Macapagal, Elsie P.

1. Looking at the overall picture of the Spanish colonization in the Philippines, would you say weather or not it had adverse effects on the Filipinos? • I can say that the Spanish colonization does not have adverse effects on the Filipinos. Although there are some changes in the way we live because the Spaniards have been successful in colonizing the Filipinos before, this Spanish colonization has also brought us something that we are benefiting now such as the introduction of Roman Catholicism to us. Also these had guided our ancestors to become strong, independent and to value freedom. Although in some extent they have been remodel the Filipino society and culture it had benefited us today. Accept it or not we have changed and improve after the Spanish colonization. There are some practices before that is not being practice now and if you will look beyond it, it is for the betterment of the Philippines and the Filipino as well. 2. Explain how the following serve as effective instruments of subjugation and control in the Philippines • Roman Catholicism had become an instrument in controlling More the

filipino people because the ceremonial splendour of the roman catholic church aroused the admiration of the Filipinos. representatives of various religious orders such as

Augustinians, Dominicans, Franciscans, and Jesuits came to the Philippines after Legazpi’ expedition. This had led the Filipinos to practice the same religion as with the Spaniards, The roman catholic. And because they practice the same religion they were able to control and subjugate the Filipinos.

pertaining to the natives of the Philippines without Spanish or Chinese ancestry and the Spanish colonizers believed that the indios could not comprehend more than the basic knowledge. had reported the questionable activities of the Filipinos. makati. apparently be men plotting against Spaniards. Also. If only they have a good strategy in doing or planning their meetings and gatherings they may not have been discovered by the Spaniards. This has serve as effective subjugation against the Filipino people because in Reduccion Plaza Complex. Augustinian curate of san pedro. about the evening gatherings in his parish. Identify and explain the weaknesses of the Philippine revolution • One of the weaknesses of the Philippine revolution is that the Filipino people lack strategy and cooperation. on august of 1896 father agustin Fernandez. 3. One good example is the revolution in 1896 where in the existence of the katipunan reached the Spanish authorities because Manuel Sityar. the civil governor of Manila. This is an example of the stupidity of the Filipino revolutionaries if they didn’t do their gatherings at night they will not be suspected. Elsie P.Macapagal. the Spanish had always stressed “purity” of blood in indicating societal rank. BSN3-11 • Reduccion Plaza Complex which refers to the resettlement of inhabitants in Spanish style poblaciones. At the top of the social pyramid were the espanoles peninsulares (born in the Spanish peninsula) and the espanoles insulares or Filipinos (born in the colony) and also constituting the majority of the population were the indios or indios naturals. . wrote to Don Miguel Luengo. the Spanish lieutenant of the civil guards stationed at pasig.

the Philippines is found in the western pacific ocean. Batangas. he liberated the town of Talisay. Taiwan bounds the country on the north. Because of its central location in the Far East. As what we have discussed in chapter 3. from the Spanish soldiers. on the west by south china sea and Vietnam.Macapagal. Elsie P. the country has 61 natural harbors. Who would be a better revolutionary leader? Andres Bonifacio or Emilio Aguinaldo • In my own perception. Site the reasons why US was interested in the Philippines • One of the reasons why US are interested in the Philippine is because of its geographical location. Also the Philippines has the longest irregular coastline in the world. I can say that Emilio Aguinaldo had been a better revolutionary leader because during the rivalry in katipunan he had beaten a sergeant of the Guardia Civil in a single combat. Furthermore. Also because of his contribution in Philippine revolution such as in the battle of Imus and in the early part of November 1896. during the Biak na Bato Republic. on the south by the Celebes sea and Indonesia and on the southwest by Malaysia and Singapore. He even became more renowned after his successful uprising in Kawit. on the east by pacific ocean. Furthermore. Another reason is because of the natural resources that the Philippines possessed. 5. This is longer than the coastline of great Britain and twice the coastline of the united states. the Philippines had been dubbed as the “Crossroads of the pacific”. Aguinaldo and his officers went into exile but did not end the fight to win . BSN3-11 4.

the philippino revolutionists could rest and regain their lost strength and then return to combat with renewed vigor 6. On a letter written in Hong Kong dated February 19. 1898.Macapagal. the different surnames which are somewhat related to Spanish surnames. churches. . Because we adopted some of their culture and still being noticed today. BSN3-11 independence from spain. Mariano Ponce stated that General Aguinaldo had signed the pact of Biak na bato because under its terms. and some of their music and foods. One of which is Christianity. Were the Spaniards successful in promoting Hispanic culture among the early Filipinos? • Yes. fiestas. Elsie P.

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