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Lick-roll thread lubricant.

Technical Literature

non-reactive polydimethylsiloxane with a viscosity of ca.97 g/cm3 @ 25°C Viscosity ca. it has an advantage over other organic materials like mineral oils. Due to its chemical structure. thus making it possible to eliminate rewinding in most cases. It is applied by the lick roll process and can be used directly as supplied.1000mm2/s @ 25°C Refractive index ca. In this case Matlube LRT liquid is used as lubricant in the lick roll/kiss roll method. Matlube LRT is a linear.INTRODUCTION The perfect winding control of modern winding systems now permits the further processing of yarn packages directly after dyeing. 2/3 . However this presupposes that the yarn after dyeing is finished with an effective lubricant. It provides uniform distribution over entire thread surface. A pick-up weight of 4-5 % is recommended. FEATURES • Excellent water-repellent properties • Uniform distribution over entire thread • Produces thread with low friction variations • Remains liquid at room temperature • Easy to apply and more cost effective than exhaustible finishes • Low surface tension leading to high surface activity • Good solubility in a wide range of solvents PROPERTIES Appearance Clear Colourless liquid Density 0. Matlube LRT liquid produces thread with low friction characteristics.404 @ 25°C Flash point >300°C SCOPE OF APPLICATION It remains liquid at room temperature.1.1000mm2/s.

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