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True Love Waits

An Abstinence Resource

Provided by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

Introduction .......................................................................................................................... Page 4
• The Goal of This Document
• Acknowledgements

Part 1: Teens, Sex, and the Case for Chastity ................................................................... Page 5
• The Current Situation
• The History of True Love Waits
• Catholic Youth Ministry and True Love Waits

Part 2: Catholic Teaching on Sexuality: A Synopsis ........................................................ Page 7
• On Sexual Intercourse within Marriage
• On Chastity
• On Sins against Human Dignity
• An Encouraging Message

Part 3: Primary Sources ..................................................................................................... Page 10
• Church Statements on Sexuality
v Chastity
v Homosexuality
v Marriage
v Masturbation
v Sexual Abstinence until Marriage
v Vatican Documents
v USCCB Documents

Part 4: Sexuality and Chastity Education and Formation .............................................. Page 14
• Catechesis: Effective, Responsive, and Authentic
• Objectives of Sexuality Education
• The Role of the Family in Chastity Education
• Getting Started
v Concepting
v Clarifying
v Consulting
v Connecting
v Communicating
o Evaluating Resources

Part 5: Selected Resources ............................................................................................... Page 18
• Program Materials: Young Adolescents (ages 11 to 14)
• Program Materials: Older Adolescents (ages 15 to 18)
• Video Presentations
• Supplementary Materials
• Resource Organizations

Appendix A: True Love Waits Commitment Card ........................................................... Page 23

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Inc. National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry – Carol Ann Morrow. Inc. Page 3 of 23 . Diocese of Memphis – Tammy Yatcko. Guest – Sr. Family Honor. Diocese of El Paso – Melinda Prunty (Chairperson). Richard Meredith. Diocese of Saint Augustine – Mary Pat Van Epps. © 2006 by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry. South Carolina – D. Saint Anthony Messenger Press—Youth Update Rev. Marilyn Kielbasa was the primary editor of this document. Diocese of Hartford – Beverly Brumbaugh. Diocese of San Antonio – Gayle Frank. Diocese of Shreveport The primary authors of the document included the following: – Brenda Cerkez. May be reproduced for educational purposes only. Diocese of Ogdensburg – Marcos Martinez. Scott Miller. Columbia. Ann Cassidy. was a consultant for this project. All rights reserved.Acknowledgements The True Love Waits task group of the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry included the following people: – Shawnee Baldwin.. Diocese of Owensboro – Ella Simmons. Diocese of Owensboro.

Introduction The Goal of This Document The original Catholic resource packet for the national abstinence movement True Love Waits was published in February 1994 by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry. including an affirmation of the role of families in the process – Suggestions for developing a chastity education program – Resource evaluation guidelines – An annotated list of curricula and supplemental resources Though the face of youth ministry and sexuality education is constantly evolving to respond to the needs of young people in the twenty-first century. improve. and a report on the first national Youth Congress that was held in Indianapolis in the autumn of 1991. this revised document will help youth ministry leaders by providing the following information: – Current research and statistics on sexual activity. They must hear about it from us and see in us the fullness of living a chaste life. Page 4 of 23 . To that end. It was intended as a resource for those seeking to initiate. offering support from bishops and other Catholic educators. As a church we maintain a concerted effort to educate young people about the God-given gift of sexuality and form them for a life of purity and holiness. or expand their efforts to help Catholic teens in parishes and schools make good decisions about sexual activity. They must come to know that the choice for chastity is a response to truth—a solid “yes” to the God who loved them into this holy and wondrous life. the topic of adolescents and sexuality continues to be part of the national agenda for Catholic youth ministry. More than a decade later. It also included information on adolescent development. and the effectiveness of abstinence education – A summary of Catholic teaching on issues related to sexuality. including primary source material from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and other official documents – Notes on adolescent catechesis as it relates to sexuality education and formation for chastity. prayer and ritual resources. The document complemented the materials provided by the national office of True Love Waits. pregnancy rates. it is still true that we must constantly challenge them to choose chastity as the most life-giving option.

The History of True Love Waits The good news is that the U. 3 Centers for Disease Control. As reported in the Journal of the American Medical November 15.United States. media. As a church we face desire to become sexually active before making significant challenges as we try to convince a commitment in the Sacrament of Marriage has teens to make counter-cultural and gospel- already moved beyond mere temptation. Southern Baptist Convention. GA. and the adolescents to enter into a sexual relationship. and a choice for holiness. Many initiatives have and around the world have participated in focused on the prevention of pregnancy through educational programs and thematic events that abstinence. press release. These cards have been gathered and displayed in various venues: – 1 Centers for Disease Control. These desires in grades seven through twelve. Part 1 Teens. 2005. The experience a kind of love that translates to a National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent yearning to have an exclusive relationship with Health surveyed over ninety thousand students someone of the opposite sex. and regard religion and decision are many different messages from prayer as important are the least likely of all 5 parents. freedom. teen birth rate True Love Waits is an international campaign declined to a record low in 2002. Among Catholic abstinence is the best choice. Supplement to the Catholic Analysis carried more than one hundred thousand and Report on the National Study of Youth and cards over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Religion. It is a choice for teens. a choice for one percent for high school youth (the number wholeness. September 1997. our work For many teenagers in the United States. young people experience In a recent study of teens and sexual activity. such as True Love changes. Many visible in the last few years. was the highest indicator that a teen awakening of sexual desire. Association. have signed commitment cards pledging to remain abstinent. down forty-three percent. 2004. Some teens also would not engage in early sexual behavior. The study found lead to intense and confusing experiences of that teenagers who take a pledge of virginity. It was officially launched at a National Youth Ministry The Centers for Disease Control—which Conference held in Nashville in April 1993. centered choices in different areas of life. National Federation for Catholic Youth Francisco. monitors these statistics—credits many factors in this decline. Atlanta. Among young teen non-denominational movement began in 1992 mothers (ages 10 to 14). press release. the rate declined even as a project of the Sunday School Board of the 4 more sharply. reversing the steady increases over thousands of young people around the country the past two decades. 2000. biological and emotional taking a pledge of virginity. and the Case for Chastity The Current Situation During adolescence. December 17. the is far from finished. Sexual activity for teens has Each year since its inception. 2 for junior high youth is fourteen percent). Among those changes is an Waits. hundreds of leveled off. March 24. sexual decision-making. 2003. peers. Statistics tell us that sixty-four percent of Through programs such as True Love Waits. a choice for responsibility. Media messages encouraging teens encourage them to embrace chastity and refrain to make choices for abstinence have been more from sexual intercourse until marriage. The 2002 rate that challenges teenagers and college students was thirty percent lower than it was in 1991 to remain sexually abstinent until marriage. Complicating the have loving parents. teenagers will have had sex before they many teens are getting the message that sexual 1 graduate from high school. Youth Risk 1999: Two hours before midnight on Behavior Surveillance . Ministry. fifteen hundred young people 2 McCorquodale. Though the numbers are encouraging. many physical. 4 5 Centers for Disease Control. Page 5 of 23 . school.S. 1999. December 31. the church. This 3 when the decline began. Sexuality. that number drops only slightly to sixty.

Although there is that not only addresses sexual intercourse. Catholic the Summer Olympics in Athens. The movement toward chastity continues to grow among teens. The American and ultimately a choice for life. This current revision of the adapted according to the culture and the needs manual was made available to Catholic parishes of teens. the NFCYM Board of churches around the country hosted True Love Waits: Seize the Net rallies. As part of the event. over eighty consulting with the membership. and is a dynamic program that has been refined and diocesan documents. It Church and various Vatican. The Youth Ministry. Greece. the organizers of True for abstinence. material to support True Love Waits programming. the NFCYM has publicized True True Love Waits has more than ninety Love Waits: Seize the Net events and provided cooperating ministries under its umbrella. The Conference of Catholic Bishops (now known as ultimate goal of this partnership is to be a source the United States Conference of Catholic of support for Catholic youth ministry leaders Bishops or USCCB) regarding Catholic who help teens make the choice for chastity— participation in the program. including the National Federation for Catholic www. The list of cooperating ministries NFCYM also makes available a Catholic can be found on the website. on the website along with the thousands that signed paper copies. each denominational or as well (see Appendix A). For example.lifeway. campaign concepts. Thus. In February. and other intimate sexual activity outside of marriage a commitment card. Because of that reality. the Catholic Youth Ministry and True Love Waits partnership between organizations that advocate In the spring of 1993. program resources. programming tips and links through its website.– 2002: In February. linked by Directors. and Love Waits contacted the National Federation the National Federation for Catholic Youth for Catholic Youth Ministry and the National Ministry must continue to grow as well. like a curriculum. voted to thousand teens signed commitment cards participate in True Love Waits. bishops felt that programs promoting sexual Page 6 of 23 .nfcym. and programming. but shared use of the logo. more than seventy abstinence should be examined and encouraged. USCCB. True Love Waits Goes Home brings parents and young people together to talk Besides providing Catholic primary source about chastity and commit to living a pure life. and references to Catholic teaching as it is found in the Catechism of the Catholic True Love Waits is not static. It included – 2004: Thousands of signed True Love Wait information on adolescent development. after reviewing the program and satellite. added in 2003. prayer commitment cards were in the spotlight at resources. a parent component was and schools in 2005. adaptation of the True Love Waits pledge card http://www. ministry group is encouraged to incorporate its own theology. such as True Love Waits. 1994 the NFCYM published the first resource packet for True Love Waits.

2000. The sexual union of a man and and revealing. at the same time. spiritual. Charles. CO: Archdiocese of Denver. It concerns From the Scriptures we know that “God created the emotional and spiritual wholeness of the man in his own image . The church’s “purpose is not to marriage .org/las.archbalt. Deuteronomy 5:18 9 value and dignity.” “Married love thus becomes a make us nervous. they fall in love.htm) 12 Chaput. joyful. It is about sexual integrity. paragraphs 2331-2336 moral. Mahwah.” Man and woman are created 8 equal. in of the prevailing culture would have young and through each other—all ordered in a way people believe that sex is a physical pleasure to which draws husband and wife. Sexuality.”6 It recognizes that building up the civilization of love. and be along with the capacity to bring about life. . each deserving Ex 20:14. Baltimore). They fall Creator’s ability to give freely and generously into each other in order to fully possess. The Truth other. the elements find joy and delight. Baltimore. and reconciling celebration of the person. Rather. Cardinal (Archbishop of marriage and family life. Vatican City. It also with teens. Part 2 Catholic Teaching on Sexuality: A Synopsis You will find in this section a summary of Scriptures. Love northern Colorado on the truth and meaning of and Sexuality: A Pastoral Letter to the Young People married love. God intends that spouses should On the other end of the spectrum. in God’s image and likeness with physical. or to stifle spontaneity but to help grow and. Of Human Life: A pastoral letter to the people of God of 6 Wuerl. NJ: Paulist Press. 1995.. each eminently holy. and human reason. each other. They surrender to each other. Chastity is not about what is prohibited or forbidden. God’s word as it comes to us in the (http://www.archden. In married love. male and female he 7 created them. “You shall not commit adultery. God created men and women Catechism of the Catholic Church. it contributes to 11 us to be open and free. holy.diopitt. The sixth 8 Catholic teaching on issues related to sexuality 7 Genesis 1:27 fe. It also “Few couples understand their love in terms of expresses the commitment and faith that gives academic theology. hope and abundant life. to quench love with power which enriches persons and makes them cautiousness.” consequences. possessed It’s that simple work of creation. woman in marriage is a way of imitating the They give themselves to each other. William H. “The only social arrangement The Catholic Church places a high value on which is simultaneously able to protect both the sexual intimacy and holds everyone to a high intensity of sexual communion and the moral and spiritual standard in using God’s gift procreation and education of children is 10 of sexuality.htm) (http://www.vatican. Donald W (Bishop of Pittsburgh) 1992. and spiritual differences designed to paraphrased 10 complement one another and benefit both Keeler. Denver. (Archbishop of Denver) 1998. . places the value of the union between man and woman within the commitment of the sacrament 9 On Sexual Intercourse within Marriage of marriage. of the Diocese of Pittsburgh #10 (http://www.” sexual intercourse is a passionate. and Chastity.htm) Page 7 of 23 .” to support your work in abstinence education embraces the whole of human sexuality. Human beings are viewed as simple objects of pleasure with no connection to On Chastity the God who created share in creation—is only appropriate between a archbishop/homilies-talks/) 11 man and a woman who are married to each Pontifical Council for the Family. be enjoyed by everyone at anytime with anyone and all who know them. This teaching is based on the wisdom of and Meaning of Human Sexuality. # 11 our tradition. their children. Pastoral Statement on Marriage. deeper into God's 12 without emotional. the church teaches that MD: Archdiocese of Baltimore the act of sexual intercourse—the opportunity to (http://www. human beings an opportunity to share in God’s That’s the vocabulary they use. And rightly so. or physical embrace. For all these reasons. 1994.

the gift of the sacrament of reconciliation with That is. every person is called to be healthy. outside the commitment of marriage. and spirit. ME). We can be 17 Gerry.portlanddiocese.”18 and respects the body in its sexual dimensions and is grateful for it. ME: Diocese of Portland 16 Timlin. offenses against chastity—including pre- ability of all people. However. This is the will of God. For God did not call “Self-mastery is not repression or fear.portlanddiocese.” This calls for and possess an inherent personal dignity that “good will and a spirit of sacrifice” for couples as deserves respect. 2001. above all. Learning to Love in the Lord: Bishop Joseph NJ: Paulist Press # 2348 dialogues with young people about the Christian 14 Keeler. (Bishop of Peoria). 13 Catechism of the Catholic Church. These are sins against the ultimate gift of self has been reserved truth that we are all made in the image of God 15 exclusively for their spouse. your holiness: that you refrain from immorality. ME: Diocese of Portland Baltimore). dialogues with young people about the Christian #V (http://www.htm) Page 8 of 23 . “The heart leads us to make Nineteen million infections occur annually. . to strive for integrity and to respect the sexuality of others.” related offenses warrant special mention here.” We chastity is a call for sexual abstinence while recognize that “sins such as pornography. . . . However. Sometimes we make mistakes. . But it also recognizes that Paul’s words cover a multitude of sinful human acceptance and respect and gratitude can be activities—all of which are. “Women and men need to discover reduce the other to an object to be used for the beauty and dignity that comes when the one's own pleasure. 17 human person. these sins “offenses against chastity. 2001. incest and rape are all offenses tough. about Sexuality. Human half of them in youth ages fourteen to twenty beings can seek pleasure casually and forget the more important values in life. no matter their age. “All the baptized are called to swayed by insistent and strong impulses. be honest. you do so even more . Gerry. as Catholics we have the holiness and dignity of the human person. Mahwah. Excerpted from 1 Thessalonians 4: 1-7 19 archbishop/homilies-talks/) CCC 2351 15 20 Myers. in spite of our best efforts. The Catechism of the Catholic Church calls 19 For young people and adults who are single. They reduce the person to an “they are living their affection for one another in instrument of sexual pleasure. . counter-cultural message both to deliver against the dignity of the human person and and receive. mind. ultimately. but to holiness. to which to adjust our choices and life The integrity of the sexual act requires that (and) not to take advantage of or exploit passion be united with purpose and human will. is part of life. required to “ . IL: Diocese of Peoria. It accepts us to impurity. Pastoral Statement on Marriage.” they will continue to grow in love for one 16 another. William H (Cardinal Archbishop of meaning of sex. 1994. John J. about respecting When we make mistakes. consequences: sexually transmitted diseases. Spiritual Way of Thinking: To the Young of Our Learning to Love in the Lord: Bishop Joseph Church and Community Peoria. Baltimore.cdop.” 13 chastity” which is. to be marital sexual intercourse and other risky able to discipline themselves towards higher behaviors—can also have dangerous physical values. including sexual urges and 2000. James C (Bishop of Scranton) Instruction on (http://www.cfm) meaning of sex. sometimes we fail. 1995 A Fresh. (http://www. Portland. . Portland. sins affirmed only if blind impulses are integrated against human dignity. conduct yourselves to please God—and as you are conducting yourselves— The vitality and energy of human passion. ME). It is a prostitution. (another) in this matter . human beings are our Chastity http://www.htm) 18 of Baltimore (http://www. and they accord with God's law and thus preparing for contradict the unity meant to exist between body 20 themselves a marriage that will last because in it and soul as expressed in human sexuality.” In addition to the spiritual and emotional damage that accompanies these crimes against human Abstinence and chastity education presumes the dignity. MD: Archdiocese 1. Joseph (Bishop of Portland. and sexually 14 with personal moral values.dioceseofscranton. We are called to On Sins against Human Dignity recognize the integration of our sexuality with According to Saint Paul. Joseph (Bishop of Portland.htm 1.

htm) 22 STD Surveillance 2003: Special Focus Profiles. (Archbishop of Denver) 1998. conduct. Though the numbers are declining. “date rape” occurs alarmingly and purity.htm) 26 March 25.cdc. clear guidelines that emphasize the reasons for and wisdom of the church’s teaching.cdc. and the highest among adolescents ages fifteen to good news is that the Church today. (http://www. as in every 22 nineteen and young adults. The majority of these young people the same challenge Paul presented to Timothy: 23 are infected At make good choices.”26 If we people need to know that these kinds of actions encourage. Contact with adults who are themselves. Human Life: A Pastoral Letter to the People of God of (http://www. 21 Trends in Reportable Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the United States.cdc. the “For all its challenges. and abstinence education programs such as True Love Waits can only serve to drive those numbers in a more positive direction. At least half of all age. not just the parties involved. 2005. 2004. they need our prayers.htm) Northern Colorado on the Truth and Meaning of 24 McCorquodale. And above all. faith. in In this age of the media “sexploitation. young people need to know the truth. fe. Of Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention. sexually integrated. Charles. open lines of communication. 2002. and advertisements touting remedies for sexually transmitted diseases are common.”25 The challenge each year are among people under the age of we present for young people and ourselves is twenty-five. train and prepare young people to affect everyone. (http://www. Supplement to the Catholic Married Love.archden. An Encouraging Message The media would have us—and teenagers themselves—believe that everyone is “doing it. the meaning of the word prostitution is broadened well beyond the money-for-sex transactions that occur in the seamier districts of large cities. Gonorrhea and Syphilis. “Let no one have contempt for your youth.National Data on Chlamydia. Pregnancy rates among teens are dropping.” young speech. 2004. 21 four. has the answers to fill the God-shaped new HIV/AIDS infections in the United States empty places in their hearts. I Timothy 4:12 Page 9 of 23 . but set an example for those who believe. with a few clicks of a mouse. CO: Archdiocese of Denver Analysis on the National Study of Youth and Religion. They also need our guidance and National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry. Centers for Disease Control and (http://www.htm) 23 Young People at Risk: HIV/AIDS Among America’s 25 Youth. love. this is a tremendous new number of cases of gonorrhea and syphilis are moment of possibility for the Church.” The statistics show that fifty-nine percent of Catholic teens report that they have not been 24 physically involved with someone. Denver. 2003 . Centers for Disease Control and Prevention— Chaput. we prepare them to be an a time when pornographic images are available example to the world. as are the numbers of those infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

3211 Fourth Street. [CCC 2337] up through his many free decisions. Washington. Man gains such dignity when.C. Chastity includes an apprenticeship in self.E. day by day builds himself integrality of the gift. It is also a gift from The virtue of chastity comes under the cardinal God. [CCC 2338] and the improvement of society. The Holy virtue of temperance. a grace. or he lets himself be Page 10 of 23 . in particular the right to receive information and mastery which is a training in human freedom. One Chastity means the successful integration of can never consider it acquired once and for all. in which man's belonging to the bodily certain periods. It it also involves a cultural effort. obedience to sexuality within the person and thus the inner God's commandments. This integrity ensures the unity of the person.usccb. becomes being formed during childhood and adolescence.” [CCC 2343] powers of life and love placed in him. loves. an education that respect the moral and spiritual The alternative is clear: either man governs his dimensions of human life. “Man . and so he knows. ridding Unless otherwise noted. D. exercise of the moral unity of man in his bodily and spiritual being. for there is “an tolerates neither a double life nor duplicity in interdependence between personal betterment speech. which seeks to permeate Spirit enables one whom the water of Baptism the passions and appetites of the senses with has regenerated to imitate the purity of Christ. It is available good and. “Indeed it is The virtue of chastity therefore involves the through chastity that we are gathered together integrity of the person and the integrality of the and led back to the unity from which we were The Catechism can also be viewed online at Whoever wants to remain faithful to his http://www. . second edition. a fruit of spiritual effort. and not by blind impulses in himself or by mere external Church Statements on Sexuality constraint. opposed to any behavior that would impair it.. end." [CCC 2340] Chastity is a moral virtue. virtues. practice of an ascesis adapted to Chastity means the successful integration of the situations that confront him. unity of man in his bodily and spiritual being. in the complete and lifelong mutual gift of a man Chastity has laws of growth which progress and a woman. It sexuality within the person and thus the inner presupposes renewed effort at all stages of life. Part 3 Primary Sources The material in this section provides youth dominated by them and becomes unhappy. ministry leaders with a compilation of teaching "Man's dignity therefore requires him to act out statements to support their foundational work in of conscious and free choice.” Chastity presupposes respect for the rights of the person.” [CCC 2339] 8722. such as when the personality is and biological world is expressed. secures for himself the means suited to this N. [CCC 2344] passions and finds peace. baptismal promises and resist temptations will want to adopt the means for doing so: self- Chastity knowledge. and fidelity to prayer. he presses statements are drawn from the Catechism of the forward to his goal by freely choosing what is Catholic Church. it is Chastity represents an eminently personal task. as moved and sexuality and chastity education. . . 800-235. drawn in a personal way from within. 20017-1194. The effort required can be more intense in Sexuality.htm. [CCC 2337] fragmented into multiplicity. effectively through USCCB Publishing. the following himself of all slavery to the passions. and accomplishes moral good by The chaste person maintains the integrity of the stages of growth. personal and truly human when it is integrated [CCC 2342] into the relationship of one person to another. The virtue of chastity therefore through stages marked by imperfection and too involves the integrity of the person and the often by sin. [CCC 2341] [CCC 2345] Self-mastery is a long and exacting work.usccb. http://www. by his diligence and skill. . .

(Gen. freedom. hormonal." [CCC 1605] procreation and education of offspring. a homosexual orientation cannot be considered sinful. [CCC 1601] deliberate stimulation of the genital organs in order to derive sexual pleasure. outside of marriage is essentially contrary to its Marriage is not a purely human institution purpose. [CCC 2359] transparent everywhere with the same clarity. and attraction toward every human being. “flesh of his flesh. and they become one flesh (Gen. at times by the support of disinterested These differences should not cause us to forget . his Suggestions for Pastoral Ministers. homosexual orientation is and fill the earth and subdue it. and the moral sense of the established by the Creator and endowed by him faithful have been in no doubt and have firmly with its own proper laws . “helpmate. they came from the hand of the Creator. rather than toward God who created man out of love also calls him those of the opposite sex.’ The deliberate written in the very nature of man and woman as use of the sexual faculty. but one ordered toward the good of the spouses and the flesh (Mt. By undergone through the centuries in different the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner cultures. in the Creator's eyes. for whatever reason. in the course of a constitutes the married state has been constant tradition. some sense of the greatness of the matrimonial It seems appropriate to understand sexual union exists in all cultures. homosexual orientation does not necessarily Since God created him man and woman. their mean a person will engage in homosexual mutual love becomes an image of the absolute activity. care for. [CCC homosexual orientation produces a stronger 1603] emotional and sexual attraction toward individuals of the same sex. for Holy Scripture affirms that man and woman morality presumes the freedom to choose. 2:18).usccb. Generally. “Therefore a man leaves his http://www. 1:28)’" experienced as a given.” she thus represents God from whom Available online at comes our help. they can and should gradually and resolutely Although the dignity of this institution is not approach Christian perfection. therefore. psychological—that may give and God said to them: ‘Be fruitful and multiply. is by its nature beginning”: "So they are no longer two.” For here sexual pleasure is sought Page 11 of 23 . . 1997. For man is created in the members of the opposite sex. A healthy state of conjugal and family life. God himself is the maintained that masturbation is an intrinsically author of marriage. It is good. genetic. this covenant between baptized persons has been Masturbation raised by Christ the Lord to the dignity of a “By masturbation is to be understood the sacrament. Having a image and likeness of God who is himself love. 2:24).” were created for one another: "It is not good that (Always Our Children: A Pastoral Message to the man should be alone (Gen.htm) father and his mother and cleaves to his wife. By itself. And There seems to be no single cause of a this love which God blesses is intended to be homosexual orientation. by which a man and unbreakable union of their two lives by recalling a woman establish between themselves a what the plan of the Creator had been “in the partnership of the whole of life.” The Parents of Homosexual Children and woman. social structures. A common opinion of fruitful and to be realized in the common work of experts is that there are multiple factors— watching over creation: "And God blessed them. 19:6).Homosexuality despite the many variations it may have Homosexual persons are called to chastity. rise to it. ‘Both the The intimate community of life and love which Magesterium of the Church. is given to him by God as a States Catholic Conference of Bishops. and spiritual attitudes.” his equal.” The Marriage Lord himself shows that this signifies an The matrimonial covenant. its common and permanent characteristics. and unfailing love with which God loves man. United nearest in all things. very good. not as something freely [CCC 1604] chosen. The well-being of the orientation (heterosexual or homosexual) as a individual person and of both human and deep-seated dimension of one's personality and Christian society is closely bound up with the to recognize its relative stability in a person. The vocation to marriage is and gravely disordered action. by prayer and sacramental grace. It does not totally rule to love—the fundamental and innate vocation of out interest in.

1994. Washington. content./ engage in premature sexual relations may be.vatican.vatican. . N. and those who live a celibate life./ or in print through http://www. Pope John Paul II. Human love does not tolerate “trial connects human fulfillment to the imitation of marriages. originally written in 1981. total meaning of mutual self-giving and human Written for The Year of the Family.vatican. demanded by the moral order and in which the MA: Pauline Books and Media. . 1988) and The Gospel of Vatican website at http://www. 3211 Fourth Street. 1983. Pope John of one person to another. It is also available online at Sexual Abstinence until Marriage Sexuality . 1995). addresses topics such as the following: Some today claim a “right to a trial marriage” challenges to families. D. 2000.outside of “the sexual relationship which is Letter to Congregation for Catholic Catholic Church and directs it in a practical way Education. to parents who are the first and primary A declaration on the responsibility. this procreation in the context of true love is document addresses the marital covenant as achieved. Divine Plan. education. and pastoral care of families.C. Marriage. becomes personal and truly The Role of the Christian Family in the Modern human when it is integrated into the relationship World (Familiaris Consortio). nor. The document is available at" [CCC 2352] well as many other dimensions of family or in print through USCCB Publishing.E. Family. of desires or whim. functions. 1994.” It demands a total and definitive gift Christ’s gift of self. A commentary on the prevalence of cohabitation and the threat posed to marriage and family. The later. can they protect it from inconstancy Pauline Books and Media./ or in print through USCCB Publishing. USCCB Publishing. The document is available at The document is available at http://www. 1997. http://www.vatican. in the complete and Paul II. [CCC Media. Pontifical Institute for the Family (1995). Boston. Page 12 of 23 . It especially reflects tasks. The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality: 800-235-8722. those who are single. the following 1968). MA: Pauline Books and lifelong mutual gift of a man and woman. 2337] This Apostolic Exhortation. MA: especially. “the fact is that such liaisons can scarcely ensure mutual sincerity and fidelity in a The Theology of the Body: Human Love in the relationship between a man and a woman./ or in print through USCCB Publishing./ or in Life (Evangelium Vitae. On the Dignity and Vocation of Women documents are available online through the (Mulieris Dignitatem. Pope John Paul Guidelines for Education Within the Family. God’s plan for marriage where there is an intention of getting married and the family.” Carnal union is morally In this collection of general-audience addresses legitimate only when a definitive community of (1979-1984). Pontifical Council for the Family. The pope applies this to of persons to one another. and methods of sexuality the Christian anthropology of Pope John Paul II. [CCC 2391] married couples. educators of their children. 20017-1194.vatican. This edition has an appendix containing three related papal Vatican Documents documents: Of Human Life (Humanae Vitae. and “De Facto” Unions. Educational Guidance in Human Love: Outlines This document synthesizes the teaching of the for Sex Education. John Paul II sets forth a theology life between a man and woman has been of the body which affirms human dignity and established. Unless otherwise noted.. print through USCCB Publishing.usccb. Boston.vatican. However firm the purpose of those who document is available at http://www.

D.USCCB Documents Human Sexuality: A Catholic Perspective for Education and Lifelong Learning. N. Ph. 1990. 800-235-8722. tackles the tough questions about premarital sex most often posed by young people and answers them with a compelling case for chastity.usccb. An adaptation by the American bishops’ conference of the 1983 Vatican document. Dr. a psychologist. and pastoral care. 20017-1194. Thomas Lickona. and Character: A Message to Young People.usccb. Sex. Available online at http://www. Available through USCCB Publishing. Provides guidance on moral discernment. United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.E. educational challenges. 3211 Fourth D. 1998. Lickona.. Educational Guidance in Human Love. Washington. http://www.htm Page 13 of 23 .C.

between love and all that is opposed efforts. To the family is entrusted the task of consideration the learner’s development. 1994 Page 14 of 23 . They got the message that Within the Family. an examination of the essential for creating emotional safety. and their wishes must be respected. sustaining 28 Pontifical Council for the Family. the source of which is found in Christ. It – To help them understand and discover their own vocation to marriage or to consecrated flows from and responds to the needs of virginity for the sake of the Kingdom of teenagers themselves. the chastity recognizes that “each child is a unique family is placed at the center of the great and unrepeatable person and must receive struggle between good and evil. safety for the participants is the gender makeup Furthermore. the striving. the Pontifical Council for the someone else was better equipped than they Family outlined three objectives for sexuality were to provide sexuality education and education and forming young people for chastity: guidance for their children. Authentic example and prayer Effective catechesis in human sexuality is an authentic presentation of church teaching. Successful presentation Heaven in harmony with and respecting their to teens of the church’s message about human attitudes and inclinations and the gifts of the sexuality can only be accomplished in an Spirit. # 22 27 29 Pontifical Council for the Family. – “To maintain in the family a positive atmosphere of love. #65 Pope John Paul II. The Truth and Meaning parents. The Truth and Adapted from The Truth and Meaning of Human Meaning of Human Sexuality: Guidelines for Sexuality. passes by way of the family . The basics of sexuality information regarding sexuality must always be education—sexual anatomy and physiological provided in the broadest context of education for processes—are best done in a single-gender and about love. Vatican City. The family has always had a profound spiritual meaning in the life of the church. Part 4 Sexuality and Chastity Education and Formation Catechesis: Effective. in particular the gift of life broader role in the formation and education of – To help children understand the value of sexuality and chastity in stages. an exploration of the spirituality of relationships and vocation. #65-76 30 Education Within the Family. Many other topics relating to sexuality are more easily discussed in single-gender The Role of the Family in Chastity Education groups as well. the church calls parents to take a the gifts of God. Another factor that helps create a receptive and practice in making decisions based on atmosphere and a high degree of emotional Gospel values and church teaching. 1995.and parish-based Objectives for Sexuality Education programs. between life 27 individualized formation. 29 setting. sexuality education must take into to love. ministry professionals often excluded In the 1995 document. emotional readiness. and of good. . virtue and respect for However. In past efforts to provide formal sexuality education through school. Letter to Families. Trained adult and peer sexuality education must include basic leaders who are comfortable with the topic are physiological information. first and foremost. Age-appropriate materials and processes are an Based on those guidelines and working together absolute necessity to establish a suitable with other ministers and with parents. The "history of Effective sexuality education and formation for salvation.” Like all educational and death. to unleash the forces level of physical and intellectual maturity.” 28 intellectually and emotionally safe environment. . moral dimension of relationships. 1995. Many parents became disenfranchised of Human Sexuality: Guidelines for Education in the process. Parents are in the best . Responsive.” 30 position to decide when and how to provide such information. . effective intellectual environment. and their growth through enlightening word. formation in chastity and of the setting. The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality.

the in human sexuality. Page 15 of 23 . no. Pontifical Council for the Family. drug opportunities for sexuality education for use. Research has proven time and again the impact fortitude and chastity. Connectedness is defined as – Explore the availability of educational closeness to one’s mother and/or father.teenpregnancy. . and teens and chastity formation in your setting. alcohol use. sex—more than peers. "The family first school of those social virtues which every is . We may meet with church has taken care to frequently reaffirm the resistance from parents who are uncomfortable role of parents: "Their role as educators is so with the topic or those who are unsure of their decisive that scarcely anything can compensate ability to handle the tasks of formation." children and young people to consolidate and exercise the virtues of charity. Familiaris Consortio: Apostolic the message will be delivered. perceived caring by one’s mother and/or father. the church must help parents to educate their children are primordial parents assume their primary role as educators 31 and inalienable. Is your Exhortation on the Role of the Christian Family in the program aimed at teens? parents? teens Modern World. Hence. Press release. satisfaction with the relationship to one’s mother – Browse the True Love Waits website (http://www. . 2004. 35 family members. suicide. . for their failure in it . of families in what the church calls “the first the family is the school of the richest 33 36 school of . 1981. we are cannot be reduced solely to the procreation of moving back to the inclusion of families in our children. parent and family “connectedness” as a primary protective factor against a number of risk – Research past and current efforts to provide behaviors. or the media. emotional distress. this sequence translates to the said that religious leaders and groups should be following actions: 34 doing more to help prevent teen pregnancy. siblings." confirm that parents play a primary role in a young person’s decision to remain chaste. . Given what of parents in education is of such importance we believe about the role of families and what that it is almost impossible to provide an we know about their impact parents have on adequate substitute. .” Through the years. violence. Concepting In the National Study on Adolescent Health. Getting Started According to the National Campaign to Prevent Effective program development in any area of Teen Pregnancy. The most church on sexuality and 35 36 Journal of the American Medical Association. Meaning of Human Sexuality. and/or father and feeling loved and wanted by ideas. emphasizing parents’ unique education and their spiritual formation. (www. #36 and parents together? 34 National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. #48. a strong majority of teens (71%) education. In sexuality the same study. temperance. but must extend to their moral youth ) for information. However.their children: “The fecundity of conjugal love In the field of Catholic youth ministry. 1995. clarifying. young people said that parents ministry involves many people working together have the most influence on their decisions about on the five C’s: concepting. 1981. Exhortation on the Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World. the family is the we must be persistent in our efforts. and program materials. the normal and usual place for forming 32 society needs. and communicating. December 16.’ The right and the duty of sexual decision-making. social virtues. The Truth and September 1997. consulting.lifeway. Clarifying 31 Catechism of the Catholic Church. and the significant finding of the study was to confirm role of families. including early sexual debut. In connecting. Familiaris Consortio: Apostolic age level. . the teachings of the through twelve were surveyed. 2221 – Set reasonable goals that define what you 32 hope to accomplish for every group at every Pope John Paul II. ‘The role role in the formation of their children. materials in print and other media. over ninety thousand adolescents in grades seven – Become familiar with basic information on sexuality education. As the domestic church. #36 33 – Decide who the audience(s) will be and how Pope John Paul II.” Recent studies humanity.

– Share appropriate program information with – Are the following topics addressed adequately? Are they done so in an age- teens. married people and responsive program of education and Page 16 of 23 . Catholic advisors? Has it been developed by – Be sure that school personnel. Let them know how the parish – Has it been developed with the assistance of can help them do their job better. healthy. the family life coordinator. appropriate manner? o Abortion Perhaps more than in any other area of youth o Abstinence until marriage ministry. have established curricula and expectations judge. consult with others. you need to preview. Christian can you learn from them? denominational. the youth ministry leader. Share program goals and solicit feedback. – Does it address gender-specific perspectives and questions? Communicating – Communicate with your pastor and other – Has it been successfully field-tested with teens? parish leaders. They may also be able to – Does it present an uncompromising connect you with qualified presenters on a message affirming chastity and abstinence? variety of topics related to chastity and – Does it provide age-appropriate materials sexuality education. – Has any independent research been performed on the effectiveness of the – Keep parents informed at all points in the materials? process. and other – Does it honor the need for males and appropriate personnel have an opportunity females to be separated for discussion of to become involved. religious education. As a guidelines and resources. specific presentations and processes? Consulting Evaluating Resources Hundreds of program resources for teaching – Look into the efforts of other parishes and teens about human sexuality and abstinence are dioceses. with emphasis on living a chaste life. Each person brings a topics such as sexual anatomy and different perspective to the issue and has a physiology? valuable store of knowledge. and decide regarding catechesis in human sexuality. formation in sexuality. Many dioceses youth ministry leader. pray. and secular publishers and – Check with your diocesan office for organizations. and family life can direct promote Catholic Church teaching in all you to appropriate materials and assist you areas relating to human sexuality? in evaluating the suitability of specific resources. the director a Catholic organization that is supported by your diocese? of religious education. When evaluating Trained staff members in your diocesan resources. What can you learn from them? significant way? Does it help parents in their role as primary educators of their children? Connecting Does it equip them to talk with their teen – Involve parents in goal-setting and program about important life issues? development. coordination with other ministry leaders o Adoption and with parents is essential to developing a o Assertiveness and refusal skills truly effective chastity education program. No one resource is perfect. that recognize the different stages of – Check with other parishes and schools who emotional and psychosexual development in young adolescents and older teens? are using True Love Waits materials or those of another program that promotes – Are families involved in an appropriately chastity. What are their successes? What available from Catholic. Only o Character and virtue education by working together can youth ministry leaders o Chastity as a virtue for single and hope to achieve a balanced. consider the following questions: offices of youth ministry. thorough. – Does the resource clearly conform to and Catholic schools. which is best for your setting.– How will you address the need for gender.

fetal development. and birth o Family life o Respect for human life o Fertility cycles and issues o Responsibilities of parenting o Gender perspectives o Sexual abuse o Homosexuality o Sexual activity leading to intercourse o Marriage as a sacrament o Sexually transmitted diseases.o A child as a beloved creation of God o Personal responsibility o Contraception o Pornography o Dating o Pregnancy. including o Modesty HIV/AIDS o The myth of safe sex o Sin and reconciliation o Natural Family Planning (NFP) o Substance abuse and sexual behavior o Peer pressure Page 17 of 23 .

Stubna. TX 75115. 800-533-8095. term use. leaders and parents are strongly encouraged to A Family Life Education program sponsored by use the evaluation questions provided in part 4 the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops. a compilation of teachers' notes. Components include a student booklet and a teacher manual. Danieldale Rd. clothing. certification 8766 programs. but it Rev. www. 702 Terrace Heights. Those Program materials are available for grades 5 that are not have been reviewed with a special through 8. our perusal. curricula.sbgreligion. Kris. Program Materials: Young Adolescents (ages 11-14) Growing Up Sexually (revised 1999) Some of the resources listed in this section and Michael Carotta and Valerie Vance Dillon the one that follows for older teens are Saint Mary’s Press. 800-338-2150. teacher manual. units of lessons for students. though most of the Catholic A special curriculum on human reproduction is resources noted in this resource are not available for use in fifth and sixth grades. audio and video x. mini-course. teens to skills for living authentic and virtuous Box 920. Also ministry www. This series supports parents in raising responsible. D. speakers. Each grade level consists of twelve eye toward suitability for a Catholic audience. It is a directory of books. 800-551- brochures. 800-348-2440. Many can be adapted to fit semester. Part 5 Selected Resources The annotated list of materials that follows is The Catholic Vision of Love: A Curriculum for intended to help youth ministry leaders promote Christian Education in Sexuality and the Family a positive vision of human sexuality and uphold (Revised 2002) the gift of chastity. Each session is one hour long. morally aware Please note that while every effort was made to children by encouraging them to develop review the materials included in this section. Inc. offers a selection of resources that will introduce Our Sunday Visitor Publishing. others are for short.html products. and a copy of the parents' guide Presented here is only a partial listing of to the program. It is non..T. of this document to ensure that resources meet Fully Alive is designed as a program of the high standards that we have set as our goal. comprehensive in scope. school particularly in the area of supplementary materials. 1996. In addition. The list is not complete. and a family component. Catholic publishers and organizations. in Christian values and an appreciation for God's some cases only summaries were available for gift of life. Most of the resources on the list are from http://www. 200 Noll Plaza. and that could change our inclusion Silver Burdett lives. IN 46750. or full-day programming models. Bookmark it at www. A six-session mini-course from Discovering—the Check with the publisher and your diocesan parish religious education program for middle- offices for help in using or adapting materials.osv. publications. Desoto. Each level has a spiral-bound an research reports. by Mike Aquilina. S. Huntington. Thus. available in Spanish. http://www. education in chastity to supplement catechesis Your diocesan offices can assist you in making in other areas.mhschool. a student book.D. publishers may periodically update resources without our Fully Alive (U. MN 55987. of that particular resource. Talking to Youth About Sexuality materials available for abstinence education. An important website to take note of is Family Life the Abstinence Clearinghouse Directory of Benzinger (Glencoe-McGraw-Hill).smp. A series on morality education for grades K-to-8. Edition) knowledge. promotional materials.abstinence. denominational. 220 East Abstinence Resources. and websites. Page 18 of 23 .

Includes an optional parent A six-session mini-course from the Connect component.projectreality. Stop 19138. S. McGee and Val J. Also available Saint Mary’s Press. and set of especially suitable for grade 9. www. It is a faith-based counterpart to Dr. One Liguori student texts. Ave Maria Press. interspersed with the regular curriculum. A leader’s guide reflection. Bradley.smp. The for Teens program director’s manual includes materials Dr.sexrespect. 877-673-7732. Inc. 800-338-2150. Box 428. and homework assignments on love. Glenview. 55987. Bradley. pregnancy. www. IL 60025. There is also a teacher guide. program. in Spanish. This program is suitable for and adaptable to a and homosexuality. MN. Boys Town. Box 349.S. Coleen Kelly Mast and sessions for parents. However. abstinence. focuses on the true meaning of Christian family Boys Town Press. 250 James St. two-hour sessions. P. It includes a student text and workbook. class activities. series 3.O.. IN 46556. It contains twenty-six education curriculum for non-religious the component is variety of settings: retreats and days of available only as part of the set. Human Sexuality (1993) These two mini-courses are part of Horizons. Topics in this component include http://www. Project Reality.avemariapress. icebreakers and lesson plans. Sister Kieran Sawyer. curriculum for grades 9 to 12. or individual units is also available. background. The leader’s guide includes handouts. Eight lessons specifically What about Sexuality? support abstinence education while the others Silver Burdett Ginn Religion. lesson plans. handouts. Dr. but is a strong abstinence education Dating and Love (Horizons). Relationships (2001) Designed for teens ages 12 to 17. Notre Part of the Challenge. Believing in Love Jim Auer Sex and the Teenager: Choices and Decisions Liguori Publications. 250 James St. Program Materials: Older Adolescents (ages http://www. A brief but fairly comprehensive six-session mini-course from the Connect series for seventh Love and Life: A Christian Sexual Morality Guide and eighth Journey of Love: Reflecting God’s Love in http://www. Respect Incorporated. St. Sexuality: Challenges and Choices (Horizons). series aimed at young high school 15-18) See description above. Winona. but it seems www. Morristown. This program comes from outside the Catholic 1996 tradition. 1996 program. Four-page Dame. a Joseph Moore comprehensive high school religious education Silver Burdett Ginn.sbgreligion. The student Page 19 of 23 .liguori. Liguori. Box 349. IL 60915.O. IL 60915. NE 68010. Green as Michael Theisen its spokesperson and role model. 877-673-7732. It includes a leader’s guide and a participant book. 14100 Crawford P. provide an appropriate context. Teacher manual. (revised 1999) MO 63057-9999. a full course. Students use a “magazine” for Teens format booklet. STD’s. dating. 800-325-9521..533-8095. 847-729-3298. Coleen Kelly Mast Respect Incorporated. It uses basketball star A. Game Plan (2001) A synopsis for parents is in the participant book. but no www. 800-282-1865.. 1701 E. 800 848-9500.sexrespect. NJ 07960-1918.girlsandboystown. Each mini-course is comprised of three NJ 07960. This book is part of a three-part Mast’s popular Sex Respect abstinence interdenominational series. parents’ guide. P. 800. posters. 800-282-6657.Love and Life: A Christian Sexual Morality Guide component is six four-page magazines.C. abortion. It is billed as a Morristown. teacher’s guide. Lake Ave.O. 702 Terrace Heights. this program Kathleen M.D.

” How to Teach the FACTS of Life Parent Handbook (1993) Sex Has a Price Tag Rose Fuller. Inc. Maria. Washington. Saved Sex: Chastity—Because You’re Worth It! (1997) Molly Kelly The Center for Learning. PA 16155. 888-667-4992.. together with a toward one’s body. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen www. Teens and Chastity: Catholic Program (1998) Families Matter: A Research Synthesis of Family Molly Kelly Influences on Adolescent Pregnancy (1998) The Center for Learning. Box 910. harassment. IL The author provides discussion questions at 60915. Glisan 7670 South Vaughn Court. pamphlets. including Molly Kelly’s personal history and experiences.teenpregnancy. Topics include attitudes Five videos of varying lengths. An hour lecture suitable for junior high and This resource for parents and youth leaders senior high www.O. The series consists of nine Teens Integrate Sexuality and Spirituality (1997) 25-minute videos. Topics include STD’s. Respect or Love and Life abstinence education influence of drugs. www. www. your diocesan offices. emphasis on sacrament of penance as “CPR of the soul. Box 910. Bradley. P.. www. the teaching is entirely resource. www.C. modesty.goodgroundpress. About 15 minutes of review cover a wide range of topics on abstinence and commentary follows.. D.centerforlearning. She talks about the emotional and spiritual This resource reiterates the importance of consequences of sexual decisions. Miller.centerforlearning. P. friendship. the link between sexuality programs or independently. 815-932-8389 beginning and end of each Respect Incorporated. Villa Maria.reallove.nwfs. Sex Respect Video Series (1998) Paul. Molly Kelly gives a 200. Suite In this 45-minute video. and youth Real Love. Many people heard her speak at World Growing Toward Intimacy: Helping Catholic Youth Day in relationships. 503-215-6377. Evergreen Rd. 202-478-8500. CO 80206. OR 97213.asp In narrative format. 20036. and chastity with candor and sincerity. 800-767- 9090. families. Villa Brent C. Northwest Family Services. leaders. with an parents and families in reducing teen bookstores. Ph. 80112. St.Video Presentations Supplementary Materials Real Love: The Video Series (1999) This section includes books. 800-735-3252. Page 20 of 23 . 1776 Massachusets Ave. and the True Love Waits website at Mary Beth Bonacci delivers a message on love. 335. NW. O.. Can be used with the Sex sexuality. Englewood. and all-embracing chastity. It is by no means complete. 4805 N.htm. lecture on abstinence to high-school students. CO St. and spirituality. 191 University Blvd. It accompanies the FACTS program take up the “abstinence advantage. no. 800-232-5533. exposing myths about teacher’s manual.sexrespect. Catholic publishers. PA 16155. and Mary Beth Bonacci other resources for teens. Holly Denman and Janet Pam Stenzel McLaughlin Creative Youth Resources/Youth for Christ.E. 800-767-9090. Bob Bartlett Good Ground Press. A leader’s http://www. consistent with Catholic belief and approach. 1884 Randolph Ave. P. Challenges teens to education. guide is available. Box” While from this organization or works as a stand-alone speaker is not Catholic. MN 55105. Kent and Colleen Kelly Mast http://www. Check with Denver.O.

.org/religion A brief survey of chastity. Understanding Chastity: The Mystery of Human OH 45449. P. St.familyhonor. www.americancatholic. P. Abbey Press. Villa Maria. 28 W. M. Cincinnati. IN 47577. One Hill Drive. Divided into four CareNotes for teens. 800-325-9521. Abbey Press. series. the This booklet was written for use by families to author provides brief. 800-325-9521. 130. Inc. Suite Diego. people. safe sex. condoms. secondary virginity. One Ligouri Dr. Each is a four- These three pamphlets are part of Liguori page handout to support teenagers in Press’s series of 24-page resources for young connecting life topics with faith teachings. True Love Waits. Dame. Catholic Answers. Liguori.HiTimePflaum. Ave Maria Press. Dating and Big Decisions (Y0800) Attack of the Killer Hormones (#10260) “Safe Sex:” What Does the Evidence Say? Responsible Sex: What Every Teen Should (Y1092) Know (#10360). Homosexuality: What’s a Christian to Think? (Y1187) AIDS: What Every Teen Should Know (#10070) Love. How Far to Go Hi-Time*Pflaum. readable answers to basic discuss what it means to be sexual and to questions about sexual behavior. 2927 Devine www. Its message of sexual respect Abstinence: Dating But Waiting (Y1194) encourages a life of chastity. Dayton. P. pages. and Mary Ann Fey. http://www..liguori. Anthony Messenger Press./187 pp.avemariapress. Each pamphlet in the series is eight MO 63057-9999.Ed. Sex. Using a simple question and answer format.ligouri. 800-488-0488.O. 330 Progress www. SC 29205. IN 46556. CA 92159-9000. Meinrad. This topic is presented as a conversation www. sacred aspect of human life. “Safe Sex” and Other Misconceptions.N.D. 800-543-4383. Liguori Publications. 800-282-1865. OH 45202-6498.. Box 910. www. in Spanish. Liguori.Sex and Chastity: What’s a Parent to Say? Pure Love (1999) Ann Nerbun.S.. All are titles of Youth Updates. Inc. These titles are part of Abbey Press’ series of Built on experiential narratives. for why sexuality is a serious. Sexuality (2000) www. Author: Jason Evert Ed. with William Sex: When the Choices Are Confusing (1993) Boudreau. Box 199000 San Family Honor.O. Box One Liguori Drive. www.. Other pertinent This booklet gives parents. Page 21 of 23 Love & You: Making the Right Decision Sexual Harassment: Knowing How to Respond (revised 2003) (1998) Authors: Tom and Judy Lickona. between a father and daughter. 800-325-2511. Also available understand and appreciate the virtue of chastity. Notre St. Fact..centerforlearning. Can be used as a summary follow-up to her video on Chastity. Columbia. Authors: Ann Nerbun and Mary Ann Fey Part of the What Catholic Teens Should Know Liguori Publications. www. PA Chastity: The Only Choice Author: Molly Kelly The Center for Learning. MO 63057-9999. 888-291-8000. 803-929-0858. Sexuality: A Gift with Strings Attached (Y0801) Author: Jim Auer St. M. Liberty St. parts: Myth vs. youth ministry titles in the series include Pregnant and leaders and adolescents a fundamental rationale Panicked and About Homosexuality. M.

Inc. It that serve as resources for abstinence education also makes available a variety of print and in Catholic schools and parishes.E. Call toll free 877-208-1353.. www. OR 97213. They may offer electronic resources available to help parents be print and non-print resources. The organization offers training for This section contains two regional organizations those who wish to become chastity presenters. with a offers some services in Spanish and in special emphasis on chastity and God’s gift of Vietnamese as well as English. designed to help parents. 503- 2927 Devine Street. Suite 130. and training opportunities for parents and children to is available through the organization. 4805 N. Portland. SC 215-6377. 2927 Devine Street. Print materials. families.familyhonor. relationships. and organization whose mission is to provide chastity. speakers. abstinence. the primary educator of their children on curriculum ministry leaders educate young people about Created in 1987.Resource Organizations sexuality. Family Northwest Family 29205. workshops. Family Honor is a Catholic sex. Northwest Family Services Family Honor. teachers. and special support for sexuality and morality. Columbia. NWFS communicate on important life values. training. Glisan St. SC 29205. corporation. a non-profit Honor. Inc. and youth www. 803-929-0858. Suite 130.nwfs. Page 22 of 23 . pressure. offers programs and curricula Columbia.

strengthened with courage by the Holy Spirit. I believe that I am called to live out the vision and values of Jesus. I believe that by respecting myself and others. _______________________ Signature _______________________ Date Page 23 of 23 . called to live a wholesome life. Recognizing that True Love Waits. honoring the gift of my sexuality and avoiding sexual intercourse and other intimate sexual activity outside of marriage. I promise to live chastely. and supported by the Christian Community. I give glory to God. Appendix A True Love Waits Commitment Card I believe that I am created in God’s image.