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Case Study

HapiHap / Joy in a plate

Visual identity Packaging concept Package design

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Known for its long-lasting tradition in milling, Titan activates on Romanian market through various types of
bakery products most of which are being merchandised under the corporate brand identity.

In the first half of 2010, the bread production line is being replaced with one of the latest technologies in the
field and, as a result, bread remains untouched during the whole production and packaging process.

This change led to a portfolio of brands reconfiguration process and to the decision of creating a new
consumer brand - visually endorsed by the corporate brand – to carry five varieties of toast bread. Thus,
BrandTailors was selected as a brand consultancy partner.

The packed bread market audit revealed a series of characteristics specific to an unconsolidated category, a
category made up of a powerful player and a whole series of less relevant regional brands, in which the buying
decision is taken on reasons as price and availability.

It was quite on opportunity for BrandTailors consultants to create

a new brand addressing a profoundly emotional motivation which
subsequently to generate a strong connection with the consumer.
Bread is on Romanians’ table at every meal and is consumed in
combination with any type of food, being a strongly attached to
Beatrice Daniș
Romanian gastronomical culture. Brand Strategist
The new brand platform development was rooted in the most important functional product attribute –
untouched bread during the whole production and packing process – which, together with the consumer
insight according to which the biggest joy for a mother is to see her family eating with pleasure each meal, gave
birth to a brand full of charm, which talks about the joy of eating together with the beloved ones.

The brand name was the outcome of a perfect team work between
BrandTailors and Titan representatives. Created during common
working sessions and selected from an extensive name proposal
list, HapiHap encapsulates the brand essence - joy and pleasure of
Andreea Florea
eating. Brand Consultant

The link “hapi” coming from the English adjective “happy” with the imitative word “hap” reflecting the sound
one make eagerly eating, has resulted in a strong, distinctive, memorable name by means of its phonetic

The package design concept is propelled through an original graphic execution of the idea of dish decoration,
usually used by mothers in order to turn every meal into a pleasant and joyful experience. Thus, every type of
toast is represented by a character made up from foodstuff generally associated with every type of bread - cold
meats for classic toast, vegetables for graham and so on. The tablecloth, an element used to facilitate the
graphic system creation, completes brand’s visual territory.

The graphic system allows the usage of category’s specific color

coding, in a way to prevail the latter, so ensuring predominance of
Melania Nemeș
HapiHap differentiating graphic elements. Senior Graphic Designer

Brand strategy - Beatrice Daniș, Andreea Florea
Naming process coordination - Andreea Florea
Creative concept - Melania Nemeș
Package design - Melania Nemeș
Image retouching and printing pre-production - Mihai Părpălea

Project implementation started in October 2010.

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