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Math 1005 Winter Term 2011 Carleton University ll | ala l 1 NeLgoN “/eouenrien NELSON EDUCATION ‘COPYRIGHT @ 2018 by Nelion education le Printed ond bound in Canads yea eat 10 For more information contact. ‘eton Education td, 1120 brckmount Road, Toronto, Cntato, 1K SGA. Or you can vat fur Internet ste st hetputenenekion com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this work coveredby the copyright haten maybe reproduces ‘ranscribe, 0° used i any form or by any means—grapic. electron ‘or mechanical incu Botecopyng,recoring, 3ping, ‘Web ditnbution or nformation storage and retetalsystems— Vaio he wtan petmision of the publisher For permision to wie materia ‘tom this text or pater, submit all requests online at ‘av engagecon permissions Further questions about permisions cn be emailed to Permisionrequestacengage com Every efforthas been made to trace ownership otal copyrighted material and to secure permission ‘rom cepytight holders nthe event of any question ating 2s {othe we of any materia we ll be pense to ma the necesary Tie textoooke ts telson eutor publication. Because your «ustom publication you pay only or material thet youll use in N13: 978.0.47-6621100, NIG 0.17.882110, Consists of Stections fom: Diferenti Equations wih Bounseny Vale Problems, Seventh Eton aiveuten ISEN 10: 2485-108267, © 2008 Coteus, ninth Eaton lersonfédwards ISON 0547-16702-4, © 2008 Table of Contents Chapter 2: First-Order Differential Equations Chapter 4: Higher-Order Differential Equations.......... Chapter 8: Systems of Linear First-Order Differential Equations seve Chapter 9: Infinite Series Chapter 11: Orthogonal Functions and Fourier Series Solutions: