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Affirmative Action

Maria Lee

December 19, 2010


Shonda Hercules
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In an effort to improve this company and to provide a positive environment for the employees, it

is my recommendation that the Board of Directors of this company should implement and advocate

an affirmative action policy to guarantee equal opportunity for all employees. This policy should

establish certain standards to prevent discrimination against race, religion, sex, disability, color, or

national origin. Any affirmative action policy should be in compliance with any equal opportunity

laws. The underlying motive of affirmative action is the Constitutional principle of eequal

opportunity, which holds that all persons have the right to equal access to self-

development(, 2010). Discrimination is illegal, but it is also immoral. America is

considered the land of opportunity, the unfavorable treatment of an individual based on class goes

against that belief. A careful analysis of the makeup of this company will ultimately guarantee that

the employees of this company is diverse, sufficiently trained, and equally promoted. The goals of

this recommended affirmative action policy is to ensure that all potential employees recieve the

same considerate and fair treatment.

The aims of an affirmative action policy would be to ensure equal opportunity and affirmative

action issues are identified in the workplace. It is necessary that issues involving equal opportunity

and affirmative action are dealth with through due process.

Many people have claimed that affirmative action policies have caused a decline in the quality of

employment practices are followed. There is a myth that affirmative action policies require

employers or others to meet their numbers. There is no evidence of this. In fact affirmative action

plans do not impose quotas; they simply seek to increase the pool of qualified applicants by using

aggressive recruitment and outreach programs, setting goals and timeables, and establishing training

programs, among our measures(, no date). Simply becasue an employer has affirmative

action policies implemented does not mean they must include a reduction in skill, education or other

talents a potential employee must have. People also argue that with affirmative action policies

intact is a form of reverse discrimination. Affirmative action policies are a direct and proactive
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way to meet the federal and state legal requirements to avoid discrimination. Title VII of the Civil

Rights Act of 1964 prevents employers from discrimination against one because of race, color,

national origin, sex or religion (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2010). The Equal

Pay Act of 1963 requires employers to pay men and women who perform the same job equal

pay(Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2010). The Americans with Disabilty Act of

1990 (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2010). prevents an employer from

discriminating on the basis of a person's mental or physical impairments (Equal Employment

Opportunity Commission, 2010).

Affirmative action policies assure that an employer is in compliance with the Equal Employment

Opportunity Commission. For example, the policies can include requirements that base pay on job

requirements to help avoid regarding the salaries offered to men vs. Women and Caucasians vs.

Minorities, which would help prevent violations against the Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the Civil

Rights Act (Euben, 2001). Affirmative action policies also can avoid sexual harrassment claims by

providing standars for managers to follow. Affirmative action policies can help human resource and

other managers determine how to make job offers and the best places to post job notices so that

everyone has access to them.

The development and maintenance of affirmative action policies can only help the company.

The policy can help avoid potential illegal discrimination claims. It can also help the company

defend itself against such claims. At a time when America is growing in diversity and that the

American population expects fair treatment and equal opportunity, a commitment to affirmative

action policies can help the company retain and attract successful and intelligent employees.
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