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SNEPCo Bonga NW Project

Highlights on ECMT Presentation
Highlights on the Electronic Compliance Management Tool (ECMT) Presentation
By Charles Abeghe.



Title / Type

Date Thursday October 26, 2006.

Time 1:30 - 2:05 pm.
Venue 9th Floor Room 933,Sterling Towers

Name Short form Designation

Olaposi Fadahunsi OF Project Manager, BExP
Dunni Ososanwo DO Interface Coordinator
Dele Agbogun DA HSSEQ
John Forrest JF HSSEQ
Bola Olatunde BO Project Controls
Jonah Etim JE Project Controls (reporting)
Charles Abeghe CA Presenter


CA explained that the development of the tool was commissioned by Mr. Steve Atemie – Corporate Head of
Environment to be a total lifecycle HSE compliance management system. It will therefore store, track, report,
update and send email notification on compliance items through the Concession, Exploration, Development,
Production and Abandonment phases of leases. The tool will house all governmental legislation and
regulatory agency guidance with respect to HSE compliance management. There 5 key functionalities
including: (1) an Oil & Gas compliance framework (2) Project Compliance Tracking (3) Project Compliance
Reports (4) The document Management Store and (5) Administrative framework. In short the intention is for
it to be a one-stop shop for SNEPCO projects compliance management.

CA gave a copy of the SNEPCO User manual and presentation to JF for further review. He indicated there
was a demo site where interested staff can test drive the system and that he will be providing training next
week and BExP team members interested in participating should liaise with Mr. Steve Atemie or his
designated deputy Mr. Justice Derefaka. He also informed the audience, that his present trip was to close
this work with the installation of the system on SNEPCO server so it can become available to approved
users within SNEPCO. However, the installation is being delayed in order to comply with deployment
protocol of the IT group.

During the presentation, questions were raised concerning applicability of the system to BExP compliance
challenges. These included:
• What would be the major benefits to the BExP for using the ECMT? The presenter proffered that
ECMT will assist demonstration of lifecycle compliance performance and reporting to the regulators
besides being a one-stop repository for compliance documentation.
• What is the baseline for loading or uploading all BExP permits and consents on it? Mr. Abeghe
explained that the turn-around time will depend on when the system is running within SNEPCO and
availability of BExP permits upload.
• What are the possibilities of loading the Technical Integrity Verification (TIV) specification on the
system and using the system to track status during the project life? The current version of this tool
is aimed at HSE compliance alone but can be extended to cover compliance with other SNEPCO
project quality assurance specifications if required.
• Can the system record and keep changes made during the lifespan of a project and many more?

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SNEPCo Bonga NW Project

Highlights on ECMT Presentation
Yes. The tool is built to accommodate changes in regulations and requirements that inevitably
happen over time. It does not allow deletion of permits and activities that are attached to a project
for auditing and historical integrity purposes. However edition and updating of records can be
made. The default setting of the system is to look to the newest versions of documents and
requirements. Email notification of changes/updates can be made to those that have enabled this
functionality of the tool.
• What and where are the compliance requirements that are tracked? Mr. Abeghe explained that
lifecycle compliance items and their approval requirements have been developed on a spreadsheet
and the information from this spreadsheet will be transferred item by item onto the compliance
framework. The information on each item is editable and new versions can be made. Once a new
project is added to the system, the system uploads all the lifecycle compliance items that have
been entered on the compliance for tracking on the new project. Compliance items can be in the
following states: “Work in progress”, “Internal Approval”, “Conditional Approval”, “Conditions
Fulfilled”, and “Approved by Authority. Project statistics are provided automatically as permits are
approved and information entered into the system.

At the end of the presentation, the PM BExP said since the tool has already been paid for by Corporate
HSE, the group would like to start using it for track the compliance items for Bonga expansion. He would
interested in having a quick turnaround on completing the compliance register and demonstrating lifecycle
He further said extending the usage of the tool to cover compliance with SNEPCO QA standards should be
explored as soon as possible. On the potential installation delays due to deployment protocol of SNEPCO,
he requested a meeting to be organized between him, Mr. Steve Atemie and Head, SNEPCO IT to fast track
deployment and usage.

He asked that the users of the tool within his team be involved in the training to be provided. The Project
Manager directed that since installation of the tool on the Snepco server may take a little of bit to accomplish
at the time, that it will be valuable to install it on one or two stand alone computers within the project. This is
to facilitate its use by the personnel in charge of managing the tool until it is finally installed on the server.
Mr. Abeghe advised that Mr. Steve Atemie and other stakeholder be consulted to form a coordinated
approach in resolving the issues and moving forward.

To this directive Mr. Abeghe said the tool was not designed to be installed on desktop PCs but on a server
as it will not run properly on a desktop and will be extremely slow. Mr. Abeghe further advised that efforts
would be better spent getting the tool installed on the server or using the demo site for the time being.

The Project Manager thanked all for attending the presentation and requested that minutes be prepared and
action item be implemented to move implementation forward as quickly as possible. The users of the tool
were advised to play around with it and get acquainted with the usage. The presentation came to an end at
about 2:05 p.m.

Action Items:

• Hold a meeting with Steve Atemie, Head SNEPCO IT to fast ECMT installation
• Agree on a plan for with Steve Atemie for signing on the consultant to support operations
and ongoing projects (BExP, BSW/A and Bonga North) ASAP
• Ensure that BExP staff attend the training to be held on the ECMT

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