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By the grace of God, the Philippi Baptist Church shall embrace, model, and share the love of God through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Philippi Baptist Church, Philippi, WV 26416

February 2011

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107 Church Street Philippi, WV 26416 (304) 457-3206  Rev. Jon Villers, Pastor Lisa Dadisman, Secretary

That's Amore! Love is in the air! It was in this month on the 14th day that Koreen and I celebrated one month of being together as a couple.... 23 years ago! Our budding romance had blossomed over those last 31 days. A month before we met on the dance floor in the ball room of Hamer Center on A-B's campus. After we danced the night away, I asked if we could have breakfast together the next day. She said yes and I officially gave my heart away as we then met that next evening as well to attend a Battler Basketball Game. I held her hand for the very first time! I thank God every day that He has provided for me a helpmate in this journey of life. Her beauty and spirit are a rare find. And to many times I fail to tell her and more specifically show her how much she means to me. Now that we are into our third decade together, I continue to be amazed at how our lives have taken so many incredible twists and turns together. We are privileged to invest our lives and love into the hearts of four of the greatest gifts God ever gave: Caleb, Allison, Thomas and Bobby. I make it a point to tell and show these followers of Jesus how much they are loved as well. Our love extends beyond our immediate family as well. My parents, Koreen's Parents, My Sister's family, Koreen's Sisters' families are all so much a part of our lives as we continue to connect and reaffirm our love for each other. That is my continued prayer for Philippi Baptist Church as well. That we be known as the community of faith that loves one another. I have seen a level of care and concern here at PBC that is to be commended. Whenever a family is walking through a time of illness, crises, or death, I have seen our church family surround them with our love and availability. I shared in chapel at A-B last month and we also discussed in our new series on Prayer we are doing on Wednesdays at 6pm: I now look at Jesus' words about The Father in a more meaningful way: "My Father is glorified by this, that you bear much fruit and become my disciples." (NRSV) God, our Father, beams when we His disciples show our love for one another! Shalom, Pastor Jon
I would ask for your prayers as we share this love to pastors in three cities in Russia. I wanted to give you our itinerary so that you could be praying along the way! Ryazan, Russia Trip – February 22 – March 2, 2011 Рязань, Россия поездки - 22 февраля - 2 марта 2011 Tuesday, February 22 Depart Charleston (CRW) United 7843 Arrive Washington, DC (IAD) 2:22 PM 3:37 PM

Sunday, February 27 Worship in Ryazan Monday, February 28 Evangelism Seminar near Shatsk Travel Back to Ryazan Tuesday, March 1 Wrap up…Shopping…Visits Wednesday, March 2Depart Moscow (DME) United 0965 12:35PM Arrive Washington, DC IAD) 3:35 PM Depart Washington, DC (IAD) United 7795 5:45 PM Arrive Charleston (CRA) 7:12 PM

Depart Washington, DC (IAD) United 0964 4:50 PM Wednesday, February 23 Arrive Moscow (DME) 10:50 AM Travel to Ryazan by car Visit…Orientation to Week…Rest Thursday, February 24 Visit Pastor Valery Severin in Novomirchurinsk Visit Pastor Ryazhsk in Pastor Oleg Yeponichnikov Travel to Korablino (over night in Korablino) Friday, February 25 Evangelism Seminar in Korablino Afternoon or Evening?? Saturday, February 26 Evangelism Seminar in Ryazan Afternoon 2

A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. Grace Hopper


Upcoming information *** February 1 @ 1:30pm ―Knowing our Role ― Jody Sperry *** March 1 @ 9:30am ―Human Trafficking‖ Sara Poling *** April 5 @ 7:00pm ―Weirton Christian Center‖ Jane Digman *** May 3 @ 6:00pm ―Annual Women’s Banquet‖ *** June 7 @ 9:30am ―Election of Officers‖ *** (BIBLE BOOK OF THE MONTH) JONAH
The Board of Christian Education is putting together Valentine treat boxes for the college students. We are asking for donations of treats (cookies, snacks, supplies, candy, etc.) for about 20 students. Please tag donations as ―Valentine Treats‖, and leave in the kitchen. Donations will be collected until Sunday, Feb. 6th. Thank you. ***

Great news! For all of you who enjoy Family Game Night. You will now have the opportunity to participate on the last Saturday of every month. Bring snacks, games and the beverages will be provided. What a great opportunity for family and friends to have fun!


Several couples who would be involved in outreach to visitors to our church. ―Mugging‖ would involve visiting the new comers with a Philippi Baptist mug and a loaf of home made bread. Names and information can be obtained from Marilyn Shearer. Please contact her if you are interested


PHILIPPI BAPTIST CHURCH OFFICERS, BOARDS AND COMMITTEES– 2011 OFFICERS MODERATOR VICE MODERATOR FINANCIAL SECRETARY ASSISTANT FINANCIAL SECRETARY TREASURER ASSISTANT TREASURER CLERK DIACONATE (NINE TOTAL MEMBERS) (2012) Kim Klaus Judi Funk Dianna Wright BOARD OF TRUSTEES (SIX TOTAL MEMBERS) (2012) Caton Hill Bruce Blankenship (unexpired term) BOARD OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION (SIX TOTAL MEMBERS) (2012) Cheryl Blankenship Gary Price-SS Superintendant BOARD OF OUTREACH AND MISSIONS (SIX TOTAL MEMBERS) ( 2012) Brenda Price Christie Allen BOARD OF WORSHIP (SIX TOTAL MEMBERS) (2012) Jane Digman Dawn Scheick FINANCE COMMITTEE (FIVE MEMBERS NOT COUNTING THE TWO EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS) 1.Clarence Wright (Financial Secretary) 2.Craig Cobb (Treasurer) 3. Bob Digman 4.Gary Price 5.Bruce Blankenship Ex-officio 1. Scott Springer (Assistant Financial Secretary) 2. Jeff Allen (Assistant Treasurer) NOMINATING COMMITTEE (FIVE MEMBERS) 3.Jovan Vlasic 4.Bill Klaus Carolyn Davis (2011) Gerald Fogg (2012) Clarence Wright (2013) Scott Springer (2013) Craig Cobb (2013) Jeff Allen (2013) Barbara Smith (2012)

(2011) Olin Campbell Caroline Jett Randy Moore (unexpired term)

(2013) Kelly Bracey Glenn Sweet JD Long

(2011) Larry Jett Jean Roy

(2013) Skip Ervin Mary Boyer

(2011) Chuck Scheick Cheryl Wolfe

(2013) Sara Poling Sarah Ferguson

(2011) Marilyn Shearer Koreen Villers (unexpired term)

(2013) Margaret Salimi Linda Howell

(2011) Marija Sommer Petar Vlasic

(2013) Eddy Poling Carol Ervin

1.Gary Price

2.Caroline Jett

5. Marj Campbell

PASTORAL RELATIONS COMMITTEE (FIVE TOTAL: THREE ELECTED AND TWO APPOINTED BY THE PASTOR) (2011) Martha Rose Roy Pastoral Appointments (2) 1. Darlene Waddell 2. Petar Vlasic 4 (2012) Sarah Cobb (2013) Bill Klaus

Steelers vs Packers We will be hosting the viewing of Super Bowl Game Night at PBC. Bring a snack and refreshments and join us as we have a GREAT time. We will begin around 6:00pm *** Union Association Men’s Prayer Breakfast February 26, 2011 8:00am Summit Park Baptist Church 154 Summit Park Ave. Clarksburg, WV Come Fellowship and Prayer with others form our Association Reservations appreciated, but not necessary. Please call Roger Delaney @ 304-842-5149 Or email him at By February 18, 2011 ***

Life Line Screening will be at the Philippi Baptist Church on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 in the Fellowship hall. This is a preventive health event to scan for the risk of stroke and other vascular conditions. Members of the church get the first opportunity to sign up and will allow a chance to get a priority appointment and an opportunity to receive a discount of $10.00 of the package price. Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States, and this catastrophic event can strike without warning. In fact, four out of five people who have had a stroke showed no apparent warning signs prior to their attack. But, strokes can be stopped in their tracks. If you are interested in signing up or obtaining more information, contact Lisa Dadisman

Pastor Jon will be leaving for Russia on February 22 and will return March 2nd.
Elsie Frye would like to thank the congregation for all the cards, calls and prayers on the death of her sister.

On Sunday February 6th, 140 million Americans will tune in to the Super Bowl football game. There will be parties with abundant food, friendship and fellowship. At the same time, there will be people worrying about staying warm, finding shelter and a warm meal. Please join young people around the country as they demonstrate God’s love by loving their neighbors through the Souper Bowl of Caring. It’s a simple, yet significant act of caring for others. Drop $1 (or more) in the soup pot or a non perishable food as you leave worship on February 6th. Our young people are developing hearts for giving that can last a lifetime. Please support their efforts.

The Many Talented Judi Funk

If you’re looking for Judi Funk, you may find her in the projection booth at the church, or you may find her at Curves, or you may find her serving as a volunteer aide for her daughter Linda at Philippi Elementary School. Or you may find Judi at home, shooing the cat away from the spools of thread and hanks of yarn that Judi needs for her knitting machine. You may also find her in her recently renovated kitchen, reading a book about Coach Bobby Bowden. Mother of three, grandmother of nine, and great-grandmother of one, Judi Bowles Funk was born in Huntington, where she went through the public schools and graduated from East Huntington High. She headed for Alderson-Broaddus without having decided on a major, but on her very first day on campus she met Jack Funk, and he became her focus. ―I chased him until he caught me,‖ she laughs. He graduated from A-B in 1956, and Judi dropped out of school so that they could get married. He went into the army, and they were sent to San Francisco, where their first child, Fred, was born.

When Jack was discharged, they returned to Jane Lew, Jack’s hometown, and lived there for a year before heading for Salisbury, MD, where Jack took a job with the Recreation Commission. Following a phone call and invitation from thenpresident Richard Shearer, the Funks came back to Alderson-Broaddus. Judi finished her bachelor’s degree in elementary education in 1970 and immediately began teaching. In 1974 she became an admissions counselor at A-B, a position which she held from 1974 until 1980. Missing public school teaching, she returned to teach four and fifth grades in Belington. She finally retired in 1996. It was in that year that Judi was elected to the Battler Hall of Fame, for her performance as a cheerleader but even more for her support of athletics and athletes, whose uniforms she mended and whose meals she often provided. For many years she has also served as timer for the men’s basketball team. Having attended Philippi Baptist Church as an A-B student, and having convinced Jack to change from being a Methodist to being a Baptist, they became very active in the church as adults. Judi has served as Sunday School Superintendent, and she has sung in the choir and has taught Sunday School. She is currently co-chair of the Diaconate and has become highly adept at providing Power Point and other types of projection for worship services. Daughter of a preacher, Judi says, ―The church is a part of me. I’ve never known it not to be.‖ That’s another place where Judi can frequently be found—at church.


A-B College faculty, staff and students, Georgian Allen, Albert Carman, Blaine Corder, George Davis, The Family of Becky & Mike Elmore, Jim Friend, Otilia Franke, Carl Gant, Jane Gibbons, Ben Guido, Shirley Jacobs, Don Miller, Shay Mitchell, Jody Newlon, Greg , Kasey and Violet Mouser, Brenda & Gary Price, Dr. Richard Shearer, Dorothy Shaffer, Vangie Shaffer, Germaine Whitman Unspoken requests for family members, unsaved, person and community concerns, those with job and home loss, financial difficulties. Our national, state, and country leaders and officials. Victims, the families and friends of crime, war and violence throughout our country. Military personnel and their families throughout the world. Relatives and friends of those serving our country: Amanda Howard, Tim Jenkins, Chris Mossburg Taylor Smith. Brock and Maria Rosier

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