One day Meike visited Japan for holiday.

When she walked around the city for enjoying beautiful view, she saw a boy then he came close to her. Meike : OMG!! He is so handsome.. What? He come close to me ?? Oh noo . (whispering) Sidik : Hi, can we take a chat now ? I m so interested to know you.. Meike : M-Me?? But we don t know each other before.. Sidik : Please believe in me.. I just wanna know you and maybe we can make a friendship or something ?? Meike : I think you re right.. Sidik : So What s your name ? Meike : Meike.. My name is Meike.. And you ?? Sidik : I m Kimbum. I come from Korea.. Are you Japanese ?? Meike : No, I m Indonesian.. Sidik : Ok,, good.. Can I accompany you t see around the city ?? Meike : Love to.. With a pleasure

Finally, they make an relationship. They always do anything together and they love each other. They are in love . But at the last day of holiday, Meike have to go back to Indonesia. They will be separated.. But for keeping their love and make Meike believe, Kimbum propose to be her wife.. Meike : I m sorry Kimbu, I gotta back to Indonesia.. But don t worry, I ll be back for you. Don t forget our promise we made.. Cross your heart!! Good I love you so much . Sidik : Wait Meike! I wanna tell you something.. Meike : What about ??? Sidik : About us.. About our love Will you marry me ?? Meike : Oh My God,, Kim sweetheart.. I can t Sidik : Why?? Meike : I mean I can t refuse you.. Of course I want.. Wait for me okay ?? I ll be back soon and become your wife.. Bye.. I love you (go to the plane) Sidik : (laughing) What a poor girl ! She is so stupid.. She believe me so much.. I just wanna play her.. It s time for hunting other girl.. hahahaha Meike : Hello Selly.. Where are you?? I have arrived at the airport Selly : Really ?? Where are you ?? Meike : I m close with toilet.. Come here please !

..Selly : Really ?? Now I m in toilet.. I don t wanna go Selly : Why ? You don t wanna see your bestfriend again huh ?? Meike : No no!! Not at all.. somewhere I d never thought I d be. where s part to begin the story I tell you ?? Selly/Sidik : All of them Meike : Japan is so beautiful country.. And then. Isn t he so handsome ??? Sidik : Wait.. (hugging each other) Meike : Ouuuuu Selly . come on.. I have a planning to buy a house on the beach in Korea. Ok I ll tell you later. Aaaaargh forget it ! I m wrong to tell you bout this.. not here.. you know who comes now ?? Sidik : Meike ?? Is that you ?? You look so different. he wants me to marry him. Meike : home. Meike : I can t get all of you. kind. Don t say thay you accept his propose ?? Meike : Of course I do. Well.. it s so unbelievable to finally be in love. He is handsome. Look it is his address and it is his photo. I feel home there..... Mei. just do the same thing It s so pretty boring.. Selly : Really ?? And then ?? Meike : Yaaa.. tell me something interesting in Japang. warm. I wanna know. I love him Selly : Oh no . take a seat! Meike : Different ?? I don t think so. As my best friend you should support me. I found a lovely boy . last day of my holiday. Selly : Oww. I m so surprised about that! His name is Kimbum and Korean. You re in big problem now Meike : What do you mean ?? Sidik : It s so Impossible for you to marry him. he is waiting for you at the café in this airport. I miss you so much What are you doing here when I leave you ?? Selly : Nothing special here.. where s Sidik ?? I m gonna tell my experience if all of my bestfriends be here. just stay at home. Emm by the way. full of love. He is so perfect! And you know.we made an relationship.. In fact... Selly : Sidik. Wait for me please. What about you ?? Do you like stay there ?? Ok. smart and romantic boy. Let s go ! . . Actually.. Selly : You just knew him only two weeks ?? That s absurd. rich.. And the great one.. we re gonna live happily ever after. And you know..

. Please. Ok. Kimbum had another girl Meike : What do you mean ?? I m his girlfriend and sonly I m gonna be his wife! Sidik : Ok! Look at his facebook! . Selly and Sidik come close to her. I m so tired. Listen to me. Altough after we telling about this you will get so angry with us. he is bad boy! I hate him so much! Sidik : Tomorrow we have to meet Meike soon! And give her this proof! Selly : How pity she is. Just leave me alone.. Sidik : Don t worry.Selly : Mei wait! Please listen me! Meike : Bye... Selly : Maybe it will hurt you Meike : I said. we look for some good ways to make her believe. That s him ! He is in relationship with another girl. I m busy.. TO THE POINT. Meike is playing her handphone. Sidik : Be calm.. I want to tell you something. even you ll hate me... let s go home! .. Meike : What do you want from me ?? Forbid me more ?? Selly : Don t be like that Mei... Selly : Hi Mei. but it s ok... Selly & Sidik : Wait Meike wait!! (pull Meike s hand) Meike : Don t touch me !! (go away) Selly : (sigh) So what should we do now ?? She is getting so mad.. Kimbum??! Selly : OMG. Thank you for your coming. to the point.. Selly : Actually. Meike : Sorry. Hmmm (thinking) How about looking for all of things about Rimbum ?? Selly : Rimbum ?? What s that ?? Sidik : I mean Kimbum !! Selly : That s a good idea. and not with Meike ?? My feeling is right. Please grow up... searching) Wait ! Is he Rimbum ?? Meike s boyfriend?? I mean.. But how ?? Sidik : (open laptop. I wanna go home. But it suppose to be. you look so worried. Come on.. listen! Meike : Ok. it ll be better.. (gone) Sidik : Wait Mei..

Selly : Wait! How about me?? Sidik : You too. And see his walls! See their anniversary!! It happen so far before you meet him. Ican t .. Ican t . Mei! Meike : Ok. Meike : (speechless) OMG. Selly : Sidik s right. Selly You are my best friend.... She is Korean too. .... Sidik : That s my bestfriend! Let s go to canteen!! Meike : Thank s Sidik.. Maybe someday. I m crazy in love! I can t live without him. I don t believe it! Selly : Now. I ll forget him. Sidik : Are you blind ?? Don t you see it ?? There s only him in your eyes! You should know I ll be there for you whenever! Don t wanna be a victim of love. Love is blind but don t be blind by love. Cheer up.Meike : Facebook ?? What s that ?? Nosebook? Headbook? Mouthbook?? Are you kidding me ??! Selly : You don t know facebook ?! OMG Just see it !! Sidik : He had a girlfriend... someone s gonna love me deeply... I feel it so deep. you must believe it! We don t agree with you because we know that he just deceive you! Playboy! Bad guy!! Meike : But I have fallen in love with him.

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