Communication is an essential need of in daily life and pronunciation makes it better and pleasing for the listener. Every language has different sounds and people have a strong impact of the speech-sounds in pronunciation of words. People face troubles when they try to speak other languages. In the same way, Pakistani English speakers have certain difficulties such as recognition of English sounds, connecting the sounds with each other, difference between spelling and sounds, multiple sounds of the same letters, and understanding of intonation and stress. There are a lot factors which cause these problems. They include bad schooling system, unskilled teachers, transliteration, impact of regional language, role of electronic media and unmotivated behaviour to learn and rectify. There are certain solutions to these problems like training the teachers, learning the standard phonetics, and its consistent practice.

It is indispensable in our daily life to live without communication. People need to talk to each other to convey their thoughts and to execute the daily life works. We can say that we need communication to move further in our life. It is clearly observed that even the people who are not bestowed with the ability to speak, they need communication, and they have their own ways to express their thoughts. In short, the significance of communication cannot be ignored at all.In case of people who have been gifted with the ability to talk, communication is much easier. But here the question rises that it is really about only communication. If so, then what is the significance of verbal communication when the deaf and dumb people can do it as well. Here it is important to understand the role of pronunciation in communication which makes the difference. Pronunciation is an aspect of verbal communication which makes it more effective and attractive. Therefore, the significance of pronunciation becomes highly considerable in the process of verbal communication. Speakers of a particular language have a very deep and strong impact of the sounds of the alphabet on their pronunciation. There are certain sounds which every language possesses. Most of the sounds which a language has seem to be similar, but they are not pronounced in the exact manner. There are certain differences in pronunciation. Therefore, when a person speaks any non-

and the speakers of Urdu have the ability to pronounce almost every sound present in other languages. a lot of Pakistani English speakers are observed mispronouncing the certain sounds and even the particular words of English language. Therefore they have to use an alternative sound available in their language according to their convenience. they pronounce l sound. While pronouncing the sound r . then it is considered as bad pronunciation. On the other hand. and the same applies for English. one may listen to be as we because of pronunciation of w as v . For example. What is Good Pronunciation? Since there are many languages and every language has its own particular feature of pronunciation. Similarly. the Japanese do not have the sound of r in their language. If the pronunciation of the speaker is understandable and falls under the rules of Standard English in terms of proper phonetic rules. But it should not be confused with the intention of just conveying the message to others whatsoever it takes. It is observed that the Pakistani students are very good speakers of English language and can pronounce allthe sounds of it. there is no lack of any sound. Therefore it is necessary to understand the definition of good pronunciation. However. Some of the major difficulties of pronunciation are listed below: Recognition of English Sounds . if the pronunciation of the speaker is not understandable and hinders the meaning. For example.native language. However. In case of Urdu language. there are no exact parameters to check its validity. Problems Faced by Pakistani English Speakers It is not difficult at all to find people with mispronunciation of English words in Pakistan. They really go through tough time when it comes to good and proper pronunciation of English. the Arabic language does not have p sound and they replace it with b sound.It is important to clarify the meaning since there are many words which have too similar sounds that it becomes difficult to differentiate between them when someone utters these words because of unclear pronunciation. people agree on some general points to clarify the definition of good pronunciation. But there are many other factors present which affect themispronunciation of sounds. he has to face certain sound difficulties. it is considered as good pronunciation.

Speech Organs The sounds of English and Urdu are certainly different from each other. c produces two sounds as s . knave. Connecting the Sounds It is evident that a word has many sounds in it and it is completed by joining the sounds properly. While attempting fluency is speaking skill. Therefore they do not recognise them properly. sh . Multiple Sounds of the Same Letters It is also a noticeable difficulty in pronunciation that there are many letters and combinations of letters which produce numerous sounds at different places. Therefore it is necessary for the students to know how to join them together by clearly understanding how and where to join the sound to the next sound. kneel have k silent which should not be pronounced at all. So the Pakistani students unknowingly pronounce these silent letters which obviously make them mispronounce the words. k . For example:Knife. Connected Speech It is a craze to speak fluently among Pakistani students. Instead they try to match them with speech-sounds of Urdu which ultimately corrupt their pronunciation.Unluckily. they become unconscious of the rules of connected speech and make mistakes in pronunciation unwittingly. Pakistani students do not get enough chance to go through proper study of English speech-sounds. Difference between Spelling and Sounds There are plenty of words in English language which have silent letters. k.Similarly. . knowledge. For example: ch produces three sounds as ch . The Pakistani students mix them up and try to shape their speech organs according to sounds of Urdu while pronouncing English sounds which distorts it.

there is a factor of it as well. On the other hand.Intonation is the rising or falling pitch of the voice while pronouncing a word or syllable. there are many academic institutions which provide sub-standard education. Now there is no chance for the students to learn correctly or rather learn at all. Stress is the emphasis placed on a sound or syllable by pronouncing it more loudly or forcefully than those surrounding it in the same word or phrase. Most of the factors are based on misconception and unawareness pertaining to English language. . Factors of Mispronunciation Among PakistaniStudents Where there is a problem. Untrained and Unqualified Teachers As it is an open secret that there is corruption in education system. but they a few in number. Transliteration Since Urdu is the mother-tongue.Rhythm of Speech Spoken language has a particular rhythm which includes stress and intonation. This repetition of pronouncing English sounds in Urdu style consolidates the mispronunciation. Well. there are many factors of mispronunciation too. Just like the problems. they are in the habit of using Urdu sounds. or the pattern of speech. there are schools which educate their students very properly. how could they teach their students? Now it is obvious that they are going to transfer poor and wrong information to the students. Therefore the basic problem is the dual education system which privileges some students and others remain emptyhanded. Some of the major factors are listed below: Education System The education system of Pakistan is the basic factor of mispronunciation among Pakistani students and sub-standard schooling and many other problems existing in society. When the teachers themselves would not be aware of the correct phonetics. they recruit the teachers who are not qualified enough to teach.

a person learns from its surrounding. Salma Hyke. and many students especially watch movies and listen to songs to improve their English. The same situation applies in case of learning pronunciation. he imitates it. What he watches and observes. it is advisable to first identify and then remove the problems. Watching movies. who come from non-English courtiers. When it is not that the pole is crooked at the bottom. They also consider learning proper English a waste of time saying that what they have learnt is enough for them to communicate. playing games and listening to songs is a common hobby of students. Solutions to Surmount the Difficulties of Mispronunciation among Pakistani Students 1. Influence of Electronic Media According to the social learning theory. . The first step which must be taken now is to recruit the qualified teachers and further provide them training sessions to enhance their English pronunciation skill. Therefore.2. Students areunaware of the real nationality of the very actor and start imitating them. They do not pay attention to articulation. In order to learn. If the actor uses wrong pronunciation such as Jackie Chan. Now it is the duty of students to seek good teachers and guides that can help them to learn phonetic symbols with proper sound practice and recognition. but communication. Hollywood has a huge host of performers who belong to many other non-English countries. Got the meaning? Group Got the meaning? group is consisted of the people who have no serious intention and motivation to learn and more importantly rectify themselves. when it is a known fact that there loopholes in the education system. they imprint on the minds of the students and they fall victim of mispronunciation.3. one would not try to straighten it from the top.Impact of Regional Language Students belonging to different provinces have the strong impact of their regional language as Urdu speakers have. students also imitate their accent which utterly brings distortion. They only focus to convey the meaning to the listener. Students should take advantage of it positively. Besides this. Here the role of media becomes negative in their way to learning correct pronunciations. Media is undoubtedly a great source of learning. the black Americans are notorious for using very bad language. Media does play a vital role in learning.

Side by side students should maintain a proper record of practice so that they can find whether they are improving or not. The more you practice. Beside there are many websites also working which provide pronunciation practice tests. they should consult with people who have knowledge of English movies which have good English such as My Fair Lady . exploit them too. . not a weekly since it will bear no fruit. This movie presents a parallel picture of standard and poor English. the better it is. But students must make it a daily routine to practice the pronunciation. It is now quite easy to find native English speakers on the internet. 5. The golden rule to learn anything is practice. To watch movies.4.they are supposed to watch Standard English news channels like BBC and CNN and talk shows which have informative subjects and educated guests. as it is a famous saying that practice makes man perfect. It would be very fruitful for you if you can find English native pretenders to practice wit.

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