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By: Doug Krieger

(Please view full article/graphics/links @ http://www.the-tribulation-network.com) Forgot Password? User? New In the Name of Allah vs. In the Name of Liberty The West-specifically, the European West-stands aghast at Islam's violent reaction to its comedic caricature of the Prophet and ponders: Shall we who enshrine our sacred rights to human expression suffer these cultural indignities and blatant intimidations designed to ultimately extinguish "our rights?" This is outrageous and morally repugnant to cower before a medieval culture that treats women, religious minorities and all things "civilized" with intolerance. Alas! Let us speak out in vehement solidarity against this "Scourge of Green" which seeks to smother some 500-years of Enlightenment! Reaction to the West's Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment, and social revolutions which gave birth to Democracy-Capitalism, Socialism and even Communism-yea, to the "absolute profane" of SECULARISM, where the triumph of the individual and of the "rights of man" are worshipped with such unwavering adulation-have now collided with Islam's sacred honor in a crescendo of religiophilosophical disparity that not only refuses to go away, but is exploited by both the Axis of Evil (Syria and Iran), as well as welcomed (by Bush and the Neo-con all-out war throng). As implacable a foe as the New World's citadel of American Christian fundamentalism is to Islam, even so, is the "Religion of Secular-Humanism" found in Western Europe as much, or more, an enemy to Islam. Indeed, the "righteous indignation" found throughout the Western European media in response to the desecration of her embassies and trade throughout the Islamic World, because of these cartoons, goes beyond a wakeup call for European secularism. What could not be understood by the effete secularists of Western Europe-viz. the absolutism and moralisms of American rhetoric following 9/11 ("This crusade, this war on terrorism is gonna take awhile." - "We're going to find those who -- those evil-doers, those barbaric people . . ." The White House, September, 2001), can certainly be understood by those same European secularists when couched in terms of Islamic fundamentalism designed to inflict maximum damage to their sacred freedoms. The Europeans have no intention of allowing Islamic radicalism to infringe upon their liberties-liberties for which they have so valiantly fought for (though beclouded from time to time) throughout the past 500 years! What once was America's War on Terror is fast becoming Europe's War on Cultural Intolerance. It is one thing for Bush to announce democracy's extension into the Middle East as an expression of Western ideals-freedom, liberty, tolerance, ad nausea, ad infinitum-as a guise to buttress cheap oil prices and to further addict the world to the petrol-DOLLAR . . . it is quite another thing for Europe to rally its indifference, mediocrity and effete cultural pride to assail the Islamic hoards who, like the barbarians vs. the Roman Empire, now threaten to bring Europe to its effeminate knees and end her much-vaunted openness and age of tolerance!

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Islam, though it knows not, is awakening the Crusader Demons of yesteryear-the Knights Templar of the European media have arisen to confront the Prince of Persia who, as the new Saladin, leads the charge against the infidels and the hated Jew who occupies the Sacred Lands of Islam. What an ironic twist that Europe could find philosophical kinship, rivaling religious zeal, with America's Christian fundamentalists who support the War on Terror-a war that most Europeans despise with unmitigated distain. But now-that which they feared the most has come upon them: Now we see what the Americans are fighting (sort of)! The Europeans find themselves-grant it, from a most unlikely positionallied with Bush's War on Terror because Terror in another form has wafted upon their secular shores. Could it be that the enemy of my enemy really is my friend? Well, if that enemy continues to assail what you deem incontrovertible rights each time you seek to assert them, then in all likelihood, the "enemy across the pond" will slowly become your friend-since Bush's enemy is already the enemy of what's becoming your enemy! Meanwhile, the Saudis et al can recall and even shut down their embassies and renounce all trade from these blasphemous European capitals which cannot control their unbridled presses-all in the name of Allah! But, according to the Chief Imam of Mecca, the Danes are beyond repentance-suffer their dastardly deed to be met with trial and final judgment (no doubt some form of Islamic fatwa that damns the Danes to the perpetual fires of hell-here on earth and elsewhere). The Danes-who clearly express overall European sentiment-will not cave to Islam's disgrace, to wit: Total Views : 36 Word Count Appx. : 759 See All articles From Author

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