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II. Table of Contents

III. Executive Summary

IV. Financing Proposal

The capital investment of Mr. Marvin Catacutan is brought by his salaries after

working in Hawaii. He had invested P700 000 as the starting capital for running and

meeting customer requirements. The enterprise already has its own land (having a 450

000 fair market value) that would lessen start up expenses on assets. The building will

worth around 250 000, office supplies and materials will be amounting to 50 000.

Fig 2. Utilization of funds and cash distribution of KJAMBA enterprise

The land and the building will serve as a collateral if in case the owner decided to

acquire funds in financing sectors with the intention of business expansion.

One of the main goals of this project is to gain profit. was produce because of the entrepreneurial characteristics possessed by Mr. Using a handmade process. The company will capitalize on the opportunities in the recycled leaves. the owner will try to expand her business and promote more items using pine tree leaves. The product of KJAMBA company is “SMILE: it’s pine”. Since this project “SMILE: it’s pine” with high quality and low-priced product is sought an effective way to gather more customers. Basically the enterprise directly deals with environmental concerns. . While the company is growing. the company will create a warehouse wherein raw materials needed to produce products were stored.V. it is then desire of the proprietor to institute the said project. and in purchasing our product you are promoting Philippine made products and as well as helping the environment. Sole proprietorship is the form of business. Catacutan primarily because pine tree leaves are the main component of the product being offered. Company Description Brief History of the Company KJAMBA Company is a business whose primary purpose is to make a product out of recycled materials for the reason of its market potential.

. flower vase. Description of Products and Services The company offers a variety of decorative products like picture frames. cell phone and pen holder. Individual markets of KJAMBA are more focus on professionals because they are more active in working to their tables as employees. The distinct characteristic of the products being offered directly accentuated for the mere fact that it is man-made which emphasizes the quality of the product with the use of pine tree leaves. Customers The customers are subdivided into individual and industrial market. jewelry box. and tripod. The company also offers a free delivery for their services in the customers who buy or order in bulk. They will be reached through local and national shopping centers. they acquire it through retailers such as SM malls and the like in region III. Household markets are consist of mothers who are more interested on display and decorations and for students who use study tables as part of their room. Individual Markets Individual markets are the professional and household type of market. Industrial markets are company’s public and private organizations. Individual market includes professionals and household class for their capability to buy the enterprise’s products. The professionals are from 23 to 59 year old employee of any private or public organization.

The site. to reduce waste. Industrial Markets These are the companies. it will succeed and reach the growth stage. Location The owner considered that in putting up a business like producing a product out of recycling especially leaves is an opportunity because you are not only earning profit but you are also helping the environment. As projection to this project. While in industrial markets products are used for their business for a wholesaling process. public banks. has four different rooms for process operation which the facilities and equipment for operation and production could be seen. Nueva Ecija. private and public organizations whose could be reached through sales call. The manufacturing site will be located in Bongabon. businesses. and to help mother earth. . Individual vs. to avoid pollution. Industrial Market As the definition shows they only vary in the sense that individual consumers buy the KJAMBA products for their personal use as obtained in shopping centers.

cell phone and pen holder. flower vase. • Functionality The company will offer multi functional product like picture frames. . • Quality Product Products offered are of high quality for its components are made of tree leaves and the process of creation is man-made making its product distinguished as of high value. • Affordability Low cost materials are required to produced the product making the cost low and the selling price would be affordable without value deterioration. Key Strength • Differentiation cost Products offered will be of different price compared to its competitors for the low cost materials required for manufacturing quality product. • Environmental friendly The company is considered as an environmental friendly because they help the environment in terms of reducing waste and avoid pollution. jewelry box and tripod with the guarantee of affordable price of high value that would surely delight the customers.

. KJAMBA enterprise uses functional organizational structure for the improvement and coordination with the other departments in the organization. holder. Products and Services Target Market KJAMBA Description Functons and Individual Institutional Price Products Benefits Market Market Profe House Business/ ssion hold public and al Private Organization • Picture Picture frame .Can be used as functional case for cell phone due to busyness of employees and professional.The Owner KJAMBA enterprise is owned by Mr.Serves as frame flower vase display for . The enterprise has plans of expanding the business from region III into other regions in the Philippines and the company also tries to export their product if given an opportunity. VI. Marvin Catacutan as he decided to be an entrepreneur after he worked in Hawaii.Minimize the space for office tables • Picture Consist of .It will avoid frame with a creative lost of pens with cell design that due to not phone could be used having and pen also as cell proper case holder phone and pen for them. Industry Analysis VII. .

• Jewelry Serves as a . base structure dividers. and other places in the house. .For people’s wall structural mini productivity reminde wall that serve for r with as the scheduling cell reminder for the activities phone employees to and pen do their job. important . • Office Consist of . • Mirror A mirror with Useful for glass creative employees with cell designs like call phone accompanied center agents and pen by cell phone as study holder and pen holder shows that they are more productive and efficient when they see their self while talking.Maximize the vision for picture frame and flowers. with coordinated household flower with frame tables.Decorative box unique case display that for jewelries is creatively and other made for important securing items. holder Accessorized with cell phone and pen holder.

materials like jewelries .Tripod For household .Inventory carriage -Find key industrial .Promotional customer through allowances sales call .Support use cooking utensils Distribution structure. attitudes and Practices KJAMBA Enterprise Retailers Wholesalers . The business-to- customer process initiates the distribution of products from the KJAMBA manufacturing .Creative works Industrial market individual market Fig. the distribution structure with respect to the practices implemented by channel members The company provides business-to-business and business-to-customer process considering the minimization of risks and maximization of production.

Management and Organization Manager (owner) .site to the retailers possessing the inventory carriage. picture frame. The business-to-business process is through ordering system after finding key industrial customer through KJAMBA marketing managers. IX. mirror. giving allowances and creative works to maintain product feasibility. availability and promotions of product to the individual product. Market Analysis Brand Positioning KJAMBA Enterprise decided to use SMILE as brand name to show optimistic attitude to the target market. The enterprise believes that through the label SMILE would strengthen its brand name to its target market. Three-in-one Set The products offered could be available in different combination of cell phone and pen holder. VIII. office wall reminder and flower base. Professionals are linked into a lot of work in which causes them to feel stressed with the use of “SMILE” as the brand name and “it’s pine” as the slogan it could connect to target market to be positive always with the use of the product that would be useful in putting things in to its proper place and to be as organize as possible.

Marketing Manager Production Manager Financial manager (Book keeper/ Accountant) Assistant 1 Assistant 2 Pre-production (3) Handcrafter (6) Supply Coordinator (2) Duties and Responsibilities Owner The owner is accountable in supervising the different aspects of organizational functions and also responsible for dealing and purchasing raw materials and the daily .

Assistant 1 The Assistant 1 is accountable in coordinating with the different provinces in Region III. Zambales and Aurora. Production Manager The Production Manager is held responsible for the whole production and operation of the enterprise. Assistant 2 The Assistant 2 will also supervise the managing the remaining provinces in Region III. Bataan. and Pampanga in contracting and distributing products to possible customers. The marketing manager also monitors the distribution with the help of the assistants.transactions of the enterprise. Tarlac. Nueva Ecija. Marketing Manager The Marketing Manager is responsible in supervising the sales. One of the purpose of the assistant 2 is to promote and put up on sale the product through quality service that will encourage customers to buy the products. The owner serves as the decision maker as well as the over-all in charge in the business operation. from the supplies and raw materials needed up to the finish . Bulacan. inventory and promotion of the products offered. He is also accountable for in al the transactions made. They are also in charge in formulating strategies and techniques to reach and inform the customers about the product. He is the one responsible in monitoring sales in this area.

And the lat two employees will make the office wall reminder with cell phone and pen holder and mirror with pen holder. Then they will put colors in the materials to be used. Handcrafters Six employees are also assigned. wherein two are appointed to make the frame with cell phone and pen holder and the frame with pen holder.products. he will monitor the work of the laborers to maintain the quality of the products and if they are performing well. they will deliver it to the retailer or customers through the help of working assistant and company’s vehicle driver. the other two employees will do the frame with flower base and frame with cell phone holder and flower base. Supply Coordinator They are in charge in contracting the possible supplier and the needed materials which are pine trees. If the products are already finished. They are liable in monitoring the areas and providers of the main component of the products which are pine trees to ensure that the materials needed are always available. . Pre-Production Worker Three employees will do the job wherein they will receive the needed materials and then they will do the selection of the pine tree which will be segmented according to their sizes. After that. Also. they will wash the materials and then dry it for the preparation of cutting it.

The expenses or cost of the business operation. Job Description Job Specification Marketing Manager • Male/ Female • At least 25 year old and above • Graduate of degree courses in marketing and other related courses • Has a working experience in the position indicated • Must have good leadership quality • Must have pleasing personality Marketing Assistant • Male/ Female • At least 22 year old and above • Graduate of degree courses in Marketing • At least 1 year working experience • Must have a leasing personality Production Manager • Male/ Female • At least 23 year old and above • Graduate of degree curses in Management and other related courses • Must have a good leadership quality • Must have pleasing personality Pre-Production worker • Male/ Female • At least 18 year old and above • At least high school graduate • Must have a good character and hardworking Supply Coordinators • Male/ Female .Financial Manager The financial manager will monitor all the cash inflows and out flows. He will also serves as the book keeper and accountant of the enterprise wherein he will record every transaction and data of expenses and being incurred and profits gained.

Main Product Process Receiving Small . The business will continue to find great opportunities for the continuous existence and profitability of the enterprise. Operational Plan Exit Strategy In case of failing assumptions regarding the profitability of KJAMBA products. • At least 22 year old and above • Graduate of degree courses in Marketing or Management • Organize and Hardworking • Must have pleasing personality Financial Manager • Male/ Female • At least 23 year old and above • Graduate of BS Accountancy • Passed the CPA board examination • Must have good character and hardworking X. Partnering will encourage the owner to strengthen the capital investment of new product concept. KJAMBA enterprise will establish partnership with retailers and other organizations. If the product would be patronized by the customers. new plans are going to be undertaken by the owner. The old production site will be restructured for the new product concept. the focus will be producing more of the new product. This opportunity might introduce a new concept to the products.

• Receiving . Selection Size Medium Large Washing Drying Cutting Coloring Drying Hand crafting Varnishing Packaging Display The figure shows ow the production process of KJAMBA enterprise were made.

the product will be more attractive in the eyes of the buyers that would give an impact for them to purchase the products. small. • Cutting In this phase. medium and large. Pre-production worker is also responsible for this job. The pre-production worker is responsible in receiving the needed raw materials which are pine tree lesves. • Drying After washing the pine tree leaves. The purpose of this is to make it easier to identify the sizes suited for the products to be made. • Selection The materials in this phase are divided according to sizes. next in line is drying them. • Washing The segmented pine tree leaves are cleaned and washed in this phase to make sure that unnecessary dirt are removed. pine tree leaves are cut according to the size and shape of the products to be made. . They are the one who coordinates with the suppliers in order to assure the availability of the required materials. • Coloring Through this process.

• Varnishing In this phase. varnishing the products would make them durable and nice- looking. XI. Financial Plan and Projections XII. Supporting Documents Marketing Strategy Strategy Description Magazines (Go This is used to Negosyo) promote further KJAMBA products in the business world to capture the industrial markets which are the target . • Packaging The final phase is packaging the products to make it ready for display and delivery.

market of the enterprise and also to inspire those who aspire to be successful entrepreneur. Sales call This concept would apply in business- to-business transaction. Advance payment This is given to customers who order in bulk and . This is effective especially when the customers really appreciate the product then share it to people they know and probably might also try the product. This can also create relational marketing and could give possible chance for strategic relationships. Trade Fairs This strategy is to promote the product through exhibits in cooperation with DT or other government agencies which can strengthen the viability of the products. Viral Marketing This is through word of mouth of those who have tried and liked the product.

Distribution Place Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly Marketing 452 2712 10848 130176 Manager Marketing 302 1812 7248 86976 Assistant Production 452 2712 10848 130176 Manager Pre-Production 302 1812 7248 86976 Manager Hand crafters 302 1812 7248 86976 Supply 302 1812 7248 86976 Coordinator Financial 452 2712 10848 130176 Manager . pay in advance as an incentive and to encourage them to pay on time and buy more next time.