avenue, “Biscotti”. Last seen 12/4 on Aviador
the court and mail a copy to the personal act business under the FBN on tect you. Your written response must be
representative appointed by the court under the FBN on Millbrae at (650) 259-2341; in proper legal form if you want the court Ave. in Millbrae. 12 years old, 12 lbs.,
05/01/2005 /s/ Ibrahim Dababneh / strong athletic build. Domestic short
within four months from the date of first
/s/ Peter Drozd / or contact the project plan- to hear your case. There may be a court
hair, solid grey including nose,
issuance of letters as provided in Pro- This statement was filed with the Asses- form that you can use for your response.
bate Code section 9100. The time for fil- This statement was filed with the Asses- sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo ner as indicated above. You can find these court forms and more neutered,declawed front paws. Micro-
ing claims will not expire before four sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 01/28/11. (Published in the If anyone wishes to appeal information at the California Courts On- chip #985121004140013. Please call
County on 01/13/11. (Published in the any final action taken, line Self-Help Center Home Again lost pet service at 888-466-
months from the hearing date noticed San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/29/11, 3242 with any info. Thank you!
above. You may examine the file kept by San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/29/11, he/she may do so by con- (, your
02/05/11, 02/12/11, 02/19/11). 02/05/11, 02/12/11, 02/19/11). county law library, or the courthouse
the court. If you are a person interested tacting the City Clerk at nearest you. If you cannot pay the filing
in the estate, you may file with the court
(650)259-2333, to obtain fee, ask the court clerk for a fee waiver 295 Art
a Request for Special Notice (form DE- form. If you do not file your response on
154) of the filing of an inventory and ap- the appropriate form and time, you may lose the case by default, PAINTING "jack vettriano" Portland gal-
praisal of estate assets or of any petition FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME pay the corresponding fee. and your wages, money, and property lery 26 x 33. $55. (650)345-1111.
or account as provided in Probate Code STATEMENT #242993 STATEMENT #242796 A completed form must be may be taken without further warning
section 1250. A Request for Special No- The following person is doing business The following person is doing business from the court. PICTURE WITH Frame Jack Vettriano
tice form is available from the court clerk. as: (1) Leopard Design (2) LEOPARDe- as: Golden Tree Holistic, 808 Prospect submitted before the end of There are other legal requirements. You with light attached $65. (650)867-2720
Attorney for Petitioner: sign, 3133 Frontera Way #323, BURLIN- Row, SAN MATEO, CA 94401 is hereby the appeal period stated at may want to call an attorney right away.
Rosamonde McNichol, SBN 163866 GAME, CA 94010 is hereby registered 296 Appliances
by the following owner: Leopard DEsign, registered by the following owner: John the conclusion of the hear- If you do not know an attorney, you may
846 Broadway Patrick Roddy, same address. The busi- ing. want to call an attorney referral service.
SONOMA, CA 95476 Inc., CA. The business is conducted by a If you cannot afford an attorney, you may 4 BURNER cook top commercial lifetime
Corporation. The registrants commenced ness is conducted by an Individual. The 1/29/11 be eligible for free legal services from a
(707)996-4505 registrants commenced to transact busi- burner $22., (650)756-6778
to transact business under the FBN on
Dated: 01/26/2011 07/15/2000 ness under the FBN on 01/13/2011
CNS-2033264# nonprofit legal services program. You
Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal can locate these nonprofit groups at the AIR CONDITIONER - slider model for
/s/ Laura E. Ellison / /s/ John Roddy / SAN MATEO DAILY California Legal Services Web site
on January 29, February 5, 12, 2011. narrow windows, 10k BTU, excellent
This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- JOURNAL (, the Califor- condition, $100., (650)212-7020
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo nia Courts Online Self-Help Center
County on 01/25/11. (Published in the sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo
County on 01/1401904895/11. (Publish- (, or by
San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/29/11, contacting your local court or county bar
02/05/11, 02/12/11, 02/19/11). ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, CHANDELIER NEW 4 lights $30.
association. NOTE: The court has a stat- (650)878-9542
01/22/11, 01/29/11, 02/05/11, 02/12/11) utory lien for waived fees and costs on
any settlement or arbitration award of CHOPPERS (4) with instructions $7/all.
$10,000 or more in a civil case. The (650)368-3037
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME court’s lien must be paid before the court
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME will dismiss the case. KENMORE MICROWAVE - Great condi-
STATEMENT #242734 STATEMENT #242881 tion, extremely clean, ready to use,
The following persons are doing busi- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME AVISO! Lo han demando. Si no re-
The following person is doing business STATEMENT #242898 sponde dentro de 30 dias, la corte puede 24”W18”D15”H, interior 14.5”W12”H16”D
ness as: Impuestos y Mas, 3127 Middle- as: Netra Center for Arts and Culture, 12 $15., (650)347-5104
field Rd., REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063 is The following person is doing business decidir en su contra sin escuchar su ver-
Charterhouse Lane, FOSTER CITY, CA as: San Mateo Medical Market, 53 W. sion. Lea la informacion a continuacion.
hereby registered by the following own- 94404 is hereby registered by the follow-
ers: Nora Alicia Cabrera Mendoza, 260 43rd Avenue, SAN MATEO, CA 94403 is Tiene 30 dias de calendario despues de PORTABLE GE Dishwasher, excellent
ing owner: Deepa C. Menon, same ad- hereby registered by the following owner: que le entreguen esta citacion y papeles
Farrell Ave. Apt. 278, GILROY, CA. The dress. The business is conducted by an condition $75 OBO, (650)583-0245
business is conducted by an Individual. Hayward Medical Market, Inc., CA. The legales para presentar una respuesta por
Individual. The registrants commenced to business is conducted by a Corporation. escrito en esta corte y hacer que se en-
The registrants commenced to transact transact business under the FBN on RADIATOR HEATER, oil filled, electric,
business under the FBN on The registrants commenced to transact tregue ena copia al demandante. Una
01/03/2011 business under the FBN on N/A. carta o una llamada telefonica no lo pro- 1500 watts $25. (650)504-3621
/s/ Nora Cabrera/ /s/ Deepa C. Menon /
This statement was filed with the Asses- /s/ Richard Edward Rogers / tegen. Su respuesta por escrito tiene
This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- que estar en formato legal correcto si de- SHOP VACUUM rigid brand 3.5 horse
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo power 9 gal wet/dry $40. (650)591-2393
County on 01/12/11. (Published in the sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo sea que procesen su caso en la corte.
County on 01/21/11. (Published in the County on 01/21/11. (Published in the Es posible que haya un formulario que
San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/15/11, San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/29/11,
01/22/11, 01/29/11, 02/05/11) San Mateo Daily Journal, 01/22/11, usted pueda usar para su respuesta. STOVE TOP 4 burners with electric grill
02/05/11, 02/12/11, 02/19/11). 01/29/11, 02/05/11, 02/12/11) Puede encontrar estos formularios de la commercial grade $50., (650)756-6778
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on end excellent condition, SOLD!
42 Had a life ANGEL WITH lights 12 inches High $12. BLACK LEATHER tap shoes 9M great
43 Tab competitor (650)368-3037 condition $99. (650)558-1975
306 Housewares
45 Go from 10 to 8, ARTIFICIAL FICUS Tree 6 ft. life like, full BLACK LIKE Leather pants Mrs. size
"PRINCESS HOUSE" decorator urn branches. in basket $55. (650)269-3712 made in France size 40 $99. (650)558-
say "Vase" cream with blue flower 13 inch H 1975
50 Angel’s concern $25., (650)868-0436 BARBIE BEACH vacation & Barbie prin-
cess bride computer games $15 each,
51 Site of a sacred (650)367-8949 BOOTS - 2 pairs purple leather, size 8.
CANDLEHOLDER - Gold, angel on it, One is knee length, other is ankle length,
building called tall, purchased from Brueners, originally $150.obo, (650)592-9141
the Kaaba $100., selling for $35.,(650)867-2720 BEADS - Glass beads for jewelry mak-
ing, $75. all, (650)676-0732 JACKET (LARGE) Pants (small) black
52 Resort NE of Los HAMILTON BEACH Mixer, vintage, .juic- Velvet good cond. $25/all (650)589-2893
er & bowl, beater. $30/obo(650)576-6067
Beveled Mirrors 34" diameter $75 ea Jer-
53 Swarthy OASIS COUNTERTOP water cooler dis-
ry San Mateo 650-619-9932 LADIES DOWN jacket light yellow with
penses cold and luke warm water $50., dark brown lining RWC $35. (650)868-
54 Far from swarthy (650)218-4254 0436
BETTY BOOP perfume 3.5 ounces $8.
55 Dustin’s “The (408)249-3858
307 Jewelry & Clothing LADIES NYLON stockings new $1/per
Graduate” co- CABINET OAK, fits over toilet water pair size 11 (2 dozen) call evenings.
star 49ER'S JACKET Child size $50. tank, like new $25. (650)341-5347 SOLD!
56 Word of (650)871-7200 CANDLE HOLDER with angel design, LADIES SHOES- size 5, $10., (650)756-
consequence BLACK VELVET evening jacket w/silver
tall, gold, includes candle. Purchased for 6778
$100, now $35. (650)345-1111
sparkles, Sz 20W, $10. (650)712-1070
DOWN BLACK VELVET pants, Sz L, $7. COLLAPSIBLE PICNIC cooler comes MAN’S SUEDE-LIKE jacket, Brown.
with utensils, glass and plates $15. New, XXLg. $25. 650 871-7211
1 Bridge call? (650)712-1070
2 Pins may be at CUSTOM JEWELRY all kinds, lengths DOG CAGE/GORILLA - folding MEN'S PAJAMA set by "Dockers" size
and sizes $50/all. (650)592-2648 large dog cage good condition, 2 door Large new in box $15. (408)249-3858
the ends of them with tray, $75.,(650)355-8949
MEN'S SHOES - New, size 10, $10.,
3 End-of-day HOLIDAY WEAR, barely worn: Macy's
DOOM (3) computer games $15/each 2 (650)756-6778
black sweater set, Size M, wool w/gold
destination for metalic stripes, $15 set. (650)712-1070 total, (650)367-8949
MEN'S SUIT almost new $25.
many By Gareth Bain
01/29/11 JEWELRY DISPLAY 12 piece SOLD!
(c)2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc. DOUBLE PANE Windows 48"wide X 34"
Tall W/screens perfect condition vinyl MENS JEANS - 4 pairs, Gap, Aber-
LADIES BRACELET, Murano glass. crombe & Fitch, 1 pair khaki, sizes 34/32,
Various shades of red and blue $100 $75. OBO 650-619-9932
36/32, $42. all, (650)347-5104
Daly City, no return calls. (650)991-2353
296 Appliances 300 Toys 304 Furniture ELECTRIC HEATER - Oil filled electric
heater, 1500 watts, $30., (650)504-3621 MENS SLACKS - 8 pairs, $50., Size
LADIES GOLD Lame' elbow length- 36/32, (408)420-5646
TOAST-R-OVEN BLACK & Decker not RADIO CONTROLLED Beetle Buggy 2 END Tables solid maple '60's era gloves sz 7.5 $15 New. RWC. (650)868-
used $14. SOLD! car new in box $10. (408)249-3858 $40/both. (650)670-7545 0436 WOMAN’S LAMB-SKIN coat, 2/3 length,
FIRE BOWL- new in box, 13 x 32 size Med. VERY warm, beautiful! $75.
LIZ CLAIBORNE black evening jacket $50.obo, (650)592-9141
VACUUM CLEANER $50 (650)367-1350 302 Antiques 3 PIECE COFFEE TABLE SET: $100.
Sz. 12, acetate/polyester, $10. (650)712-
650 871-7211
1912 COFFEE Perculater Urn. perfect
4 STURDY metal dining chairs $20/each. FIREPLACE SCREEN - 36"wide, 317 Building Materials
condition includes electric cord $85 SHEER PURPLE tunic, Sz XL, w/em- 29"high, antique brass, folding doors,
new with 3 year warranty, $850. both, (650)756-6778
(650)726-4168 broidered design & sequins, $10. sliding mesh screen, damper DOUBLE PANED GLASS WINDOWS -
ANTIQUE SOLID mahogany knick-knack BED BRASS single trundle $100 nice (650)712-1070 controls. Like new. $100., (650)592-2047 various sizes, half moon, like new, $10.
or bookshelf with 4 small drawers, good and clean. (650)854-3235 and up, (650)756-6778
297 Bicycles condition, $95. 650-726-5200 SILVER SEQUIN shirt-jacket Sz 12-14 - FRONT END Dash Board from '98 Sono-
BEDROOM SET - King size, 7 piece very dressy, $15. (650)712-1070 ma Truck $50. (650)871-7200 SCREEN DOOR 36 inch slightly bent
BICYCLE "MAGNA" 24 inch wheels CHINA CABINET - Vintage, 6 foot, bedroom set, marble top, $100., SSF $15. (650)871-7200
purple, $40., San Mateo,SOLD! solid mahogany. $300/obo. (650)583-8069 SMALL JEWELRY cabinet - 17” H, 12” HARD COVER BOOKS - Mystery & ad-
(650)867-0379 W, 2 glass doors, plus 2 drawers, very venture, current authors, some large type SLIDING SCREEN door 30 inch good
BICYCLE - Sundancer Jr., 26”, $75. obo BLACK LEATHER office chair with 5 pretty, SOLD! print, $3.00 each, (650)364-7777 condition $25. (650)871-7200
(650)676-0732 rollers $25. (650)871-5078
TOURQUOISE BLUE party dress, cov- HARD COVER mystery and adventure
GIRL'S BIKE HUFFY Purple 6-speed 303 Electronics BOOKCASE - $25., (650)255-6652 ered w/sequins, sz 14, $15. (650)712- books (12) latest authors $3/each. 318 Sports Equipment
good cond. $35 - Angela (650)269-3712 1070 (650)364-7777
CABINET - wood, $70., (650)367-1350 2 GOLF CLUBS - Ladies, right handed,
46” MITSUBISHI Projector TV, great JAMES PATTERSON BOOKS - 2 hard- putter & driver $5/each (650)755-8238
298 Collectibles condition. $400. (650)261-1541. CHANDELIER WITH 5 lights/ candela- 308 Tools back @$3. each, 4 paperback @ $1.
bre base with glass shades $20. each, (650)341-1861 322 Garage Sales
2 VINTAGE COFFEE CANS - empty, (650)504-3621 CLICKER TORQUE wrench 1/2 inch
Hills Bros. red, 1922-45, HillsBros , early COMSWITCH 3500 - used for fax, com-
puter modem, telephone answering ma- drive 20-150 LBS reversible all chrome JANET EVANOVICH BOOKS - 4 hard-
80’s, $25/both, (650)347-5104 COCKTAIL AND end table brass and $40. 650-595-3933
chine, never used, $20., (650)347-5104 glass top $65. (650)854-3235
back @$3. each, 3 paperback @$1.
each, (650)341-1861
28 RECORDS - 78 RPMS, Bing Crosby, DOLLY - Heavy Duty, Dual Use 54" hgt. ALL SHOES & PURSES
Frankie Laine, Al Jolson, many others, all DEWALT HEAVY duty work site radio COFFEE TABLE - $60., (650)367-1350
charger in box $100. (650)756-7878 Upright-Push Cart South City $99.OBO KIDS GUITAR for 6 years and Up $40, 50% OFF
in book albums, $60. all, (650)347-5104 COFFEE TABLE light brown lots of stor- (415) 410 - 9801 call (650)375-1550 Thursday & Friday 10:00-2:00
“FALLOUT 3” for XBox 360. $10. age good condition $55. (650)867-2720 Saturdays 10:00-3:00
49ER REPORT issues '85-'87 $35/all, (650)520-4535 PRESSURE WASHER 2500 PSI, good LOUNGE CHAIRS - 2 new, with cover &
(650)592-2648 condition, $350., (650)926-9841 plastic carring case & headrest, $35. Episcopal Church
JVC VHS recorder - Like new, $15., COMPUTER DESK $70. (650)367-1350 each, (650)592-7483 1 South El Camino Real
(650)367-8949 RIDGED WET AND DRY VACUUM -16 San Mateo 94401
6 GALLON "red wing" Crock $100 RWC gallons 5 horse power in box accesso- MASSAGE DEVICE with batteries $8 in
CREDENZA - $25., (650)255-6652
ries included $65., (650)756-7878 box, (650)368-3037 (650)344-0921
PANASONIC TV 21 inch $25., (650)637- DINING CHAIRS (6) $100/all. (650)854-
PACKAGED IN PLASTIC CASE.- lon stack tank air compressor $100., 16.5 inches W x 27 3/4 H x 27 inches D.
$25/ofr. (650)588-5991 DINING ROOM table $100. (650)854- (650)591-4710 $40., San Mateo, (650)341-5347
GLASSES 6 sets redskins, good condi- SANIO CASETTE/RECORDER 2 way NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC World book
tion never used $25/all. (650)345-1111 Radio - $95.obo, call for more details, DISPLAY CASE wood & glass 31 x 19 TABLE SAW 10", very good condition of Religion still in package $35.
(650)290-1960 inches $30. (650)873-4030 $85. (650) 787-8219 (408)249-3858
JACK TASHNER signed ball $25. Ri-
chard (650)834-4926 SONY RADIO cassette recorder $25 DRAFTING TABLE 30 x 42' with side TORO LEAF BLOWERS, Power Sweep NEW BANQUET table 6ft x 30. $40. Call
black good condition. (650)345-1111 tray. excellent cond $75. (650)949-2134 + 850 Super Blower, Electric like new (650)871-7200.
MERCHANT MARINE, framed forecastle $40. pair South City (415) 410-9801
card, signed by Captain Angrick '70. 13 x END TABLE marble top with drawer with
17 inches $35 cash. (650)755-8238 TV - Big Screen, $70., ok condition, matching table $70/all. (650)520-0619 NEW GAIAM Yoga P.M. Tape & CD
(650)367-1350 $10. 650-578-8306
309 Office Equipment
POSTER - framed photo of President
Wilson and Chinese Junk $25 cash, TV 5 inch Black and white good condition wood, great condition, glass doors, fits NEW LIVING Yoga Tape for Beginners
large TV, 2 drawers, shelves , $100/obo. CALCULATOR - Casio, still in box, new,
(650)755-8238 in box $10. (408)249-3858 $25. (650)867-2720 $8. 650-578-8306
VASE - with tray, grey with red flowers, TV SET 32 inch with remote and stand PACHIRA PLANT 3ft. H. (Money plant)
perfect condition, $30., (650)345-1111 $30. (650)520-0619 OFFICE DESK - $25., (650)255-6652 OFFICE LAMP new $8. (650)345-1111 with decorative Pot $30. (650)592-2648
28 Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 THE DAILY JOURNAL

322 Garage Sales 440 Apartments 620 Automobiles 620 Automobiles 630 Trucks & SUV’s 670 Auto Service
BELMONT - Prime, quiet location, view, TOYOTA ‘03 Camry Solara, white, 69K SATURN ‘02 VUE V6 SUV, silver, 83K
new carpets, balcony-patio, dishwasher, Don’t lose money miles, $9,994. T3C602658 Melody miles, $6,991. T2S804347 Melody Toyo- MB GARAGE, INC.
GARAGE SALES covered carports, storage, pool. No pets.
1 bedroom $1,295 and up. (650)592- on a trade-in or Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men-
tion the Daily Journal
ta, Call 877-587-8635. Please mention
the Daily Journal. Repair • Restore • Sales
ESTATE SALES 1271 Days or (650)344-8418 Evenings. consignment! Mercedes-Benz Specialists
Make money, make room! TOYOTA ‘03 Corolla, silver, 82K miles,
$9,492. #P3C150154 Melody Toyota,
TOYOTA ‘00 Camry, sedan, green,
135K miles, $6,991. TYU744223 Melody
2165 Palm Ave.
FURNISHED ROOM Sell your vehicle in the Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men- San Mateo
List your upcoming garage for Rent
Daily Journal’s Daily Journal tion the Daily Journal
sale, moving sale, estate Sequoia Inn
Auto Classifieds.
sale, yard sale, rummage Rate starts at $45 + tax TOYOTA ‘08 Camry, hybrid, while, 39K TOYOTA ‘04 4Runner, SUV, silver, 84K
WEEKLY AVAILABLE. miles, auto, $18,792. P8U044749 Mel- miles, $15,392. P40018553 Melody
sale, clearance sale, or Quiet room & great location. ody Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men-
whatever sale you have... Private Bath, FREE WiFi, Just $3 per day. mention the Daily Journal tion the Daily Journal
670 Auto Parts
in the Daily Journal. Microfridge, Premium Cable & more.
526 El Camino Real TOYOTA ‘08 Corolla CE, re, 41K miles, TOYOTA ‘04 RAV-4, blue, 94K miles,
(650)369-6736 ext. 0 Reach 82,500 drivers $11,491. #P8Z956435 Melody Toyota, $12,994. P40022323 Melody Toyota,
2 SNOW/CABLE chains good condition
Reach over 82,500 readers from South SF to Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the
fits 13-15 inch rims $10/both San Bruno
from South San Francisco Daily Journal 650-588-1946
Daily Journal
to Palo Alto. Palo Alto
TOYOTA ‘08 Prius Touring, sedan, red, TOYOTA ‘06 RAV-4, white, 26 Kmiles,
in your local newspaper. 880 AUTO WORKS
Call (650)344-5200
REDWOOD Call (650)344-5200
33K miles, $19,894. P83339376 Melody
Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men-
tion the Daily Journal
$18,794. P65022899 Melody Toyota,
Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the
Daily Journal
Dealership Quality
Affordable Prices

CITY TOYOTA ‘08 Prius, sedan, silver, 44K

miles, $17,594. P83321845 Melody
TOYOTA ‘07 Tacoma, truck access cab,
silver, auto, 27K miles, $15,891.
Complete Auto Service
Foreign & Domestic Autos

1 bedroom, 1 bath AUTO AUCTION

The following repossessed vehi-
Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men-
tion the Daily Journal
T7Z352191 Melody Toyota, Call 877-
587-8635. Please mention the Daily
880 El Camino Real
San Carlos
335 Garden Equipment in senior complex cles are being sold by Meriwest Credit
Journal 650-598-9288
Union-2005 Chevrolet Colorado TOYOTA ‘08 Yaris, Hatchback, gray,
BROGMANSIA TREE $40 needs plant-
ing. (650)871-7200
(over 55). #246181. Plus over 100 late model
Sport Utilities, Pick Ups, Mini Vans,
41K miles, $11,991. P85174835 Melody
Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men-
TOYOTA ‘08 Camry, LE V6, gray, 32K
miles, $16,891. P8U071507 Melody
TABLE - for plant, $30, perfect condi-
Close to and luxury cars ---INDOORS---Charity
donations sold. Sealed bids will be
tion the Daily Journal Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men- CAMPER/TRAILER/TRUCK OUTSIDE
backup mirror 8 inch diameter fixture/in-
tion the Daily Journal
tion, (650)345-1111 downtown. taken from 8am-8pm on 01/31/11 and
8am-5pm on 02/01/11 Sale held at
TOYOTA ‘09 Camry, hybrid, silver, 34K
miles, auto, $18,792. PR9U105912Melo-
structions included $30.
TOYOTA ‘09 Tacoma, truck access cab,
345 Medical Equipment Gated entry. Forrest Faulknor & Sons Auction
Company, 175 Sylvester Road, South
dy Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please
mention the Daily Journal
gray, auto, 23K miles, $18,891.
San Francisco. For more information T9Z615723 Melody Toyota, Call 877- CHEVY RADIATOR - Like new, $60.,
CRUTCHES - adult, aluminium, for tall 587-8635. Please mention the Daily (650)367-8949
person, $30., (650)341-1861

POWER CHAIR - “Rascal 600”, new

Move in please visit our web site at
TOYOTA ‘09 Camry, sedan, gray, 25K
miles, $17,994. P9U819487 Melody
Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men-

TOYOTA ‘10 Highlander Limited, V6,

CHEVY S-10 ‘97, 49000 mi. American
Racing rims & radial 15-8, New. $3800
tion the Daily Journal

TOYOTA ‘09 Corolla, silver, 26K miles,

SUV, 3,287 miles, $35,992.
#PAS024027 Melody Toyota, Call 877-
587-8635. Please mention the Daily
OBO (650)481-5296

379 Open Houses $14,591. #P99065545 Melody Toyota, CHEVY TRANSMISSION 4L60E Semi
The following repossessed vehi- Journal used $800. (650)921-1033
830 Main Street, RWC cles are being sold by Patelco Credit Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the
(650)367-0177 Union on February 1st, 2011 starting
at 8am ---2001 Mercedes Benz S500
Daily Journal
TOYOTA ‘10 Tacoma V6 truck double EL CAMINO '67 - parts (Protecto top)
$95., (650)367-8949
OPEN HOUSE #158987, 2006 BMW 330I #R72935,
2008 Scion XB #006389. Sealed bids
TOYOTA ‘09 Corolla, white, 31K miles,
$15,892. #P9Z130355 Melody Toyota,
cab, gray , auto, 23K miles, $31,991.
PAZ708253 Melody Toyota, Call 877-
FORD ‘73 Maverick/Mercury GT Comet,
LISTINGS will be taken starting at 8am on
02/01/2011. Sale held at Forrest Faul-
Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the
Daily Journal
587-8635. Please mention the Daily
Journal Drive Train 302 V8, C4 Auto Trans.
Complete, needs assembly, includes ra-
List your Open House 442 Studios knor & Sons Auction Company, 175 diator and drive line, call for details,
Sylvester Road, South San Francisco. TOYOTA ‘99 AVALON sedan, silver, 635 Vans $1250., (650)726-9733.
in the Daily Journal. REDWOOD CITY- Large room with For more information please visit our 174K miles, $5,991. TXU339241 Mel-
kitchen and bath. RENTED! web site at ody Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please CHRYSLER '06 Town and Country van, FORD ‘93 250 flat bed, diesel, 100-gal-
Reach over 82,500 mention the Daily Journal blue, 64K miles, $9,492. R6B718466 lon gas tanks $2500. Jim Deisel
potential home buyers & 442 Cottages Melody Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. (650)678-8063/Joe (650)481-5296. (Or
VOLKSWAGEN ‘01 New Beetle GLS Please mention the Daily Journal Trade for Nanny Service)
BMW ‘06 325i - low miles, very clean,
renters a day, loaded, leather interior, $20,000 obo.,
1.8L Turbo, green, 69K miles, $6,991.
from South San Francisco T1M408000 Melody Toyota, Call 877-
COTTAGE WANTED - (650)368-6674 587-8635. Please mention the Daily DODGE ‘10 Grand Caravan SXT, pas- HEAVY DUTY jack stand for camper or
to Palo Alto. I would like to rent a 1 Journal senger van, 3.8L V-6, silver, 28K miles, SUV $15. (650)949-2134
in your local newspaper. CADILLAC ‘03 Deville. Excellent condi- $18,792 #RAR100262 Melody Toyota,
bed/1bath home or cottage. tion, garage kept, SOLD! VOLVO ‘00 V70 XC AWD SE, blue, Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the TRUCK RADIATOR - fits older Ford,
Daily Journal. never used, $100., (650)504-3621
Call (650)344-5200 Preferably Atherton through 122K miles, $7,594. TY2719581 Mel-
CADILLAC ‘98 Catera - Green, leather ody Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please
Palo Alto area. I have no interior, Bose system, 78K mi., good con- NISSAN ‘01 Quest - GLE, leather seats, 672 Auto Stereos
mention the Daily Journal
pets, non-smoker. dition, SOLD! sun roof, TV/DVR equipment. Looks
(650)328-2505 new, $15,500. (650)219-6008
CHRYSLER '07 300 Touring, sedan, 625 Classic Cars MONNEY CAR AUDIO
380 Real Estate Services 3.5L V6, silver, 38K miles, $17,892.
#P7H682180 Melody Toyota, Call 877- 640 Motorcycles/Scooters We Repair All Brands of Car
587-8635. Please mention the Daily Stereos! iPod & iPhone Wired
470 Rooms Journal BMW ‘03 F650 GS, $3899 OBO. Call to Any Car for Music! Quieter
HONDA '06 Civic LX, red, $11,891. #
FA1656EW Melody Toyota, Call 877-

HARLEY DAVIDSON ‘08 Street Glide -

Car Ride! Sound Proof Your
Car! 31 Years Experience!
2001 Middlefield Road
SALES 1690 Broadway
Redwood City, CA 94063
587-8635. Please mention the Daily
Lots of chrome, reinhurst dual exhaust,
premium sound system, $19,500 obo,
Redwood City
Bank Foreclosures. (650)366-4724 HONDA ‘98 Civic EX coupe red, man-
Low Daily & Weekly Rooms HARLEY DAVIDSON ‘83 Shovelhead -
$400,000+ Free HBO + Spanish+Sports+Movie
ual, $4,893. # TWL120399 Melody
Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men- special construction, 1340 cc’s, Awe-
Channels, Free Internet some!, $5,950/obo. Rob (415)602-4535.
Free list with Daily $45+tax Nite & up
tion the Daily Journal
680 Autos Wanted
Weekly $250+tax & up
pictures. HONDA CIVIC ‘99 EX sedan 4-door,
excellent mechanically, very good body,
645 Boats $3,400. (650)325-7549
PROSPORT ‘97 - 17 ft. CC 80 Yamaha Don’t lose money
Free recorded message HIP HOUSING LEXUS '08 ES 350, silver, auto, $26,994 Pacific, loaded, like new, $9,500 or trade, on a trade-in or
Non-Profit Home Sharing Program (650)583-7946.
1(800)754-0569 San Mateo County
#P82202515 Melody Toyota, Call 877- consignment!
587-8635. Please mention the Daily
(650)348-6660 650 RVs
ID# 2042 Journal
Dolphin RE Sell your vehicle in the
MERCEDES ‘01 E-Class E320, sedan, REXHALL ‘00 VISION - 53K mi., Ford
REDWOOD CITY silver, 76K miles, $9,992. T1B288567 Triton V-10 engine. 29 feet long, no pop Daily Journal’s
Sequoia Hotel Melody Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. DATSUN ‘72 - 240Z with Chevy 350, au- outs. SOLD! Auto Classifieds.
800 Main St., Please mention the Daily Journal tomatic, custom, $5800 or trade.
(650)588-9196 670 Auto Service
$600 Monthly MERCEDES ‘05 C230 - 40K miles, 4 cyl- Just $3 per day.
$160. & up per week. inder, black, $15,000, (650)455-7461 OLDSMOBILE ‘69 F-85 - 2 door, power
(650)366-9501 front disc, SOLD!
(650)279-9811 MERCEDES ‘06 C230 - 6 cylinder, navy
blue, 60K miles, 2 year warranty, PLYMOUTH ‘72 CUDA - Runs and
C3 FIX CAR Reach 82,500 drivers
$18,000, (650)455-7461 drives good, needs body, interior and GRAND OPENING! from South SF to
MERCEDES BENZ ‘04 E320 - Excellent
paint, $12k obo, serious inquiries only.
Palo Alto
Room For Rent condition, leather interior, navigation, Oil Change & Filter
Call (650)344-5200
77K mi., $17,500 obo, (650)574-1198 Up to 5 QT Synthetic Blend
Travel Inn, San Carlos 630 Trucks & SUV’s $19.95 + Tax
$49 daily + tax SUTTON AUTO SALES ACURA MDX 3.5L w/Touring Pkg, 4WD Plus Waste Fee
$294 weekly + tax Cash for Cars Auto, blue, $18,491. #T5H534016. Melo-
Clean Quiet Convenient dy Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please Four Wheel Alignment DONATE YOUR CAR
Cable TV, WiFi & Private Bathroom mention the Daily Journal. Tax Deduction, We do the Paperwork,
Microwave and Refrigerator Call 650-595-DEAL (3325) $55.00 Free Pickup, Running or Not - in most
950 El Camino Real San Carlos Or Stop By Our Lot FORD '06 F-150, SuperCab, gray, auto, Special prices apply to most cars + cases. Help yourself and the Polly Klaas
light trucks Foundation. Call (800)380-5257.
(650) 593-3136 1659 El Camino Real
$15,494. # P6KA81180 Melody Toyota,
Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the
San Carols Daily Journal 609 So. Claremont St. Wanted 62-75 Chevrolets
SAN MATEO - 1 bedroom with private Novas, running or not
bath. Utilities & cable included. No HONDA '07 CR-V EX-L, silver, auto, San Mateo Parts collection etc.
smoking/pets. $725/month, female only. $17,692. #P7C022018 Melody Toyota, (650)343-3733 So clean out that garage
TOYOTA AVALON ‘01 - Silver, 61K Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the Give me a call
(650)504-7122, Call after 6 pm. miles, perfect condition, SOLD! Daily Journal. Joe 650 342-2483


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HANDYMAN Handyman Service
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ALL ELECTRICAL Hardwood Floors

650-322-9288 KO-AM
•Hardwood & Laminate Moving
for all your electrical needs Installation & Repair
ELECTRIC SERVICE GROUP •High Quality @ Low Prices
Call 24/7 for Free Estimate
JUNK KING Specializing in:
Homes, Apts., Storages
800-300-3218 RELEASE THE
Professional, friendly, careful.
Gardening Peninsula’s Personal Mover
408-979-9665 CLUTTER Commercial/Residential
Lic. #794899
Fully Lic. & Bonded CAL -T190632
JOSE’S COMPLETE Furniture Disposal. Call Armando (650) 630-0424
GARDENING Appliance Recycling.
and Landscaping Hauling Garage Clean-out.
Full Service Includes: Attic Clean-out.
Free Tree Trim Painting
Free Estimates Construction Hauling
Free Estimates! EXPERT
We Do All The Work! PAINTING
Gutters We Recycle! Small jobs preferred.
Painting Since 1978
Cleaning O.K.’S RAINGUTTER Call Lic.#769577
Gutter Cleaning - Leaf Guard 1-800-995-Junk-King Cell #650-787-4378
* BLANCA’S CLEANING Gutter & Roof Repairs (5868)
Custom Down Spouts
$25 OFF First Cleaning 10% Senior Discount
• Commercial - Residential CA Lic# 794353/Insured PAINTING
(we also clean windows) (650)556-9780 Since 1975
• Good References • 15 Years Exp.
• FREE Estimates
THE DUMP MAN Commercial & Residential
Excellent References
(650) 867-9969 650-888-9504 Free Estimates
Handy Help Anything Anytime (415)722-9281
Free Estimate Lic #321586
Admirable $30 and Up
Handyman Service
Drywall, Painting, Interior/Exteriror,
Carpentry, Moldings,Water Damage, JON LA MOTTE
Plumbing, Electrical Interior Design
No Jobs Too Small!
24 Hr. On Call Services!
REBARTS INTERIORS Interior & Exterior
(650)575-1599 Pressure Washing
Ask For Anthony Hunter Douglas Gallery
Free Measuring & Install. Free Estimates
AM PM HAULING 247 California Dr., Burl. (650)368-8861
Bay Area Local Hauler Lic #514269
ALL HOME REPAIRS Haul Any Kind of Junk 200 Industrial Blvd., SC
Carpentry, Cabinets, Wainscot Residential & Commercial
Free Estimates! (800)570-7885
Paneling, Moulding, Painting, Plaster/Stucco
Drywall Repair, Dry Rot, Minor Call Joe
Plumbing & Electrical & More! (650)722-3925
Lic# 931633/Insured
CALL DAVE (650)302-0379 Kitchens
HANDYMAN REPAIRS and demo 1091 Industrial Road Texture Matching
Suite 185 - San Carlos
& REMODELING $70 and up!
Windows & Doors
• Carpentry • Plumbing 30 Years Experience,
• Kitchens • Bathrooms Call Mike @ 10% Off and guaranteed
completion for the holidays. References Available
• Dry Rot • Decks
Priced for You! Call John (650)630-2450 Call now (650)248-4205
(650)296-0568 Plumbing
Free Estimates
CHEAP Landscaping
Light moving! LANDSCAPING ONLY $39
HANDYMAN SERVICES Haul Debris! Landscape • Concrete
650-583-6700 • Pavers Unclog Any Drain
Eco-Friendly w/Outside Cleanout
(650)271-3955 w/90-day Warranty
Home Repairs & Improvements SAME DAY SERVICE (650)773-3592 Senior and
Military Discounts
Small Jobs Welcome, Painting Refuse Removal CSIB#919771
Credit Cards Accepted Free estimates LOWEST PRICES
Lic. #913461 Reasonable rates GUARANTEED!!!
No job too large or small Notices (650)949-4575
Tile (650)995-3064 Lic./bond/Ins#794331
California law requires that contractors
HANDYMAN taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor
CUBIAS TILE MARSH FENCE Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels
or materials) be licensed by the Contrac-
tor’s State License Board. State law also STANLEY S.
Installation & Service Vacuum requires that contractors include their li-
Free Estimates
& DECK CO. Electrical, All types of Roofs. cense number in their advertising. You Plumbing & Drain
Lic. #955492 State License #377047 Fences, Tile, Concrete, Painting, RCA VACUUM tube manual '42 $25. can check the status of your licensed Only $89.00 to Unclog
Licensed • Insured • Bonded Plumbing, Decks (650)593-8880 contractor at or 800- Drain From Cleanout
Mario Cubias Fences - Gates - Decks All Work Guaranteed 321-CSLB. Unlicensed contractors taking “And For All Stairs - Retaining Walls jobs that total less than $500 must state Your Plumbing Needs”
(510)265-0646 10-year guarantee in their advertisements that they are not
Quality work with reasonable prices VACUUM CLEANER Oreck-cannister (650)679-0911
(650)784-3079 Call for free estimate (650)571-1500 (650)771-2432 type $40., (650)637-8244 licensed by the Contractors State Li-
cense Board. Lic. # 887568
30 Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 THE DAILY JOURNAL

Food Food Health &FUNGUS?

TOENAIL Medical Massage Therapy
FREE Consultation for
Roti Indian Bistro has (650)347-0761 Grand Opening!
The Original Mexican Bistro $10. Off 1-Hour Session!
$20. Any Bottle of Wine done it again! Dr. Richard Woo, DPM 1482 Laurel St.
Emergency Catering (415)531-5008 It’s the Grand Opening of 400 S. El Camino Real
461 El Camino Real Kashi Bistro San Carlos
San Mateo (Behind Trader Joe’s)
San Bruno @ Hillsdale Mall Food Court
Our special... Open 7 Days/Week, 10am-10pm
(650)589-1163 Buy 1 Combo, Get The 2nd At (650)508-8758
1/2 Off!
GODFATHER’S Needlework
Burger Lounge Fitness
Gourmet American meets
the European elegance
....have you experienced it yet?
Reservations & take out
DOJO USA Every Time
World Training Center 1250 El Camino Real -- Belmont
(650) 637-9257 Martial Arts & Tae Bo Training 945 El Camino Real --
1500 El Camino Real South San Francisco
61 East 4th Avenue
Belmont, CA 94002 15 24th Avenue -- San Mateo Downtown San Mateo
731 Kains Ave, San Bruno 1222 Broadway -- Burlingame
(650)589-9148 (650)348-2151
We Do! Insurance
Join us for Happy Hour
$3. Pints M-F, 4-6 pm LUV2
Steelhead Brewing Co.
333 California Dr. Bedroom Express BARRETT STITCH.COM
Burlingame Where Dreams Begin INSURANCE Needlepoint!
(650)344-6050 2833 El Camino Real Fiesta Shopping Center
Accounting Dental Services San Mateo - (650)458-8881 Eric L. Barrett, 747 Bermuda Dr., San Mateo
President (650)571-9999
BOOKKEEPING, Center for Dental Medicine 184 El Camino Real Barrett Insurance Services
TAX PREP, Bradley L. Parker DDS So. S. Francisco -(650)583-2221 (650)513-5690
750 Kains Avenue, San Bruno
GULLIVER’S CA. Insurance Lic. #0737226
QUICKBOOKS PRO 650-588-4255 RESTAURANT Real Estate Loans
ADVISOR Early Bird Special
------------------ Prime Rib Complete Dinner
Call Deborah Marion,CPA, EA Call Now To Get Your Glasswares GOUGH INSURANCE &
(650)393-3044 Free Initial Implant Mon-Thu
GLASS WINE Carafes, (12) Hold 1 litre, FINANCIAL SERVICES REAL ESTATE LOANS Consultation 1699 Old Bayshore Blvd. Burlingame Great for Parties,
AICPA Member Fundraisers, All for $35. 650 871-7211 Direct Private Lender
(650)692-6060 Common Sense Underwriting
FREE Health & Medical (650)342-7744 Based primarily on equity
Homes• Mixed-Use
Attorneys DENTURE
Consultation LA CORNETA BALDNESS IS One Option... CA insurance lic. 0561021
All Credit Accepted • Owner or
Or Consider Modern Hair
* BANKRUPTCY * Dental Lab Technician On-Site TAQUERIA Transplantation Surgery Non-Owner Occupied
Salaried, Self-Emp, or Retired
Dentures Made In One Day We offer more than just tacos! Guaranteed Results
Huge credit card debt? Free Follow-up Advisement 11617 San Carlos Ave., SC Highest Patient Satisfaction PURCHASE OR REFINANCE
Job loss? Foreclosure? (650)366-3812 (650)551-1400 Easy Financing Legal Services Investors welcome since 1979
Medical bills? Roos Dental Care Schedule your free consultation
1123 Burlingame Ave., Burl
YOU HAVE OPTIONS (650)340-1300 (650)551-1100 650-348-7191
Call for a free consultation Gorrin Surgical LEGAL DOCUMENTS Wachter Investments, Inc.
(650)363-2600 Real Estate Broker #746683
This law firm is a debt relief agency FRIENDLY SMILES Affordable non-attorney
document preparation service
CA Dept. of Real Estate
ORTHODONTICS NOW OPEN! Registered & Bonded
Suresmile Technology FOOT PAIN? Divorces, Living Trusts,
Burlingame Farmers Corporations, Notary Public
AUTO ACCIDENT? Benson Wong, DDS Market We offer
931 W. San Bruno Ave., #3 PILLOWS FOR THE FEET (650)574-2087
Know your rights. Rich Man’s Quality•Poor Man’s Prices San Carlos podiatrist has Seniors
Free consultation San Bruno 1236 Broadway Ave., Burl. solutions for pain-free walking after “I am not an attorney. I can only pro-
Serving the entire Bay Area (650)588-7936 surgery. vide self help services at your specific
Law Offices of Timothy J. Kodani
Since 1985 (650)242-1011 Call (650)595-4148
BAY VIEW VILLA Assisted Living &
(1-800-529-9473) Dementia Care
General Dentistry for SIXTEEN MILE HOUSE Hospice. 24-Hour care, incredi-
Employment - Sexual Harrassment - Marketing
Housing - Landlord/Tenant Adults & Children Millbrae’s Finest Dining Restaurant ble facility located in San Carlos
Come Sing Karaoke NO. 9 FOOT SPA Hills. See our monthly specials!
DR. ANNA P. LIVIZ, Sat. Night 9 pm-12 am $5 off 1 hour session GET MORE BUSINESS
777 Bayview Drive,
DDS Closed Mondays! San Carlos (650)596-3489
Beauty 324 N. San Mateo Drive, #2 See our ad in today’s
with Guerrilla Marketing
448 Broadway Coaching.
San Mateo 94401 paper for coupon The Growth Coach
(650)343-5555 9A El Camino Real, Millbrae can help you 1on1.
$65.Exam/Cleaning SUNDAY CHAMPAGNE
OPen 10am-10pm daily
First consultation always free
650.373.2022 Burlingame
HEALTH & BEAUTY (Reg. $189.)
Facials, Waxing, Fitness $65. Exam/FMX
Crowne Plaza
Body Fat Reduction (Reg. $228.)
Pure Organic Facial $48. 1221 Chess Dr., Hwy. 92 at
New Patients without Insurance
Foster City Blvd. Exit SAN MATEO Massage Therapy Caring for Seniors with
Foster City PODIATRY GROUP dementia & memory
1 Hillcrest Blvd, Millbrae (650)570-5700
(650)697-6868 New San Mateo Address:
117 N. San Mateo Dr.
loss since 1988.
Food San Mateo 94401 ASIAN MASSAGE
(650)342-2420 Great Prices! 1117 Rhinette Ave.
Cemetery THAI TIME 1828 El Camino Real #405 Open 7 days, 10 am -10 pm Burlingame
BROADWAY GRILL Restaurant & Bar Burlingame 94010 (Same Location) Walk-ins welcome! (650) 259-8090 633 Veterans Blvd., #C
CATHOLIC Free Roundtrip Limo Pickup Try Our Lunch Special Redwood City (650)344-7074
(94010 zipcode) Just $7.95! (650)556-9888
CEMETERIES Live, Ride, Dine in Style
1400 Broadway, Burlingame
1240 El Camino Real
Archdiocese of San Francisco San Carlos
Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery (650)343-9333 (650)596-8400 CHARTIER CARE HOME
Colma & Menlo Park
STOP SMOKING Now Available!
650.756.1060 CAFE GRILLADES THE AMERICAN BULL Hypnosis Makes it Easy MASSAGE Single Room - Male or Female
Shared Room - Male or Female
Age Range 60+ Independent Living Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner BAR & GRILL Guaranteed 119 Park Blvd. Quarters Available
2009 1st Place Winner Call now for an appoint- Millbrae -- El Camino Call Today (650)474-CARE or
14 large screen HD TVs
Best Crepes Full Bar & Restaurant ment or consultation Open 10 am-9:30 pm Daily Lic.# 415600256
851 Cherry Ave., #16 888-659-7766 (650)871-8083 1424 Hopkins Ave., RWC
San Bruno 1819 El Camino, in
Collectibles (650)589-3778 Burlingame Plaza (650)652-4908
5 PIECE territorial quarters uncirculated
$16. (408)249-3858 Video Video
THE DAILY JOURNAL Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 31

Houses of Prayer Houses of Prayer

Buddhist Congregational Methodist Non-Denominational
Jodo ShinshuBuddhist OF SAN MATEO - UCC Sunday Worship 10:00 AM To know Christ and make him known.
(Pure Land Buddhism) 225 Tilton Ave. & San Mateo Dr. Sunday School • Childcare • Drama 901 Madison Ave., Redwood City
(650) 343-3694 Choir • Handbells • Praise Band (650)366-1223
2 So. Claremont St. Sunday October 24, 2010 CSUMC will
San Mateo Worship and Church School be starting a new Samoan language Sunday services:
(650) 342-2541 Every Sunday at 10:30 AM ministry which starts at 12:00pm. It will 9:00AM & 10:45AM
Sunday English Service & Coffee Hour at 11:45 AM be led by Tapuai Louis Vaili Certified
Dharma School - 9:30 AM Nursery Care Available Lay Speaker. Everyone is welcome to join us!
Reverend Ryuta Furumoto 2145 Bunker Hill Drive San Mateo • (650)345-2381 Synagogues
Church of Christ PENINSULA
CHURCH OF CHRIST A Reform Congregation
525 South Bayshore Blvd.
San Mateo Church of the
(650) 343-4997 600 W. 42nd Ave., Highlands 1655 Sebastian Dr, Burlingame
Bible School 9:45 AM San Mateo “A community of caring Christians” (650)697-2266
Services 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM Pastor Eric Ackerman 1900 Monterey Drive Fri. Shabbat Services: 7:30pm
Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 PM (corner Sneath Lane) San Bruno First Friday of month: 7:00pm
Minister J.S. Oxendine Worship Service 10:00 AM (650)873-4095 Saturday Lay Minyan: 9:30am Adult Worship Services:
Sunday School 11:00 AM Friday: 7:30 pm (singles)
Child care provided in the nursery. Saturday: 7:00 pm
Congregational Sun 7, 8:30, 10, & 11:30 am,
Hope Lutheran Preschool 5 pm
admits students of any race, color Youth Worship Service:
FOSTER CITY and national or ethnic origin. For high school & young college
Baptist Buddhist License No. 410500322.
ISLAND UNITED CHURCH Sunday at 10:00 am
Foster City's Call (650)349-0100 Sunday School
PILGRIM BAPTIST CHURCH LOTUS only three-denomination Church For adults & children of all ages
Dr. Larry Wayne Ellis, Pastor Methodist, Presbyterian (U.S.A.),
BUDDHIST CIRCLE Sunday at 10:00 am
(650) 343-5415 and United Church of Christ
217 North Grant Street, San Mateo (Rissho Kosei-kai of SF) Donald Sheley, Founding Pastor
851 N. San Mateo Dr., Suite D 1130 Balclutha Drive (at Comet) Leighton Sheley, Senior Pastor
Sunday Worship Services at 8 & 11 am San Mateo
Sunday School at 9:30 am Worship/Child Care/Sunday School
Website: 650.200.3755 at 10am
All are Welcome!
English Service: 4th Sunday at 10 AM Call (650) 349-3544
Study: Tuesday at 7 PM
(KFAX 1100 on the AM Dial)
Every Sunday at 5:30 PM
THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL/WORLD Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 31

Extreme measures
Around the world
Taliban suicide bomber
kills eight in Afghan capital
Amid massive protests, Egypt leader fires Cabinet KABUL, Afghanistan — A Taliban suicide bomber blew
himself up Friday inside a supermarket popular with
Westerners, killing eight people — some of them foreigners
By Hamza Hendawi
and Hadeel Al-Shalchi — in an attack that showed insurgents can still strike forcibly
in the capital despite tightened security.
The Taliban said their target was an official with the U.S.
CAIRO — Embattled President Hosni security contractor formerly known as Blackwater whom they
Mubarak fired his Cabinet early followed into the store. Although the insurgent group regular-
Saturday and promised reforms after ly attacks those allied with NATO forces or the Afghan gov-
protesters engulfed his country in chaos ernment, it was not clear why they specifically targeted the
— battling police with stones and fire- company, now known as Xe Services.
bombs, burning down the ruling party It was the third deadly attack in Kabul in less than two
headquarters and defying a night curfew months and the worst on a civilian target in the city since
enforced by a military deployment. February 2010, when suicide attackers charged two residen-
It was the peak of unrest posing the tial hotels, killing 20 people.
most dire threat to Mubarak in his three
decades of authoritarian rule.
Missionary killed in Mexico drug no-man’s land
Many protesters were outraged further MEXICO CITY — Authorities in Mexico’s Tamaulipas
by Mubarak’s nationally televised state say they are coordinating with U.S. law enforcement to
address just after midnight, which saw launch an investigation into the killing of American mission-
him defend a police crackdown that ary Nancy Davis.
drew harsh criticism from the Obama State Attorney General spokesman Ruben Dario Lopez says
administration and even a threat to REUTERS Mexico will investigate the assault on the couple as they tried
reduce a $1.5 billion program of foreign Protesters march during an anti-government demonstration in Suez,Egypt. to avoid an illegal roadblock while driving in Tamaulipas, as
aid if Washington’s most important Arab Flames rose in cities across Egypt as President Barack Obama, forced to well as the gunshot that killed 59-year-old Davis.
ally escalates the use of force. police cars burned and protesters set the choose between a linchpin of U.S. for- But Lopez said Friday the state is not investigating a mur-
“We want Mubarak to go and instead ruling party headquarters in Cairo eign policy and a democratic uprising der because Davis died in the U.S.
he is digging in further,” protester Kamal ablaze. Hundreds of young men tore tel- demanding his ouster, said he had per-
Mohammad said. “He thinks it is calm- evisions, fans and stereo equipment from sonally told Mubarak to take “con- Ohio’s Kucinich settles olive-pit-in-sandwich suit
ing down the situation but he is just other buildings of the National crete steps” to expand rights for his CLEVELAND — Rep. Dennis Kucinich said Friday that he
angering people more.” Democratic Party neighboring the people. settled a lawsuit filed against a Capitol Hill cafeteria over a
Pouring onto the streets after Friday Egyptian Museum, home of King Security officials said there were split tooth he says he suffered when he bit into an olive pit in
noon prayers, protesters ignored extreme Tutankhamun’s treasures and one of the protests in at least 11 of the country’s 28 a sandwich wrap.
government measures that included cut- country’s most popular tourist attrac- provinces, and unrest roiled major cities The lawsuit filed in early January in Washington had sought
ting off the Internet and mobile-phone tions. like Alexandria, Suez, Assiut and Port $150,000 in damages from companies involved with the
services in Cairo and other areas, calling Young men could be seen forming a Said. At least one protester was killed, Longworth House Office Building cafeteria. The lawsuit was
the army into the streets and then impos- human barricade in front of the museum bringing the official death toll for the settled for an undisclosed amount that reflected out-of-pocket
ing a nationwide night-time curfew. to protect it. week of protest to eight. costs, according to the parties involved.

kidnap Dylan using a GPS device hidden in a During closing arguments, Keyes told not testified in the guilt portion, told jurors he

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picture frame he sent and spirit him back to
England. When the device was found, author-
ities arrested Thomas on May 27, 2007 and a
jurors to consider that Blake didn’t disclose
the alleged molestation to authorities until
after learning about the videos. He also asked
was uneducated about sex as a child in
England and later felt having sex with minors
was no different than the same acts with an
search of his home turned up the footage, a jurors to keep their emotions in check and adult. He told jurors the three boys had insti-
journal including the names of child pornog- question if everything they saw met the legal gated the sexual encounters and that he cap-
designer and ran a child photography busi- raphy websites and toys and movies tailored definition of sodomy or touching meant to
ness, with a studio in his home. After bring- tured the acts on film and video because he
to young boys. cause arousal. photographed “everything.”
ing Dylan from Oregon, the boy was abused
Thomas was also charged with molesting After Thomas’ conviction, jurors found he
from August 2005 until the following
Blake, another teen who lived with him was sane while committing the abuse and
November when a spanking report to Child
Protective Services led to his return to because his mother could not care for him. should face incarceration rather than hospital- Michelle Durand can be reached by e-mail:
Oregon. Thomas allegedly hatched a plot to Blake was the only alleged victim who testi- ization. or by phone: (650)
fied and was not on any of the photos or video. During the sanity phase, Thomas, who had 344-5200 ext. 102.

Houses of Prayer Houses of Prayer Buddhist Congregational Methodist Non-Denominational


Jodo ShinshuBuddhist OF SAN MATEO - UCC Sunday Worship 10:00 AM To know Christ and make him known.
(Pure Land Buddhism) 225 Tilton Ave. & San Mateo Dr. Sunday School • Childcare • Drama 901 Madison Ave., Redwood City
(650) 343-3694 Choir • Handbells • Praise Band (650)366-1223
2 So. Claremont St. Sunday October 24, 2010 CSUMC will
San Mateo Worship and Church School be starting a new Samoan language Sunday services:
(650) 342-2541 Every Sunday at 10:30 AM ministry which starts at 12:00pm. It will 9:00AM & 10:45AM
Sunday English Service & Coffee Hour at 11:45 AM be led by Tapuai Louis Vaili Certified
Dharma School - 9:30 AM Nursery Care Available Lay Speaker. Everyone is welcome to join us!
Reverend Ryuta Furumoto 2145 Bunker Hill Drive San Mateo • (650)345-2381 Synagogues
Church of Christ PENINSULA
Non-Denominational TEMPLE SHOLOM
LUTHERAN CHURCH A Reform Congregation
525 South Bayshore Blvd. (Member UAHC)
San Mateo Church of the
(650) 343-4997 600 W. 42nd Ave., Highlands 1655 Sebastian Dr, Burlingame
Bible School 9:45 AM San Mateo “A community of caring Christians” (650)697-2266
Services 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM Pastor Eric Ackerman 1900 Monterey Drive Fri. Shabbat Services: 7:30pm
Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 PM (corner Sneath Lane) San Bruno First Friday of month: 7:00pm
Minister J.S. Oxendine Worship Service 10:00 AM (650)873-4095 Saturday Lay Minyan: 9:30am Adult Worship Services:
Sunday School 11:00 AM Friday: 7:30 pm (singles)
Child care provided in the nursery. Saturday: 7:00 pm
Congregational Sun 7, 8:30, 10, & 11:30 am,
Hope Lutheran Preschool 5 pm
admits students of any race, color Youth Worship Service:
Baptist Buddhist FOSTER CITY and national or ethnic origin.
License No. 410500322.
For high school & young college
ISLAND UNITED CHURCH Sunday at 10:00 am
Foster City's
only three-denomination Church
Call (650)349-0100 Sunday School
For adults & children of all ages
Dr. Larry Wayne Ellis, Pastor Methodist, Presbyterian (U.S.A.),
(650) 343-5415
BUDDHIST CIRCLE and United Church of Christ
Sunday at 10:00 am
217 North Grant Street, San Mateo (Rissho Kosei-kai of SF) Donald Sheley, Founding Pastor
851 N. San Mateo Dr., Suite D 1130 Balclutha Drive (at Comet) Leighton Sheley, Senior Pastor
Sunday Worship Services at 8 & 11 am San Mateo
Sunday School at 9:30 am Worship/Child Care/Sunday School
Website: 650.200.3755 at 10am
All are Welcome!
English Service: 4th Sunday at 10 AM Call (650) 349-3544
Study: Tuesday at 7 PM
(KFAX 1100 on the AM Dial)
Every Sunday at 5:30 PM
32 Weekend • Jan. 29-30, 2011 THE DAILY JOURNAL