Suffering for Others

Devotional Reading: II Corinthians 5:16-21 Background Scripture: Isaiah 53 rint: Isaiah 53:!-6" 1#-12

1$ %od used the su&&ering o& 'is Servant to (ring healing and salvation to 'is people$ 2$ )he Su&&ering Servant in Isaiah 53 represents *esus Christ" our +ord and Saviour$ 3$ )he Su&&ering Servant ,as in&licted ,ith pain and death (ecause o& the sins and diso(edience o& all hu-an (eings$ John 15:12 )his is -. co--and-ent" )hat .e love one another" as I have loved .ou$ John 15:13 %reater love hath no -an than this" that a -an la. do,n his li&e &or his &riends$ Isaiah 53 Isaiah /ho hath (elieved our report0 and to ,ho- is the ar- o& the +1RD revealed0 53:1 John 12:34 John 12:35 John 12:36 John 12:37 John 12:38 John 12:39 John 12:40 John 12:41 John 12:42 John 12:43 Romans 10:15 )he people ans,ered hi-" /e have heard out o& the la, that Christ a(ideth &or ever: and ho, sa.est thou" )he Son o& -an -ust (e li&ted up0 ,ho is this Son o& -an0 )hen *esus said unto the-" 2et a little ,hile is the light ,ith .ou$ /alk ,hile .e have the light" lest darkness co-e upon .ou: &or he that ,alketh in darkness kno,eth not ,hither he goeth$ /hile .e have light" (elieve in the light" that .e -a. (e the children o& light$ )hese things spake *esus" and departed" and did hide hi-sel& &ro- the-$ But though he had done so -an. -iracles (e&ore the-" .et the. (elieved not on hi-: )hat the o& 3saias the prophet -ight (e &ul&illed" ,hich he spake" +ord" ,ho hath (elieved our report0 and to ,ho- hath the ar- o& the +ord (een revealed0 )here&ore the. could not (elieve" (ecause that 3saias said again" 'e hath (linded their" and hardened their heart4 that the. should not see ,ith their" nor understand ,ith their heart" and (e converted" and I should heal the-$ )hese things said 3saias" ,hen he sa, his glor." and spake o& hi-$ 5evertheless a-ong the chie& rulers also -an. (elieved on hi-4 (ut (ecause o& the harisees the. did not con&ess hi-" lest the. should (e put out o& the s.nagogue: 6or the. loved the praise o& -en -ore than the praise o& %od$

7nd ho, shall the. preach" e8cept the. (e sent0 as it is ,ritten" 'o, (eauti&ul are the &eet o& the- that preach the gospel o& peace" and (ring glad tidings o& good things9

Isaiah 53:2

Isaiah 53:3 Isaiah 53:4

Romans But the. have not all o(e.ed the gospel$ 6or 3saias saith" +ord" ,ho hath 10:16 (elieved our report0 Romans So then &aith co-eth (. hearing" and hearing (. the ,ord o& %od$ 10:17 6or he shall gro, up (e&ore hi- as a tender plant" and as a root out o& a dr. ground: he hath no &or- nor co-eliness4 and ,hen ,e shall see hi-" there is no (eaut. that ,e should desire hi-$ This addresses Jesus’ humanity Isaiah 7nd there shall co-e &orth a rod out o& the ste- o& *esse" and a Branch shall 11:1 gro, out o& his roots: Isaiah 7nd the spirit o& the +1RD shall rest upon hi-" the spirit o& ,isdo- and 11:2 understanding" the spirit o& counsel and -ight" the spirit o& kno,ledge and o& the &ear o& the +1RD4 Isaiah 7nd shall -ake hi- o& :uick understanding in the &ear o& the +1RD: and he 11:3 shall not ;udge a&ter the sight o& his" neither reprove a&ter the hearing o& his ears: Isaiah But ,ith righteousness shall he ;udge the poor" and reprove ,ith e:uit. &or the 11:4 -eek o& the earth: and he shall s-ite the earth ,ith the rod o& his -outh" and ,ith the (reath o& his lips shall he sla. the ,icked$ The Pharisees weren’t able to recall Isaiah chapter 11 or chapter 53: Matthew /hile the harisees ,ere gathered together" *esus asked the-" 22:41 Matthew" /hat think .e o& Christ0 ,hose son is he0 )he. sa. unto hi-" 22:42 )he son o& David$ Matthew 'e saith unto the-" 'o, then doth David in spirit call hi- +ord"" 22:43 Matthew )he +ord said unto -. +ord" Sit thou on -. right hand" till I -ake thine 22:44 ene-ies th. &ootstool0 Matthew I& David then call hi- +ord" ho, is he his son0 22:45 Matthew 7nd no -an ,as a(le to ans,er hi- a ,ord" neither durst an. -an &ro22:46 that da. &orth ask hi- an. -ore :uestions$ Jesus is the root and the offspring of Da id Revelation I *esus have sent -ine angel to testi&. unto .ou these things in the 22:16 churches$ I a- the root and the o&&spring o& David" and the (right and -orning star$ 'e is despised and re;ected o& -en4 a -an o& sorro,s" and ac:uainted ,ith grie&: and ,e hid as it ,ere our &aces &ro- hi-4 he ,as despised" and ,e estee-ed hi- not$ Surel. he hath (orne our grie&s" and carried our sorro,s: .et ,e did estee- hi- stricken" s-itten o& %od" and a&&licted$ Prophecy !ulfilled Matthew 7nd ,hen *esus ,as co-e into eter<s house" he sa, his ,i&e<s -other laid" 8:14 and sick o& a &ever$ Matthew 7nd he touched her hand" and the &ever le&t her: and she arose" and 8:15 -inistered unto the-$ Matthew /hen the even ,as co-e" the. (rought unto hi- -an. that ,ere possessed

Isaiah 53:5

,ith devils: and he cast out the spirits ,ith his ,ord" and healed all that ,ere sick: Matthew )hat it -ight (e &ul&illed ,hich ,as spoken (. 3saias the prophet"" 8:17 'i-sel& took our in&ir-ities" and (are our sicknesses$ But he ,as ,ounded &or our transgressions" he ,as (ruised &or our ini:uities: the chastise-ent o& our peace ,as upon hi-4 and ,ith his stripes ,e are healed$ I Peter 6or even hereunto ,ere .e called: (ecause Christ also su&&ered &or us" leaving 2:21 us an e8a-ple" that .e should &ollo, his steps: I Peter /ho did no sin" neither ,as guile &ound in his -outh: 2:22 I Peter /ho" ,hen he ,as reviled" reviled not again4 ,hen he su&&ered" he threatened 2:23 not4 (ut co--itted hi-sel& to hi- that ;udgeth righteousl.: I Peter /ho his o,n sel& (are our sins in his o,n (od. on the tree" that ,e" (eing 2:24 dead to sins" should live unto righteousness: (. ,hose stripes .e ,ere healed$ 7ll ,e like sheep have gone astra.4 ,e have turned ever. one to his o,n ,a.4 and the +1RD hath laid on hi- the ini:uit. o& us all$ Ju !es In those da.s there ,as no king in Israel" (ut ever. -an did that ,hich ,as 17:6 right in his o,n$ 'e ,as oppressed" and he ,as a&&licted" .et he opened not his -outh: he is (rought as a la-( to the slaughter" and as a sheep (e&ore her shearers is du-(" so he openeth not his -outh$ 'e ,as taken &ro- prison and &ro- ;udg-ent: and ,ho shall declare his generation0 &or he ,as cut o&& out o& the land o& the living: &or the transgression o& -. people ,as he stricken$ "#ts 8:26 "#ts 8:27 "#ts 8:28 "#ts 8:29 "#ts 8:30 "#ts 8:31 "#ts 8:32 "#ts 8:33 "#ts 8:34 7nd the angel o& the +ord spake unto hilip"" 7rise" and go to,ard the south unto the ,a. that goeth do,n &ro- *erusale- unto %a=a" ,hich is desert$ 7nd he arose and ,ent: and" (ehold" a -an o& 3thiopia" an eunuch o& great authorit. under Candace :ueen o& the 3thiopians" ,ho had the charge o& all her treasure" and had co-e to *erusale- &or to ,orship" /as returning" and sitting in his chariot read 3saias the prophet$ )hen the Spirit said unto hilip" %o near" and ;oin th.sel& to this chariot$ 7nd hilip ran thither to hi-" and heard hi- read the prophet 3saias" and said" >nderstandest thou ,hat thou readest0 7nd he said" 'o, can I" e8cept so-e -an should guide -e0 7nd he desired hilip that he ,ould co-e up and sit ,ith hi-$ )he place o& the scripture ,hich he read ,as this" 'e ,as led as a sheep to the slaughter4 and like a la-( du-( (e&ore his shearer" so opened he not his -outh: In his hu-iliation his ;udg-ent ,as taken a,a.: and ,ho shall declare his generation0 &or his li&e is taken &ro- the earth$ 7nd the eunuch ans,ered hilip" and said" I pra. thee" o& ,ho- speaketh the prophet this0 o& hi-sel&" or o& so-e other -an0


Isaiah 53:6

Isaiah 53:7

Isaiah 53:8

Isaiah 53:9

"#ts )hen hilip opened his -outh" and (egan at the sa-e scripture" and preached 8:35 unto hi- *esus$ "#ts 7nd as the. ,ent on their ,a." the. ca-e unto a certain ,ater: and the eunuch 8:36 said" See" here is ,ater4 ,hat doth hinder -e to (e (apti=ed0 "#ts 7nd hilip said" I& thou (elievest ,ith all thine heart" thou -a.est$ 7nd he 8:37 ans,ered and said" I (elieve that *esus Christ is the Son o& %od$ "#ts 7nd he co--anded the chariot to stand still: and the. ,ent do,n (oth into the 8:38 ,ater" (oth hilip and the eunuch4 and he (apti=ed hi-$ 7nd he -ade his grave ,ith the ,icked" and ,ith the rich in his death4 (ecause he had done no violence" neither ,as an. deceit in his -outh$ "nd he made his gra e with the wic#ed $u%e 7nd one o& the -ale&actors ,hich ,ere hanged railed on hi-"" I& thou 23:39 (e Christ" save th.sel& and us$ $u%e But the other ans,ering re(uked hi-"" Dost not thou &ear %od" seeing 23:40 thou art in the sa-e conde-nation0 $u%e 7nd ,e indeed ;ustl.4 &or ,e receive the due re,ard o& our deeds: (ut this 23:41 -an hath done nothing a-iss$ $u%e 7nd he said unto *esus" +ord" re-e-(er -e ,hen thou co-est into th. 23:42 kingdo-$ $u%e 7nd *esus said unto hi-" ?eril. I sa. unto thee" )o da. shalt thou (e ,ith -e 23:43 in paradise$ and with the rich in his death$ Matthew /hen the even ,as co-e" there ca-e a rich -an o& 7ri-athaea" na-ed 27:57 *oseph" ,ho also hi-sel& ,as *esus< disciple: Matthew 'e ,ent to ilate" and (egged the (od. o& *esus$ )hen ilate co--anded 27:58 the (od. to (e delivered$ Matthew 7nd ,hen *oseph had taken the (od." he ,rapped it in a clean linen cloth" 27:59 Matthew 7nd laid it in his o,n ne, to-(" ,hich he had he,n out in the rock: and 27:60 he rolled a great stone to the door o& the sepulchre" and departed$ I Peter 6or even hereunto ,ere .e called: (ecause Christ also su&&ered &or us" leaving 2:21 us an e8a-ple" that .e should &ollo, his steps: I Peter /ho did no sin" neither ,as guile &ound in his -outh: 2:22 I Peter /ho" ,hen he ,as reviled" reviled not again4 ,hen he su&&ered" he threatened 2:23 not4 (ut co--itted hi-sel& to hi- that ;udgeth righteousl.: I Peter /ho his o,n sel& (are our sins in his o,n (od. on the tree" that ,e" (eing 2:24 dead to sins" should live unto righteousness: (. ,hose stripes .e ,ere healed$ 2et it pleased the +1RD to (ruise hi-4 he hath put hi- to grie&: ,hen thou shalt -ake his soul an o&&ering &or sin" he shall see his seed" he shall prolong his da.s" and the pleasure o& the +1RD shall prosper in his hand$ % It pleased the &'(D to bruise him means that Jesus was accepted as a sin offering) as opposed to the unacceptable offering: Isaiah )o ,hat purpose is the -ultitude o& .our sacri&ices unto -e0 saith the +1RD: I 1:11 a- &ull o& the (urnt o&&erings o& ra-s" and the &at o& &ed (easts4 and I delight

Isaiah 53:10

Isaiah 1:12 Isaiah 1:13

not in the (lood o& (ullocks" or o& la-(s" or o& he goats$ /hen .e co-e to appear (e&ore -e" ,ho hath re:uired this at .our hand" to tread -. courts0 Bring no -ore vain o(lations4 incense is an a(o-ination unto -e4 the ne, -oons and sa((aths" the calling o& asse-(lies" I cannot a,a. ,ith4 it is ini:uit." even the sole-n -eeting$ 6or it is not possi(le that the (lood o& (ulls and o& goats should take a,a. sins$ /here&ore ,hen he co-eth into the ,orld" he saith" Sacri&ice and o&&ering thou ,ouldest not" (ut a (od. hast thou prepared -e: In (urnt o&&erings and sacri&ices &or sin thou hast had no pleasure$

&e'rews 10:4 &e'rews 10:5 &e'rews 10:6 &e'rews 7:26 &e'rews 7:27

Isaiah 53:11

6or such an high priest (eca-e us" ,ho is hol." har-less" unde&iled" separate &ro- sinners" and -ade higher than the heavens4 /ho needeth not dail." as those high priests" to o&&er up sacri&ice" &irst &or his o,n sins" and then &or the people<s: &or this he did once" ,hen he o&&ered up hi-sel&$ &e'rews 6or the la, -aketh -en high priests ,hich have in&ir-it.4 (ut the ,ord o& 7:28 the oath" ,hich ,as since the la," -aketh the Son" ,ho is consecrated &or ever-ore$ 'e shall see o& the travail o& his soul" and shall (e satis&ied: (. his kno,ledge shall -. righteous servant ;usti&. -an.4 &or he shall (ear their ini:uities$ 'e that spared not his o,n Son" (ut delivered hi- up &or us all" ho, shall he not ,ith hi- also &reel. give us all things0 /ho shall la. an. thing to the charge o& %od<s elect0 It is (o that )usti*ieth+ /ho is he that conde-neth0 It is Christ that died" .ea rather" that is risen again" ,ho is even at the right hand o& %od" ,ho also -aketh intercession &or us$ )here&ore ,ill I divide hi- a portion ,ith the great" and he shall divide the spoil ,ith the strong4 (ecause he hath poured out his soul unto death: and he ,as nu-(ered ,ith the transgressors4 and he (are the sin o& -an." and -ade intercession &or the transgressors$ Prophecy !ulfilled Mar% 7nd it ,as the third hour" and the. cruci&ied hi-$ 15:25 Mar% 7nd the superscription o& his accusation ,as ,ritten over" )'3 @I5% 16 15:26 )'3 *3/S$ Mar% 7nd ,ith hi- the. cruci&. t,o thieves4 the one on his right hand" and the 15:27 other on his le&t$ Mar% 7nd the scripture ,as &ul&illed" ,hich saith" 7nd he ,as nu-(ered ,ith the 15:28 transgressors$ $u%e 22:31 7nd the +ord said" Si-on" Si-on" (ehold" Satan hath desired to have .ou" that he -a. si&t .ou as ,heat: Romans 8:32 Romans 8:33 Romans 8:34

Isaiah 53:12

$u%e 22:32 $u%e 22:33 $u%e 22:34 $u%e 22:35 $u%e 22:36 $u%e 22:37

But I have pra.ed &or thee" that th. &aith &ail not: and ,hen thou art converted" strengthen th. (rethren$ 7nd he said unto hi-" +ord" I a- read. to go ,ith thee" (oth into prison" and to death$ 7nd he said" I tell thee" eter" the cock shall not cro, this da." (e&ore that thou shalt thrice den. that thou kno,est -e$ 7nd he said unto the-" /hen I sent .ou ,ithout purse" and scrip" and shoes" lacked .e an. thing0 7nd the. said" 5othing$ )hen said he unto the-" But no," he that hath a purse" let hi- take it" and like,ise his scrip: and he that hath no s,ord" let hi- sell his gar-ent" and (u. one$ 6or I sa. unto .ou" that this that is ,ritten -ust .et (e acco-plished in -e" 7nd he ,as reckoned a-ong the transgressors: &or the things concerning -e have an end$

,uotations an allusions in the -ew .estament *rom Isaiah Aatthe, 1:234 Isaiah B:1! Aatthe, 3:34 Isaiah !#:3 Aatthe, !:15"164 Isaiah C:1"24 !2:B Aatthe, D:1B4 Isaiah 53:! Aatthe, 12:1B-214 Isaiah !2:1-! Aatthe, 13:1!-154 Isaiah 6:C-1# Aatthe, 15:B-C4 Isaiah 2C:13 Aatthe, 21:134 Isaiah 56:B4 *ere-iah B:11 Aark 1:34 Isaiah !#:3 Aark !:124 Isaiah 6:C-1# Aark B:6-B4 Isaiah 2C:13 Aark C:!!4 Isaiah 66:2! Aark 11:1B4 Isaiah 56:B4 *ere-iah B:11 Aark 15:2D4 Isaiah 53:12 +uke 2:324 Isaiah C:1-24 !2:B +uke 3:!-64 Isaiah !#:3-5 +uke !:1D-1C4 Isaiah 61:1-2 +uke D:1#4 Isaiah 6:C +uke 1C:!64 Isaiah 56:B4 *ere-iah B:11 +uke 22:3B4 Isaiah 53:12 *ohn 1:234 Isaiah !#:3 *ohn 6:!54 Isaiah 5!:13 *ohn B:3D4 rover(s 1D:!4 Isaiah 5D:11 *ohn 12:3D4 Isaiah 53:1 *ohn 12:!#-!14 Isaiah 6:C-1# 7cts B:!C-5#4 Isaiah 66:1-2 7cts D:32-334 Isaiah 53:B-D 7cts 13:3!4 Isaiah 55:3 7cts 13:!B4 Isaiah !C:6 7cts 2D:25-2B4 Isaiah 6:C-1# Ro-ans 2:2!4 Isaiah 52:5 Ro-ans 3:15-1B4 Isaiah 5C:B-D Ro-ans C:2B-2D4 Isaiah 1#:22-23

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