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J a nua r y 30, 2011
- Missions SUNDAY -
— Acts 8:4 —
O NE His Life Movement
Of fice: H is Life PARK
Sta Clara Drive
Mandalagan, Bacolod City
HLLC School 709-
HLM Admin 4412561

NEW Series
“WEEK OF begins Today!
POWER” was DAY # 11 based on Acts
Guaranteed to of our FREEDOM Chapter 8
CHANGE YOU! Facility Build UP.
A CALL TO Do fulfill your Pledges &
PREVAILING PRAYER AND Gifts towards this
Project. We are now
FASTING … HLM WIDE beginning on LEVEL 2.
GET YOUR ——————
HLLC—His Life
looking for a
This MONTH of Grade 2
February we will be TEACHER. Tribo NATIONAL
OPEN for Youth Camp
turning 18 YEARS OLD Application. May 22—26, 2011
as a Movement. Lets Faith Village Resort
begin again on our ADMIN —
P 3,600 for 5 DAYS!

KNEES in prayer. 4412561 NOW! PRAY, SAVE,
REGISTER (includes
His Life Ministries Page official T-shirt and
1 Brochure)

prayermeeting Spearheaded by YX MARCH 3.I. WORKBOOK OUT for His Life PICKS of the WEEK . 19 2nd Storey being prepared: FREEDOM Facility P 500... 5 SINGAPORE “THE POWER OF A DREAM” with Ceasar Castellanos Delegates: Greg Ledesma. Linnie Sitiota. Richie Rey Rondez. Meachille Raquinel..50 CampHUMAYAN . TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS 6PM at the HLM PARK F.E. Daniel Keith Bagayo.R. 4. Stephanie Ampil.. TOPICS INCLUDE HLM CentroPLEX opens Feb 6 OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS THE WAY OF DEATH GODLY SEXUALITY UNWIND has a Guest Author HEALING THE HURT HOW TO BE FREE Women of Destiny TICKET WHAT JESUS DID ON THE CROSS FOR ME THE HOLY SPIRIT VISION for EVANGELISM and DISCIPLESHIP COUNT ME IN: BAPTISM and more! NEXT ENCOUNTER: February 18. Encounters! ENCOUNTER WEEKENDS at His Life will help you start the NEW LIFE Jesus purchased at the CROSS for you . Allen BRAND NEW Manzanares.

Text NUMBER above. restoring & building up young lives! Glory to God! (2)Our YX Youth Group meets at Cinema NUMBER 5 every SUNDAY. touching. Armin Ramos. Speaker Atty Edwin Catacutan of Iloilo City will be coming Feb 6 SUNDAy. 24. (3)Registration for TRIBO CAMP BORACAY this May 23. Jun Legaspi. Redemption”. The HIS LAMBS Church # 09228721230 (1)NEW Series: UNSTOPPABLE KIDS! Every SUNDAY at Cinema Number 6. . TRANSPORTATION is charged to the SENDING SITE) — please fill out CAMP INFO sheet now — subject for interview. February 29. The KING’sMEN # 09181827910 (1)ON Going Small Groups for MEN available — Leaders are Clifford Puen. Writer. 5:30pm with Trixie Ramos as speaker on their DESTINED TO BE ONE EVENT! (3)Discipleship Small Groups for WOMEN weekly — JOIN ONE & GLOW! The YX—YOUTH XTREME # 09283679571 (1)More than 100 people from different campuses had their ENCOUNTER at the Prayer Mountain last Friday-Saturday. Nero Dedel. Interested THEOLOGIANS and THINKERS come and join us. That’s at 930 in the morning! FUN. The FAMILY Ministries (Couples) # 0908-885-5003 WE WANT you to be SUPER BLESSED all the DAYS of your LIFE! Inquire now for your WEDDING PLANS. The UNWIND HLMpros (singles) # 0915-7732-665 Our SINGLES HLMpros (Professionals) will be coordinating a MINI Book Launch: “Creation. 25.00 ANNUALLY required. (2)AWANA Club for kids — February 25 LAUNCH! AN EXCELLENT way for us to disciple our children in the area of Scripture Memory and Bible Mastery. Jim Pacete. The WOMEN of DESTIY # 09228721230 (1)Our WOMEN’s Bible study at the CITY HEALTH Building harvested 12 new more women in the LORD! They received JESUS as Lord and Savior last Friday! (2)Women of Destiny tickets for Feb 4 are out. Fall. Francis Kong at the USLS Coliseum EVENT — get your tickets from HLM ADMIN OFFICE. God is blessing. 930 in the Morning with “UNSTOPPABLE LOVE” as their SERIES (see poster at the left). Author. 2pm to 4pm at the BAR 21. (3)On going planning for the February KING’sMEN’s POWER RETREAT (Friday 7 to 11 pm) in the making. 26. & many more.00 (this does not include TRANSPORTATION to Boracay. Vic Villaluna. This is a WINNER! Enroll your children now! An excellent WORKBOOK and more worth P300. it will be at BENJAMIN Hall.600. Limited to 300 SLOTS. 27. (4)We are endorsing “Better than the BEST”. Children & Home Dedications & Small Groups. FOOD and FRIENDS there for all our children. SATURDAY with MR. 2011 will be OPEN SOON! FEE: P3. First come First serve basis. (2)KingsMen Walking exercise at the Government Center every WEDNESDAYS 630pm.

Iloilo. Faith Village) persecution broke out June Worship Conference / HLLC Opens New School Year / Campus Invasions July Campus Invasions / Fit for the Kingdom Conference / ENCOUNTER against the church at August ENCOUNTER September ENCOUNTER October HolyWIN / Training for Thanksgiving 2011 Jerusalem. Going from TALISAY 5pm KABANKALAN NEW Beverly’s Function Rm. Aroma Beach CAGAYANdeORO. died and rose from the grave for them. Dumaguete SOON! It only takes NOTHING! 200 pesos per hour to Broadcast.945. “On that day a great May VBS for His Lambs / TRIBO Youth Xtreme CAMP in (BORACAY.. PRAYER. • FEBRUARY 27: HISLIFE EASTVIEW HOTEL. Araneta McDo Divisoria P 175. FEBRUARY: bRandNew SITES . 9am with GLENN. HLM Park CEBU 10am Golden Peak 21F 1. an Eternal Goal of GUESTS Romi Valle Beracah RU dela Torre SOULS. FOLLOW and obey Him for the rest of your life. he WITHIN BACOLOD SILAY 9am Contact: Ericka dragged off men and near DUNKIN Donuts 0916-6963081 CENTRAL 945am RobsCine women and put them in SOUTH 10am Robs Cyber LA Carlota 9am plus YX Youth EAST 5pm Lopues East 3F 5 Sisters Restaurant prison … Those who had CENTROPLEX 9am NEW SAGAY 9am near Lopues Campus Churches been scattered preached JOLLIBEE 7am Gatuslao MANJUYOD 9am. • FEBRUARY 6: HISLIFE CENTROPLEX.” HILIGAYNON 4pm. BE A PARTNER this year 2010. Join our UNSTOPPABLE LAUNCH TEAM now! Lets START New Churches! Text to Join— 0922-8798-758 & 0918-9212-403 The YEAR 2011 Projection Calendar February WEEK of POWER Prayer Rallies / 18th FOUNDATION Day “CARNIVAL themed” / ENCOUNTER / March HLM CentroPLEX Opens / HLM EAST View / Book Launch: Creation-Fall-Redemp / FREEDOM Facility HLLC (His Life Learning Center) 4th Moving Up Exercises / Church LAUNCHES Acts 8:1.00 — offerings went. BACK ON this Evangelist RAPPER TRACK. Cebu.631 — attendance What CAN STOP you? 6am / 9pm What CAN STEAL HLMtv & HLMradio will be VISION? viewed & heard in different For the 1st Church their PARTNER Channels in ANSWER would be: Kabankalan Area. They understood FAITH. VISION. THEY NEXT WEEK “SAUL: The Persecutor” COULD NOT BE 6th of How to be UNSTOPPABLE despite STOPPED! February 2011 Persecution — with Pastor JR .. 3) Submit to the LORDSHIP OF JESUS CHRIST by Repentance and Faith in Him. 2) Never trust in what you can do to earn the GIFT of salvation Christ has for you. and all except November Super Thanksgiving 2011 December Jump 2011 Victory Celebration / Christmas BLOW OUT the apostles were scattered throughout OUTSIDE BACOLOD ILOILO 930am Red Cross Center Judea and Samaria … MANILA 6pm Contact: Melissa TIGBAUAN 4pm Saul began to destroy the 0927-3756602 Dreamers Valley church. 4pm Fridays house to house. 4 April Holy Week / LTS Graduation / Sports Camp / Church Launches and Strengthening / Missions Trips. 4pm HLM WIDE Stats Report: the word wherever they ARANETA Cineplex 930am Cineplex. 4) CONQUEST because of Ask for His grace for you to serve. 3. “THEY KNEW THEIR DESTINY … THEIR How to CROSSover from PURPOSE … THEIR CALL” DARKNESS to LIGHT? 1) Recognize that you are a SINNER and need a personal relationship with God. Book. DISCIPLES and Coming Composer Christian Author. 830am with JR. RESTORED Kingdom for FEBRUARY to His Life: Worship Coach Artist Conference the Honor of the One who Feb 23-27 Feb 23-27 Speaker Feb 20 bled.