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Professor Beverly Little

Language Arts and Reading

Assignment #9: Guided Reading Lesson

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TaylorJED7005-9 2 John F. Taylor Guided Reading Lesson Northcentral University Guided Reading Lesson .

Lead student discussion regarding• • • The hibiscus plant that dwindles every time Mitch visits Mitch bringing food to the professor during each visit The professor’s story about the wave and shore Book Vocabulary • • • Acceptance Affirmation Aphorism Activation/ Previewing Activity (10 min) • Review the assigned reading of chapters 4-7 with a quiz on the board. Ask the following three questions -Why does Mitch decide to visit Morrie again even though the newspaper strike may end any day. What feelings does Morrie disclose to Mitch about his current condition? -Chapter 7 ends without Mitch stating when he will be able to return for a visit. What insight does Morrie provide Mitch prior to his departure? How does Mitch feel about this statement from Morrie? Chapter Introduction/ Title/Author/ Summary CHAPTERS 4-7/Tuesdays with Morrie/ Mitch Albom .TaylorJED7005-9 3 Book Title _Tuesdays with Morrie___________________________ Level __9th____ Dates___January 22-23_____________ Genre_Non-Ficition Storytelling_________ Teaching Focus: Discuss the following topics of symbolism within chapters 4-6. and his presence was requested? -Think of the conversation that Mitch & Morrie have regarding Morrie’s feelings about losing the physical capabilities that he used to possess.

where he symbolizes the wave as life and the shore as death (waves are born but end with the shore). driving. Morrie knows that he is closer to death. not being to see his kids accomplish feats as they get older. Provide class participation points for . chapters 4-6 deal with decisions that Mitch has made with his life since graduation. Ask if anyone else had a different interpretation. Beginning Lesson: • • Review quiz answers with discussion about the correct answers. and as a result. Mitch states his feelings about being estranged from his family due to his work as a sports reporter. Hand in quizzes (5 min) Ask the students to 3 short-answer essays on the following subjects (15 min) -Relationship between the hibiscus and Morrie’s state of health each time Mitch visits -Correlation between Mitch brining Morrie food on each visit. and his love of experiencing new events in his life (i. Morrie speaks of his relationship with his own wife. dancing. and Morrie’s ability to provide his insights to Mitch -Symbolic relationship between the wave and shore as it relates to Morrie’s condition Middle Lesson: Go over essays with class. Mitch also notices that the hibiscus plant is beginning to wither when he visit Morrie in Chapter 4. Morrie also discloses that he feels Mitch is submersed in current pop culture events. he is a slave of his own profession. Morrie also tells the story of the wave and the shore. Morrie provides insights to Mitch regarding his feelings.TaylorJED7005-9 4 SUMMARY: After the first three chapters have explored Mitch & Morrie’s previous teacher-student relationship. and teaching).e. Ask students to read their responses one question at a time. Morrie confesses that he hates being confined to his bed due to the fact that for every day that he does not walk. and continues to wilt in each subsequent visit. sentiments of love towards his wife yet feels he does not give her what she needs. and sentiments that that his career may be keeping him from leading a life that his professor did. Furthermore.

peer). If you did not see you a person who was close to you for 14 years. friend. group leader). Morrie tells Mitch to come back for a visit when he can because they have. would you take care of them in their time of sickness? Why or why not? - .e. friend.e. or do you view them as extended family? Why or why not? Compare your relationship with this person to Mitch and Morrie’s. Have students write an essay that is due tomorrow with the following prompt: Why do you feel close to this person. adult. How does he view Morrie on his deathbed? Extended family vs. and compare it to your own relationship with someone close to you that is not family (i. teacher. yet they are not related to you? What about your relationship creates a bond between the two of you? Do you view them according to their title (i. Assessment/Extending the Text (5min): Homework • Compare the relationship that exists between Mitch & Morrie. Emphasize the following • • Morrie is dying with no family around.” What does this symbolize? Ask students to discuss as a class. trusted professor End Lesson (5min): At the end of chapter 7.TaylorJED7005-9 5 every student who speaks up (10 min). “one more lesson. student Mitch feel alienated from his family. neighbor. coach. How does Morrie view Mitch’s visits? Family member vs.