Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION The concept of automation brought about substantial changes in businesses and industries as it created new job

opportunities and introduced a better and more efficient way of handling processes and business transactions. It had been applied also in different organizations and academic institutions. One example of this was the automation of the library system. Library system, as the name implies has its essential contribution, either manually, semi-computerized, or computerized that makes all library processes more efficient as possible. The library system is used to maintain accurate and pertinent records such as inventory of books, books borrowed, books returned, books on due and borrower¶s information, and more. But in almost everything, there is evolution. The trend today in library systems is computer-aided systems. Libraries from big schools and institutions have their library systems computerized. These advancements paved way for the researcher¶s interest to make a computerized library system. This is to develop a system that provides adequate information about the Faith Christian Academy of Novaliches library. Moreover, the computerized system would facilitate the provision of knowledge and organize the system by simple data entries or even just by clicking buttons. Now that is automation.

One way of nurturing the minds of the students is by providing them an educational facility where the students can study. George Lazarte and wife. ³«In the mid-90s.faithcan. months later it was moved still at the 2 . George Lazarte was able to acquire an additional lot along Quirino Highway opening the ancestral lot to Novaliches¶ main thoroughfare and expanding its area to a total of 2. 1994 marked the first official steps made towards the realization of this vision. a vision was born to a group of young parents from Evangels For Christ Church (EFC). together with Pastor Ferdie Lazarte and wife Kit. met and prayed at the Lazarte rest house in San Pablo. FCAN continues to administer quality and Christian-based education to its students with trained faculty and updated educational materials. research. Mr.242 square meters. Retrieved 04-02-10) Up to present. The library began its full operation three years after the school accepted enrollees for its preschool and grade school departments. grow and be nurtured in a Christian environment« May 17. According to the current librarian. Vicki. Construction followed immediately.´ (http://www. Faith Christian Academy Of Novaliches commenced its operation in School Year 1995-1996.Background of the study According to the official website of Faith Christian Academy of Novaliches (FCAN). the library at that time was situated at the second floor of the administrative building. It was their conviction and desire that their children learn. the scions of Tatay Goring and Nanay Sayong. and gain more knowledge ± the library. programs and facilities. who dreamed of a Christian-based education for their children.

flooding also the entire library. Pajaron studies. Criselda Pajaron to replace the vacant librarian position. There were no official library system used. (which is the Conference Room today) and the librarian was replaced by Ms. Ms. Eva de Chavez took charge as the librarian providing administration to the school library. Ms. it left the library with waste and piles of drenched and unusable books. However. the school was stricken then by a terrible storm and flood rushed up until the first floor. Ms. The students borrowed books using library cards. A year later. the library was transferred on the first floor of the same building. A computer unit was acquired and is utilized by the librarian in its operation. In 2008. Orea resigned and there was no immediate replacement. The library consultant then was Ms. Tess Orea. Pajaron graduated with a bachelor¶s degree in Library Management and officially became the librarian of FCAN. During Ms. All books were soon replaced. Pajaron continues to cater library services to the 3 . there was still no development in the library system. only the Dewey Decimal Classification System for classification of books. However. Ms. the library was relocated to the old computer room. The library also expanded as the garage was converted as an extension of the library. As of today. Ms. After the storm. Corazon De la Cruz. The school administration sought the help of Ms.second floor. but in a bigger room. and the computer acquired in 2005 is replaced by a newer one. according to the statement of Ms. the librarian of the graduate school of Philippine Association for Christian Education (PACE). Pajaron. Pajaron barely had knowledge yet about library administration but soon accepted the offer and studied at PACE. In 2005.

0 for creating and managing databases. In the proposed system. A computer was also acquired for operations. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 2. Information Technology Innovation In creating a computerized system. The card catalog system is replaced by index cards of book records filed and sorted alphabetically in a clear book.8 as the main source code editor and Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 3 4 .0 for styles and formatting.0 and JavaScript for creating dynamic websites. the bar code will be used in tracking library users and library materials. To further enhance the visions of learning of the founders.students. and ledger for book records and inventories. and by the following software. The computer will be used for manipulating the system which involves using the internet for accessing the online system. it will also offer a cheaper way for identification. it currently use index card as the borrower¶s card of the student.6. The online system will be built up using Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) 1. and bar code label. these are the hardware and the software.0 and 3.0 as the main web developing language. there was still no huge development in the library system being used. two components are needed. After 15 years. Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) 5. the proponents aim to improve the system of learning in the institution through engaging students in technology in the place committed for learning ± the library.2. The proposed system will include a USB bar code scanner. MySQL 5. This system will utilize paid web hosting services for publishing the online system over the internet. Notepad++ 5.

8 PHP MB 14´ LCD 1GB 80 GB Table 2.0Ghz Intel GMA 4500 M 14.0 Software Used in Developing the Proposed Study 5 .73 Ghz Via Chrome 9 HCIGM 128.0 Barcode Reader Used in the Proposed Study PC Specifications Processor Video Card Monitor Memory Hard Disk Drive Acer Intel Pentium Processor T4200 2. CSS.0 Hardware Used in Developing the Proposed Study Software Operating System Office Suite Source Code Editor Programming Language Database Graphics Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 Microsoft Office 2007 Notepad ++ v5.0 further elaborates the technologies used in developing the proposed system.0´ HD LED LCD 2GB 250 GB Neo M54SE Intel Celeron 530 1. Tables 1. Hardware Hardware Barcode Reader Description Astech Laser USB Barcode Scanner Laptop PC Plug and Play Table 1. 2.(CS3) for the graphics needed. JavaScript MySQL 5 Photoshop CS3 Table 3.0 and 3.

The general objective of this study is to develop the proposed system entitled ³Online Library System and Education Portal for Faith Christian Academy of Novaliches Using Barcode´. Objectives of the study The objective of the study is the assertion statement of the problem with the general objectives and specific objectives on the desired outcome of the research process. for this reason. The researchers wanted the library users and the librarian to access the campus library even if they are outside the school campus and to help the students gain more knowledge and information through the features of the proposed system.These information technology innovations are needed in order to build up the proposed system. the manner these methodologies are used will affect the outcome of this study. To achieve the general objective. Specific Objectives. the study sought the following specific objectives. 6 . Rationale The proponents believed that knowledge and education are two of the major components to succeed in life. It will also put into shape the ideas in the development perod Consecutively. General Objective. the proponents choose this topic to enhance the skills and comprehension of the people who would want to gain knowledge by making it more interactive.

The proposed study focuses on the development of a computerized library system for Faith Christian Academy of Novaliches. To develop a proposed system that would be beneficial to Faith Christian Academy of Novaliches and lessen the problems encountered in the existing system. 2. security. . which is the intended beneficiary of this study as well as the completion of the general and specific objectives of the said study. reliability. This research project will be using a variety of research methods. To identify the problems encountered in the existing library system. To analyze and explain how the existing library system operates. All users can leave a comment. but only a selected sample that serves as respondents for this study. and development tools and technologies for this study. searching of books and other library materials through the Online Public Access Catalog is available for all users whether registered or not. In terms of the proposed system. or feedback about 7 . 3.1. To prove that the proposed system is technically. suggestion. and operationally feasible. Limitations. This study does not cover the entire population of the beneficiary. Scope and Limitations Scope. Hypothesis of the Study There is no significant difference between the existing and the proposed system in terms of accuracy. and usability. analytical tools and instruments. 4.

It would only be available for registered library users. 8 . HTML comments or posts are disabled in the ³Guestbook´ feature and posts of the librarian. The other administrator does not have an access to the account of another administrator. They can also read articles for different subjects. viewing the borrower¶s record and the complete access of Education Portal. On the administrator portal. it will be easier for them to check the availability of the books they are looking for. Significance of the Study Students. Thus. As for students. watch educational videos. borrowing of books. A maximum of three (3) books or any library material can be reserved. as well as access to the education portal will not be available until the user is restored to its active status. They can make use of the presentations during class discussions and help them search for the availability of the books they need. reservation. download electronic books and search for other library resources. However.the system or any related topic using the "Guestbook" feature. A newly registered user must confirm first the registration made with the librarian or the administrator. visit links. Faculty. the ³Mark as Unavailable´ function must be confirmed for the action to be created. certain components will only be seen on a particular type of user such as reservation of books. It is also irreversible. A suspended library user is revoked of its privileges on the proposed system. They will also be benefited in this study for they can use the online library resources to help them with their teaching.

They will be benefited in this proposed system for they will be able to have a basis in their future researches that is related to the proposed study. Barcode label. Also. It is a photo-editing software used to create icons and graphics needed for the website. These terms can be defined conceptually (from the dictionary) or operationally based on its implication in the study. Definition of Terms Technical terms are to be defined for better understanding by the readers. they will be able to have the experience in the industry that they may encounter in the future. Future Researchers. A symbol with an adhesive backing that has a printed barcode on the face. They will be benefited in this proposed system for they will be able to enhance their skills and ability in the programming languages and the technologies used. These terms related to the proposed study are defined as follows: Adobe Photoshop CS4. 9 . Automation. Is the replacement of manual operations to computerized methods. Researchers. The librarian will be benefited in the proposed system for the librarian will not have a hard time in managing library records as well as borrowing of books through barcode reader and have reports regarding the library.Librarian.

Extreme Prototyping. A system for classifying knowledge and assigning call numbers to library materials. Is a scripting language that is used on the server. It is also used to create dynamic web pages. Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML). Architectural process for developing web application Filipiniana Section. A group of people that uses applications created by developers. Is an enterprise resource planning system for library used to track items owned. This refers to a broadband technology that enables high-speed internet access to a home or business over a standard telephone line. Is a part of the library where books can be borrowed. Books published in the Philippines. Alphabetical listing of books in the library. End Users. Dewey Decimal Classification System. and patrons who 10 . Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP). Insertion of resources specifically multimedia. orders made. Card Catalog. General Circulation Section. Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). Embedding.Barcode scanner. Is used to make and control the design of website. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). bills paid. Integrated Library System. Web developing language that conforms to the standards of World Wide Web Consortium. A device used to read the barcode.

Is an electronic card catalog system or computer you connect to when you look up library resources. JavaScript. Reference Section. Programming Language. subjects. Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Universal Serial Bus (USB). Portal. Population. Serves as the address of the web site.have borrowed. It is a subset of the population under study. handbooks and encyclopedias that cannot be borrowed out. Sample. Materials such as dictionaries. Is a room or a place where books are kept. MySQL. It is an artificial language that can be used to control the behavior of a machine. Is a scripting language which enables web designers to add dynamic and interactive elements to a web site. particularly the computer. or members that possesses a specified set of one or more characteristics that define it. Video Conferencing. Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). It represents the totality of all elements. Repository of information. Is a relational database management system that runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases. Library. A Web Technology that involves a remote instructor's video presentation broadcasted over multiple subscribers using the Internet. Is a high speed serial I/O port. 11 .

Web Hosting . Application used to view web pages.Web Browser. A free or a paid service that host web pages over the internet. 12 .

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