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Professional Adjustment Nursing 1. When asked about the characteristic of nursing profession, the nurse characterizes nursing as: a. b.

A profession with a service orientation Profession with a guide which delineates the roles and responsibilities of its members Profession with a deciding power over standard of practice profession with a scientific base

4. Reginald knows that as a professional nurse, he should posses an/a: a. Warm personality and concern b. Strong urge to gain opulence and fame in practice c. Vision of continous improvement of the practice of one self d. Ability to make ethically and morally sound decision

a.determine nursing action that is appropriate in a variety of situation mentally store knowledge so it doesn’t have to be written down c. help recall facts in clinical area d.use Neuman’s model in the work setting




As a member of the healthcare team, the nurse collaborates with his coworkers. In the absence of the physician or the leader of the team, the nurse should institute measures for the welfare of the patient under of his care. This demonstrate:

5. Reginald knows that nurses motivate their patients. Included as patients are individuals, families, groups and communities. She knows that this type of motivation is properly labeled as: a. self-reliance b. collaboration with patients c. partnership d. all of the above

8. The four concepts common in all nursing theories are person, environment, health and nursing. Of these four, the most important concept is: a. environment c. Nursing b. health d. person

a. Independence


9. When the new nurse after her tour of the physical facilities of the hospital tell her head nurse that the building is suffering from the “Sick Building Syndrome”, the nurse is trying to say that: a.That the health of the house does not meet the basic requirements of Nightingale’s need for adequate ventilation, cleanliness and lighting b.The building is filled with sick people that make the hospital appear sick too c. The building is unfit for caring for people d.That an unhealthy building creates unhealthy inhabitants

c. Autonomy

d. All of the above 6. A nursing theory is a group of concepts that form a pattern of reality. A concept can be defined as:

3. Reginald, a staff nurse knows that his most important function is to ensure: a.Proper documentation b. Administration of care c. Institution of comfort measure d. Promotion of spiritual health of the client

a. An idea
c. A philosophy

b. An outcome d. A process

7. A concept’s most important purpose in professional nursing is to:

10. Which of the ff. individuals demonstrate Florence Nightingale’s concept of health?

b.Having attained an advanced level of education c. A holistic understanding and perception of the client d.Intuitive and analytic ability in new situations

c. d.

enhance your basis knowledge update your knowledge and skills related to field of interest

a. A master’s degree holder in nursing
working as a staff nurse in a community hospital

b. A polio victim during his childhood who just
passed the Bar exams and is now practicing his profession and is fighting for equal rights for the physically-challenged citizenry c. A Master’s Degree holder in nursing working as a staff nurse in medical center in the city d.A dead mute-person who uses his gift of art to paint beautiful artworks and engage in arts exhibits here and abroad 13. As you become socialized into nursing “culture” you become a patient advocate. Advocacy is explained in the ff. except: a.Respecting person’s right to autonomous b.Demonstrating loyalty to the institution’s right c. Shared respect, trust and collaboration in meeting health needs Situation: You are a newly hired nurse in a tertiary hospital. You have to finish your orientation program recently and you are beginning to assimilate the culture of the profession. d.Protecting and supporting another person’s right

Situation: Errors while providing nurse care to patients must be avoided and minimized at all times. Effective management of available resources enables the nurse to provide safe, quality patient care.

16. In the hospital where you work, increased of medication error was identified as the number one in the unit. During the brainstorming session of the nursing service department, probable causes were identified. Which of the ff. is process related? a. b. interruptions use of unofficial abbreviation lack of knowledge failure to indentify client

11. Using Benner’s stages of nursing expertise, you are a beginning nurse practitioner. You will rank yourself as a/an: a. competent nurse c. proficient nurse beginner b. novice nurse d. advanced

14. Modern day nursing has led into the development of the expanded role of the nurses as in the function of a: a.clinical nurse specialist critical nurse c. community health nurse b.

c. d.

d. staff nurse

17. Miscommunication of drug order was identified as a probable cause of medication error. Which of the ff. is a safe medication practice related to this? a.maintain medication in its unit dose package until point of actual administration b.note both generic and brand name of the medication in the Medication Administration Method

15. You can join continuing education program to help you: a. b. earn credit for license renewal get in touch with colleagues in nursing

12. Benner’s “proficient” nurse level is different from the other levels in nursing expertise in the context of having: a.The ability to organize and plan activities

the number of nursing procedures performed to comfort the client 23.critical thinking to decide appropriate nursing action b. encourage clients to ask question about their medication b. d. observation skills for data collection d. d. concerned that he cannot pay his hospital bills and professional fees. Why should you not leave medications in the bedside table of the patient? a. Your client.c.understanding of various nursing diagnosis c. You refer him to a: a. bookkeeping department d. nurse supervisor b. c.The amount of medication administered to the client as ordered c. provide financial assistant d. Mr. focus on smoking cessation problem d. The effectiveness of your nursing care plan for your client is determined by: a. making a thorough nursing assessment of the client needs and problems c. quality nursing care to various clients in any setting.monitor client with hypertension incidence of non-communicable disease to community health center b. assist with chemotherapy 20. social worker c. physician 19. bedside table is not sterile it is convenient to the nurse the nurse will not accurately document that the patient actually took the medication the patient may forget to take it 18. modify health primitive behaviors 24. Situation: While working in the tertiary hospital. the most important of the nurse is: a. He is referred by the oncology nurse to a selfhelp group of clients with cancer to: a.possession of scientific knowledge about client needs 21. stressful area avoid sleepiness over fatigue nights a. to be part of research study c. receive emotional support b. become a better family prevent disease control their symptoms . b. creating plans of care for particular client b. you are assigned to the medical ward. To provide safe. b. The role of health worker in health education is to: a. 26. The physician should use an approved universal abbreviation d. Diaz. The number of time the client calls the nurse d. The nurse involve in health promotion of the family by: a. Mr. How does the nurse promote one’s well-being? a. Magno has lung cancer and his going through chemotherapy. You ensure the appropriateness and safety of your nursing interventions while caring for various groups by: 22.identifying the correct nursing diagnosis for the client c. b.educate as many people about warning signs of non-communicable diseases c. periodic travels and recreations faithful and observance of healthy simple lifestyle run away from polluted. 25.the outcome of nursing interventions based on plan of care d.

c. about the Filipino Nurses Code of Ethics is not correct? 35. d. Dr. In the Philippines. PNA code of ethics is an expression of moral concerns. c. Mrs. Group of Filipino Nurses that formulates the Code of Ethics for Filipino nurses. she authored the Code of Ethics for Filipino Nurses together with the Iloilo PNA Chapter a. nutritionist c. When collaborating with other health care team members. encourages the client involvement in his care shares and implements orders of the health team to ensure quality care she listen to the individual views of the health team members help client set goals of care and discharge 31.None of the above 30. She should be referred to a: a. A diabetic. b. Association of Nursing Service Administrator of the Philippines (ANSAP) Philippine Ethicist Nurses Association (PENA) Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) Association of Dean of Colleges of Nurses (ADPCN) d. b. Code of ethics for Filipino nurses The Philippine nursing act of 2002 or RA 9173 Republic act 8981 IRR. 34. Sotero d. Which is the correct characteristic of the code of ethics for nurses? a. Resolution 425v of 2003 32. b. rehabilitative aspect of the care administration of written prescription for treatment and therapies collaborating with other health care providers for health restoration and alleviation of suffering health promotion and prevention of illness a. 33. medical pathologist d. The Code of Ethics for Filipino Nurses is a set of principle set by the profession to be used by the individual to ensure safe practice. Consuelo Gomez-Arabit b. nurses are responsible for: c. a. the Code of Ethics is legally binding. dietician d. The Philippine Nursing Act delineates the scope of nursing. the best description of Nurse Rita’s role is: a. it serve as a guide in making moral and ethical decision in practice it emphasizes the four -fold mission of the nurse with the adage that the nurse should also promote the spiritual health of the person is serve as a strong and absolute protection against any lawsuit as it is instituted by the professional regulatory board and the accredited professional organization it contains ethical and moral principles that will serve as a guide for the day to day conduct of the professionals b. In the Philippines. it emphasizes the independent and collaborative roles of the nurse it describes the professional standards of nursing practice it has a legal guarantee it is used as a guideline in nursing standard b. c. Annie Sand c. It specifies that as independent practitioners. 27.a. the nurse may be sanctioned by: . c. goals and values of nursing. Linao. d. c. d. b. Julita V.Dr. hypertensive patient. Which of the ff. In the case of violation. 29. 28. In October 1982. d. this law is: a. physician b. needs a change in her diet to improve her health status.Dr.

b. c. the Code of Ethics. Ethics is not concerned with which of the ff. 42. Nurses and People nurses and Society and Environment Nurses and Co-workers Nurses and Progress b. c. In ff. Nurses and People nurses and Society and Environment Nurses and Co-workers Nurses and Progress Nurses and Profession d. d. d. In ff.a. This is inline in which framework in the Code of Ethics? a. e. In ff. c. exercising critical and rational 40. This is inline in which framework in the Code of Ethics? a. d. This is inline in which framework in the Code of Ethics? a. This is inline in which framework of the Code of Nursing? a. b. the chief nurse of a certain actively listens and champions the just causes of his subordinates. filing a criminal case termination from employment revocation or suspension of license all of the above 38. personal standard of right and wrong b. commission or hospitality from the patient or any recommendations made.? a. is not an element of the Code of Ethics? a. d. judgment in one’s choice or decision 43. a registered nurse declines to receive any gifts. the Code of Ethics. e. is the primary purpose of the Nurses Code of Ethics? a. a registered nurse demonstrate a concept of transcultural nursing into practice wherein he takes into consideration the culture and values of his patient. Nurses and People Nurses and Practice Nurses and Co-workers Nurses and Progress Nurses and Profession c. Nurses and People Nurses and Practice Nurses and Co-workers Nurses and Progress e. b. Nurses and People nurses and Society and Environment Nurses and Co-workers Nurses and Progress Nurses and Profession 39. b. e. A registered nurse is actively seeking out prominent figures in nursing profession in seminars and conventions where he attends in order to establish connections and linkages. a reference material of the desirable attitudes a nurse may possess and develop aid the nurse in identification of legalities of the nursing practice . d. Nurses and People nurses and Practice Nurses and Co-workers Nurses and Progress Nurses and Profession b. d. the Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics for the Filipino Nurses follow a framework in which their ethico-moral responsibility is divided into sectors of the populace. e. c. c. c. b. practice or believe of certain group c. This is inline in which framework in the Code of Ethics? a. 41. Which of the ff. RC Pineda joined the Society of Young Professional Nurses and actively participates in its activities. investigating issues about human behavior 37. the Code of Ethics. In ff. Nurses and Profession 36. b. Which of the ff. d.

Its scope includes the ff. autonomy c. respect b. bioethics b. serves as standards of conduct and values as defined by the profession 2.2&3 D. b. d.2&4 C. Specific domain of ethics that focuses on moral issues and dilemmas in the field of healthcare. confidentiality d. 1. except: a. values a. 9173 R.A. pollution b. 44. non-maleficence 47. serve as a legal basis for nurses liability A. confidentiality d. Which of the ff.A. he is applying in practice which major ethical principle? a. When a registered nurse ensures that he has provides all necessary information to his patient who is interested in making an anatomical gift after his death. justice b. provides that nurses must adopt the Filipino Nurses Code of Ethics? a. he is applying in practice which major ethical principle? d. respect b. The principle that govern right and proper conduct of a person regarding life. best describes the purpose/s of the Amended Code of Ethics for Nurses? 1. biotechnological advancements d. stewardship confidentiality c. 7164 46. c. Which of the ff. bioethics 51. to serve as a basis for ethical decisionmaking by a profession 4. When a registered nurse ensures that he has provides all necessary information to his patient and all impending procedures have been explained thoroughly and have been properly consented to. doing no harm b. health care ethics 45. non-maleficence 48. keeping promises c. 1.c. fiscal legislation 52. BON Resolution No. confidentiality d. lifestyle modification c. 14 BON Resolution No. doing good d. all of the above 50. 49. 2&3 B. When a registered nurse performs only functions that is within the scope of his practice and when he adheres to rules and regulations of his institution. serve as a guide in making sound nursing decisions necessary in making nursing situation. caring situation provide sanctions for those who violate the delineation and scope of the practice biology and the health professions is referred to as: a. religion d. stewardship c. When a registered nurse ensures that he has provides all necessary information to his patient who is interested in making an anatomical gift after his death. justice b. non-maleficence d. non-maleficence . 20 R. 1&3 c. a. he is applying in practice which major ethical principle? a. to inform the nurses about their role in the organization 3. autonomy c. The universal ethical principle of utilitarianism is chiefly concerned with: a. he is applying in practice which minor ethical principle? a. professional ethics d. Bioethics though already realm of ethics has a wide scope. 45. morality c. ethics b.

55. he is applying in practice which minor ethical principle? a. epikia c. nurses oftentimes find it difficult to resolve ethical issue because: 1. totality d. utilitarianism Matching Type: 62. veracity c. They (nurses) have difficulty separating their personal characteristics from their professional characteristic 4. totality b. duty of gratitude 65. As observed by experts. When a registered nurse ensures that contract between him and the patient has b. respect b. non-maleficence 58. duty of self-improvement 68. paternalism b. paternalism b. duty of fidelity 63.3 1. fidelity 61. utilitarianism 60. 3. duty of non-malefiscence 69. 1. When a registered nurse attends to a patient and reminds himself of the inappropriate use of technology while rendering care. duty of veracity Options: a. epikia b. A. paternalism b. respect d. utilitarianism 59. non-maleficence been satisfactory completed. Giving what is due based on merits earned 57.2. veracity c.3 c. he is applying in practice which minor ethical principle? a. When a registered nurse attends to the patient’s preparation towards a removal of a disease organ. Truth-telling . non-maleficence 66. respect c. utilitarianism c. utilitarianism c. stewardship d. 2.53. When a registered nurse provides safe and quality emergency care to unconscious client. the registered knows that which of the ff. duty of beneficence 67. totality d. They (nurses) lack the sensitive to recognize ethical problems and conflicts 2. duty of justice 56. paternalism b. he is applying in practice which minor ethical principle? a. respect b. When a registered nurse admits mistakes promptly and offers to do whatever necessary to correct them. respect d. ethical principle does not apply? a. he is applying in practice which minor ethical principle? a. utilitarianism 3. When a registered nurse prioritizes the vaccination of pregnant women and children during an epidemic. he is applying in practice which major ethical principle? a. double-effect d. duty of reparation 64. he is applying in practice which minor ethical principle? a. They (nurses) neglect the use of universal ethical principles and utilize self-device principles and approached instead. respect d. They (nurses) lack the needed knowledge or experience to tackle the situation they are in 54. When a registered nurse prioritizes the vaccination of pregnant women and children during an epidemic.2 b. veracity c.4 d. veracity c. respect d. A couple who is trying to conceive a child for many years now are opted for zygote implantation into the fallopian tube. he is applying in practice which minor ethical principle? a.

negligence c. malpractice d.doctrine of force majeure b. malpractice d. doctrine of force majeure doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitor doctrine of respondeat superior malpractice 70. negligence b. reconciliation e. The nurse knows that the ff. foreseeable of harm from failure to do duty d. Should any unlikely incident arise from their erroneous administration of medication. d. Berting. negligence b. While plotting and schedule and staffing in the hospital. foreseeable of harm from failure to do duty d. When as a scrub nurse. They carried out usual nursing duties like giving medication. standard of practice battery b. Drive to enhance and empower one’s self d. tort c. weng answers: a. malpractice d.malpractice 71. “first. Penance. assault and 74. Promise-keeping h. While being transported to the x-tray department. When carelessness happens resulting to an accident that is preventable.failure to do duty c. the nurse is: 75. b. When asked by Rhoda about the most important and the most defining element of negligence. doctrine of respondeat superior d.existence of duty on the part of the person charged to protect the complaining party from the injury received b. compensation received by the accuse from the plaintiff 76. Nurse Neil would know that any misconduct or lack of skill in carrying out professional responsibilities. you could be liable due to the: a. a. the straps accidentally broke and the client fell on the floor hitting his head. the nurse can be charged of: a. are component or element of negligence. tort c.c. crime 72.a damage or injury resulting from breach of duty e. Being cognizant of other service g. existence of duty on the part of the person charged to protect the complaining party from the injury received b. c. When a nurse prescribe a medication to a patient and have done something that is out of the scope of nursing practice. 30 years old male was brought to the hospital due to the injuries sustain due to vehicular accident. EXCEPT: a. the hospital will be liable due to the: a. not responsible because of the doctrine of respondeat superior b.doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitor c. In the situation. you left a laparotomy pack inside the patient’s abdomen and after sometime the patient begin to complain abdominal pain and it a. Shown in act of charity 73. a damage or injury resulting from breach of duty e. crime 77. free from any negligence that caused harm to the patient . failure to do duty c. do no harm” f. it was found out that the hospital hired under board nurses and midwives to cut cost and compensate in the lack of sufficient man power. compensation received by the accuse from the plaintiff was recovered. he could be accountable for: a.

Board of Nursing Resolution Adopting the Code of Ethics d. 80. nurse administered 2 tablets of analgesic instead of 1 d. is not a legally binding document but nonetheless very . anesthesiologist important in the care of all patients in any setting? a. as the nurse was about to give the medication.R. Jose’s chart is the permanent legal recording of all information that relates to his health care management.R. One sunny afternoon.Bill of Rights as provided in the Philippine Constitution c. a. surgeon d.. c. The function of record includes all. Jose’s chart contains all information about his health care. Nurse Mikaela. If any mishap involving the care given to the patient should happen while inside the O. In the abovementioned situation. Which of the ff. the client asked why the medication is still to be given when in fact the physician already discontinued d. Patient’s Bill of Rights (as adopted by the American Nurses Association) d. while on duty. c. Nurse Mykaela. 79.c. instead of 1 tablet. doctrine of force majeure 84. and while the operation is going on. b. liable along with the employer for the use of defective equipment that harms the client totally responsible for the negligence a. scrub nurse b. Mr. recording of action in advance to save time c.Scope of Nursing Practice as defined by RA 9173 Situation: Mr. 82. EXCEPT. What doctrine applies? a. the team leader would be accountable to: a. b. situations would possibly caused a nurse to be sued due to negligence? a. As such. b. internist c. the client’s record also shows a document of how much health care agencies will be reimbursed for their services c. client complained of dyspnea while preparing the medication. captain-of-the-ship doctrine doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitor doctrine of corporate liability doctrine of respondeat superior b. who directs and answers the actions of the surgical team? 83. d. tried to direct her patient out of the building but they mistock the earthquake for a bumpy ride in the carnival and was shouting and clapping in joy as the building collapsed killing them but the nurse was able to escaped. the hospital and the nurse will be specifically liable under what doctrine of negligence? a. doctrine of force majeure doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitor doctrine of corporate liability doctrine of respondeat superior 81. 78. In the O. the entries in the chart must have accurate data. is a staff nurse assigned to the schizophrenia ward of NCMH. c. means of communication that health care team members use to communicate their contributions to the client’s health care b. educational resource for the student of nursing and medicine d. Which of the ff. doctrine of force minore doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitor doctrine of corporate liability a. nurse gave the client a wrong medication and an hour later. a great earthquake shocks the country. d. the nurse noticed that she placed 2 tablets in the medication cup b.

An advantaged of computerized client care system is: a. Mr. he executes the document that list the medical treatment he chooses to refuse in the case his condition becomes severe to the point that he will be unable to make decisions for himself. refuse the patient and encourage d. often under stressful conditions 86. He requested the nurse to remove the oxygen. living will consent b. Information in the patient’s chart is inadmissible in court as evidenced when: a. the number of people to take care the client will be reduced 91. While in the ICU. the patient’s condition worsen and feeling hopeless. What is your most appropriate action? a. c. write the order in the client’s chart and have the head nurse co-sign it d. confidentiality d. A telephone order is given for a client in your ward. b. information concerning the client can be easily updated d. the client family refuses to have it used the client object to its used the handwriting is not legible it has many aberrations that are “unofficial” b. A nurse who supports the patient and family’s need to make decision that is right for them is practicing which of the ff. Martin. Situation: Mr. follow the patient. compare actual nursing done to established standards d. c. the nursing diagnosis for a client’s data can be accurately determine cost of confinement will be reduced 88. 87. Martin felt better after 5 days but recognizing the severity of his illness.repeat the order back to the physician. the choices involve do not appear to be clearly right or wrong A client’s legal right co-exists with the nurse’s professional obligation decision has to be made based on societal norms a decision has to be made quickly. he was diagnosed to have a acute MI and was placed in the ICU. The nurse should: . c. Euthanasia is an ethical dilemma which confronts nurses on the ICU because: a. autonomy c. as it is his right to determine the medical regimen he needs c. informed 92. Nursing audit aims to: a. privacy b.copy the order in the chart and sign the physician’s name as close to his original signature as possible b. d. On the admission.tell the physician that you cannot take the order but you will call the nurse supervisor a. truthfulness c. power of attorney 93. copy onto the order sheet and indicate that it is a telephone order client’s illness and treatment regimen closely c. This document is: a. last will and testament d.85. After one day.provide research data to hospital personnel b. follow the patient because it is his right to die gracefully b. he executes a document authorizing the wife to transact any form of business in his behalf in addition to decisions relative to 90. d. refuse the patient since euthanasia is not accepted in the Philippines b. ethical principles? a. 71 years old was suddenly rushed to the hospital because of very severe chest pain.provide information to the health care provider 89.

except: a. d.his confinement. living will d. all of the d. baseline physical. alterations and addition in medical records and the nurse’s notes can be avoided. d. privileged communication complex document b. b. hearing aids. instruct Marimaw uncle to present a written authorization signed by the patient herself refer the matter to the hospital director instruct Mr. Martha identifies these rights as follows. c. Client’s right should be protected when doing research using human subjects. b. who is a doctor. This makes the chart: a. The nurse knows that the chart and the information pertaining to client care in it are owned by the: a. power of attorney c. b. b. c. Which of the ff. presence of prosthetic devices such as dentures. The chart can only be read by members of the health care team because it is: a. d. Her uncle Mr. Documentation of all nursing activities performed is legally and professionally vital. 98. except: a. 99. nurse above b. The chart contains progress notes written by health care professionals. Santibanyo. psychosocial and emotional data argument between the staff nurses and the resident regarding treatment modalities observed outward signs and symptoms and interventions including concomitant intervening factors c. should not be included in the patient’s chart? c. d. His document refers to as: a. b. 95. Your appropriate action would be: a. informed consent b. Santibanyo to present a written request to the Medical Record sction of the hospital refer to the attending physician Situation: RN’s should always be conscious that the contents in the chart are admissible in court as evidence. wants to read her chart. b. The nurse knows that the chart and the medical records pertaining to client care in it are owned by the: a. The ff. 94. cross out blank spaces cross out the wrong word or phrase with one or two lines making the cross out word discernible insert additions or correction 96. Marimaw is one of your patients. a legal document a scientific document a privileged communication it is written in medical terminology 101. . hospital d. right to self-determination right to compensation right to privacy right to obtain information about another patient c. scientific c. patient c. medical record a. all of the 100. nurse above b. hospital d. a legal document a scientific document a privileged communication it is written in medical terminology d. patient c. Erasures. 97. artificial limbs. are some tips. legal document document c. 102. etc. The chart is admissible in court as evidence because it is: a.

In the hospital. DOH 107. you will request permission through: a. Central Supply section previous doctor clinic department where the patient previously admitted Medical Record Section 105. c. d. This should be documented in the: a. nursing service section b. The RMAO of the DOH is responsible in implementing its policies on record disposal. supervisor b. You can communicate hazards to your co-worker through the use of the ff. d. 111. hospital director d. then have the MD sign it with 24 hours 110. nurse’s note b. except: a. c. when you need the medical record of a discharged patient for research. d. MMDA c. c. Disposal of medical records in government hospitals/agencies should be done in close coordination with what agency? a. The nurse should also understand that the incident report: a. Since you will need another chart. medical sheet 109. doctor-in-charge c. When can a medical record become the doctor’s/ nurse’s worst enemy? a. d. RMAO d. b. attaches it to patient chart nurse c. b. d. You know that your institution is covered by this policy if: a. incomplete and inadequate b. c. After the staff nurse completed the incident report. You readmitted a client who was in another department a month ago. your hospital is a tertiary hospital your hospital is in Metro Manila b.. You are taking care of critically ill client and the doctor-in-charge calls to order medications via the telephone. medical record 104. MD and family member sign the order Have one nurse take the order and sign it and have the MD sign it within 24hours Have the RN. should be reviewed and approved by the patient before discharge are maintained by the hospital as an effective staff evaluation tool d. will prevent legal action against the nurse are not consider legal documents but rather a risk-management tool 112. when voluminous when subpoenaed to the court when it is missing when it is inaccurate. risk manager 106. from whom do you request the old chart? a. DILG b. b. MD and family and supervisor sign the order Get the telephone order. . 103. head Situation: Records are vital tools in any institution and should be properly maintained for specific use and time 108. state the reason for any deviation from normal procedure/ practice c. If there is any deviation from normal practice or procedure like if streptomycin is given via direct IV instead of IM. Which of the ff.d. The patient’s medical records can work as a double-edge sword. posting IR in the bulletin board formal training educational safety poster use of proper labels and signs b. progress notes c. Have the RN. incident report d. The nurse submits this ideally to the: a. repeat it back to the MD. is the appropriate action when getting a telephone order? a.

Divine Law Law b. c. it obtained a permit to operate from the DOH your hospital has been accredited by PhilHealth d. 121. jurisdiction b.serve as a venue for hearings and legal proceedings d. 119. none of the 123. Human Law 120. damage d. He defines damages as: a. damaged b. damaging 114.prescribe and legislate b. There are two parties in a case. d. plaintiff d. This are imposed by the court in giving the public an example of what not to follow in the practice of nursing: . Humans are legislator by nature. Pentateuch c. Municipal Trial Court Court c. These are actual expenses incurred by the patient as a supposed victim of the nurse’s malpractice: a. venue c. plaintiff d. Ten Commandments a. Type of law that comes from a higher beinge. Civil Law Law c. Supreme Court 122. actual damages damages c. lost of income 125. none of the 124.c. The nurse knows that the main function of the court id to: a. a reward for something good payment for the injury or harm inflicted prize of the victim for being vulnerable all of the above a. Under this court. the one who filed the complaint is also called the: a. defendant c. the one being complained about is also called the: a. exemplary b. mediator above 115. Nurses Practice Act of 2002 b. Regional Trial 117. jurislation 113. Court of Appeals b. advanced directive d. Torah d. moral damages b.administer justice to the people c. a law c. RN Cowberto wanted to make an appeal regarding his case. d. Nurse Nina knows that the minimum damages paid to a rape victim are 30k.g. decisions made are said to be final and executor: a. a DNR order d. mediator above b. Laws written by men are said to be: a. jurispeudence d. repetition of what the witness heard a review of the case in a higher court statement uttered in good faith necessary testimony 116. RN Cowberto knows that the meaning of an Appeal is: a. Human c. b. This is the legal term for the harm inflicted or injury done: 118. The nurse would be correct if she states that a rule of conduct that prohibits extremes in behavior so that people can live without for self or property is called: a. Commercial d. house the judge and clerk of the court d. Divine Law b. damages c. c. There are two parties in a case. defendant b. The nurse knows that the power of the court to hear a case is called: a.

can give the medication after she gets approval from the nursing supervisor is responsible for any medication she administer should give the medications. because the doctor is responsible for his order b. Legally. decline in health d. lost of income d. constitutional law b. developing a physical deficit drug and alcohol abuse not paying income taxes writing bad checks 127. confidentiality interest c. slander 134. slander b. this is called: a. A risk in obtaining an informed consent before surgery is: a. actual damages damages c. exemplary a. 128. battery for cause c. This medical dilemma is an example of: a. common law d. assault malpractice b. When a judge interprets a law and issues a decision. agitator c. common law d. . A diagnostic test is ordered that required a signed informed consent. moral damages b. 136. completing the informed consent papers before all preoperative test results are in the patient’s chart completing the informed consent paper one hour after the preoperative medication is given completing the informed consent papers the evening before surgery completing the informed consent papers with a family member present d. An appropriate reason for the loss of a nursing license is: a. theft abortion d. statutory law c. In this lawsuit. a. This is an example of: a. The nurse knows that this dose could be fatal if administered. actual damages damages c. libel d. fraud c. comparative negligence b. administrative law c. litigator b. 131. The nurse makes two medication errors because she didn’t use the 5 rights of medication administration and one patient has a reaction. the new mother tells the nurse that the man assumes he’s the father isn’t and ask the nurse to tell the doctor. 126. 132. negligence b. defendant d. plaintiff 137. the nurse: a. c. After delivering a baby with special needs.a. moral damages b. c. administrative law c. These are the most popular and the most expensive ones. He’s planning to sue the driver of the vehicle that hit him. discovering that the patient has already left for the test. The nurse goes to find the patient just as the procedure has completed. therapeutic c. challenge d. The doctor orders a very large dose of narcotics. The nurse becomes very busy and she checks on the patient. the patient is the: a. exemplary 129. A procedure without the proper informed may result in what type of crime? 133. bankruptcy b. A law voted on by a legislative body of government is called: a. The most common reason for the loss of a nursing license is: a. statutory law d. A patient has been hospitalized after a car accident. conflict of d. b. constitutional law b. lost of income 135.

the act of intentionally misleading or deceiving another person by any means d. fraud c. d. Fraud can be defined as: c. slander 146. false accusations-written. PD 156 some nursing practices are controlled by governmental decisions c. malpractice b. Sometimes a doctor or nurse may unintentionally harm a patient. The nurse has made assignments that included a nurse assistant who is an unlicensed caregiver. deposition d. b. so they are both responsible c. a living will signed by both parties d. malpractice d. The PD that requires that all health workers to register all births within 30 days from birth: a. PD 651 d. Marsh wants his son designated to make his health decisions. administrative law b. certified testimony b. Law is defined as a standard of conduct established and enforced by the government. Mr. 142.A doctor’s order b. public law 138. doctors will take over nursing therapies managed care is becoming the leader in the pay process for care nurses may be called to war if needed 143. Safety and Health Act b.possible because the law is so different in each state that there is no clear answer a.never because the hospital employs both the nurse and the nurse assistant. negligence nonmaleficence b. PD 965 b. civil law 148. not usually if the nurse assistant has been assigned tasks within the job description of a nurse assistant d.A durable power of attorney for health care c. American Hospital Association American Nurses Association Joint Committee of Hospitals Occupational. This is called: a. PD 615 c. any words spoken with malice that are untrue and prejudicial to another person c. Nurses should be aware of the political process because: a. A nurse alters a hospital record because she knows an error has been committed. and the practice of nursing is governed by: a. should notify authorities immediately 141. PD 561 b. The Patient’s Bill of Rights was published by the: a.a signed advance directive 139. PD 856 d. A nurse gives legal testimony that is taken and recorded outside the courtroom. d. Which of the ff.always because the nurse is her supervisor b. contract c. Her action may be classified as: a. What documentation is needed? a. 144. This is called a: a. common law d. the omission of an act that a prudent person would have performed b. libel c. is the Code of Sanitation? a. libel d. tort 140.d. PD 825 c. c. 147. Is the nurse legally responsible for the care the nurse assistant gives? a. PD 791 . printed or typed that are made with malicious intent 145. There are several types of law.

b. RA 6425 c. they are said to be on: a. RA 9173 d. PD 156 150. RA 9255 d. Comprehensive Dangerous Act of 2002 is: a. Which of the ff. 149. mandated this? a. retain their marriage status. d. b. c. c. RA 9165 d. encourage those qualified and those with abilities to remain in government service d. Known as the Phil. LOI # 1000 Proc# 539 b. 3 b. The PD that requires all health workers to register all births within 30 days from birth: a. 2 c. 7 children below 8 years old out of school youth school children 170. RA 9408 155. What law provides for this mandate? a. Ra 7164 158. 5 d. RN Roger Carlitos knows that an illegitimate child can also be registered. b. children with special needs 169. Ra 1080 b. RA 7164 d. Which groups are required to be immunized as per PD # 996? a. cannot remarry and/are only separated in room and board. RA 6675 156. how many persons are needed in order for a marriage to be legal and binding? a. RA 7160 d. RA 953 b. provisions does not apply to RA 7305? a. Which of the ff. c. RA 9173 b. RA 4226 b. Ra 7164 . Ra 9173 c. legal separation d.standardized the salaries of nurses working in the government 151. RA 7305 c.promotes and improves the socioeconomic well being of public health workers b.develop their skills and abilities to remain in government c. trial separation c. the nurse handling narcotics may be held criminally liable if she: a. This has been possible through: a. RA 6675 d. PD 561 b. has drug in private possession is a patient using duly prescribed drugs administer narcotics orders of a licensed physician is accounting for the drugs under a licensed employer c. a. PD 615 c. Which legislation aims to promote and improve the social and economic well being of health workers in government service? a. PD 651 d. If a husband and wife. DOH policies and guidelines Alma Ata Magna Carta for Public Health Workers 157. Based on the family code of 1998. Under the Narcotic Drug Law. divorce b. RA 7160 153. d. RA 9173 c. The delivery of basic services and facilities of national government was transferred to the local government units. Nursing Act of 1997. The nurse should know that all prescriptions of the municipal health officer should be in generics. 154. annulment 152.

communicator d. Health care delivery in the future must consider what major trend? a. Nursing Law e. statements indicates a trend affecting professional nursing practice today? a. The committee’s action is consistent with: a. c. He was appointed based on the fact that she was number one in the screening done by the selection committee. PD 825 c. advocate c. After the party’s over. 172. c. She met many new faces during the party but there was this one guy whom she liked the most. Critical thinking is essential to because a. 177. Which of the ff. b. Dionesia stayed with him to get to know him better. PD 856 d. skills and knowledge b.171. The guy forced sex on powerless Dionesia that evening. RA 6675 d. counselor b. Minimum Standards 179. RA 7610 b. Is constantly used for solving problems and making sound judgment d. The most important reason for this is: a. thus decreasing the number of professional nurses nursing is moving back to internships instead of formal education psychologist are conducting nursing research instead of using nurses very few nurses work in the community. DOH d. Local Government Code Civil Service Law 178. c. PD 965 b. Governor’s b. The nurse should know that all prescriptions of the municipal health officer should be in generics. Magna Carta for Public Health Workers d. 181. leader 174. The guy liked Dionesia so much but the birthday celebrator was conservative. almost work in hospitals 180. What law provides for this mandate? a. RA 9173 c. RA 7160 c. The nurse performs many roles in the practice of nursing. PD 791 176. Good Samaritan b. where it is enacted. A nurse is a lifelong learner. c. Ideally. is the Code of Sanitation? a. Ra 1080 b. Accrediting agencies. hospitals are changing the direct patient contact mix by hiring more nonprofessional personnel. His appointment papers were processed at the: a. Nurse Practice Act d. such as National League for Nursing require it employers require it to stay employed doctors need to be ensured the nurse is competent in nursing nurses must remain current in nursing research. 173. Regional Health Office Central Office b. A nurse performs cardiopulmonary resuscitation in an emergency situation until the ambulance arrives to take the victim at the hospital. . Dionesia celebrated her 18th birthday with a grand open party. Which role is defined as “the protection of human or legal rights and the security of quality care for each patient?” a. RA 8353 175. OSHA Act d. RA 7877 c. The guy can be penalized on the basis: a. RA 8485 d. Weng is a new staff nurse in a provincial hospital. decreasing competition among hospitals decreasing emphasis on technology increasing number of nurses in the profession increasing population over age 70 b. Which of the ff. Mayor’s office office c. the nurse may be protected by which law? a.

b. PCSO a and b b. 2 years of cumulative service 2 years of intermittent service b. none d. 182. Professional 189. community health nurse b. 1 year c. c. CNSP b. clinical. Glory ask Dona if she will spend any in the specialization. It also ensures the welfare of the nurses through salaries and other benefits 184. Modern day nursing has led to the development of expanded role of the nurses in the function of a a. CNSC D. Glory just finished her MAN from the Health Science Gradute School. Becomes vital in developing nursing knowledge Forms the basis for the professional code of ethics for nursing Is needed to successfully pass the licensure exam b. d. c. who will spearhead the comprehensive nursing specialty program? a. she has been in practice for 10 years being the supervisor of a private medical center.b. Nursing Specialty Council Association of Dean of Phil. b. Thos will upgrade the level of skill and competence of specialty nurse clinician in the country a. critical care nurse b. d. Colleges of Nursing Philippine Nurses Association c. Already MAN graduate and that is already considered a specialization Graduated Man from dubious university In nursing practice and only those in nursing education can be nurse specialists Employed in a Medical Center 188. 185. they can go out the country anytime c. b. DOH c. Mindful that the nurse generalist prepares for 4 years. In order to specialize. You can join a continuing education program to help you: a. oncology nursing d. 2 years d. d. Dioning enumerates the following except: a. Diona tell her that she cannot enter CNSP because she is: a. Gloring ask what fields of specialization are available in the Philippines. how many years should the participant complete the program? a. 4 SITUATION: RA 9173 also ensures the quality of nursing work force in the Philippines. . how many years will the be obliged to serve the country? a. renal nursing d. 2 years of continous service No minimum years required. nurse specialist critical nurse c. She further ask her where the funds will come from. PRC Specialty Org. NDCC a. Earn credits for license renewal Get in touch with colleagues in nursing Enhance your basic knowledge Update your knowledge and skill related to field of interest 187. c. Diona answers that the funds will come from 183. Professional Regulation Commission 191. d. PAGCOR c. 3 years years b. After completing the program. staff nurse 186. A nurse should be cognizant that professional programs for specialty certification by the BON are accredited through a. Her friend Gloring is also interested to specialize as a nurse. both 190. d. BON d. According to the nursing law. NSCC c. endoscopy nursing c. Dioning just finished her specialization.

before 1960 d. 1960’s d. Aside from the DOH and BON. 215. The level would need what kind of program performance? a. computer science and information science identifying. The time period when consciousness of the significance and application of computer into nursing emerged a. and individuals Use technology in the provision of nursing care. The time period wherein computer technology in the Philippines. families and individual A specialty that uses technology in the provision of nursing care. 1970’s c. b. 1990’s b. families. 1990’s b. 10% c. utilizes and applies computer technology in the provision of health care b. 15% b. excellent d. 1960’s d. According to ANA definition. 200 units b. 60 units d. 213. 1980’s 194. The time period wherein computer technology was directly integrated and involved in the direct provision of health care a. 1980’s b. what agency will help in developing the incentive system for RN’s employed in government hospital a. Glory understands that only how many percent of RN employed in participating government hospital can avail of the program? a. 217. delivering education. 25% d. 1980’s c. education. 150 units c. The time period wherein personal computer emerged and the field of informatics in nursing emerged a. Gloring ask how many program units are needed to complete 2nd level a. Nursing Informatics is . research and expansion of nursing knowledge 216. establishing administrative systems. 1990’s b.a. The term informatics simply means: a. 100% A specialty that optimizes information management and communication to improve health of population. Dep’t of Labor and Employment Dep’t of Budget and Management Dep’t of Internal Revenue Dep’t of Finance b. 120 units c. a. 1970’s c. Diona explains the levels of CNSP to Gloring. 1980’s 195. collecting. promoting continuing education research in the nursing profession Integrate nursing science. a board of academic field encompassing information science 212. awesome d. 218. promoting continuing education research in nursing profession A specialty that integrates nursing science. computer science and information science in identifying. d. Glory now knows that the highest level in Clinical Nurse S[ecialist Level. administration. c. processing and managing data and information in support nursing practice. communities. processing and managing data and information in support nursing practice. very satisfactory b. establishing administrative system. administration. outstanding c. 1960’s c. delivering education. 1960’s d. Nursing informatics is a newly emerging field in the health care. 192. 1970’s 193. 214. research and expansion of nursing knowledge A specilaity that utilizes and applies computer technology in the provision of health care d. Which of the following is the goal of nursing informatics? a. collecting. Optimizes information management and communication to improve the health of the population. education. communities. 1970’s c.

This concept in the framework of nursing informatics is defined as data that is ineterpreted. certification and practical experiences in using computers in patient care setting is called: a. Government aim to do which of the ff. knowledge b. The use of interactive video technology benefit greatly which area of nursing a. skills c. Nursing practice b. but instead. Nursing education d. Nursing practice b.The use of Computerize or Electronic Patient records benefit greatly which area of nursing? a. d. d. Nursing administration Research 230. skills 224. data c. The use of automatic billing for supplies or procedure with nursing documentation benefit greatly which area of nursing a. This concept in the framework of nursing informatics is defined as information that has been synthesize so that the interrelationship are identified and formalized a.b. The use of computerized literature searching benefit greatly which area of nursing a. Nursing 219. Nursing administration Research d. Of all the fields wherein informatics can be applied which of the following has the highest and most evident benefit? a. information 226. knowledge b. A nurse knows that the framework in nursing informatics depends on the ff. Nursing c. b. knowledge b. A new role of nurse who has formal education. Nursing practice b. Nursing administration Research c. Nursing practice b. b. The NARS Program of the Phil. organized or structured a. except a. except a. This concept in the framework of nursing informatics is defined as discrete entities that are described objectively without a. c. Nursing practice b. glut in inexperienced nurses decrease in proliferation of volunteer nurses working in hospitals without being paid. Nursing c. Nursing education d. Nursing administration Research c. Nursing administration Research 229. Nursing education d. c. Nursing education d. Nursing education d. skills 223. they themselves pay the hospitals to obtain Certificate of work experience 222 . skills 225 . the application of information science the study of information science the science of information c. Nursing 220. nurse information system manager nurse computer technologist nurse information specialist nurse information practitioner 227. data c. The use of Email for improved communication benefit greatly which area of nursing a. Nursing practice b. Nursing administration Research 228. data b. Nursing c. information d. data c. information d. Nursing education . information d. knowledge d. Nursing 221.

. . Specifically. BON d. IVT refresher course above d. Administration of parenteral injection is a. PNA b. None of the above d. With valid nurse license issued by PRC Not over 35 years old 243. PRC. b. NARS nurses will undergo training and development for competency enhancement in accordance with the training program designed by the DOH and with a. All of the following are qualifications of an applicant to the NARS program except: a. This program by ANSAP was primarily designed to ensure safe practice of intravenous therapy to uphold quality nursing practice a. DOH alone 239. DOLE. DOLE. maternal health program. How many NARS nurses will be deploy per municipality? a. 241. None c. this is in accordance with what legislation of the country a. A NARS under the nurse program will render 40 work hours per work. Entrance requirement for Basic IV therapy training include the following except a. b. Completeion of the training program under NARS program shall be considered as a substitute for the work experience requirement of hospital and other health facilities both local and overseas. No nursing related practice for past 3 years 240. these municipalities a. Strictly speaking. Code of Ethics for Filipino Nurse 237. duty of a d. c. first line diagnosis implement all DOH health program Inform about community water sanitation practices and also do health surveillance Immunize children and mothers 236. socio- c. PRC. DOLE c. Generally the NARS program is both a training and a a. initiate primary health. Basic IVT programb. PNA. socio-civic program economic program c. 231. 233. to promote health of the people and bring the government closer to them immunize children and mothers d. development 238.c. d. BS in Nursing Registered professional nurse with current license from PRC Resident of the identified municipalities b. stipulated in RA 9173 above b. The total number of NARS nurses that will be deployed all throughout the country will be limited to 1000 municipalities. None of the 235. 5 c. 4 d. education program program b. with highest morbidity rate with highest poverty rate with highest mortality rate All of the above 242. d. nurses employed in the NARS program will do which of the following except a. Advance IVT program c. c. Labor Code d. PNA c. all of the d. NLGN b. The Certificate of Completion shall be issued jointly by a. DOLE. not a duty of a nurse physician c. 6 b. PRC BON d. school nutrition. RA 9173 b. none of the above b.

d. 60 d. 249. He should also present the following except a. The entry requirement for the suturing program includes a registered nurse with a current license from the PRC. This training should be offered by MCNAP together with a. a nurse knows that it is renewed every a. 4 years 247. participating Maternal and Child 250. c.c. c. a participant should within 6 months of training complete and pass which of the following a. 3 years c. 3 + 3 + 2 cases None of the above Nursing preferably a member of MCNAP Inc. 24 c. Its renewal or revalidation requires continuous practice in any health care setting and a CPE units in any related obstetrical matters. 6 cases of administering IV drugs and 2 cases of administering and maintaining blood and blood components 3 cases of initiating/maintaining peripheral IV insertion. 6 years b. For renewal or revalidation of the certification card. d. Before the issuance of an IVT license. 4 cases of administering IV drugs and 3 cases of administering and maintaining blood and blood components b. At least 1 year in Labor/Delivery Room or community health setting At least 6 months in Labor/Delivery Room or community health setting At least 3 months in Labor/Delivery Room or community health setting None of the above a. A participant of the program after payment of the required fee can now be issued a certification card. none 245. 2 years d. RA 9173 guarantees that a RN can suture a perineal laceration provided that special training be undertaken. and has a minimum work experience of a. 248. d. PNA d. b. 20 b. 3+3 Practicum Sheet with Signature Photocopy of current PRC license Original/photocopy of Certificate of Attendance 3R size photo documentation of actual suturing d. 3 cases of administering IV drugs and 2 cases of administering and maintaining blood and blood components 4 cases of initiating/maintaining peripheral IV insertion. None of the above 6 cases of initiating/maintaining peripheral IV insertion. The nurse knows that he needs at least how many units? . BON ORNAP b. 246. b. ANSAP c. c.