1. The competition is scheduled on__________, at the UPHSD Gymnasium. All participants should be in the venue at ________ in the morning. The order of performance will be determined through the drawing of lots early before the event. Program will start at exactly ________. 2. The competition will be composed by 10 colleges of the university and 1 group from the Basic Education Department. 3. This is an open competition for all Colleges. However only one official participating team is allowed per College. Each Department can only have one (1) participating team. Each team may consist of any combination of male and/or female dancers, with a least number of fifteen (15) and a maximum number of fifty (50). Deduction: Non-compliance to the minimum and maximum number of members corresponds to a deduction of 1 point per shortage/excess. 4. All members of the team MUST be bonafide students of the school/college/university they are representing. 5. Duration of performance: minimum of 6 minutes and maximum of 15 minutes (inclusive of entrance and exit). Deduction: Every 1 minute under time/overtime corresponds to a deduction of 1 point. Note: 1 minute before time, a first warning signal will be given and a second warning signal will be notified if time is up. 6. School cheers must be yelled live, not taped, by the cheerers, there are no limits to the props to be used except for flammable or other hazardous materials. Dangerous props are strictly prohibited. Deduction: Non-compliance to this rule corresponds to a deduction of 5 points.

and chants. yells. and harmony. College of Engineering and Architecture ENGR. The event organizers and Organizing Committee will not be liable for any accident occurring during rehearsals and final performance. Organizing Committee Over-All Chairman Chairman Members : : : DR. DE LEON Dean. Audience Impact (10 points) Appeal to the audience or audience participation. Projection and Props (15 points) Audibility (5 points) Clarity in cheers. Unity of the movements. 10. Deduction: Minus one (1) full point from the department cheer total score for each unsuccessful pyramid/jump/lift/toss. degree of difficulty. PATANI. originality.5 point per minor error and 1 point per major error in each criterion.7. Note: Vulgar and obscene steps or movements are prohibited. Synchronization (25 points) Smoothness in transition from one movement to another. 8. JR. Each participating team should ensure that they are prepared for any untoward and unexpected accident during their rehearsals and final performance. Showmanship. Prizes at stake are as follows: Champion : 1st Runner-up : nd 2 Runner-up : Participants (7) : 9. PEDRO S. Costume. College of Engineering All Faculty Members College of Engineering . DIOMEDES G. Judges are chosen and invited by the designated committee from the outside and should be based on their experience and expertise in the field. Coordination of movements with the music. Deduction: Five full (5) points shall be deducted from the department cheer total score for vulgarity and obscenity. Deduction: Minus 0. Criteria for judging (Total of 100 points): Choreography (45 points) includes creativity. The decision of the Board of Judges is final and irrevocable.

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