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1. There are two versions of the

saying of the Sages that appears at

WHY THE the end of Tractate Brachos (as well

as at the conclusion of Tractate
Moed Katan1): a) “Torah scholars
have no rest – not in this world and
not in the World to Come, etc.” b)

RIGHTEOUS “The righteous have no rest, etc.”

(The latter version 2 is cited in
several places.3)
We may assert that this
difference in wording underscores a

HAVE NO difference in meaning. Namely, the

version that reads, “Torah scholars
have no rest, etc.,” speaks of a
virtue that is unique to Torah study
(“Torah scholars”), as will be

Likkutei Sichos Vol. 15, pg. 137-144
discussed, whereas the version that
reads, “The righteous have no rest,
etc.,” does not speak about the
distinctive virtue of Torah study’s
per se, insofar as the term
Translated by Boruch Merkur “righteous” includes4 “masters of
good deeds”5 who are not Torah
We must understand the reason for the difference
between the two approaches.
2. In Likkutei HaShas, the Arizal explains the
notion that “Torah scholars have no rest, etc.” as
follows: “for in the world that follows death, Torah
scholars are involved in Torah study, ascending from
level to level and from academy to academy...for just as
G-d, may He be blessed, has no end, likewise His
Torah has no end.”
According to this quotation from the Arizal, the
reason for the version that reads, “Torah scholars have
no rest, etc.,” is understood, as follows. It is
specifically Torah (in the familiar manner of speech,
the cheftza (object) of the Mitzva of Torah study) that
is at the level of “it has no end.”6 Thus, there is,
similarly, no rest (no end) to the ascent of Torah
scholars (the gavra (subject) of the Mitzva of Torah
study), who delve in the study of Torah. However, with
regard to the [other] Mitzvos, although they too are the
Commandments of G-d (Who is infinite), they
themselves (in terms of their being an object) are
limited.7 In fact, they must be limited. That is, both
with regard to the Mitzvos in general – of which it is
said, “Do not add and do not detract”8 (Torah study,
however, is different: it must be done in a manner of an
increase in understanding and etc., as it is said in the
Laws of Torah Study9) – as well as with regard to each
Mitzva individually. [For example] t’fillin must be

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

specifically four passages, not five, and etc.10 others is not on account of a virtue associated with the
Thus, also with regard to “masters of good deeds” Mitzvos, but on account of the fact that neglecting to
(the gavra of the other Mitzvos) there is an end and fulfill the Mitzvos results in a lack in the study of
there is rest. Torah, as will be explained.
That is, the two alternatives (rest or no rest) 6. The Alter Rebbe says15 (with regard to the
correspond to the two levels: finite and infinite. reason for the aforementioned law): “He should
3. The same principle accounts for the difference interrupt his Torah study and do the Mitzva...for this is
between them (Torah and Mitzvos) with regard to the the entirety of man. As the Sages said,16 ‘The purpose
degree of obligation incumbent upon the person of wisdom is repentance and good deeds.’ And if one
(gavra): The obligation to study Torah has no does not do so, it comes out that he has learned not for
limitations, as Rambam puts it11: “Every Jewish man the sake of doing, and ‘it would be better for him [had
is obligated in Torah study, whether he is poor or rich, he not been created].’”17
whether he is complete in his body [i.e., healthy] or The Alter Rebbe states18 the reason (for “He
whether he is one who suffers, etc.” Also (with regard should interrupt his Torah study and do the Mitzva”)
to time), the obligation upon the person is constant.12 in positive terms: “for this is the entirety of man,”
This is not so, however, with regard to the [other] [namely] to fulfill Mitzvos. Then [in negative terms] he
Mitzvos; every Mitzva has its prescribed limitations (a adds, “And if one does not do so, it comes out that he
designated time or place, and the like). has learned not for the sake of doing.” (That is,
4. However, in applying this teaching of the Arizal, without the fulfillment of the Mitzvos, Torah study is
it is difficult to understand the logic underlying the not as it must be.) The implication of this addition is
version (approach) that reads, “The righteous have no that the reason, “for this is the entirety of man,” is
insufficient; this reason alone does
not account for the fact that [the
How is it possible to attain the level of “they fulfillment of] a Mitzva can
supplant Torah study. It is indeed
have no rest,” which signifies a notion of true that the fulfillment of the
Mitzvos is “the entirety of man,”
limitlesssness, through the service of good nevertheless, since it is something
deeds, which is, at first glance, inherently that is limited, it cannot supplant
something that is infinite (Torah).
limited? Thus, the Alter Rebbe adds: “And if
one does not do so, it comes out
that he has learned not for the sake
rest, etc.,” which, as stated above, includes within it of doing.”
also “masters of good deeds” (the service of [the That is, the fulfillment of the Mitzvos is “the
fulfillment of] the Mitzvos). For how is it possible to entirety of man”19 (the person in his entirety – i.e.,
attain “they have no rest,” signifying limitlessness, including his intellect, and) as the Sages said, “The
(also) through this service (which is limited, as stated purpose (“tachlis,” which also means “completeness”)
above)? of wisdom is repentance and good deeds. And (on
We must, therefore, say that also with regard to account of the fact that the fulfillment of the Mitzvos is
Mitzvos there is indeed a sense of (and the virtue of) the purpose and completeness of wisdom (i.e., Torah),
limitlessness, in light of which the logic of the version, then) if one does not do so, it comes out that he has
“The righteous have no rest, etc.,” is also understood. learned (in an inappropriate manner, for it was done)
[In what sense then are Mitzvos infinite?] not for the sake of doing.”
5. At first glance it is logical to say that the law13 of 7. [Returning now to the discussion of the apparent
forsaking Torah study for [the fulfillment of] a Mitzva infinite quality of Mitzvos] we may assert the following
that cannot be done by others compels the notion that explanation. Mitzvos 19* are composed of two
Mitzvos also possess the aspect of limitlessness. For if aspects20: a) Every Mitzva has a distinct definition,
Mitzvos exist solely at the level of limitation, how can differentiating it from the other Mitzvos. With respect
they supplant Torah study, which is limitless?14 to these defining attributes, Mitzvos are at the level of
But in truth this does not prove that also Mitzvos limitation. b) There is a common denominator to all
are infinite, for the fact that Torah study is forsaken for Mitzvos in virtue of which they are all beyond
[the fulfillment of] a Mitzva that cannot be done by limitation. In fact, these two aspects are apparent in

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

the liturgy of the blessings recited over Mitzvos. The entirety of man.” In fact, there is a ruling in the
part (and the) common (denominator) to them all is, Shulchan Aruch, “All your deeds should be for the
“Who has sanctified us with His Mitzvos,” and the sake of Heaven,”26 and, “In all your ways, know
part that is unique (and specific) is, “and commanded Him.”27
us the Mitzva of such and such.” 9. According to all the above, the difference – in
The various details that define the performance of approach – between the two versions is understood:
every Mitzva, which distinguish one Mitzva from With respect to the limited details in the Mitzvos, it is
another, express the limitation of Mitzvos. Whereas, only “Torah scholars [who] have no rest, etc.” But
by virtue of the idea common to all the Mitzvos, with respect to the Mitzvos in general, [a level] which
namely, that they are all commandments – “mitzva,” is limitless, all “the righteous (including “masters of
meaning “commandment,” i.e., a manifestation of the good deeds”) have no rest, etc.”
blessed Supernal Will, which is found equally in every 10. Additional explanation, however, is required
Mitzva – the Mitzvos are without limitation. That is, with regard to the following. It is explained
on account of the fact that G-d’s Will, which is in the (elsewhere 28 ) that the reason why (specifically)
Mitzvos, transcends their limitations and “Torah scholars have no rest – not in this world and
distinctiveness, as reflected in the saying of the not in the World to Come, etc.,” is as the Arizal says in
Sages,21 “One should not sit and compare the relative Likkutei HaShas: “This is the esoteric principle of
weight [i.e., stringency] of the Mitzvos of the Torah, ‘Man goes out to his work.’29 That is, [Man goes out]
etc., [rendering some as] the lightest of the light, etc., to the pursuit of Torah study on that which he worked
[and others as] the most stringent of the stringent, on in this world. For when a man goes out from this
etc.” world, he goes first to his ‘work,’ meaning to the
Moreover, [the preeminence of the Supernal Will in pursuit of the Torah study which he worked on in this
the Mitzvos, in virtue of which all Mitzvos are equal, is world, etc.” Thus, it is only “Torah scholars [who]
expressed in practical Torah law. Namely, in the have no rest, etc., in the World to Come,” since the
principle that] “[one who is] involved in a Mitzva is only aspect that is relevant in the Garden of Eden, the
exempt from the performance of another Mitzva.”22 It destination to which “Man goes out” from this world,
is known23 that the reason [underlying this principle] is “his work” in the pursuit of Torah study,30 not the
is that all the Mitzvos are actually integrated one with work (of the pursuit) of the fulfillment of the
the others, to the extent that when one fulfills one Mitzvos.31
Mitzva it is a semblance of the fulfillment of all the Accordingly, the version that reads, “The righteous
other Mitzvos. This effect is by virtue of the (essential) and etc.,” is not understood. It is true that the concept
Will [of G-d] that is [reflected equally] in [all] of infinite ascent is also associated with Mitzvos, for
Mitzvos, which transcends [their] distinctiveness.24 they also possess the level of limitlessness. However,
It comes out that although one may be involved how can we say that “The righteous have no rest, etc.,
with a particular Mitzva (notwithstanding the fact that in the World to Come”? The “work” of the fulfillment
with respect to its details it is separate and distinct of the Mitzvos does not exist in the Garden of Eden!
from the other Mitzvos, nevertheless) he is connected The explanation: It is known that there are two
through it to the Mitzvos in general, to the meanings for “World to Come”: a) Garden of Eden
limitlessness within them. (referred to as the “World to Come” because “it comes
8. Just as this is so with regard to the Mitzvos to a person after the life in this world,”32 b) the World
themselves (cheftza), so it is also with regard to the of Resurrection.33
fulfillment of the Mitzvos by Jews (gavra): Although In light of this [dual meaning] one may assert that
the specific obligation of each individual Mitzva is the meaning of “World to Come” in this saying of the
indeed limited in the context of time and space (as Sages depends upon the [context in which it appears]
mentioned above, Section 2), there is, however, a in the two respective versions: In the version that
constant obligation incumbent upon Jews with regard reads, “Torah scholars have no rest, etc.,” which is on
to (the service of [G-d through the performance of]) account of the virtue of Torah, the term “World to
the Mitzvos collectively. As our Sages say in the Come” means (also) the Garden of Eden (for there,
Mishna,25 “I was created [in order] to serve my only the “work” of Torah study is relevant, not
Master.” In other words, every moment during which Mitzvos), whereas in the version that reads, “The
one is “created” – that is, every moment of a person’s righteous have no rest, etc.,” which includes the
existence – is for the sake (of the duty and purpose) of service of Mitzvos, “World to Come” means the
serving his Master, as was said above, “for this is the “World of Resurrection,” for then there will once again

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

be a time of “work” in Mitzvos as well. upwards, as it is explained in several places.) We see
11. At first glance, the following two questions from this that also during the Era of the Resurrection
arise: a) Our Sages say34 that “Mitzvos will be of the Dead there will be the concept of Mitzvos and
nullified in the World to Come.” The Alter Rebbe ascent, etc.
elaborates, “that is, during the Era of the Resurrection 12. However, it is still not entirely explained: “Have
of the Dead.”35 [How then is this reconciled with the no rest” means here that the ascent of the righteous
notion that during the Era of the Resurrection it will proceeds without any interruption. But according to
once again be a time of “work” in Mitzvos?] b) It is the latter explanation – that “The righteous have no
elucidated in several places in the works of the World to Come” means (a stage of) the
Chassidus 36 that the saying of our Sages, “The World of Resurrection – they experience a “restful”
righteous have no rest, etc.” (rather, they continually intermission in the Garden of Eden (where there is no
ascend from level to level) refers to ascending in the “work” of Mitzvos), between this world and the World
Garden of Eden. However, the Future to Come will be of Resurrection.
a sabbatical and a time of rest – also from ascending.37 The explanation: It was previously established that
Now, how is this understood in light of what was the performance of Mitzvos is only possible in this
explained above – that the version that reads, “The world, where the soul is invested in a body. When the
righteous have no rest, etc., in the World to Come,” is soul is in the Garden of Eden, however, without a
speaking (not about the Garden of Eden, but) about body, the service of Mitzvos is impossible.
the World of Resurrection? Therefore, with regard to the classification of (and
in connection with) the service of
“masters of good deeds” (the
No one puts forth the notion that, according to righteous), whose service is only
possible when the soul is together
the opinion that it is a decree that at the age of with the body, the time when the
soul is without the body, when it is
133 years one becomes obligated in the in the Garden of Eden, is not
considered existence. To be precise:
fulfillment of Mitzvos, a minor, when he arises The fulfillment (kiyum) of Mitzvos
in the Resurrecttion of the Dead, will be is connected with – and thus,
requires – the sustenance (kiyum)
obligated in Mitzvos immediately if 13 years of the body. And when the body is
not sustained (in a manner that is
had since past since he was born. adequate for the expression of a
soul [i.e., when it is alive]), it is
likewise not possible to say
The explanation: The Era of the World of regarding the soul that it exists in the context of
Resurrection itself is composed of two stages,38 the time.41 Thus, the fact that the souls of the “masters of
first of which is said with respect to every Jew,39 “And good deeds” experience no ascent throughout the
there it will be done before You, etc., according to the duration of their being in the Garden of Eden does not
Mitzvos of Your Will.” [That is, in this first stage] there comprise an interruption in their ascent.
will then be the fulfillment of Mitzvos, and of To illustrate: The Rogatchover says42 that the
consequence, also the ascent derived from them. passage of time is not possible when the soul is Above.
Whereas, the next stage, the second stage will be a time That is, at the time when the joining of the soul with
when “Mitzvos will be nullified.” the body is severed and the soul rises to the Garden of
Among the proofs for [the first stage, a time when Eden, there in its “world” there is entirely no concept
there will be the performance of Mitzvos, etc.] is the of time with respect to the laws of Torah. (Although it
following. There is a familiar saying of our Sages40 – does experience the reward for the performance of
that in the Future to Come, “Moshe and Aharon will be Mitzvos, involvement in Torah study, and etc., as is
among us,” and they will offer sacrifices, indicating the known with regard to the concept of midnight in the
fulfillment of Mitzvos. (This is particularly [relevant in Garden of Eden and etc.)
our case, considering] that the general concept of 13. We may further postulate: The Rebbe Rashab,
offering sacrifices is the concept of ascending, the whose soul is in heaven, whose birthday is celebrated
elevation of the life-force of the animals, from below on the twentieth of MarCheshvan, writes (in his will43)

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

as follows: “To discuss this topic in greater depth, we NOTES:
may further propose, in a speculative manner –
1 The reason for the differences between Tractate Brachos
according to what I heard in the name of my father, the
and Moed Katan is discussed in Likkutei Sichos Vol. 14, pg.
Rebbe, of blessed memory – that the Infinite Light that
173 ff.
Transcends all Worlds44 illuminates for them [i.e., the
souls] also in the Garden of Eden ... Accordingly, we 2 Preface to Sh’la (17a); Eimek HaMelech Shaar HaDikna
may presume that it is possible that [in the Garden of Ch. 8 (61c), among others.
Eden] there is a semblance of the performance of 3 Ohr HaTorah, VaEschanan pg. 67; Hemshech 5666, pg.
Mitzvos, in a manner resembling and exemplary of the 12.
Mitzvos that will be [performed] in the World to Come
4 See Tractate Nida 16b, among many other places;
[i.e., the World of Resurrection] ... This is the concept
of honoring one’s father and mother: Just as He brings Rambam’s Laws of Repentance Ch. 3, beg.
the Patriarchs (Avos, Fathers) to the Garden of Eden, 5 For “the principle meaning of ‘righteous’ is in reference
etc.” to one who fulfills the Mitzvos” (Likkutei Torah Massei 91a,
14. (We may suggest that this is the inner meaning Shir HaShirim 16c), etc. – see Footnote 5 in the original.
of the writing of the Rambam,45 as he puts it: “Thus 6 As is said (Iyov 11:9), “Longer than the earth is its
the Early Sages said,46 ‘In the World to Come there is
measure, etc.”
no body or corporality...rather, the righteous sit with
their crowns on their heads and they derive benefit 7 Igeres HaKodesh Section 10; discourse beginning with the
from the ray of the Divine Presence.’ Thus, it is clear words, “Hashkifa,” of 5689 Ch. 2 ff (published in Seifer
to you that there is no [concept] of body there...” – for HaMaamarim 5710 pg. 272 ff), among others.
the Rambam interprets “the World to Come” in this 8 R’ei 13:1, VaEs’chanan 4:2; Rambam’s Laws of the
saying of our Sages to mean “the Garden of Eden”47 Foundations of the Torah Ch. 9, beg., Mamrim 2:9;
– “Likewise, that which they said, ‘their crowns on Rambam’s Seifer HaMitzvos Prohibitions 313, 314, etc. –
their heads,’ refers to the knowledge they will possess see Footnote 8 in the original.
... This is their crown, along the lines of what Shlomo 9 Of the Alter Rebbe 2:2, etc. – see Footnote 8 in the
said,48 ‘In the crown crowned upon him by his original.
mother’ ... Likewise the meaning of the term ‘crown,’
10 See Sifri and the commentary of Rashi there;
as used by the Sages, is ‘knowledge.’ And what is the
commentary of Rashi on VaEs’chanan ibid.
meaning of their saying, ‘they derive benefit from the
ray of the Divine Presence’? That they possess 11 Laws of Torah Study 1:8 – see Footnote 11 in the
knowledge and comprehension of the truth of the Holy original.
One Blessed Be He, that which they knew not when 12 As is stated (Yehoshua 1:8), “This book of the Torah
they were in a dark and lowly body.” shall not leave your mouth; you shall meditate therein day
(We may propose that the intent derived from the and night.” Indeed, the punishment is very strict for “all
above is that in the Garden of Eden there are two those who are able to be involved in Torah study, etc.”
concepts: a) “Their crowns on their heads” – for a (Sanhedrin 99a, end, etc. – see Footnote 12 in the
crown rests upon (and above) the head and surrounds original.)
it, referring to the knowledge that corresponds to the 13 Moed Katan 9a, end ff.; Rambam Laws of Torah Study
Light that Transcends the Worlds, which is said to 3:4; Laws of Torah Study of the Alter Rebbe 4:3.
surround/transcend them49; b) “they derive benefit
14 See Footnote 14 in the original.
from the ray of the Divine Presence ... That they
possess knowledge and comprehension,50 etc.” – this 15 Laws of Torah study, ibid.
refers to the fact that they ascend from level to level in
their comprehension of the Torah, [an increase] in 16 Brachos 17a
knowledge and the degree to which it is 17 Talmud Yerushalmi Tractate Brachos 1:2, Talmud Bavli
internalized.51) Tractate Brachos Ch. 2, end.
Since that also in the Garden of Eden it is (at least)
18 As in Tanya, mentioned above in Footnote 14.
possible for there to be “a semblance of the
performance of Mitzvos,” therefore, even in the 19 See Footnote 19 in the original.
Garden of Eden, at least “one who is great in
19* See Footnote 19* in the original.
righteousness (tzaddik gadol)”52 has no rest, also with
respect to the “work” of Mitzvos. 20 See Footnote 20 in the original.
(From the address of Chaf Menachem-Av 5735) 21 Tanchuma Eikev 2, B’Reishis Rabba 6:2, Yalkut Shimoni

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

Yisro remez 298, among others. – see Footnote 33 in the original. immediately if thirteen years had since
22 Sukka 25a. past since he was born.
34 Nida 61b, etc. – see Footnote 33 in
42 Tzafnas Paneiach on Rambam’s
23 Hemshech 5666 – see Footnote 22 the original.
Laws of Repentance 8:4, etc. – see
in the original. 35 Igeres HaKodesh siman 26 (145a, Footnote 42 in the original.
24 See Footnote 24 in the original. end).
43 Printed in Kuntres Chanoch
25 Conclusion of Meseches Kiddushin. 36 Or HaTorah and Hemshech 5666, LaNaar pg. 31, end ff.
cited in Footnote 3.
26 Avos 2:12. 44 See Footnote 44 in the original.
37 See Footnote 37 in the original.
27 Mishlei 3:6; Rambam’s Hilchos 45 Laws of Repentance 8:2.
38 See Footnote 38 in the original.
Deios Ch. , end.; Tur Shulchan Aruch 46 Brachos 17a.
Orach Chaim siman 231. 39 Musaf Prayer.
47 Unlike the opinion of the Ramban
28 See Likkutei Sichos, Vol. 14, end of 40 Tosafos, P’sachim (114b, section (in his work Shaar HaGomel) – that it
pg. 174ff, where it is discussed. beginning with the word “One”). refers to the Resurrection of the Dead.
29 T’hillim 104:23. 41 This sheds light on the fact that no 48 Shir HaShirim 3:11, etc. – see
30 See Footnote 30 in the original. one puts forth the notion that, Footnote 48 in the original.
according to the opinion that it is a
31 See Footnote 31 in the original. 49 See Footnote 49 in the original.
law given to Moshe at Sinai (i.e., a
32 Rambam, Laws of Repentance, decree) that at the age of thirteen 50 See Footnote 50 in the original.
years one becomes obligated in the
conclusion of Chapter 8 – see 51 See Footnote 51 in the original.
fulfillment of Mitzvos, a minor [i.e.,
Footnote 32 in the original.
someone under thirteen], when he
33 Sanhedrin, Perek Cheilek, beg., etc. 52 See Footnote 52 in the original.
arises in the Resurrection of the Dead,
will be obligated in Mitzvos


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Another reason how specifically
our generation will merit the

DOSE OF In certain respects, there is a

specific quality to this generation,
and particularly in the matter of the
strength of self-sacrifice and
acceptance of the yoke of Heaven.

MOSHIACH Furthermore, chassidus explains

(maamer ‘Ani Y’sheina’ 5709) on
the pasuk, “Now, the man Moshe
was exceedingly humble, more so
than any person on the face of the

& GEULA: earth” (BaMidbar 12:3), that the

main aspect to Moshe Rabbeinu’s
humility was in relation to recent
generations, particularly
generation of the heels of

14-20 MAR-CHESHVAN Moshiach, which despite the

darkness in the world, nevertheless
deals with Torah and mitzvos, and
Selected daily pearls of wisdom from the out of self-sacrifice and acceptance
Rebbe MH”M on Moshiach and Geula. of the yoke of Heaven.
(sicha, Purim 5747)

Collected and arranged by Rabbi Pinchas Maman

Translated by Michoel Leib Dobry 15 MARCHESHVAN: HOW IS IT
Another reason how specifically our generation will
merit the Redemption:
Specifically in our generation, there exists all the
good accumulated from the actions of all the previous
generations, and there is no need to ask the question:
if so, there is also all the bad that has accumulated.
When a Jew fulfills a mitzva, this is forever, “And
this union is eternal in the higher realms” (Tanya,
Chapter 25) – in contrast to evil, which has no
existence, but is only hiding and concealment.
After the person has already received the scouring
punishment or after he has done t’shuva, the evil has
surely been nullified. In fact, it has been transformed
into good, as repentance out of love “converts
intentional sins into merits” (Yoma 86b).
(Likkutei Sichos, Vol. 1, pg. 247)


“In those days, when ten men of all the languages

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

of the nations shall take hold of the edge of the without bodies (Rambam, Hilchos T’shuva, Chapter 8,
garment of a Jewish man, etc.” (Zecharia 8:23). Torah Ohr, Parshas Yisro 73b). This is clearly not a
(Ten men from the seventy nations, equaling place for eating and drinking, which has no relevance
seven hundred for each corner, for the four corners except for a body.
of the tallis there will be two thousand and eight In the World of T’chiya (Revival): Souls will be
hundred – Rashi’s commentary). specifically within bodies (see T’shuvos U’Biurim 11).
And if someone should ask you: What will every Jew Our Sages, of blessed memory, have said (Brachos
do with thousands of servants? This question will be 17a), “The World to Come has neither eating nor
among the questions that they will ask Moshiach drinking, etc.,” and therefore, this statement speaking
Tzidkeinu – and he will answer it. about the ultimate reward refers to the World of
(sicha, Shabbos Parshas Shlach 5742) Revival.
(Igros Kodesh, Vol. 2, pg. 92)
There are three eras in the appointed destinies and FUTURE TO COME
promises stated in Tanach and in the sayings of our “For the nation and the kingdom that shall not
Rabbis, of blessed memory: a) the days of Moshiach; serve you shall perish” (Yeshayahu 60:12).
b) Gan Eden; c) the world after the Resurrection of the In the Future to Come, the true existence of every
creation will be revealed, when it will be shown how the
whole world, including the gentile
nations, was created only for the
After the person has already received Jewish People. “In the beginning

the scouring punishment or after he has (B’Reishis) G-d created the heavens
and the earth” – for the sake of
done t’shuva, the evil has surely been Israel called “Reishis” (Rashi’s
commentary, beginning of Parshas
nullified. In fact, it has been B’Reishis).
It is thus understood that “the
transformed into good, as repentance nation and the kingdom that shall
not serve you” – that will not realize
out of love “converts intentional sins the purpose of their creation –

into merits.” “shall perish” – their existence will

be subsequently nullified.
(Igros Kodesh, Vol. 24, pg. 161)


In the days of Moshiach: There are two Talmudic G-DLINESS WILL BE SEEN WITHIN THE LIMBS OF THE
opinions on how things will be conducted (Brachos BODY IN THE FUTURE TO COME
34b) – either it will be completely miraculous or “there The Rebbe Rashab writes in one of his discourses:
will be no difference between this world and the days It is known that there are 248 positive mitzvos, and
of Moshiach except the subjugation of the gentile it is brought in s’farim that these 248 mitzvos
kingdoms.” correspond to the 248 limbs of the body.
Yet, it is clear that according to each of the The vitality of the human body in general and the
aforementioned opinions, there will be eating and limbs of the body in particular comes (is drawn) from
drinking, etc., in the days of Moshiach, and this is G-dliness. Every limb, through the fulfillment of a
made obligatory in several writings and sayings of our mitzva or through the mitzva itself (which is G-dliness)
Sages, of blessed memory, and stated explicitly in comes (is drawn) to a state of vitality from that which
Rambam. is living.
(Igros Kodesh, Vol. 2, pg. 92) When Moshiach will come, there will be seen in a
revealed sense how the vitality of the limbs of the body
FUTURE TO COME (B) (sicha, Shabbos Parshas Shmini 5713)
In Gan Eden: Gan Eden is the abode of souls

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 


IN 770
By Avrohom Reinitz

R’ Mendy Hendel HaKohen, director of

Beis Moshiach Magazine and Chabad
World Center to Greet Moshiach, tells of
when he was nearly trampled to death
at an unexpected farbrengen with the
Rebbe, how he was miraculously saved,
and how he devoted himself to inyanei
R’ Mendy Hendel in a picture
Moshiach and Geula. taken around that time

Seven months had passed since when the situation would change glass were opened.
27 Adar 5752 and the Chassidim and the Rebbe would appear. A new routine began to be
did not see the Rebbe. All the oros The Rebbe made his first public established in which the Rebbe
and giluyim they had gotten used appearance the night of Shavuos went out for t’fillos with the
to, the distribution of dollars, the 5752, when he went to the Chassidim, sitting in the special
farbrengens that were held in an entrance of 770 in order to greet room built for him. The Chassidim
atmosphere of the hechste tzait, those coming back from around the world, who heard that
davening with the Rebbe three Tahalucha. It was only a few you could see the Rebbe when he
times a day and an abundance of minutes and since it was not came out for t’fillos, appeared en
spiritual revelations were instantly announced ahead of time, only a masse for Tishrei.
cut off with the Rebbe’s stroke at few hundred people were standing On the first days of Sukkos the
the Ohel. there and saw the Rebbe. After Rebbe came out for Shacharis.
The Chassidim were bereft. that, the Rebbe was concealed The crowd was very excited, for
The first floor of 770 was closed from his Chassidim throughout this was the tenth time so far that
and only the secretaries and the long summer months. year that they could see the Rebbe.
doctors went in and out. Nobody Then came the Yomim Noraim ***
knew what was going on inside. and the Rebbe went out on the Shortly after the Rebbe
Every so often the secretaries or special porch built for him on the returned to his room at the end of
the doctors came out and western wall of the beis midrash, Musaf on Tuesday afternoon, 16
announced an “improvement” and but he was behind dark, Tishrei, the second day of Sukkos,
“progress.” However, as the days translucent glass and one could the crowd dispersed. Even the
passed and turned into weeks and only see shadows. By Erev Yom stragglers had gone home for the
months, the situation became Kippur and Motzaei Yom Kippur, Yom Tov meal in joy, for two
more intolerable. Chassidim it was possible to see more of the reasons, the “Time of Our
waited impatiently for the moment Rebbe, as the blinds behind the Rejoicing,” and because the Rebbe

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

had davened with them. In 770 father’s hakafos niggun eighteen streaming towards 770. Rumors
only about 200 people remained. times. The punch line was, “The abounded and nobody had
These were late risers or those Rebbe is coming down in another accurate information. They only
who were not rushing anywhere. few minutes for a farbrengen.” knew that something was
Hundreds of bachurim had The bachurim looked at him as happening or about to happen.
gone to eat the Yom Tov meal at though he was crazy. “Surely he’s Rabbi Mendy Hendel, then a
the yeshiva’s sukka at 1414. a guest who doesn’t know what’s talmid in yeshiva, also rushed to
Suddenly, a bachur appeared in going on,” they thought. 770 in order to find out what was
the sukka and called out that the Nevertheless, the bachurim quickly going on. He entered the shul
Rebbe had come out for Mincha said the Birkas HaMazon and from the side entrance on Union
and when it was over, he had dashed off to 770. On Kingston St. and proceeded straight
encouraged the singing of his you could see plenty of people towards the farbrengen platform.

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

towards the special room that had months of not seeing him, after
The Rebbe was been built on the western wall of days and weeks of tears and
the shul, but Rabbi Leibel Groner T’hillim, he was here! Not in his
about to come announced, through the window room up on top and not on the
down for the first of that room, that if they didn’t
calm down the Rebbe would not
porch, but right here!
For a moment there was
time since 27 come down.
The Rebbe was about to come
silence, but the crowd was
apparently still not ready for this
Adar! “We down for the first time since 27 hisgalus. Seconds later, there was
Adar! “We realized that this was a a terrible racket caused by the
realized that this momentous occasion,” recalls R’ confusion of emotions, pushing,
Hendel. “There was a feeling that surprise, in a situation that was
was a momentous something extraordinary was out of control. Some recited the
occasion,” recalls about to happen, probably the
long-awaited hisgalus…”
SheHechiyanu blessing. Someone
yelled, “Moshiach is here!” and
R’ Hendel. “There The crowd began to rush to
grab good spots opposite the
the Rebbe smiled towards him.
“Apparently, the crowd was still
was a feeling that farbrengen platform so they could not a ‘keili,’” said R’ Hendel. “It
see the Rebbe. Some bachurim wasn’t a time for thinking, for
something dragged the Rebbe’s heavy stopping for a moment and
farbrengen table inside. The organizing things so that the
extraordinary was crowding intensified from minute Rebbe could pass through easily,
about to happen, to minute. The Rebbe was about
to come down, yet the table still
or for the crowd to get organized
so people could see without
probably the long- wasn’t ready. People were crushed
as they tried to find a good place
pushing. The crowd wasn’t that
big, but people were hysterical.
awaited to stand. Perhaps this was the Nobody knew what to do. Nobody
moment for which the Jewish knew what would happen next.
hisgalus…” people had waited thousands of Some said afterwards that they
years. were sure that the Rebbe would
At this time, the usual farbrengen In the midst of the commotion, get out of his chair and begin to
tables and the Rebbe’s table were they announced that the Rebbe encourage the crowd to sing, and
not there; they had been removed had already left his room and was would take us out of galus. That
because of the changes that had on his way down. A quick was what we all felt. No, it wasn’t
been made. The gabbaim decided calculation led to the conclusion a feeling but a certainty!”
to turn the platform into bleachers that the Rebbe would be down This is what those who kept
for the benefit of the Chassidim below in thirty seconds. The room diaries wrote of this time:
who wanted to see the Rebbe was like a pressure cooker. “His holy face was royal and
come out on the porch. So there “I stood on the platform in the especially luminous. The Rebbe
were no tables and the usual front row,” says R’ Hendel. “In went to the place that they had
protective siding was removed, order to withstand the pushing prepared for him and he remained
and the bleachers were not yet from behind me, I leaned on the in his seat. On the table were three
erected. benches near me so I wouldn’t be bottles of mashke with the Rebbe’s
The crowd was in an uproar of pushed off.” cup (turned over on the plate).
confusion when R’ Ben-Tzion Then, within the frenzied The scene was indescribable …
Stock came out of Gan Eden crowd, the Rebbe appeared, right “Throughout his stay, the
HaTachton and shouted, there, among the people. He Rebbe motioned with his left hand,
“Farbrengen, farbrengen!” The entered the large zal with Hatzala every so often, that they should
crowd was stunned. They quickly members supporting his chair. You get down and not block one
realized that in those confusing didn’t see them, just the Rebbe, another. He quieted the crowd
times, anything could happen at lifted above the crowd a bit higher several times. At first, the crowd
any moment. Nobody guessed than head level. Utter shock. The began singing and R’ Groner, at
where or when. Some pushed Rebbe was here! Right here! After the Rebbe’s instruction, quieted

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

them. The Rebbe did not speak Opposite the Rebbe’s table was a on. I waited for a miracle. The
and nobody knew what he wanted. kind of ‘pit,’ a space into which noise and commotion was
“The secretaries tried asking people fell. I was the first to fall in enormous.”
different questions so they could and more and more people fell. The Rebbe was sitting on the
figure out what the Rebbe wanted, What made my falling worse was platform and looking towards the
but they were unsuccessful. The that I fell headfirst. sides, not below. Twelve minutes
only thing the Rebbe responded to “One of the people standing passed in which the Rebbe waited
positively was his desire to look at next to me felt his strength ebbing until the crowd began to
the crowd. When R’ Groner began and he cried out Shma Yisroel. understand that they had to calm
to give out the mashke, the Rebbe Deep in the hole I said to myself: down and let the Rebbe lead them.
motioned to him to take it back.” ‘Do something! Why are you You were unconscious for
There were people in the crowd saying Shma? Nothing will happen twelve minutes?
who understood that the Rebbe to you in the presence of the “Yes. It’s a simple calculation.
was motioning to them to get Rebbe.’ But he continued saying From when the Rebbe entered, I
down from the benches, and in Shma and I could not get up or fell about thirty seconds later and
order to spur people on to get move. People didn’t realize I was then another minute passed until I
down, they turned the benches there and they stepped on me and stopped breathing. The Rebbe left
over. Whoever was leaning on a stood on my legs. I was in terrible the moment I began breathing.
bench slid right off. One of them pain. At a certain point I didn’t The Rebbe stayed in the room
was R’ Hendel, who stood on the know what to think anymore. about fifteen minutes, so for
end, crushed from all sides. Although it seemed hopeless, I twelve or thirteen minutes I was
“Then I fell. In front of the was sure I would get out all right. not conscious and did not
Rebbe’s table were the pyramids of “Then I stopped breathing. breathe!”
benches, and since people kept There was no more oxygen and I Aside from R’ Hendel, there
coming who wanted to see the couldn’t breathe. I was deep in the were other bachurim who had
Rebbe, they pushed into the dark pit, but my mind was clear difficulty breathing, but nobody
pyramids, causing people to fall. and I knew exactly what was going noticed. Everybody was trying to

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

forward and dragged him out and afterwards.
There were people then he said in great fright, ‘There The Rebbe turned to the scene
is someone here below.’ I began to of the attempted resuscitation and
in the crowd who take out more people and then I gazed upon it for a while. R’
saw Mendy, entirely black!” Hendel gave his first sign of life.
understood that People screamed for Hatzala, Bistritzky saw there was still hope
the Rebbe was and some members of Hatzala
who were there came forward to
and he immediately began
resuscitation attempts again. After
motioning to them treat the bachur on the floor who
was Mendy Hendel, unconscious
Mendy’s breathing stabilized
somewhat, other Hatzala members
to get down from and not breathing. “Whoever saw took over and Bistritzky returned
him was sure he was no longer to the Rebbe’s side.
the benches, and alive,” says Gitchel, fourteen years “Suddenly he began breathing
later. on his own,” remembers R’ Klein.
in order to spur “Someone should ask for the “When I saw that, I stopped the
people on to get Rebbe’s bracha,” people yelled.
Experienced Hatzala members,
artificial respiration, put him on a
stretcher, and rushed him to the
down, they turned including Yingy Bistritzky and
Moshe Klein, who were at the
At that moment, the Rebbe
the benches over. Rebbe’s side as part of the medical indicated he wanted to return to
staff, jumped up to help. his room. “You can say that the
Whoever was Rebbe waited another few seconds
“I was near the Rebbe and I didn’t until Bistritzky and Klein had
leaning on a think I would leave him to go and control of the situation. Bistritzky
bench slid right help, but when I saw that the
situation was serious, I jumped
returned to his place to help the
Rebbe leave while other people
off. One of them over the Rebbe’s table and
immediately began artificial
continued the resuscitation
attempts,” said a bystander.
was R’ Hendel, respiration,” says R’ Klein. Moshe Klein quickly rushed to
“It was a situation of pikuach the ambulance and the paramedics
who stood on the nefesh. I saw that he wasn’t put R’ Hendel in, and with sirens
breathing but he still had a pulse. blasting they headed for the
end, crushed from If a person is left like this, within hospital. R’ Hendel was still
all sides… a minute or two the heart stops. I
began to resuscitate him. Ten or
unconscious. He had begun
breathing a little but it was far
fifteen times, but it didn’t help. I from being regular, stable
see the Rebbe. At some point they knew that within three, three and breathing.
calmed down and realized a half minutes, irreversible damage “On the way he stopped
something terrible had happened occurs to the brain as brain cells breathing again,” says R’ Klein,
and they began to shout. begin to die.” “and I gave him artificial
Aharon Gitchel, a resident of Hatzala gave up at some point respiration six times.”
Crown Heights and a strong man, and people were horrified. R’ Hendel, “I opened my eyes
jumped into the melee and Someone cried out, “Rebbe, he is the moment we entered the iron
grabbed people. He pulled them dead!” It was Moshe Garelik, who gates of the hospital. That was the
out, emptying the pit. Then he stood not far from the Rebbe and first thing I saw. I began to speak,
noticed a dark-skinned man lying saw R’ Hendel from his place. but I noticed that people did not
on the floor. Garelik, who had made taharos hear me. Until this day I don’t
“I was standing about ten before, knew what the situation know how to explain it. It was a
meters away from the pyramid of was. “I never thought I would feeling of panic, that something
bachurim,” recalled Gitchel not open my mouth in front of the terrible had taken place. Maybe it
long ago, “when I noticed a Rebbe, but I wasn’t thinking. It was a kind of crossed frequency
commotion. Someone yelled, just came from my heart,” he said when you think you are speaking
‘Gitchel, save us!’ I leaped

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

but you aren’t…” to 770. “You must remain here at extricated him from the pit.
A minute later he noticed that least 24 hours, so we can make On Simchas Torah, R’ Hendel,
they were listening to him. “What sure that you are fine,” they who was still weak, was given the
am I doing here?” R’ Hendel patiently explained. honor of sitting with the elder
asked R’ Klein, and he asked to be One of the doctors told the Chassidim and honored guests. “I
taken back to 770. Hatzala members that just a few attended everything and was so
“I suddenly remembered where days before a similar thing had close. I saw the Rebbe during
I had come from and what I was taken place when a crowd of hakafos. Those were the hakafos
doing in the ambulance.” soccer fans had burst through a when the Rebbe encouraged the
“Not to worry. You’ll have to gate leading to the field and had singing of ‘Yechi’ in an
spend plenty more time here,” said trampled people. In that instance outstanding way, after which it
R’ Klein to the man who had come though, people had been killed. became practically the only song
back to life. After many tests were taken, that was sung for the Rebbe.”
“I am fine,” said R’ Hendel, that took hours, the doctors Did you write to the Rebbe
and he called R’ Klein by name concluded that no damage had about what happened?
and enumerated his address and been done and the next day, R’ “Of course. After I returned
various activities. The people Hendel was released! from the hospital I wrote to the
present were amazed. They were “When I returned to 770, Rebbe that every Chassid feels that
sure that after being deprived of someone came over to me and the Rebbe gives him life, but I had
oxygen for so long, there would be kissed me. He said, ‘I am so experienced t’chiyas ha’meisim
brain damage. R’ Hendel’s happy to see you alive. I was (resurrection). I thanked the
outward appearance was awful. pushed into the crowd and Rebbe and took it upon myself to
Blood had burst under his skin, suddenly noticed that I was be devoted to inyanei Moshiach in
darkening all of his skin. R’ standing on your head. I couldn’t order to hasten the hisgalus and
Hendel’s eyes were also swollen get out or even move. I don’t give the Rebbe nachas.
and bloody. Even a week later know how I would have survived if “Over the years I have been
people could not bear to look at you…’ involved in spreading the Besuras
his frightening face. His skin was “I remember that when I saw HaGeula, primarily through
completely bruised and blackened. him return from the hospital, I publishing this magazine, Beis
The doctors rushed him for an was absolutely stunned,” Moshiach, every week.
MRI and a CT scan while R’ remembers Gitchel, the man who Throughout this time I have seen
Hendel repeatedly asked to return supernatural success.”
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By Rabbi Sholom Yaakov Chazan

The Lubavitch yeshiva in

In honor of Chaf Cheshvan, the Brunoy is considered one of the
most successful Chabad yeshivos.
birthday of the founder of Yeshivas Bachurim from around the world
Tomchei T’mimim, the Rebbe Rashab, I want to learn there. What is the
secret of its success?
spoke with Rabbi Yechiel Menachem The yeshiva in Brunoy, which the
Rebbe described in 5752 as being
Mendel Kalmanson, author of the “like Lubavitch in Lubavitch,” has a
number of special qualities, which
series of s’farim Mei Tal and Afikei apparently, are what cause the
T’mimim to want to fulfill the
Mayim, who heads the Lubavitch maamer in the Mishna, “exile
yeshiva in Brunoy, France. * What is yourself to a place of Torah” and
come here.
the secret of the success of the yeshiva The first advantage is the fact
that the yeshiva is far from the city,
in Brunoy? What would the legendary in a small town. All of Brunoy is the
yeshiva. Outside the yeshiva there
mashpia of the yeshiva, Rabbi Nissan are only goyim, so there’s nothing
for the boys outside the yeshiva. A
Nemenov, have to say about today’s bachur who comes to this yeshiva
bachurim? Why do T’mimim need to knows that aside from a few hours
on Friday, when they go to Paris for
yearn to be lamdanim and why isn’t mivtzaim, there is nowhere to go.
The bachurim have everything
this a contradiction to Chassidishe they need in yeshiva, a dining room,
a dormitory and even a mikva and
bittul? throughout the week they are within

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

the four cubits of the yeshiva. I think world of Chabad. of Lubavitch here. The holy fire
this is of major importance, for Since the talmidim don’t know ignited by the unforgettable mashpia
when a bachur wants to learn, he what’s going on in the world of of the yeshiva, R’ Nissan Nemenov,
looks for a yeshiva where he can Lubavitch, they don’t talk about it, still burns. R’ Shabtai Slavaticki
learn without distractions. Here, not even in the sense of once told me that when he comes to
throughout the z’man, there is “Chassidishe d’varim b’teilim.” farbreng with the bachurim, he feels
hardly a reason to be distracted and Because when you don’t know, you the presence of R’ Nissan. I don’t
consequently it’s easier to can’t talk. It’s a terrific thing know exactly what he feels, but in
concentrate on learning. because a bachur who comes to the four cubits of Chassidim, in the
The utter isolation from the city learn has to be completely removed four cubits in which they invested all
also unites the talmidim, since all from the world. their strength with devotion and
they have are their friends in yeshiva. Another advantage is that the effort, four cubits in which all those
It creates tremendous achdus. staff lives near the yeshiva. The outstanding mashpiim and
This disconnection from the maggidei shiurim, the mashpiim, Chassidim davened, there is a real
world is not just physical. Today, and the rest of the staff, are always impact on the atmosphere.
when the world has become a global with the talmidim. They don’t come Have you managed to preserve
village thanks to modern technology, from the city for six or seven hours that special atmosphere of R’
especially the Internet, one can feel of work. They spend 24 hours a day Nissan’s time?
in the thick of things even when with the talmidim. Since they live To a great extent, Yes. This
isolated. So in yeshiva there is no nearby, even outside of official success can be attributed largely to
Internet access, which leaves us out learning times they meet with the mashpia and menahel ruchni of
of touch not only with Paris but with students and are constantly involved our yeshiva, R’ Nissan’s son, R’
all the “d’varim b’teilim” of the in yeshiva life. Yitzchok. “Like father, like son.” R’
Above all else, there is the spirit Yitzchok runs the yeshiva with
amazing discipline and kabbalas ol,
just like in Lubavitch. Kabbalas ol
without chochmos, without
dreidlach, as the Chassidic saying
goes, “like this, and no different.”
For example, the recent
generation has many reasons to
farbreng. In the latter years, the
Rebbe said we should farbreng on
nearly every date that some Chabad
event took place.
If the bachurim would farbreng
without limits, it would destroy all
the s’darim, especially Chassidus in
the morning. Therefore, R’ Yitzchok
said all farbrengens must end at a
time that enables the bachurim to
get up for morning Chassidus. Of
course, there are special occasions,
big farbrengens, but most of the
farbrengens are in line with this rule.
I once heard an interesting
aphorism that one of the Gerrer
Rebbes said to a Chassid who
complained that it was hard for him
to get up in the morning. The Rebbe
said: In the morning brachos we say,
“And early attendance at the beis
ha’midrash in the morning and the

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

evening.” I understand early hanhala, and the talmidim hear also particular not to add, and we do
attendance in the morning, but what about it, whether indirectly, or not allow new behaviors or things
is early attendance in the evening? Heaven forbid, directly, it causes that were not done before 3 Tamuz.
This refers to those who go to bed at enormous harm to the talmidim. It’s not that we have a problem with
a time that enables them to get up When they know that each one is certain hergeshim. Sometimes these
early in the morning. inclined in a different direction, the hergeshim are very positive and
The following incident will talmidim know how to take Chassidish. It’s that we decided that
illustrate the success of the old advantage of the disagreement. in yeshiva it is a good idea to
school approach of kabbalas ol. In I heard about a farbrengen which differentiate between that which is
honor of the third day of Slichos, was attended by two mashpiim. As based on the Rebbe’s sichos, which
bachurim asked R’ Yitzchok for usual in such situations, each one is “holy and pure,” and that which is
permission to farbreng later than the expressed his view on issues in the based on the feelings of one Chassid
usual time, in accordance with what world of Chabad, and the two of or another. So we try to see to it
the Rebbe said about the uniqueness them were not in agreement. The that the Chassidishe life in yeshiva is
of this day. R’ Yitzchok said that if two mashpiim spoke amongst run precisely as it was before 3
they really wanted to farbreng, he themselves in the sharp style that Tamuz, in adherence to the Rebbe’s
would allow them to get up earlier, was reminiscent of the farbrengens horaos and hanhagos.
at five-thirty, so they could farbreng of R’ Zalman Moshe HaYitzchaki Near the yeshiva is a shul of
an hour and a half before Slichos. and R’ Avrohom Maiyor in Nevel. I balabatim, where certain things are
When I heard this from the don’t have to tell you what done that have to do with
bachurim, I was sure that it was a educational damage this caused to strengthening the belief in the
joke, but the next morning, when I those who attended the farbrengen. Rebbe’s hisgalus, which we don’t
asked the bachurim what had When I hear about yeshivos in have in yeshiva. These are acceptable
happened, I was told that most of which the talmidim hear about to us too, when we daven in that
the bachurim got up early, and debates that take place among the shul, but it doesn’t enter the
together with some mashpiim, they staff on various topics, I am yeshiva’s zal, since in Tomchei
farbrenged until Slichos. I was very saddened by the harm it causes the T’mimim we don’t bring in new
impressed. yeshiva and the talmidim. This is things that aren’t based on horaos or
R’ Yitzchok Nemenov’s something that must be corrected hanhagos of the Rebbe. Everything
supervision is known throughout immediately because the damage is is just as it was before 3 Tamuz.
Chabad yeshivos as very strict and far-reaching and sometimes Despite the special koch in
uncompromising. Is this approach irreparable. inyanei Moshiach and Geula in
acceptable to all members of the Your yeshiva is known as one yeshiva, if a bachur comes from a
hanhala? where you live with inyanei family that doesn’t agree with this
Chazal said that “their views are Moshiach and Geula. How do you approach, he can, for example,
not equal,” but when you want to be do that? daven from the amud and someone
successful in running a yeshiva, all The rule we follow is that the else will say “Yechi,” without making
members of the hanhala have to yeshiva is run without any changes. a big deal about it.
present a united front. Here in It’s just like it was before 3 Tamuz. There is a lot of talk about
yeshiva, baruch Hashem, there is As long as we haven’t received any yeridas ha’doros (decline of the
one front which is led by R’ new instructions from the Rebbe, we generations) among the talmidim.
Yitzchok, and every maggid shiur or live with the most recent instructions It is said that the bachurim today
mashpia who joins the staff, knows we were given in the amazing sichos learn with less diligence, and that
that this is the approach. Even if he of 5751 and 5752. In these sichos, in general there are not many
doesn’t agree with a certain detail, the Rebbe said that the only shlichus lamdanim in yeshivos. Do you
he doesn’t express this to the is to prepare the world to greet agree?
talmidim. When a question is up for Moshiach, and later, in 5753 and Not exactly. The T’mimim of
discussion, we have a meeting of the 5754 the Rebbe encouraged the today sit and learn no less than
hanhala in which everyone can singing of “Yechi.” This is our T’mimim of the previous generation,
express his view. Then a decision is guiding light in yeshiva. and maybe even more. I look at the
made which we all stand behind. Parenthetically, just as we are bachurim and see that they are all
When there are differences of particular not to change or diminish careful about the times for s’darim.
opinion among the members of the from what the Rebbe told us, we are It’s really amazing. Even on Fridays

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

to yeshivos and therefore there was a
higher percentage of lamdanim and
their presence was felt in yeshiva.
Today, every bachur is sent to
yeshiva, whether he is capable or
not. Add to that the fact that the
world of Lubavitch has grown
tremendously and the number of
talmidim in every yeshiva g’dola is
far greater than in the past, and you
will understand why we see a smaller
percentage of lamdanim. They exist
to the same extent as before but
because of the large numbers of
talmidim, their presence is not as
pronounced. Chazal say that “one
out of a thousand comes out (of
Beis Midrash) worthy of halachic
ruling,” so you need to look at it
with the right perspective.
there are regular s’darim until they between s’darim and learn, I If you really want to know how
go on mivtzaim. remember that thirty years ago R’ many lamdanim are coming out of
The T’mimim are particular Nissan called me over and pointed at the yeshivos, make a simple
about “early attendance in the one of the talmidim-shluchim and calculation. How many Chabad
evening” Thursday night and they said, “That bachur could have been yeshivos are there today? Nearly 100
show up for “early attendance in the a tziyur (an outstanding ‘form’) in yeshivos! In each yeshiva there is a
morning” on Friday. It’s a pleasure Lubavitch too.” R’ Nissan wasn’t the rosh yeshiva and a number of
to go to zal Friday morning and to type to say this idly. He was simply maggidei shiurim, all of whom
see it full of T’mimim sitting and amazed by that bachur. graduated from Chabad yeshivos.
learning Chassidus. I will tell you the truth. When I That means there are several
In yeshiva you cannot go to sleep see the bachurim of today, I see hundred Chassidim who are
in the middle of the day since the dozens of them that are comparable lamdanim on a level that enables
dormitory is closed. When a bachur to that talmid that R’ Nissan pointed them to be roshei yeshiva or
is awake all day and you cannot talk to in amazement. I am sure that if R’ maggidei shiurim.
during s’darim, there is no other Nissan were alive today, he would be If you take into consideration
choice but to learn. very amazed by the devotion of the that not every lamdan goes on to
What amazes me more is the T’mimim and would say about work in a yeshiva and there are
learning between s’darim. The zal is dozens of them that they could have many lamdanim who go on shlichus,
always full of bachurim sitting and been tziyurim in Lubavitch. you will conclude that today too, we
learning Chitas, three chapters of If the situation is so good, how have many lamdanim emerging from
Rambam, or a shiur in inyanei come hundreds of lamdanim aren’t Chabad yeshivos.
Moshiach and Geula. produced every year? Why is the In the Rebbe’s sichos to
A bachur’s day today is much general feeling that in recent years bachurim, he demands that they
fuller than it was a generation ago. there are fewer lamdanim? not only learn diligently but that
How many sichos did we have to There are many lamdanim today they also “toil” in Torah study. We
learn? Today there are so many too in the world of yeshivos. The can assume that the lamdanim put
sichos that the bachurim want to general feeling you refer to comes effort into their learning, but what
learn. You would need 48 hours in a from the fact that in the past there about the rest of the bachurim who
day in order to have enough time to were fewer bachurim and the sit all day in zal and learn
learn what the average bachur wants lamdanim stood out. diligently. Are they also toiling in
to learn every day. In the past it was accepted their Torah study? Do they love to
Every so often, when I stand and practice that only bachurim who learn?
watch the T’mimim fill the zal were smart and loved to learn went That’s an important point, a

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

and not a “contractor.” a goal – to be a lamdan – he has to
For many years, A per diem worker does his work have a plan in order to become a
during working hours but doesn’t go lamdan. In order to be a lamdan you
bachurim who beyond that. His goal is to fill those need to love to learn, so that you
hours and he does this faithfully. simply find it geshmak (pleasurable)
couldn’t learn The contractor has a completely to learn. Then you need to learn a
went to regular different goal. He wants to reach a
destination and he works to reach
lot of Shas and Poskim, more than is
what required in yeshiva, and you
yeshivos and it this destination without
considerations of time or anything
need to learn many lomdishe s’farim
to accustom your head to seek the
was a rachmanus else. reasoning and depth within a sugya.
As I said earlier, the bachurim of It is in this area that we are
on them. They today are particular about their lacking. The bachurim have to know
s’darim and they even learn between that aside from being per diem
may have been s’darim, but it’s like a per diem workers, they also need to be
talented in other worker. While they learn it’s hard to
see it, but when it comes bein
contractors. They need to have the
desire to fulfill the letter lamed of
areas, but not in ha’z’manim you can see who treats
learning like a contractor and who
the word “chayal,” to become
learning. However, treats it like an employee. The same problem exists with the
In Tishrei a bachur came over to concept “Chassidim.” How many
today’s yeshivos me who wanted to learn and he said bachurim today want to be real
he did not know what to learn. What Chassidim? How many of them have
have other ways was the problem? He gets up in the a goal of being a Chassid like R’
for a bachur to morning during bein ha’z’manim
and looks at the bookcase and sees
Nissan Nemenov, for example? How
many bachurim want to be maskilim
shine, aside from an entire Shas, a set of Likkutei
Sichos, and hundreds of other
in Chassidus or real ovdim?
In Chabad yeshivos much is
learning – such as s’farim. He doesn’t know where to said disparagingly about yeshus,
begin. When he’s in yeshiva he is and utter bittul is demanded of the
organizing told what to learn and he learns bachurim. How does this fit with
diligently, but the minute he is on the idea that the bachurim should
mivtzaim. his own, he doesn’t know what to want to be lamdanim? Isn’t it
learn. contradictory?
A bachur like this is like a driver First of all, if you’ve learned
problematic one. One of the general
who drives on the highway. As long Chassidus you know that you can be
reasons for the lack of investment
as there are signs, he knows where a great lamdan and still have bittul.
into the quality of one’s learning is
to go, but when there are no signs, You can be a great Chassid and have
the large quantity of material that
he doesn’t have a sense of direction bittul. In Chassidus it explains that
the bachurim learn. This costs them
and he gets lost. Moshe Rabbeinu, the most humble
in quality. A bachur who learns the
When a Tamim is born, he is of men, knew precisely what high
shiurim in yeshiva of Nigleh and
blessed by the Rebbe to be a level he was on, and despite this
Chassidus, and between s’darim
“chayal,” which stands for: Chassid, knowledge he did not feel haughty,
learns three chapters of Rambam,
Yerei Shamayim, Lamdan. The since he thought that another person
Chitas, and inyanei Moshiach and
Rebbe’s bracha is a horaa as well as who received all the G-dly gifts he
Geula, and has another shiur in
a conferring of ability. The Rebbe was given could reach higher levels
Likkutei Sichos, has a hard time
wants them to be Chassidim and still.
developing the quality of his
yerei Shamayim and lamdanim. You Since this is brought in Torah,
cannot focus on the Chassid and it’s a lesson for us and it pertains to
Another reason, which is more
yerei Shamayim and forget the every one of us. You can be a great
fundamental, is the general approach
lamdan. lamdan and have genuine bittul, and
of the talmidim to their learning,
When a bachur decides to do not become trapped in yeshus,
which is that of a “per diem” worker
what the Rebbe wants and he makes

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

Heaven forbid. his love. When you serve Hashem in the Divine Will?!
Furthermore, when this desire order to get Gan Eden – that is not A bachur needs to know that if
comes from wanting to fulfill the for the sake of Heaven. Serving he wants to be mekushar to the
Rebbe’s wish that every Chassid be a Hashem in order to cleave to Him, Rebbe, he has to be a lamdan, and in
lamdan, this is not a personal to love Hashem and to desire to order to be a lamdan, there has to be
ambition that could have personal fulfill His wishes – that is definitely the requisite ambition to be one.
feelings of arrogance mixed in. service of Hashem for its own sake. That is not yeshus, because when
Every Chassid wants to do what the Even regarding perfect you actualize that ambition and
Rebbe wants of him, but not tzaddikim, b’nei aliya like Rashbi, it begin to become a lamdan, and you
everybody knows or pays attention says in chapter 9 of Tanya that know that this is not due to your
to the fact that the Rebbe wants the “their avoda is for the benefit of own inherent abilities but the ko’ach
bachurim to become lamdanim! Above … and not only to cleave to of the Rebbe – no yeshus can come
The problem is that we expect Him, to slake their soul’s thirst of this, as explained at length in
the bachurim to be batul, and the which thirsts for Hashem.” In other Chassidus.
bachurim think that they must strive words, even their avoda is done in To reiterate, today we have
to feel that they are nothing, or have order to slake their soul’s thirst for quality bachurim, and when it comes
no ambitions at all. That’s wrong, Hashem. However, in addition to to quantity they are learning even
because the Torah demands true and this they have the element of serving more than bachurim of previous
genuine desire – the desire to be a to fulfill the Divine plan. years. They have all the kochos and
Chassid, the desire to be a yerei When the Rebbe writes to each we just need to guide them properly.
Shamayim, and the desire to be a of us that we need to be a lamdan, They need guidance and that is our
lamdan. obviously, the Divine Will is that we job.
In Chassidus it’s brought that be lamdanim. So there is no reason You mentioned that in recent
even a real tzaddik is in the category that the chinuch to bittul should years there are bachurim who are
of “one who loves.” He takes contradict the ambition to become a not cut out to learn who go to
pleasure in cleaving to Hashem, and lamdan. Rashbi was allowed to want yeshiva. These bachurim have a
he serves Hashem because this is his to slake his soul’s thirst for Hashem hard time with the intensive
pleasure. He also has ambitions. He but a bachur cannot strive to fulfill learning program of Tomchei
loves Hashem and wants to express T’mimim. Can the program be

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

modified to make it easier for weak talmid and a problem. It’s truly needs to eat well, not go to a doctor.
them? a pity on such a bachur whose Even mashpiim like R’ Shlomo
There are two categories of memories of yeshiva are anything Chaim Kesselman, who would invite
talmidim who experience difficulties but positive. bachurim to his room to talk to them
in their learning. One category In order to deal with the for hours, would not talk to them
consists of those talmidim who by problem, there’s a need for yeshivos about their personal lives but about
nature have a limited capacity for with a special curriculum so that how they were progressing in their
learning. The other category consists someone who doesn’t have a head learning of Chassidus and how to be
of talmidim who are more capable of for learning can be in an atmosphere ovdim.
learning but need more personal of Torah nonetheless. For some Today we need to talk to
attention. reason, there were a few decades in bachurim about the most elemental
In earlier generations, only very which this type of yeshiva was things. Fortunately, today’s
smart boys went to yeshiva and if neglected and only lately do we once bachurim are not ashamed to speak
you couldn’t learn, you stayed home again see mosdos that are run in the about their problems so when a
and worked until you married. In spirit of Achei T’mimim. We need to mashpia initiates a talk with a
Tomchei T’mimim in Lubavitch, they say a big yasher ko’ach and to talmid, he can discover what is
accepted only a small number of encourage all those mechanchim troubling him and help him out.
special bachurim. The rest were sent who start these yeshivos and rescue As for your question, whether to
home. In those days, a Jewish boy many bachurim. change our approach and make it
could continue growing up in a town As for those bachurim who can easier – in Tomchei T’mimim there
and absorb yiras Shamayim from learn but need lots of personal is no reason to do so, and we cannot
simple Jews who were loyal to attention in order to advance, they change the s’darim that were
Hashem and His Torah. need to stay within the regular instituted by the Rebbeim, the
More recently, things have framework of Tomchei T’mimim, menahalim of the yeshiva.
changed. The Chassidishe town has since, after all, there is no substitute When it’s a boy in the first
turned into the bustling city, where for the special atmosphere of the category, who cannot learn, the
it is almost impossible to raise a yeshiva. At the same time, we have hanhala needs to recommend the
child to yiras Shamayim without a to make more of an effort and give proper setting for him, for his
yeshiva framework. Parents want them the personal attention they benefit. When it’s a boy in the
and need to send all of their children need. second category, one who needs
to yeshiva, if only to enable them to In today’s yeshivos, the staff personal attention, when he gets
grow up in an atmosphere of Torah needs to be both the father and the what he needs from the staff, he will
so that they can eventually start a mother of the bachurim, as well as do very well. So there is no reason
Jewish home, a home of yiras the grandfather and grandmother. to change the s’darim in Tomchei
Shamayim. Consequently, the Rebbe It’s not enough to just give shiurim; T’mimim.
told the hanhalos of yeshivos to you have to understand the What do you think about
accept any bachur who wants to be bachurim. bachurim who go to a different
accepted. When he is a Chassidishe The reason why bachurim today yeshiva every year?
bachur, a yerei Shamayim, we need more personal attention is I once heard a story about
cannot refuse to take him just because the world today is much someone who went to R’ Velvel of
because he isn’t able to learn. more open and the young bachurim Brisk and asked to consult with him
For many years, bachurim who are exposed to more problems and about where to send his son to
couldn’t learn went to regular more conflicts, and they need yeshiva, to Mir or Slobodka. R’
yeshivos and it was a rachmanus on guidance. Velvel said that if he wants to learn,
them. They may have been talented When I was a talmid in yeshiva, then it makes no difference. The
in other areas, but not in learning. we barely knew what was going on difference will only be in the food,
However, today’s yeshivos have in the world and it didn’t confuse us. and he was no maven in that.
other ways for a bachur to shine, I can count the hours I spent talking A bachur who goes to a different
aside from learning – such as with R’ Nissan privately, and they yeshiva every year, does so for one
organizing mivtzaim. If someone weren’t many. We didn’t feel we of two reasons. If he has a problem,
cannot succeed in this either, he is lacked these conversations, just as a the problem goes with him. In most
doomed to six years of suffering, six healthy person doesn’t feel he needs cases, the move to another yeshiva
years in which he is considered a to go to a doctor. A healthy person does not solve the problem. If he

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

accept a bachur from another
yeshiva without first speaking to the
hanhala of the previous yeshiva. This
rule should be practiced by all the
yeshivos and then this phenomenon
will stop.
The Kinus HaShluchim is
coming up and we all remember
the final sicha to the Kinus
HaShluchim in which the Rebbe
said that the only shlichus today is
“Kabbalas p’nei Moshiach
Tzidkeinu b’poel mamash.” How is
this shlichus carried out in
Firstly, we must create an
environment of energetic
involvement in all matters of
Moshiach and Geula. Starting with
shiurim in inyanei Geula and
Moshiach and learning contests on
doesn’t have a problem, that’s a present it in terms of holiness, such this subject, and then publicizing the
problem in itself because it takes as that they wanted to check out Besuras HaGeula during mivtzaim
time for a talmid to acclimate to a another derech in avodas Hashem, on Fridays.
new place and it’s a pity that when but that’s just a front.
he finally succeeds in connecting If you read the Rebbe’s letters in In the spirit of what we were talking
with one place and absorbing the response to bachurim who wanted to about earlier, we need to remember
atmosphere, he begins to feel that he switch yeshivos, you see that the that the Rebbe explained how to
needs to move on and he runs away. Rebbe tells them to ask the hanhala. prepare ourselves to greet Moshiach
It’s really the work of the Satan. The Rebbe didn’t even want to be – by living right now as in the time
Jews are wanderers by nature. In asked about this. When a bachur of Geula. Since one of the main
the past, parents didn’t have money consults with the hanhala, they goals in the time of Geula will be
and children didn’t dream of doing evaluate each situation individually “the occupation of the entire world
this. Today, a bachur just starts to and in those rare instances when it is will be nothing but knowledge of
cry to his parents and they simply really better for the bachur to Hashem alone,” the T’mimim who
ask him where he wants to go. change yeshivos, they’ll recommend want to live Geula need to immerse
This is something that must be that he do so, and will even ask the themselves in their learning. This
uprooted from its source and the other yeshiva to accept him. will hasten the hisgalus of the Rebbe
source is the desire to see the world, How do you handle it? MH”M, now!
to mark off another area on the As is known, the Rebbe said
map. Naturally, afterwards they explicitly that a yeshiva should not

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isn’t all that accepted.

*Of course, the Rebbe

PUBLICIZE requested that we publicize that

there is a prophet in our
generation – but if we don’t get
carried away and study the sicha
properly, we can come to the

By Rabbi Shloma Majeski, Director, Machon Chana Institute, New York
conclusion that the Rebbe was not
referring to himself. He was merely
asking that we publicize the Rebbe
Rayatz’s prophecy of “Immediate
Repentance, Immediate
Translated By Michoel Leib Dobry Redemption”… (maybe this is the
conclusion that we have to
publicize in order that people
Regarding the holy proclamation of shouldn’t make a mistake…)
*Of course, the Rebbe’s holy
“Yechi Adoneinu,” which the Rebbe mitzva campaigns must be at the
encouraged for over a year – G-d forbid center of our lives, and we must
devote everything for them – but
if we should be embarrassed to publicize when we must give consideration
to a continual budget for all the
it! We must publicize this truth and mivtzaim in exchange for a
reduction in scope (not
make certain that it is also accepted in cancellation r”l!) of another mitzva
campaign, I am certain that the
the minds of those around us. Rebbe would agree with me that it
would be reasonable to accept such
an enticing offer (for holy reasons,
There’s a story about the The Rebbe encouraged this of course!).
tzaddik of Rozhin, who was proclamation for more than a year And so it goes. There is no lack
approached by one of his and we should say it among Anash of such examples bringing all the
chassidim shortly before his and educate our children aforementioned points!
histalkus in request of an according to this approach. But It starts with problems of
instruction in Avodas Hashem that among “outsiders,” those who are quality, and eventually leads to
he could live with for the rest of not counted as Lubavitchers and problems of quantity, rolling like a
his life. The tzaddik agreed and don’t understand the depth and snowball until the holy mitzva
said, “Every time you feel that inner nature of the concept – campaigns are cancelled and
you’re tending a bit towards the perhaps it would be more greater focus is given to more
right or the left, immediately appropriate not to say it in their humanitarian programs for the
straighten yourselves towards the presence. purpose of adding greater honor to
center. Don’t wait until you veer *Of course, “Yechi Adoneinu” Lubavitch.
off too much, rather, as soon as is a holy proclamation that we For anyone interested in
you feel yourself straying from must live by, internalize, and even remaining firm even when the
the correct path, immediately say on auspicious occasions – but stormy winds threaten to shake
turn towards the center.” to say it every day? him r”l off the rope of hiskashrus
The root of the problem is *Of course, the announcement to the Rebbe MH”M shlita, there is
when people begin to divert from of the Redemption is the whole only one suggestion: Cling
the main point, and these are some point of the shlichus, the axis uncompromisingly to the
of the claims and justifications: around which our lives revolve – instructions and leadership of the
*Of course, the holy but this also must be “in an Rebbe MH”M, who encouraged
proclamation of “Yechi Adoneinu” acceptable manner,” but in our the holy proclamation after every
is a very great matter, the bedrock community: What can you do? It davening, and there were even
of our faith, the apple of our eye.

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

television networks there to Eretz Yisroel should do so. commanded to publicize. We will
broadcasting the event to millions During this time, I happened to not be ashamed to publicize the
of viewers throughout the world – have a conversation with one of my Rebbe’s prophetic words, none of
and not all of them were friends, a Satmar chassid. which were said for naught.
Lubavitchers. “Tell me,” my friend asked me, Similarly, we find regarding the
Anyone who peruses the “is it true that the Rebbe holy proclamation of “Yechi
Rebbe’s letters from the period instructed people to travel to Eretz Adoneinu,” which the Rebbe
after the Rebbe Rayatz’s histalkus Yisroel?” encouraged for over a year – G-d
will notice a clear approach “Indeed, it is,” I replied. forbid, if we should be
connecting all the “How can that be?” my friend embarrassed to publicize it! We
correspondences, farbrengens, and queried. “Isn’t it dangerous must publicize this truth and make
other statements: No change! there?” certain that it is also accepted in
The shluchim, the Rebbe says, “The Rebbe said that Eretz the minds of those around us –
must move forward in all their Yisroel is the safest place, and as because we are publicizing the
activities: Anyone who was sent on the Torah states: ‘A land Hashem, truth.
shlichus is a shliach even today; all your G-d, looks after; the eyes of There’s a popular joke that
the tasks that the Rebbe placed Hashem your G-d are always upon goes as follows: We sat in the
upon us; all the spiritual influences sukka and conducted the Pesach
that the Rebbe bestowed upon us seider. Suddenly, the baal tokeia
continue with greater strength and burst in and blew the shofar. The
greater fortitude; all the brachos sound of the shofar startled the
that the Rebbe promised will be Kaparos chickens and they began
kept and fulfilled, and so on in to flap their wings. The resulting
countless other examples. gust of wind blew out the Chanuka
Why? Why was it so important candles, and we had to say Kinos
to focus upon a massive in the dark.
information campaign when there Eating matza on the seider
has been no change? night is a most lofty matter. The
Because the source of the Chabad Rebbeim devoted whole
spiritual descent is altering and maamarim to the great quality of
deviating from the words and the matza on the first night of
conduct of the son of Amram, and Pesach, “the food of faith,” and the
when this happens, there arouses a second night, “the food of
serious concern regarding the healing.” The Rebbe MH”M came
continuance of the correct path. out with the Matza Campaign, and
Thus, if there is no change, this called upon all chassidim to do
represents the surest remedy for everything in their ability to make
tremendous success along the way, it, from the beginning of the year certain that every Jew has at least a
until the desired objective has been to the end of the year’ – so there’s k’zayis of shmura matza to eat for
achieved. no reason to be worried about the Pesach s’darim. However, all
Recently, my mind took me on traveling to Eretz Yisroel,” I these marvelous qualities exist only
an historical reminiscence back to replied with the utmost calm. when the matza is eaten at the
5751, during the days leading up “You know yourself that I have proper time, but if we eat the
to the first Persian Gulf War. As I no doubts in the truth of the matza during Sukkos – what great
recall, New York radio stations Torah, including the pasuk you just qualities have we attained? Neither
broadcast each hour a one-minute mentioned,” my friend told me, faith nor healing.
announcement by Rabbi Shmuel “ahber farvahs darf men dahs Today, after the Rebbe has
Butman, in which he brought the m’farsem zain (but why do we have informed us that the Redemption
calming words of the Rebbe to publicize it)?” has arrived and we are already well
MH”M that Eretz Yisroel is the Let’s be true chassidim of the into its era, we are compared to
safest place, there is no reason to Rebbe. We have been educated to that family sitting and eating at the
fear or to frighten others, and publicize the truth, and Pesach seider, celebrating the
anyone who was planning to travel particularly, the truth that we were Holiday of Freedom, when

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

suddenly the neighbors come in, Machon Chana, one of the it will be difficult for them to
one with his lulav, one with his students approached me once and consider leaving this glorious
shofar, another with his Kinos, and asked for permission to go home place…”
yet another with his Kaparos for a week, including Pesach. Since I’m only human, his
chickens… When I asked her why she had to proposal influenced me a little.
When the Rebbe came out with go home a week before Pesach, Thus, I spoke about the
the Moshiach Campaign, he she replied that her presently Redemption and the coming of
ordered that all aspects of avoda non-observant family customarily Moshiach, but I refrained from
should be instilled with this central celebrates the “seider night” on mentioning the concept of “the
point: “How will this lead to the the Sunday closest to the first day ingathering of the exiles.”
greeting of Moshiach Tzidkeinu?” of Pesach, since then all members After the lecture, as is
(Shabbos Parshas Chayei Sara of the immediate and extended customary, the floor was opened
5752) From this moment on, all family could come on their day for questions. Due to G-d’s great
good things (including the really off from work – and they also kindnesses, the matter was not
good things!) that are done asked her to participate in this long in coming…and the first
without instilling this point – are ridiculous “seider.”) question came from a woman, a
the equivalent of eating matza on Ever since the Rebbe said that local resident.
Sukkos. the world is ready for the “Rabbi,” she asked, “I have
Furthermore, when we find Redemption, I have been heard that it is written in Agada
that at the time of the
For anyone interested in remaining Redemption, Eretz Yisroel will
spread forth to all the lands, and
firm even when the stormy winds all the Jews will go to Eretz
Yisroel. Is this true?”
threaten to shake him r”l off the rope I still hesitated to give a clear-
cut answer, and I gave greater
of hiskashrus to the Rebbe MH”M emphasis to the first part – Eretz
Yisroel will spread forth in all the
shlita, there is only one suggestion: lands. However, the woman
Cling uncompromisingly to the persisted, trying, as it were, to
squeeze the answer out of me:
instructions and leadership of the “Yes, but will we physically go
to Eretz Yisroel?”
Rebbe MH”M. When I saw that I had no
choice, I replied that indeed all
Jews throughout the world will
ourselves in the significant time of privileged (thank G-d) to appear emigrate to Eretz Yisroel, leaving
the beginning of the activities of at dozens of events where I gave none behind, etc.
the Rebbe MH”M, etc., it is lectures before various sectors in The woman heaved a sigh of
painful to see how people the Jewish community about the relief as she said, “It has always
constantly find “convenient Redemption and the coming of been hard for me to bear the
devices” to try and divert us away Moshiach. Before one such possibility that I’ll be stuck in
from the main point: first it’s a lecture on Long Island, one of ‘this hole’ for the rest of my life.”
shofar, then it’s Kinos, and soon the most highbrow regions in the This taught me a simple
it’s Kaparos chickens. The world, where every home lesson: The people want to hear
common link between them is stretches over a vast piece of the unvarnished truth. They don’t
straying from the Rebbe’s clear property with additional area for want us to hide anything from
words regarding the task that ponds and streams, I met a friend them. They want to know about
stands before us here and now! who came up with “a good Moshiach. They want to know
(The prevalent need today to suggestion”: “Since you’re going what will be at the time of the
clarify such obviously simple facts to an area where people live Redemption. They want to know
remind me of a story that would rather comfortably, don’t mention that the Rebbe is Melech
be rather amusing if it weren’t anything about the concept of HaMoshiach!
true. As part of my work at ‘the ingathering of the exiles,’ as

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &



OF CHABAD India.” He hesitantly listens to the
Among the most popular cities for details that the T’mimim at the
Chabad house in Delhi tell him, or
tourists seeking spirituality, Rishikesh the old time tourists who already
is enormously attractive, especially went that route. After an hour or
two, he begins to plan his own tour
given the quality of the air, the famous via the Chabad houses.
Among the popular cities for
Ganges River that cuts through the city, tourists seeking spirituality,
Rishikesh stands out. The air, the
and the numerous classes on famous Ganges River that runs
straight through the center of the
meditation. * Rabbi Yisroel Nasarti, a city, and the numerous classes on
teacher in Tomchei T’mimim in Ramat meditation, account for its title
“the world capitol of meditation.”
Aviv and his wife Chani, went to The job of setting up a Chabad
house as an authentic Jewish
Rishikesh for Tishrei. Along with them alternative within the sea of
enticing offers out in the street was
were Elad Shalev and Sarit Moyever of undertaken by Rabbi Zohar Dovid
and his wife Shali. The Chabad
Midreshet Pnimiyut, who wrote up their house in Rishikesh has been
experience. operating for seven years. From
year to year their activities expand
and they have recently begun
Even fifty years ago, Rishikesh, and simplicity. The Israeli Jew, building a mikva.
India was the so-called meditation who recently left Eretz Yisroel, R’ Zohar Dovid sent Rabbi
capitol of the world. In recent discovers upon landing in Delhi, Yisroel Nasarti, teacher in Tomchei
years, India has been inundated capitol of India, that Israelis have a T’mimim in Ramat Aviv, and his
with thousands of Israelis who are route they take. His friends tell wife Chani to Rishikesh, for the
seeking the path to serenity, truth, him about the “Chabad route in Tishrei season. Along with them

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

were Elad Shalev from the yeshiva and the mission was to get a was so excited that he said he
and Sarit Moyever of Midreshet minyan together. We were afraid would organize a minyan for
Pnimiyut, who wrote up their that people wouldn’t come. Slichos that night by himself.
experiences. Yoni discovered Judaism We told him, “What will we do
*** suddenly, in midlife, through the about Slichos? We have to get
It was Motzaei Shabbos Slichos Chabad house in Rishikesh. He people. Who will come on Motzaei

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

The Indians insisted that we spread searching for the essence of their confused and lost soul, are
the best people I know. They agreed to give up an entire day
something over the s’chach. It truly of tanning at the beach to help deal with difficult Indians in
bothered them that we did not agree order to ensure that the sukka, and the rest of the stuff, would
be in place and run like clockwork. They came and dragged
to do so. I explained that a sukka is tables and chairs up three flights, and together we stood for
a religious matter and that it has hours on the roof in order to get the sukka up along with the
rules. “I will pray and G-d will do Indian crew.
Erev Sukkos all seemed fine. The truck unloaded about
what is best for Him.” And that’s 150 chairs and ten large tables that were taken up to the roof.
how it was. * Experiences at the In the kitchen, the small room we rented on the first floor,
girls prepared food in huge pots in the awful heat: chicken,
Chabad house of Arambol in Goa. challa, rice, vegetables, fried eggplant and salads.
Two tourists volunteered to hang up signs in restaurants
Dear Father, and local hangouts and to tell the tourists about the holiday
I know You have already been told numerous times, and meals. Drora and her friends made pretty decorations for the
it’s clear to me that You always watch us from Above and see sukka. The only thing we feared was the storm that all of
everything, but these people are so terrific that I decided to Arambol was talking about, but I knew that we could rely on
write You anyway, and tell You good things about Your You and that You would accept our sukka with love.
children. Especially, considering that You are constantly doing The Indians insisted that we spread something over the
for us, every moment. sukka. It really bothered them when I refused. I explained that
I wanted to tell You about the amazing Sukkos we are a sukka is a religious thing and there are rules to follow. “I
having here in Arambol, Goa. I am with dozens of wonderful will pray and G-d will do what is best for Him,” I told them.
tourists. In Goa itself the outreach is done under the shliach, At seven o’clock the tourists from all around the village
Rabbi Gai Efraim, and I help in Arambol. began to gather. At first there were only a handful of them
I came here by motorboat a week ago. I made the trip and then slowly the sukka filled up until there was no more
from Angona after the very special Yom Kippur we had there. room and we had to fetch chairs from other rooms in the
I somehow passed the entrance to Arambol and continued guesthouse so everyone could sit. Everybody came and all
another five kilometers in the direction of a lake. When I got were amazed. Nobody realized there were so many tourists in
there, I realized I had to go back. I was a bit disappointed but the village because some of them had been in their
I knew that all is by divine providence from You. In my heart guesthouses for days without emerging.
I knew that salvation would come from this error. When we ran out of space, I began the program with
After three kilometers, I saw a fellow named Kuti coming davening, Kiddush, washing hands, and the meal. Then we
towards me. I waved at him and he stopped and motioned to sang, had divrei Torah, and the atmosphere warmed up. It
me to come over. When I explained that I was from the was really moving to see the tourists sitting together in this
Chabad house and about the idea of building a large sukka holiday setting, around laden tables, singing familiar songs
for all the tourists in Arambol, he loved the idea. Kuti was the Israeli songs and old piyutim. The words took on deeper
first angel You sent me, the first in a series of angels, without significance.
whom we would not have been able to celebrate Sukkos with The group of Yemenites were particularly moved when
all the tourists on the coast. we sang “Lecha Keili” that you could feel the warmth in their
Along with Kuti I went to Arambol and we began to look hearts for this piyut. Others were moved by other songs. Nir
for a good place for our sukka. It took an hour to find the came over to me bashfully after the meal and said, “Thanks,
roof of Francis’s guesthouse. He agreed to let us build a this was the first time that I heard an explanation for why we
sukka there in exchange for a nice sum, of course. Two days celebrate Sukkot.”
later I went back to Arambol and we began to get ready for I can tell You, dear Father, plenty more about all these
Yom Tov. neshamos wandering around here in physical bodies. I don’t
Everybody came to help. These tourists are so terrific. have to tell You since You see what kind of souls they have
These young people, who are searching after their army duty,

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

inside; You know them better than I do. “You know what?” Yoni said. “I’ll get people for
Surely You remember Tzafrir who dropped Judaism you. Let’s meet at midnight and I’ll find ten guys,
when he was 13 and suddenly his heart opened up at a you’ll see!”
meditation course he took in Banglor. He told me, “I’m At midnight we met at the Chabad house. We
definitely going to do t’shuva, I just don’t know when.” I didn’t waste a minute. Yoni schlepped us from one
first met him near Shimon’s falafel and he told me that he guesthouse to another in order to find people. We
was getting ready to go to Pushkar to take an introductory went from room to room. People opened the door in
course in kabbala with Shimi [Goldstein] at the Chabad pajamas, taken aback to see two nuts trying convince
house there. them to get out of bed in order to say Slichos.
“I want to simply sit with Shimi and hear his truth, to “Do you know what time it is? Are you crazy?
try and ignore his big black kippa and beard and to listen to We’re sleeping. See you in the morning.”
him, man to man. To try and understand his message “There’s no Slichos in the morning,” insisted Yoni.
without biases and preconceived ideas.” “Come on, you’ll be at the Chabad house in ten
I’ve met many tourists who have Pushkar on the minutes. Believe me, I’m no dos (derogatory term for
agenda as a place for spiritual searching at the Chabad religious Jew). I’m no dos, I promise you. But Slichos
house. Many of them call him, “Shimi HaMachzir,” not is spiritual and Yom Kippur is coming up and we need
necessarily in the most positive sense, but apparently he is a minyan, now…”
successful at this. Within half an hour we had more than a minyan
What else can I tell You? You know them all. Yotam for Slichos. Sounds exciting? That’s the way it is
and Anat, Yochi and Razi and Michal and Oren and Ariel here. You come on an innocent tour and you find here
and Alon and all the tourists sitting here, searching for what you thought you would find there.
peace in their souls. They know that the neshama calls out “Where is ‘there’?”
to them and cries quietly, somewhere in the hidden recesses In an ashram…
of their beings. Among green hills, dozens of monkeys, a river, and
Last night I had a talk with Yisroel and Ronen, a pair of scores of guesthouses, is the Chabad house of
characters. As soon as I saw Yisroel I said to him, “We Rishikesh. Hundreds of tourists make the trip to these
need to talk.” I don’t know how to explain it but I could see green hills in order to check out the scene. “We never
in his eyes that he’s looking for something. This morning, felt so at ease before,” “There is endless giving here,”
when they left, we exchanged email addresses and agreed “A pity we have to leave” – are some of the things
that they would come to Ascent in Tzfas for Shabbos. They people say to the staff of shluchim every day.
are ready to go all the way if they are only convinced that The Chabad house in Rishikesh is run by Rabbi
it’s the truth. In the meantime, they said they would Dovid Zohar. For this season we went out there to
commit to begin keeping basic Shabbos and kashrus. run the show for Tishrei. The amount of surprises
That’s all. I just wanted to thank You from the depths of and the level of Indian-Israeli adrenaline here are very
my heart and in two words: Thanks Father! high. There is hardly anybody who comes to the
Yours forever, “world capitol of meditation” without stopping at the
Berele Chabad house to get information, find out the price of
Goa, Arambol buses, where to sleep, and find companions for the
next trip. At least at first, that is why they come in.
Erev Yom Kippur someone showed wanting to do
Kaparos. Then he asked where we had rented a place
for the davening on Yom Kippur. When he saw on our
faces the telltale signs that we had no idea how to pay
for such a thing, he insisted on paying the entire
amount so we could rent the lobby of the hotel he was
staying in.
Tourists, who say they have come to Rishikesh by
mistake, are not disappointed. Why? This is because
in the Chabad House, it’s pleasant and exciting and
A large picture of the Rebbe hangs in the entrance

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

In the middle of preparing for
“I came here and nobody said a word Rosh HaShana, the Vespa motor
to me, not about whether I was fasting scooter of the Chabad House,
which is vital to get us around
or not, not about how I was dressed. from place to place, broke. Erev
Rosh HaShana no less, in the
Everything is fine, it’s all with a smile, middle of getting ready, running
around arranging things from
it’s all open.” morning to night. The worst
possible time. We were afraid that
we wouldn’t be able to get
and everybody knows that if not at home with a hot meal and a
everything done in time and we
for him, none of this would be listening ear, as well as providing
prayed for help.
here. Every night there is a shiur classes on Chassidus and
That night someone named
for women, which is followed by awakening people’s hearts.
Tiran came into the Chabad house
another shiur for everybody, plus Most of the tourists don’t stay
and asked, “Where is Rav
supper. We knew we had to long and it’s important to inspire
Yisroel?” He had some good news
operate on two, inter-related them as much as possible, in a
for him. R’ Yisroel showed up and
planes – that of making people feel gentle way, because it can
Tiran told him that he had terrible
influence their entire outlook on
back pain and the doctor forbade
religion afterwards. Some of them
him from riding his motorcycle. He
are meeting Chabadniks up close
MIVTZA SHOFAR for the first time and are
decided to give it to R’ Yisroel
On Rosh HaShana, R’ because he saw him on mivtzaim
impressed. Some come with an
Yisroel decided that there and thought it wasn’t right that he
attitude and are opposed to
wouldn’t be a Jew in Rishikesh went about in the heat without a
Chassidus. We touch all kinds with
who did not hear the shofar! He motorcycle.
the help of love and learning and
went down to the tourist area Twenty years ago, he had been
without any criticism whatsoever.
with three fellows that he to the Rebbe for yechidus and the
Someone told me after the fast,
managed to schlep with him. Rebbe’s bracha, said Tiran,
“I came here and nobody said a
He stood in the center of the accompanied him throughout his
word to me, not about whether I
most famous bridge in life. He decided that the time had
was fasting or not, not about how
Rishikesh, which was bustling come to express his gratitude and
I was dressed. Everything is fine,
with people, and called out, so he had walked into the Chabad
it’s all with a smile, it’s all open.”
“Any Jew here who didn’t hear house to give his expensive
There are people who suddenly
the shofar yet?” motorcycle to us as a gift. We just
discover Torah and have decided
Among all the surprised couldn’t believe it.
to learn every day with a rabbi. We
Indians a distant voice called Here’s the sequel to the story.
had a young man who nearly took
out, “Yes, us! Look down!” He We told two tourists the story of
off his kippa before coming here.
looked toward the sound of the the motorcycle and two days later
After he became familiar with the
voice and saw a huge rubber they came and said they wanted to
Chabad house and after some long
dinghy with a family of six donate two helmets. The new
conversations and learning, he
people on it who waved at him. motorcycle became our two-
decided to keep wearing his kippa
“Repeat after me,” he wheeled mitzva tank that goes out
and to even start putting t’fillin on
shouted from the bridge, to facilitate our work and to enable
again every day! It’s very moving.
“Baruch … ata …” And then people to put t’fillin on Erev
We had a group of guys here
the shofar sounded on the Shabbos.
who, every time we spoke about
bridge in Rishikesh. Apropos of t’fillin, on Erev
the Rebbe, got up and left. Slowly
That family showed up at Rosh HaShana R’ Yisroel and
the ice broke and they agreed to
the Chabad house a few days another two men went out to put
come and learn a sicha of the
later and they didn’t leave until t’fillin on people in the area where
Rebbe’s. Then there are tourists
they departed the city for their most of the Israelis congregate. We
who need a smile and a hug. They
next destination. made a list of who was coming for
get it.
Yom Tov and asked for a fee. An

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

Only in India. The Dalet minim in the streets of Rishikesh

Indian came over and asked R’

Yisroel, “Tell me, what profession
is that in which you put that thing
on people’s arms and they pay you
200 rupee within two minutes?
Can I learn how to do it?” R’
Yisroel told him he was sorry, but
it was a profession exclusive to
A policeman was called to stop
three Israelis who were doing
bizarre things to other Israelis on
their arms. He took them to the
police station in the hopes of
finding out what they were doing
and asking them to leave the area
and not come back. He asked R’
Yisroel in broken English and in
pantomime, “Who sent you here?”
R’ Yisroel took out a picture of
the Rebbe and said, “The
Tourists helping prepare the Yom Tov meals Lubavitcher Rebbe sent me. He is

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

quickly. True, we slept fewer hours
Here, in Rishikesh, I learned what “If and we ran around, prepared,
listened, and worried but we also
you don’t do it, it won’t get done!” enjoyed it very much. I will

means! What a great responsibility is remember this Tishrei forever.

Although the season is not yet
placed on every one of us. This is a over, the main part is over. Here,
in Rishikesh, I learned what “If
battle for every soul! you don’t do it, it won’t get done!”
means! What a great responsibility
is placed on every one of us. This
the leader of all the Jews.” 770 this year, “mach duh 770!” is a battle for every soul! Either
The policeman recoiled upon The next day we went out, we, the shluchim of the Rebbe, set
seeing the picture and the t’fillin ordered a rickshaw (a three- the tone, or some guru will attract
on the table and they were given wheeled Indian vehicle with the these precious Jews who are really
permission to continue doing their noisy motor of a Vespa scooter) only seeking love and fulfillment.
work. and we went to the market. By the I would like to express much
We decided that at the seuda end of the day we had a powerful thanks to R’ Zohar for giving us
HaMafsekes (the final meal before amplifier and loudspeakers that this opportunity to be a part of
Yom Kippur) we would “spoil” the could make all of Rishikesh shake, this, and of course to the Rebbe
chevra with Israeli food. We cordless microphones that you who gave us the green light. Next
prepared grilled chicken wings and wear around your neck, mattresses Tishrei – in Yerushalayim!
chips on a makeshift grill made of and local musical instruments.
organic baskets in a makeshift Whoever did not see the
oven of red bricks that were Simchas Beis HaShoeiva in
thrown on the side of the road. Rishikesh did not see simcha in his BIDDING FOR ALIYOS
The Indians are not familiar with life! At the Torah reading on
the idea of a grill. On Hoshana Raba, R’ Yisroel Simchas Torah, R’ Yisroel
About 200 people came to the took a lulav and together with Elad decided to sell aliyos in an
Chabad house and the number went to the “other side of the interesting way. He explained to
grew for the davening. On Motzaei bridge,” where most of the foreign the tourists that this time, they
Yom Kippur we broke the fast on tourists are since that is where weren’t going up a difficult trail;
cakes we had prepared for the most of the courses are offered. the challenge was to go up to
tourists. People didn’t stop That is where most of the the Torah.
praising and thanking us for interesting stories take place. The tourists immediately
organizing it and for providing it An Israeli tourist went over to took up the challenge and the
for them. them in order to do the mitzva of public sale got underway as he
Sukkos was next on our the lulav and he told them announced the starting price of
agenda. How would we make a excitedly that he had just arrived in 180 rupees. He wasn’t sure
sukka Indian-style? Go explain to the city a few days before and had anybody would agree to pay but
Indians, in pantomime, all the rented a room on this side of the to his surprise, the price went
requirements of a kosher sukka! bridge, but he hadn’t gotten used up. Among the bidders were the
We needed mats that weren’t used to the ringing from the houses of Tamim Elad, a young lawyer
for idol worship and boards that idol worship. The previous night from the women’s section,
were not made to be “keilim” of had been the worst in his life. He Ushik, and Aviad the mystical
any kind. In the end we managed. had terrible dreams and he finally musician.
The sukka even withstood fled his room. To the amazement of all,
torrential downpours. Elad gave him some news: those who outbid the rest gave
After Yom Tov we (the staff) sat “Last night was the night of their privilege to go up to the
and reminisced about Simchas Beis Hoshana Raba. We have the Torah to two of their
HaShoeiva the previous year in custom of not sleeping all night competitors! That was a
Crown Heights and we were and you participated in this beautiful act of Ahavas Yisroel!
homesick! We unanimously agreed custom without knowing why…”
that even if we weren’t going to The Yomim Tovim went by

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &


By Rabbi Yaakov Shmuelevitz, Shliach, Beit Shaan

In the life of a shliach it happens that METAMORPHOSIS

Try to imagine the pastoral
he undergoes difficult times, challenges peacefulness among the fields and
lawns at Kibbutz S’dei Eliyahu, a
and disappointments, but in the end, religious kibbutz in Emek Beit

most of the time, there is that moment Shaan. The serenity at the kibbutz
is not just visual but extends to
of nachas. Then the shliach says, “It family life, education, their
financial state, etc. At least it was
was worth going through all the that way before the privatization
of the kibbutzim. The kibbutz
difficulties.” That’s what we will all say cooked, the kibbutz did laundry, it
raised the children in the
about galus.

R’ Shmuel Reinitz dancing with soldiers stationed at Beit Shaan

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

children’s house, there were no
electric or water bills, the pool
was free, and it was all neat and
Orly Lifschitz felt that she had
it all. She had graduated school,
went on to study education, and
had even begun working as a
Gemara teacher. That’s when she
suddenly felt an inner emptiness.
“What do I have from all this
knowledge? The neshama needs
something!” Like many young
men and women her age, she
began to search.
She searched for herself at
home, at the kibbutz, in religion,
out of religion, and didn’t find
what she was looking for. She
went to Australia for half a year,
worked, and continued looking. R’ Roi Tor with the children of Beit Shaan
This searching is no joke. It is
a sign that the person doesn’t find
of the group couldn’t believe it but dilemma: Who knows whether I
meaning in life. Most people make
she did it. She left them and will get along with the new
their peace with it but there are
returned to Pushkar, to the shliach? How do I know we won’t
still some people of integrity who
Chabad house. get into a fight? Maybe it pays to
don’t make their peace and
One intensive week of learning remain the only shliach in town?
continue looking.
Chassidus did it. Orly discovered The old-time shliach said,
Usually, emuna and mitzvos
a new world, a Judaism she did “There are people who don’t get
supply a deep meaning to life, but
not know before. She had married because of these fears.
not for Orly. She thought religion
discovered the light of Chassidus. They continue living their lives
was a burden and so she tried to
She returned to Eretz Yisroel and ‘happily and without fights’ until
remove the yoke of religion, the
spent a year at Machon Alte in they grow old. But if you want
t’fillos, etc., but this didn’t help
Tzfas and then she married Nadav your family to grow, you have to
her find herself either.
Cohen, who, not coincidentally, get married and learn to get
Then she went to India, where
was on shlichus in India. along. The same is true for
she hoped she would find what
The following year I was shlichus. If a shliach wants his
she was looking for. Orly toured
invited to a bris at kibbutz S’dei work to grow – and surely he
for several weeks. It was really
Eliyahu and the baby was named does, because the Rebbe wants –
interesting but nothing changed.
Menachem Mendel ben Nadav he must bring in other shluchim
Then she saw an advertisement
HaKohen. Truly, a nachas- and know how to handle the
for the Chabad house in Pushkar.
moment. challenge.”
Rabbi Shimi Goldstein was giving
Why do I tell this story?
a course in Kabbala.
THE SHLICHUS Because I want to tell you how the
This course, which was
shlichus in Beit Shaan expanded
nothing but Chassidus, lasted DOUBLED AND with the arrival of two shluchim
three days, but Orly could only TRIPLED families, that of R’ Shmuel Reinitz
spend one day because the
A certain shliach, after some and R’ Roi Tor.
following day, the entire group
years on shlichus, consulted with For 17 years we were the only
was moving on. At the end of the
an older shliach and asked family of shluchim in Beit Shaan.
first day Orly left with the group
whether he should bring another Imagine, 17 years alone on
but she had resolved to return to
family to his city on shlichus. The shlichus! Every Shabbos, every
the Chabad house. The members
younger shliach explained his Yom Tov, every farbrengen, you

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

are the only shliach and shlucha. I building) and outreach around the Then I remember how just two
remember that when guests came, city, at the municipal offices, the years ago we stood outside the
Lubavitchers, one morning for industrial area, stores, etc. Chabad house and looked for a
breakfast, we happily recited “Shir R’ Tor organizes all activities at tenth man for a minyan (and
HaMaalos.” the nearby kibbutzim and sometimes for a sixth and
Then came the stage when we moshavim. He has already started seventh). Today, baruch Hashem,
began looking for another couple an independent branch – a it’s full. It’s definitely a feeling of
to help our shlichus grow. There Chabad house for kibbutzim, and nachas.
were several candidates and baruch Hashem he is successful. Another moment of nachas is
research was done. We ended up In all the activities that are done felt when the families of the new
getting “two for the price of one.” in kindergartens, senior centers, shluchim make a family event, a
Hashem saw our efforts and just and ongoing and special Evenings bris, a haircut, or a chanukas
as we made an agreement with the With Chabad for young people in ha’bayis and I see dozens of
Reinitz family, the Tor family natural settings, with dozens of friends and mekuravim of the
showed up. He is from a kibbutz them sitting an entire night Chabad house participating in a
near Beit Shaan and they too listening to Chassidic songs with Chassidishe farbrengen. It’s a true
joined the Rebbe’s army in Beit guitars and divrei Torah, we see moment of nachas. Events that in
Shaan. great blessing. the past, I had to work days and
It wasn’t easy guiding the two The community has developed nights to get moving, now I just
couples as they started out on tremendously with 40-50 people have to respond to the invitation,
shlichus. It was like marrying off coming to Shacharis on an help out a bit, and then show up
two children and guiding them at ordinary weekday, sitting and and farbreng with a growing
every stage they go through in the standing wherever there is room. k’hilla.
new city, in their new role. I don’t
want to sound like I’m
complaining, G-d forbid. On the
contrary, it was a joy and a great
privilege, but it took a lot of
effort. We had many joint meals,
Esther’s Party Grill
463 Albany Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11213 718-735-4343
activities for the men and women,
finding the golden mean so
everyone would be happy – it’s no CATERING ON OR OFF THE PREMISES
simple matter.
The truth is they warned me CORPORATE ACCOUNTS WELCOME.
ahead of time. Rabbi Yisroel Brod,
who heads the branch offices of
Tzach, told me that to take on just SHABBATONS & PARTIES
one couple requires lots of energy;
all the more so taking on two
couples at once. But it came my COME SEE
way by Divine providence and we OUR BRAND NEW
decided not to prevent Hashem’s
blessing from reaching us. SUSHI BAR
The effort paid off and baruch OPEN FOR IN HOUSE DINING
Hashem, the couples adapted, and
how! Today, their hands are full
with work and shlichus. R’ Reinitz
is responsible for all activities at
the Chabad house that was BEIS DIN CROWN HEIGHTS
founded and opened only after he
came to town: t’fillos, shiurim for
nice-size crowds (we’re already FREE DELIVERY TO YOUR HOME OR OFFICE
talking about building another

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Twenty-one years ago, on 22
Cheshvan 5747, R’ Yosef Yitzchok
Tiefenbrun passed away at the age
of 27. He had exceptional middos
tovos and was a genuine Tamim and
mekushar to the Rebbeim.
Yossi, as he was known, was
outstanding in simcha. He had two
goals in life: to be mekarev people to
the Rebbe and to cheer up lonely
people or anybody who was feeling
down, giving them moral support
and consoling them. Those who
knew him can’t help but smile when
they remember how he cheered
people up and how he just had to
show up and immediately, the
atmosphere changed to one of
simcha. to mekuravim. In a few warm lines while Yossi stood on a bench and
Yossi lived with the Rebbe’s he urged them to keep mitzvos. watched. Suddenly the Rebbe turned
inyanim with all his heart. When he These postcards made a deep in his direction, motioned with his
was a boy and he received a package impression on his mekuravim who hand, and said, “Du bist doch a
of the Rebbe’s “general letter” before were touched to see that someone Tankist” (“you are a Tankist,” i.e.,
Yomim Tovim, he would go to the remembered them. go up and get dollars).
newspaper stand and tell the man One year, after a sicha on 10 When Yossi was quite young, he
that he had just been sent to all Teives, the Rebbe distributed dollars was asked by Camp Gan Yisroel to
stores since there was a for tz’daka through the Tankistin be head counselor. With his special
“supplement” that had to be put in talents he was able to run a camp of
every paper. That’s how the Rebbe’s hundreds of boys, many of whom
letter was publicized in all the Jewish were not religious. After the summer
papers. he kept in touch with the parents of
When the Rebbe announced a these children and convinced many
new campaign, Yossi’s young age of them to send their children to
did not stop him from being one of Jewish schools. Thanks to him,
the leading activists. With his sense many became religious.
of humor and Ahavas Yisroel, he Yossi spent one year of shlichus
melted the hearts of the Jews he met in the yeshiva in New Haven and
and influenced them to do the another year in Lubavitcher yeshiva
Rebbe’s mivtzaim. on Ocean Parkway. When he was in
He had a small diary in which he New Haven, he founded a Kollel
wrote every day how many people he Tiferes Z’keinim as per the Rebbe’s
put t’fillin on and how many were instruction in those years. R’ Levi
for the first time, as well as his other Yitzchok Garelik, his good friend,
activities. He would write down the once wrote about this shlichus:
names of people he met, their “The famous Yale University is in
addresses and birthdays, and he New Haven. One of the things it is
would often send letters or postcards famous for is its coldness to

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

Judaism, yet Yossi would go to the about Judaism. He even danced with Wineberg, he took on a position in
mail building, a good place to find them…” Yeshivas Tomchei T’mimim-770. He
students, and would talk to them After he married Freida Rochel traveled a lot on behalf of the
yeshiva and was very successful.
Wherever he went, he sowed
THE TORAH IS THE FIND ruchnius and harvested gashmius.
The first thing he would do when
Here are notes that Yossi wrote after one of his first yechiduyos when he met a Jew was put t’fillin on him
he was a young bachur. It is from Erev Shabbos 8 Sivan, the Rebbe’s and talk to him about Judaism. He
70th year. received many responses from the
The Rebbe asked: How old are you? Rebbe regarding his trips and
I answered: 13 and a half. wherever he went he left people with
The Rebbe: Can you say a halacha from the Mishna or a piece of positive feelings towards Lubavitch
Gemara? in general and the yeshiva in
(I didn’t know which piece to say and I waited a moment to think of particular.
what to say.) Shabbos morning, 20 Cheshvan
The Rebbe: If you can’t say it in Yiddish, say it in English. 5747, Yossi didn’t feel well. Hatzala
I said over a piece of Gemara that talks about kav b’arba amos, that checked him and wanted to rush
when it’s sesame, it belongs to him since it’s a big bother to pick them up him to a hospital in Manhattan.
and even when sesame was very expensive, since it entails a big bother, However, since the Rebbe was
you leave them there. supposed to farbreng that Shabbos,
The Rebbe: What about the obligation to announce it? Yossi asked to be taken to the
I answered about “and you should do that which is right and good in nearest hospital so that he could
the eyes of Hashem,” and about “going beyond the letter of the law.” walk back for the farbrengen.
The Rebbe: And someone who has a lost item – how can he know to Tragically, he was not given the
whom to return it? proper treatment and his condition
I answered: You announce – who lost an item, and you give it to the deteriorated. On Sunday, after the
one who gives identifying signs. Rebbe returned from the Ohel, R’
The Rebbe asked another question that I did not understand and I Wineberg asked the Rebbe for a
said something and the Rebbe said that this was not his question. The bracha. The Rebbe did not give a
Rebbe asked the question again and I answered it. bracha and only said that he had
The Rebbe looked up with a big smile and then looked serious and he already mentioned him at the Ohel
said: Just as it says “These are the found objects that belong to him (the and there should be good news.
finder),” in this case the Torah is the “find” and may your Torah learning R’ Wineberg did not give up and
be in a way of “entirely for him.” And may you grow up to be a Chassid, again asked, “Perhaps the Rebbe can
yerei Shamayim, and a lamdan whose parents will have nachas from you. bless him with a refua shleima
When the Rebbe finished speaking to me, he spoke to my father and v’krova?” The Rebbe said, “I already
responded to all the things he had mentioned in his pidyon nefesh, and said that I mentioned him at the
then he wished us good Shabbos. Ohel and there should be good
We knew the yechidus was over but since I hadn’t submitted my news.” R’ Wineberg asked, “Should
pidyon nefesh, I gave it to the Rebbe before we left. we add a name?” The Rebbe replied
In my pidyon nefesh I had asked for a bracha in my learning and that in astonishment, “He is named after
I should fulfill all the mitzvos b’hiddur, and that I shouldn’t, Heaven the shver! (my father-in-law).”
forbid, transgress anything forbidden, and that I should grow up to be a Yossi passed away Monday night.
Chassid, yerei Shamayim ,and a lamdan. He is survived by his daughter
The Rebbe took my note, took his glasses, and looked at the note. He Shaindel, wife of Avrohom Shapiro,
read what I wrote and said, “That you should not transgress, and as I who is now on shlichus in
said before, that you should grow up to be a Chassid, yerei Shamayim, Milwaukee and his son, Yitzchok
and a lamdan.” Menachem Zev, who was born two
The Rebbe said “good Shabbos” once again, and “probably you will weeks after he passed away.
have a good Shabbos.” In his short life Yossi made a
My father said: a yasher ko’ach. deep impression on many people.
The Rebbe said: there’s nothing to thank me for. What a terrible loss this was.

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The Beis Moshiach 770 Institute for Rabbinics, insights in this volume deal with subjects of Rambam’s
Dayanus, and Training of Yeshiva Educators in Beitar, Mishneh Torah code of laws, and of Chassidus, which is
Israel, a new Kollel established early this summer, has studied every morning at the Kollel, among others.
astonished the Torah world by publishing its first volume Concluding the volume is an overview of the
of Torah scholarship. Institute’s establishment and development, together with
Entitled “Shomrei Mishpat,” this collection’s a group picture of the students.
hundreds of pages feature fruits of the scholastic labors Rabbi Schvartz expressed his satisfaction at how the
of the Institute’s students on subjects they have studied Torah labors of the Kollel’s students, combined as they
in depth over the summer, primarily on are with the holiness of Chassidus and
aspects of the laws of Nida. It is special special emphasis on study of subjects of
because, until now, few published works Moshiach and Geula, have together
of Chiddushim follow the Alter Rebbe’s produced these Torah insights and
unique rulings on these subjects. clarified the Halachic subjects in their
The volume opens with a sicha of practical ramifications.
the Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach, shlita, The Institute’s executive director,
on the obligation to study practical Reb D’niel HaLevi Goldberg, tells how
Halacha, and another which explains a gratified he is at the Kollel’s great
subject of the laws of Nida. The accomplishments within just a few
“Section by Rabbanim” includes months, especially its success in
insights by Rabbi Asher Lemel Cohen of introducing real innovations in the study
Beitar Illiet, and by Rabbi Rafael of practical Halacha and the training of
Tchikvashvili of Yerushalayim. Yeshiva educators. In particular, this
The central section of the volume volume’s publication – following the
includes explanations of laws of Nida by directive of the Rebbe, Melech
the Rosh HaKollel, Rabbi Yisroel HaMoshiach, shlita – creates a powerful
Schvartz, Av Beis Din of Tel Tziyon, based on his weekly momentum for the Institute’s further development. The
shiurim at the Institute. It is followed by insights, volume will be disseminated throughout the Holy Land
scholarly discussions, and Halachic explanations on and other lands, thereby creating a kiddush Hashem for
these subjects composed by the students, and by the Chabad and the Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach, shlita.
Mayshiv of the Kollel, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Silverman, For further details or to order the new volume:
Chabad shliach and Rav in Elad. Other students’; 011-972-2-580-7706

Reasonable Tel: 718-467-0171
24 hour service
Boxes available upon request. Cellular: 917-805-7757

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