Writing Checklist y Have source spell out any names, double check whenever possible y Look up all business

, organization or agency names to find full, correct name y Type everything from notes in chronological order y Re-organize by subject and importance y Write transitions y Write lead y Set story aside, read again later and compare to notes y Call sources for questions/confirmation Editing Checklist y Check spelling/grammar y Check lead: does it make sense; is it interesting; does it convey enough of the right information? y Mark missing/incomplete information y Give back to writer y Check again when corrections are made y Have writer check once more Proofing Checklist y Read date, issue number and page count aloud in newsroom y Check headlines for spelling, accuracy and grammar y Check photo cutlines, are people properly identified? y Check jumps: o Jump word the same o Story jumps in the right place o Correct page numbers y Check page numbers and dates for inside pages y Check spelling and grammar in stories y Make sure stories end in the right place y Check spacing y Get a second pair of eyes on each page! y Check time elements: it may have been ³last week´ when you wrote it, but now it might be ³two weeks ago.´ Don't forget: y Edit Associated Press stories, they ain't always perfect! y Sports scores must add up, use those math skills

y Use spell check, but don't trust it

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