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MySQL High Availability Solutions
In today’s business world, information and the access to it, forms not only the infrastructure, but often the entire revenue model for some organizations. Therefore, maintaining the availability and access to this information has become increasingly more important and common place for businesses big and small. High availability has traditionally been the domain of mission and business critical systems such as, applications, databases and storage networks. This course will introduce various general MySQL database high availabilities architectures and concepts and considerations to take into account when selecting a high availability database solution. During lab practical session, two methods of high availability will be put on exercise, by configuring and setting up MySQL Master-Slave Replication and MySQL Cluster solution. Duration: 2 Days Training Method: Presentation/Talk and Classroom (hands-on lab) Course References: MySQL 5.x Audience: This intermediate course for experienced system engineer, database administrator.

Adzmely Mansor / Consultant

Course Subject : MySQL High Availability Solutions

Course Outline
Duration 2 Days
• High Availability Solutions from MySQL • MySQL Replication • Different Types of Replication • Basic Master - Slave • Master - Slaves • Master - Slave - Slaves • Master - Master (Multi - Master) • Circular (Multi - Master) • Linux Heartbeat & MySQL Replication (Failover Automation) • Linux Heartbeat - LVS & MySQL Replication (Read Load Balancing) • Linux Heartbeat, Block Replication (DRBD) & MySQL • Advantages & Disadvantages • Used Case • MySQL Cluster • Introduction • Architecture • Features • Basic Requirements • Cluster Manager • Advantages & Disadvantages • Used Case • Lab Exercise • Setting up a Basic MySQL Master-Slave Replication (2 physical servers) • Setting up automatic failover using linux heartbeat3 and ldirectord. • Setting up MySQL Cluster (at least 3 physical servers required)

Source copy of course handout/notes will be given earlier.

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Adzmely Mansor / Consultant


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