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2006-2007 Public Health doctoral coursework Saint Louis University

2004-2006 M.A. (Systematic Theology) Aquinas Institute of Theology
2000-2004 B.A. (Theological Studies) Saint Louis University

Employment Positions Held

2010- current Mission Integration Coordinator St. Francis Health Center, Sisters of Charity of
Leavenworth Health System
Responsibilities: Chairs the Ethics Resource Group, provides oversight of sub-committees and project leadership
to ensure appropriate policy implementation and strategic plans are achieved; collaborates with System Office
leadership for ethics policies and education and to design ethics consult tracking software; plans, coordinates,
and leads aspects of Mission Council; assists in developing and presenting workshops, seminars and other
educational opportunities for staff members; shares the history, mission, vision and values with new associates at
orientation as well as providing an in-depth look at the Ethical and Religious Directives for Health Care; and
serves as United Way annual campaign coordinator.

2008-2010 Evaluation & Data Analyst Missouri Institute of Mental Health,

University of Missouri School of Medicine
Responsibilities: Plan, coordinate, and evaluate health services and research projects related to substance abuse
and mental health (co-occurring disorders); collect data; perform complex data entry; develop and maintain
project databases; conduct statistical analyses; write reports and articles; develop proposals and manuscripts;
search for and write grants; develop and write policy briefs for internal and external clients; analyze national
datasets for issue briefs pertinent to Missouri.

2006-2008 Research Analyst Controlling Asthma in St. Louis,

Saint Louis University School of Public Health
Responsibilities: Facilitate the development of project-specific data collection (the Asthma H.E.L.P. program)
and data analysis instruments; perform complex data entry; conduct complex statistical analysis of data; perform
independent research and prepare research papers; search for and write grants, manuscripts, and reports; review
medical charts and analyze findings; conduct background research for the development of other CASL
programs; perform spatial and temporal analysis of healthcare utilization data, catchments areas, and evaluation
practices to create GIS-based interpretations of the data.

2005-2006 Training Assistant St. Louis Public Library, Training Department

Responsibilities: Teach public computer classes at Library Training Centers including Basic Computer Skills,
Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Mail Merge, PowerPoint, PrintArtist; design and plan curriculum for public
computer classes; assist with design and implementation of staff training (reference, subject training, circulation
training, etc.).

Consulting Relationships
2009 Independent Contractor UrbanFUTURE
Responsibilities: Facilitate extensive literature review of evidence-based educational practices to enhance current
curriculum; provide technical assistance for preparation of federal grant applications; provide technical
assistance for mentoring (character) curriculum development; assist with survey design and instrument
development; provide as needed technical assistance with survey data collection.
2007-2008 Independent Contractor Advocacy Committee, Catholic Charities of
St. Louis
Responsibilities: Attend regular advocacy meetings; create GIS applications as requested to meet advocacy
needs; dialogue with members of advocacy meeting; meet regularly with Senior Advocacy Director; establish
database of advocacy members; establish database of advocacy needs; analyze surveys; present survey findings;
as needed attend statewide meetings held in Jefferson City.

2006-2007 Independent Contractor Nonprofit Services Consortium

Responsibilities: Assist in preparation of survey for on-line distribution; develop evaluation and capacity
building tools; provide an assessment and evaluation of surveys needed to identify capacity building among
different stakeholders within the organization; provide feedback on how to evaluate survey results; develop a
survey aimed at non-profit board members to evaluate their interest in professional development activities.

Academic Mentoring
2009-current Content Expert (GIS) Department of Nutrition & Dietetics, Doisy
College of Health Sciences/School of Public
Health, Saint Louis University
Responsibilities: Serve as content expert in public health and geographic information systems for nutrition &
dietetics/public health (MPH/MS) student; assist with design of nutritional survey for University IRB-approved
study; provide spatial analysis of survey data; provided technical assistance for spatial statistical analysis;
provide feedback on student’s presentation and manuscript preparation; create 2 GIS maps for student’s
presentation and manuscript.

Volunteer Positions Held

2007-2009 Advisory Board Member St. Jane Catholic Charities Community
Responsibilities: Routinely meet with advisory board and director of St. Jane to advise on program challenges
and successes, budget and potential donors; work with golf tournament committee to plan annual St. Jane de
Chantal Golf Tournament (identify vendors, donors, foursomes; strategize marketing for tournament; provide
technical assistance and manual labor day of event)

2007-2009 Steering Committee Member Smoke-Free St. Louis City Coalition

Responsibilities: Regularly meeting with steering committee to analyze budget, marketing, and strategy;
regularly meet with neighborhood organizations, community groups, schools, and residents to discuss impact
potential smoke-free policy enactment; routinely meet with elected officials and city leaders to find community
champions for smoke-free initiative; respond to media inquiries including live television and radio interviews
regarding mission of Smoke-Free St. Louis.

2007-2009 One-On-One Inspire Mentor UrbanFUTURE

Responsibilities: To empower students to maximize his or her potential for success both in and out of the
classroom; implement a team model of mentoring that includes the student's parent or guardian, a volunteer
mentor and a teacher to work together on behalf of the student; focus on literacy, goal setting and character
development; meet for 75 minutes each week, communicate regularly during school week with parent, student
and teacher.

2006-2008 Health Policy Analyst Page for Missouri

Responsibilities: Organize health policy issues as matter of importance for Rep. Sam Page (D-82); design and
assist with development of key health policy legislation for the Missouri State House; conduct literature reviews
on health policy matters particularly affecting children, seniors, and war veterans; write and edit editorial and
opinion pieces for media outlets concerning Rep. Page’s stance on health issues.
Academic Involvement
Missouri Institute of Mental Health & Washington University Brown School of Social Work Monthly Scholars
Luncheon, 2008-2010
Alpha Epsilon Lambda (Graduate Student Honor Society) 2007
Saint Louis University “Make-A-Difference-Day” 2000-2009
Saint Louis University School of Public Health, GIS workgroup 2008

Volunteer Experience
Billiken Ambassador 2010
Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Lector, 2009-current
Catholic Charities of Saint Louis, Advocacy Council 2008
Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council 2005-2009
Hosea House (serve Thanksgiving dinner) 1989-2006
Polish Heritage Center Library Committee Board Member 2005-2009
St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Lector 1996-2009
St. Joan of Arc Catholic School, Catholic Schools Week Presenter, 2004-2009
St. Jane Catholic Charities Community Services, Advisory Board 2007-2009
Smoke-Free St. Louis City, Steering Committee 2007-2009
UrbanFUTURE Inspire Mentoring Program 2007-2009

Political Experience
City of Saint Louis, Board of Election Commissioners, Democratic Roving Deputy Election Commissioner
Mary Homan for the 23rd Committee 2008-2009
Page for Missouri 2006-2008
Slay for Mayor Campaign 2001 & 2005
Young Democrats of Greater Saint Louis 2005-2009

Professional Memberships
American Public Health Association 2003-current
Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), GIS and Health Workgroup 2007-current

Homan, Mary E., MA, “Oh for the Love of Christ: From the People of God to the Church,” Saint Louis
University, Theological Foundations, Lecture, 4 March 2008.

Homan, Mary E., MA, “Having an Attitude of Gratitude,” Saint James the Greater Catholic School,
Presentation to Elementary School Children, 18 December 2007.

Homan, Mary E., MA, “Stewardship: More than Just Money,” Saint James the Greater Catholic School
Parent/Teacher Meeting, Presentation, 20 November 2007.

Homan, Mary E., MA, “Brief Critical Exegesis of the Book of Joshua,” Cor Jesu Academy, Sophomore
Religion, Lecture, 14 November 2007.

Homan, Mary E., MA, “Understanding how Law Guides Human Freedom,” Cor Jesu Academy, Junior
Religion, Lecture, 14 November 2007.

Homan, Sharon & Homan, Mary “Ready for Prime Time? Top Secrets in Biostatistics and Epidemiology.”
Review of Epidemiology and Biostatistics Secrets by Robert Nordess (ed.). PsycCRITIQUES: 51:43 (25 Oct
Tiemann, Courtney, MPH, MS, RD, LD, Harris, Jenine K., Ph.D., Homan, Mary E., MA, “Characteristics of
Family Meals in a Rural Missouri Food Desert,” (in process)

Issue Briefs
Homan, Mary E., MA, “How Missourians are Affected by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues,” April

Homan, Mary E., MA, “Increasing Missouri Children’s Dental Coverage,” July 2007.

Homan, Mary E., MA, “The Uninsured in the United States: Public Health’s Response and Responsibility,”
April 2007.

Homan, Mary E. MA, “Importance of Insuring Missouri Children: The Children's Health and Medicare
Protection Act,” February 2007.

Homan, ME, Homan, SM, “Immunizations and vaccine origin: What is a socially just public health response to
ethical-moral concerns?” 138th Annual Meetings of the American Public Health Association, Oral Presentation,
November 2010.

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Conference Series, 26 August 2009.

Ron Claus, PhD, Steven Winton, MS, Mary E. Homan, MA, Edward Riedel, MSW, “Staff Turnover and
Change in Co-Occurring Capability,” 2009 Addiction Health Services Research Conference, October 2009, San

Ron Claus, PhD, Edward Riedel, MSW, Mary E. Homan, MA, Steven Winton, MS, “Co-Occurring Capability
and Collaborative Partnerships: Understanding the Service Linkages of Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Programs,” 2009 Addiction Health Services Research Conference, October 2009, San Francisco.

Claus, RC, Reidel, E, Renner, M, Rorick, JJ, Homan, ME, “Necessary Partnerships: A View of Mental Health
and Substance Abuse Provider Networks in Rural and Urban Missouri,” 2008 Building Equitable Partnerships
Symposium, Presentation, October 2008.

Homan, MA, Mary E., Castro, MPH, MD, Mario, Sterling, PhD, CIH, David A., Wilson, MHA, PhD, Kristin,
“Understanding Pediatric Asthma Acute Healthcare Utilization in Resource-Challenged Urban Areas,” 2008
ESRI Health GIS Conference, Presentation, September 2008.

K.D. Wilson, M.H.A., Ph.D., R.S. Kurz, Ph.D., M.E. Homan, M.A., “Demonstrating the Breakdown in
Dissemination between Implementation and Institutionalization of Asthma Best Practices,” American Thoracic
Society 2008 Toronto International Conference, Poster Presentation, May 2008.

Homan, Mary E., MA, “Housing as a Social Determinant of Health,” Washington University School of
Medicine AMA-MSMA Talking Groups, PowerPoint Presentation, 28 January 2008. (PowerPoint can be found
on the Missouri Association for Social Welfare’s Website

Kurz, Richard S., PhD, Homan, Mary E., MA, Homan, Sharon M., PhD, Wilson, Kristin D., MHA, “Effects of
a Community Agency Intervention on Care Management, Health Services Use and Quality of Life for Children
with Asthma,” AcademyHealth Annual Meeting, Poster Presentation, June 2007.
Kurz, Richard S., PhD, Homan, Mary E., MA, Homan, Sharon M., PhD, Wilson, Kristin D., MHA, Sunshine-
Hankins, Michelle, MSW, LCSW, Saunders, Jamie, MSW, “Asthma H.E.L.P.: Assessing the effects of home
visits by asthma-educated social workers on children’s health outcomes,” 135th Annual Meetings of the
American Public Health Association, Poster Presentation, November 2007.

Kurz, Richard S., PhD, Homan, Mary E., MA, Wilson, Kristin D., MHA “Measuring sustainability in several
health services interventions: An application and expansion of the Levels of Institutionalization (LoIn) Scales,”
135th Annual Meetings of the American Public Health Association, Poster Presentation, November 2007.

Homan, Mary E., MA, Homan, Kenneth B., PhD, Kurz, Richard S., PhD “Religious Objections to Vaccines
Derived from Aborted Fetal Cell Lines: An Ethical Analysis,” Saint Louis University Graduate Research
Symposium, 30 March 2007.

GIS Applications
Maps (.jpeg, .gif, .pdf) can be found at

Areas of Expertise
● Assessment & Evaluation
● Business/Professional Writing
● Capacity Building & Board Development
● GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
● Grantwriting
● Health Policy Analysis
● Manuscript Preparation
● Research Design and Methodology
● Survey Design

Technical Skills
● Library Reference Skills
○ Database (Literature) searching (EBSCO, JSTOR, Lexis-Nexis, NewsBank, OVID)
○ Internet-based (Literature) searching (Entrez, MedlinePLUS, PubMed, Questia)
● Software Programs
○ Adobe Acrobat, InDesign (minimal), Illustrator (minimal)
○ Endnote
○ Microsoft Office Suite
○ OpenOffice
○ Reference Manager
● Geographic Information Systems Programs
○ ArcGIS/ArcView
○ Community Viewer
○ Epi Info
○ Geolytics
● Statistical and Survey Programs
○ EasySurvey
○ QuestionPro
○ SAS (minimal—currently learning)
○ Survey Monkey
● Various RSS/Feed Aggregation tools
● Web browsers Avant, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari