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volume sixty-six, issue 2 october 5, 2020, Masthead Editor's Address managing editor-in-chief (Greetings brave adventures! maya morgan ‘As Gargoyles ourselves, we elt that it's appropriate to kick of ‘content editor-in-chief (October with some classic high fantasy. Nthing says spooky Teas huntsman merkur Season ike witches and waelodks, or mysterious women in ponds handing out swords! At therskof sounding ike every production manager Update from the Office ofthe Dean, this year more than ever anni eller \weall need some escapism - especially as the weather starts ‘getting colder and the nights grow longer. Between these pages copy ‘ou wil ind prophetic poems, wishes for magi, and just 0. nav thir much Dungeons & Dragons conten. polities While commentary on her work sa runing theme inthis slew heyman Issue, we want tobe clear that unlike Joanne Rowing, we recognize and eelebrate the mage ofthe rans experience opinions ‘Transnisongyay has no place inthe Gargovle o the fantasy caleb sandblon & ey stark lives we constrict carts & culture Sally forth, there's gargoyles on the road ahead ash man & sina persaud Leas Huntsman Merkur & Maya Morgan, avant-garg Editors-in-Chiet liam p. bryant & joshua bienstock grace kovaes| maya morgan staffemeritus sencet sharma contributors ‘anonym tabaya adasih sylvia illngsey | ma. monica ist stockweod About us ‘The Gargoyle is University College's greasiest student newspaper and publishes every two weeks. ‘Weare a pape that believes that sometimes you should be angry and that sometimes yon should beloud and ifyou have na had a voiee before, yu deserve a vole. We donot give print space to bigots and we donot feign neutrality on fstes of social justice. At thie moment everything ino ‘office has nally escaped the dungeon Predtion bi-weekly inthe aether. atgangoyleca = Should You Buy the New Harry Potter Game? Assuming you want to, I mean ‘alex heyman (OW: tansphobia 1s no sort at this pint that JK. Rowling, best [known at the author ofthe Hamy Porter books, Ina something against tmagender penpe ad ‘tans women in particular. mean sure, she Pls upavencerof kindness and respect that’s {ood enough to fool t least some cs people ‘She's expressed sympathy with trans assault etna, She's sid "Pd march wth you i yu, ‘were diseriminated against onthe basis of being ‘tans C1) But look cose, and youl tea. repeating patter of dental that trans people sre the genders wesay we ae in any meaning Sens, or that we shouldbe rated a sh Roving expressed support for researcher Maya Forstaer quest to intentionally misgender het ‘rans colleagues without fear of employment ‘ontractson-renewa, and acted ie Forstater vas beng sence merely fr elaiming that "sex [seal Rowing also consistent uses he term “woman” synonymaouay with woman," and treats the category of tans people” as mutually ‘xcusive with women,” Mos recent she plugged an online store with an entre setion for ‘render ential merchandine, bering slogans Iike“TRANSACTIVISM IS MISOGYNY" and PICK YOUR PRONOUNS Inother nows,on September 16%, Warner Bros (Games anounced an upcoming Harry Potter ‘openworld RPG allel Hoguvrts Legs. Everthing we know about the ame comes from ‘Single tailr that features Ue actual ‘ameplay footage, but many Harry Potter fans [realeady ected fort. Theresa chance that You, dear eader, are one of those exited fans, ‘rates that you remember Harry Pater Do We Even Want to Go Back to Work? Tvebeen doing some thinking daring ony several months of quataatine limbo. Appying for obs, ow ad then, The cover tors are the wort Why do you want this job? fondly and think you might enjoy a game ‘daptation with the seope ad tecial lls fxpected ofa modern big-budget ie. But f Sou'etrans youre, or ou don ant to case harm to the trans comity (which you indeed shoulda), you might wonder: ist morally permisible to buy Hogwarts Legacy and hence pore Rowing? Would tht fat be the fffecr of buying the game? How should you ‘weigh the cost and benefits? 1. Why You Maybe should Buy the Game ‘You might enj playing it You might really enjoy playing ay Potter means toto ‘you, and/or the game ets ally good eviews {especially from poop who arent maybe bribed professional erties). Also, the games the kind Sou want tose more of fou might war to Day ‘Rinonr to suppor the publishers to incentive them o fund sar games the fatue) and the developers (to help the i thee areers, and maybe ge them bonuses ‘depending on how prod thelr bosses el) 2. Why You Maybe Shouldn't Buy the Game? Money ‘We dont know whether Rowling wil get any of the money tht you spend on Hogwarts Legacy. Itaepends on the dete of her agreeent wit the publisher ~ whether hey ve her st at Ticensing fe, or a percentage a al prot fom Sales, what. Vou might think it doesnt matter afterall, Rowing lend obscenely ih, with {net worth ofa least $650 milion ws of 2017 ‘Thegames sales won makes shred of Aiterence to her material quality fife; she can ready Keep jut about as high as she wants forthe rest of erie oo us consumers have no ower to personaly puis her with a oxen However, Rowling does't only spend her fortune on hse She's also been kw ‘stabi and donate o charities supporting everything rom muluple sclerosis research to Si for single-parent fails, These ae indeed ood eases ~ but even how “concer Roving nowadays about the excesses of trans Fight activi, Maly that antes ‘vocacy organizations are looking more and tore ike charities to her. The expecially oncerning nsiering thats Rowling's home ounty ofthe United Kingdom, transphobia a fore tobe reckoned with across the pial Spectrum, arguably more so than the US Canada: On September 22 for instance, the [Ux government serapped plans to allow tans people to ehange thet legal gender with a single tutor dclration; as before, a metal. Aiagnosis of gender dyptioria wll eral You don't want to give Rowling any help. indirectly posing more lgisative decisions where tha one came from 4. Why You Maybe Shouldn't Buy the Gamer fluence Media publishers watsh eachother, and onsurers watch media publishers rough Mvertsing If Hogwarts Legacy sells wel, ‘Warner Bros, Games wil ily avert t more FE ee ee eae mee an te game, may get consumers more terested a Money? ‘mean, it sounds jaded, bu Hind ofa the meeps fan at whole, especialy the sort of tntuy fev, minimum wage jobs tat Teta tuve some fraction of canes of geting relly hate them Tate thesongand dance of cover lees und resumes hate bosses who teat thie waters ie garbage. ate the complete an titer exhaustion of doing something you hate all Summer ust so you can come home and have a fea hours of peace before you have to do all ‘ver aain the net da ‘Thatett all even more now that Tho it doesnt haveto be this way. ‘Studies have shown thats universal base income does’ dieourage working. I fact, Finland's sr7-2008 sty found that for ‘ecient of universal basi inane, ‘employment actually nereased aswell as ‘mental wellbeing and heath Not only that, but Iineresedpatiipants hope tn the future. other Harry Potter mei and merchandise Roving would suey fancy benef from that, regardless oer iname of lek thereat {rom the game's dire. Furthermore other corporations see Hogue: Legacy ‘Steces and conclude that Harry Potter remains ‘profitable fanehie, the be more eager to license Harry Potter predicts inthe fare, ‘which ill abo make Rowling money one way oF theother {In general, supporting the Harry Poster faneise keeps it eleva in the public ‘omsciousness and that i turn keeps Rowling ‘eleven. And the more relevant Rowing the bigger platform she have fr her transpobi, Her every controversial test il generate Digger internet argument, more news articles {ahflly reproducing her words mea tobe fair, perhaps ts not Feahistie to try and git transphobia, especialy in the UK by ‘eplatforming Perhaps ransphabiideas ‘pnd tobe contonted head-on i pie ‘scours in onde to minimize the har they do, Butat the very lest shard to seehow inde elevating Rowing’s oie over he ‘coming yearsor decades would bea ood thing, 44 What You Maybe Should Do ‘What fyou just pirated Hogwarts Legacy? You'd have to wat for longer to get the game than everyone ese bt once some enterprising {ech nerds setup an ullensed fre downlod, ‘So oul pay the game to our heart's conte dvthout ving Roving a penny. Ifyou wanted {olneantivize the publishers o fund fare fameslike Hogwarts Legacy, or games made by thesame developers you could arays wate {them eter telling them how such You led ‘he game and why. It might meant east a ‘uch to them as an addtional nameless, {eas $80, only beeuse i's rae for buyers togotothe tovble (On the other hand, digital pray i egal, and arguably moraly spec. And your ter of Spport wouldn't change the actual sales Figures, ‘dont think ean tel you what to do tobe honest, Maybe inet te machine go back to the eat 1900s, and “wet Hary Potter Yyoursll.Bea reclusive “author with a cool pseudonym lke Emms Watson oe Hatsune bik or something: Donate the sles income exclusively to god chants, Wait plagiarism is wrong too tn that case, Tm coutofhdeas, 2 ong . ‘They see me, Rowling ‘They hating {And it's all because tm so old and TERFy. eo n 0 Imagine that. Hope in the ature. ‘what would you do if sou were pid a universal ‘ass eome? You wouldnt have to work ome | soulless ret job. You could spend your tie ‘olunteerng fr eauss you ere about. You ‘oul ear ner sls: You could make at fe ‘ould bes uc beter, But, you know. (Govta have capitalism wv oy onpr f | ie pa lin & He sme ple, porns iF casting real life spells 3 ‘mg caleb saraby sandblo admit, Ym usualy note phinking. At all ty fends may oy St ddsmisal of the wee tition to eludes all the cures ‘with th pkey mathe WintING ant unbocked Prcavy door. To push this door open took al ny euight, as wiling requted decoy Jone was ging too TR principle of mantstat simple: itu treat the a val become the extant men application ofthis prncrl a liven rich makes sense tome loge of manifestation began’ cal a rth ay Te on wl have ood.” loi ting Oreo, wing rues tae 1 hee et tighter an got ee ma itis cpened op ranches oa esting hil tree and Booste oy o tackle more ie the skepiony had tobe tore pour rent, ann ng you existential e ial woe an simply believing it was sun Psepen. What about fick sa, ae ork and random oppor? Aerie ‘video games ana ot serve as the sie Shatin ant rescnnon ling we descended the sas t 2 bot rk TANTTESTANION, which a na pe he te ofthe house, corked wi earpel ied ith water and sire wi es Mantestion eat donk ron fice was al the ork ht lane ccs te but even more dif, ose tne So instead othe. wore an ade te times move dal. The bd iss of maesatonpcih ante open youu tomer posse what ou Fou bey they aso cat yu off fo frjsares aon ae ot try ivetel ol oaxed ‘me down into. the eq rmnitsaton by ining me ito ke fe AFFIRMATION. We were boat je rout summers, but she gous inte the hank of s2ving ‘ce things about oursins rae etch ‘otter ~ 4 Kindo etal nosso ‘temporarily unpoisoned ne sil, though this spel only mers bashes IT of manifestation sth fom one state 10 another put its benefits are So powerfl that you aging the Kindo ves we anted for ourselves and then letting. 500 nose aspirations tobe as silly 35 me wanted ray yom jus came inlockell previously unknown mana staf hich activated im me the ability to admire thc. patterns. in flowers. and textiles fo bouts lucy stark PM OVERWHELMED. Now that Ive gotten that obvious statement ot ofthe vray, let's dive in: it's only been a weeks Since school tated and I fel ike Tn chasing a neverending finish ine of readings, quizzes, problem seta ofthe soodies totaly forgot about wile Twas ‘hing at home tis summer. Tn times Ike these, end to thinks what wold Hermoine Granger do? But you know what tha Teast in her third yea. TIME. Where's my time ‘MeGonagal? Nom not the top wate at VorT bit maybe could beif Thad a litle mare ime. Time to breathe ime to ead, time to lie eth Ron Weasiey (aka tay sequined Hay tyes pillow as that is the only mole attention Fan getting right now) Maybe ifour professors regularly tured into eats they wouldn't beso quick to.assgn us work, Im aways jealous of ty eat when Tm stressed out but then I think: Td hate to ext that india ‘ated fish meat every mel HOOVID-a9servedas.a pause on life uring the summer, i's serving as fast forward buton right now. Instead of ‘experiencing those time stopping, mmemory-making moments of interacting With fends and laughing my ass offin Fang ike las year, Im eaoped wp in my room pratically24/7, staring ata sereen (cee the last Gargoyle issue to get my hot take on that), and watching the hours ‘ZOOM by (pin intended) T wanna re fvaluate my approach to this year and Dui in more time to see people and do al he things I drearnea of doing after eturning to Toronto thi summer but (2) no time and (2) both of those things ‘would probably involve inreasing the "skand spread of COVID. don't see myself getting more of a win than the fatisfaetion I derive from doing wellin nny classes and extracuriclar, 30 logically (and Tv ha to only think logically and quantitatively forthe past 10 hours staff my brain with ner, ‘acto, and econometric), makes sense to push myself dowa the and enjoy whatever fe the process “Why We All Deserve *\ «~ Hermione’s Time Turner x \ PESSIMISTIC EACH WEEK. Ive ha telly lovely things happen too ike re fiends fom aeross the world af and running toa bagel shop to break my fast ‘on Yom Kippur) batts eay to fous onthe bd stufonee i's ate at night. Maybe If revrind to this morning, Teould write you an upbeat, healthy, and cheerful piece. But 1 PM Ley is going to take a stab at ‘examining the more optimistic ounterargument les se how she does: if ‘weall had time turner, what would be the Vale of time? Since tine would become constantly rewindable and mistakes would Deendlestly table, how would we avoid the pressure to alwaysbe perfeting ovr behaviors? How would I earn to accept an average grade rather than rewind and fetake ny exams? Serendipity would be suspended because no longer would we experience chance encounter, just manuftured So, eventhough these days fel imperfect and overelming, we should continue to cherish them. History stents will ne day xy ove the length and wonky vocabulary of the "2020" chapter in their textbooks, but ‘ight now, we are living that history ad, despite my previous “negative nan ‘do continuously fel grateful at Tam ae to Find ite respites between assignments to laugh with my roommate, goto Back Camps for Sccialydistanced Zumba ny international fiends a btwn snot perfec, but Deing made even when I don't elie Either way, Hermione, let's meetup inthe gal’ lavatory and well Kick it with Be Myrtle while we gossip about Harry (P 1 Sys) and rewind ourselves back to our Deak popularity in 8th grade O'v' Some inventions save you work. Toa eT ane ceo ha Velen e t=) ae This one does all three. AN \ls Ci Ul, CUBis Interview with a Baffled DM race kovaes {was excited forthe Swords Sorcery sue because DED se kind of| ny thing tght now. Tove my group very much sof wanted to fore them {ols be this sue with me pln was made woul interven Dungeon Master. Originally we were ast going to take edibles and do tata ater date, but 2 D Siestedapconetingn tei ttm net most pprinese TSI'Siny tou isc so eq? . Hello Jncobt ? GAY i 2? BAY @ ee m5 nwa epec? cu ! Ming the worst party that has ever Nu Wes not the worst 4 ? es the funnest pany: => 1s the Funmest party: Let's start. GGEZ, describe your party ‘That's the easy question? }| {tangent about possibly asking what he thinks about ws as people] ‘The partys. very typical DAD party ofa bunch of people with disparate motivations tht have been like, smushed together by the metanarrative of being ine DND group.. and I think we'elie, ding more ofan actual narrative now, but ssl ike, these people dn get slong ‘You are, um, a self:described baffled DM. What is your favourite a fect like some of us do. shit bullshit that we have pulled so far? Weave pulled a lotof. ‘That an interesting question. ‘What did you expect the least as well? (Okay The thing that 1 expected the least was. the fact that yw all le Merry [the ded warlock alone {Cacophonous laughter from the party] And you wer just ike hill about it WATT deseribe that event for our audience at The Gargoyle (we Tove you.) So, they were going into section of the cy that was walle ofthat they ‘heavy suspected-slash-explity know was controlled by Mindfayers- {protets; Wizard: we had our conspiracy theories and we've never been at slout anything ese before.) Except the v ire th [0Wiard: That wasthe frst thing we were ever right about.) ‘Soyo walked nto this gate. having previously tipped ofthe surveillance bby ting to use magic on some ofthe inhabitants ner thie ate 0 they lage you coming in an tok you of tothe side for questioning, Iwas for questioning, That was the intention, Sothey east Zone of Truth around Merry, who sa member ofthe part (Wiard: who wasa member ofthe patty] And was the one who was actualy casting the spells so hats why they targeted him. And he, under the Zone of Truth spell, which I don think twas even necessary because Merry was ust readily he was st throwing round ausstions, just being ke "You all have mind-ontoled these ‘People and this tow and esentlly we are here to stop you [Mer player: Merry never said that Merry esplcsai he was cool vvth tHe dt deserve to die!) Ina venacesatory tone. Like, perhaps trying to blackmal thie set of ‘guards, So then afer that, two of the party who had accompanied Merry into questioning-two of them did't bother accompanying ther aa, ost like waiting onside the gates~so after Merry sa that tf, the eser ards that were with the interogation began to try and push he other 0 ‘members ofthe party that were with Merry out. hey the guards} were ‘ind of straggling, becaiee they were very weak compared to yo two? But Mery goose, “No guys, be okay. ot this And what happened after that, Jacob? ‘And then thnk A [ay lei] olled amt insight Al was lke, Fuck yeah 1 believe it It urbarbarian] because Ali was all fori ‘Yallust ef Then afer ke, the door closed on the way out Merry just tums to the one larger load nds who up an is pot had nok ‘Spoken, otk removed thei hood, and then they remove ther hood, they were an lit, andsactioned Mery brain. ‘What do we eallitin the party? “Merry got the Big Sue” ‘Merry got the suee. And it was very sad, his skull was like. Teas concave But-! What was your favourite baffting moment inthe. [alls off, laughing] or just you favourite moment sofa. Be nice mean a majority of the campaign stion was the before times [ees COVID] So ean only reall emember the ast vee sessions. There’ always the assle moment-they Ye nat my favourite moments, but there ‘nes that definitely sick in my memory, shen You gus a ang Big Bad encounter and Aust Jost stunloes tA tey don get odo 8 single thing in combat. solely. Well Jacob, this was pleasan.We love you asa DM! (veryone: WE LOVE YOU} [flowing the interview our sssion involved meeting doctor Frankenstein, dealing withthe rental market, and ranseribing vampire roti Wannabe Witch? Take This Quiz to Find Your Fated Familiar! sylvia bilingsle 1. Firs, what kind of witch are you? 2) Cottage Mage by Lanar Seer ©) Dak socee a) Enchantinent ‘Kindly F Divination «) Healing ‘Alchemy «) Neeromane Dillasion 3. How do atypia witching hour oeoctions in your favorit eauldron er your grimoire by candlelight athering herbs and tondstonl ling your eolletion of bones, crystals and oddities Luring lost travelers to your forest lta fora tal ith your even daring the salem wich : witch trials: Ps 2 Ki he Wich pte ite ek d) Baba Yaga : Dap Avtrenever eter appears the most will evel your fami {ifs te, trust your wit instin.) » lack Cat: casi sek, tightly sac 2 Gath eming you to tke your dally spanish ek xi bumpy nerompytcompanion oo ito the nigh ks excellent in tay bat # eat tater sneaker maker of mischie Harriet Potter and Why J.K. Rowling Isn’t a TERF ash man & nae tahir ) ave you eter thought oe Has BoA young gi wh el tebe wor hed he nen basa caren on ural because gy lle ete boy ho el when de teers hc boy Hwa he gabe he ‘Svesatn ete Dede Jos rel eu but she ‘Sarto apn whut meas ou now the ead Bethe st son Sapo he Sus Back Ses wuld og alee Erp dor be scaght in and snd her eee ae clogs wri of makeup ngined the rao ln of Fran Pour an th sor fea an hg et Hare Peter was highly usual boy in may ways For one thing, be hated the summer holidays more than anyother de of| Year For ences he realy wanted fo dois horncror tt va Forced to doit in secret, nthe dead of night. And be also ‘happened tobe a wizard Toto stall ffhe wes ure of his gender dency e to know magic in the Dursley household Sait enough, ‘Now obviously she doesnt go by shefher pronouns yet She hasn® met Sirus, and it definitely would be hima who would give her the syace tobe herelfwho would suddenly stand up in an Onder of the Phoenix meeting and tell everyone to shut up when they refer tober by Harry and not Harriet Honesty the HarvetFoter series sounds much cooler than the ‘one Thave loved my whole le I don’ know ifT should sl be loving it Iam definitely rooting for Harris, but the author would dle before wtng trane woman's story or even before respecting Fla light of the author's prejutices, we readers have to navigates ‘ee perspective ofthe serles, But before we allow Rowling fo alle our relationship with her novel characters, we must Bes ‘efine this authors gaze and all its harms This what brings me tomy controversial iim, Heat me out: Roving surely © {tansphabe, but shes not« TERE. This acronym, mening Trans Faclusionary Radial Feminist identifies an individual who ‘ellves that sex isthe key determinant of gender, wile also standing for gener exslty Howling has boon widely condemned ‘sa socalled TERF since she posted gender cial” veets this ‘est June In atin to suggrating thet oll people who, Tenstruate are women, the Harry Potter author claimed that ans ‘civ i “erasing the concept of sex” My issue with the “pplicablc ofthe TERF labels not with Rowling’ transphobi,t [Stith her fens, Her views on women exclide trans people ‘certainly but can they be called feminism despite this? Simpl: na. ‘Wen her publisher’ requested that Rowling abbreviate her ist nam, ‘Joanne wo bpea more Oogving male readers agend en oer ee cco erated Ua she Cold Publish under er owt name, Rovlog Ghost hen te sbretaten sod contin lagsing her wrenaood tonanuain gender arbiguly in her authorship Se elected o become secre natin th met tec ofthe ity os in dingo lee bet an opportunity to ight fr equal teers aan author Fein i dout naling byte contains of sexi but reecting that and unabestedlyeerig femlenee Roving ed not begin her Career fighting for gender equality and al nt Aer the end of her fanned Harry Rotter sre, Rig erated ne pen name, hs ie an Undoubtedly male monlice As Robo Calbrac Roving penned ts Cortona Sie seen which presently Includes fv novels ore ave ‘Siggeted that Rovlings preudonyn wes ied foe ober Galbrath Fah an American pyclneit who plonecned canveniontherpy and Conuced horrific mal ial onthe mental fn 17 he Came totave suceefllyconvered «gy an to betaracraly Cough ‘Sep tran stimulaon, A the wer Howling cholo of pcuderyn sa purpose endorsement o ent gay sentiments At bea ean ncaentl light othe LOBTQIA. community tht sone form intention tothe deep ffenave treat ugaiiance ofthe nate er conte spe Gougeserch af Hobe Caltrain brings up Heuth ely ter seul ‘Shout Roving novels suggesting tat ve the roat bao prior teveare inte te authors fosudonyn would have evened te flay tothe dark historical igure Asie from her personel choice Rowings Hartree testament fo ering ein = wove ofr Mal noel tote lature stg feae pectoris ad worsen are ely sopping chars oe mals tee ‘Tobe fig the term TERE is cxymoronie to begin with ~ a true feminist ‘doesnot exclude anyone who identifies as a wonnan, You ea ual feminism it means the support of all women ort does ot mean lnything all Clesfying minority of feminists as adic doesnot ‘oan tha ths group con neglect the foundational boli ofthe socal ‘movement equality Instead of aling JK. Rowling TERE let’ ust all ‘eran awl hte. Article inspired by THKTok user @believinmybe om » LY A ea GRATUIT TE ta PNT MAND La WUT e | sometimes (or if i 1 had a sword) ERELSE Sureelfharm sometimes i get into arguments about topics don't care about sometimes order stuf online just to cancel my order badass without going through the cunPTion c bys ke and then decide hat, me back without asking sometimes i feel i deserve to be hurt but ifyou asked ‘me why i wouldnt have an answer sometimes i want a man to hurt me but only if it's eeepc Ay ies Sremre SMALLNESS ‘sometimes i think ilove myself but i acknowledge it's not a good relationship. but fi had a sword i guess everything would be uncomfortable realization awa tahir ‘see both ‘the peace in the storm land the storm inthe peace the sunset views from my window and my whole if, see them both jsntitextraondinary ‘olive without the other, ‘out of the world, asi know it toereate one's own hell ‘that thrives wth or without a heaven {sntit heroic to create a thing ‘that exists without its opposite antimatter without the matter i spentg yeas doing something magical and the doctor saysi need antidepressants Living Together in California tabeya azdasih fam p. bryant SBerO RESISTANCE AND VULNERABILITY Some wma objects are exceedingly dima Mi ‘aoeminmnsemisiatinnasniaianssassinata: 2 creature GmumeuaeR has vulnerability mms gic aioe as restored it to lie. ak Dewewenvenme EFFECTS oF DAMAGE ‘Smenamnnins rib mpm oss diferent ways LL rs rs cs) mtn Ar sace at educes you sete es you direct earingrabieed ng mm ‘eit ort ipl nets you unconscious, Keroters uide te SBCOMICS @ Caged) hail and well met to all you dungeoneers out there! sgou've explored polities, solved the riddles in arts 3, culture, and now you've made it to the end—there's no gold, only COMICS. stay safe, have fun, and go Fight a fucking deagon. you deserve it. wy on? PICK UR DRAGON AGE RomaNce Alistair pros: sweet boy, future king Re cons: the monarchy is corrupt and he willbe first to face the guillotine Fenris pros: the angsty emoone cons: doesnt wear shoes, house is a mess, pits u against all the Anders fans Blackwall pros: no cons: is blackwall pros: tiddy soft and warm, flawless cons: some are glitched to be , "straight?" idk man jk why would they fight {they're in love and married shoutout to the time my party strongarmed me into drawing my character. on a plate with srracha, "And there's nthing U can do abt it "not all men" you're right, Terry Pratchett's avatar of DEATH, with his hoard of cats and sick guitar, would never do this. 3. highys hand RY ° Man WHAT THE aN wilaT THe HELL ?— Pe OR my favourite game to play when seeing fanart of a gay cat-loving, germanic, angsting, tortured magic boy who smells like a sewer is, is this caleb critrole or anders dragonage? + evi\ doow BF v Boones (Gargonle

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