UNOFFICIAL MINUTES JANUARY 15, 2011 President Don Scott opened meeting at 10:02 leading us in prayer. All board members were present with Manager Coy Jackson. Larry made motion to approve minutes as read. Kadye 2nd motion and it passed. Financial report was given ending December 31, 2010. General acc. $116,953.02 Special Assessment $ 24,420.09 Payroll acc. 4,970.87 LOC holding acc. 4,495.46 Accounts payable 44,756.75 As of January 15, 2011; Line of Credit Account: Ranch owes $54,047.43 Funds available for use $95,952.57 Holding Acct. (transferred $4,000) $495.46 Financial report will filed until audit. Note: Ranch General Fund paid back $10,000 of year 2008 loan and has a balance of $31,000 on loan which is planned on being paid in several payments. Don asked that committees turn in their reports to the secretary since we had a lot of business to cover today. Vote on the rule book was tabled until March meeting. Skip presented a survey to be sent to members, which was tabled until February meeting. Kevin made motion that the Ranch Riders Club can build a 30 x40 x12 building with the understanding that it is ranch property and that the RRC will maintain the building until there is no longer a Ranch Rider Club and the colors will be green and tan. Ranch Manager will pick location. Marie amended the motion to say that the ranch manager would have a key. Marie 2nd motion as amended and a roll call votes was asked for. Kevin-yes Marie-yes Gene-yes Skip-yes Kadye-no Larry-no Motion passed.

Kevin asked that automobiles be tabled until next month, until planning committee had time to talk to the mechanic. Jan Young from Howell County Bank came and explained the Line of Credit (LOC) account to the members present. Larry made motion to put in place a cabin construction to begin immediately with the general purpose of constructing cabins of whatever size the board determines is needed. The board each year will determine and supply the number of cabins to be constructed and the sizes to the General Manager. It will be the General Manager s responsibility to schedule and oversee the construction work with input from the board. A future board will determine the final number of cabin units constructed. The Line of Credit will be the primary source of funding for this project with the board having the authority and responsibility for making any adjustments to that funding. Marie 2nd motion and a roll call votes was called for. Kadye-yes Larry-yes Skip-no Gene-yes Marie-yes Kevin-no Motion passed. Coy asked the board for some guidelines on RV repairing. He said that we have had a trailer sitting in the repair area all winter. Coy said that the FEMA trailers were set up. He still likes Hill Country Campground well having all the wells finished. Holding tanks for gas are finished and ready for inspection. Sign project is started and going well. He has done repairs on the ranch and planning on improving electric in some of the campgrounds. They are expanding the kitchen in the restaurant, and have had a trailer auction. Golf carts are paid for. Kevin made motion to adjourn. Skip 2nd motion and it passed. Adjourned at 12:25 PM.

Marie Pilkinton, Secretary Cloud 9 Ranch Club, Inc.

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