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Dungeon Geomorph Boards
Whenever you cross a single-wide blank space, you have a chance of encountering a door. Roll 1d10 to determine the type of portal you encounter.
Random Portals
0: No Door 1: No Door 2: No Door 3: Unlocked Door 4: Unlocked Door 5: Locked Door 6: Unlocked Door with Window 7: Unlocked Door with Window 8: Locked Door with Window 9: Broken Door

Setting Up the Boards Building a dungeon out of these Geomorph Boards is really simple. You will need:
-the boards in this pack and - any additional compatible boards you posess(Optional)

Door Properties:

First: Take the boards and shuffle them. Cut the stack, flip one half over, and put the boards back together. Put the stack behind the GM's Screen, parallel to the edge of the table. Second: Take boards from the top of the stack. Place one on the table in front of the GM screen, visible to the players and parallel to the edge of the table. Third: Allow the players to describe their positions on the visible board and allow them to explore that board.

Secret (S) Door Properties:
Whenever you encounter a secret door marked with an outline of an S you encounter a type of hidden door. These are some hidden doors.

When Players cross beyond the threshold of a visible tile: Take the Hidden Doors 1: Large Tapestry conceals Hole next board from the top of the stack 2: Locked Vault door behind painting. and place it adjacent to where the 3: Bookshelf with reversed tome 4: Sliding wall segment with trigger pad players are crossing a threshold 5: Spinning bookshelf candelabra lever 6: Magical Illusion Wall without turning it.

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