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Dear Friend, September 2020 The summer has passed in a flash. During the early part of the lockdown we had church services via internet, like so many have had. The system we used allowed for us to all log in and for there to be interaction. It was possible to see who was present. The amazing blessing is that more logged in than usually attend in person. Family members who would rarely darken the church door were there hearing the gospel. In June we began having outdoor services on Sunday mornings, and internet services for the evening and Wednesday prayer services. By July we began regular meetings, with the exception of not running the church van In place of VBS we had Neighborhood Bible Club on Tuesday evenings at the local municipal Park. We met under a Pavillion, had songs, games and lesson time in the Word, with challenges for memory verses. The attendance was small, only about 15 - 17 kids on high days. The exciting part is that we were reaching our regular bus kids, but due to the pandemic, they had to get their own transportation there. Parents drove their children to the park, and sat there for the duration We set up a parent's nook at a picnic table with refreshments, and Jim used the opportunity to build relationships with these parents. They were also able to hear the gospel clearly taught to their children. Please pray that the Truth will make its mark, and we will see fruit from this endeavor. By God's grace we were able to have a conference on Biblical truths relating to conflict resolution. The core group of faithful were faithful to come and learn. There was a sweet spirit, and an understanding of how to address and work through the things that snarl a family unit, whether it be the physical family, or the church family. They have shown they are committed to walking in obedience. Greenland Baptist Church celebrated 161 years of worshiping the Lord and reaching out to its community on August 8th. Along with the 20 souls that were there to mark the occasion, the is a strong sense of encouragement, hope and determination to rebuild and continue. We are so grateful for your continued support that allows us to be church planters, both here in the US and abroad. Without your prayers and support, it is most likely this flickering light in the community would be extinguished Serving with Gladness, | Jim and Carla Junge oe ‘SENT FROM LAKEWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH, 6626 HUNTER ROAD, HARRISON, TN 37341 RET. ABWE, PO BOX 8585, HARRISBURG, PA 17105-8585