Biodegradable Paediatric Implants (Business Plan) Executive Summary Medical device used for fixation of broken bones (Trauma

Devices - Implants) is almost a matured market in Europe, North America & Japan. In 2008, the worldwide sales of Trauma Devices were around 4.9 billion dollars which was an increase of 12.7% from 2007. Eighty per cent Revenues were generated from US, Europe & Japan
(Orthoworld 2008 – 2009).

On an average Europe accounted for around 28 of

revenues. Synthes GMBH which holds the major market share on the Osteosynthesis showed a growth of 20%
(Synthes Annual report 2009). (

Market growth in Trauma Devices is mainly

driven by new innovations manufacturers

79% of this market is controlled by the top 5 With more than 100 companies competition is sure to

(Orthopaedic Product News, July 2009).

coming up in to Trauma Devices sector intensify.

(Orthoworld 2008 – 2009)

This curve below from US Depart of Commerce shows the European Medical Devices market. The Medical device market for the high income countries is a matured market.



other side

hand of




devices is still in its infant stage. In the year 2009 for the first time USFDA announced a 2 million grant to spur innovation in paediatric devices


This business plan is developed to be a part of this industry as a part of passion towards the society and its needs. The business plan strongly positions itself to meet the unmet Trauma Implant needs of Paediatric Surgeons. A study report on the common types of paediatric trauma is given in the Annexure 1. The business plan is

developed to enter this evolving industry with “Biodegradable Trauma Implants” incorporating ITES and later using the expertise to plan ahead as the industry evolves. “Biodegradable” implant technology in its infant stage, bust fast developing
Implants for fixation of fractures, University Central Hospital, Helsinki) . (Absorbable

It has succeeded well in the

adult Trauma and holds tremendous promise for the Paediatric side. The greatest advantage is there is no need of removing these implants thus benefitting everyone, especially reducing the trauma to the young ones. The Business plan has Global Vision starting from Europe. For the professionals the work place strategy is to build a fun filled, responsible work place for professionals who love kids, a culture that will bring a smile on each face as small dreams are mended.

This Business Plan is available to be purchased or for industry partnership. For details contact or

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