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A-Ray Scanner v2 README Last updated: 03th May 2005 Version: -----------------------------------------------------------------------Table of Contents: -----------------1.0) Copy Protections * 1.1 CD Scan * 1.

2 Sector Scan * 1.3 Directory / Executable Scan 2.0) How to use A-Ray Scanner V2 * 2.1 Scanning for protections * 2.2 Options window 3.0) Log window 4.0) Copyright & Contact information 1.0) Copy Protections: ---- ---------------This is a list of the Copy Protections that A-Ray Scanner V2 can detect. It is divided into the following categories. 1.1) CD Scan: ---- ------These protections can be detected using the "Scan" button in A-Ray Scanner V2 ActiveMARK Bitpool Cactus Data Shield 200 CD-Cops CDLock CDProtector CodeLock Copykiller DiscGuard LaserLock LaserLock Marathon ProtectCD ProtectCD-VOB SafeDisc SafeDisc Lite SecuROM Old SecuROM New SecuROM 2-7 Settec Alpha Rom Smarte Slovak Protector (SVKP) 1.2) Sector Scan: ---- ----------These protections can be detected using the "Sector Scan" button in A-Ray Scanner V2 *Please note - Copy Protection version numbers CANNOT be detected with this method!* CodeLock

DVDCrypt CSS/CPPM Libcrypt (PSX) Safedisc Safedisc DVD SecuROM SecuROM DVD Sysiphus Tages VCD/SVCD 1.3) Directory / Executable Scan: ---- --------------------------These protections can be detected using the "Scan Directory" button in A-Ray Scanner V2, or by dragging & dropping the executable file into the log window. If "Context Menu" is ticked in the options page you can also scan for these by rightclicking on a file and selecting "Scan with A-Ray Scanner". 3P-Lock CD-Lock CodeLock JoWood Xprot ProtectCD ProtectCD-VOB Safedisc Safedisc Lite SecuROM Old SecuROM New SecuROM 2-7 Smarte Starforce Slovak Protector (SVKP) 2.0) How to use A-Ray Scanner V2: ---- --------------------------Below you will find all the information required to use A-Ray Scanner V2. It is broken into sections for easier reading. 2.1) Scanning for protections: ---- -----------------------Scanning for protections is a relatively easy task. The first step is to insert the CD/DVD you wish to scan into you CD/DVD drive. Upon loading A-Ray Scanner V2 you will see in the upper left corner 2 dropdown lists which will allow you to select the drive you have inserted the disc into. After selecting the correct drive from the list you must then choose which method of scanning you would like to use. When scanning CD/DVD discs you should choose from "Scan" or "Sector Scan". The protections that can be detected using these methods are displayed in sections 1.1 & 1.2 of this README. If no protections are detected then you should consider performing a "Directory Scan". This button is most useful after the software you wish to scan has been installed. After installing the software you can then use the "Directory Scan" option to locate and scan the softwares install directory. The protections that can be detected using this method are displayed in section 1.3 of this README.

The last way that you can use A-Ray Scanner V2 to scan for protections is just to drag & drop a file into the main log window. The file will then be scanned and any protections will be displayed. All protections detectable using this method are displayed in section 1.3 of this README. 2.2) Options window: ---- -------------The following options are available in this window. *Scan Files Bigger Than 20 MB This option will cause A-Ray Scanner V2 to scan files that are larger than 20mb. When this option is not selected these files will be ignored. *Minimize To Tray When ticked A-Ray Scanner V2 will go to the System Tray when minimized. When not selected it will minimize to the Taskbar. *Context Menu When ticked "Scan with A-Ray Scanner" will be displayed in the Right-Click menu in windows. *Update This will check the A-Ray server to see if you currently have the latest version. *Hex Editor Opens the bundled Hex Editor. *Twin Creator Opens the bundled Twin Sector creation software. 3.0) Log window: ---- ---------A-Ray Scanner V2 features a very handy log window. This is where the results from all protection scans will be displayed. It is also possible to drag & drop files here and A-Ray Scanner V2 will scan them for you. Right-clicking in this window gives a few useful options. After right click on log you can access few more commands. *Clear Log This will erase the contents of the entire log window. *Save Log This will save the contents of the entire log window to LOG.txt This file is located in the A-Ray Scanner V2 install directory. All data saved in the log is appended to the end of the current LOG.txt file. 4.0) Copyright & Contact information: ---- ------------------------------(c)Copyright 2004-2005 Aray Software A-Ray Scanner V2 is disributed as Freeware. Selling or Modifying without permission is not allowed! Use it completely at your own risk! Any help or suggestions are welcome. If you wish to help out please contact us. or come to #aray on efnet

If any information in this readme is incorrect or misleading please let me know: [Important Notice] Aray series products and services are not designed for the illegal duplication of copyrighted materials. Unauthorized duplication of copyrighted material is liable to criminal prosecution. If you are not sure of your rights, please contact your local legal advisor. Some states in the European Union don't allow the use of our software's. If you live in one of these states, you are not allowed to use this product.