Martin W Glenn MGT 599 Strategic Management Module 1 January 22, 2011 Professor Dr.

Brian Grizzell

Martin W Glenn MGT 599 Strategic Management Module 1 Executive Summery January 22. but these attributes are difficult to find and are found mostly in the annual financial report. Included in the following paper are potential examples of a vision and mission statement which could be used as a base or starting point for discussion towards an actually viable and usable statement. They leave the reader. . The exi sting statements are lacking. who could be any stakeholder. 2011 Professor Dr. They sell a very innovative menu which is unmatched in the pizza industry. They do have organizational mission. vision and values. Brian Grizzell California Pizza Kitchen is a very successful pizza company. the mission and vision statements are ethereal and leaves more questions than answers. Even when found. wondering what sets the organization apart. It leaves any employee wondering where the organization is going and how are they going to be a part in getting them there.

pastas. vision. and distinctive pastas. The company was founded in 1985 by two lawyers who have a passion for the restaurant business. creative salads. values.pdf) Forbes magazine named CPK one of the top 200 small companies in America. . uninspiring and ethereal. and the company has received recognition for their casual dining experience. says an article in Mind Tools. quality wine and spirits for customers in a relaxed family atmosphere. Although CPK doesn’t have a mission. (http://www. or goals statement anywhere in their they do provide a hint to their passions and goals in their annual financial report. What pizza producing organization wouldn’t want to serve high quality pizzas? Any organization that doesn’t aspire towards providing a high quality product to their customer base could find itself stagnant or worse.htm) California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is a high end pizza restaurant that prides itself in pizzas that their website states are “creatively designed on a delicious crust.“Vision Statements and Mission Statements are the inspiring words chosen by successful leaders to clearly and concisely convey the direction of the organization”. (http://www. Their vision clearly articulates that they want to serve high quality pizza. most “often leads to grief”. According to their annual financial report. filing Chapter 11. I found it wanting.cpk. They also offer creative salads. with exceptional customer which according to Business Week Magazine. and hearth-baked to perfection”. Although they do allude to their vision and mission. of which 205 are company-owned and 47 operate under franchise or license arrangements”. and currently serve as co CEOs. they have “252 locations in 32 states and 9 foreign countries.

This statement alone is the most effective portion of their business statement. distinctive pastas and related products”. Susan M. high quality pizzas in addition to creative salads. distinctive pastas and related products and by providing exceptional customer service. This is telling all stakeholders that high quality pizzas are the purpose of their being in the pizza market.html) The above purpose. thereby building a high degree of customer loyalty. the author points out that it is important to challenge employees in the mission statement. (http://www. It is also their approach to . high quality pizzas in addition to creative salads. Heathfield from Human Resources states that the most effective mission statement is one that is “precise in its description” in what the organization does or produces. I thought that a more grabbing statement would be “our employees produce the best” or some other statement that told employees that they are producing the greatest pizzas ever created in the world. In an article in a 2003 Entrepreneur Magazine. along with “providing exceptional customer service” provides CPK’s strategy to “extend their leadership position” in the market.The CPK website infused their mission among the business portion of the annual financial report. CPK tentatively covers their purpose for being in business as “selling innovative. She goes on to say that every member of the organization should be able to articulate the mission statement from memory. brand awareness and superior returns for our stockholders”.entrepreneur. The portion of the annual report that included the mission statement suggests that they intend to “extend our leadership position in the restaurant and premium pizza market by selling innovative. On order to hold such expectations. the mission statement needs to be a standalone proclamation and not hidden in the business portion of the annual financial

one would hope to see a goal for what the organization is to become. the mission statement should give employees the desired attitude when they go to work. leveraging our partnerships in non-traditional and retail channels and offering innovative menu items”. friendly and equally innovative staff in a relaxed and casual atmosphere where our customers are family”. A proposal for the CPK mission statement could be “we dominate the pizza industry by creating the highest quality and curiously innovative pizzas the world has ever experienced.developing the customer base. Our award winning pizzas are served by an incredibly trusted. . 10. how successful will it The article also points out that the mission statement should clearly articulate the “desired feelings” and guide employees. This strategy creates more questions than answers. 20 years. how does the employee fit into the whole strategic vision. What the organization will look like in 5.html) In other words. are Pizza Hut and Dominos selling high quality pizzas? Could we emulate other pizza branding and achieve the desired results? How do we stand out as a pizza producer that will set us apart from other pizza restaurants? What is considered exceptional customer service? Why should a customer eat at CPK rather than another pizza restaurant? Does the waiter or bartender consider the superior return for stockholders when he/she goes to work? In a fall 2008 Entrepreneur article. increase brand recognition. CPK’s organizational vision from the financial report is a “plan to increase our market share by expanding our restaurant base in new and existing markets. and increase stockholder returns. how should they act or what values are expected in order to meet the organizational vision. the author correctly established that a “mission statement may be the most visible and public part of a strategic plan”. Selling innovative and high quality pizzas can be done by anyone. (http://www. So what is the vision of CPK? When looking for the vision statement.entrepreneur.

While this vision is possibly effective for explaining to shareholders the direction of the organization. The vision statement should have a number or other quantifiable and verifiable component. Nothing good can happen to an organization without the employees full A vision statement is meant to stimulate motivation and give all stakeholders a collective goal. our subordinates. nothing will be too difficult for our workers in their quest for providing incredible customer service”. goals and The Change Factory website said that the vision statement is the document that keeps an organization on track. our colleagues and our other stakeholders”. a vision statement should inspire and energize us. CPK is missing the consideration of the majority of the stakeholders in their vision statement. Our employees will be the most trusted. If should be within the reach of the organization and inspire all stakeholders with goals.changefactory. professional and innovative workers in the restaurant business. The . it leaves out all the stakeholders. (http://www. It goes on to say this a vision statement is “a means by which we describe a desired outcome that invokes a vivid mental picture of our goal. knowledgeable. A possible vision statement could be “To be the leader in the Pizza industry by dominating the market with 50 percent of all pizzas sold in the U. As leaders. being a Pizza produced by California Pizza Kitchen. management or other stakeholders lose their purpose. a reference point when employees. so they should be included so that they know the attitude needed when they show up for work. An employee such as a bartender or waitress would probably have a very passive interest in the fact that the company plans to leverage partnerships and increasing market shares.

they want to feel proud of their organization. California Pizza Kitchen needs to separate a mission and vision statement that can be included in their website. A mission and vision statement which is lost in an annual financial report is missing the concept entirely. Investors want to know about the organization which they will be investing their money. California Pizza Kitchen should consider revising their management approach. prospective employees. and I believe well placed. There is the common. potential investors. The values at CPK are standard employee expectations that everyone has read and signed at various places of employment. . all CPK property is private property and intended for CPK business. Given today’s technologically wired society. belief that the values should be incorporated within the mission and vision statements. Present and future employees will peruse an organizational website to see what is expected of them and will most definitely have a determining effect on their attitude which will be brought to the customer.average employee will spend over half of their waking life at their place of employment. Their values statement includes the conflict of interest expectations. and customers all peruse websites to get an idea of the organization and as a way to know what to expect.

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