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Goodman, Amy E.
WEAR THIS, TOSS THAT : Hundreds of Fashion and Beauty Swaps That Save Your
Looks, Save Your Budget, Save You Time / Amy E. Goodman.
pages cm
ISBN 978-1-4391-8441-7
1. Clothing and dress. 2. Women's clothing. 3. Fashion. 4. Beauty, Personal. I. Title.
TT507.G588 2011

ISBN-13 : 978-1-439-18441-7
ISBN (ebook) : 978-1-439-18443-1

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introduction: fashion

it costs us not to
look our best vi shoe rack 84

welcome to your
closet: how to use
this book xiv

the essential
go-to fashion & bottom rack:
beauty wardrobe xvi pants & skirts 26

hanging rack:
dresses, suits,
& coats 54

top rack: shirts top shelf:

& sweaters 2 handbags 100

accessory haircare shelf 168
drawer: belts 110 • cleansing & conditioning
• styling products
• hair tools

skincare shelf 132

• cleansing • moisturizing
• anti-aging & preventative
• body care

accessory box: wear this, toss that

jewelry 120 to win! 188
my 24 save-me’s
that will keep you
drawer 146
fashionably afloat 190
• base • eyes • lips
• tools
savvy shopping:
where to buy 192

photo credits 198

fashion credits 199
acknowledgments 202
welcome to your closet
how to use this book
Let’s face it, gals: Your closet may be the last thing you think about when you are
time-starved, budget-starved, have starving children (Mom, when’s dinner?), and
are overworked and underpaid. But since this is where we keep our clothes, what
better place to begin?
In Part One, I have organized the chapters like sections of your closet: from top
rack (shirts and sweaters) to bottom rack (pants and skirts), including hanging racks
(dresses, suits, and coats), shoe racks, and shelves, drawers, and boxes for acces-
sories (handbags, belts, and jewelry). Then, in Part Two, we bop over to the bathroom
to review skincare, makeup, and hair, because a cleaned-up beauty routine is the
essential finishing touch to your total look.
The phrase save-me is one you’ve already read and one I’ll use throughout the
book. A save-me functions like a life preserver in either keeping you buoyant as a
basic staple, or rescuing you in the case of a fashion emergency. Either way, you’ll
want a lot of save-me’s in your life! (I’m afloat because of them.)
WEAR THIS, TOSS THAT! is designed as a reference book to use, read re-
peatedly, and store on your closet shelf for quick consultation. To make the info
digestible, I approach fashion choices hanger by hanger, piece by piece. Look for
plenty of fun facts sprinkled throughout (Body Shop, Break This Rule!, Style to
Go, Ever Wonder…) and these recurring FASHION SIDEBARS, jam-packed with
insider secrets.

AGE ALERT: age-appropriate pointers—the good, the bad, and the downright

BEST BETS: regardless of price, the absolute go-to resource that delivers

DITCH IT: additional items to toss and why, and what to avoid because of
body type (thick arms, muffin-top waist, etc.)

IT’S A STEAL: great deals, good prices, best in show for every rack, shelf,
and drawer in your closet

welcome to your closet
MATCH POINT: the dos and don’ts of pairing up ensembles to create a
winning or losing look. Here, too, you’ll find SHINING MOMENT: advice on
pairing jewelry with a given look or clothing item

OUTSOURCING/INSOURCING: tailoring tips and other unexpected ways

to save big bucks on what’s already hanging in your closet

RAISING THE BAR: styling secrets that take an ordinary item to


BEHIND THE SEAMS: insider information about fashion

SALE SUCKERS: what not to buy and common mistakes made in

purchasing items you don’t need

SHAPE SAVER: A-list lingerie, shapewear, and styling suggestions (for lifting
and smoothing) for different items of clothing

SOLE MATES: great shoes to pair with various styles of pants, skirts, and


wear for different weather/climates

And for your beauty shelves and drawers, there are tailored BEAUTY SIDEBARS.

APPLY THIS: application techniques

THE SCOOP: invaluable beauty factoids about makeup that you should know

BEST BETS: the best in show for beauty items and hair techniques,
regardless of price

DITCH IT: additional items to toss and why

IT’S A STEAL: great deals and good prices on quality must-haves

SPOTLIGHT ON HUE: color notes

TRICKS OF THE TRADE: insights from makeup and hair mavens

who know

wear A slimming sweater
of medium weight
++A medium-weight fabric that’s
neither too bulky for a big chest
nor too thin for a flat chest
top rack : sweaters

that hits just past ++A neckline that doesn’t crowd

your face
the hip, with a
++A belted style if you have a
V-neck to show generous bust or hips, to add
definition at your waist
some skin, and a
++Unique prints, embroidery, sequins,
mid-length sleeve. asymmetrical necklines
++Details that hide your weaknesses.
basic sweater

Flat chested? Look for embellish-

ment around the boobs. Big tum-
my? Go for a more open neckline
to draw attention toward the face
++Affordable, trendy sweaters from
mass retailers to boost your
wardrobe for one season
++A variety of staples: thinner fabrics
to layer under a blazer; medium-
weight, hand-knitted threads for
warmth; standalone twinsets

It’s a Steal Behind the Seams age alert

My favorite place on earth The most flattering sweat- When adding a long scarf,
to load up on sweater ba- ers show some skin. Think drape it around your neck
sics? UNIQLO. This Japa- V-necks and scoop necks and and let it hang freely. A
nese import offers seasonal go as low as you feel comfort- scarf knotted around a high
sweaters of every thickness, able. (See page 25 “Collars neckline creates a crowded
fabric, and style...including 101” for more on necklines.) look that instantly ages.
its signature affordable cash-
mere ( Insourcing
Pills are a pill—those annoy-
ing little fuzz balls collect on a
sweater’s surface and make
it appear old and worn. Invest
in a handheld fabric shaver
that removes the pills. My
favorite is the Surround Air
XJ-350 Electric Fabric Shaver,
toss Overly chunky,
overly detailed,
heavy knit sweater
that makes you
--Heavy appliqués, such as
seasonal Christmas trees, look “stuffed” like

basic sweater
pumpkins, autumn leaves, or
braided embroidery, that weigh
after Thanksgiving
a sweater down dinner, with an
--Any sweater with blinking unattractive zip
lights attached to a battery
pack funnel neck.

top rack : sweaters

--“Wire hanger” shoulders
--Shapeless sweaters
--Overly fuzzy fabrics like angora
that shed
--Thin fabrics that cling to
stomach rolls
--Thick fabrics that bunch up
under arms or at waist

shape saver behind the seams Hand washing is the way to

Don’t have Madonna’s killer bi- Many women don’t realize their go (and more budget-friendly).
ceps? Tres Sleek is an innovative sweaters have worn elbows Turn the sweater inside out,
shapewear that compresses sag- until they are told to look for hand wash in room-temperature
ging arm muscles into place, them and then, wow!, there they water with a wool-cleansing
eliminating the “bingo wing,” says are. I had this cashmere purple shampoo, then lay flat to dry.
creator Lee Ann Stevenson. sweater my grandmother gave
They’re $32 to $51, www. me. It had a small moth-eaten it’s a steal, 800-471-3830. hole I thought no one could For a green and biodegrad-
see. I wore it forever…and able wash that leaves sweaters
age alert honestly, everyone could see it. ultra soft with a fresh cedar
A cropped sweater that unveils Don’t let this happen to you. scent, try The Laundress, Wool
your tummy is too revealing if & Cashmere Shampoo, $19,
you’ve received your high school insourcing It’s
diploma. (This can happen with a Don’t dry clean your cashmere, a save-me for getting dry-
regular sweater if it’s too short and which is a highly delicate, downy cleaned results at home.
rises high.) Unless you plan on lay- wool that comes from the un-
ering underneath every time, leave derbelly of a Kashmir goat.
this look to the Twilight tweens.
wear An embellishment-
free pencil skirt in
other must HAVES
++Unexpected details like
bottom rack : skirts

rear exposed zippers or

a medium-weight asymmetrical side buckles

fabric that lands ++Slightly flared skirts

++Skirts with single pleats in
at or slightly above front or back to draw attention
the knee (within to the legs
++Draped skirts
two inches) and is
tapered at the


Best Bets Sole Mates age alert

A pencil skirt is universally Flats ruin the length that a pencil If you’ve got gams, there isn’t
flattering—except for gals with skirt creates, so continue to flat- a sexier, more age-appropriate
thighs. Its straight up-and-down ter legs and feet with shoes that skirt to show some skin. Just
cut can balance out curves have a slight (one and a half inch- don’t go too long with this style,
and taper to a sleek finish at es) to tall (sky’s the limit) heel. as it will age you. Likewise, a
or slightly above the knee, of- thick, heavy, long-sleeved shirt
fering the slimmest of skirt fits. paired with a pencil skirt is a
Bisou Bisou for JCPenney ticket straight to nowhere: It
makes a small but impressive will make you look dowdy.
collection of beautifully tailored
pencil skirts (

toss A full, short bell
skirt that is
gathered and
pleated at the
waistline like a
other must LOSE curtain, in a stiff
--For someone with hips, a

super bell-shaped skirt or fabric that adds
ultra-trim pencil skirt
even more bulk.
--Bias-cut skirts (cut on the

bottom rack : skirts

diagonal) that cling to hips,
unless you have a tiny bottom
--Wide-print plaid skirts that
draw attention to hips and
--Dirndl skirts (a full skirt with

ditch it match point age alert

Bell-shaped skirts (defined by A poofy top plus a poofy skirt The fullness of a bell skirt is
a full skirt and a flared hem) equals a marshmallow shape. very playful and can turn heads
are tough for anyone to wear Opt for a slim, tucked-in blouse when paired with shapely legs.
because of the amount of for your own sweet perfection. It may even remind you of the
volume they present. These youthfulness of cheerlead-
gathered-at-the-waist skirts ers. Yet, a sleeker silhouette
tend to enlarge the appear- is safer and more elegant as
ance of hips and waist.
percent of all
you age. Try a tailored full-
length or pencil skirt instead.

brand purchases
are made by