Denny Marcin - New York Jets Consultant

Using Different Fronts in your Defense
• • • • • • 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Decide how much additional teaching it involves to add a new front. Everything starts with your base front. You need some different looks! Certain fronts will aid you in your pass rush. Certain fronts allow you to use different people. Certain fronts allow you to play the Option, or special offenses. Put your personnel down on paper. Start with your base front. List the strengths and weaknesses of each player. All of their players have a name for the position they line up in (Alignment). For example, a 5Tech is a FIN. Don't spend forever coming up with those names though. You can individualize each player, or name groups for several actions. An example of a group is "Slant" in which the defensive line slants strong. Use stunts according to your scouting report.

Building Your Zone Stunts

The Under Front: What I Would Use if I Coached in High School

The Under front is the front to use in High School Football, according to coach Marcin. Decide the type of personnel you want first, though. The Left End and the Mike Backer need to be good in this front. You can flop your players, or play Left and Right. If you decide to play them Left and Right, then coach them that way. In High School and even college, Coach Marcin recommends that you flip them with the strength (determined by game plan). They aren't bookends. Be sure to adjust your personnel, to have your players doing what they are good at. The weak side of the Under Front doesn't see much action.

Never play a 7-Technique on the Tight End (inside shade). Pass. and the Tackle to a 2i. then play C-Gap. There are disadvantages. Use one man as the adjuster. If the Running Back is out. The man you are lined up on will be the pressure key. Games and Stunts out of the Under Front vs. and nose loops around for contain. Don't give a weak blocker an angle on you. 45 degree angle. 2-Tight End Sets Against a 2 TE set. Whatever you want to teach. If you're lined up in an inside-i technique. The End kicks to a 6. Sam comes out to him.Under Front vs. 3-man games mess with the Offensive Line. the Under Front does not have to move. Will is in coverage. Cock the end in a 9-tech. key the hip of the inside man for your visual key. Make it easy for you. so the Nose . inside hand down. but he's gone and guys love to play it. don't mess with everyone. Run the stunt to the Boundary side. His back foot replaces the hand and he's off to the races. because they block pictures. His angle of attack makes him the C-Gap player. they'll learn. Play a 6-Technique (head-up) and knock the snot out of him.

Zone teams. He learns cadence. and live with the repercussions.a weak side run. They hard charge. and a quick pass. with the inside foot on the outside foot of the guards. The Bear is a great front against 21 Personnel and 12 Personnel. Against Ohio State. • You can play Zone. Sam Backer becomes the rusher and the End picks up the TE . you run it in a game. you want to penetrate. change it for them. The Bear Front: The Other Thing I Would Use This is a 1-Deep Safety Coverage defense.or use this as a pre-determined call. as a coach. everyone else moves with him. Don't worry about getting caught in a stem. come off the back door. they used this stunt: No read. If the TE turns out. Hard charge the Nose because he doesn't 2-gap on anything else in your defense. Put the Nose in charge of stemming. Twins . It won't work vs. just go .if you want penetration. not reading have to use some form of Corners Over. . When he moves. Be sure that you. Make up your mind to do it. If the Guard tries to reach. controll all that you want to do. 2nd best High School front to use.the OL likes to block a picture. Guys over the Guards are a loose 3-tech. This is the value of having a good scouting report. Stem into it . get them going quick and fast. but you don't normally do it. Be sure that if you work something in practice. There are two plays . Vs. All offenses will condence for this front. The End is free.doesn't have much room to cover. who likes running Sweep to the TE side.

  . Use calls to rush the Sam. On Run Away. The Strong Safety has to smack the Tight End. Linebackers key the Backs Good stunt in the Bear Front.• • • • • Easy adjustments in this defense because it is Man to Man. because there is no where to trap. The Shade / Over Front Coverage with the Over front is 3-Deep. no one can block the end. There is no Trap inside. because he is going to get a good release off the cocked End.

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