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Course Name – HD/HND Accounting (UK) Course Name-FIA Course Name – ACCA(UK)

(UK)/CAT(UK) Duration – 18 Months

Duration – 8, 12, 16 months Duration – 4, 6 months

NO Formal Examinations CBE and Paper Exam CBE and Paper Exams
(Pass Percentage 95%) (Pass Percentage 54.9%) (Pass Percentage 52.5%)

BEST for those who have passion for BEST for those who want BEST for those who have
Chartered Accountant (CA) of ICAEW (UK) to Join ACCA (UK) in 4 Passion for ACCA (UK)
(Pass Percentage 85%) months
Matric, O-level, A-level and Intermediate Bachelor (BA, BBA, B.Com)
Matric, O-level, A-level and or FIA (Minimum 3 papers)
(FA,FSc,I.Com), Bachelor (BA, BBA, B.Com), Intermediate (FA,FSc,I.Com)
Master (M.Com, MBA) and CA (Pakistan) or /CAT (Old Version)
or 16 Years old
more than 15 years old

Fee Structure Fee Structure

FEE Structure Admission Fee Rs 5,999 Admission Fee Rs 11,999
Admission Fee Zero T1, T2, T3, T4 FREE F1, F2, F3 FREE
Annual Subscription Zero English Course FREE English Course FREE
Examination Fee Zero (Including cost of books/kits) (Including cost of books/kits)
English Speaking Course FREE TT5, TT6, TT7 FREE F4, F5, F6,F7, F8, F9
Coaching Fee Rs 10,500/month (Discount Available) T9, T10 Rs 4,999/per paper Rs 6,499 / per paper
(Including cost of books/kits) (Including cost of books/kits) (Including cost of books/kits)

After Completion After Completion After Completion

1-ICAEW (UK) – 7 papers left (15 papers) 1-ACCA (UK) – 11 Papers left 1-BSc (Honors) – Thesis+Fee
2-CAT/FIA – All papers Exempt 2-ICAEW (UK) – 7 papers left 2-ICAEW (UK) – 3 papers left
3-ACCA (UK) – 8 Papers left (14 papers) through joining HD/HND 3-Start Training or Job with
4-UK Bachelor – 1Year left Accounting after CAT/FIA ACCA approved employers
5-Start job in finance department as Accounts Executive 3-Start Internship or TAship