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2011 Man on the Mountain Camp

Date: Fri. Feb 25 to Sat. Feb 26, 2011

Duration: Fri. 12:00pm to Sat. 4:00pm
Camp Location: Arrowwood, AB

Dear Leaders,

The Man on the Mountain Camp will be held east of Calgary again this year. We
will be camping 1hr.east of Strathmore on private land near Arrowwood. Please see the
attached map for directions to the camp.
The site is located at the base of a large coulee. Large drifts have accumulated
along the coulee edges making perfect conditions for snow caving. Deciduous trees and
diamond willow, dogwood and silverberry are some of the trees and shrubs in the area.
The landowner has permitted the cutting and burning of any deadfall. Some animals that
frequent the area are deer, coyotes, porcupine, owls, beavers etc. A creek runs through
the bottom and has been dammed in several locations by beavers. Water can be obtained
from the frozen creek. An ice auger will be onsite. Vehicles will need to remain at the top
of the coulee, therefore all equipment will need to be transported by hand or sled
approximately 200m to the base of the coulee.
If the weather is exceptionally cold that weekend, the stake will have an
emergency tent set up as an area where boys can get out of the wind for a while.
We would appreciate every ward arriving by 7:00pm or earlier. Each group will
be responsible for there own meals and we encourage you to have your young men cook
for the group and/or themselves.
Attached is an Equipment Checklist, appropriate Winter Camping Attire, and a
handout listing all the potential requirements that could be covered off at the camp. Some
requirements will require a little prep from the individual groups. Please pass the
Equipment Checklist, appropriate Winter Camping Attire handouts to your young men
and remind them to dress for the weather conditions.

In order to qualify for the Pathfinder Citizenship Req # 6 (Historic Site) your group must
stop by and visit the Arrowwood town monument (Historic Wood Siphon) located on the
west side of Hwy 547 right before heading east on Twp Rd. 205A to the camp site. (see
pictures). During the Saturday morning hike we will explore the actual location of the
historic siphon.

*If you have any question please feel free to contact any member from the Stake
YM Presidency

Troy Layton: 403-605-5882 Tim Stanford: 403-369-9313

Lindsey Collette: 403-463-2561 Ron Layton: 403-285-2004
2011 Man on the Mountain Camp Agenda

Friday Feb 25

7:00pm or earlier – Arrive at camp, Set up and eat supper

10:00pm – FIRESIDE (Hot chocolate and refreshments provided by the stake)
11:00pm – Retire for the night

Saturday April 10

9:00am – Nature Hike and Exploring of Historic Site (Arrowwood Siphon)

12:00pm – Finish Hike/Activity and have lunch
1:00pm – Group Activities/Winter Olympics
Some Wards may be combined with other Wards if numbers are low so that
we have 4 and /or 6 groups.
4:00pm – Break Camp and Head home

*Agenda (activities) are subject to change based on environmental conditions etc.

Group Activities

The group activities will explore types of winter activities including snow caving

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics will be similar to the relay races at previous camps, but will only
involve activities completed during the winter. The events are to introduce the YM to
different winter activities that they may be unfamiliar with but have an interest in. Some
examples include (Torch relay, bobsledding, speed skating, snowshoeing, dog sledding,
and ice auguring etc.) Friday night each ward will receive a handout listing the events and
number of people participating in the event. Everyone must participate including leaders
and their will be opportunities for everyone to participate at least twice. It is up to each
group to select who is going to participate in each event. Remember you will be
competing against another ward during this challenge.

NOTE: Points will be awarded throughout the camp for group participation and
excellence. The ward with the highest points at the end of the camp will receive the
Man on the Mountain Trophy for 2011.

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