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The Ball Is Now In The Centre Court

Though Justice Srikrishna report is out, why Telangana State remains a far cry? Take a look….
-Dr. M. Sirish
Now that Justice well healed bone one would end up with
during such an excruciatingly painful but
Srkirishna committee
also critical operation no doubt.
report on the situation in
Furthermore, such an operation requires
Andhra Pradesh is out in
hell of a lot of caution, and even while
the public domain, the
doing so could result in an irreparable
focus has shifted to what decision the
damage like amputation or even fatality in
government at the centre will take vis-
some cases. Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh
avis creation of separate Telangana state
is no different an analogy, for division of a
or maintaining the status quo. The
state does not just confine to its
complexity of the issue is quite evident
geographical boundaries but extends to
and thanks to the report, by giving six
something deeper, emotional, cultural,
options to the law makers, Justice
economical, political, agricultural, and
Srikrishna has literally put everybody in
commercial interests. It is here that the The committee members Justice Srikrishna
a fix on what is going to happen next.
government fears the most serious (left) and Mr. V. N. Duggal (right) submitting
On its part, the Home ministry lost no
repercussions. Embarking on such an the report to Home minister Mr. P.
time in sending the message across that Chidambaram.
operation would also require vast
it is seriously considering option six
consultations among the political parties,
more closely, the only feasible constitutional guarantees to the
groups, and various other stakeholders on
alternative favored by the committee empowerment of Telangana region by
the sharing of resources such as water,
members. setting up Telangana Regional Council. No
doubt this would sound music to the ears of
Perhaps the central government has no majority of the people in the state who are
other alternative either. Come to think in favor of united Andhra Pradesh, albeit in
of it, much water has flown across the the costal Andhra and Rayalaseema
holy rivers of Krishna, Godavari, and regions, who in turn might settle for
Musi ever since the formation of the anything but bifurcation of the state. But
state of Andhra Pradesh on November 1, to those favoring separation of the state,
1956 with the union of the erstwhile mainly in Telangana region, this would be
Hyderabad state and then newly formed a bitter pill to swallow and the tempers are
Andhra state. Now, if this amalgamation bound to rise once again. However, it
can be likened to a well-healed wound or remains to be seen if the government at the
irrigation, power, energy, and
bone repair let’s say by the union of two centre can afford to carve out a separate
infrastructure, and finally arriving at a
individual broken constituents and any state of Telangana from South India’s
consensus on the same, for the people from
thought of reverting the state back to largest state in keeping with its
both sides of the aisle must coexist
Andhra and Telangana is like breaking announcement made on 9th December,
peacefully forever as brothers and sisters.
this well-healed bone precisely back into 2009, at this juncture when its own
Any decision taken in a hurry without
its original constituents. In reality position is under threat as it is facing
working on proper framework and
however, the feasibility of such an serious corruption charges, be it in the
modalities on the aforementioned issues
operation is anybody’s guess and one has form of 2G telecom scam, Common
would only result in an immediate backlash
to wonder how many constituents of this Wealth Games scam, Swiss bank black
from the other constituent/s as evidenced in
money issue; or from high inflation and
December 2009. Considering the day and
rising food prices. Furthermore, the
age that we live in and the era of coalition
political ramifications of the separation of
politics and 24x7 news channels, arriving
Andhra Pradesh are far too many and far
at a consensus on such an emotionally
too serious, which could open up the
charged and diversely linked issue is a tall
pandora’s box of demand for smaller
order indeed. No surprise then that the
states; not to mention the immediate
chances of such an operation meeting a
aftermath would be the wrath of the people
fruitful end are bleak under the existing
and spate of resignations from the elected
circumstances. The committee members
representatives across the political
would have surely thought of this in their
spectrum in Seemandhra region.
minds before choosing option six as the
only feasible alternative in their report.
Dr. M. Sirish
A woman protestor holding a pro- For comments, write/visit
Telangana poster at a rally in the Osmania Option six would mean maintaining the
University Campus in Hyderabad current status quo, but with increasing

Dr. M. Sirish 29/01/2011