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February 2011

had the goodfortunemany recently wife of DennisShivety, NancyShively, genealogy researchers only dreamof. She acquirednot only one Shively can family photoalbumbut two. Even betterwas that the photo'swere identified. site. lt was chosento write a blog on the FamilyTree University Nancyrecently is here that you can read her stories on the Internet at http:// Prior to ChristmasNancy was contactedby a gentleman who had purchased photoalbumon eBay.He told her the photos a The man of and were identified therewere pictures Shivelys. and may found Nancy'sgenealogytree on have recognized names. He sent her scansof someof the picturesand one of the pictureswas the same pictureshe had hangingon the wall in her home.This picturewas a grandfather Dennis pictureof Peter $hively,great-great of Shively.The photo album also had picturesof Michael Shively,son of MichaelShively.MichaelShivelywas born in 17-May-1807 MonongaliaCounty,UruA and died 22April-1900in Henry County,lN. Michaelwas the son of Toothman. MichaelShively MichaelShivelyand Catherine ?n.tcLozt"'t i)*4, grandson of Phillip Shively and (born 1807) was the i,q-&2nwLrVoZt t* of Appolona'Abigail"Back. The great-grandfather Michael (born 1807)was MichaelShivelywho is this Shivelylines the immigrant. Nancyand Dennisdiscovered fly leafof the albumwas inscribed with a dateof 1866. who was the sisterof PeterShively to NaomiShively A short time after news about the first photo album Nancy receiveda messagefrom a womanwho had boughta familyphoto albumon ebay. This album had picturesfor family membersof the surnameMillikan. A Shively daughterhad marrieda Mr. Millikan. This albumhad a pictureof PeterShively of and his wife Susannah.Therewere also otherphotosof relatives the Shively family. Nancywrappedthe albumsand gave to Dennisas part of his Christmas presents.After Christmas Nancywas able to sharethe storyon her blog. She was ableto contact Debby Shively who also descendsfromthe Monongalia

CountyShivelylines. She also kindlysharedher photos the restof the Shively's for who are related. lf interestedin viewing the pictures of the first http:ll album the site on the Internet is: p ica sa w eb. goog l e. c om / N S h iv e ly / for lS66ShivelyAlbum# The site of the pictures the photos from the second album is: http:// p ica sa w eb. goog l e. c om / N S h iv e ly / ill ShivelyMikanAlbum# From the work that MargaretE. Shively for Smithfrom Osawatomie, Kansashas preserved future generationsentitled "Johann Michael (JohnMichaelShively), 1738" Scheiffle lmmigrant 1997 whichwas datedOctober, 1993and January, w e h a ve the hi s tory of thi s S h iv e ly lin e . Acknowledgement Margaretis given that her by "the combined publication was familyresearch I of Mary Ann Fokken,Ruth Wandeland Sue Rulfs, (1896) Michael AliceFreed. and herself'. Shively Because Margaret's work is writtenso well and expressedbetter than I could do I quote the followingfrom her work: "Michael Scheiffle, who arrivedat Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Palatine on 27. our ancestor. Ship,the St. Andrew,October 1738,is considered immigrant The St. Andrewwas one of sixteenshipsthat arrivedthat year with 119 men passengers. Although commanders beenordered listalsothe women had the to plusthe adults' very occupations, and children, to givethe placeof domicile and few did. Commander of was onewho didn'tfollow JohnStedman the St.Andrew the order,unfortunately. Therefore, do not knowwhetheror not Michaelhad we a wifeand/or children." "According Strassburger GERMAN to and Hinke in PENNSYLVANIA pp 238,239, Michael PfONEERS, VOL l, signed,October 27. 1738,at the in Courthouse Philadelphia, Oathof Allegiance the British the to Crown, and the and Oathof Abjuration Fidelity the Proprieter the Lawsof the Province.In and to pp VOL. lll of GERMAN writtenin PIONEERS, 244,246, Michael's signature is MICHAEL No otherScheiffles werelistedon the German Script SCHEIFFLE. St.Andrew." "The immigrants the soon movedout into other areas, particularly York York Countywas settled Countyarea of then Lancaster County,Pennsylvania. Lutheranand Lutheran Reformedfaiths. chiefly by those Germans of the probably Michael Co., traveled Lancaster thenabout75 mileswestto Wrights to Ferry taking the Monocacy Trail throughYork County,Adams County,and to in southward Monocacy Frederick County,Maryland. From my readings, Monocacy was locatedseveralmileswest of the Monocacy Riverand aboutten mifesnorthof the townof Frederick.ln 1740,Michael Schauffle listedas a was memberof the Monocacy Lutheran ChurchCongregation.(PENNSYLVANIA p daughter,EVA GERMANSlN MARYLAND, 93 by Nead). Here, Michael's

DOROTHEA, was born March 9. 1740 and was baptized August 10. 1740. were Georgeand Margaretta Sponsors Spengel, and Sebastian Winterbauer. (EARLY AND MARRIAGES SE PENN,Records IN LUTHERAN BAPTISMS of p Rev.JohnCasperStoever, 1730-1779, 14). BothSpengel and Winterbauer hadarrived PhiladelphiaOct 1737." at in From MargaretSmith'swork it is known that MichaelScheifflehad, besides the daughterEva Dorthealistedabove,the following children: John Christian Schauffle, bornOctober 1746; 25, JohnSchaufele, April 14, 1749; born John Jacob Scheiffle, born July 9, 1751;and Joh. HeinrichScheifele, born is January 1759. Fromothersources listeda son,JohnPhillip 27, born Shively, 1753. (Shively) It is knownthat three of the sons of MichaelScheiffle movedto Kentucky. The three sons were Christian Shively, Jacob Shivelyand Henry Shively. Fromthe Shively familyDNAproject is known it thatthe descendants of Phillip Shively, whosewillcan be foundin the Monongalia County, ruAWill Book \ 1, Page138,match DNAof the descendants the aboveChristian the of Shively and HenryShively. ThisPhillip Shively the gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-grandfather is of Dennis The pictures Shively who is the husband Nancy included thisarticle in of Shively. (1807-1900), wasthe grandson Phillip areof Michael who Shively of Shively. pictures Dennis Pictured beloware additional of Shively's ancestors that wereobtained fromthe photoalbums:


(gr-gr-grandfather) PeterShively

(gr-grandfather) AlonzoRobert Shively

1920'5 PROHIBITION, CLARENCEH. SHIVELY: GANSTERS, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON In the November2010 issue of the Shively Newsletter information was presentedon ClarenceH. Shivelywho lived in the Seattle, Washington area in the 1920's. Clarencewas indictedon the charge of prohibition and sentto the U.S.Penitentiary act conspiracy violatethe national to lt that Clarence was involved Washington. was also believed on McNeillsland, in in the robberyand theft of bondsfrom two Bank of Californiamessengers November '1923. of ClarenceH. Shivelyis recordedin The Seattle A third incidentinvolving from the SeattleDaily Times reportedthat he was Daily Times. Information in National Bankof Everett: involved the robbery the Citizens' of
Page1, Columns 2-5: TheSeattle Daily Times, Seattle Washington, Monday, September 1930, 29, H. of "*""Picture Clarence Shively*""*" *"""Picture roadhouse reads"Clarence (Dick)Shively, H. his was captured.,...Caption of whereShively upper left, is shownafter his anival at the captorand the roadhouse where he was taken. Shively, accused participation the Citizens' of in Countyjail wherehe was lodgedSundayevening, Snohomish who ledthe George Stever Snohomish l. of County, National Bankof Evereft robbery.Upper rightis Sheriff possesthat raidedthe Blue Ox Inn, Shively's roadhouse Hood Canalshownbelow,where he was on in captured bed. ldentified BankScene At Shively ln Auto Declared Bandit Ex-Officer Robbed lnstitution: Patrolman Positive SawPrisoner He OthersSeeResemblance. Evereft Outside in Seatedat the wheel of an automobile front of the Cilizens'SecurityNationalBank of Everett policeman, ex-convict suspected and leader the gangof of Clarence (Dick) former Seattle today, H. Shively, gun on 15 smiling a number as of the six sub-machine menwho robbed bankof $44,300 September posed in the hold-up witnesses scrutinized features an effortto identiffhim. his the One man did so positively a numberof otherssaid he closelyresembled driverof the and in fled automobile whichthe gangsters afterthe robbery. was Fred Lawrence, he Everettpatrolman, declared was certainShivelywas the man. Lawrence was who the onlypoliceman approached bankwhilethe hold-up goingon. the RanTo Scene was He was not on duty at the time,but seeingsomething amiss,ran to the bankwith revolver gun with drawn.A gangster a submachine methimat the doorandcommanded: 'Dropthatgunand upwithyourhands." Lawrence so and, handsin the air, starteddownthe street,takingnote,he said,of the manat did laterescaped. thewheelof the carparked the bankentran@ whichthe bandits at in wentto He said at that time the driverof the car was Shivelyand to furtherclinchhis identification wherehe madecertain, said,that he roadhouse, BlueOx lnn,at Hoodsport HoodCanal, on Shively's the was suspect. the proprietor the gangster had spentmost of the night It was at the inn yesterday that Shivelywas arrestedafter Lawrence bankthis morning was for the purpose of there. The placing Shively the car in frontof the robbed of in making identification moreconclusiveinvestigate still the claims an into Seattleofficials meanwhile were conducting investigation an alibi Shivelyclaimswill wholly him at exonerate and provehe couldnot havebeenin Everett the time of the robbery. witness. It is knownhe was in attendance the Lyletrial in Seattleon that day as a subpoenaed at itselfthatsummoned him he who arrested at the BlueOx Innthe subpoena him Coolly showed officers the to court. "l wasthere," said,"andwastalking menmostof the day." withUnited Stales Secret Service he Dubious Captors the for But his captors believehe cannotaccount an hourand a halfat leastthat includes verytime it. and immediately following the bankwas robbed somehalfhouror morepreceding a likeperiod and jail Kitty A conversation Shively that told them he had had with a womanKingCounty prisoner, the Marlin, before noonlhat day,theyclaimwas not on thatdayat all,though womansaidshewas shortly before noon. c,ertain it andShively notleave jail untilten minutes of did the contend, knownas an expertdriver, the Shively, Eventhough she may not be mistaken, officers fast Therobbery occuned exactly at 12.10p.m. Theusual minutes. mighthavereached bankin twenty the is driving timeftom Seattle Everett abouthalfan hour. to

jail Aftera carefulinquiry into the supposed visit,Capt.SilasH. Bunker, jail superintendent, the madethefollowing statement; 'The two menwho wereon thejail gateon Monday, September are Walter 15, Smithand James Barnes.BothknowShively. Smith knewhimwhentheywereon the police force, andBarnes seenhim has hereat the jail oncebefore whenhe cameto visita prisoner abouta monthago. BothSmithand Barnes saypositively did notletShively they 15 through gateon September " the Matron's Story "Thematron the women's quarters, Mrs.Georgia of Barconier, sayssheremembers Shively called to talk to a womanprisoner one day duringthe lastweek of the Lyle-Whitney on trial. She is tryingto remember someotherincident wouldfix in her mindjustwhatday it was,butso far hasbeenunable that to do so. We knowShively was at the jail on two occasions, onceearlyin the month, whenhe camewith a woman and somebundles I sawhim myself, onceagainon Thursday the finalweekof the Lyleand and of Whitney trial.' Pafi Scorein Officer's guns, sawed-off Armed with submachine repeating shotguns, rlfles and pistols,and carrying sufficient ammunition haveconducted shortJived to a siegeagainst considerable forceof gangsters a such as they expected they mightmeet,SheriffRobertStewartleft EverettearlySundaymorning with a scoreof picked men,and with search warrants a warrant Shively's and for arrestdescended MasonCounty into to raidShively's BlueOx lnnandhisranchnearShelton. Joinedby SheriffClaudeHavensof Thurston County,SheriffGeorgeTucker,of Masonand numerous otherdeputies and police, similarly all armed,the big partysplitat Shelton, somegoingto the ranch, others the inn. to Theyhada theorythatthe bankrobbers, afier leavingEverett withthe loot,had drivento the beach to and escaped Shively's roadhouse a fast speedboat,and eighteen-footer powerful in with engines, that was lyingoff shoresouthof Everett day. Theyexpected findthe boatin its floatat the BlueOx Inn. that to Boat,LootNotFound But it was not there,norweretheyableto findanyof the Everett banklootor any of the weapons usedin the Everett robbery. theyfoundof conseguence the search bothplaces in All of wasShively. He was in bed whenSheriff Steverand four auto loadsof deputies and otherpossemen leaped fromtheircarsandrushed the inn. lt was nearly o'clock. into 11 good Shively tookhis anestcalmly, and almost a joke,it seemed.He laughed conversed as and naturedly his captors, with showed themhis Federal Courtsubpoena ate a heavymealwiththemlater and at Shelton the way backto Everett. on Fearingthe par$ mightbe waylaidand attackeden route in an attemptto liberatethe prisoner, SheriffStevertook a circuitous way. He avoidedmain highways and led the caravanover less frequently usedcountry roads. Shively conversing cheerfully the way. all jail, But at the Snohomish County afterhe had beensearched booked "C. H. Shively, 40 and as yearsof age,six feetin height, pounds weight 200 in andbornin Califomia," was ledawayto Cell2 he and looked somewhat worried. 'No,"he said,"l don'tthinkl'll putup bail. I don'tthinkit willbe necessary." A momentbefore, he emptied pockets his and handedover to the jailer his watch,papers, as pen fountain andothereffects, goods." including in he $15.10 money, said: 'Thatis all my worldly Grins Question At "Putin the papers Askedif he had any further statements maketo reporters, grinned: to he that I runa finepavilion HoodCanal on wherewe havedances everynight, andthaton the dayof the bankholdup I wasin Federal I Courtin Seattle a witness, as though wasn't called the stand." to Shively wasbooked Justice the Peace of Andrew to Johnson, hadissued warrant who the charging himwithrobbery.Sheriff Stever saidit wasunlikely hearing a wouldbe heldfor a considerable time. Hisbail,firstfixedat $5,000, was raised $10,000 today. to TireMarks Check Witnesses havebeenfound,it was learned today,who tracethe flightof the banditcar fromlhe bankto SilverLake,thencewestto a beachoff whicha speedboatlay. At this pointon the beachis a shacknearwhichthe day afterthe robbery, markswerefoundof the pattemthatwereon the banditcar. tire A rowboat had beenpickedup adriftneartherethe evening following is believed the the skiffwas usedto transfer robbers theirlootfromthe shoreto speedboat. the and Shively's from Police Department 191 followed in dismissal the Seattlb 9 discovery hisconnection of with a mysterious in transaction seizedliquor. ln 1923he was sent to McNeillslandprisonfor liquor conspiracy.While he was at libertyon bond he was arrestedin connection with an attemptto disposeof stolenin the Bankof California robbery here,but laterwas exonerated. was one of the men securities He acquitted the robbery a Nanaimo, C.,bankin 1924. of B. of Map BankHold-Up (Map) RouteUsedto FleeScene**** Showing Suspected "**Diagram

This map shows the supposed route of flight of the robbers of the Everett Citizens' Security National Bank and the territory covered by Snohomish County officers yesterday in the capture of Clarenee H. Shively, suspected leader of the gangsters. According to the authorities theory, the bandits automobile, in which they escaped was driven by Shively south to Silver Lake, thence west to a shack on Puget Sound, where it was abandoned,to be picked up later by a woman, the robbers embarking in Shively's speedboat and hurrying to the Blue Ox Inn on Hood Canal, where he was anested yesterday. The SeattleDailyTimes,Tuesday,September30, 1930,Page 2, Column2,3: Outlaw, Price On Head, Sought As Everett Bandit HarryStone,Notorious Thug, HuntedAs MemberOf Submachine Gun Band;ShivelyAccusersIncrease (Picture of Harry Stone) Harry Stone, notorious Pacific Northwest outlaw with a price on his head for murder, was being sought to day as one of the six submachine gun bandits wanted for the $44,300 robbery of the Citizens' Securily National Bank at Everett. Swiftly following the arrest of Clarence H. (Dick) Shively, former Seattle policeman, and his idenlificationas the driver of the bank robbers' automobile,word was broadcastto authoritiesthroughoutthe country today to look for Stone in company with another ex-convict also wanted for the Everett hold-up. Notification came simultaneouslyfrom Vancouver, 8.C., that it had been learned two white men, a few days before the Everett holdup, had aftempted to buy submachine guns from a Seattle Chinese underworld character. The same Chinese is believed to have had a hand in the "passing" of $14,500 of the Everett curensy at the Royal Bank of Canada last week. A short, stocky ltalian with a peculiar "spider-like"way of moving about like a prize fighter in the ring, was one of the robbers particularlynoticed by those in the bank. This man, officers suspect, was Stone, whose true name is said to be George Rossi, and who formerly was a pugilist. 12 ldenti! Shively No less than twelve witnesses, il was reported by Sheriff George l. Stever of Snohomish County, have now identifiedShively as the man who sat at the wheel of the bandits' machine outsidethe bank while the robberywas in progress. At the same time operatives of the \A/illiam Burns lnternationalDetectiveAgency here said Shively's alibi that J, he was in Seattle at the time of the Evereft bank hold-up had been shattered. Bail Set At $10.000 Shively's lawyer was in Everett last night conferringwith the prisoner. But the attorney did not get Shively out of jail, if that was his intention, bail havingbeen increased $10,000,and amountShivetywas said to be unableto raise. to Search continued for an 18-foot speedboat which authorities suspec{ was used by the bank bandits to escape from a beach near Everett afier the robbery. Such a boat, Sheriff Stever was informed, had been seen near the Blue Ox Inn, where Shively was arrested, both before and after the hold-up. The boat, it is believed, may furnish important clues to the whereabouts of the six gangsters who were inside the bank while the man identifiedas Shively waited outside in the automobile. Its disappearance is believed suggestive that lhe robbers have a secret rendezvous somewhere on Puget Sound where they are hiding, probably well fortified and provisioned and can keep the speedboat comptetely concealed for use again at anothertime. Four men of a type resemblingsome of the bank bandits were reported to Sheriff Stever to have been seen on the Shivelyranch near Sheltonin Mason County as late as last Friday. This was the reason,it was said, that the ranch was searchedby a posse under his directionat the same time on Sundaythat the Blue Ox Inn was searchedand Shively taken. But, in view of lhe disclosurethat Shively had been 'tipped off that he was under surveillance,the officers said today it is not strange that they found the ranch deserted and could find non evidence of any kind. The SeattleDailyTimes, Friday,October24, 1930,Page 10, Column3: Shively Freed At Hearing On Bank Hold-Up Fofmer Seattle PolicemanCleared \/VhenEvidence ls lnsufiicientto Link Him in Everett Robbery Special to The Times of C. H. Shively*"t"

Everett, Friday, produced the stateat a preliminary Oc{.24.- Clarence (Dick)Shively H. againis a free man.Evidence by hearing was insufficient, policeman Justice the PeaceAndrew heldlastevening bringthe formerSeattle of Johnson to to trial. \Mrenall witnesses beenheardthe scorefor and against was as follows: had him Onewomantestified she saw Shivelyin the Citizens' Security National Bankapparently "sizing thingsup"five gun daysbefore submachine bandits robbed bankof $44,300 September5. 1 the Threeotherwitnesses idenlified as the driverof the car in whichthe bandits him escapedSeveral otherssaidhe resembled driver,butfour of thesedeclared manin the car seemed the the smaller than theprisoner. person Ninesaidintheiropinion driver the was thanShively. ".3::f,,rrg::rent Nearlya dozentestified they hadseenand someof themhadtalkedwith Shively Seattle that in between 1:30 1 p.m. a.m.andnoonon thedayof the robbery. hold-up at 12:10 The was Prosecutor Charles Denney not oppose R. vigorously motionof Shively's a did counsel dismiss prisoner, to the thoughhe said in his opinionthe positiveidentification the threewitnesses wouldwarranthis beingbrought trial. by to Justice Johnson saidhe thought trialwouldbe a wasteof taxpayer' money. a

CIVIL WAR PENSION OF SUSANASHIVELY, WIDOWOF SAMUELSHIVELY, STARKECOUNTY, INDIANA- Following someof the information is fromthe extracted CivilWar pension Susana widowof Samuel of Koontz Shively, Shively. A listof Indiana marriages lists SamuelShibleymarrying SuannaKoontzon 1- March-1860 the at GermanMethodist Episcopal Church,LaPorte, LaPorte County,lN. lt appears that Susana married second a time,afterthe deathof Samuel Shively, HenryPeterSulton to 12-June-1864.(Starke County,lN marriage Book A, Page 123). From the pension papersSamuel Shivelyis listed as having died in June-1863 Vicksburg, in MS. Genealogy records Susanna beingborn25-Feb-1840 died25-Oct-1898. list as and On the 1860Oregon Township, IND census, StarkCounty, family187,is SamuelShively age24bornin OH,Susannah 20 bornin OH,and Maria age age2 bornin lN. State Indiana of Marshall County On this 6mday of August,1863,beforeme a Clerkof the CircuitCourtin and for personally the County and Stateabovenamed, cameSusana Shively, whoseresidence and Postofficeaddress Grovertown, is StarkeCounty, lndiana, who afterbeingduly and swornsay she is aged24 years, and thatshe makes following the in declaration orderto obtain benefit the pension the of madeby the Act of Congress, approved 14, 1862: July "D" Thatsheis thewidowof Samuel whowasa private Company commanded Shively in by Captain Wilsonin the 48th Regiment lndiana Volunteers, the war of 1861, of in who diedat Mcksburgh, Mississippi, or about 28th of June,1863, on the day andthe cause of his deathwas typhos fever. She furtherdeclares that she was married the said SamuelShivelvat Knox. to Starke County, lndiana, or about 1ttdayof March, on the 1860, one Johnd. Schafer, by a minister the Gospel; of that her husband aforesaid the Shively Samuel diedon the day abovementioned, and that she has remained widow ever since that periodas will a moredulyappearby reference the proofhereunto until annexed.She alsodeclares that she has not in any manner in beenengaged or aidedor abetted, rebellion the the in UnitedStates. And shefurtherdeclares she hasthe following that living,by said children years: husband, underthe age of sixteen Daniel Shively, aged2 yearsthe 27th January, of 1864 And she hereby constitutesand appoints John D. Devor her attorneyto prosecute claimand process her a Pension this for certificate. her Susana x Shively Mark Also personallyappeared Philip Weller and Caroline Smith residents of Grovertown, StarkeCounty,Indiana, personswhom I certifyto be respectable and entitled credit,and who beingby me duly sworn,say that they were present to and saw SusanaShively declaration, they haveeveryreason sign her markto the foregoing and to believe, from the appearance the applicant, of and their acquaintance her, that with person she is the identical she represents herself be, and thatthey haveno interest to in the prosecution thisclaim. of Philip Weller Caroline Smith Swornto and subscribed beforeme and I herebycertifu that I haveno interest in the prosecution this claim,directly indirectly. In witnesswhereofI havehereunto of or set my handandofficial day 1863. sealthis6th of August, H. R. Pershing C.C.C.MarshallCounty

Samuel Shively Be it remembered, on this that To 29th of Feby,1860, following day the license Koontz marriage was issuedtowit: Susana Indiana, towit: Starke To all who shall see these presents,Greeting: Know that my person is legallyauthorized solemnize matrimony herebyrequired join in marriage to to as husband and SusanaKoontz, and for so doingthis and wife Samuel Shively shallbe his sufficient authority. S.S. In testimony whereof JohnS. Benton, l, Clerk By J. E. Short (De ) Be it remembered on this Sth that day of MarchA.D. 1860the following certificate was recordedin this office,to wit: Indiana, wit:Starke Coun$ to Thiscertifies ljoinedin marriage husband wifeSamuel as and Shively that A.D. 1860 andSusana JohnG. Schafer Koontz, the 1 day of March on ( JohnS. Benton Clerk ) Stateof Indiana, Countyof Starke, ss. l, Oliver P. Howard, Courtwithinandfor saidCounty H. Clerkof the Circuit and State, do herebycertifythat the foregoingare true copies of the license authorizing marriageof SamuelShivelyand SusanaKoontz,and is the the recordnow in my certificate their marriage appearsin the propermarriage of as In testimony set saidoffice. whereofI hereunto my handand affixthe seal 1863at Knox,tnd. of saidCourtthis7th dayof September OliverH. P. Howard Clerk Datedat NearSavannah Dec 1711864. GA "D" I certifyon honorthat SamuelShivelywas a privatein Company of the 48th Regiment Indiana of Volunteers that whilestrictlyin his line of duty at the and siegeof Vicksburg, Misson the 6thday of June 1863he contracted exposure by and overexertion, disease commonly knownas typhosfever,whichresulted in a his deathon the 20th Mississippi, of which all day of June,1863,at Vicksburg, knowledge. fact I havepersonal Adolphus Green H Capt48 IndVol Infty Comdg D Co.

SHIVELY'S NEW ORLEANS, lN PARISH, LOUISIANA In the November ORLEANS 2010issueof the Shively Newsletter information requested who mightbe buried was on in NewOrleans, No. Louisiana Lafayette in Cemetery 1. Thiscemetery located the is in historic Garden District. is amongthe city'searliest lt and mostsignificant aboveground burialsites. Oncepart of the Livaudais Plantation, Lafayette 1 was designated No. a site cityburial in 1833. At the head of this gravewas probablya marker listing the namesof the persons buriedhere. At the time of visit this marker was missing. Research the surname on Shively NewOrleans in has givensomecluesas to who mightbe in this cemetery. From the census records and informationextracted from the New Orleans newspapers is knownthat there were Shively's it who did live in the GardenDistrict the area of in this cemetery. Located the marriage in records Louisiana foundthe marriage WilliamShirley for was of to MaryHaleyon 3-Dec-1867 Orleans in Parish.On the 1870Orleans Parish, Ward 11 was foundthe familyof WilliamShivelyage 27 born in lndiana, wife of New Orleans Mary H. age 28 born in Liverpool and daughterIndianaage 1yr 2 monthsborn in Louisiana. has On the next censusrecordin 1880the familyof \Mlliamand MaryShively grownand listedin OrleansParish,200 Annunciation Street,New Orleansis William Shively age 38 bornIndiana, Marybornin England, wife daughter Indiana age 11,son William age 8 anddaughter Maryage6. The childrenof Vt/illiam and Mary Shivelymarriedas follows: Mary Louisa WilliamC Shivelymarried ShivelymarriedRoderick Huddleston 1-Aug-1894, S. on BlandR. Huddleston 28-Jan-1897 New Orleans,Indiana in married on Myrtilla Shively William Frederick Weishaupt 25-Mar-1908. on 1427Harmony On the 1900Orleans Parish, Street, NewOrleans listed son is the of \Mlliamand Mary Shively. The son \MlliamC. Shivelyage 28 born Oct 1871 in is Louisiana listedwith wife Bland R age 28 born Dec 1871 in Mississippi son and Wllliam Jr age2 born 1897in Louisiana. By 1900the daughter William C., of and Mary Shively, Mary Louisa,has movedand is livingin Chicago, with her husband lL Roderick Huddleston children age and Roderick 4 and Mae age2. Other record sourceswere searchedto give additionalinformation these on families.A deathcertificate foundfor WilliamHenryShively.He died in Shively was New Orleanson 27-Oct-1930 the age of 87 years 3 months. The certificate at states the deceased was the widower Mary Holey, of and the son of UlricShively and Polly Johnson, bothnatives Indiana. of Fromthis information then knowthe parents WilliamHenryShively we of were Ulery Shively born1819Montgomery OH died1858Madison lN and MaryJane Co. Co, "Polly" in Johnson who were married 9-April-1838 RushCo., lN. William wouldhave were beenthe grandson JacobC Shivelyand Mary Siler. Wlliam'sgrandparents of (1764-1800). (1759-1823) Elizabeth lsaacDavidShively Bossler Finally, William and

(1721-1776') Elizabeth would have been the great-grandson UlrichSchaublin and of (1722-1777). Thommen A newspaper was located WlliamCushing for son and obituary Shivey, of \Mlliam Monday, December 1900,Page6, MaryShively:The DailyPicayune, NewOrleans, 3'1, Column 5: W. C. Shively Young Sudden Business Man DeathOf A Promising youngbusinessman, suddenly Mr. WilliamCushing Shively, rising a died at 1:30o'clockSundaymorning his homeon Harmony at street,nearPrytania. position year,and had for a longtime held a responsible with He was in his 29th the firm of A. Baldwin& Co. Mr. Shivelysuccumbed an apoplectic to attack induced a too closeapplication business. He was ill only a few minutes. by to of Althoughhe had recentlycomplained feelingunwell,he himselfattachedno importance the fact, and was not evenconfined the house. He was a man to to and his suddendeath will be of exeeptional ability and attractivepersonality, regretted a wide circleof friends. His wife and one chiH survivehim, besides by residesin his parentsand two sisters,one of whom, Mrs. R. S. Huddleston, Chicago. The next newspaper obituarylistsone Shivelymemberas beingburiedin No. the Lafayette 1 cemetery.Notethat in the obituaryis mention Mrs. Bland of mother of WilliamC. Shively. This \Mlliam C. Shivelyis the Huddleston, grandson Williamand MaryShively of and son of \MlliamCushing Shively and BlandHuddleston: TheTimes-Picayune, Friday, September 1932,Page2, Column 30, 8: SHIVELY-AI Chicago,lll., on TuesdaySeptember27, 1932, Mrs. Bland Huddleston mother William Shively. C. Shively, of Remains will arrivein New Orleanson Fridayevening. September 30, 1932at 7:50 o'clockvia l. C. Railroad. Funeral services be heldfrom the will funeralhomeof Pat J. McMahon-Coburn 2305 Canal,cornerN. Mire,on Co., 1,1932, 11o'clock. Saturday morning, October at No. Interment Lafayette in cemetery '1. A newspaper obituarywas locatedfor the grandsonof Williamand Mary Shively and who was the son of William Cushing Shively and Bland R Huddleston: TheTimes-Picayune, 20, Monday, April14, 1980, Sec.1-Page Column 8: SHIVELY---William Shively, years,of Jaffrey,NH, formerlyof New lberia C. 82 and New Orleans, died on April 12, 1980 quietlyat home; survivedby his (Mrs.T. R.) at Jaffrey, PeterR. NH; 4 grandchildren, daughter JanetS. Magoun L. of Magoun NorthHaven,CT,MattS. Magoun PaltoAlto,CA, Jennifer and of of StevenR. Magoun, Jessica Frenchof Tulsa,OK; and 1 great-grandson, A. private NH. NorthHaven, with burialin Jaffrey, CT. Services

(SHIVELY) JULIAHOOD In the November JACOBWHEELER AND SHIVELEY 2A1O issueof the ShivelyNewsletter information sharedregarding familyof Jacob was the (Shively). Ray Shively, WheelerShiveley Des Peres,MO e-mailed with additional information thisfamilyand photo's. on (born25-Dec-1842, JacobWheeler Shiveley was the son of George Shively died 8-Sep-1902) his first wife, PaulineJane Nelson(born 7-June-1843, and died 18Aug-1874 AdamsCounty, OH). Jacobwas married JuliaA. Hood,daughter John to of Hoodand NancyStovall. Jacoband Juliahad threechildren: John Murle(Merle) Shiveley who marriedHelen Hundall, GeorgeHenry Shiveley who marriedMargart AlmetaMorton, Mildred and MarieShiveley who married Edward Porterfield, E. Jr. is in Jacob\Nheeler Shiveley a relative Ray Shively's lineage. For additional information Jacobyou cango to RayShively's on website:

Julia !Ifdmd_,



and_J_acob Wheeler


in familyresearch. Pleasegive as QUERIES Freeto anyoneinterested the Shively particularly muchinformation possible, as datesand localities. you do notget a reply, lf yourqueryagainat a laterdate. submit The success the SHIVELY is of NEWSLETTER directly due to the participation the of your interest wouldhavebeenaccomplished. subscribers.Without and input,nothing quarterly. To subscribe, The NEWSLETTER published is send $8.00for one year. payable LarryShively. Please makechecks to

you SHIVELY BLOGS On the lnternet canfinda blogfor aboutanysubject imagined. pertaining usually A blogis a website a partof a website or to one area with information with of interest.Blogsare usually updated frequently new information addedas oftenas for daily. This type of technology can be a good sourceof sharinginformation the genealogist. Shively from Michael The researchers working the families on that descend Scheiffle blogwrittenby NancyShively. For more information have a very interesting please the leadarticle month. aboutNancy andherhusband Dennis see this The authorof your Shivelynewsletter beentakinggenealogy has classesat the 2011that I had the goodfortune Family Tree University it was duringJanuary and of finding Nancyand Dennis. Shewas selected create blogon the Family to Treesite. a Without blogI mighthavenever her with Dennis, whodescends connected herhusband, fromthe samelineas thoseof us who havethe Michael Phillip and Shively linesin West Virginia. genealogy I saw Nancy's blogwhile I was finishing classentitled a FindYour BuildA Family Website.For quite German Roots. I hadjust started newclassentitled a some time I have wanted a site where the Shively Newslettercould be shared from and electronically. Shively The Newsletter goodparticipation the researchers it has posted quarterly the Internet we can all benefit is hopedthat withthe information on that andlearnmoreabout Shively our families. lf interestedyou can find my new Shively Family Genealogy blog at lt http:i/ is my intentto use the siteto further quarterly add linksto websites are of research, and that our Shively sharethe Newsletter particular research. interest the Shively familygenealogy to

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