Bunny s Bread Advertising Plan

Subject: Advertising & Sales Promotions
Submitted to: Mr. Manqoosh Submitted by: Suleman John Mohsin Hameed Atif Hameed

1. 2. and now it has good demand in market and increasing day by day. Executive Summary: A. Bunny s bread is now at growth stage. Budget Summary: Budget for this advertising campaign will be 200. Premises: Details of the company planning about the advertisement are mentioned. Description of company product: a) Product Life Cycle: Each product has life cycle based on below points.000 II. 4. Summary of Advertising objectives: Core objective of advertising is to convey the message to consumer that Bunny s bread is fresh and health full. D.Advertising Plan: Date: 20th July 2010 Bunny¶s Bread I. Company s current marketing situation: 1. Situation Analysis: A. Summary of Advertising strategy: Advertising strategy will be out door and print out media. B. 2. It will reflect the freshness and purity of the bunny s bread. Business on industry information: Industry of bread is being increased with the passage of time. Introduction Growth Matruity Decline . 3. C.

shopkeepers and at bakeries. General description of Market served: Bunny s bread serving the major cities of Pakistan (Lahore.Stage Product Life Cycle b) Goods Classification: Bunny s bread is consumer product. Sales History and Market Share: 5. 4. Karachi and Islamabad) and now expanding their business in small cities as well. c) Competitive or Marketing Position: Four P s Product Price Place Promotion Good Good Good Good 3. Description of consumer Purchase process Advertising effects on consumer purchase process 6. . Method of distribution Bunny s Bread Company directly provides to retailers. which being purchased on daily basis.

Communication History Bunny s is already in touch with their customer via Media and ad campaign.7. Marketing Mix Marketing Mix Product Good Price Good Distribution Good Communication Good . Secondary market Secondary market would be lower class. 9. 2. D. 8. Marketing Objective Marketing objective will be long term. Pricing strategy employed Company is taking 10% profit. Market segment defined Market segment has been defined it will serve elite and middle class consumers. C. Implication of any market research Bunny s bread using market research about the customer taste and changing market demand. Market characteristics Market will be served Geographic basis. B. Target Market Description: 1. Primary market Primary market would be middle and elite class 3. 4.

Objectives stated: Objective stated in terms of purchase behavior. C. Advertising Objective A. Quantified expression of objective Objective expression will measure in terms of inquiries and increased order size. Role of adverting in communications mix Adverting helps to attract with the customer.E. III. Primary and selective demand Advertising is primary demand B. IV. Advertising (creative) Strategy: .