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Effective Communication Skills

Majority of problems and misunderstandings arise because of miscommunication. Unclear
varied messages, misunderstandings, and misconceptions cost organizations millions each
Success in corporate world depends to a large extent on your ability to communicate. This
course will provide you with Effective communication skills which mainly focus on
fundamentals of corporate communication, occupational writing, both correspondence and
report with particular emphasis on business letters, customer relations and sales messages.
This course is designed for executives and all other staff whose role requires them to
interact or communicate effectively with others. This is a highly participative course, with
content tailored to the needs of your organization.

What You Will Learn
When you complete this course, you should be able to:
• Understand Communication Process
• Understand Communication Barriers
• Apply a number of learned skills to help communicate more effectively in the
• Write and reply to enquiries and requests.
• Write letters that create good will to customers and clients.
• Communicate better, verbally and non-verbally
• Develop better relationships through listening


• This course does not have any prerequisite

Who Should Attend

The course is recommended for executives/ individuals who desire to communicate in
business processes effectively and efficiently.


• 2 Days

Course Outline
1. Basics of Communication

CADD TRAINING CENTRE (M) SDN BHD. (779285-M) 03-79578775

Objectives of Communication • Information • Advice • Suggestion • Order • Motivation • Persuasion • Warning • Negotiation • Education 3. 46050 Petaling Jaya e-Learning: www. 4. 6..citylabs2u. (779285-M) 03-79578775 harvinder@citylabs2u. Malaysia Jobs: • Meaning and Definition of Communication • Communication Process Models-Communication • Science or Art-Importance of Communication • Forms of Communication. 2. CADD TRAINING CENTRE (M) SDN CiTY Selangor (779285-M) Office: +60 3 7957 8775 PJ 8’ Avenue. Unit A-1-5 Fax: +60 3 7957 8775 Jalan Sungai Jernih 8/1 Web: www. 5. Barriers to Communication • Semantic Barriers • Physical Barriers • Organisational Barriers • Psychological Barriers. Communication Network • Formal Communication • Communication-Upward • Communication-Informal • Organigraphs. Medias of Communication • Oral Communication : Face to Face. Essentials of Effective Communication 7Cs of Communication: • Candid-Clear • Complete- • Concise • Concrete • Correct • Courteous CADD TRAINING CENTRE (M) SDN BHD. Email: info@citylabs2u. Teleconferencing • Telephone • Voice Mail • Written Communication : Fax.

com/OnlineLearning CiTY Selangor (779285-M) Office: +60 3 7957 8775 PJ 8’ Avenue. Email: info@citylabs2u. (779285-M) 03-79578775 harvinder@citylabs2u. Malaysia Jobs: www. Listening • Importance of Listening- • Types of Listening • Barriers to Effective Listening • How to make listening effective 8.E. 7. Unit A-1-5 Fax: +60 3 7957 8775 Jalan Sungai Jernih 8/1 Web: 46050 Petaling Jaya e-Learning: www.Intemet • Intranet • Multi .com • Other Principles of Communication. 10.citylabs2u. Self-Development and Communication • What is Self Development • Objectives of Self Development • How to develop oneself? 9.. Developing written Communication Skill • Introduction-Writing Skill • Business writing Skills • Essentials of Business Writing • Steps in Effective Writing References: • CADD TRAINING CENTRE (M) SDN BHD’s Notes CADD TRAINING CENTRE (M) SDN BHD. Information Technology • Telex-Integrated Services Digital Network • Computer • Video Conferencing • LAN-WAN. CADD TRAINING CENTRE (M) SDN BHD.