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Agnes is an academic researcher, writer and consultant based in Bath, UK. She is Affiliate
Professor of Marketing at EM-Lyon Business School in France and Visiting Professor of
Marketing at RSM Erasmus University in the Netherlands. She teaches international MBA
students and her educational objective is to work with business towards responsible marketing
practice. She held previous appointments at the School of Management, University of Bath
and Bristol Business School and has lectured in marketing at a wide range of international
business schools.

Before entering academia she was managing director of a market research agency after
working as commercial contracts manager for Saga Holidays PLC, in political polling in the
USA and as an English teacher in Sri Lanka.

She is an active member of the Executive Board of the International Journal of the Market
Research Society (Journal of the Market Research Society) – whose mission is to bring the
business and academic research worlds closer together. She is also currently on the Expert
Advisory Group for the Healthy Foundations Lifestage Segmentation Research Project:
Department of Health.

Agnes’ research seeks to understand the influence of commercialism on children and to

contribute to social policy. Her work draws on psychology, sociology, culture studies,
marketing and, most recently, neuroscience.

Her recent research includes:

• the first empirical work in the UK to explore the links between commercialism, family
conflict and child mental health
• a review of commercialism on children’s favourite websites
• an analysis of how celebrities can be used in moral education
• how neuroscience can help understand the persuasive effects of advertising on the
very young;
• media literacy strategies;
• the dynamics between social class, materialism and well being

PhD University of Bath. 2000

MBA Manchester Business School (Distinction, Scholar) 1990
PGCE Institute of Education, University of London (Distinction) 1984
BA/MA (Hons.) Sidney Sussex College
Cambridge University, Modern Languages 1983

Agnes speaks French, German and Spanish; plays the trumpet and runs half marathons.

Peer Reviewed Academic Journals

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Under Revision as of May 2008

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Research/Policy Reports

2007 Fielder, Anna; Gardner, Will; Nairn, Agnes, Pitt Jillian "Fair Game?: Assessing
commercial activity on children’s favourite websites and online environments.
Partnership between National Consumer Council, Childnet International and
Agnes Nairn, December

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Academic Conference Papers

2008 Nairn, Agnes, Paul Bottomley and Jo Ormrod, “Those Who Have Less Want More:
But Does it Make Them Sad? An Exploration of the Links Between Deprivation,
Materialism and Wellbeing, Child and Teen Consumption Conference, Norway,
April 24-26

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Colloquium, Manchester 7th – 8th September, Manchester Business School

Recent Speaking Engagements

“Exploring how Children Consume Brands and Media” Responsible Marketing to Parents
and Children. 26th June 2008. London

“Watching, Wanting and Wellbeing. Exploring the Links between Consumer Culture and
Child Mental Wellbeing,” 21st May, 2008. Department of Developmental Psychiatry,
Cambridge University.

“A Leadership Challenge: Taking Positive Action to Detoxify Childhood.” Centre for

Leadership Studies, University of Exeter. 17th December 2007

“Good as Gold: The Commercial Lives of Children,” Evidence to Good Childhood Inquiry,
The Children’s Society, London, 18th November, 2007

“Exploring Kids Consumption Behaviours”. Marketing to Children & Parents

Conference. Haymarket Events. 27th June, 2007. London