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Brian Armstrong 6:40 PM (39 minutes ago) yy @& to Coinbase + Team, Since our communication clarifying our culture, I've received messages from many of you. Some have expressed appreciation for the clarity and leadership, others have expressed disappointment and hurt. it highlights the divide that has been present for some time in the company. Although it is a difficult conversation, I'm glad we are finally having it so that we can move forward as #OneCoinbase. Given the clarity we now have about this direction, | know that some of you are thinking about whether Coinbase is the right place for you to stay. | also know that it can be difficult to leave a job, for a variety of reasons including the need for reliable income during these times. To ease this transition, we're going to offer a generous separation package for anyone who is thinking of leaving, that should give you paid time off to look for a new job, spend with your family, or use however you see fit. The package we're offering to anyone who doesn't feel comfortable with this new direction is as follows: + Four months severance for employees with less than three year tenure, six months severance for those who have been here more than three years + Six months COBRA + Seven year option exercise window, even if you've been here less than two years, pending final Board approval (if you're not sure what this is you can read more here) It's always sad when we see teammates go, but it can also be what is best for them and the company. As | said in my blog post, life is too short to work at a company that you aren't excited about. Hopefully this package helps create a win-win outcome for those who choose to opt out. If you're interested in speaking with HR about this package (not committing to take it, but beginning a discussion) please fill out this form and someone will reach out shortly. Your conversation will be confidential with HR unless you choose to include your manager. If you decide to proceed, HR will provide you a separation agreement and work with you on your last day. I know many of you are still processing this cultural shift. There will be more time to answer your questions at Thursday's AMA. The last day to submit the form will be Wednesday Oct 7th, at SPM Pacific so you will have some additional time to consider it after the AMA. If you haven't reached out by this time, we will take this as an indication that you are onboard with this new direction we're taking as a company. It doesn't mean you have to agree with every aspect of it, but you should at least be able to disagree and commit to making this new direction a success I'm excited to move forward with this new clarity. Thank you, Brian