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aie a lS MINISTRIES Missionaries Doug & Michelle Cook 212 Canongate Road Kingsport, TN 37660 423-480-0619 douglas.cook7 ‘Sending Church Mount Pisgah Baptist Church 115 Old Hen Valley Road Oliver Springs, TN 37840 865-435-7781 Sending Agency Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples P.O. Box 37043, Jacksonville, FL 32236 904-783-4007, July - August 2020 Dear Praying Friends & Family, In our last letter we mentioned the needs of a church that we visited in Wise, VA. We have been assisting them since the first Sunday in July. Things are going well, but the restrictions due to COVID-19 are tight in the area. We were able to add a mid-week service right away and continue to meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. We still have hope to add a Sunday evening service in the near future but will wait to see what the Governor announces in late September. With the size of the church, and the small numbers, it is at a great expense to clean and disinfect three times a week. Also, they have seen increases of COVID cases over the last two months. ‘The Church is also remodeling their parsonage for their next Pastor and his family. Itis exciting to see the church family pitch in and help with this project. ‘Some folks have given financially and some have assisted in the work as well as given financially. So far, they have been able to remodel the bathroom and paint the inside. All has been done without going into debt and | have encouraged them to finish the project debt free. The next project is to re-floor the house throughout and repair a few electrical and water issues. Our goal is to finish remodeling by mid-October and then begin the Pastor search by November, if not sooner. Please pray with us as we lay the groundwork on teaching the Biblical qualifications of a Pastor and how to form a pulpit committee. The people are so excited about the possibility of getting a full-time Pastor. The Church has not had a full-time Pastor in over 30 years. On a personal note, please continue to pray for Michelle. She was approved by doctors for the next process of using a stimulator to control her spinal pain. However, we must wait for the approval from the insurance company. Doug. was scheduled for total knee replacement last month but that was rescheduled for September 11. This change was due to an altercation Doug had with a blackberry bush causing scratches bad enough to delay the surgery and he still failed to get any black berries. Poor guy. Please know that we greatly appreciate your financial and prayer support. We are praying for you and your ministry as well. This COVID fiasco has hurt many of our supporting churches both numerically and financially, which has also affected their Missions program. Let’s pray together for our country and elections in November. Honored to Serve, Path Ladd Doug & Michelle Cook } “He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3