Most adults and children alike are sadly unaware of not only the amount of information relayed through

videogames, but also of the psychological training, evaluation, conditioning, and desensitization that often arises through prolonged ‘enjoyment’. While some of you may already know of what I am referring to, most will not; many will call me crazy. While the concept may sound ludicrous, some simple evaluation should not only explain where I’m coming from, but hopefully shed some light on the situation for you. It won’t take long and all this information is available to prove through game play.
v Psychological Training: When I mention training…I am referring to the type of training used by the military, for the military and so similar in style to the games we play that it’s almost scary. Although the general idea of hand-eye coordination reaches into all genres of games, the one I have chosen to use as an example is the Nazi Zombies game available through select Call of Duty® titles. While all shooter games (especially FPS’s) provide an excellent Hand-Eye Response training, the Nazi Zombies game in particular seems to be extremely useful due to its progressive difficulty…not only throughout the progression of each map or level, but also through each and every new map released. To continue successfully, you must adapt to becoming further and further violent and quick responsive. No camping, sniping, or taking cheap shots in this one…just straight fast paced killing. Problem solving skills are also required as you must quickly evaluate situations and the optimum response available. As a result we have a generation of people quick to respond, less easily frightened, and progressively more violent not to mention anti-social due to the seclusion often associated with prolonged game play. v Psychological Evaluation: Remember the Original Nintendo® (NES)? Remember how several years after its release it was revealed that nearly all our stats were being tracked? Did you play Mario brothers for two days straight? It tracked that….Did you beat up over 100 bullies on Double Dragon? It tracked that too. Don’t remember? Don’t trip…seems like it’s been forgotten because I can’t even find anything about it on the Net but the principle shouldn’t be lost. Now-aday’s nearly every action we carry out in game IS tracked. Matter of fact the information is often used in tallying information for Leader boards and rewards


based on accumulative actions. Through this statistical data collection it becomes very easy to identify key characteristic behavioral features or algorithms unique to each and every one of us…more unique than our fingerprints. Fable® and Fallout® are two games in particular where your behavioral algorithms are not only tracked but give a good indication of how you may behave in any given situation. Due to how open much of this data collection is and how extensive it’s psychological implication may be, I have often wondered if stats aren’t being kept concerning the choices many of us make when confronted with morally compromising situations as portrayed through such COD MW2® levels as ‘No Russian’ where the player is led into an undercover situation where he is accompanying terrorists as they kill innocent people in an airport. While every player is notified that the material is graphic and given the opportunity to skip the level; only players who do choose to play the level and either have gotten a heads up or have such a distaste for killing innocents that they inadvertently discover that as long as you avoid the gunfire from any security personnel and refrain from killing any of your partners, then you can literally walk through the entire level without killing a single innocent person. While this particular point may seem farfetched, I point out that when the military grades the performance of its personnel that it grades based on not just quick response…but psychological discretion as well. v Psychological Conditioning: Conditioning leads to desensitization. Nearly the same in theme, their essence differs. Conditioning is the act of progressively changing the ‘social norms’ without ever alerting those who are being conditioned. It’s much like the frog left in slowly boiling water as opposed to the frog thrown directly into the scolding hot pot. While the latter is sure to attempt to revolt and escape…the former is nearly unaware of any change taking place whatso-ever. Lost in the luxury of warmth without labor and food mysteriously abandoned, left floating around for any hungry fellow, he quickly becomes willing to accept any and all minor changes that he may ever become aware of….like the fact that he is slowly cooking. Conditioning is the slow chipping away at every moral fiber of not only ourselves, but of society as a whole. Through the game market…among others, we are all…children especially, subjected to an unbalanced amount of sex, profanity, and violence. It is through this social conditioning and slow change of socially accepted norms that desensitization becomes key. v Psychological Desensitization: Rewards for not just killing…but for killing with style. Achievements for partaking in sexual acts. Free-Roaming, OpenEnvironments giving the ability to behave morally however you choose…while often rewarding negative behaviors and actions…verbally and graphically video game players are bombarded by psychologically conditioning material that leads to genuine desensitization. Death, dead bodies, blood, killing, sex, and both verbally and physically violent behavior not only cease to seem out of place…but they start to seem normal. No longer equipped to deal with another person in the flesh due to social isolation, kid’s especially become prone to the idea that if they


don’t get their way…then they can simply delete (un-friend) you…walk away leaving the issue unresolved…or worse they become violent towards the object of their dissatisfaction. It used to be that hearing the ‘F’ word brought shock….that seeing a woman nearly nude would too. Now, in the days we live however our games cuss at us and if my daughter dressed the way half of these female characters do in videogames…then she would never leave the house. Sex and Violence sells….because we buy it.

“Knowledge is Great Power and with Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”
As mentioned at the beginning of this article, most of us are sadly unaware of the amount of information relayed to the general populous though all forms of media…videogames included. The following information is a synopsis of some of the more popular games that I am aware of having relevant information, not readily available or discussed outside of the games themselves. In 1090 A.D. Hassan-i Sabbah defeats Alamut, and then founds the Hashshashin or Assassins, an Islamic mystery cult. Masyaf was one of their fortresses in Syria.

Albion home of the hero… One of the most ‘hidden in plain sight’ bits of historical information in the gaming world is the true nature of Albion. More than just the game world map, Albion (Greek: Ἀλβιών) is the oldest known name of the island of Great Britain. It is thought to derive from the white cliffs of Dover.

Nuclear war with China, leading to a post-nuclear, war torn third-world America…sound familiar? 3Dogs, Voice of the People behind the lines…sound familiar? While Alex Jones is the real world equivalent of 3Dogs, bringing the message of Truth to the people, nuclear war with China has never seemed such a staunch possibility. Financial turmoil on the American home front has had massive, far reaching consequences for the entire world. No other nation however has as much invested in the American Empire than China. Not only do they own most of the 1/30/2011

American debt, but have started considering that debt toxic, selling off most of our bonds to our own Federal Reserve. This in effect leaves the American financial system standing alone. Our debt…we own it. One of China’s most notable historical ways of getting attention is through intimidation…like the launching of ICBM’s at or near an aggressor nation. While the American government has an official explanation as to what the Nov. 9th, 2010 ‘mysterious object’ off the coast of California was...I reiterate not only our debt and who we owe it to, but how China has behaved in the past.

Thermal Vision Scopes, Machine Pistols, and Remote Controlled IED’s… New and ‘alternative-use’ technology is publicized through the last two games of the franchise. MW2® blew the lid off Thermal Scope technology and highlighted newer types of hand held weaponry, i.e. fully automatic machine-gun pistols. Where previous games either used well known, outdated weaponry or simply manufactured their own… MW2® highlighted newer, lesser known weapons actually being used in the modern battle field. Keeping in tune with this innovation, Black-Op’s® introduced an RC-XD Explosive RC Car, much like the remote controlled IED’s our troops have to face every day. While its fun to play with in the game…its important to think about the world we live in and how real these technologies or misuses of them really are.

Mexican-American Border War, Drones, & Camera-guns… Released in 2006, G.R.A.W.® and its sequel released a year later both foreshadow a war that is just now taking place. Escalated violence from the War on Drug’s has finally taken its toll on the Mexican government and now their inability to control their own citizens has caused blood to be spilled on both sides of the border. Violence spilling over onto American soil has become a common occurrence these days, and our government has been forced to warn Americans to avoid large sections of American land. In an effort to combat this threat, America has deployed a swath of new and innovative technology. Some of these include Drones, Corner-Shooting CameraGuns, & EMP Weapons.

EMP Warfare. Electro-Magnetic Warfare is not officially admitted. While the EMP effect of a nuclear blast is common knowledge, the ability to isolate and implement the capability of directing an isolated, non-nuclear EMP blast is not; hence the thought of a hand held EMP emitting devise seems almost fiction. Well, not anymore. APELC provides a Compact 2100 Series EMP Suitcase. 125kv/m Typical Radiated Field @ 1 meter.


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