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Here s chapter 8, I hope you enjoy it :) Chapter 8:My world is spinning September It s September. September the thirteenth to be exact, the day of my birthday. Yesterday, I had officially been in Alaska for a year. Emmett wanted to arrange a big party together with Alice, making a cake and all, but luckily Edward and the Hales prevented it from happening. The only way they managed to convince the two was that I couldn t have two big parties two days in a row, so instead I should just get one huge. That made the two siblings even more hyped up, so every second during school, Alice reminded me what fun we were going to have. Oh joy Oh come on! It s going to be fun, I promise! Alice said pouting as we walked to the bus, her spikey hair arranged perfectly as always. School had (unfortunately) ended, and I knew what was waiting for me. Now we were in the 6th grade, and middle school was a lot different than elementary school. Going from being the oldest to being the youngest was hardly fun, and some of the older students often enjoyed to tease the scared sixth graders, showing them where their places were. And even thoughour old school building where just right next to the new one, they were completely different. No finger paintings decorated the corridors we walked through day by day to get to our classes. Instead, information about different school activities draped the dull green walls. You said that about the makeover too. And the dinner party you arranged for the girls in ourclass. I said, reminding her of the total disaster that happed a few weeks ago. Esme banned Alice from using the kitchen after that incident. Hey, I thought we both agreed we wouldn t bring that up anymore. Alice protested, blushing slightly and her walk became much stiffer than before. And I thought we both agreed that we wouldn t make others do things the didn t want to do on y their birthdays. I said grimily, and she sighed. Bella, stop being so melodramatic. We both sat down on the bench and shegave me a firm look. This will be fun, for all of us. She said and her face broke into a sly smile. You re just cranky because you don t know what we re going to do. You know I hate surprises. Especially birthday surprises. Well, get used to it because I m not going anywhere. She stuck out her tongue at me stubbornly, a smile playing in the edge of her lips, and I sighed whilst shaking my head. I knew I was going to lose this argument. The birthday surprise (whatever it was) was going to happen neither I wanted it or not. Bella, there you are! a familiar voice called, and I turned around in my seat to see who had called my name. Edward, walking side by side with Sam, waved happily, and both of them hurried over to us. Finally, I thought you both had died somewhere in a ditch. Alice scoffed, and Edward smiled. No my dear sister, but I thank you for your concern. Edward s velvet smooth voice was drowned in sarcasm, and Alice rolled her eyes. Edward took no notice of her, and continued. Sam he slowed re us down a little. He gave him a small grin, and then ruffled his sandy blonde hair.

I just had to check on something he mumbled shyly, blushing, but you could see that a hint of a smile played on his pink lips. Edward and Sam s fight three months ago was well forgotten between all of us (except me that is). The mood had been a little bit chilly between the two boys a few days after the visit to the museum, but one rainy Wednesday morning, they acted like nothing had happened. They smiled when they saw each other, and treated each other like the friends they were. When I had asked them (including Alice) what the fight had been all about, they just said that there was noting I had to worry about. It almost felt like bullying, being left out like that, but after a while I gave up. None of them gave in when it came to telling me, and in the end I decided it didn t matter. They were friends again; that was all that mattered. But sometimes I caught myself wondering what the big fight had been all about. Well, I m glad you re here. You should ve been here in time though. Alice scolded, looking mostly at Sam as she did. Ever since the fight, I had noticed that Alice had treated Sam more coldly than she used to, but the reason behind it was still a mystery. I sighed and looked at Edward. Can you please tell me what the surprise is? I begged him, hoping he would give in but his lips twisted into an amused grin that told me that he wasn t going to anytime soon. Bellie, I could not possibly tell you what we re going to do; then it wouldn t be a surprise! Yeah, yeah I sighed, irritated that the Cullen s stuck to their stupid secret to the end. I looked around, gazing after the Hales and Emmett, whom all should ve been here by now, and frowned at Alice. Where areEmmett and the twins? Alice looked at me, almost surprised that I had changed the topic so suddenly, and then shrugged. Their lessons ended an hour before us, so they went home and began to prepare everything. Edward laughed just as the bus rounded the corner. Bella, don t look so scared, this is going to be great. Yeah great *Later* After spending what felt like 5 hours inside Alice s room getting ready, we were finally done. Like the weather report had promised, the weather was surprisingly hot to be in September, and despite my arguments, Alice found no problems why I shouldn t wear a dress in a moment like this. You look fabulous, I promise. She said with a wink as we exited the room, and then together we walked down the stairs. I was used to the makeovers now, since they happened more often, but they were still as horrible as always. The first persons I saw when I walked down the stairs were my parents oddly enough, and their faces lit up the second they saw me. Honey you look so pretty! mom gushed, and enfolded her arms around me. Dad made a quiet sound in agreement, but didn t say much more; talking was one of the many specialties my mother was better at than my father. Thank mom, dad but what are you doing here?? I asked, confused. Alice had said that she had talked to my parents about the birthday plan and that they had totally approved it, but never really understood that my parents were part of the plan. Alice invited us. Mom said and gestured towards Alice, who was smirking secretly to herself, and as soon as her name was mentioned, she smiled gleefully towards us, and skipped to my side.

Of course your parents were welcome to be here on your 12th birthday Bella; I couldn t just kidnap you with us without bringing them! she said, and Mom and dad laughed. Ah, I see you two are ready. Someone said softly, and I instantly recognized it as Esme s gentle voice. I turned to my left and saw how Esme and Carlisle appeared together in the hallway, casually yet fashionably dressed. When I thought about it, everyone was casually dressed, even me. That made me relax a little, since this meant we weren t going to eat out on some fancy restaurant. But it also raised my curiosity; where were we going? We should get going, don t you think? Carlisle suggested, and then called after the rest of the Cullen s, the Hales, and Sam. *Later* Since we were quite many, we weren t able to all ride in the same car, so I rode with my parents, Sam and Emmett whilst the others took Carlisle s car. Anna and Eric, the Hale twins parents where in Milan at the moment for a photo-shoot, so they couldn t be here, but one day before my birthday a postcard had arrived to me from them, wishing me a happy birthday. The ride to our destination (wherever that was) was anything but quiet.Emmett ignored all of my questions about the surprise, and instead began to hum/sing along to the radio (and he didn t do it quietly either). The others didn t say much, but my mother held a few quiet discussions with my father. When we finally arrived to our destination (which were located much further away than I thought), I practically dropped my chin in surprise. In front of us, shining brightly with lights, where a Tivoli. Happy birthday Bella! All of them said in unison, and it took me a while to regain my voice, which had been shaken by the great shock I suffered. Thank Thank you so much I trailed off, and my parents laughed.

You re welcome honey. Alice saw an advertisement about it in the city and suggested that we all should go, since it was on your birthday. Renée explained, and Alice grinned. I told you it would be great. She said, and I laughed. After paying the entrance fee, the kids separated from the parents. Carlisle, Esme and my parents told us that we were going to meet them at the entrance in 3 hours, and when we received a little bit of money each to spend at the booths, we all ran off together, leaving the parents to have fun by their selves. We all decided that we should start by riding the teacups and luckily, the line was short when we arrived there. Come on Bella, you me and Sam can ride one. Edward suggested, and without waiting for an answer, he took Sam s andmy hand and began to walk towards one of the teacups. Emmett, Alice and the twins shared one, and when all of the people standing in line were placed, we all began to spin. Laugher, lights and people in cups spun around us as we grabbed onto the wheel in the middle, turning it as much as we could. Adrenaline pumped through my blood, and despite the dizziness that started to creep up on me, I laughed to all my content. When the ride ended (which was all too soon), we all fought to walk a straight line towards the exit. Sam and I were the only ones who looked a little green, but smiles were fixed on our faces, so we were hardly having a bad time. What now? I asked, and Emmett, who didn t look affected by the ride at all, grinned and pointed at a large construction ahead of us that looked more deadly than fun.

What about that one? He said, and all of us looked at him with questioning looks. Just by looking at it, I felt slightly nauseous. Let s try something less Alice began slowly trying to find some way to shut down her brother s idea without hurting his feelings, but before she could finish, Rose spoke. Likely to kill us all. She concluded, and Emmett looked at her. Hey, it s not that dangerous, it . The glare he received from Rose silenced him, and honestly, that was probably the first time anyone had silenced one of Emmett s crazy ideas with just one look. Ok fine, we ll ride something else. He sighed in defeat, and Rose smiled in triumphal. How about the fun house? Jasper suggested, and pointed at the small house next to the murder machine Emmett wanted to ride, and we all agreed it was a good idea. We walked through the mazes together and laughed at all the things that we saw, and when we exited, my stomach hurt from all the laughing. Let s ride the rollercoaster next! Emmett suggested, and without waiting for an answer, he grabbed Rose s legs and flung her over his shoulder and proceeded to run over to the large construction. The rest of us stared after them, listening at Rose s terrified screams and then followed, laughing. I looked over at Sam and as I studied his face, I saw the hesitance and slight fear that hid behind his strained smile. Are you okay? I asked him, and his nervous eyes flashed to mine. I grabbed his hand, butthe second my skin connected with his, he pulled it away. That s when I saw it, the first sign. Oh my god, what happened?! I exclaimed, and the others in our party stopped and turned to see what we were doing (except Rose and Emmett, who both were way ahead). On his arm, a firm bruise was blooming underneath his faire skin and when he noticed what I was referring to, he hid his arm behind his back so we wouldn t see. It s nothing. He mumbled, and his already colorless face turned even paler. Sam, are you alright? Edward asked, and Sam looked at him. His gaze lasted long as he stared at him hesitantly, and after a few seconds of silence, his eyes hardened and he looked away. It s nothing, okay? Just forget about it. He walked away from us with firm steps, and all of us stared after him with confused looks. What s with him? Alice asked, her golden-brown eyes following him with worry. Confusion hung in the air, and after a few seconds of silence, Edward finally spoke. Let s go. We won t bring it up unless he want to. I stared at him with horror, not believing his words. What? My exclamation stopped the others in their footsteps and they turned around and looked at me. We can t just ignore this! What if something serious happened?? Edward gave me a long glance, like he was thinking what he was going to say, and then walked over to me and gave me a small smile. It s going to be okay Bella. It s probably just an accident that he doesn t want to tell us about; you know how Sam is. Besides, it will just get worse if we force it out of him so let s just continue and celebrate your birthday, okay? he said, and after a bit of hesitation, I took his hand and followed him to the rollercoaster. Sam, Emmett and Rosalie were already there, and when Sam met my eyes, he looked down at his feet, avoiding my gaze. I unconsciously watched him the whole time we stood in line, and when it was almost time for us to ride, Sam sighed, and then took my hand and dragged me aside, away from

the others. They all saw what happened, and stared after us as we rounded the corner of some tent, and when we were out of their sight, Sam turned around and looked at my face. I m I m sorry I made you worry. I m fine, I promise, this was just some silly accident that happened last week. I stared at his blue eyes in wonder, and then a small smile grew on my lips. Relief filled my body, and I sighed happily. I m glad you re okay, I was worried something had happened. Sam gave me a shy smile, and shook his head. No, I m okay. Let s get back to the others so we won t miss our ride. We swiftly walked back (avoiding to run so I wouldn t fall) and then met up with the others who luckily hadn t gone on the ride yet. Edward met my eyes as we came back, and a smile entered his glorious face, like he knew what had happened. When I came to his side, he chuckled and softly whispered in my ear so no one else would hear. I told you he was okay. After standing in line a short amount of time, it was finally our time to ride. Edward and I shared a cart, Sam and Alice took the one behind us, the twins took the one ahead of us and Emmett rode alone in the front, pumped like never before. This is going to be epic! He shouted as the ride slowly but surely crept to the top, and the higher we came, the more uncertain I felt. Edward, this doesn t feel like such a good ide- My words stuck in my throat as we began to plunge downhill, towards (what I felt) a certain death. Edward grabbed my hand as I screamed in utter fear and exaltation and laughed in joy. I couldn t believe I had been so stupid and agreed to ride this machine that would kill me, but even though I was convinced that I was going to die at any second, I felt the warmth of Edward s hand the whole ride. When the carts stopped, we all stepped out slowly, the adrenaline still high in our systems. Edward s hand was still holding mine when we walked to the exit, and when we met the others outside, there were all mixed feelings running around in the group. That. Was. AWESOME! Emmett howled and laughed a booming laugh. What? That was boring. Rosalie said, rolling her eyes and that was all that Emmett needed to start an argument about it. Jasper was smiling next to Alice, both of them obviously content but next to them, standing a little bit outside of the group, was a pale, almost green looking boy who looked anything but happy. Sam, are you alright? I asked, frowning at his ill-looking face, and he groaned in a response. I don t think riding that was a very good idea in his face. he answered in a strained voice, sweat glistening Edward suggested, but got shut down by

Maybe we should take it a little easy from now on Emmett.

What?! We ve just gotten started and you want to quit now? That s weak, man. He said, pouting. Alright, how about this? Jasper, Sam and I can go and take it easy on a bench or something and the rest of you can continue to ride stuff. Alice said. Great, I m up for it! Emmett agreed with his sister, his sour mood gone with the wind. But leaving you he- I began to disagree, feeling bad for them but Alice shook her head and interrupted me firmly. No Bella, It s decided. Now go and have some fun, we ll meet up with you later.

Jasper gave me a soft smile, reassuring me it was okay, and after giving Sam a last glance, I followed the others. I felt bad just leaving them there, but I knew that Alice wouldn t allow me to do anything else than to follow her plan. Are you feeling okay? We can take a break riding stuff and go to a stall instead. Edward suggested as we followed Rosalie and Emmett around, looking for the next thing to do. Rose turned around, and gave me a worried look. Are you feeling ill as well? she asked, and I shook my head. No, I just want to take a small break from riding stuff, that s all. Her face broke out into a relieved smile, and she looked back at Emmett, who was scanning the area after something to ride. It seems like it s just going to be you and me then. She grinned and Emmett chuckled. Oh, I m going to make you feel sick before we ve even started. Emmett said threateningly, and she raised her eyebrow challengingly. Really? I have a hard time believing that. Emmett chuckled evilly, and together, the two of them walked away towards something tall and scary. I looked at Edward, and we laughed quietly to ourselves. So, what do you want to do? Edward asked as the others had disappeared around the corner, and I shrugged. Anything is fine. I told him, and he smiled. How about I win you a birthday present? he said and inched his head towards a ball throwingstall where the prize was a cute stuffed bunny. I chuckled. You do know it s practically impossible to win something at those things. Edward grinned his crooked smile and chuckled. We ll see about that won t we? *Later* I laughed as we sat down in the Ferris wheel, and shook my head. The sun had already settled and the lights around the ride shone brightly in the beautiful and warm night. I can t believe you actually won I said once again, and looked at the cute bunny in my lap he had won for me. Edward chuckled as well, and stared at me with his emerald green eyes. I told you I would, didn t I? So, what should his name be? he asked, and I stared at the stuffed animal in my hands, several names popping in my head. How about I began hesitantly. Mr. Honey Bunny? I said, but sounded more like a question than a suggestion. Edward laughed, probably noticing that as well, and nodded. Mr. Honey Bunny it is. We lapsed into silence, instead just listening at the screams, laughs and chatters of the other visitors that rode the rides in the melody filled Tivoli. The Ferris wheel slowly but surely rose higher and higher and I sighed happily and leaned my head on Edward s shoulder. Like reading my mind, he put his arm around me and his slow breaths were the only sound I heard. Did you have fun today? he asked, and I smiled. Yes, more than you can imagine. Thank you. Playlist: She s Got You High Mumm-ra

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