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Tafseer-e-Quran Al-Etteqaan-e-Mustafa AlHalbi pt-1 page 70, According to this

referred book, Hazarat Umer affirms that the Total numbers of words of Holy Quran
are 1027000. However the Total number words of present Quran as per Hazarat Ibn-
e-Abbas are 326631. This means about 1/3 what Hazarat Umer claimed is with us as
present Quran and 2/3 of Holy Quran is not with us . Where is 2/3 as claimed by
Umer Razi Allah na-ho?

2. Tafseer-e-Quran Al-Etteqaan-e-Mustafa AlHalbi pt-2 page 25 and Dur-e-Manshoor

pt-1 page 106, Hazrat Abdullah Ibn-e-Umer said that non of you could claim that you
got whole Quran, because no one knows that, how much the whole Quran was? As
most of Quran has been lost, so one should say that whatever one has that is what is

3. Tafseer-e-Kabeer page-179, Tafseer-e-Quran Al-Etteqaan-e-Mustafa AlHalbi pt-1

page 79 and Dur-e-Manshoor pt-6 page416. Abdullah ibn-e-Masaood affirms that
Surah Fateha, Surah Falaq and the Surah Wan-naas are not the part of Quran. For this
reason He took these Surahs from copy of Quran which, was in his possession.

4. Tafseer-e-Quran Etteqaan-e-Mustafa AlHalbi pt-1 page 65 there were two extra

Surah Al-Hafad and Al-Kullah in The Holy Quran which, was in the possession of
Abi bin Ka’ab (the 1st Imam of Salat-e-Tarawi) but these Surah are not found in the
present Quran.

5. According to Dabastaan-e-Mazahab page-220 there was a famous Surah Noorain in

the Holy Quran but today we don’t find this Surah in the Holy Quran.

6. According to Tafseer-e-Quran Al-Etteqaan-e-Mustafa AlHalbi and Abdullah Ibn-e-

Abbas the Total numbers of Ayyat of Holy Quran are 6616, whereas present Quran
the Total Numbers of Ayyat are 6666.

7. According to Dur-e-Manshoor and Tafseer-e-Quran Al-Etteqaan-e-Mustafa

AlHalbi pt-2 page-25 Hazarat-e-Ayesha affirms that during the period of Holy
Prophet there were 200 Ayyas of Surah Al-Ahzaab but she says that later we found
(less) whatever is present now.

8. Also according to Dur-e-Manshoor and Tafseer-e-Quran Al-Etteqaan-e-Mustafa

AlHalbi pt-2 page-25 narrated by Hazarat Huzaifa that once hazarat Umer asked me
that how many Ayyat of Surah Ahzaab do you count, I replied that 72 or 73, on this
He said that it was equal to Surah Baqarah and there was also Ayat-e-Rajm in that,
but we do not find Ayat Rajm in the Holy Quran that we have?

9. Dur-E-Manshoor pt-3 page-180 and Al-Ettaqan pt-2 page 26 Narrated by Hazarat

Huzaifa that Sura Tawbah was infect the Sura-e-Ahazaab and in that none of us was
left out that any Ayat of Ahazaab was not being revealed but in the present Quran that
we have has only ¼ of the total Surah?
10. Nesaee pt-2 page-71 Hazarat Ayesha affirms that in the beginning there was Ayat
of ten Raza’at in the Quran which, was changed by the Ayat of Five Raza’at and Ayat
remained till to the death of Holy Prophet and even after that also, but this Ayat in no
where in the present Quran?

11. Ibn-e-Maja translation “Waheedi pt-2 page57, Ayat-tul-Haywan pt-1 page-272.

Narrated by Hazarat Ayesha that Ayat-e-Rjam and Ayat Raza’at were revealed, and
written which, I kept them under cart, meanwhile the Holy Prophet passed away and I
became busy, during this period these were eaten by a goat?

12. Tafseer-e-Quran Al-Etteqaan-e-Mustafa AlHalbi pt-1 page-78 and Noor-ul-

Anwar side margin No.18 page-8. Bismillah in the beginning of all surah is not part
of Holy Quran.

13. Tafseer-e-Quran Al-Etteqaan-e-Mustafa AlHalbi pt-1 page-78 and Noor-ul-

Anwar side margin No.18 page-8. Narrated by Ibn-e-Masaood that during the period
of Holy Prophet we used to recite the following, “ Ya Ayyo Her Rasool Balagh Ma
Unzela Min Rabeyk-ka’ Inna Ali-e-yan Ameer-ral Momineen, Fe In-Lam Taf-Al”.

14. According to Dur-e-Manshoor pt-1 page302, when Umer Bin Rafa’A was writing
the Musah’af of Hazarat Hifza, She told him to write following Ayat “Hafezo Ala
Salatay Wa Sala Tel Wusta Wa Salat-tel-Asr” further Hazarat Ayesha also confirmed
that this Ayat was revealed like mentioned above, see more3 reference Muslim pt-2
page-606, Dur-e-manshoorpt-1 page-302 and Tarimzi page-333.

15. Kan-Zul-Amaal pt-1 page-286, Hazarat Usman while reciting the Ayat “Main
Kum Umma Tun Yadoona, he used to recite here “Yastagheesoona Ala Ma
Asabahom”, but this later part is not present in the Quran now.

16. Sahih Bukhari, Kitab Al-Tafseer Bab Ayaht “Tabat-Yada” page-114, Narrated by
Ibn-e-Abbas that the following; “Wa Anzer A’sheratekal Aqrabeen Wa Rahtoka
Minhomul-Mukhlaseen, but last three words are not in the present Holy Quran?

17. According to Dur-e-Manshoor pt-5 page-192, Bah-Rul-Moheet pt-7 page-224

Ruh Al-Ma’ani pt-1 page-156, and Mazan-e-Atedal pt-2 page-171. Kafayat-tul-
Talibpage-110, Mehraj-jul-Nabuwatpt-1 page-163, Kutab-e-Duri page-138 and Arja-
ul-Mutalib page-106. Accarding to all these above references Abdulah-Ibn-e-
Masaood used to recite The following Ayat as follow. “Wa KafaAllah-Hul-
Momaneenal-Qetala Bay-Ali-Yan” but the last word is not in the present Quran?

18. Tafseer-e-Quran Al-Etteqaan-e-Mustafa AlHalbi pt-1 page-185. Narrated by Ibn-

e-Abbas that the following Ayat was revealed as follow. “Wa WaSa Raboka but it
was by mistake written as Wa Kafa Raboka?
19. Dur-e-Manshoor pt-1 page-15. Hazarat Umer used to recite the Ayat “Gheyr-Ral
Maghzoobay Alay-Him Wa Lazzaleem” as follow “Gheyr-Ral Maghzoobay Alay-
Him Nameerulzzaleen”?

21. Dur-e-Manshoor pt-2 page16 Hazarat Qatada used to recite the Aya as “ Ala Inna
Tattaqu Minhum as Ala Inna Tatta qu Minhum Takiah “So we have given
20,erference from the Sunni Books which, support the concept of transposition of
Holy Quran. So how they blame to Shia that Shia believe in the transposition of Holy
Quran when their own literature supporting the concept of transposition of Holy
Quran Well????????????????


Now at the end of the article we will quote the five reference of
Sunni Ulama who confess that Shia do not believe on the
transposition of Holy Quran: -

The Quran to Sunni’s
Sunni’s Quran is not complete? Abu Musa al-Ash'ari believes that the
Quran is not complete and he read a verse not available in the Quran read the narration in
Sahih Muslim.
Sunni’s Quran is not complete? A missing chapter from the Sunni the narration in Sahih Muslim
Umar’s Quran Umar wanted to Add a verse of Rajm to the Quran... read the
narration in Sahih Al-Bukhari
Umar’s Quran Umar recites a verse that is not available in the Quran: “‘O
people! Do not claim to be the offspring...” Read the narration in Al-Bukhari