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1. One pipe fills in 4 hrs and another in 5hrs when they both work

alternately how much time will be taken to fill

the tank.

2. LCM of 3 nos is 120 which of the following no must not be their

HCF a. 8 , b.24 c.12 d.24 and 30

3. Two trains from the points A and B moving in opposite direction , at

the point they meet the second train travels

120 kms more than the first. The speeds are 50kmph and 60kmph

respectively find the distance between A and


4. One monkey climbs a poll at the rate of 6mts/min and fell down 3mts

in the alternately. Length of the poll is 60

mts , how much time it will take to reach the top?

a. 31 b.33 c.37 d.40 (ans:


5. A number when multiplied by 7/18 instead of 7/8 and got the result

770 less than the actual result , find the

original number?

6. The volume and the radius of both cone and sphere are equal , then find

the ratio of height of the cone to the

diameter of the sphere?

7. A and B started a business with 1500 and 2500 and got a profit 800 rs.

Half of the profit is shared equally the

remaining is shared according to their investment. Find their profits.

8. The difference between the simple interest and compound interest for

2 years?

18. but becoz of an outlet it is filled in 10 hrs. A cistern will be filled in 9 hrs. then how much time the outlet takes to empty the cistern. what is his average speed. In a right angled triangle ABC angle B = 90 . if the cistern is filled. An amount of 64 Rs has to become 125 in 3 years in compound interest . Length of a rectangle is increased by 50% and breadth is decreased by 25% what is the difference in the area 13. then how many candidates failed in the exam 14. Radius of the two circles is ‘a’. which is greater than 6 when divide by 6 will always gives the remainder ans: 1 or 5 12..A:B =2:3 and B:C=5:6 then find A:B:C 9. Mr X position in a class is 13th from first and 17th from last. Then find the ratio of total area of the rectangle to the area not covered by the two circles with in the rectangle 17. 15. A similar to the above problem find the time(rate of interest is given) 11. 19. the digits will get reversed.. The length of the following rectangle is ‘4a’ and its breadth is ‘2a’. BM is the median to AC . when 9 is added to the number. The prime no. find the rate of interest? 10. A person starts with the speed of u/1 kmph and returns with the speed of u/2 kmph. Then what is that number? Ans: 12 16. Two successive discounts of 20% and 15% is equal to a net discount of …. A two digit number is 4 times to its sum of digits . and 8th from the first and 13th from last in passed candidates list.

A person sold an item at a profit of 12% . 5 mangoes + 4 oranges = 7 mangoes + 1 orange. A man starts a work.less.days. If 8men 8hrs per day works for 8days get 45/. 21. Find the ratio of mango to orange. after some time some one joins him………….. then Y men can produce Y products in ---. Marked price of a commodity is 35% above the cost price. For how many days the food is sufficient for 500men? this 26. The compound interest for first and second years is 200 and 220 on a certain amount. then AB2 + BC2 (in terms of BM) 20. Avg age of X number of adults in a class is 30yrs.6/. 24. Three circles with same radius r are drawn with centres as three vertices of a triangle. 22.then how many men required if the work is 5hrs per day for10days they get 60/-? 28. 25. (1 ½ /((3/4-2/5 )/(2/3+4/5))) * ((2 ¾/((4/3-2/5 )/(5/3+6/5))) (Numbers different) 30. What is the cost price? 29.If he sold it at a loss of 12% then he would get Rs. If he gives a discount of 15%. X men work for X days to produce X products. What is the sum of areas of the intersections of these circles with the triangle. Find the sum. If 12 new adults with . how much he gains on the deal. 23.. Food is sufficient for 100men for 60days.

seating arrangement(2 puzzles) 4. --. Then what is the 5th day after 21st of that month? 7. books arrangement (puzzle) 5. If 3rd day of a month is Monday.avg age of 32 joined with them then the avg age increases by one. 21. 18. In a school there are 1000 students in the year 1999. 9. 24 3. But it is decreased by 18% in 2002. The raise in the water level is (not sure) 32. blood relation . 15. A sphere of radius 2cms is dropped into a cylinder of radius 4 cms containing water upto certain level. Find the average of reciprocals of x and y : 33. Odd man out a) stem b) fruits c) flowers d) tree e) root 2. flowchart 6.(numbers may differ) REASONING 1. The number of students increased by 20% in the year 2000. And it is increased by 15% in the year 2001. Find X? 31. Then what is the strength in 2002.

6 pipes fill or empty the cistern.then the time required to empty the bucket(in minutes)? 9.. 6.. Maximum numbers that can be formed using all the 4 digits 6 4 8 1 without repetition and which is divisible by 9. (don't remember the question exactly) 10. a+b+c=0. There was one more question on S. Difference b/w the compound interest and simple interest for Rs.37 c. 3.I and C. find the rate of interest. (This was the second last question) A bucket contains z drops. (think the last but three question)Travelling at 3/4th the speed a man is 20 minutes later then speed is?? .32 d. 35 b. The largest no: which is a factor of 1080 and 729 11 No: of spheres of radius 1 that can be got from sphere of radius (or diameter don't recall) 8 12.Then time taken to climb a tree 60metres high? a. Find the number of sides of a regular convex polygon whose angle is 40degrees. A monkey climbs 6 mts and falls 3mts in alternate minutes.imag 2. and it leaks x drops in t secs. The minimum number by which 60 is to be multiplied to generate a square..real 3. find the number of emptying pipes iff it takes 18hrs to fill and 18 hrs to 4.34 (think the answer is 37) 8.2500 for 2 years is given-----.( ans none) 2. 5.1.coincidental 4. then roots of ax^2+bx+c=0 is1.ans 15 7.

38 17. 15. 40 18 A man gets a gain of x%. then number of combinations to be tried out to get the actual solution a..none .. Choosing 2 people out of 10 in how many combinations can a particular person(some name) be always included. when will it show the correct time? 20.... some kind of notation like S(P(M((D(a.. There are 6 keys and 6 locks. A clock was 7mts behind the actual time on 3 p. 2x b.m. then speed of a raft floating?(accuracy of question not sure) 21. (this was the last question) no idea what it stands for. From 6 white balls and 7 black balls probability that 2 balls drawn at random are of the same color? 16. If a sales man gets successive gain of 15% and 20% then his actual gain? ans. but if he had sold at twice the cost price.2))):P(M(S(D(a.. what will be his gain?(question not sure) a... A string of pearls such that 1/3 is lost and of that 1/4th is missing..200-2x c.100+x (not sure of the options) 19.b).. 5^6 b.. on wednesday and 8 mts ahead of actual time on (not sure) 4 p. Boat moves upstream in 6 hrs and covers the same distance downstream in 5 hrs.m.13.b)..6^5 (don't remember the rest) 14.options were 1..(a+b)^2 4.(a-b)^2 3.. friday. remaining is 20 then actual number of pearls? ans.... ab 2.

Agarwal) 26.e. x/y+y/x=40/21(don't remember the exact value.(how many possible combinations or so possible) 27..22. If x men working x hrs per day can do x units of work in x days. (similar question in R. a hemisphere covers the cone such that base of hemisphere meets that of the cone.. 50 ps . then the number of 50 ps coins if they sum to ------Rs. Agarwal) 23 ( this was a question in the first page of the section II booklet) a cone with radius----. Agarwal consists of similar questions) 24. 3/5 of the work is done by - ----boys and -----women.and height -----. 25 ps coins are in the ratio ---------. then the enclose volume... How much time would bethe question) 32.S.(R. A goods train starts and after 2 hrs a passenger train at 4km/hr starts and overtakes the goods train after 4 hrs. abt getting a change of 10ps and 25 coins for ------Rs. 1 Rs. There was one more question on coins i. There was one question on . then y men working y hrs/day would be able to complete how many units of work i y days? ans.S.S. believe this is the one) find x and ythere were 2 questions on train and one was like: 28. 15hrs of boys work=6 hrs of women's work. y^3/x^2 (question in R. There was one more question on volume and surface area 25. then the speed of goods train? 29.

..... ..triangle 33. ie area of square-area of the regular octagon. A figure was given a square with four corners shaded and asked to find the area of the shaded portion..