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Toronto Street News Nov.

1-15, Volume 11, #9/2009 B5

CHAOS IN ‘Global Change’
BITES EARLY Oct. 20Profits
Rothschild Global Change trading credits make money for whom?
Scouts —mentions
Model of‘left’ and ‘right’
Masonic politics. It’s neither. It’s simply
the usual Rothschild theft in action. A young Rothschild pushes it too!
As former advisor to Brit criminal will rubber stamp it. Virtually nobody won't within a year, because they captured it - ever to take it back again. That is how seri-
PM Margaret Thatcher who sup- sign it. now the apotheosis as at hand. They are ous it is. I've read the treaty. I've seen this
I have read that treaty. And what it says about to impose a communist world govern- stuff about government and climate debt
ported Pinochet’s Chilean tortures is this: that a world government is going to ment on the world. You have a president and enforcement. They are going to do this
and murders, Lord Monckton re- be created. The word "government" actually who has very strong sympathies with that to you whether you like it or no.
ported this to confuse the public on appears as the first of 3 point of view. He's going to sign. He'll sign There is no problem with climate and,
the real power behind the scenes of purposes of the new entity. The second anything. He's a Nobel Peace Prize laureate; even if there were, economically speaking,
world finance (Rothschilds): Lord purpose is the transfer of wealth from the of course he'll sign it. there is nothing we can do about it.
countries of the West to third-world coun- And the trouble is this; if that treaty is Editor’s Note: Monckton fails to men-
Monckton's Warning To America tries, in satisfaction of what is called, coyly, signed, your Constitution says that it takes tion the Rothschild profiteering in
Thanks to Gary Jacobucci for this transcrip- "a climate debt" - because we've been burn- precedence over your Constitution, and you ‘carbon credits’ now occurring. Lord
tion. ing CO2 and they haven't - and we've been can't resign from that treaty unless you get Rothschild has written off European and
Monckton spoke at Bethel University in screwing up the climate. We haven't been agreement from all the other state's parties - North American economies and sends
St. Paul, MN on the UN Climate Change screwing up the climate, but that's the line. and because you'll be the biggest paying our hard-earned monies to Asian facto-
treaty scheduled to be signed in Copenha- And the third purpose of this new entity, country, they're not going to let you out. ries for his profit from their near-slave
gen in December 09. this government, is enforcement. So, thank you, America. You were the labour production.
http://www. yo h? How many of you think that the word beacon of freedom for the world. It is a Goldman Sachs CEO Paulson made 80
v=PMe5dOgbu40 "election" or "democracy" or "vote" or privilege merely to stand on this soil of trips to China to pass hundreds of bil-
"...At the 2009 UU Climate Change Con- "ballot" occurs anywhere in the 200-pages freedom while it is still free. But, in the next lions of investment dollars and jobs
ference, weeks away, a treaty will be of that treaty? Quite right, it doesn't appear few weeks, unless you stop it, your presi- there. Paulson then manipulated Bush
signed. Your president will sign it. Most of once. So, at last, the communists who piled dent will sign your freedom, your democ- and Obama with Rothschild’s help in
the third world countries will sign it, be- out of the Berlin Wall and into the environ- racy, and your prosperity away forever. And England to pay $24 trillion to failing
cause they think they're going to get money mental movement, and took over Green- neither you nor any subsequent government world bank system as a parting shot
out of it. Most of the left-wing regimes peace so that my friends who funded it left you may elect will have any power whatso- against the U.S. and Europe.
around the world, like the European Union,

‘Global Warming’, ‘Global Change’ fraud; declining Sunspots,

and El Nino control weather more than your SUV exhaust!
CHAOS IN THE SNOW AS spite the recession. snow cannon.” A car passes by another car covered in snow at the village of
WINTER BITES EARLY Pistes are already open in Austria, and H o w e v e r , Jistebsko, north from Prague
By Nick Fagge there has also been heavy snow in France, the snow has
DAYS of heavy snow have brought Italy and Switzerland. Similar early falls brought chaos
chaos, death and an early start to the skiing last year saw the best conditions in elsewhere. In
season to parts of Europe. Europe for more than 20 years. the Czech Re-
Skiers are being told they can expect a TUI Ski managing director Mat- thew public thou-
sensational season after three feet of snow Prior said: “It is a very good omen. Since s a n d s of
led many Alpine resorts to open two weeks the middle of September we’ve seen a big homes were
early. upturn in bookings.” left with- out
But the unseasonably early cold snap also Ernst Trummer, boss of the Planai resort power after
cut power to thousands of homes and in south-east Austria, said plummeting tem- b l i z z a r d s
caused at least three deaths. peratures would ensure the snow would re- brought down power lines.
Yesterday tour operators predicted that main until the end of the season. “There is And in the mountains of southern Po-
this winter could see record bookings – de- half a metre of new snow at the top, and the land 3 people, including a shepherd,
low temperatures will enable us to use our froze to death.
hailstones killed up to 90% of the wild game Sepp Eder, the hunting chief, said:
Hunting banned in population. "Animals sought shelter in farms, in A snow-covered car stands at
the side of the road in Deg-
parts of Austria after Hundreds of deer were discovered fields of grain but the hail was so
either dead or so badly injured they heavy it smashed right into them. It gendorf, Germany
hailstones kill 90% of had to be put down by wildlife ex- may take 5 years for animal numbers
to recover, if they ever do so."
wild game 19 Oct 2009 In the country's rural Salzburg province, Farmers are believed to have suf-
Hunting has been banned in parts of Aust 90% of pheasants and 80% of hares were fered more than £60 million in dam-
ria after freak storms with tennis ball-sized killed in the hail storms. ages to crops and buildings.

The number of Americans behind The public uncertainty about the evidence author of Climate Cover-Up, blamed an in- a serious problem.
global warming comes as the Senate tense lobbying campaign against global But the perceived lack of concrete evi-
who believe in global warm- prepares to begin debate next week on cli- warming legislation now before the Senate. dence for global warming did not necessar-
ing has plummeted, falling mate change legislation. Yesterday, 18 sci- "I would say a big part of this problem is ily hurt the prospects of voting on climate
20% in two years, a survey entific organisations wrote Congress to re- this campaign to mislead Americans about change legislation, Dimock said. Half of
affirm the consensus behind global warm- climate science," he said. "This is a very Americans polled remain in favour of put-
said Oct. 22. ing. sophisticated group of people who know ting limits and carbon emissions and mak-
Only 57% of Americans believe there is Michael Dimock, the associate director of how to create doubt and confusion and they ing companies pay for their emissions -- the
solid scientific evidence that the Earth's at- the Pew Centre, said the economic crisis have done a very good job of it." basics of the cap and trade bill now before
mosphere is warming, said the poll of 1,500 and the struggles over healthcare reform The decline was sharpest among inde- the Senate.
people by the Pew Research Centre for the had squeezed out climate change and the pendent voters and Republicans. Republi- A majority, 56%, also want America to
People & the Press. environment as issues of concern. "The cans in Congress have almost uniformly join other countries in a global agreement
That is a fall of 77% from 2007. The num- public is just not as focused on global lined up against climate change legislation. on climate change.
ber of people who believe that human activ- warming and environmental [issues] as they There were also regional differences, with
ity is causing global warming also fell to have been in the past." people in the mid-west and Rocky mountain
just 36%. But James Hoggan, a PR executive and states less inclined to see climate change as

NOTE TO READERS: We print Mohawk Nation News items as Canada’s sovereignty is affected when U.S. policing encroaches on Canadian soil and its natives

Anishinabe Kweag Protest Group launches petition to

Attorney General of Ontario Chris Bentley
dropped against the 17 Site 41 would never receive waste and ensure The people of Simcoe County have
protesters, including Ina Wood, the pristine groundwater in the Alliston been working for over 25 years to get
76 and Keith Wood 82, the An- Aquifer would be protected for genera- the Ministry of Environment and Sim-
ishinabe Kweag Protest Group, tions to come. coe County to over turn the decision for
who protested for 137 days at Vicki Monague, Elizabeth Brass Elson Site 41 with no success. When the po-
Sit3 41, has launched an and John Hawke, members of the Beau- litical system has failed to validate and
online and paper petition to soleil First Nation were charged with address public concerns, that very public
the Attorney General of On- Intimidation in relation to a one-day is driven to take action. Driven to initi-
tario Chris Bentley. protest on June 12th, 2009 that the On- ate change, at all cost. The people at Site
The peaceful vigil protests at Site tario Provincial Police were given 1 41 were standing up for the rights of
41 halted construction for ap- week notice of and involved up to two their children and their children’s chil-
proximately 5 weeks. The con- hundred people. This is the infamous dren, defending the traditional and heri-
struction that was taking place in- protest where the Ontario Provincial Po- tage territory of not only First Nations
side Site 41 was never properly ap- lice within 30 minutes of it beginning people, but the agricultural community
proved by the Simcoe County Council, closed Concession 2, Tiny Township as well. Clean water is a human right
although a budget was passed, no mo- due to safety concerns over a raging and defending it should not be a crime.
Online and paper petition asks that tion or resolution had ever been passed bon-fire lit by the Anishinabe Kweag The petition is available
charges against seventeen Site 41 pro- that allowed more than preliminary women on the road. It was later con-
online. Visit www.
testers be dropped work to take place and Site 41 was firmed that there was never any bonfire,
slated to start receiving waste by the end but rather a smudge bowl and sage. At
of September. All protesters charged no time during that one-day protest were to sign it!
In an effort to have all charges were working to ensure that Site 41 any of the protesters asked to leave.

POLISH DEATH PROBED – ATTEMPT victims will be urged

to take a settlement.
The deal will probably
ing their lack of jurisdiction in a resource
rich territory is considered an enemy. We
have been declared terrorists or enemy com-
ON MOHAWK IGNORED try to absolve Canada
of guilt and responsi-
batants and denied civil, sovereign and hu-
man rights.
MNN. Oct. 29, 2009. On October 14th guards to wait for hours. CBSA and a squad bility in the eyes of their law. Dziekanski was a visitor with more rights
2007, Polish immigrant, Robert Dziekanski, of heavily equipped commandos appeared. Canada knows this is an international na- to an investigation than us. He was killed to
was killed by the RCMP at the customs They surrounded her car, grabbed her and tion-to-nation issue. The lawyer will say the desensitize the public to what state agents
venue in Vancouver Airport. He was ta- used stress tactics that brought on a heart ruling is a great victory for the Indigenous, will do to enforce their will. The RCMP
sered, knocked down and hit again. He attack. The border guards tried to push her blah, blah, blah. Canada will keep pretend- took 7 hours to plan his killing and to work
screamed in pain on the floor. They fired to bend forward so the blood would rush into ing they are in control of their Indians. up the nerve to do it. In the Horn case, they
again, again and again until he died. her heart and kill her. She survived. The foreigners need guns to assert their spent over an hour and botched it.
Dziekanski had come from Poland to visit This attack has been kept out of main- illegitimate authority. Kahentinetha MNN Mohawk Nation
his mother, who had been waiting for him at stream news. Every request to the RCMP, In Akwesasne we are in our homes, doing News, ka-
the arrivals level for 7 hours. OPP and Attorney General of Canada to in- nothing wrong. When some antagonistic Note: Your finan-
A bystander video taped his death with his vestigate this crime has been stopped. armed border goon confronts us, our guard cial help is needed and appreciated. Please
cell phone. The RCMP were all buffed up Canada does not want a review of their goes up. An issue is created and we could send your donations by check or money or-
with body armor, hand guns, pepper spray agents torturing and trying to kill a 69 year be killed. Armed camps are being created der to “MNN Mohawk Nation News”, Box
and collapsible batons. They said they old woman who was peacefully crossing the around us to force us to defend ourselves 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L
feared for their safety when he picked up the border at Akwesasne. against their brutality and weapons. Since 1B0. Or go to PayPal on MNN website.
stapler and waved it at them. Horn went to the Federal Court of Canada they have guns, shouldn’t we have guns to Nia:wen thank you very much. Go to MNN
The state is spending millions on an to file an action to investigate this crime. defend ourselves from them? BORDER category for more stories; New
highly publicized investigation into his FCC issued an order that she must pay for Any law abiding peaceful and compliant MNN Books Available now!
death. all of the Crown’s costs starting with a individual, black, white, yellow or brown, NOTE: Charges could not be brought
What’s the difference between $20,000 deposit. They declared she lives in who shows up at the border is confronted against the CBSA border guards unless the
this and the attack on Kahenti- the Mohawk community of Kahnawake and with tasers and guns. They can become a victims paid the crown’s court costs. Fed-
therefore is not a resident of Canada. This victim, attacked and killed. Because it’s at eral Court of Canada Prothonotary Mireille
netha Horn at the Akwesasne bor- is an admission that we are sovereign. the border the goons think they can walk Tabib made an order on October 23, 2008
der on June 14, 2009? The CBSA Ca- Many have been brutalized at this border. away scot free with no fear of retaliation. that Mohawks residing in Akwesasne and
nadian Border Services Agency video taped The colonial Akwesasne Mohawk Council is Is Canada at war with us? Why are they Kahnawake are not residents of Canada.
this vicious assault which they hide for rea- hiring a high profile lawyer, paid by Canada, pointing us at us? The corporations, Wall Two supporting FCC orders were made by
sons of National Security. Many witnesses to mount a class action suit against Canada, Street, bankers, military and lawyers now Judge Francois Lemieux on January 29,
have signed affidavits. mainly to avoid the sovereignty, interna- control governments. Anyone asserting self- 2009; and Claude Morissette on March 16,
Horn was pulled over by the border tional border and land issues. Indigenous determination and sovereignty or question- 2009. FCA T-1309-08 and T-288-09.