Benchmark Professional Training Company

Business Outline

Prepared by:
Zubair Ahmed, PhD

Our Identity:

What are we ? We are a training and consultancy company to corporate bodies and individuals.

Who are our Target Clients? 1. Pvt. Company employees from Financial sector 2. Corporate employees 3. Corporate bodies of telecommunication, Banking, Consultancy firm, Manufacturing industry (glocal/ global ). 4. Business Graduates 5. University students

What is our Core Business? A. Corporate Training (offering training program to medium to large corporate bodies) B. Individual Training (to professional individuals ) C. Online training* and other Related services* (In future) *Corporate training via net meeting. Related services are classified as Financial consultancy, Tax plan, Due diligence and M&A consultancy.

Market Analysis:

1. Present Market: 1.1 What is the Market size (in terms of number of students) for the individual training course ? 1.2 Market value (in terms of revenue ) of the individual training course? 1.3 Market size of (in terms of number of corporate bodies ) for corporate training course? 1.4Market value (in terms of revenue ) for corporate training course? 2. Market growth projection: 2.1 What is the market (in terms of 1.1 and 1.3) grow projection in next 5 and 10 years? 2.2 Market growth projection (in terms of 1.2 and 1.4 ) in next 5 years and 10 years? 3. Competition: 3.1 What portion of market share (in terms of revenue) our competitors have ? 3.2 What portion of market share (in terms of number of corporate bodies and students) our competitors have ? 4. Industrial growth rate: 4.1 What is the industry* growth rate (# of new industries being set up )industries in Bangladesh ? * Our business growth is related to the industry growth rate and industry's wellbeing, “how well the industries are doing”, in Bangladesh. If we of course count them as our core business partners. This data could play some important role when we raise capital. 5. Converting corporate bodies/individuals to our clients: 5.1 What particular program/service/affiliation are the corporate bodies interested in? 5.2 What are the unique services that we have while comparing to our competitors? 5.3 Search for a Business Development Director who can forge ties with local corporate bodies. 5.4 Why would the individuals choose our service on top of the established brands ?

Executive/Non executive body:

Appointing an Executive Business Development Director* from Bangladesh. *Will be In charge of forging ties with local corporate bodies and increase revenues.

Appointing a Chief Financial Officer* (CFO) for the company *In charge of the managing the Finance of the company, preparing financial forecast/report for shareholders.

Selection of 2 to 3 board members* of proven track record *We will use their social/corporate influence to raise fund/investment for the company.

Co-founders and Advisers: Some of us could assume the duty of advisers and we remain in the board as shareholders of the company.

Business Tie-ups:

This would be our key to success.

Forging strategic alliances* with local companies *Providing corporate training to the company employees.

Forging strategic alliances/Partnership* with foreign companies *outline of this would be discussed again.

Alliance with local universities/institutes* *we could provide/organize special certificate program for students of our allied institutes/universities

Partnership with IT companies* *They can setup a system for online training and maintain it.

Cost expenditure:

✔ ✔

How much finance do we need for the above market research? How much finance should be allocated for employee payment including payment structure/remuneration for the executive Business development director. (This is partially prepared)

Day to day running cost.( Apu vai already prepared this)

Cash injection and future Investment:

➔ ➔ ➔

To Estimate amount of required initial cash prior to the actual establishment of the company. Cost projection for first 3 years based on our growth projection and market trend. To confirm the type of the investment we require (e.g. Bank loan, Angel investors, Merchant bank)

➔ ➔

Required Investment to support continuous growth and future expansion. To plan the avenues where the investment would be used.

Phase: 1

Benchmark Professional Training

Alliance on Professional training with local corporation A

Appointing a Business Development Director with proven Track Record

Alliance on Professional training with local corporation B

Phase: 2 &3
Benchmark Professional Training

Negotiate with Investors for Capital Funding

Appointing 2 to 3 Board Members and advising board with Relevant Experience and Proven track record

Phase: 3

Partnering with overseas professional Training Companies (e.g. ALC edu.)

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