Software Engineering

Software Engineering textbook seeks to divulge on the technical, analytical, and programmatic skills of prospective software engineers. The book explores the different stages of software engineering, including requirement analysis, design, development, configuration management, and quality and testing, to ensure that the students gain the prerequisites and expertise required at each of these stages of software engineering. Replete with an unmatched cognitive discourse, the book promises to be equally beneficial for students as well as professionals seeking a career in software engineering.


ISBN: 978-93-5004-039-3 Pages : 300 Authors: Deven N. Shah, Dilip Motwani




The Book Covers

Introducing Software Engineering: Software life-cycle approaches, such as sequential, iterative and recursive, Processes involved
in SDLC, Software process models, such as build and fix, waterfall, prototyping, spiral and RAD, Agile methodology, Process and project metrics, Measures of software size, Risk analysis and Scheduling, Monitoring and controlling the software project


Requirement Analysis and Engineering: Steps involved in requirement analysis, SRS document, Various techniques in software
requirement analysis, such as DFD, flowcharts and data dictionary structures, verification and interface to human users, Coupling and cohesion, Various architectural design of software, such as static structured, dynamic process, and interface model, Distributed system architecture, Procedural design, Control flow oriented design, Reuse based design and User interface design


Software Design: Various activities performed in the design phase of software development, such as abstraction, information hiding,


Software Configuration Management: Functionality of SCM systems, such as team-centered and process-centered functionality,
SCM process, Various documents of an SCM plan, Activities involved in the Change Management process, Version and release management and Different tools supported by SCM, such as change management tools and version management tools


Software Quality And Testing: Different software quality assurance standards, such as product and process standards, Various
software quality assurance measures, CMM, Quality metrics, Different steps involved in software testing, Different types of software testing, such as White Box and Black Box


Web Engineering: Various attributes of a Web-based application, such as reliability, usability, and scalability, Analysis phase of
developing a Web-based application, Testing phase of a Web-based application, Implementing security in a Web-based application, Service oriented software engineering, Aspect oriented software development and Test-driven development

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