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Associate Professor, MBA
3rd SEM


Roll No. 9020500078




Practice makes a man perfect. Training in a one of the leading player of IT Institute, has
indeed been very interesting and a good learning process for me. This practical training
makes it easy job to understand the work methodology of the company and candidate can get
detailed knowledge about specific specialization area.

It is a famous saying in Japan that the person who has read 1000’s of pages is not
worth that the person who has traveled for 100’s of meters. This indicates the importance of
exposure to the practical life. Knowing the importance of practical knowledge this P.G.D.M
program is having an integral part training of two months as a practical fulfillment of the
course and that’s why we get the opportunity of working with HCL- CDC One of the
members of HCL.

I, hereby declare that the summer project titled "Market expansion” is original to the
best of my knowledge and has not been published elsewhere. This is for the purpose of partial
fulfillment of Amrapali Institute of Management & Computer Application requirements for
the award of the title of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) only.

(Shivam Singhal.)

I take this opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude to my

mentor, Mr. SUMIT GUPTA. He has always been of great help for me, be it
regarding suggestions for questionnaire, report making or any other
problem. He has always helped me in every way he could. He proved to
be an excellent project mentor. I am highly thankful to him, for being the
way he was to me. I am very grateful to him in all regards.

I would like to thanks Mr. RISHANK BELWAL (Corporate guide) for his
valuable suggestion, necessary guidance, and cooperation for helping of
this project. Without his help compilation of this research study would not
have not been possible.

I am also thankful to our principal sir and Faculty member Mr. SUMIT
GUPTA for his support and vital guidance. I sincerely acknowledge every
individual who has helped me in preparation, of this project.
(Shivam Singhal)


S. NO. Title











i. Objective Of the Project

ii. Basic concept of Market Expansion
iii. Steps of Action Plan











I worked for HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD in Career Development Centre located in Mukhani.
I worked for the project titled MARKET EXPANSION OF HCL in training through career
development centre

My area of work:

I on behalf HCL CDC was asked to organize promotional activities including presentations,

• To create a customer database for the company. So that interaction to the potential
Customer could be done in a swift manner.
• To convince the potential customers about HCL products and close the deal.

My learning:-

• Learned to interact with customers of different stratum.

• Most of the customers were more inclined towards BRAND NAME.
• As region covered were Mukhani, Kusumkhera and Lamachur so it has greater
potential to flourish.
• Learned how to close deal and imbibe corporate culture of HCL.

Flaws of the projects:-

• Target customers were very widespread and distributed so took long time to locate
them and there was lack of awareness about training program of HCL.
• As the program offered by HCL were not affiliated by any university so it was
difficult to convince the target customer.
• The pricing strategy of the HCL was not suiting lower middle class.


• Being a manager of the project I could have offered more flexibility in pricing
strategy of HCL TRAINING program to suit the pockets of lower middle class.
• More promotional tool like event sponsorships, advertisements and pamphlets could
be used to create more awareness about HCL training programs.
• Prior research on segmentation of target customers and reasons influencing their
decision should be done to increase closings of HCL training programs.


HCL Info systems are India’s premier information enabling company. Leveraging its 3
decades of expertise in total technology solutions, HCL Info systems offers value-added
services in key areas such as system integration, networking consultancy and a wide range of
support services.

HCL Info systems is among the leading players in all the segments comprising the domestic
IT products, solutions and related services, which include PCs, Servers, Office Automation,
Networking Products, TV and FM Broadcasting solutions, communication solutions, System
Integration, Digital lifestyle Solutions and Peripherals.

HCL has direct sales, channel sales and retail sales network pan India. Continuously meeting
the ever increasing customer expectations and applications, its focus on integrated enterprise
solutions has strengthened the HCL Info systems’ capabilities in supporting installation types
ranging from single to large, multi-location, multi-vendor & multi-platform spread across

HCL Info systems, today has a direct support force of over 2800+ members, is operational at
360+ locations across the country and is the largest such human resource of its kind in the IT
business in India. HCL Info systems has pan India presence across metros and non-metros.

HCL Info systems’ manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001-2000 & ISO 14001 certified and
adhere to stringent quality standards and global processes. With the largest installed PC base
in the country, four indigenously developed and manufactured PC brands – ‘Infiniti’, ‘Busy
bee’, ‘Beanstalk’ and ‘Ezeebee’ – and its robust manufacturing facilities. HCL Info systems
aim to further leverage its dominance in the PC market. It has been consistently rated as top
player in PC industry by IDC.

The channel Business of HCL Info systems has an extensive network of over 3000+ resellers
across 800 locations. It has actively promoted the penetration of PCs in the home and the
small office/home office (SOHO) segments.
HCL Infinity Ltd, 100% owned subsidiary of HCL Info systems Ltd. is a class A ISP
focusing on providing the corporate networking services like Virtual Private Network.
Broadband Internet To exist as a market leader in a globally competitive marketplace,
organizations need to adopt and implement a continuous improvement-based quality policy.
One of the key elements to HCL's success is its never-ending pursuit of superior quality in all
its endeavours.

HCL INFOSYSTEMS believes in the Total Quality Management philosophy as a means for
continuous improvement, total employee participation in quality improvement and customer
satisfaction. Its concept of quality addresses people, processes and products.

Over the last 32 years, we have adapted to newer and better Quality standards that helped us
effectively tie Quality with Business Goals, leading to customer and employee satisfaction.


The history of structured quality implementation in HCL Info systems began in the late 1980s
with the focus on improving quality of its products by using basis QC tools and Failure
Reporting and Corrective Active Systems (FRACAS). We also employed concurrent
engineering practices including design reviews, and rigorous reliability tests to uncover latent
design defects.

In the early 90s, the focus was not merely on the quality of products but also the process
quality systems. Our manufacturing unit at NOIDA was certified initially to ISO 9002:1994
by Bureau Veritas Certification in 1994 and later on to ISO 9001:1994 in 1997. As of now,
all our manufacturing units are certified by Bureau Veritas Certification as per ISO
9001:2000 and ISO 14001: 2004

In early 1995, a major quality initiative was launched across the company based on Philip B.
Crosby's methodology of QIPM (Quality Improvement Process Management). This model
was selected to because it considered the need and commitment by an organization to
improve but more importantly, the individual's need towards better quality in his personal

Under our Quality Education System program, we train our employees on the basic concepts
and tools of quality. A number of improvement projects have been undertaken by our
employees, whereby process deficiencies and bottlenecks are identified, and Corrective
Action Projects (CAPs) are undertaken. This reduces defect rates and improves cycle times in
various processes, including personal quality.

We have received MAIT's 'Level II recognition for Business Excellence' for our initiatives in
the Information Technology Industry, adding another commendation to our fold. MAIT's
Level II recognition is based on the 'European Foundation for Quality Management' (EFQM),
for gaining quality leadership and business competitiveness.

Our certifications / awards in 2003 include ISO 9001-2000 by Bureau Veritas Certification
for our Info Structure Services and award of First Prize by ELCINA (Electronic Component
Industries Association) for Quality, 2002-03. The ELCINA award criteria consider two
aspects. (1) Enablers (Leadership & Management commitment, Resource Management,
Product Realisation, Measurement Analysis & Improvement) and Results (Product Quality,
Customer / Stake holder satisfaction , Business results).

The tryst for continuous quality improvement is never-ending in HCL Info systems. We
always strive to maintain high quality standards, which help us fulfil our mission to provide
world-class information technology solutions and services, to enable our customers to serve
their customers better.

HCL Info systems (HCLI) draws its strength from 30 years of experience in handling the ever
changing IT scenario , strong customer relationships, ability to provide the cutting edge
technology at best-value-for-money and on top of it, an excellent service & support
infrastructure. Today, HCL is country's premier information enabling company. It offers one-
stop-shop convenience to its diverse customers having an equally diverse set of requirements.

Be it a large multi-location enterprise, or a small/medium enterprise, or a small office or a

home, HCLI has a product range, sales & support capability to service the needs of the

Last 30 years apart from knowledge & experience have also given us continuity in
relationship with the customers, thereby increasing the customer confidence in us. Our
strengths can be summarized as:

• Ability to understand customer's business and offer right technology.

• Long standing relationship with customers.

• Pan India support & service infrastructure.

• Best-vale-for-money offerings.

Technology Leadership

HCL Info systems are known to be the harbinger of technology in the country. Right from
our inception we have attempted to pioneer the technology introductions in the country either
through our R&D or through partnerships with the world technology leaders.

Using our own R&D we have:

• Created our own UNIX & RDBMS capability (in 80s).

• Developed firewalls for enterprise & personal system security.

• Launched our own range of enterprise storage products.

• Launched our own range of networking products.

We strive to understand the technology from the view of supporting it post installation as
well. This is one of the key ingredients that go into our strategic advantage.

Access, Internet Telephony Hosting and Co-location services designing and deploying
Disaster Recovery Solutions & Business Continuity solutions, Application services, Managed
security services & NOC services over its state-of-the-art IP/MPLS network and end-to-end
contact centre solutions.



As the fountainhead of the most significant pursuit of human mind (IT), HCL strongly
believes, “Only a Leader can transform you into a Leader”. HCL CDC is a formalization of
this experience and credo which has been perfected over three decades.

It is an initiative that enables aspiring individuals to benefit from HCLs longstanding

expertise in the space and become Industry ready IT professionals.

HCL CDC. Dominates the IT space as a leader 58000 gifted professionals, a colossal US $5.0
billion turnover an international presence in 19 countries, and most importantly, a deep-
rooted commitment to innovate makes it a true technology giant.

As the fountainhead of the most significant pursuit of human mind, HCL believes only a
leader can transform into a leader HCL CDC. Is an initiative that enables individuals to be
benefit industry ready IT.

Opportunities and beyond:

HCL takes students to the core of IT fundamentals and the most advanced cutting problems.
Its course modules are structured to give the best of both worlds, academic and hands-on.
Whether anybody are a beginner or a working professional, HCL CDC. Can make a
difference to our learning curve and there by to our curve.
Empowering students to bring out the best:
As the fountainhead of the most significant pursuit of human mind (IT), HCL,
strongly believes “only a leader can transform me into a leader “HCL CDC. Is a
formalization of this experience and credo which has been perfected over three decades.

It is an initiative that enables aspiring individuals to benefit from HCL’s longstanding

expertise in the space and become industry ready IT professionals


To become a Total Quality Institute and contribute effectively towards national development
in the era of rapidly changing global economy and ensure prosperity for the mankind at large.


The Institute will strive hard to train human beings to become dynamic, committed & self-
motivated Total Quality Professionals of very high intrinsic value, technically sound,
emotionally balanced, spiritually high, socially sensitive having responsibility, accountability
& self-esteem in partnership with parents, corporate, academics & government to meet the
rapidly changing multi-dimensional and multi-spherical futuristic challenges of the
contemporary world.


Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL) born.


Distribution alliance formed with Toshiba for copiers.


HCL successfully ships in-house designed micro-computer at the same time as Apple.
The Indian Computer Industry is born.


HCL Introduces bit sliced, 16-bit processor based micro-computer.


Indigenously develops an RDBMS, a Networking OS and Client Server architecture, at the

same time as global IT peers.


HCL becomes the largest IT Company in India.


HCL introduces fine grained multi-processor Unix-3 years ahead of “Sun” and “HP”.


Data Quest marks HCL no. 1 amongst Top Ten computer giants.


HCL Ltd. And Hewlett Packard, USA, partner to form HCL-Hewlett Packard Ltd.

JV develops multi-processor UNIX for HP-heralds HCL’s entry into contract R&D.

HCL Technologies Limited was originally incorporated on 12th November, as HCL Overseas
Limited. The certificate of commencement of business was received on 10th February, 1992.
On July 14, 1994 name of the Company was changed to HCL Consulting Limited. The
Company changed its name to HCL Technologies Limited on 6th October 1999 to better
reflect the line of activities of the Company. HCL provides new technology development
services to its clients.

The 50:50 joint venture with Perot Systems Corporation in the year provided access to high
value client base of Perot Systems. The Company has one of the largest software
development infrastructures in India. This state-of-the-art infrastructure, which comprises
seven software factories, is designed to take advantage of the high productivity and
scalability as well as the relatively lower cost of software development in India.


The Company started addressing the markets in Europe and Asia Pacific. The company has a
rich heritage in technologies like the Internet and e-Commerce, networking and
internetworking, Internet telephony, telecom, embedded software, ASIC/VLSI design and
testing, satellite communication, wireless communication and component based object
technologies like COM, DCOM and CORBA. The Company has the capability to work with
a wide variety of computing platforms ranging from Open Client Server systems comprising
all flavours of UNIX, Microsoft platforms, AS/400 to enterprise servers like IBM
Mainframes. The Company also offers strategic methodology consulting led services through
its wholly owned subsidiary Intel cent Inc. to global organisations.


The company announced its public issue on November 10th, of Rs.1,42,00,000 net equity
shares of Rs. 4/- each. The issue includes a Book Built Portion of 1,27,80,000 equity shares
and Fixed Price Portion of 14,20,000 equity shares. The company announced on November
11 that it has signed a five-year contract with GTECH and Kla Tencor. HCL Technologies
has created wholly-owned subsidiaries to cater to specific geographic regions. Its major
subsidiary is HCL Technologies America, 100 per cent owned by the company.


The Company has set up a dedicated offshore development centre in Chennai for KLA-
Tencor Corporation, a supplier of process control And yield management solutions for the
semiconductor and related microelectronics industry. HCL Comnet, the wholly-owned
subsidiary of HCL Technologies in association with its new partner Globe set Inc., is
scouting for large Internet Service Providers and payment gateways in India to introduce Net
security management solutions.

The Company will set up an offshore development centre for the .1-billion semiconductor
company, Conexant Inc, in India. HCL Comnet, a wholly owned subsidiary of HCL
Technologies will invest Rs. 20 crore in the next one year to set up a network operation
centre in Delhi and has tied up with Hewlett Packard. HCL Technologies, the Shiv Nada
controlled software major, has invested in five venture capital funds that specialise in high
technology, particularly internet technology, related areas.
HCL Technologies, in a move to further strengthen its position in the InfoTech sector, has
decided to extend its product base and focus on a range of high value-added products and
services. HCL Infinet Ltd, the new Internet services subsidiary of HCL Info systems, has tied
up with UBS Publishers' Distributors Ltd, one of the largest distributors of books in the
country for its soon to be launched portal to sell books on-line.

Armed with 27 million in cash reserves, InfoTech Company HCL Technologies is in the
process of acquiring companies in both Europe and the US as part of its expansion drive.
HCL Technologies has approved, subject to necessary approvals, to split each equity share of
Rs 4 into two equity share of Rs 2 each. HCL Technologies has entered into a tie-up with
Broad Vision Inc, a provider of personalised e-business applications, to act as a distributor for
the latter's customised software, services, support, maintenance and other related activities.
Goldman Sachs has rated Infosys Technologies and HCL Technologies as market
outperformers and amongst the best quality names in the industry. The Company launched
the second Nokia professional centre in New Delhi, second among the chain of centres
planned by the company across the country. HCL Technologies Ltd will be acquiring about
40 per cent equity stake in an Indian networking product company as part of its incubation
programme. Shiv Nadar-promoted HCL Technologies Ltd is looking at the possibility of
opening a software technology development centre in China.


The Company has signed a five-year strategic partner agreement, with NCR Corp. To
develop customer relationship management, store automation and payment system. The
Company signed an agreement with Toshiba Information System of Japan to set up an
offshore development centre in India, for the Japanese company. HCL Technologies has
entered into a strategic alliance with Nasdaq-listed Vitesse Semiconductor to develop
software solutions for global networking markets. The Company is setting up a dedicated
offshore centre for Vitesse Semiconductor, for design and application support services.

HCL Comnet Systems & Services Ltd., a fully-owned subsidiary of HCL Technologies, is
entering into the business of Web-enabling applications through the launch of demand-chain
management solutions.

HCL InfiNet has been rated the best among 16 Internet service providers by, a technology portal and magazine. HCL Technologies October 29
announced that it would pick up 100 percent stake in Northern Ireland-based IT-enabled
services company Apollo Contact Centre in two phases. In the first phase, HCL Technologies
would pick up 90 per cent stake in Apollo Contact Centre for .5 million from British Telecom
(BT), the owner of Apollo Contact Centre. Initially, HCL Technologies, would pay .5 million
either directly or through any of its subsidiaries to acquire 90 per cent equity in Apollo
Contact Centre. HCL Perot, a joint venture of HCL Technologies, which already has two
levels of re-dundancy in Delhi and Bangalore, is now backing them up with centres in the UK
and US. It is setting up a development centre in Woking, South of London and plans to add
another in Dellas by the End of the year.HCL Technologies today announced the appointment
of Anupam Puri, management consultant with McKinsey and Co, as member on its board of


HCL Technologies Ltd on June 1, 2002 announced a 100% acquisition of Gulf Computers
Inc, USA. HCL Technologies Ltd announced the formation of a strategic technology joint
venture with Jones Apparel Group, Inc. Jones Apparel Group, Inc. a Fortune 500 Company,
The joint venture is a pioneer in initiative, in synergy with HCL Technologies rebalanced
business portfolio and growth strategy, wherein the Company has identified the retail vertical
as a high focus area. Worldwide, an increased surge in IT spending in the retail segment is
manifesting itself and the market is expected to grow to USD 35 billion by 2005. HCL
Technologies Ltd announced on August 16, 2002 that it has entered into a joint venture with
partners - a management consulting firm - to address software services opportunities in
Global Finance Markets, especially in the areas of Investment Banking, Asset Management
and Private Banking. Partners bring a wealth of domain expertise and clients including many
of the top Global Investment Banking firms, to the JV. HCL Tech, leading global IT services
company, on August 19, 2002 announced a strategic alliance with Sento Corporation, a US
based customer contact solutions Company.HCL technologies Ltd has informed BSE that Mr
Vineet Nayyar, Director has resigned as Director of the Company with effect from on
December 19, 2002.


HCL Technologies Ltd has informed BSE that Mr Anupam Puri Director resigned from the
Board w.e.f. May 08, 2003. The Board of Directors has been expanded with the induction of
three new members- Mr Amal Ganguli, Mr Cyril Shroff & Mr Subroto Bhattacharya.
Partners with Alayance, a USA based company, to enhance Enterprise Application
Integration expertise. Signs agreement with SuperH Inc., the leading supplier of multimedia
reduced instruction set computing (RISC) central processing unit (CPU) cores, enabling the
company to become the first member of the ‘SuperH Design Agency' Program Members
approve Scheme of Arrangement between the Company, HCL Info systems Ltd, HCL Infinet
Ltd Receives BPO deal from BT Group, UK's telecom service provider Inks pact with Questa
Corp. to provide implementation support for customer projects.

Wins mandate from Airbus Industries for the development of embedded software for the
system data acquisition computer of the A-340 flight warning system.

HCL Comment, a wholly- owned flagship of HCL Technologies, secures Rs31 crore network
management order from National Insurance Corporation (NIC) Partners with Magma Design
Automation Inc. to offer expert design services for leading edge integrated circuit designs
High Court sanctions Scheme of Arrangement between HCL Info systems, HCL
Technologies, and HCL Infinet Joins the Experts program of Xilinx Inc (Nasdaq:XLNX), the
worldwide leader of programmable logic solutions.
Signs a multi- year, multi- million dollar collaborative IT co-sourcing contract with AMD, a
leading supplier of integrated circuits for the personal and networked computer and
communications markets.

Pursuant to Scheme of Arrangement between HCL Info systems Ltd, HCL Technologies Ltd,
HCL Infinet Ltd and their respective shareholders and creditors, as approved by Hon'ble High
Court of Delhi, the Merger Committee of HCL Technologies Ltd on August 30, 2003 allots
7,075,154 equity shares of Rs 2/- each fully paid up to the shareholders of HCL Info systems
Ltd. Registered Office changed to Nehru Place, New Delhi Hcl BPO head Sujit Bakshi quits
the company HCL announced that it has reached an agreement with Perot Systems to divest
its stake in HCL Perot Systems for USD 105.3 Mn. This is for an all cash consideration.US
firm acquires HCL's equity in Joint Venture Hcl Technologies Ltd has informed that
Ambassador Richard Burt, Director of the company, has retired by rotation at the Annual
General Meeting of the Company held on December 20, 2003 and it was further resolved at
the meeting not to fill in the vacancy caused by his retirement.


Formally announced that it has bought out the 49.5 per cent equity shares of erstwhile HCL
Perot Systems (HPS) from their joint venture known as Aircom HPS Wireless Services
(AHWS).Hcl Technologies Ltd has informed that the shares of the Company have been
delisted from Delhi Stock Exchange (DSE) wef January 23, 2004. HCL Tech Sets up
Insurance Solutions Center in Chennai HCL Technologies has entered into a strategic tie-up
with IBM Rational Software, a division of IBM, to strengthen its software development
capabilities. HCL Technologies Ltd has informed that the Company has on May 18,2004
announced the appointment of Stuart Drew as Director (Europe) Global Insurance Practice
HCL Technologies display new set of software solutions based on Microsoft's Smarter
Retailing Initiative HCL Tech arm ties up with Cicada HCL Technologies named Microsoft
Global Systems Integrator Partner HCL Technologies unveils latest RFID based asset
management solution at ESEC, Tokyo HCL Technologies Ltd today (July 13, 2004)
announced that the Company has been conferred the prestigious Excellence in Education
Award for 2004 by the Life Office Management Association (LOMA) BPO delivery centre
in Chennai gets BS7799 certification, by the British Standards Institute (BSI) on August 27,
2004 Introduces Cross View, a framework based Computer Systems Validation (CSV)
methodology for the development of robust software applications in the Life Sciences arena.
Delist from the Madras Stock Exchange Limited (MSE) w.e.f. December 22, 2004.


Enters into an agreement with Agree Systems a global leader in semiconductors for storage,
wireless data and public and enterprise networks. Forms partnership with Compuware
Corporation, a world leader in delivering software and services that enable businesses to
manage their enterprises and maximize the value of their IT assets. Signs MoU with the
Supercomputing Facility for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (SCFBio) at IIT
Delhi to work collaboratively on high-end projects in the area of drug discovery and
development including genomics and proteomics projects. SEBI ties up with HCL
Technologies for market surveillance solutions HCL Technologies forms joint venture with
NEC, Japan HCL Technologies launches easy Labelling Solution for US FDA's SPL
HCL Technologies & Talent & Pro enter into partnership to provide solutions in Banking,
Insurance & Financial Domain to Europe HCL Technologies & EXA, Japan announce
strategic partnership HCL's Infrastructure Services Division ranked a 'Strong Performer in
Remote Infrastructure Management by an International Research firm.


HCL Technologies & Qumas signs distribution agreement HCL Tech joins hand with Wave
sat HCL Technologies Launches RoHS Compliance Management System For Medical
Device Users HCL enters m outsourcing deal with Teradyne of US HCL Launches Trusted
ICT Infrastructure Platforms for BPO-ITeS Segment.

HCL appoints Karan Puri Sr. Vice President of Retail, Media & Entertainment in North
America. HCL Technologies & Sage sign Alliance to develop Private Wealth Management
Solutions HCL Technologies Ltd has inked pact with Canada based electronics
manufacturing services company Celestica Inc to jointly design and manufacture electronic
products for global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).


HCL Technologies forms strategic alliance with Eckler to strengthen Insurance Domain
expertise HCL Technologies Ltd and Advanced Electronics Company (AEC), a Riyadh-
based Economic Offset Program Company, have signed an agreement to implement IT
(Information Technology) projects in Saudi Arabia. HCL Technologies has forayed into an
alliance with 0 million Saudi Arabian company Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) to
implement IT projects in West Asia. HCL Technologies Ltd on June 18, 2007 announced a
US contract with Alenia Aeronautica, to provide engineering services that will support the
improvement of the C-27J Spartan production line. HCL Technologies Ltd has announced
that Vineet Nayar, President of the Company will assume the CEO chair with effect from
October 16, 2007. Shiv Nadar will be the Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of the
Company. The Company has issued Bonus Shares in the Ratio of 1:1.


HCL to acquire British BPO firm

HCL BPO to adopt non-linear growth strategy

HCL completes acquisition of UK's Axon

HCL wins over Axon board for takeover bid

HCL Technologies Launches First-of-its-Kind on-Demand Software Testing Lab

HCL Technologies has entered into a five-year transformational IT infrastructure
management engagement with the Energy Future Holdings Corporation (EFHC), a Texas-
based, privately-held energy company.

HCL signs a Rs 393 crore, 7 year end-to-end IT Services engagement with National
Insurance Company HCL Tech gets outsourcing contract from MTV Networks

HCL Signs a five year engagement with Energy Future Holdings for IT Infrastructure
Management Services HCL receives the International Investor of the Year Prize HCL
Technologies Emerges as a Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Winner

HCL Technologies opens Global Development Center in Brazil to service growing client
base in Latin America, North America and HCL Technologies opens Global Development
Center in Brazil to service growing client base in Latin America, North America.


HCL Technologies has announced a partnership with nMatric of the U.S. for providing
intelligent shopfloor solutions to automotive manufacturers.

HCL Tech - HCL AXON Launches, iControl, a Utility Web Enablement Solution for
Customer Billing and AMI.

HCL Alliances and Partnerships

To provide world-class solutions and services to all our customers, HCL formed Alliances
and Partnerships with leading IT companies worldwide.
HCL Info systems has alliances with global technology leaders

• Intel, AMD, Microsoft

• Toshiba, Nokia

• Sun Microsystems, Ericsson

• VIDIA, SAP, Scan soft

• SCO, EMC, Veritas

• Citrix, CISCO, Oracle , Accenture

• Red Hat, In focus, Samsung and Novell.

Product of HCL CDC

HCL is an IT company and it is an Indian company and it produces computers & laptop .HCL
CDC is the subsidy of the HCL LTD that’s growing in service sector. HCL CDC provides the
training to students & employees in the field of Hardware, Software, Networking and

HCL Products:-

To join the pampered tribe of IT wiz kids, the Career Development Centre or CDC offers a
number of industry relevant courses.

• MCSE –Microsoft Certified Software Engineer

• CCNA –Cisco Certified Network Associate

• RHCE –Red Hat Certified Engineer

Structured Program Provide by HCL CDC:-

• HCL Certified Enterprise Engineer (HCE+)

HCL Certified Network Engineer (HCNE)
Basic Hardware
Advance Networking
Network Technology and Devices
System Engineer

• Linux Administrator

• HCL Certified Software Engineer (HCSE Dot Net Track)

HCL Certified Software Engineer (HCSE Java Track)
HCL Certified Software Engineer (HCSE Oracle Developer Track)

• Implementing Windows Application using VB.Net

Implementing Windows Application using C#.Net
Core Java 1.5
Advance Java

• C++

Internet and Mail
HCL Certified Service Program

Project title:

“Market Expansion”


• To study the market expansion of HCL through career development programs

• To gain familiarity with a phenomenon or to explore new ideas regarding career


• To portray accurately the characteristics of a particular individual, situation or a group

which form the part of target customers


Stages of new product development

Business research

We will generate the new product ideas from customers, Retailers, Dealers using external
research organizations.

We will screen the ideas on the basis of -

• Demand for the product: How much demand can be generate for our product.

• Price elasticity of the demand: on which one price we can sale our product.

Concept testing and analysis

After idea screening we will do the Concept testing like:

• Total sales estimation: we will try to estimate about the total turnover, so that we can also
pay attention on production.

• Estimation cost and profits: after estimate about total sales we will estimate about cost
and profits which we will occur during business

Product development

In this stage, detailed technical analysis is conducted to know whether the product can be
produced at costs low enough to make the final price, attractive to the customers.

Product use testing:

• Alpha testing: within the company.

• Beta testing: outside the organization.

• Gamma testing: for long term testing.

Test marketing

Test Marketing is the stage where the product is introduced in a few select cities.

In this stage marketer needs to take decision about:

• The number of cities in which the product is to be tested.

• Name and geographic location of the cities.

• Time to carry out the test marketing.


Product enters into the market during this stage. In this stage firm incurs huge cost like:

• Manufacturing cost

• Capital Cost

• Promotion cost

• Advertisement cost

• Distribution cost
Steps of action plan

The overall project duration is Forty seven days:

Understanding of the project

Preparing for the fieldwork

Designing data collection methods

Data collection

Data separation and analysis

Project findings

Report preparation and submission


• Product strategies :-

The product is one of the most important components of marketing program. Product
features can be customized depending on the requirement of the local market.

• Promotion strategies:-

The Promotion strategies of our organization include advertising, sales promotion,

publicity, direct marketing and personal selling.

• Pricing strategies:-

While developing pricing strategies for the market we consider the internal and
external environment of a company. Internal factors include inventory cost,
production cost etc. and external factors include competitive environment etc.

• Place strategy:-

We access to two major types of distributional channels – domestic intermediaries and

foreign intermediaries. We can utilize the services of a domestic intermediary in form
of an export agent or export Management Company that export’s the companies good
to foreign countries.

• Market leader :

A market leader has a considerable market share, a significant presence in the industry
and is acknowledged as the leader by other firms in the industry.

• Market challenger :

Market challengers are that firm which occupy the second, third or fourth positions in the
market. They attack on weak points of market leader.

• Market follower :

Market followers prefer to follow the leader rather than attack on it.

• Market niche:

Firm try to operate in a small segment of the market in which the leader is not interested.


Following are the promotional tools use by our organization for the marketing

The major advantage of advertising is its ability to reach a large audience at a very
low cost. We adopt this strategy because customers get bored with the conventional
style of marketing. So we should keep the customers guessing and interested by
launching advertising campaigns that puzzle, tease and arouse the interest of the

Sales promotion:-

Sales promotion is a form of attracting the customers by offering them various

benefits in the form of incentives or by adding the value of the product. The various
kinds of sales promotional tools which we are using to increase the sales are coupons,
discount, samples etc.

Publicity: -

Publicity is a non paid form of communicating information about the product as a

news article in the newspaper or television or radio. We can manage the marketing
communication mix with appropriate and timely publicity through newspaper articles,
coupled with attractive public relation campaigns.

Public relation:-

Public relation helps us to create a positive opinion about the firm in the market

Direct marketing:-

In direct marketing, we communicate directly with the customers through mail or

telemarketing or marketing through the internet.

A survey research is defined as the method of collecting information by asking a set of pre
formulated questions in a predetermined sequence in a structured questionnaire to a sample of
individuals drawn so as to be representative of a defined population. These questionnaires are
administered to an individual or a group of individuals through interviews. Typical survey
objectives involve describing or learning from an ongoing activity by studying the changes in
behavioral patterns of the subjects of interest to the researcher.


In domestic market HCL CDC has many competitors. Some small

players also has competition in IT education sector.

Competitors of HCL CDC.


NIIT is a leading Global Talent Development Corporation, building skilled manpower pool for
global industry requirements. The company which was set up in 1981, to help the nascent IT
industry overcome its human resource challenges, has today grown to be amongst world’s
leading talent development companies offering learning solutions to Individuals, Enterprises
and Institutions across 40 countries.

NIIT’s training solutions in IT, Business Process Outsourcing, Banking, Finance and
Insurance, Executive Management Education, and Communication and Professional Life
Skills, touch five million learners every year. NIIT’s expertise in learning content
development, training delivery and education process management make it the most preferred
training partner, worldwide.

Research-based Innovation, a key driver at NIIT, has enabled the organization to develop
programs and curricula that use cutting-edge instructional design methodologies and training
delivery. NIIT’s Individual Learning Solutions include industry-endorsed IT training programs
like GNIIT, Integrated programs for Engineers (NIIT Engineers) and Infrastructure
Management programmed NIIT Global Net.

For working professionals, NIIT Imperia, Centre for Advanced Learning, brings Executive
Management Education Programs from premier B-schools in India, to their doorstep.
NIIT Institute of Finance Banking & Insurance (IFBI), formed by NIIT with equity
participation from ICICI Bank, offers programs for individuals and corporate in Banking,
Financial Services and Insurance.

NIIT Unique, Centre for Process Excellence, addresses the increasing demand for skilled
workers in the business and technology services industry by providing training programs in
relevant areas. This is a part of NIIT Institute of Process Excellence, a NIIT-Genpact venture.

NIIT’s School Learning Solutions offers turnkey IT integration program for schools and has
provided computer – based learning in over 12,000 government and private schools. NIIT
eGuru, is a comprehensive learning solutions for schools. To address the vast population of
underprivileged, school-aged children, NIIT launched the Hole-in-the-Wall education
initiative. Its achievements in the area of Minimally Invasive Education earned NIIT the
coveted Digital Opportunity Award, by the World Information Technology Services Alliance
(WITSA) in 2008.

NIIT’s Corporate Learning Solutions offers integrated learning solutions, including strategic
consulting, learning design, content development, delivery, technology, assessment and
learning management to Fortune 500 companies, Universities, Technology companies,
Training corporations and Publishing houses. Element K, delivers learning solutions for
customers and partners through a tailored combination of catalog learning products,
technology, and services. The offerings include: lab®: hands-on labs, instructor-led
courseware, comprehensive e-reference libraries, technical journals, and Knowledge Hub™, a
hosted learning management platform. NIIT, together with Element K, is now the first and the
best choice for comprehensive learning.

Solutions, worldwide.

Ushering in a new model in higher education is the not-for-profit NIIT UNIVERSITY,

established in 2009 with a vision of being the leading centre of innovation and learning in
emerging areas of the Knowledge Society. Nestled in the foothills of Aravali, in Neemrana,
Rajasthan, the picturesque 100 acres fully residential green campus has been developed as an
institute of excellence based on the four core principles of providing industry linked,
technology based, research driven, seamless education.
IIHT is amongst Asia's top IT training organizations. It started operations in the year 1993
and have continued to grow exponentially since then. IIHT's business has grown at 40%
CAGR year after year. During this phase, IIHT had been successful in carving its goodwill
in the industry. As a result, some of the renowned Fortune 100 organizations rely on IIHT
for catering to their manpower requirements.

Pioneering the Smart lab plus training methodology, Jet King is creating an office ready
professional out of every Hardware & Networking student. Strengthening them with the extra
edge of 60% exposure to practical; fluency in English conversational skills completes
personality development program and values of yoga. Jet King, India's leading Hardware and
Networking training institute, has trained over 4, 00,000 students in its 125 centers spread
across India. With its alumni placed in the best of organizations in India and some abroad, Jet
King's vocational training and placement promise has helped build the careers of many young
boys and girls across sectors.


 ISO 9001:2000 CERTIFIED













Hypothesis: A tentative explanation for an observation, phenomenon, or scientific problem
that can be tested by further investigation. A hypothesis describes in concrete terms, in the
form of a statement, what you expect will happen in your study.

Following aspects should be kept in mind when formulating a hypothesis

• Hypotheses can only be formulated after the researcher has gained enough knowledge
regarding the nature, extent and intensity of the problem.

• Hypotheses should figure throughout the research process in order to give structure to
the research.

• Hypotheses are tentative statements/solutions or explanations of the formulated

problem. Care should be taken not to over-simplify and generalize the formulation of

• The research problem does not have to consist of one hypothesis only. The type of
problem area investigated, the extent which encircles the research field are the
determining factors on how many hypotheses will be included in the research

Criteria for the formulation of a hypothesis: Following criteria are of importance in

formulating hypotheses. A hypothesis should:

1. Stand a test;

2. Be expressed in clear language;

3. Be in accordance with the general theme of other hypotheses statements in the same
field of study, and should be regarded as valid;

4. Be coordinated with the theory of science;

5. Be a tentative answer to the formulated problem;

6. Be logical and simplistic;

7. Consider available research techniques (to be able to analyze and interpret the

8. Be specific; and

9. Be relevant to the collection of empirical phenomenon and not merely conclude value

10. In case of exploratory research generally there exist no hypothesis

Hypothesis for the project

There is a great potential in training sector in which HCL wants to venture through career
development programs in information technology sector.

Research design can be thought of as the structure of research -- it is the "glue" that holds all
of the elements in a research project together. We often describe a design using a concise
notation that enables us to summarize a complex design structure efficiently

Types of Research Designs

 Exploratory Research

Designed to generate basic knowledge, clarify relevant issues uncover variables associated
with a problem, uncover information needs, and/or define alternatives for addressing research

A very flexible, open-ended process.

 Descriptive Research (who, what, where, how)

Designed to provide further insight into the research problem by describing the variables of

Can be used for profiling, defining, segmentation, estimating, predicting, and examining
associative relationships.

 Causal Research (If-then)

Designed to provide information on potential cause-and-effect relationships.


Exploratory Research

Designed to generate basic knowledge, clarify relevant issues uncover variables associated
with a problem, uncover information needs, and/or define alternatives for addressing research

A very flexible, open-ended process.

Experience Surveys (depth interviews)

• people with varying points of view

• Unstructured and informal interviews

• Respondent free to choose issues to be discussed

Sampling is the process of selecting a small number of elements from a larger defined target

Of elements such that the information gathered from the small group will allow judgments

To be made about the larger groups.


1. Define target population

a. Target population:- The collection of elements or objects that possess the

information sought by the researcher

b. Element: - “Objects that possess the information sought by the researcher regarding
which inferences are to be made “

c. Sampling unit:-“The basic unit containing the elements of the population to be


2. Developing a sampling frame:-A representation of the elements of target population. It

consists of a list or set of directions for identifying the target population

3. Selecting the sampling technique:-

A. Sampling with replacement

B. sampling without replacement

1. Probability sampling

2. Non probability sampling

4. Determine Sample size: - “The number of elements to be included in a study.”

5. Execute the sampling process

Representative sample:-

A sample whose characteristics correspond to, or reflect, those of the original population or
reference population

To ensure representativeness, the sample may be either completely random or stratified

depending upon the conceptualized population and the sampling objective (i.e., upon the
decision to be made)


Stratified Random sampling –It is a two step process where first step consists of dividing the
whole population into subgroups and then elements are selected from each stratum randomly

• Often factors which divide up the population into sub-populations (groups / strata)
• Measurement of interest may vary among the different sub-populations.
• This has to be accounted for when we select a sample from the population to ensure
our sample is representative of the population.
• This is achieved by stratified sampling.
• A stratified sample is obtained by taking samples from each stratum or sub-group of a

Analysis and Findings


In our project target population is students.

Sample frame is students who have passed out senior secondary examination and who are
graduating or passed out.

I) We divided the students based on their academic background into two parts-
Technical students, those students who are doing or done Engineering and any
technical courses.

II) Non technical students, Those students who are 12th passed and graduate in any
stream or those are pursuing graduation


HCL’s strengths are many, to mention a few:

a) Global Presence:
• Its collaborations and joint ventures with international companies such as
Perot System, and partnership with world leaders like Ericsson, Toshiba,
Nokia, Oracle and Microsoft, enable it to bring the best technology available
worldwide to its consumers.
• 24 locations in 16 countries.

b) Fast paced and flexible work culture which provides its employees autonomy
to accomplish the task without much pressure from the higher authorities.
Thus, employees are motivated to give their best to the organization.

c) The core strength of HCL is the talent and innovativeness of its people which
enables it to provide the “right solution at the right time.”

d) The mass markets handled through a chain of dealers, resellers and retailers
which help bring technology usage closer to the individual. It has very strong
distribution network.
e) Its pool of competencies: Hardware, Software, Training, Networking, Telecom
and System Integration.

f) Ability to understand customer's business and offer right technology.

g) Long standing relationship with customers.

h) Best-value-for-money offerings.

Eighty percent of respondents were of opinion that HCL should enter into career
development programs considering present education scenario for higher studies.

Fifteen percent of respondents were in favour of traditional classroom studies and were not
sure about HCL success in career development programs.

Five percent respondents could arrive any consequential decision regarding HCL’s entry in
career development programs.

Based on response of the target students it was observed that there is an upcoming need of IT
industry oriented career programs. As the course provided in the college are not able to cater
to the specifications of industry demands there is great potential for HCL to enter into career
development programs.

After analysis of data we conclude that there is a great potential in training sector in which
HCL wants to venture through career development programs in information technology
sector. Therefore we accept the hypothesis of the project.


Concluding the S.W.O.T. analysis in words that prosperity lies ahead for HCL. In order to
retain its position as India’s No. 1 IT conglomerate, it has to come out with the state of art as
well as futuristic technologies to its consumers well before time.


a) After sales service.

b) Less promotional campaigns.


a) IT industry booming at a rate of 45% every year.

b) Increasing consumer awareness about IT and its use.
c) Tremendous untapped potential of IT products in India.
d) Increasing competition.
e) Tie ups with various MNCs enable to extract their core competencies.


a) Local assemblers are biggest menace for the company.

b) JETKING and other Institute giving direct competition.
c) Govt. instability has a long term repercussions affecting company’s policies &
its growth.
d) Technological shift as a result of research & development. Daily new
technologies are emerging.

• The data collected is totally dependent on respondents’ views, which could be bias
in nature.

• Sometimes respondents do not give a response or give partial

response. It is called non response error. The reason may be lack of knowledge or
unwillingness to answer.

• The sample size is small and it may not actually represent the whole population.

• During the survey I came across unfavorable weather conditions like scorching
heat and dust storm.

• There is limited time available each day and lot of tasks have to completed in a
day like preparing reports, conducting surveys, spend time at the office to gain
knowledge, etc.


I joined HCL CDC, Haldwani as an intern on 15th June, 2010. I am worked in the
Marketing Department of HCL.


Visiting all the IT institutes and studying about their products and prices, and marketing
strategies. Identify the concept of visual merchandising and how to make convince the
target group and design the promotional target for the products, which are providing by
the Institutes. Analyzed them for getting result which can be helpful in promotion of HCL
and make HCL as a leader among other IT sector.


Login time: 9:30 AM

Reporting time: before 8:00 PM

The works assigned to me during Training at HCL



• In first week understood the products of HCL CDC

• Participated in education fair and distributed pamphlets.

• In second week collected data from different schools and Colleges.

• Gave report to corporate guide.

• Collected the information of HCL CDC competitor, their products and make an
analysis of report.

• Prepared synopsis for project.

• Went in ITI HALDWANI, gave presentation and council the target audience.

• Send synopsis and weekly report to my faculty guide Mr. SUMIT GUPTA.

• Worked on the closings of students for HCL career program.

• Analyzed the data which was collected by me through different sources and
developed various plans for marketing.

• Submitted Final report to Mr. SUMIT GUPTA.

By working on this project titled MARKET EXPANSION OF HCL it has been clearly seen
there is large scope for HCL, to venture into career development programs in order to
growing demand of trained and skilled professionals in information technology industry.


 Being a manager of the project I could have offered more flexibility in pricing strategy
of HCL TRAINING program to suit the pockets of lower middle class.

 More promotional tool like event sponsorships, advertisements and pamphlets could be
used to create more awareness about HCL training programs.

 Prior research on segmentation of target customers and reasons influencing their

decision should be done to increase closings of HCL training programs.








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COLLEGE/ INSTITUTE-…………………………………………



1. What is your educational qualification?

2. What are your future career plans?

3. What is your family background?

4. Have you done any computer training program?

5. What do you know about HCL?

6. Have you heard about HCL career development program?

7. How much do you expect to earn after graduation?

8. Do you have any work experience during graduation

9. How much do you like working with brand companies?

10. How much more can you spend on your education?