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August 2006 Issue 67

RFID Printed Electronics Smart Packaging Smart Labels

RFID in China Part 2

IDTechEx Exclusive
RFID in China Part 2 1 In this exclusive second part of his
report on China, IDTechEx re-
RFID in Korea – 11
searcher Ning Xiao explores many of
IDTechEx Excusive
the latest applications and imple-
mentations of RFID in China.
Large scale pallet 15
tracking pilot
Food and livestock tagging, LF

Pharmaceutical RFID 17 Shanghai animal tagging

and Smart Packaging
Shanghai has issued a local RFID
standard for animal and livestock biometric details, vaccination history,
tagging. The main frequency is LF and the owners’ contact details. The
Drug counterfeits in 22
Europe – Another (~125KHz). It also defines different local authority hopes to use the tags
Wake-up Call locations for different type of animal to maintain a database for the dogs,

All the Technologies, 24 tagging handle possible emergency situations

Applications and efficiently and retrieve lost dogs
Opportunities • Dogs: LF glass bead tag, injected quickly.
under left neck skin
IDTechEx Event 26 The project was government funded
Calendar • Pig: LF ear tag and there were little cost concerns

27 during the implementation. There is

IDTechEx Reports
• Cattle: inside stomach no charge for the pets owners.
IDTechEx Consultancy 34
• Poultry: LF foot ring There are about 150 million pet dogs
in China. Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan,
Chongqin, and Guangzhou are top
Pet Management five cities for pet dogs. Shanghai has
about 700,000, while Beijing has
Shanghai has been using RFID tech-
nearly one million.
nology for pet management. The
Smart Labels Analyst is written and
project started in March 2003. Now
produced for private circulation among
subscribers only, and may not be about 33,000 RFID tags have been
forwarded to any third party, nor parts Pig and poultry tracking
or all of any article reproduced, injected into the necks of pet dogs in
without prior permission by IDTechEx Shanghai consumes 1000 tons of
the city. The tag contains the dog’s

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 2

RFID in China Part 2 - IDTechEx Exclusive


pork daily, 60% of which are foot rings. Shanghai consumes audience flow control. The audi-
transported to the city from ten 660 tons of poultry daily. ence can enter the stadium for
pig farms in six different prov- difference matches with one sin-
The livestock monitoring system
inces. These farms have fitted gle ticket. The project was imple-
was implemented by Shanghai
RFID ear tags to their live pigs. mented by Shanghai Hsic.
Agriculture Information Ltd
The tag will record data like the
( In 2003, the China Communist
farm information, breed, and vac-
Party Congress utilised RFID tech-
cination history.
nology for access control and se-
Shanghai has also issued 5000 Other projects curity. Texas Instruments pro-
RFID cards for the truck delivering vided the tags and readers, and
It was reported that Guangdong
live pigs into the city. Only trucks Beijing Angels Communications
Province is planning to put RFID
from authorised pig farms will be Technology (
tags on over one million dogs.
allowed through the eight gate- implemented the system. HF
Advanced ID will be supplying
ways into the city. When a truck 13.56MHz badges were issued to
over 550,000 microchips in the
arrives at the gateway, staff will over 30,000 of the country’s most
first few years.
verify the information on the RFID important decision makers.
card, and enter data about the Carlyle RFID Technologies Ltd (a
It is reported that the new chil-
arriving time, vehicle information, venture company developed spe-
dren’s theme park in Shanghai,
and destined slaughterhouse. cifically by Carlyle Group and the
Hans Christian Andersen Theme
There are nine authorised slaugh- government for companion and
Park, will use RFID tickets. The
terhouses inside Shanghai city livestock animal identification ef-
theme park will be completed by
providing 95% of the pork supply. forts) will be implementing this
the end of 2007.
If the truck does not arrive at the project.
correct slaughterhouse, the sys-
Nanjing city will also be injecting
tem will be able to record the de-
RFID tags for pet dogs. It was Library
tails for future reference.
estimated that there are 60,000
In the library application sector,
During the slaughtering and proc- dogs in Nanjing city.
there are two major RFID deploy-
essing, relevant information will
It was reported that China has ments so far in mainland China.
also be written to the ear tags. All
fifteen billion poultry in total. Ad-
this information will be recorded Shenzhen Library has imple-
vanced ID estimates that there
in the central database and linked mented an RFID system. TAGSYS
are also 142 million cattle in
to the barcode attached to the provided two million RFID tags,
processed product. which were integrated and in-
stalled on books, CDs, VHS tapes,
When consumers pick up the pork
patron cards, and other library
product from the shelf in super- Event / Venue tickets, HF
materials by TAGSYS’ local inte-
market, they can scan the bar-
RFID has been used on tickets for gration partner, Shenzhen
code in front of the portal to find
various events in China. One ex- Seaever Enterprise Co. Ltd. The
out information about the whole
ample is the ATP Shanghai Tennis project was complete in June
product history, including infor-
Master Cup in November 2005. 2006. Now visitors are able to
mation about the farm, the
200,000 smart tickets with 13.56 benefit from the automatic self
slaughterhouse, etc.
MHz RFID labels embedded were check out and return service. Ac-
A similar project has been issued. The technology prevents cording to TAGSYS, this is the
launched for poultry, using RFID counterfeit tickets and enhanced second largest RFID library de-

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 3

RFID in China Part 2 - IDTechEx Exclusive


ployment in the world. The vailing practice in the sector, the

world’s largest library RFID pro- Esquel Group decided to utilise
Car industry
ject is the Seattle Public Library in RFID technology to identify cotton
USA. The system was also devel- down to bale level. In this way, Manufacturing process
oped by TAGSYS. the mixing and production plan-
China FAW Group Corp has been
ning can create yarn of consistent
In March 2006, Jimei University using RFID technology provided
quality in the spinning process.
Library in Xiamen had completed by Vision Electronics in the paint-
their RFID deployment. UPM Ra- ing process on the production
flatac delivered 300,000 RFID line, because of the high tempera-
Project details
tags for the project. ture environment, RFID enabled
The group implemented the Cot- the accurate tracking of work-in-
Shanghai is planning an innova-
ton Bale Management Project in progress where other technologies
tive RFID-based library project.
2003. In the project an RFID tag would have failed.
Instead of going back to the li-
containing an identification num-
brary to return books, readers can
ber was embedded in the packag-
drop the book into post boxes on
ing bag of the raw cotton once the Vehicle ID labels
the street, and the Post Office will
crop is harvested. Seed cotton
be able to deliver the books back The China National Heavy Duty
and other bale information such
to the correct library by reading Truck Group has installed RFID
as production dates and net
the RFID label attached to the smart labels on the trucks they
weight is stored in a database
book. This project will be imple- manufacture for storing basic in-
which was accessible through the
mented by 2010. formation. The manufacturer can
internet. As the bale travelled
benefit from efficient information
down the supply chain, additional
management and better customer
information was added. The prac-
Manufacturing service. The system was devel-
tice converted the tradition hu-
oped internally by the Technical
Apparel man experience-based cotton
Department of the manufacturer.
blending process into a program-
Need for quality control
mable one, which is a more sys-
The Esquel Group, the world's tematic approach to modern busi-
Other implementations
leading cotton shirt manufactur- nesses. At the same time, it en-
ers, deployed RFID technologies hances quality control for the RFID technology has been utilised
to track the cotton bales. The ver- company, enabling it to accom- by a number of major car manu-
tically integrated apparel manu- modate further changes re- facturers in China, for the purpose
facturer is running a wide range quested by customers with of improving productivity, includ-
of businesses across the supply greater attention to detail. ing Beijing Hyundai, Changan
chain from cotton farming, spin- Ford, Shanghai Automotive Indus-
The application helped warehouse
ning, cloth knitting, weaving and try Corp (Group), Chery Automo-
management, with the reader on
dying to garment manufacturing. bile, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automo-
the forklift identifying the pallet
tive, and Changhe Automobile.
Strict quality control is considered information in real time by read-
Shenyang Mitsubishi has been
as a key success factor for the ing the tagged bale, thus ensuring
using RFID solutions provided by
company which is serving a port- the items are moved to and from
folio of high-end buyers. When the correct location.
capturing crop details down to
crop field level had become a pre-

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 4

RFID in China Part 2 - IDTechEx Exclusive


Appliance manufacturer nology and Vision Electronics pallet, staff will use a handheld
have been supplying RFID interro- interrogator to transfer the bar-
Haier Group is the largest appli-
gators for this project and the code information from the items
ance manufacturer in China, and
system integrator is Concord onto the RFID label on the pallet,
has been supplying its products to
Unity. including the number of items,
Wal-Mart . Early in 2006, Haier
model, and information of individ-
conducted a RFID pilot to prepare RFID tags were attached to the
ual items.
for the Wal-Mart mandate, and mailbags. Read-only tags were
improve productivity used from hubs to Sortation Cen- When a pallet is moved into the
tres, alongside barcode label so warehouse, interrogators installed
The pilot was carried out in the
as to continue using the barcode on the entrance can read the tags
Special Refrigerator Department,
devices in hubs. Read‑write tags on the pallet and create an entry
following the specification of EPC
were applied from sortation cen- record in the database. The
standard. The RFID system oper-
tre to distribution centre. movement of pallets inside the
ates across the whole supply
warehouse can be automatically
chain, from production line, John Cunningham, Director, RFID
manufacturer warehouse, logistics APAC of Symbol said at the 4th
company warehouse, to store Global RFID China Forum, that With the implementation of the
warehouse. Around 200,000 pas- Symbol had achieved 99.4% read RFID system, Baisha increased
sive UHF labels were fitted to the rate with no damage to the tags. the warehouse utilisation rate
surface of product packages. This The processing speed had in- from 30% to 80%. It was also
is the first deployment of dispos- creased from 400 bags per hour found that efficiency and accuracy
able RFID labels in a logistic appli- (when using barcodes) to 600 were significantly improved. Mel-
cation in China. Vision Electronics bags per hour. All the criteria low Anti-counterfeit Net System
is the system integrator of the have been met and China Post ( implemented
project. has declared the pilot a success. the system for this project. It has
China Post estimates that the been reported that Haier Group,
payback period will be 5-6 years. the largest appliance manufac-
Logistics, Postal According to Symbol, China Post turer in China, has also deployed
will launch an item level tagging RFID in its warehouse.
China Post
pilot by the end of 2006.
In September 2005, China Post
had launched a pilot in Shanghai. Tobacco, UHF
The purpose was to test RFID Warehouse management
National Tobacco #1 Project
technology in tracking mailbags
The RFID-based warehouse man-
for EMS (Express Mail Service). The National Tobacco Monopoly
agement system in Shenzhen,
The processes involved include Administration launched “Tobacco
Baisha Logistics is one of the ear-
mailbag transportation from hubs #1 Project” in 2003, which aimed
liest RFID adoptions in the Chi-
to sortation centre, mail process- to establish the national cigarette
nese logistics industry.
ing and re‑packing in sortation production and operation decision
centre, mailbags transportation The system uses a combination of management system. It requires
between sortation centre and dis- RFID tags and barcodes. One all cigarette factories in China to
tribution centres. hundred RFID tags were fitted to identify each pack of cigarette
the pallets. When the products of with information about brand,
This was a forty day pilot, during
the clients come off the produc- type, and origin from the point of
which time 80,000 reusable UHF
tion line and are loaded onto a production, and submit the infor-
labels were applied. Symbol Tech-

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 5

RFID in China Part 2 - IDTechEx Exclusive


mation to the national central da- If the packs on the pallet need to Potential
tabase at the point when it arrives be relocated, portable RFID inter-
China is the largest cigarette pro-
at warehouses and stores. In this rogators and barcode scanners
ducing and consuming country in
way, the Administration can track are installed on trolleys in the
the world. In 2004, 1,874.6 billion
the cigarettes in real-time and warehouse for that purpose.
cigarettes were produced.
control the production and move-
Forklifts can directly transfer the
ment of cigarettes throughout the
pallets to the trucks. At the exit,
RFID interrogators are fixed un- Retail, UHF
The initial plan of implementation derground, which can read the
Bailian Group is the largest re-
was to apply a barcode onto each cigarette packs information and
tailer in China, with 7,000 stores
pack of cigarette. But due to vari- display on the screen overhead.
across the country. Bailian has
ous limitation of the barcode tech- In this way the information about
launched its RFID pilot in Shang-
nology, the Administration de- transportation can be recorded
hai early 2006.
cided to carry out a pilot using and submitted, too.
RFID technology in Hangzhou The pilot has been following EPC
When the pallets arrive at the
Liqun Cigarette Factory in 2005. standard, using 928 MHz passive
warehouse of trading companies,
RFID tags at pallet level tagging.
barcode information of all 30
The main focus of the pilot is to
packs can be read from the RFID
Hangzhou Liqun Cigarette Fac- test RFID in logistics and supply
labels without unloading the
tory chain management.
packs from the pallet. The labels
The pilot employs a solution com- operate at 915 MHz and cost Intel, Vision Electronics (Beijing),
bining barcode and RFID labels. about 40 yuan ($5) each, Jmar (Shanghai), VeriSign, ADT,
Reusable UHF labels were sealed Cisco, and Psion Teklogix have
The Hangzhou Liqun Cigarette
at the middle of the 8,000 pallets been involved in this project.
Factory produces 5 million boxes
in the factory. Fixed interrogators
(25 million packs) of cigarettes
were installed at the convey belt
every year. By using RFID tech-
on the production line. Railway, UHF
nology, they benefit from auto-
When the cigarettes get off the mating production process, im- The ATIS (Auto Train Identifica-
production line, they are sorted proving logistic and warehouse tion System) project conducted by
into packs (50 per pack) with a management, and reducing labour the Ministry of Railway is one of
barcode label automatically at- costs. ChinaSoft International the earliest large-scale RFID de-
tached. ( is the system ployments in China. The project
integrator of the whole Tobacco started back in October 1999, and
Every 30 packs of cigarettes of
#1 Project. The pilot in Hangzhou was completed in July 2001.
the same category are placed
Liqun was implemented by China-
onto the same pallet. During this During that time 17,000 locomo-
Soft and Vision Electronics.
process, the fixed interrogator at tives had been fitted with semi-
Shenzhen Yuanwanggu
the convey belt will read the bar- active labels, and 500,000 freight
( de-
code information from each pack carriages with passive labels. The
veloped the software system.
and write them to the label on the labels operate at UHF, containing
pallet. The information will also be Yunnan Kunming Cigarette Fac- information about train type,
recorded in the database and sub- tory and Chongqing Cigarette Fac- make, number, and freight. The
mitted to the national central da- tory have also implemented simi- cost of each of these labels is ap-
tabase. lar RFID solutions. proximate 20 yuan ($2.5)

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 6

RFID in China Part 2 - IDTechEx Exclusive


The interrogators are installed on before the end of 2006. Hunan vehicle management
the rail. When the train passes
The ETC project of 250 km-long Hunan Province is deploying a
by, the reader will detect the ID
Shanghai-Nanjing Highway will be RFID-based vehicle tracking pro-
code of the train and transmit to
finished by 2008. Nanjing Sample ject. The project was conducted
the central database at the Minis-
Group and Intel will deploy the by Bureau of Transportation of
try of Railway. There are thou-
project. Hunan, with an investment of 350
sands of interrogators installed
million yuan ($44 million). The
throughout the country. This is a Fifteen highways in the Jiangsu
target is to monitor all vehicles in
close-loop system. By implement- Province have set a timeline to be
Hunan Province by installing RFID
ing ATIS, the Ministry of Railway completed some time in 2008.
labels on the vehicle number
can benefit from accurate data
Guangdong-Hong Kong highway plate.
collection, and real-time locating
will implement an ETC system by
of freight trains. The RFID tags
the end of 2006, approximately
and readers were supplied by AM-
50,000 tags will be issued for this Shanghai ports
TECH (acquired by TransCore in
2000) RFID vehicle tracking technology
According to the highway tolling is also used in ports in Shanghai,
Shenzhen Yuanwanggu
strategy in Guangdong, by 2012, including Waigaoqiao, Yangshan,
( had
the 5000-8000 km highway in and Luchao. All the container
developed the software system
Guangdong will implement an ETC trucks in these ports have been
for the project.
system. fitted with RFID labels on the
number plates.

Non-stop tolling / ETC (Electronic In total there are 68 gateways in

Toll Collection), 5.8 GHz these three ports, some 15,000
Electronic number plates RFID number plates have already
Although there have been argu-
been issued.
ments regarding the frequency China Custom:
band for ETC systems, between
The China Custom has deployed
915 MHz, 2.45 GHz, and 5.8 GHz,
an RFID-based Smart Gateway Supplier
the government authority has
system to monitor the vehicles
officially confirmed that non-stop Nanjing Sample Group has imple-
entering and leaving its venues,
road tolling / ETC in China will be mented the systems for the three
including warehouses and science
using 5.8 GHz. projects above.
parks. RFID labels are embedded
Beijing has implemented the ETC in the vehicle number plates, so it
system on Airport highway and can be automatically recognised
Taxi price meters
12,000 cards have been issued. when passing by the gateway. By
The technology was supplied by the end of 2005, over 400 Smart Shanghai has installed RFID labels
AMTECH. Beijing plans to deploy a Gateway systems have been in- on the price meters on taxis. The
non-stop road tolling system on stalled, approximately 10% of main purpose is to improve the
all the highways across the city by China Custom’s 4000 plus efficiency of maintenance and
June 2008, in time for the Olym- throughout the country. verification. By the end of 2005,
pic Games. over 40,000 taxis in Shanghai city
had all been equipped with HF
Shanghai will launch a pilot
RFID labels. The project was im-
scheme using the ETC system
plemented by Shanghai Hsic.

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 7

RFID in China Part 2 - IDTechEx Exclusive


Airport luggage
RFID Pilot in Shanghai Pudong Airport:
On 24 May 2006, Beijing Airport
began luggage tagging for the
cargo sorting
Beijing-Hong Kong flights from
Cathy Pacific. That is the first
RFID implementation in a major
airport on mainland China.

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is plan-

ning to implement RFID for lug-
gage tagging in 2007, while
Shanghai Pudong Airport is cur-
rently conducting RFID pilots on
luggage tagging and logistics.


In military, RFID technology has

been used on the number plates
of military vehicles for the pur-
pose of security and anti-
counterfeiting since the end of
2004. As military vehicles have
special dispensations in China
many people try and disguise pri-
vate vehicles as military ones.
Zhongshan Dahua Intelligent
Technology Co (
supplied the labels.

RFID has also been used in the

Chinese field army for asset man-
agement. Shanghai Refine Tech-
nologies ( pro-
vided an RFID system for real
time locating important military

Future opportunities

High potential sectors

In June 2006, 15 government

ministries and authorities jointly Source: Vision Electronics
launched the “China RFID Tech-

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 8

RFID in China Part 2 - IDTechEx Exclusive


nology Strategy White Paper”. Food safety and livestock tor for RFID anti-counterfeit la-
This is a strategic guideline from traceability bels.
the government. Considering the
Beijing Olympics Games wants to State Tobacco Monopoly Admini-
fact that Chinese RFID industry is
trace all the food supplies using stration is also conducting the
and will be heavily driven by gov-
RFID. Sichuan and Shanghai have Tobacco #1 Project which re-
ernment initiative, this White Pa-
launched pilots to track livestock quests the traceability of individ-
per will be a good indication of
throughout the whole product life- ual packets of cigarettes (50 per
the future direction of the indus-
cycle. pack). The first RFID pilot was
launched in Hangzhou Liqun Ciga-
The White Paper identified seven rette Factory in 2005 using UHF
application areas as sectors of top Dangerous item management technology. Labels were applied
priority: at pallet level.
Shanghai have deployed RFID

• Public safety projects to manage gas cylinders RFID labels can provide both the
and fireworks/firecrackers. anti-counterfeiting and tracking
• Manufacturing management Shanghai Hsic is the market capabilities, if RFID is chosen it
and control leader for this application. will create a massive item level
tagging application.
• Logistics and supply chain man-
agement China is the largest cigarette pro-
ducing and consuming country in
• Import and export freight man- China has severe problem of the world. In 2004, 1874.6 billion
agement at ports counterfeit products, especially in cigarettes (37.5 billion packs)
the market of alcohol and ciga- were produced.
• Traffic and transport manage- rette.
China is a main producer of rice
Coal mine worker safety
• Military wine, with annual production of
five million tons. But the counter- V i s i o n E l e c t r o n i c s
• Major events feit wine can take 15% of market ( is the market
Key applications under each sec- share, causing a lost of 1.2 billion leader of mine interrogators in
tor are listed below: yuan. China. Gejun Zhang, CEO of Vi-
sion Electronics, believes that if
According to State Tobacco Mo-
the Chinese government was to
nopoly Administration, within
Public safety issue a RFID mandate, mining
2004, there were a total of
safety would be one of the most
Pharmaceutical / Healthcare 269,000 incidents of counterfeit
likely application areas.
cigarettes, and 687,000 packs of
Pharmaceutical / Healthcare is
counterfeit cigarette were seized. There are currently 26,000 coal
listed as the first high-priority ap-
But it was estimated that over mines, over seven million coal
plication in the White Paper,
five million counterfeit cigarette mine workers in China, more than
which indicates its significance
have entered the market. all the other countries in the
from the government’s point of
world put together.
view. But so far no major pilots or Both alcohol and cigarette are
roll-outs in China have been pub- high value goods, which are less
licised yet. price-sensitive. There will be
great potential in this market sec-

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 9

RFID in China Part 2 - IDTechEx Exclusive


Manufacturing management Traffic and transport manage- safety and border control would
and control ment be possible sectors, but he
thought a nationwide mandate for
China is the world’s most impor- The public transit payment card is
livestock tagging was less likely.
tant manufacturing base. Chinese already a mature application in
government hopes that RFID China. But the ETC application on “Livestock industry in China is
technology can be used at pro- highway has just started. China administered by a number of dif-
duction line so as to improve the has over 19,000 km of highway in ferent ministries, it is not easy to
productivity and management total, which is the second highest coordinate, ” he said.
efficiency. in the world.
The ongoing livestock tagging
The White Paper listed cars, appli- As for vehicle management, Nan- projects in Sichuan and Shanghai
ances, and apparel as the three jing Sample Group were both initiated by local gov-
most important areas. ( has im- ernments.
plemented a number of major
projects with its electronics num-
Logistics and supply chain ber plate solutions. Timeline
The RFID Technology Strategy
The logistics and supply chain White Paper had specified the
Major events
infrastructure in China is ineffi- timeline for the development of
cient. 20% of the GDP was spent China will be hosting a series of Chinese RFID industry
on logistics, compared to 8% in major international events in the
Stage One (2006-2008): This is a
the USA. The government hopes near future, including the Olym-
“cradle” period. The industry
that RFID will enable the trace- pics Games 2008 in Beijing, the
mainly focuses on technology re-
ability, visibility, and efficiency World Expo 2010 in Shanghai,
search and development, estab-
throughout the supply chain. and the Asian Games 2010 in
lishing standards, and launching
Guangzhou. RFID ticketing will be
The White Paper specified the ap- pilot projects.
a promising market sector, as
plication of warehouse, logistics
well as RFID solutions for vehicle Stage Two (2008-2012): The in-
transportation, retails, container
management and facility manage- dustry continues growing. Core
transportation, and postal service.
ment technologies are achieved by local
Container management is a prom- companies and put into produc-
ising application for RFID. The tion, and the national standard
number of containers used in Mandates? will be established. RFID will be
China accounts for 25% of that of used in wider applications.
Like Japan and Korea, no retailer
the whole world. China Interna-
in China is as dominant as Wal- Stage Three: The industry will be
tional Marine Containers
Mart , not even the largest retail mature. RFID will be widely used,
( in Shenzhen is
chain, Bailian Group. It is gener- and combined with other tech-
the largest container manufac-
ally believed that the retailer nologies in applications.
turer in the world, taking 55% of
mandate is unlikely to happen in
the global container market. The industry seems to be optimis-
tic and believes the day the Chi-
The mandates would come from nese RFID industry takes off is
the government, if there were to not far away.
be any. Gejun Zhang from Vision
Jiazhen Wang, General Manager
Electronics suggested that mining

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 10

RFID in China Part 2 - IDTechEx Exclusive


of Shanghai Hsic, believes that

wide adoption of RFID in China RFID pilot in Bailian Group
will happen in 2008-2009, with
the national standard and fre-
quency allocation established,
costs reduced, and the industrial
value chain coming into shape.

“RFID will be skyrocketing (in

China) when it starts to mature in
retail business in 2010”, com-
mented Zebra China.

IDTechEx is authoring a new re-

port on RFID in China and East
Asia. For inclusions, input or en-
quires please contact Ning Xiao ‹

Source: Vision Electronics

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 11

RFID in Korea – IDTechEx Excusive

In a recent report to an informa- der $3 billion in 2006. taken several other countries in
tion forum held by the Ministry of use of RFID. For example, it is
Nonetheless, Korea is one of the
Information and Communication one of the largest adopters of
world leaders in RFID. Primarily
in Korea, the Korea Association of RFID on airport baggage after
this is because it is a leader in
RFID/USN claimed that RFID- China and the USA, following issu-
production and use of RFID smart
related equipment and device ance of the new global standard
cards. These are the biggest sec-
shipments would reach 524.2 bil- by IATA in late 2005. Korea is an
tor of RFID at present. Other sec-
lion won ($551.8 million) in 2006, early adopter of RFID in libraries
tors employ larger numbers of
compared with 290 billion won in with at least nine libraries so
RFID tags, usually in the form of
2005 and 153.5 billion won in equipped. The Government
labels, but RFID cards and their
2004. IDTechEx believes that backed Ubiquitous Sensor Net-
systems are more sophisticated
these forecasts may be inflated by work USN program in Korea in-
and more expensive. Other sec-
inclusion of complete ticketing volves RFID and is very ambi-
tors employ more tags, notably
systems etc. They can not there- tious, foreseeing billions of dollars
pallet, case and item level RFID,
fore be compared with our fore- of yearly business emerging.
but the tags are much lower in
cast of a global market for RFID
cost. Recently, Korea has over-
systems including tags of just un-

Korea has overtaken several other countries with its use of RFID

Number of case studies

0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800

United States

United Kingdom









Source: IDTechEx RFID Knowledgebase

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 12

RFID in Korea – IDTechEx Excusive


The IDTechEx Knowledgebase of

2,100 cases of RFID in action in A possible scenario for value of item level
81 countries shows that Korea RFID tags by application in 2016
has become eighth in number of
cases of RFID in action in the
Books, $0.10bn
world with 54 at the time of writ- Tires, $0.14bn Rented textiles/ laundry,
ing, a rising figure. It is probably Retail apparel and other
high priced goods,
in a similar position in value of $0.20bn
Military, $1.00bn
RFID orders placed. Postal, $0.25bn

Archiving (documents,
However, there are clouds on the samples, art galleries,
horizon. In 2008, item level tag- museums) Other,
ging will become the largest RFID
market in the world, overtaking
RFID cards and their systems.
Drugs, $0.40bn
After that, the rise in pallet and Spare parts,
case tagging will push RFID cards manufacturing parts and
tools, $0.90bn
into number three position. Al-
Other healthcare,
ready, there are more examples $0.49bn
of these applications in the world, Consumer goods,
than of RFID cards.

Source: IDTechEx
Pallet and case tagging is happen-
ing primarily because some lead-
RFID tags by application in 2016 erator of Seoul's transit fare col-
ing US retailers and the US Mili-
is shown below. Surprisingly, lection system. Riders of trains
tary demand that their suppliers
much of it is being driven by anti- and buses in Seoul and surround-
do it, but widespread “voluntary”
counterfeiting, managing standing ing areas now mainly use contact-
tagging of pallets and cases at the
assets (hospital equipment, ar- less smart cards to pay their
preferred frequency range – UHF
chives, museums, weapons etc) fares.
– has been delayed in much of
and error prevention rather than
East Asia and Europe as users
The Seoul Metropolitan Govern-
supply chain efficiency. Korea
wait for the local radio regulations
ment and transit operators re-
must become a major player in
to be eased. In Europe,
structured the fare collection sys-
the larger segments shown below
tem last year to make it more
Item level RFID will dwarf all if it is to continue to be a leader in
efficient. Since last July, the Ko-
other forms of RFID in a few RFID in the years to come.
rea Smart Card Co., which oper-
years. Here Korea is largely a fol-
Later this year, commuters in ates the fare-collection system,
lower and it needs to do much
Seoul, South Korea will be able to has issued 3 million "T-money"
more, for the benefit of Korean
pay their transit fares with a tap cards. The company has also
institutions such as hospitals and
of their mobile phones, under been testing the T-money applica-
for the benefit of exports. A possi-
plans by Korea's three large mo- tion on miniature cards that fit
ble scenario for value of item level
bile network carriers and the op- into specially equipped mobile

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 13

RFID in Korea – IDTechEx Excusive


handsets. That project has been ing as in the USA. We do not yet host a major conference on RFID
delayed, however, because of see tens of millions of items of in Hong Kong in 2007.
technical problems. But D.W. Cho apparel tagged in shops for effi-
For more contact
of the company's business plan- ciency, as in the UK or the mil- To
ning team tells Card Technology lions of books being tagged in
access the RFID Knowledgebase
sister publication CardLine Europe bookshops in The Netherlands,
go to ‹
the mobile contactless fare pay- though there is considerable li-
ment service will be ready for the brary, museum and archive tag-
general public before the end of ging. Military items are probably
the year. not tagged to the extent of such
items in other countries. Japan is
With the card, subscribers of mo-
in the lead in use of RFID enabled
bile carriers SK Telecom, KTF and
mobile phones. Despite regularly
LG Telecom will be able to read
touring Korea to gather informa-
on their handset screens how
tion, we only have eleven case
much value they have left in their
studies of RFID at item level in
electronic transit purse and to
Korea and most of these are only
reload the purse over the mobile
trials as yet.
network. They will not only be
able to pay for train and bus fares Are Korean hospitals up with best
with a tap of their handsets on practice (eg in the USA) in tag-
gate readers, but also make some ging assets to prevent theft and
retail purchases. Since the first of loss? How many world class sup-
the year, T-money cardholders pliers of item level tags and sys-
have been able to pay for small tems will there be in Korea?
purchases at two convenience These questions need to be an-
store chains in Seoul. Transaction swered if the country is not to slip
volumes for T-money cards at the back down in the league table of
stores are still very small, Cho countries using and producing
says. RFID in the years to come.

Whereas the rest of the world re- The IDTechEx RFID Knowledge-
gards RFID enabled mobile base has over 50 case studies
phones as inevitably an HF Near from Korea (see below for a com-
Field Communication technology plete list).
sooner or later, there is some en-
For more read “Item Level RFID
thusiasm in Korea for UHF ver-
Volume 1 – Forecasts 2006-2016,
technologies, standards”, “Item
In Korea, RFID tags have been Level RFID Volume 2 100 Cases,
moulded into some cosmetic bot- Paybacks, Lessons Learned”.
tles but we do not have millions of IDTechEx will
drugs tagged for anticounterfeit-

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 14

RFID in Korea – IDTechEx Excusive

Korean Case Studies from the IDTechEx RFID Knowledgebase

Airlines and Airports item level, Korea Military

Asiana Airlines, baggage tracking Seoul National University Hospital Ministry of National Defense am-
and monitoring, Korea card Korea munition boxes item level Korea
Korea Airport Association, bag- Unimed Pharma, drug tracking, Ministry of National Defense pal-
gage tracking, Korea item level South Korea lets Korea
Yonsei University, blood packs
Animals and Farming and storage rooms, item level, Passenger Transport, Automo-
National Computerization Agency, Korea tive
agricultural products/ crops culti- Car Immobilizers/Clickers, Hyun-
vation, Korea Land and Sea Logistics, Postal dai
National Computerization Agency, Busan RFID Test Center, intermo- Daejon, contactless transit ticket-
marine environment information dal containers/ ULD, Korea ing, cards South Korea
collection, Korea Fuji Xerox, "Japan-China-Korea Seoul Korea, cards, cellphones,
Supply Chain RFID Pilot Project", Korea
Books, Libraries, Archiving pallet/ case, China, Japan, Korea Seoul Korea, mass transit cards,
Booxen, pallet, conveyance, Ko- Hyundai exports RFID trial, South Korea
rea Korea South Korea, transit cards, Korea
Changwon City public Art museum Korea Post, trial, item level Korea Transport in South Korea
item level Korea Korean Post, pallets, Korea World Cup 2002, vehicle identifi-
Korea USN Center, Property man- Ministry of Commerce, Industry, cation, Korea
agement records, item level Korea Energy automobile parts contain-
National Assembly Library of Ko- ers/ cases active tags Korea Retail, Consumer Goods
rea, item level , Korea Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Cosmetics item level Korea
National Library of Korea, item Energy Korea automobile parts National Computerisation Agency,
level , Korea cases passive tags Korea beef item level Korea
National Museum of Korea, audio Samsung-Tesco, CL GLS, pilot Samsung-Tesco, CL GLS, pilot
tour guide, Korea testing, Korea testing, Korea
Six public libraries in Korea item The Port of Busan, container Samsung-Tesco, Pallet and box
level tracking, Korea tagging, Korea
Uijenbo Library, books item level , Seoul Korea, cards, cellphones,
Korea Leisure, Sports Korea ‹
Casino chips, Korea
Financial, Security, Safety Chosunilbo Chunchon Interna-
Chohung Bank, contactless pay- tional Marathon, race timing -
ment cards, South Korea 2004, Korea
Daejon cash card, South Korea Future Household pavilion, Korea
Public Servants' cards, South Ko- JoongAng Seoul International
rea Marathon, race timing - 2004,
Pusan City, South Korea Korea
Seoul, contactless transit ticket- Mobile phone, Korea
ing, South Korea Seoul International Marathon,
SKT, KTF, LGT, Cellphone contact- race timing - 2005, Korea
less payments, Korea Yangji Resorts, RFID membership
South Korea Army, transactions, system, cards, Korea
cards, Korea
Healthcare Hyundai, crated parts and sup-
Catholic Medical Center - Kang- plies monitoring, Korea
Nam St. Mary's Hospital, people, National Computerization Agency,
Korea concrete item level, Korea
National Computerization Agency,
blood packs and storage rooms,

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 15

Large scale pallet tracking pilot

A case study from the IDTechEx RFID Knowledgebase

Third Party Logistics Service Provider of a Leading Global Logistics Company

(company is confidential)

Application: Retail and logistics, pallets

Area of use: France

Pallet tracking (shrinkage reduction), precise inventory information for duty

Benefits sought:
(inventory reduction)

Status: Large scale pilot

Tag supplier: Power Paper

Frequency: UHF

Format: Battery-assisted (printed thin and flexible battery), passive “PowerID” label

Range: Many meters

RFID reader supplier: PowerID

Number of readers: 5

System Integrator: NBG ID

ROI period: 6 months for inventory tracking; 12 months for pallet tracking

tags, which act as a transmitter, French based logistics company.

Battery assisted tags
battery assisted tags do not In summer 2006, the company
Sometimes passive RFID tags fail transmit data (they backscatter it completed the six month pilot
to achieve the required perform- like a passive tag) and they which used tens of thousands of
ance needed for an application, therefore need less power then labels. The pilot involved two pro-
particularly when an environment active versions and can utilize jects.
contains metal or fluids, or where laminar, flexible, environmentally
large numbers of tags need to be safe batteries. In this case study
read very quickly. The former we cover an example where pas-
Inventory tracking alcoholic
situation is especially true for pas- sive RFID did not successfully
sive UHF systems where the RF work but battery assisted tags
field is easily reflected by metal, provided the ideal solution. The first was inventory tracking of
for example, creating RF blind alcoholic beverages. Using an
spots and resulting in non-reads. RFID enabled forklift, the logistics
A solution to this is battery as- provider could make an inventory
Large scale pilot
sisted labels, which incorporate a check every week rather than
power source on the tag which This large scale pilot employed every quarter without the RFID
pre-energises the silicon chip so it Power Paper PowerID labels which system. This helped ensure that
can be read much more reliably in were implemented by systems they pay the right amount of ex-
such circumstances. Unlike active integrator NBG ID in a major cise tax as they can now closely

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 16

Large scale pallet tracking pilot


monitor what has left the bonded the distribution center and at the are deploying RFID for the first
area of the DC warehouse rather dock door of the retailer’s stores. time act conservatively and rela-
than just estimating it. The The reader gate assures the ship- tively slowly. However, moving
French Government is pushing ment of pallets to the correct from demos to pilots then large
others to do the same. Power Pa- stores. In this project 99.7% scale pilots proves to users the
per reported that 100% reads read rates have been achieved. ROI at each stage and gives them
were achieved in this project. confidence for mass deployment.
Following these successful pro-
It is indicative from this case
jects a larger scale implementa-
study, and many others, that the
tion may be rolled out. Fully ena-
user company wishes to remain
Tracking mixed pallets
bling one distribution center alone
confidential – they realize they
would require two million labels
The second project utilized RFID are onto a winner and seek to
per year.
labels on a retailer’s mixed pallets exploit the technology ahead of
as they left the distribution cen- their competition.
Commenting on the challenges of
ter. The mixed pallets usually
the RFID industry today, Erez Ka-
More information on these case
contain products that include
hani, Executive Vice President of
studies may be found at Pow-
metals, liquids, and foils. The
Power Paper’s PowerID division,
erID’s case study page
PowerID label is read at reader
told IDTechEx of an industry wide ‹
gates found at the dock door of
issue; that many companies who

Left - Reader at dock door at DC used for outgoing pallets to

stores. Right - Labels on shelves and pallets

Source: PowerID

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 17

Pharmaceutical RFID and Smart Packaging

RFID in healthcare is growing rap- over $8 billion annually in unfilled dates (you overheated it for so
idly to become a $2.1 billion new and refill prescriptions. long, therefore dispose of it at
global business in 2016. Smart this earlier date) and electronic
Patients are often confused over
packaging for healthcare has ad- monitoring of degradation in stor-
the reason for the medication.
ditional value, for example in pa- age and transport. Widespread
After all, they average only six
tient compliance recording blister use will follow cost reduction by
minutes when meeting the physi-
packs that electronically record use of new finer electronic and
cian. Patients are often not fully
when each pill is taken – or more electric inks such as the Parelec
convinced that their treatment is
strictly when it is removed from Parmod® silver conducting ink
necessary. Some do not get their
the pack. Aardex has a different used in litho, flexo and gravure
medication in the first case. If
version where the plastic bottle of printing. Indeed, even semicon-
they do, then 30-50% of them
pills is continuously weighed by a ducting and dielectric inks are
are not taken correctly, according
load cell in the base, thus re- being developed by the German
to MeadWestvaco. Many patients
cording when a pill is removed. chemical company Merck and oth-
fail to get refills where prescribed
These packages are used in drug ers and some of these will be suit-
and 28% of over 45 year olds ad-
trials and they incorporate RFID able for high speed printing of
mit to discontinuing the pre-
so that the record can be linked to replacements for the silicon chip
scribed medication prematurely.
the patient. They deal with a in labels and packaging. The
Antidepressants are particularly
problem arising from the fact that printed alternative is cheaper,
bad in this respect.
50% of patients take their medi- more damage tolerant and thin-
cation incorrectly either in quan- ner. Packaging companies Dai
Drug companies have come to
tity, time or duration. In rheuma- Nippon Printing and Mreal are
realize that spending heavily on
tology it is 65%, arthritis and mi- among those developing printed
creating new blockbuster drugs is
graine being only 7-15% but most electronics for packaging. For
risky and less and less cost-
other afflictions are in the 40- more attend RFID Smart Labels
effective whereas encouraging
60% range for non-compliance – Europe, London 19-20 September
patients to take medication cor-
a severe problem for the patient,
rectly benefits the patient, re-
those prescribing and those trial- duces load on physicians and hos-
ling drugs. pitals and sell more of existing,
non-contentious drugs. Compliance monitoring pack-
ages roll out
Marketing, patient and profes-
The National Institutes of Health
sional advantages Reducing false data, benefit-
trial of its antibiotic Azithromycin,
ing patients
When two equally efficacious is currently using 30,000 smart
drugs enter the market, the one packages that record which tablet
The smart blister pack and plastic
with better compliance is likely to was taken in a six month trial in
bottle reduce the amount of false
be more widely used. Non- twelve US academic institutes. We
data recorded in drug trials and
compliance is costly and risky. It estimate that these smart pack-
eventually such packs will appear
costs $100 billion yearly in the US ages are sold for around $20.
in the home, probably enhanced
alone. It costs the drug industry Fischer Clinical Services is carry-
by self-adjusting electronic use-by

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 18

Pharmaceutical RFID and Smart Packaging


ing out the trial using smart blis- Westvaco for some of its market- • It assists the medical provider
ter packs from Information Medi- ing. in explaining the optimal pre-
ary of Canada. Novartis is also scribed regimen
This improved compliance through
carrying out a drug trial, in this
smart packaging features the fol-
case using smart blister packs • Enrols the patient as a partici-
from Cypak of Sweden, a com- pant in their own therapy
pany that uses packager Mead-

Information Mediary Compliance Drug Pack

Source: Information Mediary

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 19

Pharmaceutical RFID and Smart Packaging


• Simplifies medication admini- make packages that record when At the WHO meeting February

stration for the patient tampering is attempted or 2006 in Rome, Dr Nils Behrndt
achieved. This permits investiga- noted that 27 incidents of coun-
• Provides interaction and tors to calculate where, in the terfeit drugs in the EU legitimate

prompting, reinforcement and supply chain, attacks typically supply chain were identified be-

cueing occur and arrests have been tween 2001 and 2005. Alexander
made using this technology. Cy- Vladychenko, noting the increas-
• Creates a permanent and con- pak is a leader here, incorporating ing sophistication of drug counter-
tinuous intervention that de- RFID. Indeed RFID, particularly at feits said, “Counterfeit drugs are
mands little involvement by the item level, can help to improve on the verge of becoming a silent
physician or pharmacist the recall of pharmaceuticals. Well pandemic.”
over 1000 such recalls occur
To combat this, RFID on each
• Supports the brand message all every year and they are less than
small package, with unique identi-
the way to the medicine cabinet perfect. The cost of the reverse
fication of that precise package
supply chain is significant, not
• Builds efficacy and integrity (“mass serialization” under EP-
just the safety aspect. For exam-
Cglobal numbering and network)
ple the retail and pharmaceutical
• Reduces medication errors markets must absorb $2 billion
permits reverse audit, called
“pedigree” by the pharmaceutical
yearly from return of outdated
• Reduces the development of and overstocked products.
industry. Pedigree, combined with
antibiotic resistant bacteria sophisticated software, permits
Anti-counterfeiting the origin and destination of even
Patients have responded very the smallest package is known at
positively to packages that display The World Health Organisation
all times.
their performance over the past estimates that counterfeit drugs
week: they try to do better. Medi- cost the pharmaceutical industry The Food and Drug Administration
cation non compliance costs the $40 billion yearly. The Centre for in the US is expected to legislate
US alone about $100 billion and Medicines in the Public interest on this within the next year or so
125,000 deaths yearly. It is re- projects global counterfeit drug when certain aspects are resolved
sponsible for 10% of hospital ad- sales to reach $75 billion in 2010, such as the best frequency to use.
missions - $31 billion yearly and a 92% increase on 2005. Drug Meanwhile, Pfizer is RFID tagging,
380,000 patients. It is responsible counterfeits average 6-10% at item level, all Viagra for the
for 23% of nursing home admis- worldwide according to WHO and US, GlaxoSmithKline is tagging
sions - $15 billion yearly and 3.5 the UN and “Up to 15% in the Trizivir and AstraZeneca and oth-
million patients (source NIH). global medicines supply chain” ers are rapidly following. Cardinal
according to an analysis in PloS Health, TAGSYS and others have
Medicine in 2005. 12% are coun- developed smart shelves in cabi-
terfeit in Russia, 40% in some nets, refrigerators and trolleys
Tamper recording and supply
countries in Africa and South that can read such tags for error
chain efficiency
America. Over 100,000 people die prevention, automatic reordering

Sometimes printing – or at least from counterfeit drugs every year and theft prevention. Wal-Mart

partial printing – has been used to in China alone. has taken delivery of about three

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 20

Pharmaceutical RFID and Smart Packaging


million tagged drugs at item level USA following years of trials in the clear packaging and labeling is a
for improving automation of Chicago region. contributory factor in 25% of re-
stocktaking and customer service ported medication errors and far
and theft prevention in its phar- better human interfaces through
macies. Omron and Avery Denni- smart packaging can certainly
Printing technologies
son use high speed gravure print- help here.
ing to create the RFID antennas Lithographic and other printing
on these labelled packages. techniques will be used to print
sensors, antennas and eventually
Demographic timebomb
the complete electronic circuits in
these and other forms of smart The demographic timebomb by
Talking packages
packaging for pharmaceuticals, which patients, nurses and physi-
Another technology receiving the including packs that speak to give cians are, on average, getting
attention of the printing and pack- prompts and instructions. Mean- older, cannot improve the situa-
aging industry is the Envi- while, for the small runs currently tion. Even today, the Aventura
sionAmerica system by which an involved, screen printing usually Hospital Group reports that 2% of
RFID label under the regular label suffices, with rotary screen print- administered doses in hospitals in
of patient information electroni- ing sometimes in use as with an- the US are incorrect. However,
cally records a duplicate of that tennas on ASK RFID labels. Chi- AstraZeneca has been a pioneer
information. A device held near nese printers are putting RFID in using an electronic handshake
then speaks out loud the informa- antennas directly onto paper and based on an innovative form of
tion to assist the blind, partially ACREO of Sweden has a “chipless” chipless RFID for error prevention
sighted, illiterate, dyslexic and (no silicon chip) RFID process that and recording procedures with
those shaking from an affliction or is printed onto paper. Diprivan anaesthetic, over 30 mil-
in a dark place when they need to lion RFID enabled syringes having
read instructions. That is about been delivered so far into Europe
one third of all patients, according and Japan.
Preventable medical errors
to studies. Indeed, City University
in London even found that 25% of The US Institute of Medicine esti-
fully sighted consumers can not mates that preventable medical
New solutions
read or have difficulty reading errors in the US cost $17 billion
instructions, the figure being 73% yearly. A study in the UK National Packaging that flashes light and
for partially sighted people. The Health Service showed 10% of even speaks when the patient
US Institute of Ophthalmology patients suffering an “adverse should take the medication will
reports that nearly 50% of people event”. While a report by the UK help. So will packaging with large
over the age of 65 develop one of National Patient Safety Agency scrolling instructions in glowing
three chronic eye diseases, the says, “No single technology can images. Experimentally, we have
figure rising because of the age- solve the NHS’s unfortunate habit seen electrically operated pack-
ing of the population. The Envi- of giving patients treatments that ages that lock, go rough
sionAmerica talking label system were intended for other people”. (electroactive polymers) or go
is now being rolled out across the An NHS study has shown that un- black when the contents have ex-

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 21

Pharmaceutical RFID and Smart Packaging


pired. There are already packages million. In 30 years, child resis- pliers of low cost batteries and
that call you back if you have tant packaging saved the deaths Power Paper licenses a battery
taken one pill and should have of 900 children from aspirin and printing process.
taken two – they say so out loud - prescription drugs combined.
and one experimental pack shouts However, the shift from hospital
“not now” if you touch it at the to home treatment, fast dissolving
Big future
wrong time. This may seem hu- drugs, and increased use of blis-
morous to a healthy person but it ter packs (now 95% of European Smart packaging for pharmaceuti-
is a lifesaver to the confused eld- drugs) on the basis of cost and cals clearly has an exciting future
erly and sick, who will increas- environmental protection are and the adoption rate is not as
ingly have to self medicate as the among the threats. Of course, the dependent on price as may seem
population ages. Read Electronic challenge is to improve child re- at first sight. Think of the prob-
S m a r t P a c k a g i n g sistance while making it easy for lems described above – all of the shaking, weak, elderly and which involve billions of dollars
infirm to obtain their medication yearly. Think of the brand value
efficiently and easily. destroyed by counterfeiting as
just one example and remember
Child resistant packaging
that legislation is going to push
Another aspect is child resistant some of this technology through
packaging where smarter me- anyway. ‹
chanical and electrical technolo- Printed batteries
gies are being explored for the
Now that batteries can be printed
packaging. The Child Accident
on packages or at least applied as
Prevention Trust finds that 20%
very low cost laminates, there is
of under fives can open safety
interest in electrical baby proofing
tops and the move to blister
technologies and “active” RFID
packs has made things much
where there is a battery in the tag
worse, with most babies penetrat-
to give longer range and manage
ing them – they use their teeth.
In Europe, 110,000 children are
injured by accidental poisoning
Indeed, talking packages and
every year yet child resistant clo-
compliance monitoring packages
sures are one of four interven-
all need batteries and the coin
tions that could reduce this 94%
cells currently used are expensive
(WHO). The US is more active in
and, with their spring contacts,
dealing with this problem. Strict
unreliable compared to printed
US packaging laws in 1974 have
versions which also have the ad-
saved the lives of 460 children
vantage of being thin and envi-
under five from oral prescription
ronmental as well. Thin Battery
drugs. Aspirin related mortality
Technologies and Graphic Solu-
reduced from 7 to 0.1 deaths per
tions are among the leading sup-

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 22

Drug counterfeits in Europe – Another Wake-up Call

Lipitor is world's biggest-selling "This is the third time that a Pfizer established with item level RFID
prescription drug, with annual medicine has been targeted, after as key in combating this. It is
worldwide sales of $12 billion, the two previous incidents related likely to legislate if it gets insuffi-
making it an attractive target for to the discovery of the same cient response from the industry
counterfeiters. batch of counterfeit Lipitor in the in tagging all prescription drugs,
last year," said Olivier Brandi- starting with the most counter-
British authorities have found a court, managing director at Pfizer. feited such as Lipitor and Viagra.
new batch of counterfeit packs of "Enough is enough, and we are In the US, the industry believes
Pfizer Inc's Lipitor cholesterol tab- calling for the MHRA and law en- that legislation will be applied late
let in the legitimate supply chain, forcement agencies to conduct a this year or next year, the only
highlighting the risk posed by full and thorough investigation delay being deciding such aspects
fake drugs, officials said early Au- into this incident and the general as the frequency to be used.
gust. In this wave of attack, the vulnerability of the medicines
Medicines and Healthcare prod- supply chain."
ucts Regulatory Agency MHRA –
The incident underscores the Leadership by Pfizer, Purdue,
part of the UK Government De-
growing threat of fake medicines, GSK and others
partment of Health - first seized
fake Lipitor tablets in July 2005 which the British watchdog said
The US Pharmaceutical industry,
and it said at that time that more had become a worldwide problem
seeing the enormous financial
packs from that batch had ap- and a lucrative business for crimi-
exposure to recalls, lawsuits, in-
peared. The latest packs recalled nal gangs.
vestigations and damage to repu-
had a different lot number. The
In the US, the Food and Drug Ad- tation caused by mounting num-
popular press reported that the
ministration FDA announced a bers of counterfeits of increasing
counterfeiters had cracked the
Lipitor recall as far back as May sophistication, is keen to comply.
coding system and that this type
2003 caused by counterfeits and Indeed several drugs are already
of counterfeit tends to originate in
there have been subsequent inci- RFID tagged for the US Market
Italy and East Asia.
dents. Albers Medical Distributors, such as Pfizer Viagra, Purdue

Inc., voluntarily recalled three lots Pharma Oxycontin and GlaxoS-

Fortunately the examined samples
of 90-count bottles and warned mithKline Trizivir. Wal-Mart has
were chemically harmless, if inef-
healthcare providers and others been demanding RFID on Type 2
fective. "The testing of the coun-
that these three lots of counterfeit (addictive) drugs, albeit at a dif-
terfeit product indicates that there
Lipitor represent a potentially sig- ferent frequency, with Johnson &
is no immediate risk to patients,
nificant risk to consumers. Johnson, Abbott Laboratories and
but because it is a counterfeit we
others complying.
can not guarantee its quality,"
Danny Lee-Frost, Head of En-
Tony Walsh of Domino Printing
forcement at the MHRA said in a
Big difference in European re- Sciences describes the initial
statement. "The MHRA advises
sponse vs US Pfizer approach as follows,
patients to stop taking tablets
from this batch and to contact In the US, The Food and Drug “The solution that Pfizer decided
their pharmacist. If patients have Administration is deeply con- on is exactly the ‘hybrid’ combina-
any concerns about possible side cerned about pharmaceutical tion of RFID and alternative data-
effects they should discuss them counterfeits and particularly those carriers – in this case the two-
with their doctor." Pfizer said it entering the legitimate supply dimensional Data Matrix code –
was deeply concerned by the find- chain, including retail pharmacies, that the FDA heard about at its
ing. and it sees pedigree (provenance) public meeting. Each item is as-

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 23

Drug counterfeits in Europe – Another Wake-up Call


signed a unique number similar to item. Severe weaknesses of bar-

an Electronic Product Code (EPC) codes for anticounterfeiting
number, which is encoded, veri- As advocated in the US, it recom-

fied and locked into a high- mended beefing up the legisla- IDTechEx would comment that,

frequency RFID tag – married to tion, penalties and policing of although EPCglobal seems willing

the primary label – at a produc- counterfeits and development of to issue tranches of numbers for

tion-line speed of 120 bottles per the use of existing Good Manufac- use on barcodes and to permit

minute. The numbers are allo- turing Practices GMP and Good such a system to use the EP-

cated at each packaging point Distribution Practices GDP. It Cglobal Network ™, there will be

along the production line re- sought to make the legal supply serious disadvantages. All bar-

cording the ‘parent-child’ relation- chain “a closed shop” mimicking codes are easily copied, obscured

ships between the various RFID the US approach. and damaged and all have to be

tags on packs, cases and pallets. read one at a time, usually with
However, in stark contrast to the human involvement. No barcode
Once the RFID tag is locked, the
Americans, the EFPIA said, “The can be read through obstructions
EPC number is passed to a Dom-
cost per packaging line at manu- or even when seriously dirty.
ino laser that prints the number
facturers level, for the pan Euro- Checking for counterfeits via a
onto the label in a 2D Data Matrix
pean database as well as for the barcode is therefore likely to be
code format, alongside the lot
authentification point (bar code very infrequent compared with
number and the expiry date (in
readers) have to be calculated. what will be possible with RFID,
human-readable form). A pre-
The total impact on the Cost of where enormous quantities of
printed barcode showing the
Goods shall not be higher than items can be checked in a blink of
products National Drug Code is
one Euro cent per pack”. It rec- an eye without human involve-
also on the label.”
ommended an Electronic Product ment.
Code EPC system of unique iden-
tity numbering using tranches of The European Pharmaceutical in-
Reactionary approach in numbers issued by EPCglobal but dustry is not the law. It is possi-
Europe only to be applied in 2D barcode ble that the disparate national
form. It said that ideally even the European legislators will emulate
The European pharmaceutical in- blisterpacks themselves should be the more robust approach to
dustry in the form of the Euro- so marked. The new barcode in- pharmaceutical counterfeiting be-
pean Federation of Pharmaceuti- formation should at least include ing taken in the USA and drive in
cal Industries and Associations manufacturer’s name, product such modern technologies as
has not advocated use of RFID or name, batch number and expiry RFID by mandate. Alternatively,
the US level of expenditure. In date. The barcode number should will the lack of a pan European
November 2005, it issued a report be randomised so sequential equivalent of the FDA to demand
“White Paper on the Anticounter- number counterfeiting is pre- RFID be a weakness? Will that
feiting of Medicines”. This basi- vented. It said that all the work lead to counterfeiters repelled
cally ditched RFID until at least on anticounterfeiting of drugs in from the US targeting Europe
2010 as too expensive but recom- Europe should be channelled even more?
mended mass serialisation on a through the EFPIA.
2D barcode as meeting its crite- Learn more - hear from Procter &
rion of total cost of ownership Gamble on the world’s counter-
(from tag to database) of the feiting problems at RFID Smart
anti-counterfeiting measure being Labels Europe Sept 19-20
no more than one Euro cent per ‹

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 24

All the Technologies, Applications and Opportunities

Two events, one location



Hot applications, hot new technology, global The Opportunity for Active RFID

information – don’t follow the crowd! Active RFID Europe is the premier forum for users and

The seventh annual RFID Smart Labels Europe event developers of Active Radio Frequency Identification

from IDTechEx is now co-located with the first Active and short range wireless communications devices to

RFID Summit Europe, covering active RFID and active meet and discuss moving the industry forward into

RFID combined with WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and sen- valuable, commercial opportunities. Delegates will

sors. We bring you the World of RFID all in one loca- learn how to take advantage of the capabilities of Ac-

tion. tive RFID, including the new second generation RFID

enabled cellphones.
Key speakers include:
Key speakers include:

Delegates from 24 countries registered so far
For registration enquiries please contact Sarah Lee at or on +44 1223 813703
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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 25

Active RFID with RFID WiFi, Bluetooth,

ZigBee & Sensors
Everything you need to know!
Attended by 150 delegates from 9 advances from AVX, Identec Solu-

countries in 2005! To get involved tions, Visonic Technologies and

in the 2006 event, email Corinne Syscan. Information Mediary tells

Jennings at how drug trials now use its RFID packs recording which pill was

taken when. Speakers fly in from
the UK, Israel, Korea, Canada and
elsewhere and there are optional
Active RFID is now evolving rap-
idly. It has transformed safety Nov 14-15, 2006
and security in over one hundred Atlanta, Georgia
hospitals in the last year alone by USA
locating staff, patients and assets. For exhibition, attendance or any
Register online by other enquiry, please email Nicola
Essential to the military and in- Thursday 31 August to Bateman on
creasingly popular elsewhere, save up to 30%! ‹
sales of active RFID will rocket to
$6.8 billion in ten years. One re-
cent order was for $425 million.
Lead Sponsor
At the world’s only major confer-
ence on the subject “Active RFID
Summit” in Atlanta November 5-
6, Boeing, General Electric, Aven-
tura Hospital, Cisco, National
Computerisation Agency Korea
Sponsors include
and best in class university re-
searchers and suppliers will give
the latest uses and break-

At the cusp of WiFi, ZigBee, Real

Time Location Systems (RTLS),
Ubiquitous Sensor Networks
(USN) and more, this is a global
revolution. Wavetrend for ubiqui-
tous applications, AeroScout for
low cost location and Ubisense for
precision – it is all there, including
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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 26

IDTechEx Event Calendar

Welcome to the IDTechEx Events Calendar. Each month we list events of interest to Smart Labels Analyst readers to
keep you updated on the things that are going on in the world or RFID and smart labels.
For further information on any of our events please contact us on or phone +44 (0)1223 813 703.

The next IDTechEx Event…

September 19-21, 2006

London, UK

Event Venue Details and Weblink

Assessing the REAL needs, technolo-

September 19-21,
gies and opportunities
London, UK
New in 2006: Active RFID Europe

The world’s largest event dedicated to

November 14-15,
Active RFID. Go to
2006 for updated
Atlanta, USA
Active RFID Summit USA information

December 5-6, The third annual Printed Electronics

2006 USA event from IDTechEx.
Phoenix, USA See

The world’s largest conference and ex-

February 20-21, hibition focused on smart labels.
2007 Attended by delegates from 29
Boston, USA countries in 2006.

Printed Electronics Asia Learn and network with companies in

2007 East Asia at our Asian events in 2007
RFID Smart Labels Asia For further details, see

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 27

IDTechEx Reports
RFID and Smart Label Reports

Major updates July 2006

RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2006-2016
Using new, unique information researched globally by IDTechEx technical experts,
we analyse the RFID market in many different ways, with over 120 tables and figures.
They include detailed ten year projections for EPC vs non-EPC, high value niche
markets, active vs passive, readers, markets by frequency, markets by geographical
region, label vs non label, chip vs chipless, markets by application, tag format and
tag location. Cumulative sales of RFID are analyzed as are the major players and
unmet opportunities. It covers the emergence of new products, legal and demand
pressures and impediments for the years to come.
Updated June 2006
Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) 2006-2016
This unique report covers the technology and market for what will be a multi-billion
dollar market by 2013. It includes active RFID devices based on WiFi, etc, and over 30
case studies. There are also detailed forecasts.

Updated in July 2006

RFID Profit, Fund Raising and Acquisition Strategy
There is a great need for profit optimization and careful product positioning and
repositioning in the frenetic but unforgiving RFID market that is increasing ten times
to become a $26 billion business in 2016. RFID is entering most sectors of corporate,
public and private life so understanding how to create enduring profit from such a
choice of designs and applications, software, hardware and services, calls for great
care and modern management tools.
Brand new for August 2006
Item Level RFID Vol 1 – Forecasts, Technology, Standards
Item level RFID will shortly be the largest and most prosperous sector, driven by
anticounterfeiting, archiving, standing assets and supply chain efficiency of high
priced products. This unique new two part report gives the full picture and ten year
forecasts. Volume One concentrates on market forecasts, the technologies and
standards. Buy both volumes and receive a massive discount.
Brand new for August 2006
Item Level RFID Vol 2 – 100 Case studies, Paybacks, Lessons
Item level RFID will shortly be the largest and most prosperous sector, driven by
anticounterfeiting, archiving, standing assets and supply chain efficiency of high
priced products. This unique new two part report gives the full picture and ten year
forecasts. Volume Two concentrates on one hundred users' case studies, paybacks
and the lessons learnt. Buy both volumes and receive a massive discount.
Updated June 2006
Active RFID 2006-2016
Active RFID is little reported, but its use is growing rapidly. Several applications have
been above $100 million. It is responsible for over 20% of all spend on RFID. Learn
how to use it and how to sell it. Forecasts to 2016

To order any of our publications please go to

For further information about any of our products please contact
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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 28

IDTechEx Reports
New in February 2006
Chipless RFID Forecasts, Technologies & Players 2006-2016
This report analyzes the prospects of the end game of RFID - ultra low cost tags that
do not include a silicon chip. We assess the technologies that are available and
emerging, players, challenges, the opportunity and give ten year forecasts.

Technologies compared
Short Range Wireless
Learn the unique benefits of Dynamic Short Range Communications, ZigBee,
Bluetooth, WiFi , RFID and Near Field Communication, and explore how they can be
used together to great effect.

Updated July 2006

Near Field UHF RFID vs HF for Item Level Tagging
Everyone agrees that item level tagging is going to be the biggest market for RFID in
terms of both spend and number of tags sold. Everyone agrees that item level
tagging has its own, special requirements making it different from other categories
of RFID such as the tagging of people, animals, pallets, cases and vehicles or RFID in
passports, tickets and smart cards. But there the agreement ends...
Over 370 terms defined
The IDTechEx RFID Encyclopedia
This comprehensive handbook explains the magnitude of technology choices,
applications and terms of radio frequency identification RFID.

Printed Electronics Reports

Updated in April 2006

Organic Electronics Forecasts, Players, Opportunities 2006-2025
This report brings you new, unique information researched globally by IDTechEx. 20
year forecasts are given for the full range of organic electronics – including logic,
displays, memory, power, electrostatic and RF shielding and sensors.

Major updates in April 2006

Printed Electronics
Printed electronics is a term that encompasses much more than the long awaited
commercialisation of thin film transistor circuits TFTCs and organic light emitting
diode displays. Both will have greatest potential when we can print them on
common packaging material. TFTCs will be more robust and lower in cost than
silicon chips so they will appear everywhere from singing gift cards to smart
medical packaging and moving colour pictures in electronic books. However, those
devices are only a part of what is going on.
Over 380 terms defined
The A to Z of Printed and Disposable Electronics
This is the first comprehensive handbook to cover the full range of terms associated
with this exciting, fast moving topic
Also available FREE with the Organics Electronics Forecasts, Players, Opportunities
2006-2025 report.

To order any of our publications please go to

For further information about any of our products please contact
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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 29

IDTechEx Reports
Application Specific Reports

Updated in August 2006

RFID in Airports and Airlines 2006-2016
RFID is an extremely powerful enabling technology in airports and aircraft, serving
to improve security against criminal attack, safety against general hazards,
efficiency, error prevention and data capture and to remove tedious tasks. It can
even create new earning streams where it makes tolling feasible without causing
congestion and where new airport “touch and go” cards offer new paid services
without delays.
Updated in June 2006
RFID in Healthcare 2006-2016
The RFID business is growing so fast that few applicational sectors can beat that
scorching rate of growth. Healthcare is one of them thanks to the new tagging of
drugs, real time location of staff and patients and other developments including
automated error prevention. This unique report gives a full technical and market
analysis illustrated by 63 case studies. It is a vital resource for the healthcare
profession and all who wish to support it.
Updated in April 2006
RFID for Postal and Courier Services 2006-2016
Detailed ten year forecasts are given plus a full explanation of the technologies. In
detail, there are 30 new case studies of RFID in action in the postal and courier
service in North America, Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. The major
breakthroughs that will provide future success are discussed. Postal services
ignoring this accelerating change will become uncompetitive and suppliers missing
out will regret it.
Updated in July 2006
Food and Livestock Traceability – Forecasts, Needs, Best Practices
Strict new legislation on food traceability is largely driven by recent outbreaks of
diseases such as mad-cow disease, foot-and-mouth disease and avian flu and
accidental contamination. However, consumers also demand more information, as
do the police and customs. This report analyses the use of DNA, RFID and other
technologies, with a profusion of case studies from across the world.
Detailed case studies

RFID Retail
Thirty RFID Case Studies in Retail Case Studies
30 Detailed Case Studies with

This covers retail and the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) supply chain.
Comprehensive Statistics and
In-depth Analysis

Introduction. Thirty detailed studies from across the world. Jargon buster appendix

Detailed case studies

Thirty RFID Case Studies in Logistics Logistics
Case Studies
This has an introduction and thirty detailed case studies on RFID in the logistics 30 Detailed Case Studies with
Comprehensive Statistics and
In-depth Analysis

industry, e.g. freight tagging, driver access, condition monitoring, tachometer card.
Jargon buster appendix

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 30

IDTechEx Reports
Updated in February 2006
RFID Food and Livestock Case Studies
A major new report from IDTechEx provides, for the first time, no less than forty
detailed case studies of RFID in action in food and livestock.

Over 440 terms defined

Food and Livestock Traceability Encyclopedia
It is tough to learn one’s way into the subject of food and livestock traceability
nowadays. It has expanded to include the disciplines of medicine, biology,
chemistry, electronics, computer science and more. We have therefore prepared
this encyclopedia to give an unusually broad introduction to the acronyms and

IDTechEx Subscription Services

RFID Case Studies Knowledgebase

Over 2,100 case studies, over 2,200 organisations, 81 countries and growing rapidly.
The variety of case studies in this Knowledgebase is a salutary reminder that,
although the supply chain is seen as ultimately the biggest application for RFID, the
less hyped applications such as Libraries & Archiving, Passenger & Personal
Transportation, and Healthcare, are moving ahead extremely rapidly. This is a
searchable electronic database, with many links and slide presentations, by far the
largest available.
Smart Labels Analyst
In depth analysis on emerging RFID and Smart Label technologies from this
leading independent journal. We invest tens of thousands of dollars to send our
technical experts to conferences and organisations you may not visit. We travel
intensively from New Zealand to China, the USA, Europe and the Middle East. Read
new forecasts, technology assessments and more. This is not another newsletter
full of misleading press releases. It is serious analysis with numbers, figures and

Smart Packaging Reports

Introductory report
Smart Packaging
Introductory report on the whole subject. Needs, applications and technologies for
smart packaging whether consumer, postal, military, healthcare or other. 350
organisations are covered.

Hottest sector
Electronic Smart Packaging
This report is an in-depth study of electronic smart packaging, the hottest sector.
Forecasts to 2015. Already over 50 billion packages have been fitted with electronic
smart packaging devices - and now the market is really taking off. This report
exclusively analyses this extraordinary situation based on the imminent
commercialization of the toolkit of technologies which will open up the industry.

To order any of our publications please go to

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 31

IDTechEx Reports Price List

Item Level RFID Vol 1 – Forecasts, Technology, Standards RFID in Healthcare 2006-2016
Item Level RFID Vol 2 – 100 Case studies, Paybacks, Lessons
Volume 1 Hardcopy Electronic Hardcopy & Electronic

GBP (£) £1,000 £1,200 £1,500

Eur (€) €1,500 €1,800 €2,250
USD ($) $2,000 $2,400 $2,800

Volume 2 Electronic only

GBP (£) £800

Eur (€) €1,200
USD ($) $1,500

Two report deal - electronic only

GBP (£) £1,600

Eur (€) €2,400
USD ($) $3,200

RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2006-2016

RFID in Healthcare 2006-2016
Hardcopy Electronic Hardcopy & Electronic

GBP (£) £1,000 £1,250 £1,350

Eur (€) €1,500 €1,850 €2,000
USD ($) $1,800 $2,250 $2,500

Active RFID 2006-2016

Real Time Locating Systems 2006-2016
Chipless RFID Forecasts, Technologies & Players 2006-2016
Hardcopy Electronic Hardcopy & Electronic

GBP (£) £800 £1,000 £1,200

Eur (€) €1,200 €1,500 €1,800
USD ($) $1,500 $1,800 $2,200

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 32

IDTechEx Reports Price List

RFID Profit, Fund Raising and Acquisition Strategy
Printed Electronics
Electronic Smart Packaging
RFID for Postal and Courier Services
RFID in Airports and Airlines
Hardcopy Electronic Hardcopy & Electronic
GBP (£) £1,000 £1,250 £1,350
Eur (€) €1,500 €1,850 €2,000
USD ($) $2,000 $2,500 $2,750

Organic Electronics Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2006-2025

Smart Tagging and Smart Packaging in Healthcare
Smart Packaging
Food and Livestock Traceability
Electric Vehicle Forecasts, Players, Opportunities 2005-2015
Hardcopy Electronic Hardcopy & Electronic
GBP (£) £1,200 £1,500 £1,600
Eur (€) €1,800 €2,250 €2,400
USD ($) $2,400 $2,800 $3,200

Near Field UHF RFID vs HF for Item Level Tagging

Electronic only
GBP (£) £99
Eur (€) €149
USD ($) $189

Short Range Wireless – Ebook only

Electronic only
GBP (£) £500
Eur (€) €750
USD ($) $1,000

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 33

IDTechEx Reports Price List

The A to Z of Printed and Disposable Electronics
The IDTechEx RFID Encyclopedia
Food and Livestock Traceability Encyclopedia
Electronic only
GBP (£) £250
Eur (€) €375
USD ($) $500

RFID Food and Livestock Case Studies

30 RFID Retail Case Studies
30 RFID Logistics Case Studies
Hardcopy Electronic Hardcopy & Electronic
GBP (£) £400 £300 £450
Eur (€) €600 €450 €675
USD ($) $750 $600 $850

Subscription Services – all prices for 12 months access

Smart Labels Analyst Knowledgebase
GBP (£) £250 £1,500
Eur (€) €375 €2,250
USD ($) $500 $2,800

RFID Knowledgebase sections – Electronic only

GBP (£) £400
Eur (€) €600
USD ($) $750

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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 34

IDTechEx Consultancy

At IDTechEx we aim to help everyone in the RFID smart labels and smart packaging value chains from inven-
tors and venture capitalists to value added suppliers, system integrators, major users and facilities managers.
We do not compete with these businesses.

We endeavour to be particularly well informed about smart labels and appropriate enabling technologies and
unusually rapid in our response to customer's requirements and work hard to "see the future". IDTechEx
sponsor relevant academic and not-for-profit organisations to support the industry and this also enables us to
provide our clients with the latest knowledge which they may not have access to. For example, we are spon-
sors of EPCglobal, SAL-C (Smart Active Labels Consortium), Ubiquitous Computing (Japan) and active mem-
bers of EuroTag. IDTechEx is also a member of AIM, IEE and the Institute of Packaging. This support does
not, however, conflict with our strict independence.

We are unusually global in our reach. Our staff includes native foreign speakers and we regularly visit compa-
nies and conferences across the whole world, as well as holding our own conferences in the US, Europe and
Japan. . In the last six months, we have provided consultancy services in Europe, the USA, Japan and Korea.

Recent successes

• Investigation of potential investment for Cazenove Private Equity

• RFID acquisition strategy for a global electronics giant*

• Teach-ins and brainstorming of smart packaging and RFID strategy at packaging companies in Ireland, the
US, etc; at a major food manufacturer, clothing retailers and a microchip manufacturer*

• Internal training courses on RFID and smart packaging in the US and UK for Rexam, one of the largest
packaging companies in the world

• Assessing optimal technologies and materials for ultra low-cost smart labels of various types and business
plans for such products for various companies*

• Business due diligence of a planned acquisition for a US multinational* and similar work for two venture
capitalists* planning certain investments. Recent work includes business due diligence for PolyTechnos of
Munich, Germany for investment in Plastic Logic, UK

• Helping start-ups* in France, UK and the US

Contact us

Should you require advice on RFID or smart packaging, please contact us. We will sign an NDA (Non-
Disclosure-Agreement) as necessary in order to help you and your company.
Please email

* Much of the consultancy carried out by IDTechEx is under Non-Disclosure-Agreements (NDA), therefore
names of many of our clients cannot be revealed. However, it includes many of the famous names in Japan,
the US and Europe.

© IDTechEx Limited, 2006. Downing Park, Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambridge CB5 0NB, UK.
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Smart Labels Analyst August 2006 Issue 67 Page 35

IDTechEx Report Order Form

To order an IDTechEx market report online please visit our website

Alternatively, fill in the form below and fax the completed order to +44 (0)1223 812400.

For electronic reports only

For companies based in the EU, VAT will be charged on the electronic report at the UK rate of 17.5%
UNLESS an EC VAT number is provided. If this number is provided then VAT will not be charged.

Title of Report(s)

Hardcopy/Electronic/Both formats
Price (please indicate which

EC VAT Number (if applicable)

Payment Method Cheque, made payable to IDTechEx Ltd

Direct bank transfer to: HSBC, International Branch, PO Box 181, 27-32 Poultry Lane, London EC2P 2BX.
IBAN: GB82 MIDL 4005 1558 8606 28 Bank BIC No: MIDLGB22
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